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Jul 29, 2018
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[yoonkook au] - Producer Min Yoongi hasn’t written anything in months, he decides to visit his brother and he hears a melodic voice singing and playing piano. Now he’s on a search for that voice not knowing the voice belongs to his little brother’s best friend, Jeon Jungkook.

some info before you read: - taegi are brothers - vmin are childhood friends - character death mention - angsty then fluffy enjoy!!
“It’s been months, Joon, I’m useless in Seoul.” Min Yoongi unpacked his luggage in his hotel room. “I’m gonna stay in Daegu for a bit. See my little brother. Say hi to my mom. You know, find inspiration in the streets I was born in.” He sighed, sitting down on the bed.
“That sounds good, Yoon. Find some inspiration, meet some new people.” He could hear pots and pans being moved around, “And you know Jin and I are always here if you need us.” The couple was probably making some breakfast around this time.
A sigh escaped his lips, there was a time where he would make meals with his beloved. “I miss him, Joon.” He said it so quietly that his friend almost didn’t hear it on the other end. “It’ll be six months in a week.”
“I miss him too but you can’t stop writing music just because he’s gone.” Namjoon made sense but Yoongi couldn’t understand how he could write another song that his deceased boyfriend wouldn’t be able to listen to, wouldn’t be able to dance to.
How could Yoongi explain that Hoseok was his muse? The lines of his songs were tucked away into his smile. Hands so soft they rid him of any hardships, lips so delicate he felt as if he would break when they kissed. Namjoon wouldn’t, no he couldn’t understand what Yoongi felt.
He could never see that in the crevice of every smile there was a music note that slipped out of the way his eyes wrinkled up. Yoongi could hear melodies in his laughter, he composed his music around Hoseok.
All the words Hoseok said to him created a new sound, new lyrics in his head. Each ‘I love you’ had his heart thumping a new rhythm. Every laugh, every tear, every moan, it was a new song. Hoseok was his muse and now his muse was dead.
“Yeah. Okay, Joon. I just need some time.” It’s what he’s been repeating for the past five months, he was trying to believe it himself but he wasn’t sure if time was what he needed. “I’m gonna go to Tae’s music school today and see how he’s doing.”
Namjoon could hear the sadness in Yoongi’s voice, he didn’t know what more he could say that he hadn’t in the past five months. “I love you, Yoon. Be safe.”
Safe. That was a funny word to Yoongi and ‘be safe’ was a funnier phrase. The last time he said that to someone, a drunk driver hit them and he lost the love of his life. You could try to be safe all you want but the universe itself is a dangerous place.
“Thanks, Joon. Love you too.” He hung up and exited the hotel, ready to see his little brother.
——— Yoongi slapped the visitor sticker on his chest, smiling at the receptionist who tried to sneakily take pictures of him. He was known worldwide for his work in the music industry. He worked with idols and western artists alike. One of his songs even earned him a Grammy.
Recently though, he wasn’t producing any new music and he felt as though he’d let all of the people who depended on him down but every time he went into his studio, he just felt hollow and nothing came out.
Yoongi was directed to the cafeteria where the students would be having lunch, he walked quickly down a long hallway but was stopped. Someone was playing a piano in the room to his left. Then, he heard a voice.
It was breathy, it was emotional and soft, the voice was light and it had Yoongi feeling a weird sensation in his heart in the best way possible. The lyrics swirled around him, the voice grabbing him tight and keeping him rooted to the spot just outside the room.
“Some days the sun won’t shine, some days you’ll have to say you’re fine.” A trembling breath, “but that’s a lie.. it’s okay to cry.”
The piano keys felt like they were tugging on Yoongi’s heart, he didn’t dare to move. “Even when the universe ain’t on your side, even when all you wanna do is hide,” the voice grew a bit louder, the singer gaining confidence. “give it one more chance, close your eyes and dance.”
“This life was meant to live but baby you’re not living, all you do is take but you were meant for giving.” Yoongi heard his name being called down the hallway. “You gotta stop existing, you gotta start living.”
He tore himself away from door and turned to see his little brother waving excitedly. The younger ran down the hallway and jumped into his older brother’s arms. “Yoongles!”
The affection had Yoongi breathless, he missed his baby brother. “Tata.” He hugged Taehyung closer, burying his face in the younger’s hair. “I missed you.”
“Me too, me too!” He jumped down from his brother’s embrace but still looked restless and energetic, “come on, I haven’t eaten lunch yet and I wanna talk about everything with you.”
Yoongi told his brother to go on and that he’d catch up, he walked into the room to find the owner of the voice. He was met with an empty room and a lone piano. Sitting on the piano though was a red pen, it looked high tech. The producer grabbed it and inspected it.
There was a button on the side, he pressed it and the song from before spilled out. “Jung- oh!” A voice startled Yoongi, he paused the song and hid the pen in his coat pocket out of embarrassment for being caught. “Yoongi hyung?”
“Park Jimin?” The older recognize his little brother’s childhood friend. The cute and small Park Jimin. The boy still resembled his past self, just that his once chubby cheeks were thinned out and his body was lithe and had lean muscles. “Long time no see!”
Jimin places his hands behind his back, fiddling nervously with his fingers. “You left for Seoul and hardly come to visit.” He pouted cutely. “What are you doing here?” “I-There was someone in here singing so I came to listen.” He tried to explain without sounding creepy.
Jimin knew who Yoongi was referring to but he wasn’t sure whether he should reveal it. His long time crush on the older was still there and he wanted the man’s attention. “I’m the only one that really comes in here to sing, you probably heard me.”
“You sing?” Yoongi was astonished. He had seen Jimin dance and the boy was amazing but to sing as well? “I’ve never heard you before, wow.”
Jimin squirmed, he wasn’t sure whether Yoongi would ask him to sing for him so he came up with another lie to keep him from finding out that the voice wasn’t his. “Y-yeah, I get really nervous and shy since I’m a dancer so I don’t sing for people much.”
To avoid the subject, Jimin took Yoongi’s hand, “Come on. Tae is probably waiting for you.”
Taehyung munched away happily on his fries, talking to his brother with his mouth full. “The new musical is gonna be over Hamlet and I’m cast as Hamlet, I know it sounds weird to make that into a musical but the director made some pretty good songs.” He took a sip of his drink.
Jimin took the time to interrupt, “I’m dancing in the musical.” He smiled shyly under Yoongi’s gaze. “Why don’t you sing?” The producer questioned curiously, he just wanted to hear more of that voice, the one that had captivated him earlier.
Taehyung looked up from his meal with wide eyes, “You’ve been taking lessons from Kook, did you get better?” “Who’s Kook?” Yoongi tilted his head to the side.
“My best friend!” Tae stuffed more fries in his mouth, licking the grease off of his fingers. “He’s a pianist but he sings too and is teaching Jiminie. Kook doesn’t sing in front of people though.” Yoongi bumped his shoulder to Jimin’s “He sounds like you.”
Jimin blushed red at the compliment, “Y-yeah.” He laughed nervously. “Where is Kook, by the way?” Taehyung looked around the cafeteria. “I don’t see him. Did you two not meet up for lessons?” He questioned Jimin.
“Oh! Uhm...” he trailed off, “I guess I forgot since I brought Yoongi hyung over.” The producer smiled and patted Jimin’s shoulder. “You should go meet with him, I gotta head out, meeting with the director of the school.”
“Can we meet up later?” Jimin asked hopefully. Yoongi nodded, he wanted to get another chance to hear Jimin sing. “Only if you promise to sing for me later.” “It’s a date.” Jimin smiled.
Taehyung made fake gagging noises. “Not in front of my fries guys.”
———- Yoongi shut the door to the director’s door. He had volunteered some of his time to tutor some of the students here. His first session would be after school with a Jeon Jeongguk. A bit nervous, he went down to the assigned class to set up.
Sitting at the piano, he drew a breath. Nervousness ran through his body making his fingers feel ice cold. Something in him stopped him from pressing the keys in front of him. His fingers hovered over the keys, his mind whirling.
He remembered the first time he met Hoseok. The man was known for being an incredible dancer, a rapper and even dabbling in some singing. They were at the same event, Yoongi played a beautiful piece on the piano for the crowd and Hoseok approached him with that dazzling smile.
“I’m sure those fingers are good for something else.” He had teased him, making him flustered at how forward he was. Yoongi was in love at first sight.
He closed his eyes at the memory. The piece that made Hoseok fall in love with him as well began to fill his head. Finally, his fingers moved of their own accord.
Clair de Lune filtered throughout the room, each press of piano key emitted a new sound. Each note brought a tear to Yoongi’s eyes. He played for his lover, for himself.
He remembered soft breezes that tousled his love’s red hair, his fingers mimicking, he remembered the sunlight shining on him, as if it was a mirror he shined back.
Yoongi was so into it playing the piano before him, each memory and each note making him more emotional that the producer hadn’t noticed a figure standing at the door watching him.
At the end, with the last note, what felt like a final goodbye to Hoseok, Yoongi left his eyes shut. Letting himself feel everything he kept inside. All of the emotions that held him back from touching any instrument or producing any music.
“Debussy?” A strained voice called out causing Yoongi to open his eyes in panic, he wiped away at his tears before realizing the stranger at the door was also crying. “Ah, sorry.” The boy sniffed. “I felt your heartbreak.”
The boy walked inside of the room, “I’m sorry I interrupted but that was achingly beautiful.” He reached a hand out to the producer, “I’m Jeon Jeongguk.”
After the introductions were out of the way, the two found that they were comfortable with each other. Yoongi would play a piece of a song and Jungkook would complete it.
“I don’t think you even need tutoring, you’re pretty good at this.” Yoongi concluded, standing up to pack his sheet music up. “Probably better than me.”
Jungkook shook his head and tugged on the older’s sleeve to gain his attention, “I can play other people’s music easily but I was wanting you to help me create something.” “Like freestyle?”
The younger nodded, worrying away by chewing on his thumb nail. He had a habit of it when he became nervous. “Only if you’d like.” Yoongi definitely wanted to, he just wasn’t sure if he’d be able to, with his heartbreak holding him back. “I-I don’t know if I can.”
“Oh. I understand.” Jungkook ducked his head down to hide his disappointment and it stirred something inside of Yoongi. “I mean I don’t understand but I do.” Jungkook rambled on, “Why waste your time on a kid like me when you’re a worldwide producer.”
Yoongi felt bad, he knew the kid wasn’t trying to make him feel guilty but this was another person he had let down on top of all the musicians he was working with. He decided that he owed it to this kid and himself to try to get back into it.
“It’s not you, kid. It’s me.” Realizing how bad that sounded the producer backtracked, “That sounds so cliche but I swear if you give me some time I want to explain to you what’s going on with me and we’ll take it from there.”
Jungkook looked up, hopeful. He nodded, his lips slightly parted. “I want to help you out with whatever is going on too, Mr. Min.” “Just call me Yoongi hyung.” The older sat back down and gave the eager boy a small smile. “So six months ago my muse passed away.”
Yoongi explained everything to the boy. He always knew it was easier to talk to a stranger rather than someone close to you, the boy didn’t even look at him in pity like his friends and family did. That’s what irked Yoongi the most. The sympathy.
Although he knew it was coming from a good place, it wasn’t their fault and he wasn’t sure what an apology would do. It surely wouldn’t bring his boyfriend back. He also hated answering back, because he had to tell them it was okay when it definitely wasn’t and he wasn’t okay.
Jungkook chewed on his lip, thinking over everything Yoongi said to him. The loss, the heartbreak, all his emotions that he had bottled up were put on display for him and he wanted to give Yoongi a big hug.
When people leave us we tend to hold on to the old memory of them. We live in the past and think of our lives with them, we think of who we were with them. That’s okay, it’s part of mourning.”
Jungkook set his head in his hands, thinking of the right words to say. “We think we’re alone now and we miss them so much it hurts, but their is beauty that comes with the pain.”
“You have to take that pain and use it as your new muse. He is still your muse only you’re using that loss in a different way.” Jungkook placed a hand on Yoongi’s knee, squeezing lightly. “I’m not sure if I’m making any sense.” He smiled apologetically.
“No, no, you are. I promise.” The producer reassured him by placing his own hand on top of Jungkook’s.
Jungkook sighed, nodding. “One last thing, just remember that we aren’t trying to go back to who we were before we met the person we lost, you’re becoming someone new. Loss changes a person. You have to accept those changes or you’ll be stuck.”
“Thank you, you’re wise for a kid.” The younger stuck his tongue out playfully, “I’m nineteen for your information.”
Yoongi was about to say something before his phone dinged to signal a text, he looked at the time and realized that four hours had passed from when they had first gotten in at three.
“Ah, a date?” Jungkook had peeked at the text, a bit curious. “I guess I should let you go. I’ll be seeing you the same time tomorrow?” Yoongi nodded, “Maybe bring me a project of your own that you’re working on?”
Jungkook’s hand flew to his shirt pocket and his eyes grew wide when he realized he was missing something. “I-I gotta go. I think I left something in a different class. See ya, Yoongi hyung!” He ran out quick in search of his red pen recorder.
Yoongi got used to his new life quickly. He took Jungkook’s words into account. Accepting the new him, trying to use his loss as a muse, letting Hoseok still live on through his music.
On Tuesday, he met with Jungkook for lessons, the boy showing Yoongi some of his lyrics but being too shy to sing for him. He was late to dinner with Jimin again, the dancer telling Yoongi he had to work to be able to hear him sing.
On Wednesday, Jungkook ran late to their lesson after school. To make up for it though he brought Yoongi some sweets from the vending machine, bribing the older to not be angry with him. What Jungkook didn’t know was that Yoongi couldn’t be mad at him.
On Thursday, they stayed after school late and Yoongi offered to drive Jungkook home. When his stomach began to growl, Yoongi took him to a BBQ place and they had dinner together. The producer had to stop himself from grabbing Jungkook’s hand across the table. It wasn’t a date.
On Friday, Yoongi was peeking through the small windows on each door in the dance hall to catch a peek of Jimin. He wanted to ask the man for something, anything when it came to his singing. It had been a whole week since he last heard him and Yoongi was becoming desperate.
He stopped at one particular door. The producer watched as Jungkook danced, he was entranced. Not wanting to feel like a creep, he opened the door and cleared his throat. “H-hi.” Jungkook stopped mid dance and went to turn the music off. “Yoongi hyung, hi!”
The two stood there awkwardly, the younger panting from his difficult dancing and Yoongi just staring at him. Jungkook cleared his throat and grabbed a towel, wiping his sweat away. “What are you up to?” He questioned the older.
“Was looking for someone.. then I saw you dancing. You’re so talented.” Jungkook flushed at the compliment, enjoying the praise especially from the older man. “Thank you.” He said quietly, looking down at his shoes. “Who were you looking for?”
“A friend, Park Jimin.” Jungkook’s eyes lit up, “I know him! I’m meeting with him in class 302 after school, if you wanna stop by.” “S-sure. I’ll see you then.” Yoongi exited quickly, realizing that he wanted to stop by solely to see Jungkook and not Jimin.
Yoongi thought about how his priorities changed, it was between the voice and Jungkook now and he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to hear Jimin sing more or if he wanted to give all of his attention to Jungkook.
———— Room 302. Yoongi sent Jungkook a text telling him he was there but the other didn’t respond. The producer peeled into the room and watched the two inside interact.
“Jimin, the vocal lessons are about you, not me. You have to find your own voice.” Yoongi didn’t even spare Jimin a glance, he watched the patience on Jungkook’s face. His heart stuttering at the smile the boy gave Jimin. “Now try singing the part I gave you.”
Only then did Yoongi expectantly take his eyes off of Jungkook to look at Jimin. The dancer looked nervous, his eyes not meeting Jungkook’s. Taking a deep breath, Jimin sang.
Yoongi let go of the breath he had been holding after he heard Jimin’s high and sweet voice. It was sugary sweet, something Yoongi would have loved before but now he found himself searching for something else.
He shut the door quietly and sent Jungkook a text, saying he ended up having something else come up and needed to go home.
On Saturday, Yoongi visited his family home. Taehyung bombarding him with questions about his dates with Jimin. “It won’t work out.” Yoongi explained. Taehyung berated him until Yoongi finally admitted, “There’s someone else.” And it was partly true.
Yoongi lost the voice he was in search of but he gained Jungkook. The cute boy that he found himself slightly infatuated with. His smile, his nose that Jungkook always felt self conscious of, his laugh that was too loud but always made Yoongi smile.
The way Jungkook pressed his fingers into each piano key, as if they were as delicate as Yoongi’s heart was. Yoongi imagined that Jungkook would play his heartstrings the same way he played the piano. Yoongi may have had a small problem.
On Sunday, Yoongi told Namjoon everything. Namjoon listened quietly and at the end told Yoongi, “You like this Jungkook.” Yoongi nodded, knowing Namjoon couldn’t see him. “But you need to find this voice, for whatever reason, you can’t get over it and move on until you do.”
“You have that pen. Just post flyers that you’ve found it and have anyone claiming it to sing that song on the pen.” It sounded easy enough but Yoongi still felt unsure.
He decided to go for it. Not wanting to pursue Jungkook until he found the voice so that he could get over the voice and give all of his attention to Jungkook.
The producer decided to meet with Jimin before he put the posters up. Telling him that he knew the voice he was looking for wasn’t his. He took him out to breakfast before school started.
“Jimin, I’ve had a great time catching up with you.” Yoongi began, assessing Jimin’s reaction. The younger looked elated. “I also know that you’ve had a crush on me for the longest time.” The expression on Jimin’s face changed, there was confusion with a mix of worry. “Y-yes.”
“So, I understand why you wanted to be the voice I was looking for and why you would never sing for me.” Yoongi got straight to the point. “Jimin, you’re amazing at everything you do. You dance amazingly, your voice is even more beautiful than I could have imagined it.”
Jimin cut him off, “But it’s not the one you’re looking for?” He guessed. Yoongi sipped on his coffee, he didn’t know what else to say. He didn’t want to hurt Jimin. He didn’t mean to. “It’s unique in its own way but no, I’m sorry.”
A humorless laugh escaped Jimin’s lips, “This is why I didn’t want to sing for you. I wanted you to like me for me, not my talent.” He fiddled with the rings on his fingers, “I’m more than my dancing and my singing, hyung.”
Nodding, the producer took Jimin’s hand in his own. “I know, Jimin. Trust me. All I’ve ever had are people coming after me for my talent and you’re the only one I’ve known who has liked me for me. Awkward teenage Yoongi had no idea how to act.”
Jimin giggled, “You’ve always been the cutest to me, hyung.” A smile quirked at the edge of Yoongi’s lip. “You’ve always been good to me, Jimin but I think it’s because you’ve always been there in my life that I can’t see you as anything more than a kid brother.”
Jimin nodded, “I wish you saw me as more than that.” “I know and I’m sorry I can’t.” Tears spilled past the younger’s eyes, his lashes wet, “I can’t even be mad because you’re so sweet, hyung, you’re even apologizing for my feelings. It’s hard to hate you.”
It wasn’t until Yoongi moved to the other side of the booth, scooping Jimin in his arms and hugging him tight- comforting him- that they realized there were eyes on them.
Jungkook’s chair scraped against the tile, he ran quickly out of the diner. Taehyung walked over to the booth, scratching the back of his neck. “H-hi guys.” Yoongi watched the door questioningly, “Is he okay?” “He thinks you and Jiminie are dating.”
Yoongi’s heart sank. He didn’t want to mess up with Jungkook now. “We’re not though.” Jimin pushed Yoongi out of the booth, “Go after him, dumbass.”
Yoongi ran after the younger, his heart racing. He didn’t want Jungkook to think he was dating anyone right now, especially since the only person Yoongi wanted to date was Jungkook. Each breath he took, each step was a note to a song, a love song.
“Jungkook!” He yelled when the younger came into view, so close yet so far. “Jungkook!” The younger was stepping onto a bus, Yoongi tried to speed up when the boy disappeared into the bus. Panting, Yoongi banged on the back of the bus as it drove away.
———- The producer sullenly walked into the piano room, the posters of the pen had been posted with the help of Taehyung and Jimin. He decided that if he was going to explain everything to Jungkook, he should do it during their piano lessons.
The only problem was, Jungkook never showed. The rest of the week went by like that, Jungkook not showing to their lessons. Even during lunch, he wouldn’t sit with his best friend Taehyung just to avoid his brother.
Yoongi was also meeting with people who claimed ownership of the pen but none could sing the song on it. He was frustrated with everything currently going on and he wondered if the owner didn’t want to be found.
On Saturday, he walked into his family’s home, promising his mom that he’d be over every Saturday for dinner. He kicked his shoes off and walked into the living room to find Taehyung and Jungkook, sitting in front of the TV playing video games.
The two turned their heads to see who had entered the room, Jungkook immediately turning away. “Oh! I’m sorry Kook, I forgot to mention my brother was coming..” “It’s fine. I should get going anyway.” He stood up but Yoongi and Taehyung’s mother stopped him from leaving.
Nonsense, Kookie, you’re staying for dinner and that’s final!” The four were quiet as they ate, their mom oblivious to the awkward tension. “So, how’s school boys?” She asked the two youngest. “Weren’t you taking piano lessons from Yoon, Jungkook?”
The younger nodded, not looking up from his plate. Taehyung decided to change the subject, knowing that his best friend was avoiding his older brother. “So, Yoongi, how’s your search going?” That caught Jungkook’s attention, “Search?” “Did you not see the flyers?” Tae gaped.
Shaking his head, Jungkook shrugged. “Not really, I guess I’m oblivious.” “I found a red pen recorder and I’m looking for the owner.” Yoongi cut in, sipping his lemonade. Jungkook gaped at him, “H-have you found the owner?”
“No.” Yoongi kept his answers short. “Oh.” “Yeah.” He went back to eating, “I won’t have time next week since I have to get back to Seoul for an important meeting.”
“Poor Yoongi hyung,” Taehyung sighed, “He’s been searching for that voice since he first heard it.” He stared dreamily at the ceiling, “It was love at first listen, if you ask me.” “Really?” Jungkook blushed red. “You like their voice that much?”
Yoongi spluttered, the boy he liked asking him that question had him flustered. “I mean, it’s a great voice, I just wanna meet whoever it is.” He wiped his mouth with his napkin, “Uhm, there’s actually someone else I like so.”
Jungkook stood from his seat, “I forgot I had to help my mom with something. Please forgive me, I have to go.” He bowed and walked quickly to the door, Yoongi following closely behind. “Jungkook.” Yoongi followed him outside, “Kook wait!”
The younger turned abruptly, sighing. “No, Yoongi hyung, I get it. You like Jimin and I just got my hopes up thinking you could like me- but who am I compared to someone you’ve known your whole life. It’s fine, I’m fine.” The younger looked anything but fine to Yoongi.
“Jungkook. Kid, you’re so dense. Can you let me speak please?” The pianist nodded for the producer to go on, “Its you. You’re the one that I like.” “Me?” Pointing to himself to clarify, Jungkook stared wide eyed.
Chuckling, Yoongi took a step toward the boy, “Yes, you. Ever since that first piano lesson, there has been a song playing on loop in my head, one written out of my feelings for you.” He placed a tentative hand on Jungkook’s cheek.
“Song? Like I’m your muse?” Yoongi smiled at how cute the younger was, “Yes. It’s a song about hope because that’s what you’ve given me, Jungkook. Before you, I thought I’d never dive back into music, this whole time I didn’t know that music isn’t like water to swim in.”
“Music is air. You filled me with it. You revived me, brought me back to life and filled me with music, Jungkook, and for that I am so grateful.” Jungkook smiled back, a shy smile filled with notes of hope, notes of adoration, and want. “I didn’t know I did all that.”
“You’re so much more than you give yourself credit for, Jungkook.” Yoongi tried to convey his feelings through the look he was giving the younger but felt it wasn’t enough. “I’m going to kiss you now, okay?” A nod gave him the green light to connect their lips.
The hands of time were at a standstill, this moment felt like it belonged to them. Lips pressed against each other, like clouds colliding creating thunder. Hands searching, an electric feel like lightning. Hearts racing like Nascars for the finish line. They both won.
——— “I miss you too, baby.” Yoongi whispered into the phone, he was trying to keep his voice down so that no one at his company overheard him.
It’d been four days since he and Jungkook kissed, three days since he left for Seoul to attend to some business and two days since they FaceTimed and Jungkook admitted to being afraid that Yoongi would find someone else in Seoul.
“There’s no one else, in any part of the world Jungkookie, my heart is in Daegu with you.” That’s how he ended up asking the younger to be his boyfriend. Jungkook squealed and agreed easily, the red dusting on his cheeks was easy to see even through the phone screen.
Now here they were, sneaking little conversations onto the phone. “I wish you were here for my performance on Friday.” He could hear the little pout on his boyfriend’s face. “But you won’t be home til Saturday, right?”
“Yeah, I’m sorry baby. I wish I could be there too.” He sighed, not wanting to let his boyfriend down, “Tae said he’ll record it for me though.” “Not the same.” Jungkook grumbled. “Want you here.”
Yoongi laughed softly at how cute his boyfriend was, “Be a good boy and stop pouting, Jungkookie.” He teased, “I’ll be home soon and you can give me a private performance.” “A-a what?” The younger stuttered, embarrassed.
Yoongi realized the implication of his statement, “Baby no! I meant that uhm your music performance. Not that kind of- yanno. Sorry.” “It’s okay Yoongi hyung. I’m still new to this, since you were my first kiss and now my first boyfriend.”
The producer hummed, “Is it too forward of me to say I want to be your last? Last everything?” “I-I no.” Jungkook spoke softly, a dreamy sigh escaping his lips. “I want everything with you too.”
“I’ll be home soon, wait for me baby.” Yoongi made little kiss noises that had Jungkook giggling, the sound was like music to his ears.
“You still haven’t told me what song you’re gonna play, baby.” Yoongi lay on his couch, his apartment quiet as he held his phone to his ear. He could hear Jungkook’s breath hitch, “I uhm it’s a surprise I guess.”
“But I won’t even be there until Saturday, baby so you have to tell me.” Yoongi pleaded. The younger was at his desk, earphones in, he was supposedly working on his homework but was actually drawing little hearts around his and Yoongi’s names. “Can you just wait? Please hyung.”
Yoongi could hear how high his voice got and gave in. “Okay baby, I’ll wait.” “How was your meeting today?” Sighing, Yoongi shifted into a sitting position. “The company wants me to produce a new idol of my choosing but I don’t see myself writing for anyone right now.”
“What about the voice on the pen?” Yoongi froze, he didn’t know why Jungkook would bring that up. “Are you jealous?” “No!” The younger answered quickly, “Just wondering if that voice was good enough for you to produce is all.”
“Kook, just because that voice was good doesn’t mean I’ll leave you for whoever it is.” He started, “Believe me. I want your heart, your laugh, your kisses, you. Not a voice.” “Okay.” Jungkook giggled. “I want you too. Especially your kisses.” He finished the last part shyly.
“You can have all my kisses next time I see you.” Yoongi smiled fondly. “Can’t wait.” He flushed, “But right now, I have to finish my homework, hyung. Will you stay on the phone with me while I work?” Yoongi chuckled, “Of course, baby. I’ve got nothing else I’d rather do.”
“You mean world wide famous 23 year old Min Yoongi just stays in and talks to his boyfriend instead of going out to party?” Jungkook joked. “Who would’ve thought?” He made his way to his bedroom, ready to lay down for bed. “Want me to sing, baby?”
“Yes, please.” Jungkook knew Yoongi didn’t like singing since he didn’t have the best voice but to get to hear the gentle tone he sang in made his heart race. “Be warned, I suck.” The two laughed together then fell into silence as Yoongi began singing softly, Jungkook working.
———- “You’ll do great, Kookie!” Taehyung patted his best friend on his back. “Show them what those fingers can do!” The pianist blushed at the comment, “I don’t know if I’m ready.” “You’re an amazing vocalist too and this will show the school how multitalented you are.”
“Yeah.” he looked down at his phone, seeing no new notification. His boyfriend hadn’t texted him almost all morning. The only thing he received was a text apologizing for hanging up and not waiting to say good morning but that he was extremely busy and in a hurry with something.
Yoongi did wish him luck and sent a thousand heart emojis though and that’s what kept Jungkook going. He did wish that his boyfriend would encourage him right now when his nerves were the most high. He sighed and put his phone away.
“Come on, Kook. Smile for me!” Tae had his own phone out, selca mode on. “I’m sending it to Yoongi.” He smiled, poking Jungkook’s cheek. “Alright, alright! Everyone quiet! The show is starting, get to your seats!” The director called out.
Tae hugged his best friend before leaving to go back to his seat in the audience. The first few performances went by in a whirlwind, the knot in Jungkook’s stomach continued to grow.
Then, it was his turn. He took a deep breath, straightened out his suit jacket and put on a smile for the crowd. The light blinded him from seeing faces but he did hear his best friend’s voice shouting and “Go Kook!”
It calmed him. He sat at the piano and thought about the past few days, his conversations with Yoongi. He wanted to be his last. Last boyfriend, last everything. That’s all Jungkook could think about. He wanted to give Yoongi everything in return.
“Hi, I’m Jeon Jeongguk, this performance is dedicated to Min Yoongi. You heard me when no one else did and because of you, I can sing now.” He nodded to himself and began to play the piano. Then came the lyrics.
After the performance, Jungkook was backstage being congratulated by everyone for his amazing voice. Some people even admitting that they cried because of how emotional his voice made them.
“There’s just something about the breathiness in your voice, like each lyric is your last breath. It was amazing!” his classmate, Choi Minho complimented him. “If you’re free tonight maybe we-“ “He’s not free tonight.” A voice Jungkook recognized all too well interrupted Minho.
Jungkook jumped out of his chair and ran up to the man, “Yoongi hyung!” He threw himself at his boyfriend, his arms flying around his neck and legs wrapping around his waist. The older laughed as he spun him. “Wait.” The younger leaned back, “What are you doing here?”
“Couldn’t miss my baby’s performance.” He smiled, pressing a chaste kiss to Jungkook’s parted lips. The younger was still shocked but happiness soon took over. “I can’t believe you’re here!”
“Believe it, baby.” Yoongi set his boyfriend down. “Also,” He took out a red pen from his pocket, “I think this belongs to you.”
——— The city lights in Seoul had Jungkook’s eyes growing even more in size, he marveled at everything around him. A taxi had taken him to his boyfriend’s apartment which was smack dab in the middle of a busy street.
He paid the driver and turned to the big building, making his way inside. His boyfriend thought he was coming tomorrow but the two always enjoyed surprising each other and Jungkook couldn’t miss the chance to come early.
Entering the apartment, he took a huge breath, the smell of his boyfriend was everywhere. He squealed, he hadn’t seen him in a month while the younger finished school.
Yoongi was in Seoul producing a new idol, his muse giving him inspiration miles away. The two didn’t mind, knowing they had a huge future and plenty of time ahead of them.
Jungkook unpacked his suitcase, making himself at home in his boyfriend’s apartment. He showered and put on a face mask, raiding the fridge for something to make. There were ingredients for some alfredo penne pasta so he set to work on it.
The sound of the door had Jungkook nervous, he set the lighter down, figuring some lit candles would be a romantic surprise. Looking down at himself, he realize he was covered in pasta and other things from cooking. He discarded his face mask. How romantic, he thought.
“Baby?” The exhaustion on Yoongi’s face melted away as soon as he saw his boyfriend. “Baby!” He tackled the younger to the ground, peppering his face with kisses. “Hi.” Jungkook mumbled under the producer’s stare. “Welcome home. I made dinner.”
“I could get used to that.” He got up and pulled Kook along with him. “You’re all done with school?” Jungkook nodded. “I have an interview for a small music company in three days, so before I start looking into work, I wanted to spend time with you.” “All my time is yours.”
After dinner, the two found themselves entangled in Yoongi’s bed. “So you’re staying?” “If you’ll have me.” Jungkook played with the older’s slender fingers. “I don’t want to be apart anymore.”
“Same here. Every day away from my muse is torture.” Yoongi dropped a light kiss to Jungkook’s shoulder. “I want you here with me. As selfish as that is.” “Be selfish.” Jungkook nuzzled his nose against Yoongi’s, “I’m yours, Yoongi. Be as selfish as you want with me.”
Yoongi pressed his lips to the singer’s, it was supposed to be light and quick but Jungkook had other plans. He hitched his leg over Yoongi’s waist and pressed himself closer. His lips worked against his boyfriend’s, a whine escaping.
“Kook...” Yoongi warned. Jungkook flushed red, he pushed himself on top of the older man, straddling him. “I want you, Yoongi. I know you want me too. Be selfish.”
Yoongi was a lot of things but he always credited himself as a producer first. He loved making music. Being with Jungkook was no different than that. His high pitched whines, his breathy moans, each chant of his name. It was all music to him and he was the one creating that.
Min Yoongi was a producer and Jeon Jeongguk was his muse.
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