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Apr 21, 2019
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if taehyung and yoongi were colors, they’d be on the opposite ends of the spectrum. it applies to everything that has to do with their lives, one of them being the clothes they wear. yoongi is more of a monochromatic man, while taehyung never misses a day to look vibrant.
maybe the universe is fucking with them, because the day yoongi chooses to step out of the black-and-white getup he usually wears, is also the day he meets kim taehyung after not seeing him for the past four months.
it’s after he rakes eyes down the younger’s body that yoongi realizes they’re both in the similar brownish hue, looking like autumn and pumpkin spice latte even though spring has just ended.
yoongi also notices that both of them have hairs with the ‘cold’ colors, looking like a paradox that completes each other in some way. taehyung has his blue hair light though, keeping it bright unlike yoongi who opts for dark purple for his strands.
“hi, yoongi hyung,” the younger greets in that low timbre of his, “long time no see.” the smile he offers after is short, a hesitant gesture and yoongi wonders if he’s even worth the smile. “hey, taehyungie.” old habits die hard, they say,—
—but yoongi doesn’t have the time to amend his slip-up as taehyung goes to his side before beginning to walk, forcing him to do the same.
there’s a reason the older hasn’t seen taehyung for months, and it’s because they are in different departments of the campus, they would have to make effort to meet. there hasn’t really been the need to, since they.. well. but taehyung is here now.
yoongi voices his thoughts aloud (he’s always been known for his bluntness and taehyung’s always been known for not minding, so) to which taehyung replies that he’s here to see someone today, who’s monochromatic like yoongi but a bit brighter,
that’s why taehyung is wearing a more muted color, to prevent from scaring this said person away. yoongi huffs out a laugh at that, and says ‘no one is going to be scared of you, taehyung.’
taehyung only smiles at that, and yoongi notices that he’s really close that the back of their hands occasionally brush each other’s with their movement. it saddens yoongi that he only feels bland at the knowledge, and briefly wonders if tae feels that way too.
yoongi feels the tiniest brush of taehyung’s pinky finger on his forefinger first than the breath the younger let out in a whisper of his name, but he could’ve easily imagined it because it’s gone as fast as it appeared.
“taehyung!” and yoongi figures that’s the reason taehyung retracts his finger, the person shouting tae’s name with a big smile on his face. “oh, hyung, you’re here too,” the person says upon noticing yoongi’s presence there.
“hi, kiddo.” yoongi lets out a genuine smile. taehyung was right, this person is similar to him and also wears black all the time. he’s also a bright kid who smiles a lot more than yoongi, and he thinks taehyung would go along well with this kid.
yoongi steps away, “i guess this is my cue to leave,” he says, “i’ll see you around, kiddo, taehyung.” he nods to each person before walking away. yoongi hopes that taehyung has put everything behind, just like he already has.
——— “you know yoongi hyung?” jeongguk asks when yoongi disappears from their sight. taehyung doesn’t take his eyes away from where yoongi turned in the corner as he answers. “just an old friend.”
——— sunday, april 21st 2019. 11.51 pm.
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