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Aug 15, 2018
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#YoonminAU Yoongi and Jimin share a room in their new dorm. Yoongi usually spends all night out at the studio, so Jimin is confident he has the time to tease himself nice and slow on his new toy. Until Yoongi returns a little too early, and catches him in the act.

- just a short thread because I want to - nsfw of course - will begin in a moment
Jimin is still scrolling on his phone, face lit up white by the screen in the darkness, blankets lifted up to his chin as he lays on his back. Across the room from him, Yoongi turns over again in his bed, the rustling sounds of his blankets loud in the room between them.
The clock on Jimin's phone says it's just before midnight, and Yoongi has been tossing and turning ever since they got into bed after dinner. Jimin sighs, putting down his phone and reaching over to click on his light. "Hyung?" He asks. Yoongi pauses in his movements.
"I'm sorry, Jimin-ah. Am I keeping you awake?" Yoongi turns over so he can see Jimin, the two now lit in soft yellow by Jimin's lamp. Jimin hums his affirmative, placing his phone down on his bedside table so he can tuck his hands underneath his cheek as he rests on his pillow.
"What's on your mind, Hyung?" Yoongi frowns, eyebrows scrunching adorably as he thinks. "It's this new song, there's something missing in the chorus, and I just can't get it out of my head." Jimin hums again. "Hyung, I'm sure you're going a great job. You'll get it soon."
Yoongi sighs irritably, throwing the covers of his bed back to reveal his dark pyjamas. "I'm not going to be able to sleep, Jimin-ah. I shouldn't keep you up too." Jimin sits himself up, leaning on his elbow as he watches as Yoongi pulls on a hoodie. "Hyung?"
"I need to keep working. I'm sorry Jimin-ah, go to sleep. Hyung will be back for practice in the morning." Their new dorms span multiple floors, the top floor with their bedrooms, middle floor the living area, and the bottom floors have been set for private studio spaces.
Jimin watches quietly as Yoongi leaves, the door clicking shut softly behind him. Once Yoongi gets something into his head, once he has a music project going, he has a one track mind. Jimin knows Yoongi well enough to know his Hyung won't stop stressing about it until it's done.
He also knows Yoongi is serious when he says he won't be back until the morning. Jimin bites his bottom lip, thoughts wondering to the bottom draw of his bedside table. With their schedules lately, he hasn't had much time to himself. And never has an opportunity been so good.
He waits only about five minutes, thoughts already racing in his head as his anticipation quickly builds. He pulls himself up completely, reaching down to pull his drawer open. He moves the papers on top, a flimsy disguise to hide the items underneath,
the tips of his fingers brushing against cold silicone and plastic. He finds what he's looking for quickly, disregarding the other toys for another time. It's a new purchase, completely untested. Jimin has been waiting so long to try it out, never finding the time until now.
The dildo is bigger than any he's tried before, starting thinner at the top and getting thicker towards the base, interrupted only by occasional grooves and bumps along the length. Jimin reaches for the lube as well before shutting the drawer, throwing his bed covers back.
His usual pyjamas are in the wash, the shirt he's wearing is old and stretched thin, now off-white after so many years. He'd just thrown on a pair of boxers before he'd fallen into bed, and he places his things to his left as he slowly slides his boxers down and off completely.
His cock twitches as it's exposed, already half hard as he takes it in hand, sucking in a sharp breath as he begins to stroke. Jimin closes his eyes, biting hard at his bottom lip as he lets his thoughts wander, to bigger hands than his own being the ones to wrap around him.
He drags his hand slowly up and down, squeezing as he closes his fingers around the tip, sinking down into the warmth that begins to spread through his veins and pool low in his gut. He's fully hard now, cock hot and heavy in his hand, already beginning to leak with precum.
The drag is dry, pulling each time he stokes, and he kinda likes it until his fingers become coated with the precum, spreading down his length. Foreplay is important, but Jimin is impatient to try his new toy, reaching out to grab for the bottle of lube so he can begin.
He leaves his cock to sit against his lower stomach as he squeezes a generous amount of lube onto his fingers, rubbing the liquid to heat it up, spreading it generously. He spreads his legs as wide as he can, hand moving down his body, bypassing his aching cock completely.
He circles the tip of one finger around his rim, holding his breath as he teases, slowly dipping his finger in to the first knuckle. It's a little uncomfortable, always is at first, so he uses his free hand to grip his cock again, matching each stoke with each teasing dip.
Jimin lets out a short whine as he pushes his finger in deeper, his other hand squeezing around his length. He aches to be filled, but his hole is still holding so tightly around his one finger, having been neglected for far too long.
He pushes in the second finger just to feel the stretch, the burn satisfying, spreading the fire under his skin. He curls his fingers slightly, rubbing against his walls, his cock spurting another stream of precum as he struggles to keep himself quiet.
He's biting his lip hard enough to hurt, tiny whines still escaping through his teeth, blood rushing loud enough in his ears that he doesn't hear when the door opens. He doesn't hear a thing, eyes squeezed shut so tightly, until a shocked "Oh," makes his whole body tense.
Jimin freezes, eyes flying open to meet the wide eyed gaze of Yoongi as he stands by the door. Jimin feels as if he can barely breathe. Yoongi's watching him, mouth open slightly as his gaze slowly rakes down Jimin's exposed body, settling where his fingers disappear inside him.
"H-hyung--" Jimin starts to apologise but his voice comes out shaky and breathless, his already red face flushing deeper. Yoongi's eyes darken when Jimin speaks, his tongue darting out to wet at his parted lips. "Jimin," He begins slowly, experimentally, words heavy in the air.
"Did Hyung tell you that you could stop?"
Jimin's breath hitches, heart beating so heavily in his chest that it might burst. "Hyung, w-what--" Yoongi slowly clicks the door shut behind him, leaning heavily against it as his eyes travel back up Jimin's form to meet his eyes. "Did Hyung say you could stop, Jiminie?"
Yoongi's voice is dangerously low, eyes heavy lidded as he looks at Jimin, and Jimin's cock twitches in his hand in response. "N-no." He says shakily. "No what, Jiminie?" "N-no, Hyung d-didn't say I could st-stop." Yoongi hums deep in his chest, taking a small step forward.
"Then keep going." Jimin can feel Yoongi's eyes on him like a physical touch, spreading heat along his skin. Slowly, he begins to move his hand up his length, parting his thighs again, not daring to look away as Yoongi approaches the end of his bed.
He curls the two fingers still buried inside him, an involuntary whine breaking through his lips as he squeezes the hand around his cock. Yoongi's eyes follow the movements hungrily, until he finally notices the dildo lying in the blankets to Jimin's side, eyes widening again.
"Jiminie," Yoongi says, looking back to Jimin's face, "were you going to fuck yourself on that while Hyung was gone?" Jimin groans, scissoring his fingers inside him. "Were you waiting for Hyung to leave, hm?" Jimin shakes his head. "Use your words, Jiminie."
"N-no." Jimin gasps out, twisting his hand around his cock. Yoongi has reached the end of his bed. "No?" He asks, lips quirking into a smirk. "You didn't want to wait? Were you going to do it while Hyung was still here, lying asleep in bed? Trying hard to keep quiet?"
Jimin groans wordlessly, squeezing his eyes shut. "Does the thought of Hyung possibly waking up to see you make it better, Jiminie? Do you want Hyung to watch?" It hadn't been his original intention at all, but now that it's happening, it's all he can think about. "Y-yes."
The bed dips as extra weight is added, and Jimin forces his eyes open to see Yoongi kneeling above him, his gaze intense as he drinks Jimin in. Jimin slips in a third finger, throwing his head back as he whines, a little too loudly. "You look so good for Hyung, Jiminie."
Jimin's fingers curl again inside him, but they're much too short, it's nowhere near enough. He grips his cock desperately, precum covering his fingers completely. Yoongi licks his lips again before he speaks, voice rough. "Do you want Hyung to touch, Jiminie?"
Jimin groans again, too loudly, his breath coming out in short gasps as his eyes close again. "H-hyung, please, p-please--" "Shhhh. Hyung won't touch if you're too loud, baby. We can't wake the other members." Jimin whines again, desperate to feel Yoongi's touch, his fingers.
Yoongi leans over Jimin's writhing form, Jimin feeling the heat of his proximity even with his eyes closed. He hears the cap of the lube click, heart caught in his throat as his blood rushes loudly in his ears, skin prickling all over with anticipation. "Move your hand."
He pulls his fingers out immediately, fingers sticky with the lube moving to wrap around his cock, his other hand moving up so he can bite down on his knuckles, muffling his sounds. What he feels against his hole next is hard and cold, not at all the fingers he expected.
Jimin's eyes fly open, looking down to see Yoongi holding the new dildo against his hole, the pink surface shiny with lube in the low lamplight. "H-hyung," Jimin gasps around his fingers as Yoongi begins to push it in, the tip slipping passed the loose ring of muscle.
"So good for Hyung." Yoongi murmurs, Jimin's hole beginning to stretch as Yoongi slowly pushes it in deeper. Jimin's bite on his knuckles is beginning to hurt as he desperately tries to hold on to his groans, his chest heaving as sweat drips from his forehead.
Not once, even in his wildest dreams, did Jimin ever think this would happen. Anything he could have ever imagined, none of it is as good as the sight of Yoongi pushing a dildo into Jimin's ass, whispering words of encouragement as he takes in the widening girth.
The heat in his gut is a constant simmer, his grip still tight on his leaking cock, hips shifting restlessly as, slowly but surely, he takes in the whole of the dildo. Every groove is rubbing deliciously against his walls, the tip pressing in deep.
His breath is coming out ragged, drool spilling from the edges of his lips around his hand. Yoongi smoothes a hand down Jimin's thigh, touch light against his sensitive skin. "So good, Jiminie. So pretty. Look at you, doing to good for Hyung."
It's too much, and yet still not enough, so Jimin wriggles his hips underneath Yoongi's touch. "Hyung, please, Hyung, p-please move--" Yoongi twists the dildo as Jimin speaks, his words choking off into a moan, his hand falling away from his face to grip at his pillow.
Yoongi hums in satisfaction as Jimin squirms under him. "You asked so nicely, Jiminie." He twists the dildo again, pulling it out slightly only to push it right back in. Jimin's vision blurs with white spots as Yoongi hits him in just the right spot, earning a drawn out groan,
the sound spilling loudly from his lips before he can hold it back. "H-hyung, there, please--" He's begging too loudly, too overwhelmed as Yoongi hits that spot again, "please, Hyung, plea--" His words are cut off as something soft and warm presses into his lips.
Jimin realises much too slowly that it's Yoongi's lips on his, the elder swallowing Jimin's sounds into his own mouth. Jimin kisses back as best he can, lips already parting for Yoongi to slide his tongue in as he presses the dildo in yet again, licking around his gasps.
Yoongi's own breath is ragged when they part just so he can trail kisses and bites down Jimin's neck. Hard enough to feel, but soft enough to not leave a mark. "Fuck, Jiminie, I love your voice." Yoongi growls against his skin. Jimin can't respond, a whining mess underneath him.
Yoongi has set a rough pace, dildo pressing in and out of Jimin, the heat in his gut building to a rolling wave. His skin burns under Yoongi's touch, his taste still fresh on his lips, heated and hard. "H-hyung, I'm gonna--p-please--" "Come for Hyung, Jiminie."
It's with a few more thrusts of the dildo that Jimin comes undone, cock near bursting in his tight grip as he spurts come all over his sweat soaked shirt, whine pitched high. Yoongi rides him through it, his pace slowly coming to a stop as Jimin's cock empties completely.
Carefully, Yoongi pulls the dildo out of Jimin, who groans at the feeling of suddenly being so empty, hole clenching pitifully. The room is quiet, except for Jimin's low pants, as Yoongi shifts so he's lying on his side beside Jimin. Jimin can feel Yoongi's eyes on him.
Jimin doesn't open his eyes, letting his breath even out and his heartbeat slow, his thoughts coming back to him as his high begins to even out. It's then that mortification hits him hard, reigniting the flush in his cheeks, Yoongi's gaze heavy. God, what did they just do?
He doesn't want to open his eyes and meet Yoongi's gaze, doesn't want to see Yoongi's face as he regards him carefully. The silence between them stretches on, until beside him, Yoongi sighs. "I came back to get my phone." He says, voice quiet near Jimin's ear. Jimin swallows.
"It-It's in your top drawer, where you always keep it. Hyung." Jimin's voice is hoarse and the honorific now makes him blush even harder. He feels Yoongi shift beside him, moving until his weight is no longer on the bed. Jimin listens to his footsteps as Yoongi crosses the room.
He doesn't hear the drawer opening. "Jimin." Jimin winces. "Please look at Hyung, Jimin-ah." His voice is so quiet, completely different to how it was before. Jimin peeks open his eyes, looking over to where Yoongi is standing, now at his side of the room.
He looks troubled, but there is still such an obvious bulge in his pants that Jimin wants to look away again. "Jimin-ah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do something with you that you might not have wanted, I shouldn't have--" "What? Hyung, no, that's not--you didn't--"
Jimin sighs irritably, sitting up in his bed and pulling his blankets over to cover his lower half. "Hyung, you didn't make me do anything. I wanted it. I said yes." Yoongi is chewing on his lip, still looking unsure. "I've wanted to for so long, but I should have thought--"
"For so long?" Jimin interrupts. Yoongi pauses, and the two just look at each other for a moment as Yoongi's cheeks redden. "Hyung..." Jimin swallows around the lump in his throat. "I've wanted that for a long time, too." Yoongi's eyes widen.
"I like you, Hyung." Jimin admits quietly, looking down at his hands in his lap. There's a moment of stillness between them before Yoongi is walking back over, reaching up so he can cup Jimin's cheek, turning his head up to look at him. "Jiminie." Yoongi says, voice shaking.
"We've done this completely backwards." Jimin giggles slightly, leaning in to Yoongi's touch. "I like you too." Yoongi smiles at him so softly that Jimin can't help but return a smile of his own.
"Hyung, will you sleep with me tonight? We can talk more in the morning, but it's late." Jimin says, tone soft. "I just want to lie with you for now." Yoongi nods. "Alright, Jiminie. We can do that. Just let me close the studio back up, okay?" Jimin's heart skips. "Okay."
- fin hellooooo thank you so much for reading! this was just a short thread so I could try my hand at writing more smut as I'm not very confident with it at all. please let me know how I did, and if there's anything I can improve on! love you guys <3


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