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Mar 30, 2019
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kissed him in purpose!" it was not a question. JK tried to think and reason out but his hyung beat him to it again. "You broke inside his room knowing that he's there to see how he looks like and when you know that you don't stand a chance, you kissed him so you'll be

punished,hoping that Namjoon will exile you!" Jk was stunned. He immediately kneeled down in front of his hyung upon realizing his mistake. "My life is for you to take your majesty. I don't deserve your forgiveness."he said with a shaking voice. He's really very sorry this time.
"Your life isn't mine to take the moment you laid your hand on that Prince! You know that! And I swear to effing heavens my little brother, if Namjoon decides to ask for your head, I can't promise that I could save you this time." the King with exasperated voice.
JK realized the weight of his sin the moment he heard his hyung said those words so he decided to keep quiet and silently excuse himself. HE knows he f*cked up bigtime. So he just went to his own chamber, grabbed his journal and turned to the next available page as he write...
"Beautiful" then carefully close the journal he's been taking care of for 14 years. HE knows he's in big trouble but there's something in his heart that tells him that everything will turn out just fine. AS long as he knows where his home is. He's still in deep thought when
he saw a message in his phone. "The Cat is Away" HE would probably smile and celebrate if he receives that message on any other day, but this time, it makes him nervous. "Where the hell is the King going in the middle of the night?!" Jk asked himself as he look at his window!
Yoongi knows that it's not a good idea to leave the palace now. He doesn't even talk to Namjoon about his brother's punishment yet. But he trusts his bestfriend, he knows that he'll never kill Jk unless it's Prince V's will. But again, Yoongi is very good in reading people's mind
He knows that the youngest of the Kims is too kind to ask for a punishment that will require them to shed some blood or life! So he doesn't know why he's now driving his Rolls Royce Phantom VI. He knows how risky it is to roam around outside their kingdom but he feels like he
needed a fresh air. He needs a space from his brother before he could hurt him again. That's right, if there's one thing he regrets the most from everything that happened to his trip to the House of Kims is the fact that he broke his own brother's nose!
Yoongi keeps driving when he recognized a few cars following him. Of course the palace guards will never let him drive alone. When he noticed that the guards are keeping a safe distance from him, he just let them follow him around, until they reach The Pavillion!
Of course he knows that The Pavillion is one of the 5star hotel owned by the Parks. So he doesn't wanna create a chaos when he suddenly pops in. The people working there would probably recognize him, so he passed by the hotel and drove through the city of Seoul.
He passed by SNU and an idea suddenly hits the King.He open his dashboard to check if his emergency mobile phone is still there. when he saw the phone,he smiled and immediately dial the only person he knows in Seoul. "Hoseok! " he almost yelled the moment the other picked it up
Hoseok knows it's Yoongi's voice, but he's hesitant to answer because why on Earth would Yoongi call him in the middle of the night? and since when Yoongi learned to use a phone? But he was convinced that it's the real King the moment he heard the next line.
"Goddamn it Jung Hoseok! It's me, and yes I used this fucking mobile phone for emergency to call you because I have nowhere to go! So get your flat ass here so I could finally borrow your bed for a night or else I'm gonna ask prince Jk to break in your room and expose your stash
of gay porn!" Hoseok almost choke upon hearing the last line of the King. "uhhh, your highness, that's very not so King?" he said jokingly as he started his car to meet the king. "Just get yourself here Hoseokah!" the King said before ending the call.
*** Yoongi knows that there are royalty members who are trying to live a simple life in Seoul. He knows that his good friend Jung Hoseok is one of them. And he also know someone else who turned his back from the royal life to live a life here in this noisy city!
Yoongi is still in deep thoughts when he saw an unfamiliar car pulling over beside his car. He's now currently watching the silent crippling of water in the Han River. It's almost 4 in the morning so there's no one in there. "Your highness," Hoseok geeted him.
"Fucking finally!" Yoongi said as he followed the professor in his own car. The King decided to abandon his Rolls Royce to avoid extra attention from the commoner. He knows that his guards will take care of it anyway. "You drove your own this time" it's not a question.
"I needed a fresh air!" Yoongi tried to avert his gaze from Hoseok who can easily read his thoughts. "You needed a fresh air so you risked the head of the King of House of Min, also known as the General Commander of the Commission of Defense of the whole Kingdom. Wise!"
Yoongi knows that there's no point of denying or hiding it. Hoseok is too smart for this bullsh*t! "JK made a mess in the kingdom." he started trying to avoid the main reason of his sudden exploration. "A mess that Namjoon can easily get fix." Hoseok again.
"Damn it Hoseok, give me some slack!" the King slumped in the passenger seat as he keeps playing with the car window. "I am not saying anything your highness. I would never---" "I miss him" the King cut him off. it's just a whisper but Hoseok knows the weight of those words.
The two didn't talk after that. Hoseok guided the king to his penthouse so they could finally rest, but the Yoongi refuse to take his friend's bedroom. "I'm not gonna sleep in your bedroom Jung Hoseok." he said with his serious voice. "Omg! I can't believe this. Your highness,
I'm not gonna jumped in you while you're sleeping." Hoseok playfully told him. Yoongi shook his head and walked to the next room which is luckily an unused guest room. "I'm going to use this room Hoseokah, thank you very much for coming to my aid" he sincerely thank him.
Hoseok smiled when the King finally closed the door. He thought how Yoongi remained conservative through the years. He knows how the King never wanted to share a bedroom with anyone unless it's the one who he could marry. and they both know that there's only one person he likes
to share his life with, but the said person is too prideful to accept his fate. Hoseok turned off the light and went back to his own room when he realized something. He knows that he might lose his head if things go wrong, but if this will be a chance for the lonely King to be
happy, then he will risk it all. The professor dialed some numbers before he finally close his eyes and fall into sleep with a sweet smile on his lips!
THE PAVILION When Jimin announced that he’s hosting a party at the Pavilion, he knows people will surely come for free food,drink & probably sex! The young heir shook his head at the last thought remembering how he often avoid that kind of situation whenever he throws a party!
The truth is, he’s not excited at all. He doesn’t really like to party because first, he hates noise & clutters. He also hates every Dj he hired in the past because they couldn’t seem to produce a high quality music for his rave parties! But he needs distraction, so he did it!
As the people started to pile up outside the venue of his party, he gots bored. He knows no one in this party and the only two people he probably know haven’t showed up yet. So he decided to call Jungkook just to check if they are coming or not so he could leave his own party!
Jungkook immediately answered the phone when he saw who it was and informed him that despite of him and his bestfriend’s feud, he managed to convince the latter to attend. The boy with a raven hair look at himself at the mirror one more time before he finally went out.
Both Taehyung & Jungkook freeze when they saw each other! “Holy sh*t, Gukkie! Look at you!” Taehyung said while checking out his best friend. “Look who’s talking” Jungkook replied as he rolled his eyes. The two excitedly went inside their car as they drive to the Pavilion!
*** Yoongi started to doubt Hoseok when he noticed that they are going to the Pavilion's way. "You are not bringing me to the place where I'm thinking you're going,Jung Hoseok" a warning in the King's voice. "You said you wanted to relax, then I'll help you relax your higness.
"This is The Pavilion!" Yoongi said still a hint of warning in his voice. "Exactly!" "So what are we doing here?!" Yoongi asked but his eyes are already roaming around the place. "One of my students are throwing a party tonight, a masquerade party to be exact and he is in need
of a genius Dj who will beat the music tonight!" Hoseok said with a glint of excitement in his voice. He knows that this is very risky for the king, he knows that there's no room for mistake tonight, he's nervous but too excited for his friend. He knows how Yoongi loves music!
He took the masks he ordered and gave it to the King. "You have to wear this and promise me you'll never take it off your highness" he plead, still hoping Yoongi will agree with him. Yoongi look at him before he grab the mask. "Make sure you'll come back to pick me up later
my fairy-god-father!" the King said as he put on the mask. He got off the car and almost bumped into two gentlemen when he noticed the entrance of the Pavilion. There he was in his shining glory, Park Jimin, the only man he loves. The King almost tripped on his own feet when
Jimin waved at his direction. He almost wave back at him when he realized that he's probably waving at the two gentlemen walking beside him. So tried to act cool and walked passed through the beautiful male who's now smiling at the two lucky human beings.
Yoongi thought that the host of tonight's party will just ignore him, so imagine his surprise when Jimin himself called unto him. "Hey! you!" the short with a silver hair called out. He stops walking. "Are you hear for the party?" Jimin asked still carefully watching the man
with a golden mask. The guy nodded. "I hope you enjoy the night" he finally said as he welcome Jungkook and Taehyung who obviously prepared a lot for this party. Yoongi look back one more time before he proceed to the Dj's cave for tonight.
Jimin shook his head one more time. He must be really bored to think that one of the Kings of Bangtania will be out unguarded here wearing some cheap clothes and masks to attend his party. "No, that's the craziest thing you've thought Park Jimin" he said ti himself.
"Good thing that u know how crazy you always think Park!" Taehyung greeted him. Since he's still a bit dazed of the thought that just crossed his mind, he just gave his frenemy a tiny smile as he shifts his attention to Jungkook. "Jeon Jungkook?! Wow! Is that really you?"
Jungkook gave him a playful nudge as they walk inside the Pavilion. Everyone is already having fun, and the first thing Jimin noticed is how the music has changed into more upbeat one! Now the night is getting better. With a Jeon who looks like a snack, the young heir couldnt
help but smile now. "Taehyungie, didn't you say Jungkook isn't your boyfriend?" he asked the male who's still gaping at the things he saw in the party venue. "Ah, y-yes, he's my best friend!" Taheyung didn't know why he suddenly stuttered. "Then, you wouldn't mind if he'll be
my date tonight, right?" Jimin asked, as he already cling his other arm to Jungkook's muscular arm. "Well, that depends on Gukkie" Taehyung said after some time of consideration. Of course, he minds! He hates to share his best friend. But if Jungkook wants it, then so be it!
Taehyung can't look at his best friend. He doesn't trust himself around Jungkook lately that's why he agreed when Jimin asked Jungkook to be his date for tonight. He doesn't know what's going on with his stomach and heart, but he's too afraid to discover it now.
Jungkook looks at his beautiful best friend who's now very eager to leave & explore the place so he just nodded when Jimin asked him to be his date.Besides, he knows Jimin doesn't really like him as a man. He knows that Jimin is just being so clingy to him to provoke Taehyung.
Taehyung feels like something inside him broke the moment Jungkook agreed to be Jimin's date. But he doesn't wanna ruin the night and waste their efforts dolling up so instead of pouting and whining that his best friend was stolen to him by a garden gnome, he just decided to grab
his drink. He was sitting at the bar enjoying his Strawberry Mojito, the only drink he's allowed to drink according to his personal body guard who is now stolen from him. ANyway, the young art major look around as he listen to the music & he suddenly gasped when he saw the Dj
took off his mask. "King Yoongi," he mouthed as he watched the Dj put back his golden mask. Taehyung just had a single sip from his drink, & he could say that he knows by his heart how all the 4 kings of Bangtania looks like! And that Dj right there is Min Yoongi!
Yoongi on the other hand, tried to act it cool when he noticed the beautiful male at the bar watching him. HE almost dropped his masked when he realized that the said male probably recognized him based on his body language. The said male is wearing his mask so he cant be sure.
AS much as Yoongi is enjoying what he's doing, he knows that he needs to cut the night so short. He doesn't want to make a scene once the man started to tell everyone that one of the Kings is in the party. So he just finished his last set of music before he finally walked out
of the party. He still memorizes the ins and outs of the Pavilion so it's not hard for him to reach the garden at the back. The King mentally congratulated himself as he successfully managed to reach his destination. What he didn't know is, there's already someone in there!
Jungkook has been looking for Taehyung for minutes now. After few exchange of drinks with Jimin, the dance major confessed to him that he just threw this party because he just missed his family and that he just got bored. After that, he just left Jungkook without a word.
After more minutes of stumbling upon drunk bodies, Jungkook finally found his best friend at the bar. He's not wearing his mask anymore so Jungkook can clearly see how he smiles at the bartender who is obviously flirting with his now drunk best friend.
Jungkook closed the gap between him and his bestfriend and just right in time, the bartender got a little too touchy. “Don’t you dare f*cking lay your filthy hands on him.” he gritted through his teeth. The bartender looks at him with wide eyes. He couldn’t believe it!
Standing in front of him is no other than the Crowned Prince of Min. He looks a bit different,because of the hair colour but aside feom that, he’s sure it’s the prince. He knows he’s screwed! “I-im sorry your highness, please forgive me. I am begging you, please spare—“ “Woah!”
“Wait a minute dude! U dont have to! I mean, i just dont anyone touching my Taehyung so back off!” Jungkook cut the weird bartender who started calling him, what?! “Your higness my ass!” he said before turning to face Taehyung who’s now on the verge of falling from his seat.
“Tae...”he nudge him, but there’s no reply. When Jungkook look at his face, he froze. The long black hair of the beautiful boy is covering almost half of his face so he gently move away the hair before he wrap his other arm around the other’s waist. “Tae, let’s go home.”
When Taehyung is still unresponsive, Jungkook sigh. He knows that his bestfriend is a lightweight so he’s wondering why would he drink that much! He wanted ro ask him questions but he thought that he can ask him that later. “Okay, I’ll carry you now Tae” he said again before
scooping his bestfriend as he carry him, bridal style. “Istg, Kim Taehyung next time that we go on a party like this, you are not going to drink anything anymore!” he said with a smile on his lips when he saw that his big baby is pouting on his sleep.
Jungkook has no other choice but to put Taehyung down when they reached their car. Good thing that Taehyung finally wake up, but still tipsy. “Gukkie..why are we here already? U know i need to get the cute guy’s number inside” he’s pouting as Jungkook put on his seat belt.
“Cute boy? Who are u calling cute Tae? That pervert on the bar who’s about to—“ Jungkook wasn’t able to finish when he was cut off. “He wouldn’t have able to touch me in the firt place if you didn’t ditch me in exchange of that garden gnome” he said with his blurry words.
“G-garden gnome? Wtf, Tae did u just call Chim a garden gnome?” he’s cackling! When he saw him still pouting, he knows that he really made him upset. “I’m sorry Tae, I just thought u wanna get rid of me tonight so u could score a date? he said holding his hand.
“But you’re the one I’d like to date tonight! I dolled up because I wanna look pwetty for Jungkookie tonight.” SILENCE. Taehyung knows what he just said. He knows he mean it. But he’s not sure if he wants his bestfriend know about it, so he keep quiet & waited for a reaction.
Jungkook wanna combust when he heard the word! He’s not just sure if he wants to combust of happiness or he just want the ground to swallow him now because Taehyung might just said that because he’s drunk! Yeah, that might have been just a slipped up for Taehyung. So he doesn’t
know why did he reply like that. “But you are always the prettiest for Jungkookie.”he said without looking at the tipsy man beside him. Jungkook is beyond nervous, he doesn’t want to lose his best friend so he waited for his reaction too.Minutes later, he heard his soft snores.
He smile to himself as he hold Taehyung’s hand on his free hand. “You’re always the prettiest one for me Taehyungie. I am sure no one in this world will be as pretty as you.” he whispered as he bring the soft hand to his lips then continue to drive them back home.
The two drove back home safely. Jungkook gently tuck Taehyung in his bed before he went to the bathroom to freshen himself. And as he’s changing his clothes, he suddenly remembers Jimin who seems so strange. At first he was too clingy,then after staring at the Dj playing on his
own party, his rich friend just told him he’s bored and wanted to rest. Jimin even told him that he needs to find Tae before someone else does. He really doesn’t have any idea what’s gotten to his friend but he’s hoping the other is alright. Besides, he owes him tonight.
*** It has been two days ago since the Strange Party in The Pavillion. There are lots of gossip going around, and one of those is the Prince of House of Min being seen in the event. Min Yoongi scoffed at that news because he knows that Jk was sulking at home that night!
If there’s one thing he’s very grateful about is the fact that no one has seen him. No one except the beautiful man he spent the night with. The same beautiful man who owns his heart and soul. Min Yoongi’s still in his deep thought when he heard one of his attendants informing
him that kim Seokjin has just arrived to the House of Min. The King isn’t sure if he’ll be happy about this visit because he knows that Seokjin came not to chat, but to ask for Jk’s head! He’s hoping he’s wrong this time.
Seokjin look around the House of Min.. everything screams of luxury and power. He admires every details in the place despite the fact that he despise dark colours. He was about to lift one of the figurines he found on the center table of the living room when he saw the King.
“What a pleasant surprise to see you here Seokjin Hyung,”Yoongi greeted the beautiful man who’s now smiling back at him. “It’s always my pressure to visit your prestigious House,your majesty.” he said as he bow to the King. The two were both surprise when they saw Jk joined em.
"Welcome to the House of Min, Consort Kim Seokjin." Prince Jk politely greeted the King's lover. Both Yoongi and Seokjin smiled at the gesture. "Well, it's nice to see you too Prince Jk. I assume you were already informed of the reason I'm here today." Seokjin hates
beating around the bush so he immediately informed them the real reason of his abrupt visit. The King gestured them to sit down as the attendant brought their snack. Seokjin smiled when he noticed the prince's pale face. He knows that the youngest is really nervous knowing what
he did a few days ago in the House of Kim. He is about to tease him more when he heard the young Prince again. "With all due respect sir, how is he?" the prince with magenta hair asked. Jk knows how upset Prince V was when they left so he thought that it's just right to ask.
Seokjin glanced at Yoongi first before he look at the waiting Prince. "Well, he's doing fine now since I brought him some presents from the outside. After the "incident" where you were involved, he's been so difficult. He kept crying because according to him, you stole his first
kiss and that's unforgivable. You know that a kiss is shared only by married couple and you and my little brother is clearly aren't married yet!" Seokjin explains without noticing the King's sudden discomfort in front of him. He's too concentrated to Jk so he didn't see the King
trying to even our his breathing when Seokjin talked about sharing a kiss of "unmarried couple" as taboo. "Anyway, since you both know that you are bound to get married at the right time, Namjoon can't just behead you. So your life is safe, thanks to the kingdom's decree."
Seokjin almost laugh when he saw Jungkook finally let go of the air he didn't notice the youngest was holding in. Yoongi was about to comment when Seokjin decided to drop the bomb. "Namjoon will spare your life but Prince V wants to punish you for what you've done."
Jk suddenly feels so hot. HE doesn't know what to feel. So when Seokjin announced what would be his punishment, he wasn't able to comprehend it immediately. "w-wait, what? sorry but, may I beg your pardon?" Jk asked, his doe eyes widened. "You heard it right dearest Prince Jk,
Prince V wants you to serve him in the HOuse of Kim until your actual wedding day." SEokjin tried to maintain his serious face, but the moment Yoongi started to laugh beside him, the oldest lost it! "Yah, Min Yoongi why are you laughing?" he asked still can't stop laughing too.
"I'm sorry my dear prince, but I came here today to escort you back at the House of Kim to start your punishment." Seokjin informed him, the business-like face is back. Jk panicked. "Hyung, Yoongi hyung do you know any of these?" The King look at his brother, and as much as he
want to save him this time, he knows he cant. Plus, Namjoon talked to him about it already. THis might be a good opportunity for the two princes to know each other. The two kings are actually hoping that after thi punishment, they will grow closer. "My Crowned Prince Jk"
"You know that we talked about this. But I will let you decide now. There's only one way to stop your punishment." Yoongi said while looking straight to his brother's eyes. "H-how? I mean is that possible hyung?" Jk asked hesitantly. Seokjin scoffed. "Of course it's possible!"
"Really? what do I need to do hyung? Please tell me so I don't have to be a slave" Jk is desperate now. "Declare a war against the HOuse of Kim" Yoongi announced clearly. Seokjin didn't even budge on his seat as if what he heard isn't a threat to his own House.
"Are you f*cking kidding me hyung?!" Jk stood up from his seat. How could his hyung talk about war like he's just talking about choosing a car?! "Prince JK, language! You are in front of the Consort Kim!" Yoongi raised his voice. He really hates it when his brother is upset
but he's hoping that Crowned Prince V could teach him some lessons too. "So, your decision?" SEokjin look at the youngest who is obviously not pleased of the decision made. "When are we going?" JK asked with his coldest voice but SEokjin remained unfazed. "We'll leave tonight"
PRince JK wanted to throw everything in his own chamber the moment he closed his door. He knows that he's still lucky because Namjoon didn't ask for his head. But he's not really sure if he's still lucky knowing that the super sensitive Prince asked for this punishment.
"How could he asked for his fellow Prince to serve him?!" he mumbled to himself, he's still too angry of his situation so he didn't even noticed his hyung getting inside of his room. "JK" "F*ck! Hyung,what happened to knocking on the door first?" he said as he pack his personal
belongings. His other things will be pack by his servants. But there are some things that he would like to personally pack, like his phone, his speaker, and his camera. Those are his babies and no one is allowed to touch them except him. Yoongi is quietly watching him.
"I just want you to know how proud I am of you right now." --- JK didn't expect that. He know how much Yoongi loves him but the other rarely told him that. And when he look at his hyung, he knows the older mean it. "You were always a nuisance when it comes to your lifestyle.
You're a brat who hates living by rules, you always do what you like to do even if it's against my will. But no matter how stubborn you are, you always thought of this House above all. You never step foot outside the palace just like what I asked you to do, and now this.
We both know you had a choice Jk. You could've been selfish and asked me to help you run away from this, from your pending punishment, you had few days to plot something against the Kims, but you never did. You escape this Houe in the middle of the night for days, but you always
find your way back. You kept asking for gold telling me it's for your luxurious hobbies, but when you come to think of it, you only have that one camera I bought you when you were just 14. You never change your car too, because you said it's your baby. But the truth is,
you've been secretly helping the poor. You have been feeding the hungry people, and you've been building shelter for the homeless." Yoongi wiped the tears coming out his tear duct. He doesn't want to be so soft and mushy with his brother but he's just overwhelmed.
"h-hyung, how did you know all of that?" JK want to hide his face. He doesn't want to admit it, but his hyung was right, he did all of those things for their people. "Don't forget you're talking to your King, brat! Of course I know what's going on with my land, with my people!"
The Prince is speechless. "I- I am just really so proud of you, and I want you to know that there's nothing wrong being soft and kind JK. What you did with the Crowned Prince is not so you. I hope that this time, you can make it work between the two of you."
"Hyung, I don't know how you knew about the things I've done with your people but that Prince is different and I can't promise you anything." he said, the annoyance of the situation is back. "Then at least try Jk, promise me that you will try." Yoongi still sound so soft.
"I'm just curious hyung, why are you so into this? Why didn't I even see you oppose this?" JK is now genuinely curious. Yoongi sigh, he's contemplating whether to tell his brother the truth or let him discover it by himself along the journey of knowing the other prince.
"He's just like you Jk, he was hidden for 20 years because of the same reason." Yoongi decided to tell him the truth. Jk knows about the history of their kingdom. He knows the fact that he's not a true blooded Min because he's a descendant of the Jeons. He knows he has a twin.
"If he's like me, then you mean to say his twin has also been killed during---" Jk's mouth fell. He never knew that the House of Kim was also a victim of the mass murder, 20 years ago. "I trust you with this Jk," Yoongi patted his back when he fell into silence.
Jk doesn't know what to say. He doesn't know what to do with that information. Hell he doesn't even know why he suddenly have the feeling of wanting to protect the other prince who is about to make him a slave. "Just, don't make anything that will make your situation worst"
Yoongi hugged his brother one last time before they finally say their farewell. Seokjin was just silently watching the brothers from his car. Prince Jk will of course drive his own car going to the House of Kim.
*** HOUSE OF KIM Since Seokjin & JK left the House of Min at past midnight, they arrived at the HOuse of Kim the next morning.Jk is a nocturnal person so he doesn't have a problem with that, besides the direction going to this place is very familiar to him, how? only him knows.
They were welcome with the King himself because of course Namjoon was waiting for his lover SEokjin. And since it's just 5 in the morning, the King commanded his attendants to show Jk his temporary chamber while he's in the HOuse of Kim. The young prince just gave him a courtesy
greeting before he followed the servant who's going to show him his room. They went to the second floor of the house and Prince Jk almost choke when he realized that he's heading the direction where Prince V's room is located. HE almost tripped when his servant opened the door
of the room opposite the blonde prince's room. "Ah, excuse me, are you sure this is my chamber?" he asked just to verify. "Yes your highness, the Crowned Prince V pick the maids who arranged your room the other day." the old lady informed him.
Jk went inside the room that’s according to the maid was personally prepared by Prince V. The young prince is in awe the moment he stepped inside the room. It’s very spacious, and has his own bathroom too. At least he knows he’ll be as comfortable as he’s back home.
He started to unpack his things and proceeded to lay on his King size bed. A few more minutes and he finally dozed off. The young prince fell asleep with a sweet smile on his lips, not knowing what tomorrow will bring to him.
Prince Jk is used to trust people in their House That’s why he never learn to lock the door. So the next morning, when a pair of slender soft hands opened the door to his assigned room, he wasn’t able to see the blonde Prince who was shocked upon seeing him.
Prince V covered his mouth when he gasps upon seeing the sleeping prince. “Oh my guard! Where is that egoistic bunny gone?! This is absolutely not him?!” he whispered to the maid beside him. “Ahhm, Prince V but that’s Prince Jk sleeping?” the maid is confused.
“I mean, I know that’s him because who else in this Kingdom has bright hair?!” he said still looking at the big baby in front of him. “But this big baby looks so harmless! He’s the total opposite of my mortal enemy!” V whispering to his maid again.
The moment he heard the click of his door, Prince Jk knows an in intruder is in his room. But when he heard the familiar deep voice of the beautiful blonde prince calling him baby, he lost it. “Me a baby?! Does he look at himself at the mirror? Who’s the real baby between us?!”
Jk is still debating with himself when he feels it. The young prince, or kne of his maid covered his exposed back with a blanket. The “sleeping” prince continue to pretend that he’s still asleep, waiting for the next move of the prince who’s bound to make his life a living hell.
But when he heard the Prince talk again, Jk got even more confused. “Make sure no one bothers the Prince.He looks really tired! This fool drove from his House to mine alone in the middle of the night so he might be really exhausted. He didn’t even budge when we entered his room!
Make sure no one bothers him.” The maids nodded their heads to the Prince. They’re also confused about it. Because what they heard about the two princes is totally opposite of what they are witnessing now. Little did the maids know, the other prince is as confused as them.
When Prince V and his servants left the room, Prince Jk immediately got up. He checked all his belongings, he even checked under his bed like a fool, searching for the unknown. What does he expect? He doesn’t know. What he knows is, Prince V clearly told his servants to let him
rest??! Why whould he do that? He hates him, right?! “Woah!!! “ jk hopelessly groan when he couldn’t think of an answer. He throw himself back in the bed and pulled his blanket & tried to sleep again but his head feels like gonna explode soon. So instead of going back to sleep
he decided to just take a shower and maybe confront the Prince of what he really wants from him. U see, the Prince has the habit of taking off his clothes from his room before he go to his bathroom, coz that would be easier for his maids to tidy up while he’s still showering.
The problem is, he forgot that he’s not home, so he has no right to get mad when his door suddenly flew open while he’s in the middle of removing his trousers, shirt already gone too. “Oh my guard!!!” “What the f*ck?!” The two prince both screamed when their eyes met!
“Why the hell are you naked?!” prince V covered his eyes while talking to the prince who’s now got his confidence back when he saw how flustered the blonde prince is. “What?! Coz maybe I don’t wear my clothes when I’m on the showe?!” He said teasing the other.
“But you’re still on your bedroom, and you are supposed to strip when you’re inside he bathroom??” V yelled again, still hands on his eyes so he couldn’t see the Prince with now a fond look in his eyes as he watch the innocent Prince. “Well, u said it urself. Im still in MY room
so I supposed, I can do everything I want here.” Jk said pulling his trousers back up. “But you’re not in your room, this is my house and you didn’t lock your door!” V is now all red. Jk smiles at the sight of the blushing prince. He closed the gap between them and remove his
hand covering his eyes. “I am sorry your highness. I will not do it again.” he said slowly in his very soft voice that even V couldn’t believe that he’s capable of being nice??! Jk is still holding his hands in his own so V couldn’t think straight. He’s too mesmerized by the
prince with a doe eyes. They are still on that position when Seokjin found them. “Wow, I didn’t know you’re this close in span of a few hours.” he teases the two. He looks at his brother who’s blushing profusely while Jk is showing a smug face. “Good morning Seokjin Hyung.”
“The King wants to talk to you both, so please preapre yourself and make sure you’re decent enough before coming down for lunch.” he shamelessly look at Prince Jk’s naked upper body before he looks at his hand who’s still holding he blonde prince. He turns & about to left when,
“And oh, Prince V... I always know I raise you well but I never thought you had THAT in you.” he said cheekily as he run to the door. Prince V and Prince Jk look at each other, both flustered. “C-can you now let go of my hand?”the shy Prince said as he pulled his hand from him.
Prince Jk didn’t even know he was still holding the other Prince’s hand. “I’m sorry.” he said as tried to finally scramble on his feet trying to find the shirt so he could cover himself. Yoongi must be very proud of me if he knows this, he thought to himself.
When V realized what the other is doing, he couldhelp but tease him more. “So you finally realized that half of the people in the House of Kim have seen your body?!” Jk look at him & opposite to his expectation,the prince only smirk at him. “Didn’t know you easily get jealous,
Baby” he even emphasized the last word. “Me?! Jealous?! Excuse you arrogant prince! I am just concern of the vision of the people in my house! Besides, it isn’t like it’s the most gorgeous body I have ever seen!” he said unconsciously before he stomped off the room!
V wanted to vanish the moment he realized what he just said! So he immediately run back to his chamber to prepare for their lunch. On the other hand, Jk couldn’t help but smile to himself when he understands the implication of the other’s words. “So you found me hot huh?!”
Prince Jk smile at the thought of V finding him hot. He’s still smiling when he heard his phone rings. HIS MAJESTY KING YOONGI Jk quickly pressed the answer button upon seeing that his hyung is on the line. “What an honor ro receive a call from your majesty,” he greeted him.
“Why does it seem like you’re too energetic for this call? Did something happened in your first 6hours in the house of your future groom?” Yoongi asked with a hint of accusation. “What?! Of course not hyung. I am just happy thatyou called. So, why did u call?”
“I just want to check if you are doing fine, and based on your enthusiasm I guess you’re alright.” the King said smiling on his side. “Don’t worry hyung, so far I’m good. I will let you know if something happens.” he said as he get inside the bathroom. “Okay prince Jk..
Anyway, i forgot to remind you yesterday. Please learn to lock your door if you dont want the Prince or the King himself to walk in you naked!” then he hangs up. Jk smile while putting his phone down! Of course his hyung knows! How? He doesn’t have any idea.
Few more minutes when Jk found himself in front of a bounty lunch. But what really took his attention is the ethereally beautiful creature who haven’t noticed him yet. The blonde prince is laughing with Seokjin, he looks really unreal. He fake coughs to get their attention.
Namjoon & Seokjin welcome the Prince. The royal family of the House of Kim is really very happy that there’s a new member of the family, well at least Seokjin & Namjoon thought of that. They’re very excited to have a chat with Jk when they noticed the tension between the two.
"So how was your first night in your new home? I hope you had a restful evening" the King tried to open a conversation. "New home?" Prince V can't help but scoff and roll his eyes when he heard his hyung telling Jk that their house is the guest's--no the intruder's new home!
Jk knows that the prince is just provoking him so he just ignored him and proceed to answer the King. "Thank you for asking your majesty. Yes I had a restful night, thanks to the Crowned Prince who prepared my chamber for me." he said not looking at the now blushing prince.
"ME??? Like why would I prepare your chamber?" he tried to deny amidst his obvious reddening. "Because you know that your future groom is coming back as you requested?" the young prince replied with a smug. "Wow! hold up right there you egoistic bunny looking prince!"
"What, am I wrong tiger?" "Tiger? who do you think you are calling a tiger?" "ENOUGH!!!!" Namjoon's voice was heard in the entire house. The two princes immediately realizes their mistakes so they both kneel down to apologize to the king.
Seokjin wants to laugh at the spectacle in front of him but he knows that he needs to act serious co he can see that the King is genuinely disappointed because of the two. "I can't believe I am listening to two Crowned Princes bantering right in front of the grace!"
Jk wanted to vanish at the moment. This is one of the moments in his life he wanted to delete. He knows that he isn't easily get annoyed by anyone, he's not short tempered, but the Prince right beside him who's also became very quiet is just like a trigger to him.
"You are not 6 years old who needs to fight against an old camera sitting on the attic anymore." Now, that's very specific! Seokjin almost choke when he heard that! "You are two grown adults who are about to get married and rule your own Kingdom in the future."
"But hyung, I thought we already talk about the marriage part already?" Prince V said with his small voice. Of course, Namjoon immediately feel bad about raising his voice towards his baby brother. He never did that, well aside from that one time they thought they lost him.
It happened when Prince V was still 6 years old. The little Prince know about his situation already, that he needs to be hidden because there are people who wanted to harm him. So it was never a problem for Namjoon and Seokjin to leave him alone in his own chamber.
So imagine the shocked & horror the lovers felt when one night when they're hosting a dinner with all other Royal families there's one boy who came p to them telling them that he heard a boy crying in the attic. Namjoon can still vividly remember the clear doe eyes of that boy.
That night, both Namjoon & SEokjin went up the attic to see their crying baby boy V. He was tightly holding on an old camera while sobbing. The little boy who came up to Namjoon was staring straight at their precious V so he knew he needed to scare the boy away.
*** Seokjin noticed that the King blacked out. Maybe, just like him, he went back to the time when they first saw Prince JK being worried about Prince V. The two princes could've forgotten their first meeting, but it is still very clear to Namjoon and Seokjin.
"Your highness, please accept my apology. I will accept any punishment for my unruly behavior. Again, I sincerely apologize." Jk humbly utter. If this happened in a different situation, you'll never heard the Crowned Prince of Min apologize for his behavior. But the moment he
saw the glint of tears on Prince V's beautiful brown eyes, he know he messed up again. He condemn himself for always upsetting the beautiful prince. So he took responsibility of their unacceptable behavior just a few minutes ago. Namjoon sigh, but deep inside his heart he's
very happy to see Jk trying to protect prince V from him.He wasn't wrong when he accepted Min Yoongi's proposition. Prince V and Prince JK might be the soul match mentioned in the prophecy. THeir only problem now is how to make them like each other without fighting & bantering!
“You two can go back to your seats so we could finally eat. Since Prince Jk took responsibility of this childish bantering, I hope I wouldn’t have to witness such acts again.” Namjoon said looking at the two who looks like cute puppies at the moment. “Yes your highness” Jk & V.
The lunch went on peacefully. Prince Jk concentrated on his food, he knly speaks when the King asks him questions regarding the Defense department kf the Kingdom. Seokjin quietly observes his baby brother as he tune in to Namjoon & Jk’s conversation.
When Jk noticed that V isn’t eating his food, he sighed. He debate against himself if he would leave him be or— Well, before he knew it, his hands are already betraying him. “Eat up, so you’ll have enough strength to torment me later.” he whispered against the blonde’s ears.
Both Namjoon & Seokjin look at them with knowing look. They only saw the gesture but they didn’t hear the Prince whispering to V, so they thought of it as a really sweet gesture. Seokjin continues ro finish his food while Namjoon watch the two princes.
“So, since we are all here.. I think it’s better if we talk about your predicament , Prince Jk.” Namjoon finished his last piece of food. Jk perched up upon hearing what the King said. “I am all ears your highness. Seokjin hyung briefly told me about it last night.
But I am honestly still clueless of what’s going to happen. I only came here to show that the House of Min will never disrespect your majesty..” He courageously stated. “Is that all, why you’re here?” Seokjin asked, trying to make the prince talked regarding the “incident”.
Jk glanced at the Prince who remained quiet beside him before answering Seokjin. “I also came here to accept the punishment, that will be given to me by the Crowned Prince Hyung. I know I deserve it anyway.” V lifts his head to look at him confused.
“I’m sorry. I know how Namjoon hyung & Seokjin hyung did an amazing job hiding & protecting u all those years so I have no right at all to take away anything from u, let alone ur first kiss.” Jk found his eyes & he almost lose his breathe again by just looking at V’s face.
“If that’s the case, then we will leave you two alone so you can both figure out what do you want to do. I just hope that ai wouldn’t need to remind you again, you are the Crowned Princes of the two highest ranking House of the Kingdom. Please, be mindful of ur actions.”
Namjoon & Seokjin left after few more reminders for the two.The table became quiet so prince Jk attempts to save their awkward situation. “Do u usually eat that little or do u really hate me that much that’s why u barely eat ur food?” V’s brown eyes caught his own doe eyes.
“Do u really mean it when u said u are willing to be punished?”he asked instead of answering his question. “So,u really just hate me that much that’s why u didn’t eat ur food.” Jk again,still looking at his plate. “No,i mean Y-es!” “Fine, eat ur food first, then we’ll talk.”
Prince V look at the prince who seems to be serious when he said he needs to eat first before they can finally talk. "What are you on?" the blonde ask him. "What do u mean?" Jk is getting annoyed now. U see, he wants his partner to have some flesh & he noticed how lean Prince V
is, that's why he keeps feeding him. "Why do u keep feeding me? Did u put poison in these food?" he meant to say that as a joke but the other prince clearly doesn't like it based on his furrowed brows. "I don't need to poison u if I want to kill u my prince! Let's just say I
like my baby with thicker b-" SLAP! Prince Jk is beyond shook. "How dare you disrespect me like that in my own house, you mf pervert!" the blonde prince yelled athim before storming out of the dining room. Jk shook his head in disbelief!
Meanwhile in the busy City of Seoul there are two best friends busy arguing because of a tiny cute brown creature who's excitedly wagging its tail in front of the two. "Gukkie, I swear i will make sure to clean up every mess he'll make at home, just please..let's adopt Tannie?!"
Jungkook knows that there's no use arguing with his best friend who will surely wont stop tugging into his shirt until he say yes. But for the sake of his dignity and honor, he knows that he needs to pretend that he doesn't like the idea of having a pup inside their apartment.
"Tae, you know how difficult it is to have pet. Besides we're both in uni? Who will take care of him when we're not at home?" he said trying not to kiss away the pout in his best friend's lips. "But Gukkie, we can get a cage for him, and that will not be a problem, so please say
yes. I promise, Tannie and I won't bother you if that's the reason why you dont want to take him." the other is still trying to persuade him. Jungkook look at the pup and back to Taehyung when he realized that the other has called the pup a name already?!! "T-tannie? u called
this tiny thing Tannie? like a person Tannie?" Jungkook sports his fake shocked face. "Of course Gukkie, he will be our baby." and right there, Jungkook knows he's doomed. "O-our b-baby?" he asked, a foolish grin his face! "Yes! you'll be his daddy Guk & i'll be his appa Tae!"
And that's how Jungkook end up carrying a bunch of pup treats and a cage for their new baby! He was busy setting up everything on the living room when he almost lose his breathe on the sight of his best friend cradling the lucky pup in his arms.
Taehyung saw how Jungkook stopped in what he's doing, he saw how endeared his bestfriend is to their new pup so he stood up and carried Tannie to join Jungkook who's sitting on their carpeted floor. "Thank you" the boy with a mullet told him while playing with the pup.
Jungkook gave the other the softest smile he can muster then proceed to push the hair that's covering half of his face again. "Whatever makes you happy Tae" he said almost inaudible.He's too afraid to break the serenity they have until he felt something warm and wet in his feet.
Taehyung knows what exactly just happened. With his widened eyes, he looks at is bestfriend then back to his baby. "Ohm y god! Gukkie, I'm so sorry.. Oh my god! Tannieeeeee!" he's apologizing but laughing at the same time as he watch his best friend's face contort into a frown!
"Jeon Yeontan!!!!" Jungkook suddenly picked up the said pup & put him inside his cage. He's still furious that "their baby"(shut up! he's loving the idea of having a baby with Tae) just made him a dump site! He looks at the poor pup with his hands on his waist! "U're grounded!"
Taehyung couldn't stop laughing while watching the two. "Jeon Yeontan huh?" he said, still rolling on the floor. "Yeah?!" Jungkook said while trying to clean their baby's mess. "But, i'm his appa Gukkie, so it should be Kim Yeontan." he pouts again trying to win this over.
"No Tae, you already pick his name so it's only right that he's going to be called Jeon Yeontan. He's my son too and it is only right for him to use my surname so you cannot run away with him once you decided to settle with your boyfriend." Jungkook said throwing the tissue now.
The two fell into an awkward silence when they realized what Jungkook just said He honestly regrets his life decisions lately, but it's too late now. "So, you're gonna kick me out when I get myself a boy friend huh?" the older asked not looking. "No Tae that's not what I mean."
Taehyung just look at him with a blank face. "Oh god, i'm sorry tae. Did i upset you again?" Still silence. "Please, talk to me?" Jungkook looks at him and when he still doesn't get any answers, he moved closer to him. "If u don't talk to me, i'll tickle you!" he warned.
Taehyung's eyes widened. He knows Jungkook will do it if he won't answer back. But since he wants to be stubborn, he remains quiet.--big mistake on his part because the next thing he knows, they are both laughing and screaming while rolling in their carpeted floor.
The two are too busy tickling each other so they didn't noticed their pup barking non stop, until they heard their door bell rings. Jungkook glanced at his watch and it says 9PM. "Who could that be?" he looks at his best friend. "No idea" Tae said as he grab the other's hand to
support himself. “U sure this is not one of the stupid guys who’s running after u?” jungkook jokingly said as he open the door of their apartment. Both of them are speechless when they saw who’s standing in their doorstep! “M-min Yoongi” Jungkook heard his bestfriend.
Yoongi prepared himself for years. He thought he could face the OTHER Prince JK well since they look exactly the same minus the hair colour. So when he decided to finally go and pay a visit Jungkook, the other twin he told himself that wverything will be alright, that he will
handle the situation like a real older brother to a long lost younger brother. He knows he is composed & he absolutely knows what he wanted to say to the younger. So when the door of the apartment where Jungkook lives finally opened, and saw someone beside Jk’s identical twin,
he finally lost it. An identical Jeon is already overwhelming for his soft heart, but to see another ethereally beautiful man who mirrors Prince V of the House of Kim??? Wow,that’s really too much for his pure heart. “Excuse me?” his, Jungkook, it’s Jungkook.
When Jungkook heard his best friend saying the King’s name, he gulps.Of course he knows how Min Yoongi looks like, he has the fairest skin in the Kingdom, a pair of eyes that seems like those of a cat,nicely chiseled nose & jaw and a thin savage lips. He looked at the man again.
He blinked and gulped again. Uhmm, the King indeed looks like the man in feont of him. But what caught his attention is how the man looks so shocked like them. So he calls him out. “Excuse me? Sir? How may we help u?” Jungkook asked, his eyes on the six other men behind him.
The King’s guard stepped closer when they heard the commoner speak to their King without addressing him right, but Yoongi is quick to dismiss them. He noticed how Jungkook stand firm in feont of him, like he’s protecting the man behind him? Wow, even this version are whipped!
He thought to himself. “Sir?” Jungkook tried to get the King’s attention again. “Jungkook, you’re really alive.”Yoongi finally breathed as he hugged the shocked boy in front of him. Taehyung’s just watching & observing them. The man in front of them surely sounds like Yoongi,
but, isn’t that too crazy?! Why would the King of the House of Min suddenly appeared in their apartment?! He wants to ask questions but since the man seems to be interested to Jungkook only, he kept quiet and just listen to their exchange.
Jungkook gave the man and the probably body guards of him another look and it's almost comical when he finally recognized the shorter pale man in front of him. How could they not know him if Taehyung, his bestfriend is always gushing over him on national TV.
He pulled Taehyung down with him & guide him to kneel down in front of the King who's now fondly watching them. "Our apologies for not recognizing you,your highness." Jungkook said while maintaining his head hung low. "For goodness sake, will u both stand up." the king replied.
The two young men stood up hesitantly while maintaining a good distance from the King. Jungkook finally had the courage to look at him only to know that the king is already staring at him. The atmosphere among them is full of tension so Jungkook really like to smack his
bestfriend when the the other finally found his voice. "Wow, your majesty you really have a very fair skin. And look at your fingers, you really have those candle like fingers, long and slender..perfect for those who has hand kinks." Jungkook chokes!
Yoongi's eyes widened as he watch his guards draw their guns and point at Taehyung. The said male started to panic & cry behind Jungkook who's now trying to protect him. "Put your fucking guns down, idiots!" Yoongi's voice boomed in the whole apartment complex that night.
The guards scurried to hide their weapons & profusely apologized. Yoongi knows that his guards are just doing their jobs so he can't blame them for trying to protect him from this funny version of prince V. "This night is really interesting, do u mind if I invite myself in?"
Jungkook held Taehyung's hand as they moved away from the door of their apartment so the King could finally get inside. Taehyung finally breathed when he realized that the guards aren't coming in. "Welcome to our humble abode, your highness" Jungkook gesture him to sit down.
Yoongi nodded but refuse to sit down immediately. He look around the relatively small apartment. He knows that Seokjin did his best to provide the two the shelter they need without giving them any hint who he really was. So he smiled to himself when he saw a lot of hanging photos
around the living room that decorated it's white painted wall. The apartment looks so homey. It doesn't look like a typical bachelor's pad because he noticed some potted plants in each corner of the house too. The two must have been really taking care each other very well coz
their space really feels like home. It's a house where you wouldn't want to miss. He was still looking around when Jungkook asked him if he wants to drink anything. Of course as a King, he knows he just couldn't drink anything,but he grabbed the chance & ask for a black coffee.
Jungkook wanted to regret leaving Taehyung with the King, but since he's already in their tiny kitchen, he just wished that his best friend would learn to shut his own mouth so he doesn't put himself in trouble again. To say that he got scared when he saw the gun pointing at Tae
a while ago is an understatement. He knew that he was ready to take that bullet for him if ever the guards would really shoot him. "That fool is really stupid sometimes!" he mutters to himself as he prepare the King's coffee. Meanwhile in the living room, Yoongi look at the
exact replica of Prince V. He's as beautiful as the other Kim. But aside from their uncanny similar face, the two seems very opposite. Prince V is very modest and quiet while this one looks & outgoing. the king chuckled to himself when he remembered how the younger
praised his hands and fingers a while ago. He reminds him of...---NO, he knows he's not allowed to think of that another beautiful person. He came all the way here to meet Jungkook so he doesn't need distraction. "So, Taehyung is it?" he asked to get the younger's attention.
"Oh my god!Did ur majesty really just uttered my name?"Taehyung is still ecstatic. He couldn't believe that one of the men he's drooling over is right here in their house.THE KING,MIN YOONGI OF HOUSE OF MIN IS IN THEIR HOUSE TALKING TO HIM,CALLING HIS NAME!!!! "Y-yes ur majesty"
“Thank you for accepting me to ur home & I really like to apologize for my guards, I hope u understand that they’re tasked to protect my life if it deems necessary. You just...” Yoongi couldn’t continue talking when he noticed the boy with a mullet staring at him whit heart eyes.
The king fake coughs to distract the younger & it works. “Sorry ur highness, but can u blame me if I still think this is still a dream?” Taehyung still staring at him. “No, I totally understand. But Taehyung u have to understand that there are matters in our life that will
happen & it will surprise us. We need to prepare dor things like that.” Yoongi is now serious. He knows he needs to push Taehyung away so he could privately talk to Jungkook now. Tae seems to get the message. “U are here for Jungkook.” he stand up & about to leave when the King
stopped him. “Thank you Taehyung. Thank you for being on Jungkook’s side from the very beginning.” Taehyung felt it, the sincerity & the underlying meaning of those simple thanks from the King. He wants to ask more questions but he knows he needs to give them time.
Taehyung is already gone to his room when Jungkook returned to their living room. The boy immediately panicked the moment he saw the King alone. “Tae? Where the hell is Taehyung.. what did u do to him?” his eyes straight on the King. “U’re gonna lay ur life & punch me for that
beautiful boy, aren’t you?” Yoongi asked, still watching Jungkook clenching hia fists. “I swear to —“ “He’s inside his room to feed ur pup.” Yoongi cut him off before he could actually punch him. But Jungkook left him & check if Tae’s really in his room.
When Jungkook made sure that Taehyung is indeed safely inside their room, he went back to the King waiting for him. “Do u know that what u just showed me is clearly a disrespect to the throne?” Yoongi starts as he watch the younger sit on the couch opposite his seat.
“I am sorry if you feel that way your majesty. But my best friend & I opened our door for you so I dont think it’s too much to make sure that he’s alive after your dogs just pointed their guns on him just a while ago.”he’s voice unwavering. Yoongi smiled,he remembered Prince Jk.
“I apologized to that boy already, but it seems like I also have to apologize to u.” Yoongi lower his head. Jungkook suddenly is beside him pushing his shoulder up again. “You dont have to, your highness. I’m really sorry for being an ass. But, im just really surprised!”
“Its not everyday that the majesty King will come & visit us, like if you’ll ask me, this is really so unreal” he confessed. “I understand young man. I’m also surprised to see you take care of your other half?” the older is trying to fish for an information regarding his real
relationship with Taehyung. Yoongi knows that the two are best friends because Seokjin told him that ever since the beginning. But the consort also told him that there’s more than to their friendship that even the two cant still figure out. “Omg! Your highness, Taehyung is—
Jungkook pause. He thought about telling the King that Tae is his best friend, but what if the older man fell in love with his gorgeous Taehyung & he’ll ask him to take him with him? No. He wont allow it. Yoongi look at him with curious eyes. “he’s my family.” he chose to say.
Yoongi smiled at that. He just really hope, Taehyung won’t be a problem later on because he really wanted Jungkook to meet his twin brother soon. Jungkook tilt his head when he saw the King’s infamous ring. “What the f*ck! It’s you!” his eyes widened upon his new realization!
“That night at The Pavillion, when I followed Chimchim..that was you in the garden, am I right?! Your ring reflected from the only lamp thag night so I didn’t see ur face.” Yoongi’s face paled. What are the odds?! Now this goddamn drama got more interesting, he thought!
“Listen Jeon Jungkook, we can talk about that fucking night some other time. I came here to tell you something important.” Yoongi now turned to his King self. He knows that it’s mean to use that tone when someone is just tryin to clarify things that he witnessed in the past,
but the King knows himself enough not to dwell about anything that involves Park Jimin. And if he allowed himself to talk to Jungkook about that night further, then he knows he will lost track of his initial thoughts of coming here in the first place. So he needs to be firm!
“If you are not here to silence me about what I saw that night, then why are u here in the middle of the night your highness?” Jungkook is worried now. He really cant think of any good reason of the King’s sudden visit to a commoner’s apartment let alone to two broke students!
“Did u ever ask yourself about who u really are? jeon Jungkook? Did u ever ask where u really came from?” the King’s gaze focus on his necklace. “Did u ever ask Sejin,how on Earth a commoner like u would be able to possess a Royalty’s precious gem stone?”Yoongi’s eyes him again.
Jungkook unconsciously hold his necklace as if it’s going to melt under Yoongi’s gaze. “There are only two Dragon necklace that holds the Royal Family Jeon’s precious stone in this world Jungkook.” Yoongi is waiting for his words to sink in to the younger boy in front of him.
The world stopped to move. Jungkook heard the king clearly when he said ROYAL FAMILY OF JEON. He is still clenching the now feels heavier necklace on his hand. The King. The Dragon Symbol of Jeon. The Royal Family. Taehyung. Sejin. Jungkook suddenly couldn’t breathe!
He suddenly remembered how him and Taehyung used to play when they were kids. Ever since the old ruler BAng Sihyuk vanished, the Kings of 4 HOuses in the Kingdom of Bangtan have made it their life mission to spread the real story behind the cruel killings inside & that includes
the truth behind the family of KIM and JEON who are both mercilessly slaughtered. Jungkook can still vividly remember how Taehyung used to tease him as the Crowned Prince of the Jeon House while his bestfriend used to act as the Crowned Prince of the House of Kim!
Now, the King of the House of Min is sitting right in front of his face telling him about some royalty stuff! "No effing way!" he mumbled to himself. "There's no effing way that I am----no!" he couldn't finish the word.He couldn't even say it. "Jeon Jungkook, my beloved prince"
Jungkook lifted his eyes to the King. He doesn't know who cried first but when Yoongi closed the gap between them, cupped his face and started to wipe away his tears, it's only then Jungkook has finally realized that this is really happening to him. "Let's get you home, kid."
When Jungkook heard the King talked about home, he suddenly feel like someone poured an ice cold water in his head. "Home? but this is my home your highness." he said now wiping away his remaining tear marks in his face. He doesn't want Taehyung to get worried later.
Yoongi knows this will happen, and based on what he saw earlier he eactually expected this from the younger, so instead of forcing him he just gave him a fond smile.. "I know you won't just leave that beauty in here Jungkook, but you have to understand now,
you are a prince and there are people who are waiting for your return.U may not have the HOuse of Jeon now,but you have the HOuse of Min waiting for you." Yoongi doesn't like to say it like Jeons really doesn't exist anymore but unfortunately he doesn't have better words for it.
Jungkook has a lot of questions in his head. He wants to know where are his parents, what happened to their family? what will happen to him now? But when he heard their new pup's silent whimpers behind Taehyung's door, he immediately forgets everything about the truth he
learned from the King himself tonight. Because above all the king and the Kingdom's expectation from their Prince, he's now more eager to get inside that close room and embrace his best friend in his arms again. He suddenly have that urge to be close with Taehyung because he
knows that if the King is not just pranking him, sooner or later he would have to be apart with his beautiful best friend. "I am still not sure if you are telling the truth your higness, but please give me some time to think abut all of this. I know you might have been waiting
for me all those years, but this is my life now. I might had have born us a prince or an heir of a royal family, but I have my own life outside the palace. Besides, i'm still in the university and I like what I do--- "It's him, isn't it? U can't leave because of him."
It's not even a question anymore. Yoongi is certain that Jungkook can't leave this apartment without Taehyung. But the King knows that the other male is not his responsibility. It's not like he doesn't want to bring him with them too, but he's a fucking KIM!!!
SO as much as he wants to just carry him back to the HOuse of Min too, he just cant! Namjoon and Seokjin will surely wont forgive him once he does that. He knows that the Royal Couple has a whole novel long plan on how they would reveal Crown Prince V and Taehyung to the world
and he's not gonna ruin that. So he has finally decided to let go of Jungkook for now. Besides, it's not as if Jungkook will run away. "I will leave now, but me and your brother will wait for you my prince" he said without thinking that he hasn't told Jungkook about JK yet.
so when Jungkook heard that, he instantly ask the King, "Brother? JK? U mean to say, the CRowned Prince of the HOuse of Min is my brother?" Yoongi smiled when he recognized the excitement on Jungkook's voice. "Yes, an identical twin brother at that!"
Yoongi finally found the will to stand and leave.He knows he shouldn't be bombarding the prince with all those information,but he really is so amazed on how Jungkook thinks like his twin brother JK.They are both stubborn and they are both passionate of the things they care about.
When Jungkook noticed that the King is about to leave, he also stood up. HE doesn't know what to say all of a sudden. With all the truths he heard tonight, he feel so exhausted. "I know, it will take some time for u to think about all of this Jungkook, but I hope u could call me
from now on." he gave the younger his black calling card. Jungkook is still hesitant to accept the card but when he thought about his brother, he instantly changed his mind. "My brother, I mean Prince Jk--where is he right now? Why haven't we see him in TV before?" he asked.
Yoongi smirked. HE knows that the boy is curious, so he'll take that into his advantage. "LEt's just say that he's in a mission right now, but if you are very eager to find out, then come home. Come back to the kingdom where you truly belongs."
The moment Yoongi left, Jungkook hurriedly but carefully opens the door into his room only to find out the softest and the purest view he has ever seen in his life. There in the right side of their bed, his bestfriend is curled into a ball, cuddling his own pillow.
Jungkook feel the warmth in his chest right away. He knows it's weird to feel so at peace whenever around Taehyung, but he's not up for a logical reason behind it tonight. So he just remove his jacket & quietly join his best friend in his deep sleep.
Taehyung is a deep sleeper, he's not easily awaken especially during the night, but this time is different. He has immediately rise into consciousness when he felt the sudden dip in their bed, he knows it's Jungkook based on his deep breathes. So he didn't open his eyes,
because the truth is, he's too afraid that the King's visit will actually end everything that he's used to live with.He is uncertain, but he's too nervous. He's afraid that tonight will be the last night he could hold his best friend tight in his arms.
The next morning,Jungkook woke up coz someone's tugging the blanket on his side. He almost want to regret his decision of adopting the pup who's now barking at him because how could this tiny creature dare to wake up the most beautiful creature who's still sleeping beside him?!
He carefully untangle his arms and legs from the beautiful boy beside him before he finally carried Yeontan out of their room. "Stop trying to wake up my Taetae little pup!" he said as he put the puppy down inside his cage. "Suit yourself here & stop barking, okay? Let me cook!"
Jungkook is still petting Yeontan so he didn't notice Taehyung watching them. "I can't believe you are being mean to our baby!" Taetae finally join them when he feels like his heart is about to combust while watching Tannie keeps barking at Jungkook with a messy hair.
"Hey there beautiful!" Jungkook didn't know what's goin on with his tongue lately. He keeps saying words that makes him and his best friend blush a lot. "Good morning handsome!" Taehyung tried to keep it cool as he carried Tannie to their kitchen. "What's for breakfast Gukkie?"
Jungkook followed them in the kitchen."What about a strawberry pancake for Appa Taetae and some milk bones for baby Tannie?" Taehyung beamed on the thought of food until he realized that he has supposed to have his remedial class in about an hour. "Oh shoot!" his eyes widened!
"What's wrong Tae?" he asked as he hold Tannie passed by the older. "I've got a remedial class in about half an hour Guk, I almost forgot. Can u feed Tannie and walk him out later too? Please?" the other shouted as he throw the bathroom door. "Yeah, don't worry about it Tae!"
Taehyung knows he doesn’t have to worry about anything coz Jungkook will surely take care of it,so he’s getting more anxious when he feels like something wrong is going to happen soon. He only stopped when he heard his bestfriend’s voice. “Take the car Tae, I’m not going
anywhere today, anyway. The dance practice is cancelled.” Jungkook yelled from the kitchen. “What? Why, what happened?” Tae asked while wearing his shoes. “Got a msge from Chim, apparently, that rich kid has a family too. He needs to go home for emergency.” he explained as he
finished spreading the remaining strawberry jam on the toast in his hand. Taehyung was about to go when Jungkook called again. “Hey, you’re not going out of that door without taking a bite young man!”he said as he hold the sandwich he made for his bestfriend. Taehyung melted.
“Oh Guk, what will I do without u?” he said dramatically as he grab the sandwich & run to his bestfriend’s car. Taehyung was already gone when Jungkook answered to himself. “That’s why I’m not going anywhere without u Tae, coz I myself..dont know how to survive without u”
Meanwhile in BANGTAN, House of Kim Seokjin and Namjoon are debating about how to finally introduce Prince V to their people. Well, the people knows about the hidden prince, but the couple are anxious knowing that there are lots of rumors about their brother. They dont want to
overwhelm the people, especially that they also want to finally take Taehyung home too. "Your highness, Yoongi just called. He just wanted u to know that he has finally met Jungkook." Seokjin informed the King who's still in his deep thoughts. "Seokjin Hyung," the king turned.
"Is it too complicated to ask Prince Jk to introduce Vshi? I mean, Jk himself never got involved with the press since he was crowned as the heir of the Min's throne. Don't u think it's a good idea if we introduce him first?" "I don't know Namjoon, but I guess that will do."
"The people in the Kingdom knows the Prince of Min very well, Yoongi keeps saying that he's a nuisance sometimes coz he's stubborn but we all know that the people adores him. HE can run this whole kingdom alone, if u were to ask me. So if he'll be the one introducing his fiance,
then, there will be a bigger chance that the people will be more welcoming to Prince V." Seokjin explained. "That's right. If we think about it, people inside the kingdom will surely love Vshi too once they learned that he's Jk's fiance. Then let's do it hyung. I can't wait to
take Taehyung back home too.And u know we can't take him back home without introducing Vshi to the people yet."Namjoon said with a hint of sadness in his voice. The king loves his two brothers & it is still hurting him knowing that one of them isn't living the life he deserves.
"Let me talk to Prince JK first your highness and I will let u know his decision.I'm sure at this point, the poor prince will do everything to make it up with Vshi." Seokjin said with a lighter tone. "Oh those two, I wish I could tell what's going on with them." Namjoon mumbled.
"Don't worry about them your highness, believe me when I say they will surely fall for each other eventually." Seokjin hold the kings's hand to soothe. "How did u know?" "Coz I saw how Yoongi's brother looks at our little Prince. He reminds me of myself when I was younger.
I often tease & annoy u just to get ur attention, but I know deep inside me I always like you." he brought the King's hand to his lips. Namjoon smiled & pull the older to give him a hug. "U always know the right things to say to make me feel better. i love u hyung."
After few more hugs & kisses, Seokjin finally walk away from the throne. HE is set to talk to their guest prince. He knows he need not to ask Yoongi's permission about this because this is all about Jk's decision this time. The consort knows this would be hard, but he' willing
to try everything to get Jk introduce Vshi to the kingdom. If that happens, then it means that's one less from Namjoon's concerns. He was about to knock on the Prince's door when he heard voices from inside again. He instantly smile when he confirms that it's V's voice again.
“I can’t believe this! U just finished ur lunch & you’re here sleeping?! FYI Crowned Prince of the House of Min, you are here to accpet ur punishment! Not to spend ur time like u’re in a holiday!” Vshi is beyond livid when the other didn’t appear to their meeting place 1hr ago!
V was about to throw a pillow to the sleeping prince when it suddenly roll to his stomach. “Hello Vee, miss me already I see.” he teases the other one to cover up His embarrassment. He truth is he’s not really feeling well that’s why he fell asleep & missed their meeting.
V wanna wipe off that smug face of the prince, so he was about to hit him with a pillow when Jk is faster to pull him. The blonde prince wasn’t ready so he bumped into the edge of the couch & fall directly to the waiting arms of Jk. He’s now lying straight on top of JK, their
faces, inches apart. They’re on that not so wholesome position when Seokjin slammed the door open! “Holy cow! What are u two doing in the middle of the day?! Prince V, it’s just a week! Just a f*cking week!” he exaggerates! The two prince hurriedly sit up & fix themselves.
"Oh my guard, hyung it's not what you think it is!" V's eyes widened when he realized what Soekjin was thinking. But Seokjin grabs the opportunity. He ignored his brother and focus only to Jk. He knows he's being sneaky but he pointed at the younger,
"You young man, come follow me. we have a lot of things to talk about!" he said trying to intimidate the prince. Jk knows that Seokjin was just exaggerating things, he knows that the older probably knows that nothing's going on, but he feels like he's out of energy to disagree
so after nodding at V suddenly feels guilty so he runs toward the silent prince & grabbed his wrist. Jk looks at him then back to his hand in his wrist. "Let me know if hyung is being too pushy, okay? sorry i got u in to trouble." the blonde says before letting go of his hand.
Shocked is an understatement when Jk heard the other prince told him that, but what really caught him was the way he said it, the Prince sounds really worried about him? So he smiled, he thought of that face until he's facing with Seokjin inside a literally very huge library.
The room is full of different books, but what really caught his attention was the photographs hanging on the wall. The landscapes are beautiful, they look familiar and yet he knows it was taken outside the kingdom because he knows he never saw those places yet. "Beautiful"
Seokjin turned soft when he saw the sparkle in Jk's eyes while looking at the photos on the wall. The truth is, those are stolen photographs. He stole those from Taehyung & Jungkook's apartment over the years. He wants something to give Namjoon from Tae so he took them.
In return, Jin used to send anonymously some luxurious clothes for Taehyung in their apartment too. Seokjin give Jk more time to appreciate the arts hanging on the wall. "Where did these photographs came from?" the prince asked after few minutes of looking at them.
"They're from a couple outside the kingdom." he replied not going to specifics. "They're so talented. The light, the angle, they have golden eyes! They might be old couple who traveled around the world already" Jk said still gawking at the last piece of photograph.
"Nope! They're actually broke university students who are surviving with ramen & jajangmyeon in their shared apartment." he said, watching Jk's reaction carefully. "Wow, they must be very talented then. Why don't u take them in?" the Prince sincerely ask, knowing the program of
the kingdom where the university of the arts are taking in university scholars to develop their potential freely. in exchange of their future service to the kingdom. Seokjin smile at the thought of Jungkook and Taehyung in the Bangtan University of Arts and Sciences.
"They will come soon." "Really? Let me know when they're here. I want to meet them too." Jk said with eagerness. "Sure. I will let you know." Seokjin said with a knowing smile. "But I asked u to come here so I can talk to you about Vshi." he continued.
"Hyung.." "Listen to me first Prince JK. I didn't mean to catch you and V in those compromising position everytime, but don't worry because I'm not gonna talk to you about that." Jk let go a deep breathe. At least he knows Seokjin doesn't think about that.
"If we're not here to talk about Vshi,then what is this all about hyung? Coz im pretty sure that your worried brother is now waiting for me in his room, thinking that you're thinking about us doing the nasty" he said,that makes Seokjin smile. "You care about V?" the older asked.
Jk looks at Seokjin with a blank face.Of course he cares about the boy he met 14 years ago.He always care about the most beautiful boy he has ever seen.He never stopped caring about the crying boy he found at the attic when he was 6 years old. So yes, of course, he cares about V!
But of course he knows that he's not supposed to say that. No one needs to know that all those years, he's waited for the day that he could finally see Crowned Prince V's face again. "He will be my future groom, so it is only right o care for him." he answered instead.
SEokjin's a bit disappointed of the Prince's answer but he knows he cant do anything about it. "Jk u know the history of our kingdom and u know why Prince V was hidden for the longest time, right?" the prince nodded. "Then, will u do the honor to introduce him to our people?"
Jk's jaw dropped! "Me? But hyung, I thought Namjoon hyung waited for this moment? Then why me?" Jk asked now confused. "Jk, u know there are lots of rumors about Vshi inside and outside the kingdom. Namjoon could introduce him, but that doesn't make us sure that people will
accept him. We aren't sure how will our people welcome him. and we don't want Vshi to feel unwelcome after hiding him for years." SEokjin explained, hoping that Jk would understand him. "But hyung, what makes u think people will accept him if it's me who's gonna introduce him?
I was never in TV or in any printed news too, Yoongi hyung made sure of that." Jk responded. "I know this will sound like i'm gonna use you but prince Jk. the people of BAngtan loves you.They are practically asking the 4 Kings to crown you as the new ruler of the whole kingdom."
Jk's eyes widened upon hearing that. Yoongi once told him about being the future ruler of Bangtan but he never listened to it. He doesn't want the throne! HE just want to serve his people. But hearing all these from the consort of House of Kim, it feels heavier, more real!
"Hyung.." he doesn't know what to say all of a sudden. "We are not pressuring u to do anything against ur will my beloved prince, but if u care about V, if like us, u want to make sure he'll have his way to our people's hearts, then will u do this one? will u introduce him?"
Jk knows Seokjin doesn't need to ask him again. Of course the answer is yes! But he doesn't want to sound so eager so he asked first. "U like me to introduce him but I've got to say he's my fiance right?" he asked not looking at the older, afraid that he might spill his heart!
Seokjin internally screams! He knows Jk cared for his brother, and based on the younger's question he might have been smitten by the blonde prince. "Of course my prince, you were introduce him as your fiance so the whole kingdom will know that he's yours and yours only."
Jk shivers at the thought. "Alright hyung, then let's do it. Let me call Yoongi hyung first so I could explain it to him first. But you can release statement now, telling the people in advance that I have an announcement to make." he said in his serious tone. Seokjin smiled!
"Thank you so much Prince Jk, I will inform the king of this wonderful news! Now you can go back to your beloved prince V. I am sure he's very anxious right now." he said teasing the prince. Jk didn't even manage to reply upon hearing that. He fled back to Prince V's chamber.
V is beyond anxious. He knows how protective his hyungs are & this isn’t the first or second time they caught Jk in an unacceptable position with him, so imagine his relief when his door finally slammed open & the said Prince in his mind shows up! “You’re here!” his voice a bit
too excited for his liking. “Yes” jk said panting. “Did u run coming here?” V smiled at the thought. Jk blushed upon realizng that he’s caught. “No! I was exercising, trying to breathe faster.” he lied, but cant help himself smile while looking at the beautiful prince.
V can't help but giggle at the blatant lie of the prince. But he pretend to believe him. "So, what did Seokjin hyung told you?" he's worried again when he remembered his hyung. "He wanted me to marry you as soon as possible, he also said that i can't run away after taking your
honor and dignity like I----" he was hit by a pillow in his face this time. "What was that for?" he asked trying to hide his smile. "You're lying! what did hyung said?" V pouts as he ask again. He's seriously worried now, coz why can't Jk just tell him if it's nothing?
"Hey, hey no crying!" Jk closed their gap. "I told you, i'm not gonna do anything that will upset you more." he said in his softest voice possible. "Then why aren't you telling me what did you talk about?" he asked again as he push away the other to maintain their distance.
"Because it's meant to be surprise." he said closing their distance again. V was about to speak when he hear a notification in his mobile phone and he almost black out when he saw the news in Bangtan's Update. "PRINCE JK is MARRYING the HIDDEN PRINCE OF HOUSE OF KIM."
The thing is, Kim Seokjin is a man of action. He won't sleep on an on going task. and he made it his life mission for the next 24 hours to make sure the world is ready for the coming out of his little Prince V. So he contacted the Bangtan's Update Staff already, gave them an
order to release a statement that Crowned Prince of House of Min, JK is going to announce his marriage with the hidden prince of House of Kim very soon. And to add to make it more interesting, he asked them to add Prince Jk's photgraph for the first time.
The thing is, Prince Jk never had an official photograph that can be use in any news because Min Yoongi forbid it. The reason?? No one knows! So when Bangtan Updates received the command from the House of Kim, they quickly searched for the Prince pictures they have on stocked.
They have thousands of Prince Jk’s pictures, but never had the chance to publish it. So tonight, they chose one of his latest picture to include in their article. His picture that reminded Seokjin why on earth Yoongi has forbidden Jk’s picture to be published! “OMG! Jungkook?”
Soekjin knows he's doomed upon seeing the publishes photograph of JK. He immediately dialed Yoongi's emergency number.HE know's he's not allowed to do it, but he got no choice. He brought chaos to himself, and probably to the life of the person who looks exactly like the PRince!
When Yoongi saw the call, he instantly pressed the answer button. "What have u fucking done Kim Seokjin?"he asked, his voice laced with venom. "Take my life now your highness. But you've got to take Jeon Jungkook now or else, the poor boy will be in danger." he said panicking.
Seokjin realizes now. He finally understands why yoongi has forbidden anyone to publish or take a photo of Prince JK. It is to protect the other Prince outside the Kingdom; Jeon Jungkook. At the thought of the other, Seokjin dialed Jungkook's number too. He needs to make sure
that the other is safe. The kingdom is safe now, but you'll never know what will the commoner do when they learn that one of the university student of SU is a fucking twin of the Crowned Prince of the House of Min. "Hello?" Jungkook answered after the initial ring.
"jungkook! thank God, where are you?" seokjin asked, still panicking. "Yow! Relax hyung! I'm home, coz apparently i got myself a new job!" he said while cradling Yeontan in his arms. "Wait, what new job are u talking about? " the older ask, still nervous even after he learned
that the younger is safely home. "Well, Taetae got us a new pup hyung. And since he has a remedial class until 9 tonight, then I have to look after our baby." the boy sheepishly explained. If it's in another circumstances, Seokjin will tease him, but he's worried af so he just
let it go. "Jungkook can u do me a favor?" "what is it hyung?" the younger asked, finally noticing the panic in the older's words. "Don't get outside your house tonight. No matter what happens, stay inside okay?" he said before ending the call to check on Yoongi again.
Jungkook suddenly gets nervous. What if this has something about him being a royalty? But, Seokjin is their landlord who doesn't know anything, right?! "Ugh!!! he's just probably pranking me again!" the male screamed as he put Yeontan down to dial his best friend's number.
"Tae!" "Hey, Gukkie, is there something wrong with Tannie?" his best friend immediately asked. "Wow! now i'm hurt! it's me Tae, your best friend Jungkook who's calling you?" he said smiling to himself. "Hahaha! sorry Gukkie,what's up?I'm coming home in 2 hours,wait for me,ok?"
"Oh okay, I thought you'll be out till 9?" he asked looking at the wall clock hanging in their wall. "Nope, thankfully my prof got bored & just decided to give us the module. Anyway, see u later Gukkie, got to go!" they said their goodbyes and hang up.
Taehyung was about to shove his phone on his pocket when a notification from Bangtan Updates appeared in his phone. He was about to open it when one of his classmates called him. Their class was about to start. He just reminded himself to open the news later on his way home!
HOUSE OF KIM "You are going to hold a press conference to introduce me as your fiance?" the beautiful brown eyes are seeking for an answer. "Yes" he said softly as he lead the other to sit on his own bed. "This is supposed to be a surprise, but guess not anymore" he smiled.
"But u never showed ur face in any press conference held by King Yoongi."V suddenly feels uncomfortable,knowing that Jk might be force to do it just because of him. "How did u know I never show in any press con?Is the great Prince V stalking me?" he tease to lighten up the mood.
Prince V blushed, he didn't mean to expose himself like that so he chose to avoid the question. "Did Seokjin hyung threatened you to do this?" he said hoping it's not the case. "No, of course not my beloved angel. Always remember this, no one, not even Yoongi hyung can force me
to do something that's against my will.I have decided to show myself too because I want the kingdom to know us both at the same time.I mean, I know the people knows me very well already since I grew up in front of every one but I want them to see you as someone I care about too."
Prince V was beyond flustered from the sudden confession.He never thought that the prince really cared about him.But based on how sincere he sounds, and how he looks at him now, he hopes, that the prince meant it. "Thank u, prince Jk" he finally uttered for the first time.
Jk smile as he hold Prince V's hand, "I know that I could never give back what I took from u before and Im really sorry about that. I know how hard it is for u to be hidden for a long time but I hope you'll give me a chance to be at least your first friend?" Jk voiced out.
Prince V looks at their intertwined hands. The moment he let the other hold it a while ago, he knows he's ready to trust him too. Prince Jk reminds him that little boy he met when he was six years old. They have the same doe eyes, same mole on his lip--no, that's impossible!
Jk noticed the sudden tension on V's part so he let go of his hand. He thought of it that the V doesn't want to be his friend. So he hurriedly wish him a good night and left. V wanted to scream and stop Jk but the other is faster so he was left alone more confused as ever.
Meanwhile in SEOUL Taehyung's remedial class has finally ended. He was on Jungkook's car when he remembered his notification from the Bangtan Updates. "CROWNED PRINCE JK OF HOUSE OF MIN ANNOUNCES TO MARRY THE HIDDEN CROWNED PRINCE OF THE HOUSE OF MIN." "Wow!!!---oh!"
Taehyung zoomed in the photograph of PRINCE JK. He has been following the Bangtan Updates for years and they never had a single photo of the Prince, they even google it so that they would know how does the famous and most love prince look like, but nothing has come up ever!
So imagine Taehyung's reaction when he finally put a face into the name he always admired ever since he discovered he's gay. "Prince JK" he uttered as he stare at his phone with the picture of the man he knows ever since he's still in diapers. "Jeon Jungkook!" he whispered,
he doesn't know what's going on.He refreshed the page a hundred times thinking that his phone is just having a glitch but he just gets more frustrated every time because Prince Jk's picture keeps appearing. The prince looks exactly like his best friend!His fucking best friend!
Taehyung finally reached their apartment complex in one piece. He quickly pull over on their parking spot and run to their apartment door. When he arrived at their door step, he stopped and look at the photo in his phone again. He knocks. Silence. He knocks again. Silence.
When he couldn't hear anything that indicates living inside, he scrambled to get his key inside his bag. "No, no Gukkie,u can't do this to me!"he muttered to himself as he open their door.He almost fainted when he finally opened the door.He was welcome with silence.
He hastily removed his shoes as he run towards their shared door! He's crying at this moment.He suddenly realized the strangest things happened to them in the past few days.Seokjin's luxury car,King's sudden visit---then it clicked into him. "My bestfriend is a fucking prince?"
It's as if fate is playing with him coz the moment he realized that, there in his side of the bed is Jeon Jungkook with Tannie sleeping beside him too! Taehyung didn't waste any time as he jumped into his bestfriend. "Gukkie!!!" he sobs as he cuddles his best friend.
Jungkook wakes up to a full blown sobbing Taehyung. He immediately shove Tannie away as he cradle Tae in his arms. "Hey, Tae what happened?" and when he's met with more sobbing, he cupped the other's face & made him look in his eyes. "Talk to me Taetae, what the hell happened?"
Jungkook's voice is worried, but it pulled Taehyung from his space. "Gukkie?" "I'm here Tae, what happened? Are u heart?" he said, checking the other for an evidence of injury. But Taehyung just cling into him, his arms wrapped tightly in his neck as he hid his face too.
When Jungkook realized that Taehyung isn't at least physically hurt, he stopped asking. He knows the other will talk to him later. He's always like that whenever he's having a mental breakdown. But this time,Jungkook has no idea what's the reason behind, until he saw his phone!
He took the phone from the bed where Taehyung probably dropped it. The older doesn't have idea he's going through his phone because his face is still tucked in his neck. Then he saw it, the news of the Royal Family's upcoming wedding, with his fucking picture!!!
Jungkook was about to talk when he realized that, no! that's absolutely not him, because first, he can't afford that limited edition hoodies, second, he doesn't have that luxurious bag, and third, not in a million years that he would dye his hair pink!!!! "It was Prince JK"
Upon hearing the name, Taehyung finally let go and face his best friend who's now looking at his phone. "G-guk" he calls hesitantly. "Tae, u have to listen to me carefully, okay?" he said with a shaking voice. How could he tell it to him without sounding like crazy?
"You are a prince." Taehyung stated. He knows he needs to say it before he lose his mind. He needs to hear Jungkook denies it, but when he remains quiet he began to panic again. "Tae, you have to listen to me, --" "You're a prince?" he asked this time.
"Y-yes." he said then proceed to hug Taehyung again. Tae wanted to cry, he wanted to slap himself or better smash his head to the nearest wall. How could this happen to him? His best friend is a fucking prince who's about to get married? How about them? How about him this time?
"H-how? Gukkie, we grew up together. We were never apart!" Taehyung cant think of any other explanation now. "How could u be my best friend one minute then the fucking crowned prince the next? Please tell me that goddamn King is pulling a prank on us?" he begged as he cries.
"Ssssh, I wish I could Tae...believe me, if only I could say that." he whispered into his ears. The two were still hugging each other, Jungkook whispering about not leaving him behind whatever happens when they heard a lot of commotion outside their apartment.
Jungkook quickly check what's going on outside & to his dismay, he saw a lot of press people swarming their place. There's a lot of them holding a camera, but then he also saw few familiar royal cars on the side. He went back to Taehyung in their room who's still silently crying.
"Tae, listen okay? There are lots of people outside now. I don't think we'll be safe here tonight so we have to get out, okay? I'm gonna pack some of our things & we'll gonna have to stay to one of our friends tonight, okay?" he said as he gathered their things to his huge bag!
Jungkook's too busy packing their things & Yeontan's things so he didn't noticed when Taehyung got up & open the door to let the familiar men enter their apartment. "Your highness, we're here to take u"one of the guards announce. Jungkook furrowed his brows & looked at Taehyung.
He ignores the guard & walked towards Taehyung who's now hugging Yeontan in their couch. He knelt down in front of his best friend who's eerily quiet. "Tae, what are you doing? We have to go?" he said,holding Taehyung's hand. "You have to go, my beloved prince." Tae uttered.
Taehyung cupped Jungkook's face this time. HE realized how blessed he was to grew up with a prince. And now that his prince isn't safe with him anymore, he wouldn't be selfish to haul him. So even with his aching heart, he knows he needs to let his Jungkook go.
"Taehyung, no don't do this." Jungkook whispered. He knows his best friend too well & he might deny this a hundred times, but he knows Taehyung's gonna let go the moment he called him prince. "Sssshh, Gukkie.." he's trying to swallow his tears. He knows he needs to be brave!
"It's been 20 long years that I have you by my side, & I'm not gonna hide you for myself anymore. You have to go---" "No Tae! we have to go, i'm not leaving without you!" he's sobbing now. "No, no my prince. U know I have to distract those people outside so u can go.
Your guards will go with you as I try to get the people's attention outside." he said still cupping the prince's face. "No, Taehyung please don't do this. Just come with us then, Tae please" he said now holding on to Taehyung as if his life depends on him.
When Taehyung let go of his face, Jungkook fell into the ground. He doesn't want to go. God knows he wouldn't leave Taehyung behind, but when he heard the opening of the door & saw his best friend step outside their apartment where all the reporters suddenly swarmed around him,
Jungkook knows he has to go so Taehyung's plan wouldn't be put in vain. His guards tried to cover him as they walk to the nearest royal car. Jungkook saw it, how the reporters pointed their cameras and lights to his bestfriend. He saw how Taehyung fakes his smile & wave at
everyone. The car started to move & Taehyung becomes smaller to Jungkook's sight. The prince started to cry again when he realized what he just did. He imagined how Taehyung look at him for the last time, he can imagine the void eyes of his best friend who used to be so bright!
Meanwhile, when the reporters finally realized that the cars that passed them by was probably the Prince's car they finally left Taehyung alone. And Taehyung...finally let go of the tears he was holding. He embraces Yeontan like there's no tomorrow as he sit down on the dirty
pavement outside their apartment. "Tannie, Jungkookie is gone. He left us already baby" he whispered to the poor pup who can't stop licking him as if he knows how lonely his dad is.
Meanwhile in the car,Jungkook just finished talking to the King.Yoongi asked him to stay at The Pavillion for tonight instead of going straight to the palace. Yoongi heard how broken he was so he cut the call shortly.Jungkook has the time to think again.He left Taehyung, ALONE!
He remembered how easily Taehyung gets scared, how he couldn't sleep without cuddling a person beside him, how he wouldn't eat breakfast before going to school, how he would forget his essay that's due on the day, he remembered how he promised him that he'll never leave him.
Then he remembers the last image of Taehyung tonight, his hair is messy but not attractive at all, his eyes and nose are swollen because of crying. He is crying when he left him.He left Taehyung and Tannie; their son! It only took them half an hour when Jungkook finally snapped!
"STOP THE FUCKING CAR!" He shouts that almost cause them an accident. "Your highness, King---" "TURN AROUND AND GO BACK TO MY FUCKING APARTMENT OR YOU'LL HAVE TO BRING A FUCKING DEAD PRINCE TO YOUR KING TONIGHT!" he said as he glared at the poor driver who's now afraid of him!
The driver is still torn between the King's command to bring the prince in the Pavillion but looking at Jungkook right now, he knows that following the younger is a better option, so he turned the car and drive towards the direction where they came from. "I'm sorry Taetae"
Jungkook can't stop fidgeting on his seat. He couldn't even call Taehyung coz he fucking forgot his phone too. So he got no choice but to wait. He just really hope Taehyung is safe, because he will never forgive himself if something happens to his best friend.
Meanwhile, a familiar saffron yellow porsche suddenly appeared in front of Taehyung. He's too broken to look up who the owner of the flashy car is, so he almost gasped when the owner of the said car suddenly yanked him up. "I'm not used to see u like a loser, Kim. Stand up!"
The moment Jimin heard the news about the Crowned Prince of Kim being introduce by the Crowned Prince of Min, he knows it's not a good news. He went home to the House of Park to know the details about everything & he almost lose his breathe upon knowing everything.
But what surprised him the most is the fact that Prince JK has a twin brother, and the said long lost twin brother happens to be his friend; Jungkook. So when the news came out this evening & he saw the mistake Seokjin has made in including a photo of the Crowned Prince,
Jimin knew that Jungkook & Taehyung will be really affected of everything. So as a good friend,here he is found himself in front of the apartment of the best friends who became his friend too. Only that, he learn he's too late when he saw Taehyung sitting on the street alone!
Taehyung look up and saw the last person he expected to see. "Park Jimin?" "I'm sorry i know u wish im Jungkook, but i'm way hotter so---" he tried to lighten up the mood but when he saw Taehyung cries again, he regrets mentioning the Prince's name again. "Fuck! Sorry Kim,,"
Jimin doesn't know what to say to stop the other from crying. So he just remove the scarf adorning his neck and gave it to the crying mess in front of him. "Here, use it. u look awful." Taehyung took the scarf & started to wipe his face. He's still in a messy state when another
car pulled over right in front of Jimin's car. He's too busy wiping his snot and tears when he heard the familiar voice. "Taehyungie!" Jungkook didn't waste any time as he ran back to Taehyung who's now looking at him with disbelief. The two of them run towards each other,
Jungkook wraps his arms around Taehyung's waist as Tae laced his arms around Jungkook's neck. The two hug each other tight, the world around them totally forgotten. "I'm sorry Taetae, I'm really so sorry" Jungkook whispered in his ears. Taehyung just tighten his embrace more.
Jimin watches the two us they exchange whispers of apologies & promises. He knows that he has nothing to worry about anymore. If Jungkook could defy an order from the King & choose his commoner best friend over the throne, then he knows that the two will survive everything.
He knows that they will have bumpy roads ahead of them, but knowing that the two will stick together, then they cam overcome everything. He smiled to himself, thinking if only he’s as brave as Jungkook. Only if his love is enough too.
After a few minutes of consoling each other, Jungkook finally recognize Jimin’s presence. “Hey Chim, what are u doing here?” he asked holding Taehyung still in his arms. “Well, I saw the news. Thought, ur lover boy might have a shocked, so I came to check on u!”he explained.
“Thanks man! Well, we got pretty scared a while ago. But, not gonna leave Taehyung alone again.”He said as he squeeze his hand. “Good to know! I never imagine that I’ll witness the day to see Kim crying like that! Never scared us again like that Jeon!”Jimin said with an emphasis
of his Jeon as if he knows something. Taehyung remains silent. He’s too emotionally exhausted to bicker with Jimin. So instead of snapping back at the shorter, he just went to hug him. “Thank u for coming.”he said in his low voice before going back to cling with Jungkook again.
Jungkook thank Jimin for checking on them again. They were going back inside their aprtment to pick up their things when Jungkook realized something. How did Jimin know everything in a short period of time? How did he even know their address at that? Then he saw his car with a
tiny flag of Bangtan. If you are not checking the car out, u'll miss that tiny detail because it's somewhere where no one can notice it. Jungkook's eyes widened for the nth time tonight when he realized who Park Jimin really is. "Chim!" he called out when Tae left for toilet.
"Guk?" the young heir asked,curious of the sudden serious tone of his friend. "Shall I continue to call u Chim or shall I start calling u Prince Jimin of the House of Park?" "Guk, h-how--" Jimin was cut off when Taehyung emerged from the toilet. "Guk? Park? What's going on?"
Jungkook walked towards his best friend. He knows that there's no point of lying this time. "Tae, I want you to meet Prince Park Jimin, of the House of Min." both Jimin & Taehyung look at Jungkook as if he has grown nine more heads. Taehyung was shocked that the man he keeps
calling garden gnome, midget and other funny names is actually a prince?an heir to the throne!! While Jimin wanted to smack Jungkook in the head coz how dare him introduce him as the prince in this situation. "Oh my guard! please tell me this is all a dream!" Taehyung uttered!
"I'm sorry Tae, as muchas I want to say this is all a nightmare, I can't. The truth is we need to hurry up and leave. We never know when are the reporters coming back." Jungkook nudge his best friend when the other is not moving. "Oh, okay" Taehyung agreed quickly, too afraid to
lose his best friend again. "So, are u two just gonna ignore me now? Just like that?" Jimin asked in disbelief. "Sorry your higness but we both know we can't leave Taehyung here alone again right? Besides we can just talk later, we're crashing your place anyway!"
"My palace? I'm sorry but as far as I remember I didn't invite you?" Jimin said, now carrying the cute pup. "Yes, u didn't but Yoongi hyung called and told me I should stay at the Pavillion tonight" even in Jungkook's tongue it's weird to call the King his hyung, so Jimin
literally choke when he heard his friend calling the almighty King yoongi as hyung! "W-what did u just call the K-king?" "Shut up Chim!he told me to call him that!And by the way, we really have to TALK about you and the King later!" Jungkook tease him. Taehyung remains quiet!
Jimin and Jungkook didn't stop bickering until they have finally decided to take their cars going to The Pavillion because at the end of the day, Jimin knows he can't afford to let the two best friend stay somewhere else when he knows that he can protect them better in his place.
When they arrived at the Pavillion, Jimin ask the manager to give each one of his friend their own suite, but the two refused to have their own room. "No, I'm not gonna stay here without Jungkook" Tae stubbornly said then immediately hide behind Jungkook. "You heard him"
"We don't need separate rooms. Please just give us one room." Jungkook confidently voiced out that made the manager of the hotel so confused. Since the manager is new who came from Japan branch of Park's chains of hotel & restaurant, he doesn't have any idea who Jungkook is,
and why does he have the audacity to talk to Prince Jimin like that. But to the manager's surprise, Jimin agreed to the request. So that's why they end up giving a honeymoon suite to the two gentlemen who looks like broke university students, but acts like a prince?!
After all the chaos they've been through tonight, Jungkook & Taehyung has finally settled in their pajamas, both eaten their dinner, finally showered and now laying on their shared bed. Jimin is kind enough to take Yeontan for tonight so the two can talk properly.
The best friends are both having a staring contest with the beautiful ceiling of their room for the evening when Taehyung has decided to break the silence. "Gukkie, are you up for twenty questions?" he asked. The two of them has created that game whenever they want to talk about
something but they don't know how to start it. Jungkook knows his best friend must be very confuse now because they rarely do 20 questions anymore since they can easily talk about anything. But if Tae wants it this way, then who is he to say no. "Ask away Tae" he said without
looking at his beautiful bestfriend. "When did you know that you're a--" Taehyung couldn't say it. Because as far as he remembers, this morning, his Jungkookie is just his Jungkookie. He's not the man everyone is now calling him. He started to tear up again.This time, Jungkook
turns to face his best friend. When he saw the tears coming out from the other's eyes, he immediately pulled him into a tight hug. He lift the other's head so he could put his arm around him. "When the majesty King came to our house that night, he told me I'm a prince. Of course
at first, I didn't believe him even if he's the King. At first, he's just gonna use me for some conspiracy theory or political shits in the kingdom, but Tae, he knows where my necklace came from." he explained with his softest voice. "Your dragon?" Taehyung asks like a kid.
"Yes, my dragon.Remember when he kept asking Sejin hyung why do I have this precious necklace and he kept saying that it's just fake blings he bought somewhere else? well, apparently there are only 2 of this gem in the world Tae," he's trying to retell what the King has told him.
"Oh my gosh! So you mean, the other dragon is with your fiance who you are about to marry?"Taehyung's eyes widened, he even push Jungkook upon his realization. But the prince just chuckled in his reaction. "What? no Tae.The other dragon is with my twin brother!" he said smiling.
Taehyung is now seated in their bed. If he understand it right, Jungkook is a prince who owns a dragon necklace. His best friend is a prince who has a TWIN BROTHER?!! Like, a twin brother who's possibly the one getting married with the Crowned Prince and not his Jungkook?!
When the reality hits him, he instantly grabbed the pillow and started to hit Jungkook who's now very confuse of his reaction. Hit! "Why didn't u say that u have a twin brother?" Hit! "Why didn't u say that u are not the one getting married?" Hit" Why didn't u say"----silence!
Jungkook & Taehyung were suddenly fel in to silence when they heard their door bell rang. Taehyung is still on top of Jungkook and on the act of hitting him when they heard the knock on theri door this time. "who the fuck is that?" they almost said it together.
Jungkook fix himself and ask Tae to stay in their bed as he walk to check who's outside. And he almost slam the door close again the moment he saw it's just Jimin. "Goddamn it Chim, what now?" he asked without trying to hide his annoyance. "Wow! i'm just checking on u guys, why
are you so grumpy? Did I interrupt something?" he teasingly asked and proceed to check on Taehyung but Jungkook quickly grab his hand and lead him outside their door. "Taehyung is asleep already so it's best if you also rest now Chim. Thanks for tonight dude!" he said without
giving the other a chance to reply. He gently close the door and went back to their bed where Taehyung is now laying on his side. The moment Tae feels the dip in their bed, he turns to face Jungkook. "Was that jimin?" he asked. "Yeah, he just took Tannie's things" he lied then
gently pulled the other in his arms again. They were both quiet, only their breathing is heard inside the room when Jungkook breaks the silence this time. "So Tae, you were upset because you thought I'm the one getting married?" he bravely asked. Taehyung immediately felt his
heart beats got faster. He knows the answer to that but he refuse to tell Jungkook that. He's still afraid to recognize the weird feeling he has everytime they're against each other like this. And now, knowing that his best friend is a prince and he's just a poor commoner,
he doesn't think he'll have the courage to admit that to Jungkook. He's not ready to lose his best friend. Jungkook thought of Taehyung's silence as the other has fallen asleep already. So he just squeeze him tight one more time and press a soft peck on Taehyung's forehead before
whispering his goodnight to the beautiful male beside him. When Taehyung felt Jungkook's lips on his forehead, he almost gave in. But then he reminds himself that he cannot keep Jungkook for himself anymore. That unlike the other night, he's now sure that this night will be the
last night he'll share his bed with Jungkook. So he close his eyes tighter, he cling into his muscular best friend a bit tighter because he knows that tomorrow, his Jungkookie will no longer be his Jungkookie, he'll be the Prince Jungkook of the whole Kingdom already.
Jungkook knows Taehyung is still awake. He knows him too well not to know that the other is pretending to be asleep. But he's so thankful this time, that Taehyung just pretended to be asleep instead of answering his question because he doesn't know if he'll be strong enough to
hear his best friend's answer. Jungkook knows how Taehyung has always been admiring Prince Jk. The truth is, he has a collection of photographs taken by the Prince. He has always been a fan of the faceless Prince Jk, so Jungkook doesn't really want to know if Taehyung is happy
that he's not the one getting married or he might be disappointed that Prince Jk is actually getting married. Jungkook knows how complicated his life is right now, but if there's one thing he's sure of amidst all this complexity, it's the fact that he knows everything will be
okay as long s he's with his best friend. The prince is just about to sleep too when he heard his phone's buzz again.He's about to ignore it when he realized that it might be from the King so he took it and read the msge from Seokjin, a message that made him furrowed his brows!
Seokjin's Message "JUNGKOOKIE, THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR LITTLE TAEHYUNGIE. I ALWAYS KNEW I CAN COUNT ON YOU. SEE YOU TOMORROW." Jungkook looked at the message again when he felt Taehyung's arm pulled him back closer to him. He just decided not to reply to the msge.
The next morning, Jungkook feels so weird. He can still feel Taehyung’s arms around him but if it’s someone is watching them in their sleep. So he slowly open his still sleepy but alert eyes to check, & he almost screamed when he saw not only Jimin, but even Seokjin is there
inside their room. He also noticed the maids with huge luggages outside the door. “What the f*ck is going on?” He whisper yelled, not wanting to wake up Taehyung yet. But Jimin as the annoying midget that he is, just ignored his whispering. “Rise & sunshine your majesty!”
"Your fairy god mother is here to complete your transformation!" Jimin announces. He purposely louder his voice to wake up Taehyung too. The Heir of Park is so amused of the turn of events the moment Seokjin arrived at the crack of dawn. He knows the consort of King Namjoon,
but he has never met him as Taehyung & Jungkook's landlord,contrary to Jungkook's knowledge of the older man. He knows Seokjin as a rich land owner, so he's confuse to see him here early in the morning with all the maids and guards. "What's going on here?"Tae asks with his raspy
voice. His eyes found Jungkook's who's as equally as confused as him. "How about we introduce ourselves properly this time?" Seokjin's eyes land on Taehyung who's now standing beside Jungkook already. Jimin and Jin noticed how the two constantly pull each other when they're
worried about something. They're like magnets. Taehyung is like gravity that always pulls Jungkook, and Jimin finds it cute. "Why the sudden introduction?" Jungkook now holding Taehyung's hand as if he's afraid someone might take his best friend away from him.
"Because my beloved Prince, I guess it's time for you to know me, at least the other half of me." SEokjin calmly voiced out. Then it clicked to Jungkook again, the car. The sudden calls. The now very visible brooch that symbolizes the House of Kim pinned in Seokjins coat.
Jimin chuckled when he noticed how Taehyung & Junkgook eyes eidened at the same time upon realizing that they are talking to THE KIM SEOKJIN of THE HOUSE OF KIM, THE MOST HANDSOME CONSORT IN THE WORLD, THE LOVER OF THE KING. "What the actual f*ck!" Taehyung covered his mouth!
He tried to hold it, he was trying not to over react on everything. He was trying to be decent in front of his best friend who's now a Prince. He's trying to be at least modest in front of Prince Jimin whom he called garden gnome, but he's just a human and he just can't hold it!
"Goddamn it! Don't tell me, the next moment, King Namjoon or better yet the Crowned Prince of House of Kim will appear now too? My life has been a big lie?!!!! THE KING MIN YOONGI VISITING MY HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, MY BEST FRIEND IS A PRINCE WHO HAS A TWIN BROTHER,
to calm him down. Seokjin knows how overwhelming it is for Taehyung, but there's no turning back now. He needs to tell him the truth too. He was about to explain it to him when Jimin beat him into it. "Wow, that's a lot, then why don't you add this Taehyungie, you are the long
hidden Prince of the House of Kim,twin of the Crowned Prince V."he announce with a cocky smile. If Seokjin could kill Jimin at that moment,Jungkook is sure that the shortest prince will be cut into tiny pieces. But, wait, what?! Taehyung?! Kim Taehyung?His Taetae is a prince?!
Jungkook turn to face Taehyung. But the other is faster, he already jumped into Jimin. "Do u really think this is fucking funny?I don't care if you're a fucking prince and if this is your place but you don't have the right to play my life just because you're goddamn royalties!"
Jungkook is swift enough to pull Taehyung away from Jimin who's still on the floor. The shorter prince didn't expect that, but when he saw the tears in Taehyung's eyes, he knows that this is really something he should be serious about. HE stood up & bow in front of Taehyung.
"My apologies, Prince Taehyung. I am Park Jimin, the right heir of throne of the HOuse of Park. I am sorry to meet you like this, but I just want to make things lighter for you and Jungkook, again I'm sorry" he explained before lifting his head up again. Taehyung look at him
like it's the first time he's seeing him again. Then his gaze turn to Seokjin. "H-hyung, please tell me the truth now." he sounds so tiny when he said that. So Soekjin lead them in the living room of their suite. The bestfriends sat down in the longer couch while Jimin remained
standing behind Seokjin who took the single sofa in front of Jungkook and Taehyung. He patiently told them the history of the whole kingdom, the dilemma of having twins in the family, the need to protect the two Kim twins because they're an actual threat to the throne..
Taehyung & Jungkook intently listened to their landlord who's now revealed to be the King's consort. The two are still in daze, but when SEokjin told them that they need to prepare now because they have to go HOME, Jungkook & Taehyung didn't refuse already.
The maids, the stylist came inside to make sure they will look like the real Prince that they are. Taehyung is still upset and confused of everything but when he saw the Gucci clothes and accessories in front of him, he started to think, there's nothing wrong being a prince?!
The stylist & the make up artist is done with Jungkook already. Now the young prince is sitting in the couch listening to Seokjin and Jimin talking about plans of a grand ball for him and Taehyung’s home coming. Speaking of his bestfriend, he tried to peak inside the room, but
Seokjin closed the door to block his sight. “What’s wrong with you?” Jungkook asked with a furrowed brow. “Be patient, I know you’re excited to see the love of ur life, but u’ve got to wait this time. You’re not waiting for ur Taehyung anymore, we’re talking about a KIM here!”
Jungkook wanted to correct Seokjin about saying that Taehyung is the love of his life, but he’s too anxious to argue with the older, so he just kept quiet as he patiently wait for Taehyung,—-no, his beast friend! “Taehyungie, hurry up” he whispered to himself.
After few more minutes, the stylist came out if the room. “Amaira, how’s my little prince?” Seokjin asked curious. “Consort Seokjin, he’s ready but he doesn’t want to get out.” the stylist informed them. Before they knew it, Jungkook already slid inside the room!
"Wow! but what are you doing in that corner Tae?" Jungkook said as he closed the distance between him and his best friend who's obviously upset in the corner. "They wanted me to wear this clothes, earrings and necklace but I don't like this Gukkie" he said pouting.
Jungkook didn't response, instead he quickly get out to find the stylist. "Amaira is it?" he said when he found the shy stylist who upsets his best friend. "Y-yes prince," she stammered. "I know you're very good at what you do, but can you let him choose what he wants? you see
Taehyung doesn't even need to wear those fancy clothes but he will still look like a real Prince, so please---" he was cut off by Seokjin again. "Jeon Jungkook, I don't care if you're the second heir to the throne but can you leave my Taehyungie alone?" Seokjin warned him.
If he didn't see his best friend upset just a while ago,Jungkook couldv'e listened to Seokjin without argument.But seeing his confident best friend being insecure about himself because he can't wear what he wants is a different story. So he straightened his back and face Seokjin.
"I know how badly you want to take your prince back in your kingdom, but if that means Taehyung loosing his ability to express himself, then goddamn it, I won't allow it Seokjin hyung! Let him dress according to his will or u are all going back to your kingdom alone!"
Seokjin was taken a back. Jungkook never disrespected him, the boy has always been bickering with him but never in their friendship that he raised his voice at him so the older felt bad about it. "Amaira, let the Prince choose his clothes for today" he commanded the stylist.
Amaira went back inside only to find the prince in a different outfit already. “So, w-what do you think of this, noona?” The sweet Prince asked. His confidence is back since he’s posing for the stylist who’s now smiling. “Wow!Ur boyfriend is right, u can choose the best for u”
Taehyung blushed at the thought of Jungkook. He heard everything that happened so he took the opportunity to change when Jungkook & Seokjin were arguing. And he may not admit it, but he’s really thankful that he has Jungkook in every step of the way in his new found life.
When Jungkook heard Taehyung talking with the stylist, he went inside to check him. He immediately smile the moment he saw Taehyung flaunting his new outfit to the stylist. He’s still watching him so he doesn’t noticed when Seokjin snap another photo of them.
Seokjin and Jimin finally joined them. Jimin won't let Jungkook live. "Wow, prince Jeon look at you"he tease as he playfully pat the younger's head. He's about to continue teasing him but he noticed Tae glaring at him so he stopped. He doesn't want the other prince to be upset.
"Right, now that you're ready. I guess, King Yoongi's chaperone is already outside. Jungkook you have to go with them and--" he was immediately cut off. "What? How about Taehyungie?" "Of course, I will take him home Gukkie. Don't worry about your BEST FRIEND" he emphasize.
"But hyung--" "No Jungkook! You are the prince of HOuse of Min so it is only right that you go home and return to your family and I will take care of Taehyung." Soekjin will not budge this time. He knows how afraid the two are, but sooner or later they have to face the fact
that they have to part ways. They have their own House and they have their own responsibilities as the heirs of their own HOuses. Jungkook was about to talk again when Taehyung beat him this time. "Gukkie, it's alright. I will be okay, ok?" he said reassuring his best friend.
Jungkook look at him with his sad doe eyes. "Promise me that you'll call if something happens Tae," he said defeated. "I promise Guk, besides I'm pretty sure we can visit each other there, right?" Taehyung now looking at Seokjin. "Oh my guard, of course my dear! You are two
princes who owns the kingdom. You're just going home, why are you acting as if one of you are going to prison?!!!!" Seokjin exaggerated. Jimin giggles, he can't help but be amused of the scene unfolding before him. BEfore they all know it, they're all in their cars going home!
Meanwhile, in BANGTAN Prince JK found himself standing in the middle of his room. He's back at the House of Min to welcome his long lost twin brother. The truth is, he doesn't know how to react to it. He knows that Yoongi isn't his real brother but he loves him with all of him.
So to know that there is still someone out there who shared the same blood with him is quite, overwhelming. His head is so messed up at the moment because he feels like he doesn't have a chance to the Crowned Prince of House of Kim. He knows that Prince V is beyond his league,
and it's tormenting him knowing that the Prince he likes doesn't like him back. The worst part is, he thought the Prince just agreed to marry him just because the kingdom wants them to get married. JK hates it! He hates the fact that he seems like he's forcing his way to V.
He's still anxious about it when Yoongi informed him about his twin Jungkook. Heaven knows how his heart fluttered knowing that he isn't alone in this world anymore, but thinking that this fact might be use against Yoongi in political views really annoys him more!
Prince JK is still in his deep thoughts when he heard a knock on his door.He knows that the House is too busy preparing for the arrival of the other Prince so he doesn't have any idea who it is. He opens the door & got surprised when he saw Yoongi standing there with a tiny box.
"Can I come in?" the King asked before finally stepping in his room. "Do you need anything, your highness?" the younger asked, his eyes focused on the tiny box adorned of different gem stones. "I just came to give you this. I guess it's only right to give this to it's owner"
Yoongi opened the box & reveal a necklace, but what caught Jk's attention is the dragon pendant of it. "Wow, that's beautiful hyung!" he admires the gem stone caged into the dragon's claws. "It is, and there are only two of this in this world Jk" the King removed the necklace
from it's back. He guide the prince to sit on the edge of his bed so he could personally put on the necklace on him. When Yoongi successfully put on the necklace on the younger's neck, he looks at him with proud eyes. "Finally, your parents will be very proud of me."
Yoongi got very emotional all of a sudden. He remembers that horrible night when the Jeons are mercilessly slaughtered in their own house. Then he looks at Prince Jk's eyes now. "Indeed, a dragon survives even the fire!" he muttered before embracing the younger in front of him!
"Thank u hyung. Thank u for letting me live this life." Jk whispered to his hyung. All his worried forgotten.Coz for now,all he thinks about is his twin brother. How does he looks like?what does he like to do during his free time?Does he like someone? he has a lot of questions!
Meanwhile in the HOUSE OF KIM Namjoon and V are sitting in their living room. They are also waiting for Seokjin and Taehyung's arrival. Opposite of the Mins, the Kims are very excited to meet Taehyung. Seokjin spent the other night explaining to V everything about his twin.
So the Crowned Prince is very excited to meet his brother. According to SEokjin, Taehyung loves Arts too. He is a great painter who also is very good in photography. And contrary to him who grew up without friends, he heard that Taehyung is a social butterfly, and his twin has
a very charming protective best friend.. someone he wish he also had. Namjoon looks at his younger brother who's still quiet beside him. HE's not used to his silence so he knew right there that V is not feeling okay. "Are you alright, my beloved prince?" the King inquires.
Prince V lifts his face to meet the King's gaze. "What if he won't like me, hyung?" he voiced out pertaining his twin. "I highly doubt that though, if your Seokjin hyungisn't lying to us, Taehyung is a very charming person who loves everything that breathes, I guess he's not
too different from you. You both loves Arts and music too, so I guess you two will get along perfectly, V. Besides, if there's something that's unusual to him, I guess we have to understand that our brother grew up to a different settings from us. unfortunately he doesn't have
the luxury that we have all our lives." Namjoon tried to explain. "I really hope we'll get along when he arrives hyung" V said trying to avoid the King's gaze. "Now that I thought of it, is it really Taehyung you are worried about or is there someone else?" Namjoon asked.
V's face turned to crimson red. Of course there's a certain someone who's making him anxious lately. Since Prince JK went back home to HOuse of Min without saying goodbye to him, he became so sad. He just confirmed his thoughts that the prince really doesn't care about him.
that JK was only being nice to him because he's just following the kingdom's rules even after the prince has told him that no one can force him to do something against his will. Namjoon step closer to his little brother. "V, is there something you want to tell me?"
"Nothing hyung. I'm just really excited that finally we'll be reunited with Taehyungie" he lied, not wanting to give his hyung another problem. Namjoon knows the prince is lying, he can see it in his eyes. But he doesn't want to push it furthermore. So he remains silent.
*** Seokjin's convoy has finally arrived the House of Kim. Namjoon and Prince V are both standing on the entrance of the House. They haven't announce anything for the whole kingdom yet so it's only them and the family's trusted people who welcome the newly found prince.
It's like a dream for Taehyung.FRom the moment Seokjin announced that they have arrived,from the moment his chaperone opened the car's door for him, until now that he finally sets his feet on the ground where the House of Kim is right in front of him now. "Wow!" is the only word
he managed to utter. He look around him and found nothing but beauty and extravagance of everything. Then he lift his head up, his jaw dropped when his eyes finally caught his now family. There Namjoon in his towering glory is staring at him with a teary eyes, but what really
shook him is the man beside Namjoon.There's no way he could deny it to himself but the ethereally beautiful creature looks like him? He didn't even finish to process everything when a running king suddenly pulled him into a tight embrace. "Welcome home, our Prince"
Taehyung for an unknown reason started to tear up. He felt it, the longing in the King’s voice, the love in his embrace. It feels like finally, he’s home. Then it sunk into him. He’s finally really home. “H-hyung, N-namjoon H-hyung” he finally uttered in between his sobs.
Seokjin and V wanted to give them their own moment first that’s why instead of joining them, the two remained where they were standing. They only started to move when they saw that the two has finally calm down.
Taehyung started to wipe away the tears in his eyes as he smiled to the King who’s also doing the same. Then it caught him again, the beautiful creature looking at him! V instantly waved at him when he noticed that Tae is now looking at him. Seokjin & Namjoon are watching.
Taehyung finally had the courage to step closer with the other man looking at him.And Seokjin gasps when Taehyung finally stands right in front of V. The twins look at each other with scutinizing eyes. “You’re blonde” are Taehyung’s first words. “You have mole in your lips.”
V lifts his hand to touch the cute mole on his twin’s lips. “Yah, what’s the last thing u touched with that finger?” Taehyung asked, a hint of glee in his eyes! V looked at him with a shocked face, Seokjin wven step closer to them. Namjoon got worried that they might fight.
But then, Taehyung started to laugh. "Oh my guard, loosen up brother. You can touch me all you want, here" he said grabbing V's hand to guide it in his lips. V is speechless, he never met anyone as straight forward as this one. But nevertheless, he laughs with him too.
And that's how The Kim Brothers reunited to each other. Namjoon and Seokjin ended up in their room when they noticed that the two started to disregard them. V showed Taehyung his room and they continue to bond with each other that night. They told each other their own stories!
Meanwhile in the House of Min Jungkook is excited, of course he is wxcited and very happy to meet and see his brother. But whenever he looks at his phone and not a single message from Taehyung, he gets agitated. “Why is he not calling me?” He thought to himself not even
noticing that his car door is finally opened. He’s still on his phone when a Jungkook with a pink hair appeared in front of him. “Hey there, brother! Welcome home!” Prince Jk is beyond disappointed! He and Yoongi was waiting for his twin only to find out that the other is more
invested in that fucking tiny device over them. Jungkook look at the man who obviously is his twin.He noticed how annoyed he looks but then got distracted of his pink hair. “Wow,I always wanted to dye my hair pink,thank God I did not do it.”he scoffed that made Jk more pissed!
“Did u just insulted my hair?? And u haven’t even gotten off the fucking car!” Jk is furious! If this is how he’ll feel for the remaining days of his life, then take away this idiot in front of him please! “Oh, shall I get off the car first before telling the truth, bro?”
Jk is beyond pissed now. How dare this human insult him in his own House?! "Where the f*ck did u come from? I guess I better bring you back from it"Jk gritted. "Oh,in case you missed it,but bro we literally came from the same womb,so please, shut the f*ck up!"Jungkook replied.
U see, JK and Jungkook WERE both genuinely excited to meet each other a while ago. But since Prince JK is still hurting for his unrequited love and Jungkook is still worried about his best friend, they happen to vent their frustration out of each other. They are start about to
bicker again when they heard Yoongi's voice. "Jk, Jungkook too much for longing brothers huh?! It's not even a fucking minute and you're already on each other's throat?! What the hell do you think our political enemies will think about this fucking house?"
The twins suddenly feel ashamed of what they have just done. "Show your brother his chamber, then both of you in my office after an hour! I hope that's enough time for both of you to settle those sticks on your asses!" Yoongi said before turning to get inside his chamber.
JK look at his brother before leading the way to his chamber. He decided to give him the room opposite to his since they should have equal rights in everything. But it seems like his brother isn't the twin he's expecting him to be. "This will be your room."he said before turning
Jk wanted to leave immediately but then, Jungkook grabbed his wrist. "I'm sorry for being a dick!" He's surprised coz he honestly didn't expect that. But he accepted it anyway. Jk then pulled his hand and about to leave when he blurted out what's bothering him.
"Jungkook" "Yes?"Jungkook looks at his twin who suddenly looks shy?! "My h-hair? Is it really ugly?"he's blushing but he got to ask it so he did. Jungkook tried to suppress his laugh but failed. "It looks cute on you bro, but, it lessens your appeal us the Crowned Prince!"
JK furrowed his brows but nods anyway. "Fine, gonna dye it tonight then!" he said more likely to himself, but Jungkook heard him. "Can't it wait tomorrow?" you know, we have to go and talk to the king later bro. "Nope! need to go back to the House of Kim tomorrow,so gonna do it
tonight. Besides, I can just call the stylist noona in the House." Jk explained while playing with his own hair. "House of Kim?" Jungkook's eyes brighten upon hearing the name. "Yes, I'm still under punishment there so, need to be back tomorrow." Jk supplied without knowing
his brother's plan. "So what time are you going to leave?" Jungkook is fishing for information. "Maybe at 5 in the morning so I'll be there before the Crowned Prince wakes up." he said, the sadness in his voice is back upon mentioning the crowned prince of the Kims.
Jungkook & Jk agreed to meet with Yoongi after an hour in the library. Jungkook told his brother he doesn't know where it is that's why after an hour, Jk is now knocking on his brother's door. Jungkook took his phone with him before they finally walked to the library.
Yoongi smiled upon seeing the two. He knows they'll get along soon so he thank the heaven the moment he saw them in a nicer and calmer mood than an hour ago. Jungkook greeted him first, and Jk almost scoffed when he saw his twin bowing to Yoongi as if he's still a commoner.
"Stop laughing at your brother, Crowned Prince. Remember, he's also an heir to the throne. U don't need another soul wanting your head off!" Yoongi said in his firm voice but there's a glint of glee in his eyes. "I'm sorry hyung, I'll try not to laugh next time" Jk replied.
"Alright, Jungkook I haven't welcome you properly, my prince. This is your home now. If someday, and you deemed to have your own house, if you both decides to raised the House of Jeon, then you are free to do that, but until then please be comfortable in this house."
Both the twins remain silent, they gave Yoongi a chance to tell them everything he wanted to tell them. "But i called the two of u here tonight for a very important matter." Jungkook suddenly feels the tension coming from his twin brother, so he interrupts the King.
"Your highness, if you are having a second thought about the throne because of my existence, please know that never in my life that I want to have that throne. If you may permit, I just want to continue to pursue my studies" he expressed his thought, that made Yoongi & Jk smile.
"Thank you for your honesty my prince, I really appreciate it. But i'm not talking about the throne. I asked you both to come to inform you that the agreement between the House of Kim & our own is on hold." Yoongi look at Jk who's really shocked with the sudden news.
"W-what? why? what happened hyung?" Jk who's suddenly very interested. "Namjoon and I talked bout it JK. The prophecy said that the union of a twin will bring peace and happiness in the whole kingdom forever. But then it also said in the prophecy that only those twins who found
true love should be united. We don't want to make a mistake of letting you and the Crowned Prince V just because we want to secure a stronger throne. We have to think of the people JK, besides, this is an advantage on your part you don't have to marry V anymore." Yoongi explained
Yoongi is observing Prince Jk so he didn't noticed when Jungkook started to fidget in his seat the moment he heard about some twins who found true love are the ones who should get married. He doesn't know if it's fair, but he immediately thought of his best friend.
But then again, he realized the condition of the prophecy. Then he remembers how his best friend admires the Crowned Prince of the House of Min. He didn't mean to pry but he can't help but ask his brother. "Aren't you in love with the Crowned Prince?" Jungkook is hoping that JK
would tell him that yes, he loves V. But to his dismay, Jk quickly said no before asking the King if he could dismiss himself. Yoongi and Jungkook are left in the library. "So who do you think will fall in love among the four of you first?" Yoongi asked without knowing that
Jungkook has already fallen in love with his best friend. "I don't know hyung," he lied. "How about your beautiful roommate?" Yoongi suddenly remembered the beautiful twin. When he saw the younger's reaction, he doesn't need to hear his answer. He definitely knows!
***HOUSE OF MIN The next morning, Jungkook almost spit his coffee when a newly showered Prince Jk appeared in front of him. “What the hell?!Why is your hair balck?!” Jungkook said as he glare at his twin. “Bro, u told me last night that I’m so fucking cute with the punk hair!”
“Yeah,and that’s a compliment” jungkookis still pissed. Now that Jungkook has the same hair with him, he can clearly see their similarities!Actually,he looks like he’s looking at his reflection in a mirror! “Well,sorry Guk,but im not cute!”Jk said before going back to his room.
Jungkook quickly went back to his room too. He needs to move faster than his twin because if he’s not mistaken, the other will still proceed to the House of Kim today. Of course, he wouldn’t miss the chance to visit his best friend who seems like he forgot him already.
***HOUSE OF KIM Taehyung & V ended up sleeping on Taehyung’s room last night.They have a lot of stories to tell and Tae didn’t fail to mention about his secret love for his best friend. He told him about how Jungkook always takes care of him. So eventually,V was too shy to share
his unrequited love with the Crowned Prince of the House of Min. He didn’t have the courage to tell his twin how he likes Jk. So when the maids knock on Taehyung’s room to inform them that the Jeon twins has arrived, V panicked. But then when he realized that he’ll meet Jungkook
now, he got excited. So he wakes up his twin. “Taehyungie.. wakey wakey sleepy head!” he tickles him, thankfully it worked. “Oh, V. I dont think I’ll get used to this. Waking up with a more prettier version of myself” he said while staring at his twin. “Stop flattering me!”
V stood up and pulled his brother to his bathroom. “U have to look prettier too because your prince charming is downstairs waiting for you!” V said, his eyes sparkling with happiness for his brother. “Prince charm— Jungkookie is here?” he asked. And when V nods, he quickly run
towards his door. Why does he need to freshen up when all his life, Jungkook saw everything about him already. He’s still in his pajama when he saw his bestfriend standing in the middle of the living room. The prince is facing the other way so he didn’t see when Taehyung lunges
himself into him. “Jungkookie!!” he screams as he wrapped his legs around the prince and cling into his neck like there’s no to morrow. V followed his brother only to see him clinging to the crowned prince Jk?! At first, V isn’t sure because of the hair,but when the real
Jungkook appeared in the front door, then he’s absolute that Taehyung isn’t hugging his bestfriend, instead he’s actually clinging to Prince Jk. Jungkook is also surprised when he saw the scene! It took a good minute when Taehyung finally realized something’s not clicking!
Taehyung realized what just happened the moment his feet touched the ground. If that was Jungkook, he wouldn’t let him touch the ground without swirling him around??! Then his eyes grew even wider when he turns to see the two Jungkook in front of him!
“Oh my guard! Oh.. i am sorry Prince Jk. I’m really sorry, i thought you were my best friend, i mean i thought you’re Jungkookie, u know, your brother.. i didnt really mean to—“ “Taehyung, is it?” Jk flashes his pearly white teeth at him. Taehyung has never been so embarrassed!
“Yes my prince, my name is Taehyung. I am V’s—“ “You’re the beautiful twin of V.” Jk supplied, still watching the blushing prince in front of him. He was about to lift his face when Jungkook suddenly appeared beside him. “Tae” it only took him one call when Taehyung jumped to
his best friend. “Gukkie!” he whispered while hugging him. He doesn’t know how he missed him until now. They we’re still hugging when V fake coughs to get their attention. It’s only then that the two realized that their respective twins are also there. “So Tae, aren’t u gonna
introduce me to your BEST FRIEND?” V emphasized the last word, knowingtp that his brother likes his best friend. “Oh yeah, Gukkie this is the Crowned Prince of the House of Kim. V, this is Jeon Jungkook, my best friend.” he said. “It’s nice to finally meet u Gukkie, Tae told me
a lot of things about you.”Vwinks at his twin to tease them both. “I hope they’re all good news,”Jungkook replied,still holding Taehyung’s waist beside him. V is giggling watching the 2 when Jk joined their conversation. “Bro, u didn’t tell me u have a beautiful bestfriend. “
Taehyung & V froze when they heard the Crowned Prince's remarks.Jungkook didn't even try to hide his dislike of his brother's comment regarding his best friend. "I don't know,u tell me bro.U have a beautiful fiance, yourself."he added without the intention of offending anyone.
Jungkook knows that the wedding is off already, and don't hate him because he deosn't have any idea how Prince V is offended with his remark. He didn't even notice when even Prince Jk got hit with his sudden response. So without even thinking too, Jk replied.
"Didn't his majesty informed us about the cancelled wedding last night bro?I think u have to juggle ur brain so u could remember that."Jk gritted his teeth. Taehyung look between the twin Jeon brothers & was about to stop the two when his brother beat him to it.V looks at them.
The prince heart shattered the moment he heard Prince JK talked but he knows that he needs to save the little dignity left with himself. "Yeah,probably the best gift from the heavens!Finally that fucking wedding is cancelled."he said before turning from the three other princes.
Taehyung was too shocked to witness his brother's sudden outburst. So he wasn't able to see the other crowned prince's concerned look. He wanted to follow him to check if his twin is okay but then,Guk is here, & Prince Jk is here as well. So he turns to face the Jeon twins again.
Jungkook saw it. He saw how his own brother look devastated the moment the other crowned prince walked away. What he couldn't understand is, why the hell is his brother trying to flirt with his best friend when he's clearly affected with the blonde Kim?! "Gukkie!" Tae called.
"Tae," Jungkook step closer to his best friend." How's your first night in your castle, your majesty prince?" he tease him as he pull him closer. He's about to wrap his arms around Taehyung like he used to do when he heard JK's voice. "Prince Jungkook, are you two dating?"
Heaven knows how Jungkook wanted to punch the duplicate of his face at that moment for a lot of reasons, on top of it is the fact that he just blocked him from hugging his best friend. But since Taehyung is waiting for his answer, he chose to answer Jk instead of punching him.
"No, Taehyung is my best friend, didn't I told u that already?" he's glaring at his brother.His hand is dying to wrap the beautiful male in front of him. But then again, JK talked & this time he really wants to give his brother a round house kick. "Then u aren't allowed to hug."
Taehyung stiffened beside his best friend. Heaven knows how Jungkook is trying to be rational at this point & with his gritted teeth, he asked"And why is that?" "Oh,I almost forgot you are both clueless of the basic etiquette of Prince & Princes inside & outside of the kingdom."
"U see, all the heirs of thrones should undergo a course,learning about the blacks & whites of the kingdom.We all grew up studying them, but in ur cases,I guess u have to take a special course for it."Jk explained while trying to measure up with his twin who's now really pissed!
The truth is, both Jungkook and Taehyung are well verse about the dos and don's of the kingdom. Sejin made sure to raise them as decent heirs no matter how odd their situations were outside the kingdom. HE educated both Jungkook & Taehyung since they were just kids. Jungkook can
still remember how he despised their afternoon sessions before, but since Taehyung seemed to enjoy every activity that involves the palace and the kings and princes, he managed to listen to their hyung too. So in short, they both know that embracing a royal member of one's family
is only allowed when you are bound to get married, when you are dating. Jungkook knows Taehyung knows that too, so he feels a bit hopeful inside. But when he heard his brother's voice again, he's beyond annoyed. "So Jungkook, refrain yourself from embracing Taehyung if u want
to live. Besides, King Namjoon and Consort Seokjin wouldn't be very happy knowing that you're taking advantage of their little brother." Taehyung almost choke when he heard the silent threat behind the crowned prince's voice. But what really got him is when he heard SEokjin's
name. He remembers the time when Seokjin was still pretending to be their landlord. His hyung basically have seen everything about him & jungkook already so he doesn't think his hyung will mind a single hug from Jungkook now. But then, when Taehyung saw Prince Jk's eyes on him,
he started to distance himself from Jungkook. "I guess, it's better if we follow the rules Gukkie?" he said hesitantly to Jungkook's disappointment. He wanted to say "NOOO" because he badly missed his best friend but who is he to disagree, he's just a whipped boy for Taehyung!
"Alright Tae, if that's what you want." Jungkook said as he stare at his best friend who's now blushing in front of the Crowned Prince. Jungkook once drowned when he was just a kid, so he doesn't understand when he suddenly feel the same feeling of being drowned at that moment
he saw his twin brother and best friend look at each other as if he's not there. So before he could do something stupid again.He excuse himself. "Taehyungie, I think it's a good idea if I said hi to Seokjin hyung too.See u outside later?" he asked but not really looking at Tae.
Jungkook didn't even wait for his best friend's response anymore as he hurriedly went back from the direction he came from. He continuously walk until he reach the magnificent garden of the House of Kim. He stride towards the swing at the corner of the garden & almost bumped
into someone who seems like going to the same direction as him. "Ooops!" "Oww, my apologies." Prince V's eyes widened when he recognized who he almost bumps into. The two Jeon's might look like each other especially that the Jeons have the same dark hair,but he knew who it is.
"Prince Jungkook, what are you doing here?" he wonders why his brother's best friend is here when he's supposed to be making up with his twin who obviously missed him. Jungkook for the first time took effort to look at the prince in front of him. Everyone might thought that he
looks like his Taehyung but for him, the Kims are very different from each other. His best friend's monolid and double lid eyes are more prominent than V's. Besides, his best friend has a cute tiny mole in his nose & eyes while V has it on his lips. Taehyung has soft black hair
with a mullet while the Crowned Prince is blonde. So no, they definitely doesn't look the same. But he's not blind, he can see how ethereally beautiful V is and he knows that his dick of a brother knows that too. Now, he thought of his brother again, he's pissed again!
"Prince Jungkook?" V called out again when it seems like the rpince in front of him drifted to somewhere else. "Oh, I'm so sorry Prince V. I'm really so sorry for intruding your peace." Jungkook realized how rude he was just now. This is all that cocky Jk's fault, he thought!
"Oh, no. I mean, you are not intruding anything at all. Besides it seem like u arrived here first" V said in his most polite voice. Jungkook can't help but admire how good mannered this Crowned Prince is compared to the jerk crowned prince of House of Min.
"No,not at all Prince.The truth is,I just came here to have a breathe of fresh air. I can go back inside if u want"Jungkook said although,he knows that going back inside is the last thing he wants to do at the moment. SO imagine his thankfulness when V refused to let him go back.
"Why don't you join me here then as we wait for my brother to freshen up then we can have brunch together?"V even invited him to sit down.And since the only available seat is the opposite of the swing, then he went to join the crowned prince. "Thank u for your kindness Prince V"
"You don't have to thank me every now and then Jungkook, besides I would really love to hear some stories of your childhood with my brother. You must have lived an exciting lives outside the palace?" V asked without looking at him. And upon remembering the old days he spent with
Taehyung, he finally manage to smile. "If I were to choose between growing up inside the palace with all the luxury it has to offer and the life I've spent with your brother? hmm---" "U will choose the life of a commoner with my brother."V supplied,not even a question anymore.
Jungkook chuckled. "Am I that obvious now?" he said trying to act cool in front of Taehyung's twin brother. "Well, aside from the fact that Taehyungie has told me a lot of stories between you two, I'm not blind Prince Jungkook. I saw how you look at him." he said smiling.
"Me? looking at him? Well, how do I look at himd.Jungkook asked curiously, his eyes focused on the blonde prince now. "Well, you know..the typical look of love. You look at my brother as if his eyes hold the stars in the sky." "And how did u know that's love?"Jungkook pressed.
V suddenly fell into silence. How? off course he knows that's love. In short period of time he spent with the Crowned Prince of Min, he developed that too! He just woke up one day,looking at Jk as if he hold the stars & the whole universe in his eyes, so yeah, of course he knows!
But then again, V remembers how Prince Jk explicitly said how excited he was about the cancellation of their wedding, so the blonde prince couldn't tell that to Jungkook. He just chose to lie to save himself from embarrassment. "I just knew you like Taehyung."he said silently.
Jungkook surprisingly laughs at that. "U mean to say, u were just trying to catch me?" he asked now more comfortable in front of the Crowned Prince. "I did a good job, trying to make u spill, right?" V answered as they both giggle together. They were still both laughing so
they didn't notice the two pair of eyes watching them from the veranda. "It seems like your best friend & the Crowned Prince gets along well." Jk commented when he noticed how quiet Taehyung is beside him. He observed how brighter the prince is around Jungkook so he's a bit
saddened when Taehyung changed his demeanor the moment Jungkook went outside. He knows that the two grew up together and they are really close to each other. But he saw how Jungkook looked at Taehyung a while ago that's why he asked him if they are dating.
So when Jungkook said that they are not dating, he found himself weirdly relieved. When Taehyung remains silent, he initiated a conversation again. "Prince Taehyung, it seems like you're hungry already. I bet you're imagining V and Jungkook as burgers and fries at this moment."
Prince Jk has never been a fan of lame jokes, but when he saw Taehyung cracking into a tiny smile, he realized that being lame sometimes is worth it. So he tried to push it. "So what do u say,let's go and finish them off?" Taehyung tried to suppress his laughter but he failed.
"Oh my guard, Prince Jk with all due respect, please don't ever crack a joke like that ever again." he said as he started to walk towards the two princes sitting on the swing. "Well, if it will make u smile often, then why not?!" the prince replied before following him.
Few more moments of hidden glaring and staring,the four princes finally settled in the dining table of the House of Kim together with Consort Seokjin and King Namjoon himself. The King was busy welcoming the Jeon twins when Seokjin started to notice that there's something wrong!
WHY ON EARTH PRINCE JK IS SITTING BESIDE KIM TAEHYUNG? HOW ON EARTH PRINCE V IS GIGGLING BESIDE JEON JUNGKOOK? What could have happened?! Where is Jungkookie who's very whipped to his bestfriend? Thank you very much. But then, when he heard Prince Jk talked about the union of
two Houses, Seokjin finally understands. Ahh, so Prince Jk is glad that the his arranged wedding with V is cancelled and now he's very excited to know Taehyung better? that's sweet of----wait what?! Seokjin's brain short circuited! "Jeon Jungkook!" he blurted out.
Everyone in the dining table was surprised when Seokjin suddenly yelled at Jungkook.Even the King look at his consort with a questioning look. "I'm sorry your majesty,but may I excuse myself and Jungkook for a moment." Seokjin asked although he knows that the King will probably
ask him for complete explanation later. "What is the matter Seokjin hyung? Is that more important than the grace in front of you?" Namjoon gave him a stern look. "Oh, I'm sorry your highness. I will just talk to Prince Jungkook later" he replied, obviously disappointed that he
can't knock some sense on Jungkook's head just yet. Jungkook look at Seokjin after that & the younger almost want to regret it because he saw how Seokjin is trying to cut him into tiny pieces in his mind. He knows that the consort finally noticed him & Tae's changed of demeanor.
***That's all for tonight loves, it's 12AM here and I have to wake up at 4AM later.. Please let me know what you think of the story so far!
After the King’s pep talk, they finally started to eat. There are variants of food in the table. Seokjin is on the right hand side of Namjoon while the 4 princes are on his left. crowned Prince V, Jungkook, Taehyung then at the end is Prince Jk. They were enjoying the food when
Prince Jk started to put pieces of shrimp on Taehyung’s plate. “Try this Taehyung, the House of Kim is known for their sea foods cuisine.” he said offering the food to the prince beside him. The problem is, Taehyung has sea foods allergy. He isn’t allowed to eat shrimps!
And of course, Jungkook as the best friend who grew up with him knows that very well. So Taehyung wasn’t able to stop him when he pick up the shrimp from his plate & shove it to his own mouth. “Thanks bro, but Tae can’t eat that, unless u want him vomit his life out of him.”
Prince Jk’s eyes widened. “Oh, I’m sorry Prince Taehyung, I really dont mean to harm u” he apologized profusely. “Of course u don’t know. You only met today” Jungkook rolled his eyes as he dived into his food again.
Seokjin was quietly observing as the princes continue eating their food in silence. He notice how Jungkook put some meat on Taehyung's plate, how he quickly grab the water for Taehyung when the other almost choke, he is really so sensitive about Taehyung's well being.
While on the other hand, he saw both the crowned prince secretly stealing glance on each other. Oh, this dumb crowned princes, Seokjin thought to himself. He isn't sure of what's going on yet but he really vowed upon himself that he's going to figure that out. He needs to know
what's really going on because it was just few days ago when Prince JK seems to be so willing to risk it all for Prince V. So the consort is really confused why the sudden change? Is it because of Taehyung? Was the Crowned Prince of the HOuse Min fell in love with Taehyung?
"WTF!" Seokjin blureted out upon his realization! "Kim Seokjin!" Namjoon called out the moment he heard his lover cursed in front of the grace. "What is wrong with you my beloved? You've been acting strange, are you feeling ill?" the King is suddenly worried about his love.
Seokjin wants to vanish the moment he realized his mistake again.He doesn't want to embarrass himself,not in front of his younger brothers & the other twins. "I'm really sorry your highness, I'm alright it's just that I realized that Taehyung & Jungkook have't paid their rent."
Taehyung almost choke again upon hearing Seokjin talking about their house rent. Are you for real?! he wanted to ask, but Prince JK beat him to that. "Your highness let me pay all what Taehyung and my brother owe you. Please let me know how much they need to settle."
Prince V who's been quiet since the start of their brunch finally talk upon hearing the other crowned prince. "Are you for real?! Taehyung is a prince of House of Kim, he can pay whatever he needs to settle now. Besides, if it's Seokjin's hyung property, that means it's a KIM's
property too so he doesn't even need to pay anything.If you really want to pay that much, then why don't you ask your brother how much does he need to settle so you can pay for him!"he said angrily before standing up and walking out the dining table. "Now, if you'll excuse me."
Disappointed is understatement if you'll ask how does Namjoon feels at the moment. He isn't dense so he knows that something is up. He just doesn't want to interrogate Seokjin in front of the Jeon brothers but he knows that there's something his consort is trying to hide him.
Namjoon tried to finish his food in silence while trying to think the reason of his brother's sudden annoyance. He thought about one thing, but of course he doesn't want to think ahead of his little brother, besides he might be just not used to eat with other people since he was
used to eat with him & Seokjin only. He was about to inform the others that he'll go ahead first when he heard Seokjin speak again. "Prince JK I know that you're from the House of Min but how about u take Taehyungie for a tour since you're also familiar with the House of Kim?"
Jungkook frowned quickly but then he added, "Yeah, why don't be our tour guide bro?" "Uhmmm, Jungkookie, why don't you let the Crowned Prince do that so you & I can talk about the rent?" Seokjin glared at the younger as if warning him. Namjoon just watch them, knowing that his
consort has something in his mind, so he didn't even bother to stop him about asking Jungkook about their house rent. He knows that Seokjin is being ridiculous about the house rent, and Yoongi will probably just throw his diamonds & gold bars at them but he let him anyway.
Jungkook is beyond furious but he knows he needs to settle what he needs to settle.The truth is he thought of just running away from Seokjin so he could join JK & Taehyung to their mini tour but he doesn't want to embarrass himself further so he followed the older to the library.
Meanwhile Prince V wanted to throw everything in his room again like the last time he was upset when a certain muscular bunny stole his first kiss. The situation is the same, but the reason why he's upset is very different. He might not want to admit it but he really doesn't like
that weird feeling forming in his chest when the Crowned Prince of House of Min is being extra caring to his twin brother.Please don't take it wrong or against him, he loves Taehyung even when he just met him yesterday,but he just really don't like the idea of JK giving the other
all his attention like he's not even existing anymore. What upsets him more is the thought that JK might really be so happy that he's not going to marry him anymore. Prince V suddenly feels out of breathe so he opened his window to take in fresh air, it turns out it's a wrong
move because the moment he open his window, he saw his own reflection in his brother getting on the crowned prince's car. He saw how Prince Jk opened the door of his own car for Taehyung, he even extended his hand just to make sure Taehyung won't hit his head on the car.
Prince V with a heavy heart closed his window again.He really doesn't want to feel bitter with Taehyung since the other just came home after how many years but he can't help it.He was also hidden since birth.He was the Crowned Prince and yet no one in his people has seen him yet.
He also wanted to roam around, drive his own car, disguise and go to the cinema to watch his favorite movie, attend plays in their theater, wave at the people outside the palace, personally greet all their servants & their families during thank giving or Christmas, but to his
disappointment, he cant. The only place he can go to is the extension of his room. His creativity cave where he could paint the pictures that are not even his. Prince V wanted to divert his thoughts to something more positive so he gets inside his creativity cave again. He took
his brushes and paints, put on another blank canvas in his easel as he began to paint the only person that's in his mind right now.He started with the doe eyes that never failed to send him unreadable messages,then the nose that usually scrunch up when he's smiling, then the lips
---yeah,the lips that took his first kiss.He was painting the outline of the hair when he suddenly stopped. "No, my Prince Jk has a magenta hair..& he's gone now"he thought to himseldfas he add the bright color of the hair of the Prince that's been a permanent guest in his head.
Meanwhile., Prince Jk & Taehyung are having fun time telling silly stories to each other. "Oh my gosh,u don't have any idea how scared I was when I saw your Yoongi hyung inside our apartment. He was like...i don't know, he's intimidating but kinda cute too." Taehyung recalled.
Jk can't stop smiling while listening to Taehyung. He has a lot of stories to tell. But one thing he notice is, it all revolves around Jungkook. "So, if Yoongi hyung gave u that mini heart attack, what did u feel when u met me, the Crowned Prince?" he finally asked smiling.
Taehyung look at the Crowned Prince who's smiling while driving. From his side profile & with his dark hair, he could say that he really look like his Jungkook. He lower his head before he respond. "Do u know how much I admire u when I was outside the kingdom? Like I have a huge
crush on you. I always watch the news, reading articles about you." he started now looking at the Crowned Prince. "Wow, I hope u only heard the good news about me though, especially that I'm sure they never put my face on those news" Jungkook replied lightheartedly.
Taehyung nodded even when he knows Jk won't see it coz his eyes are still on the road. "Yeah, imagine my shocked the moment I realized that I was admiring the same face I got to see every morning." Taehyung giggled, his eyes on the views outside the window now.
"Wow, I didn't know I have a beautiful admirer outside the palace, if I had known earlier, I should've visited you there!"Jk said, glancing at the Prince beside him. "Well, if u did that I'm pretty sure we got mobbed in my university.I might have been super famous!" Tae replied.
"That I doubt" Jk said, a hint of glee in his voice. "Why is that?" Taehyung curiously replied. "Coz Taehyung, my prince--I guess even if I visited u in ur university or in ur door, u will still not notice me." Jungkook finally stopped the car & now looking at him.
"Huh?! No way I will ever snob a Prince as handsome and hot as you?!" Taehyung laughs nervously. "U sure about that Taehyung?" "Yeah? I mean, why would I snob u in the first place? Of course I won't do that!" he said now more nervous.
"Because Taehyung, the beautiful prince of the HOuse of Kim, your eyes are only on Jungkook, my brother. So even if I visit you outside the palace, I'm pretty sure that you won't notice me, not inside this kingdom, not even more outside where you are just you and he is just him."
Taehyung turned his whole body facing the Crowned Prince. "Oh my Gosh! Noooo! I mean, what do you mean?I'm not looking at Jungkook like that?He's my best friend and we grew up together. I know he's annoying and he hates it when I dont eat my meals properly, he also hates it when
I go home late, like what the hell?! Im an adult like him too and I---" he was cut off with Prince Jk's loud laughter. "What is so funny?" he asked with a furrowed brows. "Coz I guess I'm wrong" Jk replied still smiling. "YEs, you're definitely wrong!" Taehyung said proudly!
"I'm wrong of saying that your eyes are only with Jungkook Taehyung, coz I think even your heart is with him too." Jk voiced out what he was thinking since the moment he saw the two met each other this morning. "wait, w-what?" Taehyung pretends to be shocked!
"I'm sorry for being so straight forward my prince, I also don't want to come off rude, but the moment I saw you and my brother this morning, I knew there's something in the way you look at each other. Not to be a back stabbing kind of bro but he was so rude to me even in front
of the king, but he was so soft & lovey dovey with you?! So no, if you'll tell me that there's nothing going on,then I won't buy it."Jk explained still staring at Taehyung who's now speechless in front of him. "But he only look at me as his best friend,sometimes a baby brother!"
"I'm sorry for the language but that's an absolute bullsh*t Taehyungie. You might be his baby but definitely not his brother!" Prince Jk reiterated. "I'm not sure about that" Taehyung said just above his whispering voice. Prince Jk thought of pushing the subject matter but he
decided to just leave it at that for now. Besides,they already reached their destination. So instead of arguing more with Taehyung, he just informed the other that they're in front of the famous BANGTAN MUSEUM already. "Ready for ur first stop?" he asked the now excited prince!
Just like when they get on the car, Prince JK opened his door for him. Taehyung thanked him & followed him inside the museum. "Wait, Prince Jk, do u mind if I ask u something?" "Please don't ask that again next time Prince Taehyung. U can ask me anything, anytime. U can also
call me JK now, who knows, sooner or later we'll be family!" the crowned prince wink at him. "Oh."Taehyung blushed again. "I'm just curious. You're the crowned prince but u drive around without a chaperone?" Is that even allowed?" he asked, remembering some of the rules.
Jk smiled at him then turn around to point at the convoys who are now parking beside and in front of the Crowned prince's car. "Who said I don't have a chaperone? They're just keeping a distance from me since I really hate to be driven around my own kingdom feeling unsafe."
"I know it's not final yet & my brother can still contest his right to the throne but Taehyung few months from now the four kings and the people of Bangtan are going to choose the new ruler of the kingdom, so being the heir of that throne, I want to feel safe on my own land"
Taehyung suddenly clap his hands while looking at JK entering the building. "Wow, I never thought this day will come!" Tae said clenching his chest while following Jk inside the museum. "This day of what?"the prince asked. "To hear you speak as the next ruler of the kingdom!"
"Your reaction tells me that u only heard the bad things I've done huh?" Jk uttered guiding him in a hall full of beautiful paintings. "No, no. I mean you really are fit for the throne of the king. I read a lot about your humility and all but I never thought you are like--you
really deserves to be the Ruler of Bangtan." Taehyung said now looking at the magnificent pieces of work in front of him. "Wow!" "Do u like art Taehyungie?" Jk asked while walking to his favorite spot of the museum. "Yes, actually me & ur brother are both Arts students"
"Wow, I didn't know that at least Jungkook & I has something in common."JK commented. "Really? so what do you do? Are these magnificent painting yours?" Taehyung genuinely appreciates the art pieces hanging on the walls. "Nope, they're my photographs!" Jk replied that confused
the other. "But these are paintings?!" Taehyung said pointing each painting. "I know right! Well, here's the thing Tae, this museum was just a building to me when I was 14. But as a prince I have to come here to study our land's rich history & that includes Arts. I was into
photography, because unfortunately I don't have the talent of painting or drawing. One day, I left my camera and photographs here in the museum. I wanted to come back and take it back but the Museum was already closed that time so I went home without them." Jk recalled.
"But you are a Prince, you can just come here anytime you want right?" Taehyung asked hesitantly. "Yup, but unfortunately, that day there's someone more important than me occupying the museum already and we are told to just come back another day." "Ah so u just went home?"
"Yup! And I never get my camera back after that day." Jk said still staring at the paintings. "Aww! U must be upset then if u really like your camera?" Taehyung said now looking at the same painting Jk's staring. "Yes, I was mad at first. But the next day we came back here at
the museum, I saw that painting." now he's pointing at a messy painting of a landscape with blue sky & vast green grasses. There are also kids playing on the painting. "That's one of my lost photographs." Jk said with now full of emotion voice. "Oh! so the thief gave your
photographs back through that painting? Amazing!" Taehyung commented. "Yes. He painted every single photographs I left & since then I have been leaving different photographs of landscapes, people, things, in here. Taehyung's eyes widened. "You mean, the thief wasn't caught?!"
JK shook his head, indicating no. "But how?! I mean why? Your brother is a king. He could've just ask the people here to investigate?" Jk look at him with a tiny smile now. "Yoongi hyung wanted to do that, he was very adamant to catch the "thief" Taehyung, but I don't know..
maybe my heart tells me not to catch the thief?" JK said now looking at the other paintings again. "But why?" Taehyung followed him, very eager to know the full story. "Because Taehyung, maybe, just maybe the person who's been taking them are hopeful & hopeless too, so I just
let it go." Jk explained. "Idon't understand" Taehyung even pouts & just like Jungkook, the crowned prince fell for it! "If that person can freely see the world in his own, if that person could go wherever he want to go, then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't steal even the
simplest photograph of the sky, the grass and the children playing on the streets, coz he could just go there himself instead of patiently waiting for a random stranger leaving an average photograph for him to transform into masterpieces like these paintings!" Jk voiced out.
Taehyung is left speechless. How could it even possible?! Who on this free kingdom could be so unlucky not to see the--OMG! Taehyung's eyes widened as one of the museum staff approached them. "Oh my gosh!" the staff is screaming, at them?! WTF, that was my line, Tae thought!
"Finally, you two met already!" the staff suddenly blurted out while looking at them with heart eyes. "Excuse me, but do you know this person, my prince?" JK asked Taehyung who's equally as shocked as him. "N-no?" Taehyung answered, only to change his mind at the last minute!
"I m-mean y-yes my prince, may you excuse us for a minute?" Taehyung said while dragging the staff out of the room where Jk is left confused. "Girl, I'm sorry I don't know you but will you please listen to me very well?!" Taehyung told the girl as he hold her hands.
"W-wait.. you mean--" the staff couldn't speak. She is beyond shocked. If this man isn't lying to her which maybe really not lying to him since the Crowned Prince of Min knows him, then the girl is now holding one of the most important information of this AU, I mean the secret of
the kingdom. "Yes, my beloved. You are now holding a secret that can change the history of this kingdom. So can you promise me to keep it and I promise you will have a front row seat when the fulfillment of the prophecy will finally come true!" Taehyung convinced her.
Taehyung is still composing himself when Prince Jk finally found them. The staff immediately walk away the moment he saw Jk. "Taehyung, what was that all about?" the crowned prince asked, not really convinced of Taehyung's alibi a while ago. "U said u don't know her but you---
"She likes Jungkook!" Taehyung blurted out of panic. He doesn't know what to say anymore so he blurted out the first thing that comes into his mind, of course it includes Jungkook! "W-what? u dragged that lady out of here because she likes Jungkook? And how did u know that?"
Heaven knows Taehyung isn't fond of lying, and he knows that if this is Jungkook he's talking with, he's already busted. Good thing it is the wrong twin at the right time, so he tried to make a story that he hope will be possible enough for the other Jeon to believe.
"Well?" Jk is waiting. "She likes Jungkook when we were in pre-school..I will never forget that one time she pushed me in the swing because I was playing with Guk" Taehyung pouts to add effects. Thank heaven, Jk is dumber than he thought. The Crowned prince laughed!
"For the kingdom's sake! I can't believe you Prince Taehyungie. You were holding a grudge against a poor girl who have probably move on from my brother for decades now?! I mean, I have Jungkook's face so I would know if she still like him right?!" Jk asked still laughing.
"Oh well, I was just checking" Taehyung said nervously. "I can't believe it! I hope my brother isn't as jealous as you. Because if that's the case, I'm wondering how many times he would've killed me in his mind by now." JK said now wiping the tears in his eyes from laughing.
"I don't think he'll be jealous though" Taehyung suddenly feel insecure again. JK felt the hesitation & sadness in his voice. "Did you ever have a boyfriend Taehyung?" he asked. "Y-yes, I had few flings back in HS, so.." "Really? I wonder how my brother would've reacted!"
Taehyung thought about those days when he was dating. "Well, nothing that signified he's jealous. HE would just usually make sure I come home on time. HE would just also pick me up from the bar I went with my date once I missed to answer his calls." he said trying to recall.
"He called u when u were on your dates?" JK furrowed his brows again. "Y-yes? like, he would not stop until I answer?" Taehyung said like it's the most normal thing in the world. "Holy sh*t Taehyung, where's your phone?" Jk suddenly asked. "Oh, I left it in your car?"
"Wow! GReat! Now we have a very furious dragon in the House of Kim. I'm sorry Tae but I guess we could just come back here again next time. I don't want to upset my brother even more." Jk said leading him out of the museum now. "Wait.. I don't think Jungkookie will mind."
They reached the car & they're both shocked when they heard his phone ringing. "Now, that's what I'm talking about my prince. Hop on so we could pacify the angry dragon!" Jk tease him. The phone is still ringing so Taehyung finally pressed the answer button. "H-hell-"
"I swear to gods and goddesses of greek mythology Kim Taehyung if you won't tell me where you are right now, I'm calling Yoongi Hyung to find you in this fucking kingdom!" Jungkook is not mad. He is not jealous. He is not also fuming. He is not worried. He is not subtle at all!
Taehyung knows Jungkook is just over reacting again. So instead of telling his best friend where he is,he decided to play with him first,to Jk's surprise. "REally? Jungkookie? Then who's the god of gays?"he tease his best friend. He even pressed the speaker so Jk could hear him.
And Taehyung wanted to regret that move when he heard his best friend's broken voice. "Taetae, please... just tell me where you are. I'm worried here. You're gone for an hour, you're not answering your phone in this land where you knows no one, well maybe except my brother."
"I just wanna know if you're safe." Jungkook ended it with a deep sigh. Taehyung look at the Crowned Prince beside him before answering. "I'm so sorry Gukkie, your brother brought me here to the museum but we're also going home now. Please stop worrying about me, besides i'm
with your brother." Taehyung answered with softer voice now. That makes me worried more Tae, that you're with my brother you like, Jungkook thought to himself. "Then tell my brother to drive u home safely Taehyung." he said before ending the call. Seokjin & V sigh beside him.
The moment Jungkook ended the call, V went back to his room. He wouldn't wait for his twin and his--well ex fiance to come back with their stories! NO! He would not sit and listen to that sh*t! V was gone when Seokjin suddenly flicked Jungkook's head! "Really?!! That's it?"
"Tell my brother to drive you home safely?" Seokjin imitates his soft voice. "I can't believe this Jeon Jungkook! I didn't raise you to be this--this loser?!!" "Hyung, u didn't raise me" Jungkook said trying to change the topic! "U talk back one more time & you'll see!"
"Dionysus will be very embarrass to see & hear you like that!!! Where is the Jungkook I was talking to an hour ago?! Gone? Dead?! Hyung, I love Taehyung and I wouldn't allow anyone to steal him from me?! Bullsh*t!" Seokjin is fuming! He can't believe how Jungkook can do that!
Jungkook didn't answr to that.He just realized that the readers of this AU must be very frustrated by now. So he kept quiet and patiently waited for Taehyung & the most conceited Crowned Prince he has ever met! "So what?U gonna act like i'm one of the chairs here"Seokjin again.
"WTF, hyung can u please ---" "Don't even ask me to shut up in my own house!" "Oh my god! I wonder how the King has put up with u for years hyung, you're just too---" Another flick! "Ouch! are u even allowed to hit me hyung? YOongi hyung will not be very happy---"
Jungkook instantly shoot up from his seat when he heard the screeching of his bro's car outside. Seokjin wasn't able to run after him when he quickly went to where Taehyung & Jk is. "Hey, bro you should---" Jk was cut off by his twin brother who's now holding Taehyung's wrist.
"Jk, I heard u have a punishment to receive inside so better go inside bro. You wouldn't want to upset the crowned Prince of the HOuse of Kim right?" Jungkook has opened the car's door already. "By the way, let me borrow ur car tonight, gonna take Taehyung home with me."
Seokjin,Jk and even Taehyung were all speechless. Jk wasn't even able to reply when Jungkook decided that it's time for him to go away with Taehyung! Taehyung can't help but smile & blush when Jungkook suddenly stopped the car to put on his seatbelt. "When are u going to learn
to put on this goddamn seat belt? I told you to--" "Never." Taehyung cut him off. "N-ne-- what? and why is that Kim TAehyung?!" Jungkook asked as he started the car again. He actually doesn't know the right direction going back to the HOuse of Min but thanks to his brother's
luxurious car, he could use it's GPS. "Well, I'm just saying. I'm not gonna learn how to put on the seat belt since I have you to put it on me." Taehyung said not looking at his best friend! Jungkook fake cough when he heard his reply. "I can't believe you Kim TAehyung!"
Meanwhile back in The House of Kim Seokjin looks at the Crowned Prince of Min with a judging eyes. He doesn't want to be rude to the future ruler of the kingdom & he doesn't want to put Namjoon in any trouble but he saw how V was so devastated a while ago so he couldn't stop
himself the moment his eyes & Jk's met. "Looks like you had a great time with Jungkook's Taehyungie my beloved Prince." he said trying to emphasize that Taehyung is Jungkook's! Jk immediately caught on that so he just smiled at the older. "Yes I did hyung, I had an amazing
time with my twin brother's best friend!" he said just to annoy the consort who's obviously trying to pissed him off. His reason? the crowned prince doesn't have any idea. "Hmmn, that's good to hear that you're getting along well with the prince." Seokjin won't budge!
"Oh yes hyung! I brought him to the museum. I didn't even know that he also loves arts." Jk uttered. "M-museum? You went in the museum?"Seokjin suddenly stuttered. "Yes hyung, and it's funny. We met someone he knows there." Jk said without noticing Seokjin's change of demeanor.
"You m-met someone w-who k-knows T-taehyung in the m-museum?" SEokjin asked, now sweating. "Yes, hyung. Do u think that's strange too? because I know Mella since I was 14, and Taehyung said they know each other? Don't you think Taehyung is lying to me hyung? Or maybe Mella saw
someone who strangely looks exactly like Taehyung before and Tae realized that soon so he tried to lie to me? Because SEokjin hyung, I just told Taehyung y funny story about my lost camera & lost photographs than turned into painting?! Now, hyung, do you think Taehyung knows
something happened inside my own kingdom that I don't know?!" Jk didn't plan to interrogate Seokjin like that. Heaven knows he doesn't want to talk about this thing outside the Kim's household. But when he saw the familiar figure who was secretly watching them from the window
he couldn't help but to finally ask SEokjin if he's right. If Taehyung really was just really quick to realized that Mella in the museum recognize him as Prince V a while ago. "Kim Seokjin!" Jk called out his name again when Seokjin remained silent.
"Are those painting in the museum," JK couldn't hold his tears anymore. "My photographs that have been missing that are transformed into those masterpieces. Are those Crowned Prince V's work?" he finally managed to ask in between his tears. Seokjin's eyes widened.
“Answer me, goddamn it Seokjin hyung! I have waited a long time for this,” he’s now holding on Seokjin’s arms., his whole body shaking for all the pent up emotions he’s been trying to hold for years. He knew it. Jk knew it since that day he lost his camera, coz he went back!
He saw it when the younger Prince V back then was looking at his photograph and for a moment he really wanted to take his camera back! But then again, that time, he remembered the 6 years old boy who was trapped in the attic he helped. He was just 14 when he lost his camera,
but Jk is wise beyond his years! So he understood the weight of Prince V’s smile when he was holding his photographs! Right there and then, Jk promised himself to take more beautiful photos & purposely leave it at the museum for the hidden prince to see! So yes, he knew it!
Seokjin couldn’t stand to see the Crowned Prince in tears anymore. He knows that it’s not Jungkook, but he embraces him anyway.He hold him like the older brother that he is with Jungkook just a while ago. “U must be thanking me now Yoongi,” he thought to himself while guiding JK
walk inside the house. The beautiful consort ask the maid to get some water for the Crowned Prince & when he saw that the younger is finally feeling calmer, he finally look him in the eyes & confessed something he already confessed to Yoongi, years ago. “It’s V, it was him.”
“I know that u know it by now, but I gues I really ought to tell you this” Seokjin sigh upon seeing the mighty & brave Crowned Prince tear up again. “Your photographs saved him Jk. When V was younger, he wouldn’t talk to me nor Namjoon. He seems lifeless, that’s also one of the
reasons why Namjoon & I are very hesitant to introduce him to our people. Then that one day, during his private visit in the museum, he stumbled upon your camera & photographs. He was so happy, we were so hopeful! Since that day, we saw him smile & gets so excited in painting
He keeps saying that he doesn’t wanna disappoint his friend, which is you by the way.” Seokjin pause to see the prince’s reaction. Jk has that fond smile in his lips even when eyes couldn’t stop to tear up. “He vowed to make ur photographs into something beautiful too.”
“All his paintings are beyong beautiful.”Jk finally commented. “Hyung,I-i want to have a chance with V.” Seokjin gasps.He never thought his plan needs not to be put in action since Jk himself seems to have a plan! “Wow, i guess Jeons really are dragons at the end of the day!”
Jk smiled on his comment. “I wonder how my idiot of a brother & Taehyung is doing right now.” The crowned prince smile at the thought of the oblivious best friends. “Wow! I guess you’re the smarter twin huh?! Seokjin uttered when he heard Jk talk about his twin brother & Tae.
“So, what’s ur plan now? Coz to be honest Jk, i cant think of an idea on how will u tell all these to V without my poor beloved brother breaking. I mean, all his life he has been crushing over—“ Seokjin slap himself for slipping out like that. He never wanted to out V!
Prince Jk finally smiled at that. He doesn’t need Seokjin to finish the sentence for him to understand the implication of that phrase. “I really hope he’ll still like me when learned that it’s me hyung.” he said hesitantly. Seokjin furrowed his brows when he heard that.
“WHATS THE FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU JEON BROTHERS?! U are so fucking scary & brave one minute, then u turn to shy cowards the next??! Oh my guard! Why do my little princes fell for the wrong twins?!” Seokjin exaggerates! He didn’t even notice Jk is gone in front of him.
When Seokjin finally noticed that the Crowned Prince is gone, he cursed under his breathe & went to Namjoon! “Those mf Jeons are giving me wrinkles!” he thought to himself,as he stride to the King’s chamber to relieve stress & to finally inform the King of the upcoming union of
the House of Kim & House of Min, who between the Jeons? He doesn’t know yet, but as of the moment he really doesn’t fucking care coz all he wants is to cuddle with Namjoon to forget the annoying twins who are now probably getting on with his twin baby princes respectively!
Prince Jk didn’t mean to be rude to the King’s consort, he didn’t mean to run away from him while the older is giving him a piece of his mind. But he suddenly have the urge to see Prince V. So he run as soon as Seokjin turned his back from him, he knows it’s unbecoming but he
doesn’t care anymore. That is why after some run & turns, here he is in front of the now familiar door to him. He hesitantly knocked on the door. “Please tell the majesty that I am still full.” a muffled voice inside answered after the knock. Jk furrowed his brows.
He knocks again. “Prince V, it’s me.” he said after not hearing anything. “Go away!” V said, now wiping his tears away upon hearing the other Crowned Prince’s voice. “We’re not recreating Ana & Elsa’s scene, are we?!” Jk tried to joke to cheer up the Prince inside.
Prince V can’t help but smile when he heard Ana & Elsa. He was just hidden but of course he knows Frozen too. His smile turns to a full laughter when he heard the Crowned prince started to sing the cartoon’s theme song, Let it Go. V quietly stand up & slowly opens his door.
“Why are you embarrassing yourself in my house, future Ruler of Bangtan?! What do u want?” V asked, his body still hidden behind his door. He only opened it so he could see what’s the other prince is up to. Jk take a good look at him first before he finally speak. “Did u cry?!”
Jk carefully open the door wider to check if the Crowned Prince is hurt somewhere else, but when he saw that he’s okay physically at least, he can’t stop himself asking him again. “V did u just cry? Is there something wrong? Are u sick?” he asked again, now he’s really worried.
V suddenly burst in to full sobbing when he saw how caring Jk is to him again. “How dare u ask me if Im okay as if you care!” he said hitting the other’s arm. “What do u mean? Of course I care about you V.” Jk said capturing his two hands to his own.
V cried more upon hearing that! “How can u blatantly lie like that? You keep telling me lies!” the pained prince voice out. Jk furrowed his brows, then when the realization hits him, he sigh. Of course V will feel that after what he has done in the previous days. “Oh god,”
“V I’m so sorry. But you have to listen to me, okay?” V doesn’t want to get hurt again. He knows he isn’t as carefree & as charming as his twin, but there’s someting in Jk’s voice that tells him that he needs to listen to what he’s about to say, so he nodded. “Thank you, first
I’m really sorry for not informing you of my departure the other day. I went back home at the early dawn so I just came to check on you that day. U were still sleeping like a baby so I didn’t have the heart to wake u up.” Jk explained. “Y-yo came into my room before u left?”
Prince Jk nodded while carefully wiping V’s tears away. “Of course I came, I wished I could’ve brought u home with me the other day so u could also finally see the House of Min, but I guess it isn’t just the right time.” Jk’s soft voice is melting Prince V’s mad heart.
“Y-you want to t-take me to your House too?” the blonde prince asked. He’s too afraid to get hurt again but the way Jk is kneeling in front of him,wiping away his tears is just too much.And the way the other looks at him,it’s really makes all the butterflies in his tummy go wild.
“Of course I do. I also want to bring you to other places too. Maybe we can also watch the stars in the sky tonight?” Jk finally smiled when he saw the tiny smile appearing at V’s lips. But then, V suddenly remembers his twin brother. His tiny smile disappeared again.
“You’re just saying that now, then you’ll just leave me & go to my brother afterwards,” V expressed his worries. He doesn’t want to give himself a false hope again. “Hmmmmn, about that. I guess I wouldn’t want to be caught on a dragon’s fire.” he said remembering his twin bro.
“Huh?! What do u mean?” he’s genuinely curious. “My brother might have been very jealous when I took Taehyungie on a tour. They are probably still on their way home as we speak.” Jk informed him as he tucked some of V’s hair in his ear. “Jungkook took my brother away?!”
Jk smiled at V’s sudden change of mood.He thought how the Kim twins must be opposite of him & his own twin.They seem to bond really well after just a night being together,unlike him & Jungkook who are constantly on each other’s throat. “Yup,Jungkook took Taehyung home with him.”
Jk thought V would throw another fit so he’s surprised to see him broke into a lovely genuine smile. “Taehyungie missed him so much. It seems like the union of the two Houses are not impossible at all. Have u seen how they look at each other?” V Said dreamily, not noticing how
how Prince Jk stiffened upon the mention of the union of two Houses. The Crowned Prince want to tell him that it’s them, that they should be the ones who’ll tie the bond of the two biggest & most powerful house, but he thought V deserves better than a measly proposal.
"Yeah, do you think they would make a good couple?" instead, JK asked. "Of course they will. They still don't know how irrevocably in love they are at each other but I'm pretty sure they will be one of those annoyingly sweet couple and that they could even beat SEokjin hyung &
Namjoon hyung for being that lovey dovey couple." V said, totally forgetting that he's so upset just a while ago. "Then, don't you think will be a great couple too?" Jk suddenly blurted out. He honestly didn't mean to said that out loud but since he did, V's eyes widened.
The blonde prince's face turned crimson red upon realizing what the crowned prince of Min just asked him. When Jk noticed V's discomfort, he swiftly stood up. "You don't have to answer now my angel. It's already getting late anyway. How about we eat dinner together now?"
"Woah! I can't believe this! Just a few hours ago you were telling me how happy & relived you were that the union of this two houses are cancelled. But why are you doing this now Jk? Do you know frustrating it is to---" the blonde prince was cut off again.
Jk didn't plan their second kiss to be like this. But he's been waiting for this because he missed the feeling of the other's lips on him. So when Prince V started blabbering, he wasn't able to stop himself. He grabbed the other's nape & pulled him closer as he kiss him again.
V's eyes were half closed, & so were Jk's. The crowned prince realized that V's lips really is addictive. He could kiss him forever & he won't get tired of it at all. He doesn't want to end the kiss but he knows he needs too. He nudged his nose against his & smile.
"Now, I finally found a way to shut you up whenever you--" Jk wasn't able to finish his words this time. "Y-you kissed me again." V whispered to him. "That I did, & I won't apologized this time." Jk finally said while cupping the blonde prince's face. "But why?" V's afraid to
ask questions, he's nervous that Prince Jk would just tell him that he's being played but for once he wanted to be brave so he asked. Jk didn't answer immediately this time. He took his time appreciating a every bit of the Crowned prince's beautiful face. He caress his cheeks
with his right thumb while moving away his fringes with his left hand. He rally is beyond beautiful, he thought to himself. He smiled to himself when he realized that yes, he might plan a better proposal later but he's not gonna end this night without confessing to him.
JK move closer again if that's even possible,his lips against his cheek,brushing it lightly—and still that light touch sent shivers through V's nerves,shivers that made his whole body tremble."I like you Prince V, & I'm planning to kiss u like this forever." he whispered before
brushing his mouth against the hollow of his temple. "I want to bring u to places you've never been." He traced the line of his cheekbone. "I want you to be mine." His lips were against his. And for a very long time, V finally feels so free!
Prince engulfed V into the tightest hug he could ever give him after their breathtaking kiss. The two fell into comfortable silence. They were just standing their in the middle of the Prince's room embracing each other, Jk giving the other random kisses, in his forehead,
on his cheeks,on his nose.They are silently enjoying the momnt when they suddenly heard a knock. "Oh,not again."Jk whined thinking who's outside the door again. V smile at him,the smile that knocks Jk out of breathe. So they forgot the knocking on the door as Jk kiss him again.
They were mindlessly kissing each other when the door burst open. "Oh my guard! Crowned Prince of the House of Min, you told me you want a chance with my brother but you never told me you wanted to eat his face!" Seokjin shriek! Jk & V just laugh at him. "Your brother is too
beautiful consort Seokjin,pardon a weak human being like me for being tempted."the prince joked at the older who's still ranting over the Prince who walked away from him just a while ago. "U have a lot of explaining to do,so both of you follow me.The king is also waiting for u."
Meanwhile, Taehyung & Jungkook finally arrived at the House of Min. They are still in the car silently sitting beside each other. "Guk have u ever thought that one day, this is gonna happen to us?" Taehyung broke their silence. The Prince of Kim suddenly feels the weight of
the things that just happened to them in less than 48 hours. Just a few days ago, they were just broke university art students and now, here they are in probably one of the most luxurious car in front of a f*cking palace---the House of Min. Jungkook look at his best friend.
"Remember when we were kids & u were so obsessed calling me Prince Joen? I guess the gods & goddesses were so annoyed at you back then so they made all ur wishes come true." Jungkook wanted to lighten up their situation. He knows that the moment they went off the car, everything
will change between the two of them. Jungkook is very aware that taking Taehyung from his own house and bringing him to his own without the House of Kim King's permission is equal to commoners running away from their families to elope. Taehyung knows it too. But the two of them
are suddenly playing dumb. Taehyung knows the rules of the kingdom & he also knows that Jungkook remembers everything about it too because between them, the Prince of Jeon is actually more familiar with all the dos & donts inside the kingdom,so Taehyung is more than nervous now.
"Gukkie" "Taehyungie" They said in unison. "Go ahead Tae, what is it?" Jungkook said nervously. "No, u go firs." Taehyung insisted. Jungkook took a deep breathe. "I'm not sure if you remember all Sejin hyung's lessons but Tae once we got off this car, there's no turnng back"
I mean, just tell me if you want to go back home so--" Jungkook wasn't able to finish his words when he saw Taehyung getting off his seat belt. And it's almost comical when Taehyung opened the door signifying that his ready to get off the car too. "Tae, wait. What are u doing?"
Taehyung look at Jungkook with a knowing smile, he knows his best friend is still hesitating but he will not back down now. If Prince Jk is right, Jungkook must’ve brought him in the House of Min with a purpose, right?! “Right!” Taehyung convinced himself before finally getting
off the car. Jungkook hurriedly get off too. He even slam the door of Jk’s car just so he could run near Taehyung. He didn’t give his bestfriend a chance to distract him again. When Taehyung saw Jungkook coming to him, he thought the younger will just let him ride the car again,
so he thought ahead of Jungkook this time! The moment Jungkook grab his wrist, Taehyung turned & grab Jungkook’s shoulder before pushing him on the side of the car. Now, Jungkook is frozen between the car & his bestfriend who suddenly looks so serious, his arms both on his side!
“T-taehyung what are u doing?!” Jungkook stammered. He usually doesn’t do that since it has always been Taehyung who’s stuttering mess between them. But there’s something on his best friend’s actions tonight that really makes him soft. “What am I doing? U tell me Gukkie, why are
we even in your house when we are supposed to be inside MY house with my brother & ur twin brother.” Taehyung said, obviously trying to let him speak about the real situation. “Well, I just thought u wanted to stroll around the kingdom & check for yourself if King Yoongi has a
tiger as a pet.” U see, it is true that Taehyung is very curious about that fact, but that’s not what he wanted to hear from his bestfriend. So he tried again. “But we can see that some other time, besides wouldn’t it be nice if Prince Jk is here too with us?” he said.
The moment he heard his brother's name uttered by Taehyung, Jungkook lost it. He grabbed Taehyung's waist and gently push the other on the side of the car. In a blink of an eye, the two exchanged their position. Jungkook's arms are now on Taheyung's side like iron bars.
"Do you know why I have to bring you here Kim Taehyung?" Jungkook whispered in his ears, the other swallowed, he suddenly lost all the confidence a while ago. He couldn't even manage to answer back now that Jungkook's body is pressed with his body, their chest touching.
"It's because I am so afraid Tae, I am so afraid that my own twin brother might steal you from me." the Prince of Min finally gathered all his courage to confess to his lifelong best friend. Taehyung gasps. He doesn't know how to react because first, he's not ready for this.
Second, did he hear it right? Did his J-jungkook really said he was afraid that Prince Jk might steal him? Like is he a treasure to be stolen? Or does Jungkook think he would choose Prince Jk because he has been a fan of the Crowned Prince since they were young? What does it even
mean? Taehyung's brain is gonna explode, and the proximity of their faces isn't helping for him to think straight! Call him dumb but, is this really is it?! "G-guk" he said just above a whisper. "Kim Taehyung, I know we've been best friends since we were still in diapers,
I know u might be so tired of my annoying face already, I know you like JK as far as I remember, but Taehyung I can't imagine a day without you. I mean, I know if you and my brother would end up together, you will still be here, but I don't like that. I don't like you to be with
my brother at all. Call me selfish now, call me childish or whatsoever, but I want you Tae. I just want you for myself, like I don't want to share you with anyone else, well maybe I can share u with our people but not with anyone, like another man!" Jungkook is hyperventilating.
Taehyung may look so calm in front of Jungkook but heaven knows his heart is already resting in peace. His best friend, his Jungkook wants him. He wanted to scream, to tell the whole world that the sexiest man in the world wants him, but he chose to remain calm. He wanted this so
he will do this right. He was too busy containing his own emotions when he realized both him and Jungkook are now crying. He's crying of happiness and Jungkook, well is crying out of nervousness especially that Taheyung didn't show any reaction at all after his confession.
"T-tae, please say something?" Jungkook pleads, his voice started to shake too. It is only then when Taehyung realized he was holding his breathe so when he heard Jungkook calling his name, he finally let go of the air he's been holding in his chest. "Jeon Jungkook, did I ever
tell you how I like this tiny scar in your cheek?" he suddenly asked. Jungkook might be confused but he still replied, "N-no Tae u never told me that. Besides, who would like a scar? It's ugly!" Taehyung leans in to kiss the scar. "I can still clearly remember how u got this
scar Guk. You fought with those bullies who are twice your size when you learned that they've been bullying me. So it's not ugly at all Guk. Now, did I ever tell u how I find it so cute whenever u scrunch ur nose when u're smiling?" "Tae, no. U always made fun of me whenever I
scrunch my nose. It's sometimes annoying" Jungkook said touching his nose. Taehyung softly removed his hand and kiss Gukkie's nose."It's not annoying at all Guk. I was laughing everytime because that's my only way of stopping myself from saying something stupid like I wanna boop
ur nose & give u smooches all the time." Jungkook's heart is beating so fast at the moment. He isn't sure where is this conversation going but as long as Taehyung is within his reach! He's willing to be stuck here forever.
Then Taehyung gently cup his face with his two big soft hands. He leans in so his forehead is touching Jungkook’s forehead, they can feel each other’s breathing. Jungkook unconsciously closed his eyes while listening to Taehyung’s heart beats. “U said u are afraid to lose me,
U said u don’t want to share me with anyone else, u said u want me for yourself only.. u call urself selfish for feeling that this time when all those years we live together, that’s exactly what I feel Guk. I’ve loved you even before I understood what love really is.”
Jungkook froze the moment he heard it. His eyes fluttered open & met with Taehyung's loving gaze. "I love you Jeon Jungkook, and I don't mind you taking me for yourself alone. I love you and I want to be with you each and every single day." Taehyung finally poured out.
The two look at each other like they're the only people in the world, they didn't mind the guards and servants lining up in front of the House of Min watching them already. Jungkook doesn't even care anymore, what matters to him now is the fact that the love of his life, loves
him back. So with no more dramas hiding their feelings to each other, Jungkook slowly bent down to finally have a taste of the sweetest lips he has been dreaming to taste ever since. Taehyung leans in to welcome his best friend, no scratch that, his man's lips now.
The two princes who shared their lives with each other, hiding their feelings towards each other finally shared their first kiss ever.The kiss is so soft,Jungkook held Taehyung's face with utmost care like he's so afraid to break him. When the two finally break from their kiss,
the guards, the servants and the readers of this Au including the chaotic writer started to cheer for them! Some of the servants doesn't even know that they're cheering for the other twin coz only the higher ranking guards are the ones who knows about the twin brothers yet!
The old servants who know that they're cheering for their long lost heir are as emotional as Taehyung & Jungkook themselves. They just thought how blessed the House of Min is to be the chosen house to take care of the only JEONS alive in the Kingdom. Jungkook engulfed Taehyung
with his strong arms as he kiss his forehead once again. "I love you Tae, I'm such an idiot to realized that now. I should've been doing this with you for years now." Jungkook said, while wiping his love's face now. "It's okay Gukkie, we have a lifetime to do that." he replied.
After thanking the servants and the guards who greeted them, Jungkook held Taehyung's hand as he lead him inside the House of Min. The Prince knows that Jk isn't home coz he was left at the House of Kim so he just decided to look for the King so he could finally inform him
about Taehyung. When one of the maids told him that the king is in his library, he started to drag Taehyung so they could meet the King already.They were outside the library when they heard the familiar voice inside. "That's definitely not the Majesty King!" Jungkook's uttered!
Taehyung & Jungkook remained silent outside the door. They both didn't intend to eavesdrop but when they finally put a face into the voice they heard, they couldn't help but stay a little longer! "G-gukkie, is that---" "Sssssh, keep quiet baby. I guess that's really him!"
"For f*ck's sake Yoongi, you know you can't do that!" the heir of the House of Park is fuming. He can't believe Yoongi had asked the Kingdom's physician to call him pretending that the King is very ill so he used his private chopper to immediately fly back to the Kingdom only to
find out a very healthy King who's holding a precious tiny box in front of him. "Why not? Jimin you know I am serious. I want to do this." Yoongi's voice cracked, he's losing hope now. He knows that this is his last straw of hope for him & Jimin but if the younger wouldn't agree
then, it will also mean the end of them. "Why not? Are you seriously asking me that? Do I really need to remind you that you are a fucking King of the House of Min and I am the goddamn heir of the House of Park which means, I am supposed to marry someone from the House of Jung!
Yoongi, I run away from this fucking kingdom not because I don't love you anymore, I run away because I am so afraid to lose you permanently! But what you are doing now is putting all my effort of keeping you in vain! You can't propose to me if you want peace in this Kingdom!"
Jimin is crying now, he's sobbing and breathless & hopeless! He was succeeding in hiding his real intention of running away from the Kingdom for years. All his sacrifices of being away from Yoongi are now dangerously going to waste if Yoongi won't make up his mind.
"Jiminie, do you really think I didn't think over all this?" "Min Yoongi! You will be dethroned the moment other people would learn that you're trying to covet someone else's fiance!" Jimin sat down on the couch already. His legs are shaking, his voice is trembling.
Yoongi silently walked closer to the petit prince in front of him. He sat beside him and tried to hold his hand. He put the tiny box beside him as he lifts Jimin's face so their eyes could meet. "Jiminie, I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say. Can u do that?"
Jimin is to weak to argue anymore so he just nodded to the King who's eyes are as swollen as his. "I lived long enough without you anymore. God knows how I worked hard in order to gain so much power so I could make sure that this Kingdom will live in peace & harmony.
A few months from now, the Kingdom will raised it's new Ruler & I am very proud to say that I've got the opportunity to raised that kid. Jimin, the agreement between the House of Park & House of Jung will not be valid when the two heirs won't agree to marry each other.
Hoseok will never disobey his father's command so that will still make me covet u as his fiance,. but Jiminie how could I stay & sit on that throne knowing that I could've a better & happier life with you, that I could've marry the love of my life if we fought together on this.
I love you Park Jimin & the throne is nothing for me if that will mean I have to lose you."Yoongi poured out all that he's been keeping in his chest. He knows that the journey he chose will never be easy but he's determined not to lose Jimin this time. "What about ur people?"
Yoongi's face turned a little bit sadder but when he realized the implication of the question, he suddenly cheer up. Jimin is considering his proposal. His plan could actually work. "JK will take the throne in a few months, u are aware of that." he confirmed.
"Yeah, I know. I was told that he's marrying the hidden Prince of the House of Kim. But how about your own House Yoongi? Your people? your family?" Jimin asked hesitantly. Yoongi fell into silence. He knows that there's a big probability of him being dethroned after this & his
people might suffer the consequences of his selfishness. The spirit of a king is now over taking his mind again. His eyes faltered & his hands began to shake too. And that's when the door of the library burst open! "Who---" both Yoongi & Jimin are beyond surprised when they
recognized Taehyung & Jungkook holding hands in front of them. "H-hello your majesty King!"Tae said hesitantly. Jungkook can't help but chuckle while watching his now boyfriend, yes take that! Taehyung is his boyfriend now & nothing could change that! "What the hell Jeon?!"
Jimin recognized his dance partner who he knows is actually a Prince. "What are you doing here? I mean, I know you live here but I thought you were in the House of Kim?" Jimin tried to divert the attention of the two the moment he realized how embarrassing their situation is.
"Well, initially I came here to introduce my boyfriend Taehyung to Yoongi Hyung." Jungkook proudly announced, of course, Taehyung blushed to that. "What? You're boyfriends now? What happened to HE'S JUST MY BEST FRIEND ACT?" Jimin asked, trying to move away from Yoongi subtly.
But of course Tae noticed that.And he wouldn't let this chance to annoy the garden gnome who's actually a prince who's now about to marry a King! "Do u really think you're sly Park?We came here to help you with ur problem!" Taehyung said smiling at Jungkook who's now nervous.
"And how could you help us in OUR PROBLEM?" Yoongi asked, his attention is directed to Taehyung. Taehyung threw a glance to his boyfriend first before he continues to explain his brilliant plan to the two lovers in front of them. "Make Jungkook your successor of the throne."
SEOUL, THE PAVILLION "Min Yoongiiiiii! I swear to Dionysus the god of gays, if we'll be late for today's special event of that kid, I will fucking break up with you!" Jimin is really furious now, he's been waiting for Yoongi for hours now. "Break up with me card again huh?!
Honey, how many rings do I have to put in your finger to remind you that we're already married?! Besides, you know how important this golden CD is for that Kid! He basically made me produce a whole fucking movie just to pop that question!" Yoongi said while walking towards him.
Jimin forgets that his mind at his husband for being late the moment he saw him. Min Yoongi, the mighty King of House of Min wearing a ripped jeans is a sight to behold. It’s been a year since they both decided to let go of their thrones & be with each other. Jimin went back
to pursue his dreams to become a dancer. It has been a roller coaster year for them. Yoongi isn't the King of House of Min anymore, instead of being dethroned, he crowned Jungkook as the new King of the House of Min. It wasn't easy dealing with the other Houses but Namjoon & the
newly crowned Ruler of Bangtan has been nothing but supportive to him. The peace & harmony among people are intact, Yoongi remained as the new King's wise adviser. But aside from his duty in the Kingdom, he finally made his way to do what he really loves, he started to create his
own music. Jimin & Yoongi proceed to the private jet sent to them by Jk. The younger is very adamant for them to arrive on time because Yoongi will have an important role in the ending of this AU.He needs to make sure that the twin Jeon brothers will have their happy ending too!
BANGTAN : HOUSE OF KIM A year has passed, SEokjin & Namjoon are very happy to see the Kim twins to be very happy now. Taehyung has been constantly getting in & getting out of the House because as the House of Min King's fiance, he tend to spend more time with Jungkook now.
The truth is, Jungkook hasn't proposed to Taehyung yet.The newly crowned King of the House of Min has been very busy learning the things he should learn, after all, he's just an under graduate Arts student.Yoongi has been very strict to him, he was given a lot of tutors & coaches
in order for him to learn everything he has to learn. So Jungkook has actually been very hard to catch a free time. The moments Taehyung went over to the House of Min, they are probably just cuddling or making out while pretending to watch a movie until Jungkook fell asleep.
Taehyung would be upset every time Jungkook fell asleep while he's over, but then he understand the pressure his boyfriend is carrying, so instead of whining, he will just usually lay beside his boyfriend & sleep too. But whenever he's at home with his twin brother,he cant help
but rant. "Veee!!!" he screams again while laying in his stomach. They are currently in V's bedroom and while the other is busy looking for a new hair style, Taehyung came over to rant because he misses his boyfriend again. "If u miss him that much, then why dont u just go over
the House of Min, Tae? You've been whining since this morning and to be honest, I'm also running out of patience listening to you!" V said without a single bit of pang. Taehyung knows his brother too well now. He knows he doesn't mean it. So he continue to rant!
“I want to! Do u think I’ll be here bothering my most beautiful brother if I could go?” Tae pouts while walking towards his twin’s direction. “I told u stop calling me beautiful just to have an excuse to call urself beautiful!” V glared at him,but the tiny smile on his lips says
otherwise. “But u really are beautiful.” “Whatever! So why cant u go to ur fiance?” V asked again. “Coz he’s nagging brother wants him to the castle again!” Tae pouts again, completely forgetting about what happened to Jk & V!
Upon hearing the castle & THE BROTHER., prince V stiffened in his seat. And when the crowned Prince remains silent, Taehyung realized the mistake he just made. “Oh my guard! I’m so sorry V. Omg, im so insensitive. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to remind u of that jerk!”
Taehyung immediately hugs his twin. The truth is no one knows what really happened between the two. As far as everyone knows, Jk & V were starting to date each other before Jk was crowned as the new Ruler of Bangtan, months ago. Then the next thing they know, V is crying alone
in his room one morning. And since then, they have never seen Jk step foot in the House of Kim ever again. V wanted to act cooly. He doesn’t want to add more drama to Taehyung’s bad day already so he pretended to be okay. The problem is, his eyes betrayed him, he started to
tear up the moment he realized how he misses him, his Jk. “Ssssh, I’m really so sorry V. U know, I don’t know what happened to the two of u until now, so if it will make u feel better, please just tell me now.” Taehyung is trying to convince him. After few minutes, V sighed.
“He’s not a jerk Tae.” he started, trying to calm his voice down. “What!? V, u were both happy & excited before his coronation! I saw how he treated u and I must say it was really believable! He’s a good actor, only if I didn’t know that he left u crying the next day after he
was crowned as the ruler of the kingdom! He’s a jerk for breaking ur heart like that V.” Taehyung said upon remembering that day when he found his twin crying alone on his chamber. “He didn’t leave me with a broken heart Taehyungie. I pushed him out of my chamber that day.”
“What?! Wait, I don’t understand! Why would u do that?!” Taehyung asked, now confused! “U see, he’s crowned as the ruler of this kingdom Tae. He’s so young like us, but he was given a responsibility of a man twice his age. I know how wise Jk is, i know how he would be willing
to give his all to his people. He is just so wonderful and so perfect to be the Ruler, Tae.” V paused a little when he feels like he’s drowning of his emotions. “Yeah, I know that V but why did u push him away?” Tae asked again, now slightly annoyed. “Coz I got scared.”
“Scared of what?! Ffs, V my brother, my beautiful brother, why would u be scared?” “I was nothing but the hidden crowned prince of the House of Kim, Tae. I have nothing to offer to him.” V confessed. “Omg! What kind of kdrama were u watching V? Can u here urself? You, you are
more than enough to offer yourself to Jk! He loves you & Im pretty sure that the poor—-“ Taehyung is giving his twin a piece of his mind when V interrupted him. “That’s why I went to Paris right after! Taehyungie, I want to become the best version of myself first. When I told u
that I pushed him away, I really did. But I promised him that I’ll be right on the same spot where he left me a year ago Tae. I went to Paris because—-“this time, V is the one being interrupted! “Omg! I cant believe this! V, u went to Paris to pursue ur love of Art so u could
have something you’d be proud about Yourself!” Tae finished off his brother’s sentence. V nods at him with a smile on his face now. “And when did u tell him to come back again?” Taehyung suddenly realized it now. The Museum The Exhibits The Make Over The Charities
His brother V, has been preparing himself for Jk! “And t-today is that day he will come to get you?!”Taehyung suddenly blurted out when he saw the sparkle in his twin’s eyes! He was too busy ranting a while ago so he didn’t notice how his brother keeps trying all his clothes!
V blushed at the thought of it. He isn’t even sure if Jk still remembers him. If the youngest Ruler of Bangtan would really come & take him with him this time for good. V is still scared,he is nervous but he wants to hope too. He wants to give himself a cpsecond chance with Jk.
Taehyung was about to ask another question when his phone rings. There’s only 1 person who’s calling him on that phone so he quickly answered it. It was really Jungkook, his fiance just informed him about the Ruler’s plan for V so he’s really nervous while talking to him coz V
is just in front of him. Here’s the convo 🐰:Baby just make sure V will arrive at the museum tonight, alright? 🐯: Sure babe, I will be there tonight. 🐰:No, babe.. V should be—oh, is he there with u? 🐯:Yes my beloved King,iwill call u later. I love you too. End of call.
V raised his brow when he saw his twin fidgeting in his seat. “So you have a date tonight? Finally, the King has managed to put u in his hectic schedule?!” Prince V teased him when he didn’t answer immediately. “Yes! Actually, do u wanna go with us? He also wanted to see his
second favorite artist!” Taehyung is trying to lure his brother. “Second? So who’s the first?” V asked cluelessly of what Taehyung & Jungkook is up to! “Of course it’s me V” Tae act cooly. “Fine! I’ll go with u then. Where are we going anyway?” V suddenly asked.
“Somewhere where we can make our own beautiful story!” Taehyung cryptically answered. “Whatever!” V said while putting down the magazine on his side table. “Wait a f*cking minute! Are u gonna dye ur hair blue?!” Taehyung’s eyes widened when he saw the cocky smile of V.
“And you’re gonna dye your hair red too!” V suddenly announced. “What?! We dont have enough time V.Remember, we have a date with my King tonight.” Taehyung’s head s gonna explode. How could he not tell him the plan of his brother is being a pain in the *** now. “Let’s get it!”
Meanwhile..the Ruler or Bangtan is beyond nervous.He just finished talking to his twin brother Jungkook & the other just informed him that Taehyung will be the one to make sure that V will attend the special show at the museum in the evening. “Stop worrying too much ur highness
everything will tirn out according to ur plans.” Jungkook reassured his brother. The thing is, Jk is doing a great job ruling their Kingdom. As Yoongi& Namjoon predicted before, the people adore him, they respect him regardless of his young age. But this is Crowned Prince V they
are talking about, & everyone knows especially his brother how weak he is when it comes to V. “Guk,I just want everything to be perfect.U know how long I have waited for this.”Jk uttered while staring at the beautiful frame in his chamber. “And it will surely be perfect Jk.”
Meanwhile, in the House of Min. Jimin & Yoongi safely arrived at the House of Min. The couple's initial plan is to go straight in the Museum but King Jungkook just called them and asked them to drop by their house first so they're here. Jimin is still confused coz he just
called Taehyung right before they left Pavillion and his now friend Prince is whining about missing Jungkook. Tae told him that the King is at the Castle coz he wa summoned by the Ruler JK. It doesn't add up now that he realized, why is Jungkook at the House of Min?!
Yoongi noticed his husband's confusion. "What's with the mood?" he asked. "Is Jungkook lying to my best friend?!!" he said while they're both walking towards the House. "What?! Why would he lie? And what does he need to lie about?" YOongi said, but the smug on his face
is too obvious for Jimin not to realized that all this time, Yoongi knows something he doesnt know. "Why did Jungkook lie to Taehyung about being with JK all this time when he's just here at his House?! Don't you know how my poor Taehyungie misses him?" Jimin said a bit piss.
"Jimin, hon please don't tell anything to Taehyung.Tonight will not just be about Jk and V. I guess my boy has finally decided to grow some balls and finally kneel down this evening." Yoongi said with a proud smile. "Oh my god! You should've told me at least so--" he was cut off
when Jungkook suddenly appeared. "Oh hyung, you're finally here. Are you ready for tonight?" Jimin and Yoongi look at the King as if he has grown nine more heads. To say they are surprise is an understatement. It's been a year since they saw him like that so they're really
did not expect the old university Jungkook suddenly pop out from the thin air. The now King of HOuse of Min is wearing his old ripped jeans, plain white shirt and his black leather jacket that he used to wear. Of course Jimin knows that well because they were classmates!
"What the hell are you wearing kid?" Yoongi cant help but be amused. He knows that Jungkook already knows that dress code of a king is very important for the kingdom so he's confuse why did the other went back to his old choice of clothing. "Hyung, if I were to ask Taehyung
the question I've been wanting to ask him from the beginning of time, I want Jungkook, my poor old self who can't give him anything but my love to do that, not the King Jungkook." "WTF, you're a sap Jeon!" Jimin snickered. "But you won't get into the museum with that clothes"
"That's why I asked you to come here Hyung so we could go together." the King explained. And just like that, with more teasing and annoying each other, the three went back to their car and proceed to the Museum where the prophecy of the Kingdom will finally happen tonight.
HOUSE OF KIM Taehyung is looking at himself in the mirror. When he freaked out a while ago when he heard that V is dying his hair red, he was really surprised because red is a strong colour and it is not easy to walk around with ur hair flaming red. But now that he's looking at
himself with his hair burning red, he cant help but be amazed of the outcome. His tanned skin is perfectly complimented with it. He is still brushing his now red hair when V appeared beside him. "IT suit you more than me" the now aqua haired Crowned Prince commented.
"As if there's a difference V! If you think this red hair suits me perfectly, then it will surely suits you too, besides no one will even recognize us unless we put a tag on ourselves this evening. I'm sure every one will be confused now." Taehyung said whil admiring his twin.
"I would agree only if I haven't met your boyfriend Taehyung. We could practically wear the same clothes, dye our hair with the same colour and Jungkook will always still figure out that I am the less attractive Kim because he has always eyes on you Tae" V said while watching his
brother put on the earrings he gave him last New year's eve. "That's right.I don't know how he does that but I love him even more because of that."Taehyung said with heart eyes again. "Your eyes can practically sparkle & shine whenever u look at him Tae,of course he will know!"
Taehyung smile at that. Then he concentrated on his twin who's now busy choosing his own clothes too. "How about you V, if the Jeon decided to trick us one day, let's say they'll change their clothes or dye their hair with the same colour, would you be able to distinguish them?"
V turned to look at his brother who's now eating some jellys again. "Well, unlike u and Jungkook, we never really had the time to be together so I could memorize everything about him. We only spent a little time before he was crowned as the ruler of this kingdom but
I don't know Tae, it feels like I know him all my life that I will immediately have that familiar feeling when I look at him. It feels like I have been painting him all my life so even when they try to trick us all I need is to have that feeling of being home when I look into his
eyes and I would know it's him."V explained dreamily. "Wow, and just when I thought I am the whipped one for my Jungkook. YOu are even worst!"Taehyung commented as he went back on fixing himself in front of the mirror. The twins are almost ready when SEokjin entered the room.
“What the—what did you do?!”Seokjin blurted out while the twins are obviously making fun of him! Taehyung doesn’t need to voice out themischievousness he thought coz the moment he looks at V,he knows that the twins also thought of what he’s thinking. They want to confuse Jin!
“Now this isn’t funny. I need to talk to one of you regarding the event tonight?! And I cant fucking blow this up because my head is on the line!” Seokjin is getting frustrated because Jk just called him to ask if he could borrow the camera V has in his room. And in order to do
that, he needs Taehyung to steal that camera on V’s room! But how could he do that if he’s not sure who is who with the twins? Especially that they are both wearing make up now so their cute moles are already concealed by it. When Taehyung heard the event tonight, he knows
Seokjin is talking about Jk’s plan so he finally gave up on their acts and admit that he’s Taehyung. “Sorry hyung, that was fun. I’m sure you want me?” Taehyung said walking towards his hyung. But Seokjin thought about it, if he messed up with the wrong twin, everything will
be put into waste so he just decided to cancel the camera out of the plan. “You know what, nevermind!” he said as he turn around to leave the room. “But hyung, it’s me Taehyung! Loo!” Tae said showing him his triple ear piercing. Seokjin turned to look at it but still chose to
leave. “Those mf beautiful twins can really rock any hair colour huh?! Im gonna ask my Joonie to dye my hair later too.” He mumbled to himself as he stride towards the King’s chamber. The two of them also needs to go to the museum now to witness the prophecy coming to life.
BANGTAN MUSEUM Everyone knows what will happen tonight except the Kim twins. The four Houses are gathered in the museum tonight to witness the unfolding of the prophecy that will make the Kingdom be at peace hopefully for the rest of their lives. The 3 Kings are all in their
thrones, Yoongi & Jimin are also on their seats. Jung Hoseok are still busy with some minor adjustments, the photographs and paintings are all hanging on the walls, covered by white silks. They are already and anxious.Then the car where the twins are riding at, finally arrived.
Mella who's in charge of welcoming the guests this evening is beyond ecstatic. She still clearly remembers when Prince Taehyung promise her that he'll give her a front seat when this time comes and sure he did. "Good evening our beloved princes, the exhibit has just started."
V knows that the museum caters his arts, his paintings since he was younger. It is actually his haven! The museum is very special to him because it is where he took all his masterpieces, his inspirations and the models all came from this museum so he can't help but be emotional
He could still remember how he found that old camera with many photographs back then, he didn't mean to take them because he knows it's not his but his Seokjin hyung told him that it was just a camera & photographs, his hyung could just pay the owner so he could take them.
In all honesty, he was guilty back then so he decided to paint every single photographs. He made them his inspiration. So he was very happy when the owner of the camera and photographs started to leave more pictures in the museum every time, until it stopped just last year.
At first, he was a bit disappointment that the owner stopped leaving photos for him to paint, but since Prince Jk was with him that time he started to forget about that person.JK brought him to different places, they took picture together until the very last day they have decided
not to see each other for a while. V is still deep in his thought when he realized they are finally inside the museum. He's smiling and all excited when he realized that all the paintings are covered with white cloths. "Why are the paintings covered?" he asked his twin who's
busy asking Mella why is the throne of the HOuse of Min vacant? Where the hell is his Jungkook?! Taehyung is still worried about his Jungkook when he felt his brother tugging his coat. "Tae, why are the paintings covered? What's going on?" he whispered as he look around.
Taehyung tried not to think of his own boyfriend first, besides this is Jk and V's night after all. So he focus his attention to his brother. "Why don't you uncover them my beloved brother, besides this part of the museum is yours remember?" Taehyung said gesturing his twin to
remove the covering of each masterpieces hanging on the wall. V is confused, but he's really confused so he started to walk closer on the nearest painting covered with cloth. With a partially shaking hands, he carefully lifted the cover up. He gasped with surprise!
He moved to another masterpiece only to be more surprised. The Crowned Prince is shaking while unraveling every pieces in the museum. He is breathless when he realzied what’s happening! The masterpieces are all pictures of Him! “Tae, what’s going on?” he finally asked!
When he look around, his brother is already standing in line of the other members of the royal families.He's left alone in the center of the museum with the hundreds masterpieces hanging on the wall. They are all his never unseen photographs. They are random candid photos of him
as if the pictures are taken by the photographer who doesn't want to be seen. Then with all the thoughts running on V's mind, there appeared the great ruler Jk at the end of the hall. A classical music started to play in the background and it's only when JK started to walk
towards him when V finally realized what's going on. HE finally remembers how JK promised to come back for him when he's finally ready to accompany him beside his throne. The Crowned Prince of Kim started to tear up when he heard Jk finally speak up. "Oh pleas, V don't tell me
you are crying again. Goddamn it, I promised you before that I won't ever make you cry again and after a year of restraining myself from going after you, this is what I have to see." the Ruler fasten his pace and when he finally reached where Prince V is standing, he slowly kneel
in front of him. The people around them started to gasp and squeal. This is really happening! The almighty ruler of the Kingdom of Bangtan, the Golden Ruler Jk has finally kneel in front of the love of his life. "Crowned Prince of the HOuse of Kim, from the moment I saw you in
the attic of your House when we were just 6 years old, to that day I saw you holding my camera and photographs when we were 14 years old, until the day I broke into your room and finally see your ethereally beautiful face, I knew right there and then that you are the person I
want to protect with my life. When I told you I love you and I want to be a part of your life last year but you told me that you were not good enough for me so you have decided to go away and be the best version of yourself first, God knows how I tried my best to stay away
from you, so I took those photos of you doing all those things without your knowledge. But today and the next days of our lives, please allow me to be with you. Crowned Prince V of the HOuse of Kim, will you finally accept me? Will you marry me?" JK said in between his tears.
V didn't waste any second of it as he pulled Jk up so they could finally at the same level. "i love you.I love you and I love you! I am so sorry about your camera, I am so sorry for pushing you away, I am so sorry for making you wait, but I love you Jk, I love you with all of me
and yes, I will marry you! I can't wait to marry---" he is cut off with the lips he's been longing to kiss. The Great and Mighty Ruler JK has finally able to kiss him again after waiting for so long. The people in the museum erupted to cheers and celebration as they witness
their ruler and his love finally get together again. The two continued to kiss as if there's no tomorrow in front of their people. Jk and V are both drowning with their love when suddenly a commotion outside stopped all the people from cheering. The palace guards are chasing
a man who's wearing something that's definitely out of place. What makes it worst is, the said man who's wearing a ripped jeans and black hoodie is carrying a pup?! Park Bogum, the King of the House of Park stood up and yelled. "Who on Earth let this commoner with his dog
enter the museum when the Ruler of the Kingdom is proposing his undying love to the Crowned Prince of the House of Kim" the King's face is all red. The people started to whisper to each other when Yoongi suddenly stood up to stop all the guards chasing the commoner.
"What the f*ck, Jeon Jungkook when you asked for a favor I didn't expect you to make a scene like this? Not during your twin brother's proposal?" Yoongi said that made everyone look at the "commoner!" Jungkook who now removed his hoodie to reveal himself just wink at Yoongi.
Jk who's now holding V in his arms just smiled. "Why does my brother always outshines me?" he whispered to V who's still confuse, until he realized Jungkook is holding Tannie. "He's gonna---" he was cut off by his fiance! "Jeon Jungkook, brother, aren't you too late for my
surprise proposal?"the ruler asked his brother. Of course he knows all about this. Jungkook might be an ass sometimes but his brother respects him too well for him just to crash his own proposal. So yeah, he just asked that for show! "Well, I'm sorry brother. I just decided to
make my own too!" Jungkook cockily replied while his eyes are busy looking for the love of his life. And when he finally found Taehyung standing beside Seokjin and Namjoon. He started to walk closer to him. Taehyung is beyond surprise! First, Jungkook that's his Jungkook!
Second, he brought Tannie with him?! Like it's been weeks since he last saw his dog. ANd now they're both here in front of him. He was about to talk when he realized what Jungkook has just announced. He will make his own what!? What did just Jk do again?
Oh yeah, Jk just asked Crowned Prince V to marry him so probably, Jungkook will just ask him to marry him too. Wait, what?!!! Taehyung's eyes widened when the realization of what's going on happened. Then he heard it, his Jungkook holding a mic while walking towards him.
"Lately I’ve been thinking, thinking about what we had And I know it was hard, it was all that we knew, yeah! Have you been drinking, to take all the pain away? I wish that I could give you what you deserve 'Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you"
Taehyung together with the people in the museum started to tear up when they heard King Jungkook's soulful singing. Jungkook is singing "Nothing Like Us" the same song he used to sing even when they were just best friends, back to their apartment when they were still just
broke university students. There’s nothing like us There’s nothing like you for me Together through the storm There’s nothing like us There’s nothing like you for me, together Jungkook is now in front of him. Taehyung didn't wait for him to finish the song. He jumped into him!
Jungkook drop the mic as he engulfed Taehyung in his arms. He lifted the other too just like he used to do every time Taehyung wants his attention. They were both hugging each other and when he carefully put Taehyung back on the floor, he kissed him. They kissed each other like
their lives depended on that kiss, that it's as if they will both end if they end that kiss. When Jungkook finally let go of Taehyung, he cup his boyfriend's face and lean on so that their foreheads are touching. "Marry me Tae, marry me." he whispered!
K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

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