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May 1, 2019
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jeongcheol guardian angel au! we already heard the rule: once the person dies, the guardian angel dies with them. Yoon Jeonghan has been assigned to a person who already was dying so he decides to appear in his "dreams" to save him.

DISCLAIMER ⚠️ - purely fictional, DO NOT take it seriously. - Trigger warning ⚠️⚠️ - Mature warning 🔞🔞 - Quote rt to comment, comment on my cc if you are feeling shy! 🗣 - Enjoy! 💜
A/N: have fun! (hope your heart lasts) ;)
"W-What?" He couldn't understand. He looked around first, seeing the blue sky, the vintage buildings and the the foreign people conversing with one another. Jeonghan smiles at him. Seungcheol was in Rome. His must go to place before he dies.
"I-I oh my god" He babbles out, still in shock. Jeonghan slightly steps away and takes in the happy and in shock Seungcheol. "Do you like it?" Jeonghan asks and Seungcheol only looks at him, nodding. "I-It's so fucking beautiful-" Jeonghan winces at the curse word.
"But wait how did you find me?" Jeonghan freezes. Seungcheol stares at him waiting for an answer but then the other just smiles at him, like he was hiding something. "I'll race you to the Appian!" Seungcheol widened his eyes as Jeonghan proceeds to dash, leaving him.
"Hey wait! My IV-" Seungcheol stops himself as he sees that he wasn't connected to anything and suddenly he was dressed in a shirt, pants and boots. He felt free. He looks down to see he still wasn't in Rome yet, he hasn't taken his first steps.
Blinking, he slowly takes his first step to Rome, the door closing behind him and the sun lights is suddenly on him. He squints and he decides to breathe in the air. He was at Rome. He was free. "YAHOO!" He screams, jumping around and Jeonghan watches from the distance.
He always wanted his human to feel happy even just in the dream world. if he can make Seungcheol happy, that was all the matters. They both made eye contact as Seungcheol stops his jumping and he smiles at him before pointing. "Race you again!" With that Jeonghan dashes.
Seungcheol follows him this time and he didn't know how fast he could get because in just a split second, he catches up to Jeonghan. Both smirked at each other as they run past the buildings and the people of Rome.
"Oh sorry!" Seungcheol says as he runs past the innocent waiter who was just serving drinks and almost collides with him. Jeonghan chuckles and swoops past a pole as they run. They laugh and continue to almost hit people and other walls in their way.
They were like children, laughing at each other's mistakes and each person just watching them run. even grandma's and grandpa's smile as they see the youth run past. Their hair was flying by the hot breeze and their cheeks painted pink.
They were so carefree but yet so happy. Seungcheol felt the adrenaline rush to his body, each vein jumping for joy. They stopped as they reached the Appian and Seungcheol was mesmerized by the beauty of it.
"Wow" Seungcheol says, looking around. The dark green trees complemented the grey stone path. It was beautiful and Jeonghan can only chuckle and extends his hand. "Let's take a walk shall we?" Seungcheol nods, taking Jeonghan's hand.
Jeonghan's hand was warm, as if it was toasted to the crisp but really soft kinda like a marshmallow but it was weird how Jeonghan felt a little light was if he was air. But this was a dream after all and it wasn't supposed to be reality, but he couldn't help but think.
"Jeonghan?" "Hm?" "Is this real?" Jeonghan doesn't answer him but only looks away, watching the birds flew past them. "Jeonghan?" "What do you want it to be?" To be honest Seungcheol doesn't know if he ven wants it to be real.
Jeonghan was still a stranger to him but somehow he trusted him. Even if his parents always say "Stranger Danger". "It's still confusing. I don't want it to be real but yet I want to feel like it's real" "Why do you say that?"
"Because in the real world, everything is fucked up" Like him. He didn't even know if Jeonghan knows what was he like in the real world but he liked to hide it for now. "I know" Jeonghan mutters out letting go of his hand and stops walking for a moment.
"So you are a real person?" Jeonghan looks at him with unsure expression. "Why do you need to know?" "Just in case I want to find you one day" Jeonghan could only frown. Why did his words seemed like two ways? If he did ever find him, that means Seungcheol was in heaven.
And that was not a good sign. Because he would be gone by then if Seungcheol ever went to heaven. He won't be able to see him. "You don't have to find me" Jeonghan manages to say with a smile. A painful smile.
"Where do you live? I can just fly to you, I can drive, I can walk-" "I am not telling you where I live" Jeonghan says. If he says he lived at heaven would he still believe him? Seungcheol frowns. He just wanted a friend to go to when times were rough.
"Just tell me-" "No, Seungcheol" "I just want to visit you when I have free time" Jeonghan could only bitterly smile and shakes his head. "And when is that?" "Always" Seugncheol lies, he doesn't have enough time to be free like in this world.
But there was a string of hope that he might meet Jeonghan somewhere in the real world, where they can hang out. have fun and just be free. "Seungcheol, I appreciate the effort but I am a private person, I'm sorry" Seungcheol sadly nods.
"Let's walk there okay? I am tired from all the running we did" Jeonghan says, starting to walk and Seungcheol catches up to him. "So what do you do in the real world?" Jeonghan rolls his eyes, he needs to lie on this one.
"I help people" "Like?" "I help them escape" Which was almost true. He helps people on a daily basis but his attention was on Seungcheol most of the time. "What escape route?" "Excuse me?" "Drugs or death?" Jeonghan stiffens.
"I just help them without doing the illegal stuff" Jeonghan says but Seungcheol wasn't contented with his answer. "How?" "I am not telling you that" Jeonghan says and that made Seungcheol frown. "But if it's not illegal stuff then it should be good right?"
Why was his human so stubborn? Can he just accept his answer and move on? "How about you? What do you in the real world?" Jeonghan asks his question back and he can see that Seungcheol was shaken by the question. "I'm just there"
"Just there? Just a human?" Jeonghan says, emphasizing on the word "human". Seungcheol nods. It was true. He was just a body that an illness was eating out of and he doesn't want Jeonghan to know that he was just an almost dying patient just waiting for the right time.
"Just a body" Seungcheol sadly accepts his fate. He was going to die but at least got to experience his dreams with his new friend. Jeonghan frowns at this. "Don't say that" Jeonghan quietly says. "But it's true" Fuck, he was giving away himself too much.
"No person is only a body" "Then you don't know me at all" Seungcheol angrily says, he licks his dry lips in the process. Jeonghan only sighs. They finally reach the Vatican church and Seunghceol, like the child at heart he was, runs in.
He looks around, seeing paintings, statues and columns everywhere. Jeonghan stares at him, leaning against the door frame of the church. He watches how Seungcheol appreciate the artwork of the church. His eyes fell onto the altar and his frown deepens.
"Give me some time okay? Please don't take him away yet" Jeonghan begs, seeing the huge cross at the end of the church. He prayed that Seungcheol would have enough time to heal. "Just a bit more, please put faith in me" He says, closing his eyes.
He can already feel tears slowly makes it way down to his cheeks. He needs more time. Suddenly he felt hands on his cheeks, wiping his tears away. "Hey, what's wrong?" He opens his eyes and sees that Seungcheol, worried. He only smiles. "I'm fine"
"If it’s about earlier then I'm sorry" Seungcheol says and Jeonghan accepts with a nod. "Hey want to go to the Colosseum next?" Seungcheol nods and takes his hand. They got outside and suddenly he couldn't breathe. Jeonghan widened his eyes, Seungcheol was waking up.
"J-Jeonghan-" Fuck, his heart was thumping against his chest rapidly. His whole world was spinning and he blinks through the haze. He sees Rome slowly become dark, like a cloud was eating the whole city. "J-Jeong-" "Sleep" Seungcheol looks at Jeonghan, who was crying.
Why was Jeonghan crying? Why was Jeonghan holding onto his chest? Why was- "I'm so sorry, Seungcheol" and with a click of Jeonghan's fingers, Seungcheol's whole world became dark.
A/N: okay i am stupid that the thread broke so here is the rest of the update! 😂
"S-SEUNGCHEOL WAKE UP!" Seungcheol opens his eyes, panting. His body was tired, his mind was spinning. What was happening around him? Everything he hears was just noise, he was shaking. He blinks, chasing the fog away and slowly regaining his consciousness.
"S-Seungcheol" He feels a warm hand caressing his cheeks. It was his mother as he can tell from the blurriness of his vision, but the voice gave her away. What happened to him? Once he can see clearly, he looks around to see worried nurses, doctors and his parents.
"What happened?" Surprisingly, his voice wasn't shaky. His mother smiles at him while his father holds his other hand. "You were having a nightmare. Your heart rate went seriously high"His father says, brushing his bangs away from his forehead.
"You were almost going to have a heart attack, we thought we would loose you" Seungcheol only smiles and presses firmly on his father's hand. "Well you aren't going to get rid of me that easily right?" He jokes and his parents could only chuckle.
"Mr. and Mr.s Choi, may I talk to you privately?" Seungcheol turns his head to see a stressed out Doctor Jeon Wonwoo. His parents nod and they took a look of Seungcheol before following him outside. "I'm just going to check your blood pressure okay?" His nurse comes to him.
Seungcheol nods. His nurse secures the cuff on his bicep and starts to squeeze the balloon, with her stethoscope on his pulse. After a few minutes, they were done and his nurse sighs. "Thankfully, your blood pressure went to normal for now"
"Do you want anything dear? Perhaps some water?" Seungcheol nods and watches his nurse grab a water bottle. He opens the cap and takes a sip from it. "You got me worried, Seungcheol" He stops drinking. "Why?" "You were screaming out a name"
Seungcheol gulps and slowly looks away from her. "Who?" "Someone called Jeonghan?" Seungcheol chokes on that. So it was dream. Jeonghan wasn't real. But why did it feel like it did? "Who's Jeonghan?" His nurse asks him and he freezes.
"J-Just a friend" His nurse smiles at him, not wanting to push Seungcheol any further. His parents soon come back and they bow at the nurse and she leaves. "Seungcheol can we talk to you?" His mother says and he looks at her. He was kinda tired but he guessed he can talk a bit.
"We talked about something with Doctor Jeon and we want you to take the surgery" Here they go again. Seungcheol's eyebrows furrowed. "We know we need you consent on this but please take it-" He cuts his father off. "No" Seungcheol says, glaring at the both of them.
His parents were speechless. Even after months of pain, Seungcheol still doesn't want it. Why? It was useless. Seungcheol was going to die anyways on the surgery table and they will just waste thousands of Won for him to die. He was only just helping them.
He was saving them tons of money. Even if the hospital fees were high at least they wont't pay for a useless surgery that won't save him. He would rather die from having a heart attack than being opened up. He wasn't stupid, he was just being practical.
"Seungcheol-" "No, mom. Let's just all say it. Nothing will ever save me, not even if you spend thousands or millions of money to find an alternative solution, I am still going to die" He didn't mean to be this harsh but he needed to rebel.
"But you won't die this early-" "I might even die before you both are senior citizens. Let's face it, I am going to die and you are just wasting your time" His parents looked at each other, both teary eyes. They can't convince Seugncheol anymore.
"If you could have just let me live like a normal person, I would have a happier life" His parents looked at him, in shock. They knew that Seungcheol was angry at them for not allowing him to do heavy actions but they didn't knew he would be this angry at them.
They fall into an eerie silence, tension filling up the air until his mother decided to break it. "W-We need to go" And in the blink of an eye, Seungcheol was alone and angry. He can feel that his mother was going to cry and his father disappointed in himself.
He didn't mean to guilt trip them into thinking it was their fault, he was just frustrated that his parents were giving him so much that he can't even benefit from. He sighs, leaning his head back onto his pillow. He slowly blinks, eyelids heavy from fighting.
Jeonghan sighs as he looks up to the hospital window. He heard everything and damn it stung in his heart. Seungcheol's illness may hurt him but the negative words coming our of Seungcheol's mouth hurt him more. He was doing his best in keeping him happy.
But how come it feels like it wasn't working? He sighs again and shakes his head. What other places or stuff that Seungcheol wants to do? At least he can prepare the setting again so that his dream was ready.
"Hey, you ready?" Jeonghan turns around to see Seungkwan. He softly smiles at him. "Yeah? How's Hansol?" Seungkwan chuckles. "Getting a bit better, still have a high fever so I gave him free medicine on his doorstep" Jeonghan smiles at this.
Seungkwan can sense the sadness from the angel. "What's wrong with Seungcheol?" He asks and Jeonghan looks up to the hospital window again. "I don't know how I can make him happy" Jeonghan sadly says. "He fought with his parents because he didn't want surgery"
Seungkwan widened his eyes. He never knew a human who rejected surgery. "What was his reason?" Jeonghan bites his lip. "He wants to die, he thinks that they are just wasting money' "That's not really a reason" "He says that he will die either way"
"What do you mean?" "I mean that even if he gets the surgery, he will die so he's just letting the illness kill him instead" Jeonghan explains and Seungkwan's mouth went to an "o" , finally understanding. The angel knows his friend wasn't going to last.
Seungkwan thinks for a while, looking for around for an inspiration for an idea until he sees the hospital window that Jeonghan was staring at until an idea came to his mind. "How about you have a heart to heart talk with him?" Jeonghan looks at his friend.
"No pun intended but why don't you just both hang out? No going to places, no kicking soccer balls, just you and him talking about life" Jeonghan gulps. He has never been the one to initiate talk. Especially about life, he wan only an angel.
"I don't know if he will like that" He says, doubtful. "Even the quietest person wants to talk to somebody at least once in their life, just to let out the stress and everything" Jeonghan looks at Seungkwan and raises his brow.
"Writing to him in a book won't really help him, Jeonghan. You can't see in his eyes, you don't know if he's lying or not" Seungkwan did have a point but it was a little risky. What if Jeonghan blurts out that he's Seungcheol's guardian angel?
Seeing that Jeonghan needs to think, Seungkwan decides to do something. "'l'll just watch over Hansol for a bit, to see if he's okay" Seungkwan says, already waving goodbye to Jeonghan and clicks his fingers. Jeonghan sighs as he was alone.
Jeonghan thinks for a while, the idea didn't seem to bad. He just needed to watch his words and not blurt out that hes Seungcheol guardian angel. He opens up his hand, seeing a hologram of Seungcheol sleeping. It was time.
A/N: Enjoy the update!
Seungcheol wakes up, his body forcing itself to open. His vision was still blurry and scratches off the sand in his eyes. He looks outside, it was still night. The city lights still open and the sky black with a mix of blue. However he can feel something was off.
He looks around again and licks his lips. There was something in him that didn't feel right, as if his body was awake but his mind wasn't. Lifting himself up off the bed, he wheels his IV to the door. He looks at his heart monitor and raises his brow.
He feels his chest first and realizes that the monitor wasn't connected to him but it still reads his heart. "Is this broken?" Seungcheol asks himself. pushing the off button but somehow, it didn't work. What was happening?
He looks around for the red button to call his nurse. He presses on it but it doesn't even make a sound. His eyebrows furrowed and presses again to which no avail. "Come on, what's wrong with you?" He says, continuing to press the button.
"S-Seungcheol?"The patient jumps as he hears his name and the familiar voice he always wants to hear. He turns around to see Jeonghan laying on the floor, awake. "Jeonghan?" This must be a dream if Jeonghan is here. He quickly walks to him, helping him stand up.
"What are you doing here?" Jeonghan shrugs. "I-I don't know, I woke up here and then I saw you" He says and looks around. Seungcheol suddenly remembers that he hasn't told Jeonghan what he is. "Why are you here?" The deadly question arrives.
"I-uh-" Fuck. What was he supposed to say? Jeonghan takes this moment to look around Seungcheol's room. It was pretty big, knowing that Seungcheol had a rich family. He only deserved the best after all. He didn't have a TV but he did have a bookshelf.
He turns to Seungcheol who was still searching for a lie and looks behind the patient to see the heart monitor. Not only Seungcheol's heart monitor, but it was Jeonghan's as well. Because when Seungcheol dies, he dies with him. He bites his lip.
Once the human dies, the guardian angel has no use anymore. That's why the rule was implemented. However if the guardian angel turns into a fallen angel, or at least breaks the rules of God, they will be replaced. The human will have a new angel.
Sometimes, the guardian angel will be resurrected but will have no memory of becoming an angel. Unless, he or she finds his human again. "-stomach" Jeonghan snaps out of his thoughts and looks at Seungcheol. "What did you say?" "I have a something in my stomach" He lies.
"A what?" Seungcheol looks away. "A-A worm! Yeah, a worm. It's painful but the medicine helps!" Jeonghan stares at Seungcheol, confused. Hopefully the lie was actually believable. "So you have a heart monitor for what purpose exactly?" Fuck.
"I-uh, the worm sometimes gives me a heart attack?" Okay, maybe Seungcheol needed to read some books again, especially health books. Jeonghan frowns. "You know you don't have to lie to me" He says, sighing. He knows it was their third meeting but he can't help but wonder.
Does Seungcheol ever want to open up to him? Does he trust him enough? The patient looks at the angel and there was something in his eyes that seemed...angry? "But I don't even know if you are a real person" Seungcheol says and the angel's frowns deepens.
"You appear in my dreams, you knew where was I in Rome, I-I see you crying when I am in pain. What are you, Jeonghan?" The angel widened his eyes, he never expected a straight forward question from the other. "Are you even a person? A human?"
Jeonghan couldn't think for a moment, just stares at the other as if he couldn't speak at all. Seungcheol steps closer and Jeonghan takes a step back. "Or are you all in my head?" Seungcheol has been questioning his sanity for a long time.
He was surprised that he hasn't been admitted in a mental hospital. Jeonghan shakes his head and Seungcheol continues to take a step forward. "What are you, Jeonghan?" Should he say it? Should he tell him the truth? The angel doesn't want to lie again.
"I told you I help people" Jeonghan decides to say, but it wasn't the right answer. Seugncheol shakes his head. "What kind of help? Appearing in their dreams? Getting them to do what they always dreamed of? Are you some kind of God?" Seungcheol was so close.
"I don't believe in higher beings but I am sure that you just are not human at all" Jeonghan feels something in his stomach, the nervousness creeping up to him. " not human" He carefully says and Seungcheol smiles, he knew it. He was going fucking crazy.
"I knew it. So what type of higher being are you?" Seungcheol says, smirking. Jeonghan looks at him. "Just a lost soul" What? Seungcheol widened his eyes. A lost soul? So Jeonghan was dead? "So you're dead?" "Might be" Jeonghan lies through his teeth.
"What do you mean?" He was confused. A lost soul doesn't know if he's dead? "I don't know if I am dead, asleep or alive. It's complicated" Who's going to believe that he was a guardian angel? Nobody. Not even the human himself.
And somehow that actually hurts Jeonghan that he might never say what he truly was to Seungcheol, even after he dies. "How about you? What are you exactly?" Jeonghan questions him and Seungcheol smiles, sinister. "A person who's going to die"
"What?" He actually understood what the other was saying but he decided to play stupid instead. Seungcheol creepily smiles at him. "I thought you said that your stomach-" "I thought you knew that I lied?" Seungcheol questions him.
"I-I don't know anymore. Have you been lying to me all this time?" Seungcheol doesn't answer and decides to go back to his bed, sitting down, he sighs. He might as well tell this soul about him since he was going to be like him anyways. "I'm dying, Jeonghan"
"And nothing can ever, ever save me" Jeonghan looks at Seungcheol, hoping he was lying as well in this once but it seemed genuine. "Why do you say that? Doctors and nurses can help you" He hears Seungcheol snorts. "It's a waste of time"
"Nothing is a waste of time when it comes to saving a life" Jeonghan says, quietly walking towards Seungcheol and stops when he was a few feet away. "Even each second, people are trying not to die" Seungcheol smirks as this. "Well, I am a special case then"
"Why do you want to die anyways?" He knows he shouldn't know, he shouldn't push it. He should be the one not encouraging Seungcheol's deadly behavior. But he wants to save him, to also save himself. "Sit here" Seungcheol pats the empty space behind him.
Jeonghan nods and quietly sits down next to patient. Seungcheol smiles. "I have Mitral regurgitation, blood flows back on my mitral valve and it does not get into my body. I usually have heart attacks and needs to have an ECG everyday" Seungcheol says taking a deep breathe.
"Surprisingly, I am still alive. People who have it don't even last for months" Jeonghan already knows this but coming from Seungcheol's mouth, it seemed more sadder, more painful. "I actually like it" The angel looks at the patient, eyes widened.
"Nobody likes to be ill" "I told you I am a special case" Seungcheol decides to lay on his bed, hands on his head. He closes his eyes. "Why do you want to die?" He asks and Seungcheol cracks one eye open.
"It's a waste of time and money because at the end of the day, I am going to die. Whether or not I get surgery for it, I won't make it out alive. I'm just being practical" Jeonghan looks away. "What about the people that care for you? Won't they be sad?"
"I'm doing them a favor, Jeonghan. The quicker I die, the quicker they will get over it" Jeonghan thinks it was a stupid mentality. It's more a selfish mentality. "You are acting selfish" He scoffs, rolling his eyes. "So what? I'm the one who's going to suffer anyways"
"But you're giving other people a hard time, you're giving them bad memories from you" Jeonghan looks at him and scoots over until he was much more closer to Seungcheol. "It's easier to forget someone with a bad memory, you will just cry all day if it's a good one"
"Still people tend to rather have good memories with you. Don't you want to be remembered as a good person?" "A good person with a fucked up mentality? Sure do" He hears a wince from Jeonghan's mouth and opens his eyes. He sees him frowning. Fuck, he never intended to hurt him.
“I’m sorry for whatever I said” Seungcheol says sitting up. He hears Jeonghan sigh. He knows he was fucked up. But he doesn’t want to hurt his only friend, his lost soul friend. “Can you please promise me something?” He raises his brow.
“What is it?” “Please be happy for me?” It was hard for the angel to continue with his job knowing he can’t make him happy despite his best efforts. He was slowly losing hope on the patient. “Please? Seungcheol? I-“ “No, I’m sorry”
“Seungcheol-“ “I can’t. Happiness isn’t born with me, if it was why is my life like this then?” Jeonghan freezes. He doesn’t know what to say. It wasn’t in his say to why Seungcheol ended up like this. He bites his lip.
“Can you please try for me-“ “No matter what you say, I will not change my mind. Even if you have thousands of money waving at my face, if I say no then no” Seungcheol says, a little bit bratty. He sounds so selfish but he doesn’t care.
And he feels it. He feels his heart clench and his mind was spinning. He was panting yet again and as if it wasn’t enough, his body was going numb. Jeonghan this time didn’t look at him, just let the pain consume the both of them.
Once Seungcheol was back in the real world, Jeonghan snaps both of his fingers letting him outside of the hospital. The street where Seungkwan was waiting at him, frowning. “I heard everything” Seugkwan says and Jeonghan only nods. He hears the other angel sigh.
“Thanks for the idea, Kwan. But it didn’t work sadly” Jeonghan sadly says and looks up to see Seungcheol already awake. “You know I have another idea” Although the first idea didn’t work, Jeonghan would like to hear it.
“Here” Seungkwan gives him a card with something in it. Jeonghan raises his brow. He opens it and sees an adress written on it. “Go to this house, it’s another guardian angel that is going to give you advice” Seungkwan says smiling.
“Who is this?” He asks, reading the adress. “He’s in the same situation as you, don’t worry he’s a friend” Seungkwan says and Jeonghan nods. He really didn’t expect something from Seungkwan.
“You want me to go with you?” Jeonghan shakes his head. Seungkwan already had done so much for him. “I’ll just be quick” He says, waving Seungkwan goodbye. He snaps his fingers while reading the paper. It was odd for a guardian angel to live on earth.
Usually, it would take them a second to go home. They would just snap their fingers and instantly they were at heaven. Jeonghan stops at a neighborhood, looking around. It was the quiet neighborhood around Seoul, living on a small mountain.
He looks around and sees the small house. He walks to it and looks ar the paper again so he knows he was in the right place. He slowly walks to the door and knocks softly. Someone opens the door and it was the guardian angel.
“Hi, uh Seungkwan sent me here?” The angel smiles and nods. Jeonghan bows first. “Hi, I am Jeonghan. A guardian angel” “Hi, I’m Soonyoung. Also a guardian angel”
"Oh, aren't you the one?" Jeonghan doesn't want to say it but Soonyoung gets it anyways and nods. "Yup, I'm friends with a fallen angel. Its okay to say it" Soonyoung says, chuckling. He really doesn't expect anyone at this hour, especially if Jihoon was sleeping next door.
"I'm sorry for what happened especially to your human" He says and Soonyoung could only smile. "Anyways, what are you doing here?" Jeonghan looks at Sonyoung with sad eyes. "I-I actually don't know but-" "You also have a sad human, don't you?"
Jeonghan freezes. He doesn't just have a sad human, he has a helpless human who won't believe in anything but himself. Soonyoung sees the frown and fully opens the door. "We can talk inside, Jihoon is still sleeping" Jeonghan follows Soonyoung.
"You're hum- Jihoon likes music?" He asks, seeing scattered music notes around the small house. "He loves it, it's his life" Soonyoung says, stopping at the dining table. He sits down and Jeonghan copies him. "So what do you want to know?" Jihoon's angel asks.
"Anything on how to make a human happy" Soonyoung was shocked that he was being straight forward like this. He thought he was going to beat around the bush. "How unhappy is he?" "He wants to die without getting the help he deserves"
"Excuse me?" Jeonghan sighs. "He's a patient but he doesn't want to get surgery. He wants to die by his illness instead" He bites his lip. What if Seungcheol actually dies without getting help? He was feeling guilty of not protecting him enough.
"Have you tried anything yet?" He hears Soonyoung asks. He nods. "I tried showing him these dreams if you can call it that. I take him everywhere he wants" Soonyoung's eyebrows furrowed. "I actually think you are spoiling him too much"
Jeonghan widened his eyes at Soonyoung's statement. Was he? Was he giving Seungcheol whatever he wants? "What do you mean?" "You are giving him so much freedom, Jeonghan. How can you make a person happy if you are giving him so much? He's getting greedy"
"H-He's not greedy-" "You know what I do?" Soonyoung smiles, crossing his arms. "I sometimes just stay quiet, cold even. I know it hurts me but sometimes you are doing so much and you aren't getting anything in return" Jeonghan looks away.
"I know it's hard to not please your human but if it gets too much, you shouldn't be afraid to become cold. That's why sometimes I feel tired in taking care of Jihoon that I-" Soonyoung doesn't want to say it but Jeonghan knows it was about something painful.
"Anyways, has he denied everything?" The angel decides to change the topic. "Every bit of help, he denies it. Even if I talked to him earlier, trying to convince him. It still didn't take effect" Jeonghan says, leaning back on the chair.
"Every bit of it? I don't think so" Soonyoung smirks, an idea popping into his mind. Jeonghan cocks his head to the side. "Every bit of it" He hears Soonyoung chuckle and he was confused. "You aren't trying hard enough then"
What? Jeonghan literally tried everything to convince Seungcheol. "What should I do then?" He asks and Soonyoung smiles. "Scare him" Jeonghan widened his eyes. He wouldn't dare. Seungcheol will get a heart attack. "N-No!"
"I mean not to jump scare him or give him a nightmare. I'm asking you to act like you are leaving him. Act as if you aren't going to appear in his dreams anymore" Soonyoung says, feeling proud of his idea. Jeonghan was only left speechless, taking back on the idea.
"Soonyoung, I'm not sure-" "You want to convince him right? You want him to get better? Jeonghan, I know I am acting as if it's not the best advice but how will he learn?" Jeonghan only looked at Soonyoung, unsure.
Won't Seungcheol get mad at him? Won't Seungcheol hate him for the rest of his remaining life? He sighs, biting his lip. Soonyoung pats Jeonghan's shoulder. "Jeonghan, it's okay. Sometimes the humans need to learn than the guardian angel being so tired all the time"
Can it even work on the most stubborn human being on the planet? If it works, it was all a miracle. Soonyoung suddenly frowns and stands up. "Jihoon's about to wake up" Jeonghan widened his eyes and stands up. "Look, Jeonghan. Just do it okay? I promise it's going to work"
Jeonghan nods and snaps his fingers, teleporting outside of the house. He looks by the window, seeing that Soonyoung was cooking Jihoon's food, acting like he didn't have a visitor earlier. He needs to think a bit. He starts walking back down the hill.
Should he try it? But what if it actually hurts Seungcheol and in return it would affect their relationship? If there was one. Sighing, he decides to rest for awhile and consult with Seungkwan. Snapping his fingers, he goes home to heaven.
Seungcheol blinks his eyes open, he was surrounded by darkness. He sits up, yawning. Where was he? There was nothing around him. Until a light suddenly appears in front of his bed. It was Jeonghan and he was crying? What the- "S-Seungcheol, I-I don't want this anymore"
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“J-Jeonghan? What are you-“ Seungcheol freezes as he hears another sob coming out of Jeonghan’s lips. What the fuck was going on? “I-It hurts, S-Seungcheol” He tries crawling to the soul but as if his body was glued onto his bed.
“Jeonghan? O-Okay, please tell me what’s g-going on?” He tries to stay calm but in reality he was so fucking scared. So scared of the darkness surrounding him and the person in front of him. “C-Cheol, my heart hurts” Jeonghan coughs out, trying to relieve the pain.
“Listen t-to me, a-alright? I-“ He winces as he was cut off by a huge cry. Jeonghan has now laid down on the floor, clutching his heart. “P-Please, C-Cheol-“ Seungcheol gasps as he can see a thin line of blood out of Jeonghan’s mouth. His heart was racing fast.
He needs to do something! He tries to pry himself off the bed but as if something was preventing him from doing it. He was stuck and he can’t save Jeonghan. “Jeonghan! Tell me what to do!” Seungcheol yells, visibly shaking the bed.
He sees Jeonghan’s eyes, turning almost a pale white and he cries out again, holding his chest. “P-Please- Cheol. S-Save yourself” Seungcheol widened his eyes, what does he mean to save himself? “Jeonghan! Wait!” A sudden fog appeared, covering the crying man on the floor.
“Jeonghan! Jeonghan!” He screams out as the thick fog covers the floor, he can’t see Jeonghan anymore. “I-I-“ Fuck. He doesn’t know what to say, he looks around, trying to find a door to escape until he sees Jeonghan. Dead.
“J-Jeonghan?!” As if it was timed perfectly, he wasn’t stuck in his bed anymore. He pushes himself off the bed, legs going numb. He decided to crawl to him until he can see Jeonghan’s face. His eyes were pale white, thin lines of blood slowly making it’s way out of his mouth.
He shakes him, trying to see if his friend was awake but to no avail. He bites his lip, trying to find anything that can revive the other but nothing. “I-I’m so sorry, Jeonghan” He cradles Jeonghan in his lap, fingers brushing through his hair. Fuck. This was all his fault.
He could only blame himself. If he had taken Jeonghan’s promise and used it, this wouldn’t have happened. He cries to himself, his only friend was gone and it was all because of him. “I’m so sorry, Jeonghan. I’m sorry, I’m sorry-“ “Seungcheol?”
He opens his eyes as light suddenly shines on him. He looks at where the light is to see his nurse, standing by the doorway, confused. “Seungcheol! Your IV!” He raises his brow and looks down to see blood on his hand and Jeonghan was nowhere to be found.
“Come here, dear!” His nurse rushes to him, helping him get up from the floor. He was so confused. Was that a dream? Is Jeonghan gone? He didn’t know when but Dr. Jeon was suddenly in the room. “Seungcheol, what happened?!” He freaks out.
“I don’t know” He whispers as he was laid back down on the bed until he feels something very wet on the side. He looks at it to see his IV bag , cut in half. When did that happen? “Get another needle and bag, also some sheets” His nurse nods at Doctor Jeon’s orders.
“Seungcheol, what happened? We found on you on the floor and you were crying” He only stares at the man, blinking. Where was Jeonghan? Was this the real world? Was this- He winces as the needle pierces through his skin.
“Luckily, you didn’t have a heart attack” What time was it? He looks at his clock to see it was just 12 in the afternoon. How long he was out? He bites his lip as he remembers the dream or the reality. Someone softly knock on the door and it was the lunch lady.
“Yes, come in” Wonwoo says, carefully lifting up Seungcheol’s leg so his nurse could replace the sheets. “What do you have for today?” Wonwoo asks, setting down Seungcheol’s legs on his bed. He knows that his patient will go berserk if he sees food.
The lunch lady smiles and presents them her tray. “Squash soup with fried fish and rice with some fresh lemon juice on the side” Wonwoo bites his lip. Seungcheol didn’t eat fish, he complained it was too salty. Wonwoo sadly shakes his head. “I think yogurt will be-“
“I’ll eat it” Both Seungcheol’s nurse and Wonwoo widened his eyes as Seungcheol sat up. “Let me have it” The lunch lady smiles and sets it down on the bed’s table. “Enjoy your meal!” The lunch lady says before exiting the room.
“Seungcheol, you don’t like fish-“ “But I have to eat you know? and can you please exit the room so I can eat in peace?” Wonwoo was just stunned. Why did Seungcheol wanted to eat all of the sudden? He survived with granola bars and yogurts daily.
He has never, ever eaten the hospital foods, not even when he was served with chicken. “Are you just going to stand there?” Wonwoo snaps out of his thoughts and bows to his patient. “Eat well, Seungcheol” Wonwoo leaves the room, with the happiest smile on his face.
Seungcheol sighs and breaks apart his chopsticks. He meeded to save himself, like Jeonghan said. He was doing this for Jeonghan, because he might come back once Seungcheol was healed. He sighs as he takes a bite of fish and rice.
He chews on it and swallows whole, his stomach growling for more. How long has he resisted? He shakes his head and continues to eat. Jeonghan would be happy if he sees that Seungcheol is getting healthy again, and he can’t wait till he sees him again, this time alive.
“You did it” Seungkwan says, looking directly at Seungcheol. Jeonghan smiles. They were invisible at Seungcheol’s room, where the patient was eating peacefully. “It’s still wrong” He whispers to Seungkwan who only laughs. “But you got him to eat! For the first time!”
“It’s actually the second time, the other time it was pudding” Jeonghan says, smiling as he watches Seungcheol finishes his plate and slurp up some soup. “Still, this is a full meal you know” Seungkwan says, looking at the clock. “Oh, Hansol is going to lunch now”
“He still can’t decide?” Jeonnghan smirks as Seungkwan blushes. “Well I am his guardian angel, he needs me to help him decide” Seungkwan chuckles and snaps his fingers. Jeonghan bids goodbye and looks at Seungcheol again, to see was finished.
“Good job” He whispers as he walks towards Seungcheol. He giggles as he hears him burp. “Ah shit, I’m so full” Seungcheol groans out, a smile in his face. Maybe Seungcheol was starting to believe Jeonghan. He chuckles as looks outside of his window.
It was sunny outside and he frowns. He hasn’t taken a walk outside and suddenly had the strength to do so. Slipping on his slippers, he pulls the IV infront of him. He walks to the door and opens it. He pops his head out and looks around.
He slips out of his room, remembering not to lock it. He slowly walks to the elevator. There was a park inside of the hospital, where Doctors can chat near the cafe and get some fresh air or patients can get their daily exercise. It was small but it has it’s touch.
He taps on the down button and waits for awhile. The elevator opens and he was all alone. Somehow he wished he kinda wasn’t alone now. Going down a couple of floors he reaches the ground floor. Multiple nurses rushing past him and doctors carrying their lunch.
He goes unnoticed, blending in with the walls and tries not to get caught. He then reaches the glass door and smiles. The small park had almost to no people in it and Seungcheol was happy. He opens the door and the sunlight hits his face. It was like Rome again.
But this time, his friend wasn’t here. He bites his lip and walks to a bench where there was a tree above it. He sits down and breathes in the air. It was his first time to be here and he has regretted not ever leaving his room other than for consultation and emergencies.
He looks up, the sun shinning above him as the cool air runs past him and he shivers. He has never felt so alive, never felt so free. He looks around until he spots a butterfly on the other side of the bench. A white butterfly.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” He asks the butterfly and as if the butterfly responds, it flies on his face. “Are you free?” He asks, pushing his hand up and the butterfly lays on his finger. “You want to stay with me?” He sounds crazy and he likes it.
The butterfly flaps it’s wings and he chuckles. “I’ll take that as a yes” He says as he puts his finger on his thigh, to move the butterfly to his leg. Somehow the butterfly flies away and he frowns. “Hey!” He says as the butterfly goes away.
“Ugh, can’t believe I put my trust to them” He says, pouting. “Why would you?” He freezes as he hears this familiar voice. He turns around to see an angel. “Jeonghan?”
Jeonghan widely smiles at him as cool air goes past him, was Seungcheol dreaming again? Was this real? It is isn't it? "J-Jeonghan, y-your'e alive?" Jeonghan looks down, checking himself out. "I guess so- oh!" Seungcheol bear hugs the other and Jeonghan chuckles.
Seungcheol hugs Jeonghan as if he was gone for so long, and to be honest, Jeonghan felt light. Felt really translucent for some reason and that worried him a bit. Is he actually dreaming? "No you aren't" Jeonghan mumbles in the hug, did he accidentally spoke his thought?
"I'm real, Seungcheol" Just not what you expect it, Jeonghan thinks. He was real, a real angel that's for sure. Seungcheol just hums, enjoying Jeonghan's presence. "Did you really miss me?" The angel felt really guilty to giving him a small and scary nightmare.
"Yes, please don't go away again" Jeonghan could only nod, not knowing what to think for this precious moment. It isn't everyday you get to hug your guardian angel. "I won't" But when you do, I'm gone as well.
"Please don't leave me" Jeonghan was his only friend to talk to other than his parents, doctors and several nurses and they don't really want to listen to him whenever he needs it. Jeonghan sighs, heart having a slight sting.
If Jeonghan leaves first, he will be replaced and Seungcheol will just forget him and move on with his life. "I won't" He says, trying to uplift whatever this sad mood they currently had. "You promise?" Why did Seungcheol sound so desperate? "I promise"
"So you are real huh?" Seungcheol sits down next to Jeonghan on the bench. The angel smiles. "I guess, why?" "Will you tell me now where do you live? and how did you find me? Do you work here? an-" "Seungcheol, one at a time please" Jeonghan laughs and Seungcheol blushes.
"S-Sorry. I'm just really happy that you are here" He was, even excitement was running through his veins. Jeonghan smiles at this. "I just live around here and I just saw you through the hospitals window" Jeonghan made up. Seungcheol widely smiles.
"What job do you have?" "I don't work, I actually just volunteer here and there" e does that sometimes, whenever he doesn't take care of Seungcheol and helps old people and animals around the city to not be harmed but he was busy lately and can't help them these days.
"Oh what kind?" Seungcheol read those in a magazine, where people would volunteer around the world to help people or the earth. He actually wanted to do that when he was bored around his room. But then again, he was restricted to even move.
"Just helping people. like carry their groceries and helping them cross the road. I also buy dog and cat food and leave it out for them to eat" Jeonghan says and Seungcheol's mouth forms an "o" "Wow, I want your life" He thought it was a joke but deep down he really wants it.
He wants to be free, wants to move around and explore and not care about anything but just his happiness. He frowns and looks down, toes wiggling. "What's wrong?" Jeonghan asks, concerned. "Nothing" Seungcheol lies. "Hey you can trust me" Jeonghan assures him.
He hears the human sigh and he crosses his arms in the process. He felt a tight squeeze in his lungs and he chokes silently. It means that Seungcheol is having bad thoughts. This wasn't always the first time that his human had dark thoughts.
"I-I don't want to talk about it" Jeonghan nods, the pain in his throat was still there and he decides to change the subject. "You're really a patient" Jeonghan mutters out, looking forward. Seungcheol nods. "You think I was lying?" Seungcheol jokes.
"No, I thought you would have been out of the hospital by now" Seungcheol frowns, did he disappoint Jeonghan again? "I actually ate earlier, some fish, rice and soup" Seungcheol replies back and Jeonghan only responds with a nod. He bites his lip.
"Are you mad?" He suddenly had a gut feeling that he was going to loose Jeonghan again if he doesn't "save" himself but he doesn't know how at all. "No, I'm really proud of you. You told me that you don't eat and is it the first time you had a full meal here?"
"Yes, it's actually really good" Seungcheol remembers reading about how airplane food and hospital food were both gross but he actually liked the fried fish earlier. It tasted really savory and he wishes he had more. Jeonghan chuckles.
"I'm glad you are eating" He hears Jeonghan answer, sounding really proud and Seungcheol felt his chest bubble up. It was as if he has been told he won first place. "Me too and-" "Seungcheol?" The human widened his eyes and turns around to see Wonwoo, looking stressed.
"D-Dcotor I-" Seungcheol turns to Jeonghan to see nobody beside him. Just thin air and an empty bench seat. "What are you doing out here without permission?" Wonwoo says, raising his brow at his patient. "I-I just wanted f-fresh air" Seungcheol tries to explain.
Wonwoo sighs in frustration, pinching his nose bridge and Seunghceol looks down. He didn't mean for anyone to worry at all. He just wanted to go have fun for a while. "Look, I get that but we searched everywhere for you" Wonwoo trails off.
"I almost got a heart attack when the nurses told me that you weren't in your room, did you know we almost filed a police report for you?" He might exaggerated but it was true. He would loose his credibility if he lost a patient and would never forgive himself.
"I'm sorry, I will tell it to you next time" He hears Seungcheol whisper, heart breaking into little pieces after he hears a whimper after it. "Well luckily we didn't. Come let's go back to your room" Wonwoo says, extending out his hand and Seungcheol takes it.
Once Seungcheol goes back to his room, Wonwoo goes back to his office. He was happy but stressed at the same time. Sitting down in his chair, he closes his eyes. "Stressed?" Wonwoo opens his eyes and chuckles. "Of course, it's your human" Jeonghan smiles.
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"Well at least you can practice what you always wanted" Wonwoo could only roll his eyes. Why did his other angel friend decided to ask him to pretend to be a doctor? He didn't know. Jeonghan decide to walk towards him and sits on a chair. "Plus you get to see him"
"I know that's only the good part" Wonwoo says, spinning around his chair. Luckily, he only had to read a couple of books to do his pretend job as a doctor. He actually had taken a liking of becoming one. "Have you seen him today?" Jeonghan asks and the doctor shakes his head.
"I can't consult him till four" "But you can visit him right?" Wonwoo just shrugs. He already had the worst first impression to his human and he doesn't know if he can ever forget that. He walked into the room and saw his face and immediately fell onto his knees.
His human looked at him weirdly and just looked so confused that Wonwoo was on his knees, shaking. It was the first time that Wonwoo had ever seen his human, his first human and he didn't know he felt so- love at first sight as they say? Yes, Wonwoo too was a guardian angel.
To a human that had heart cancer. It made him almost dizzy as he entered his room. But somehow his human was happy. Whenever he walked by, he saw him with the biggest smile on his face. Whether he was watching TV or reading a book, he always smiled to him, to the nurses.
and to everyone. Wonwoo already accepted his faith, he was going to be gone for a few months now and Seungcheol needed a new doctor but helping his human was everything he could have wished for.
He wasn't trying to save him, but he was trying to make his memories happy and Wonwoo could only die happily if he achieved his long time goal for his human to be satisfied with his life despite his cancer. "You should visit him" Jeonghan suggested and Wonwoo laughs.
"He's probably resting from the chemotherapy we did last night" Wonwoo says looking at his friend. Jeonghan smiles at him. "So? Doctors can see his or her patients without the schedule" Jeonghan says, knowing that Wonwoo was ansty to see him.
"It's not about the schedule Han. It's about getting the rest he deserves" It sounded as if his explanation was in two ways. Either sleep rest or...Jeoghan decides to shake off the thoughts. "Still though, it's not bad to visit him every once an hour"
"If I visit him, will you visit Seungcheol to his room then?" Jeonghan freezes. What if Seungcheol thinks it was weird? That Jeonghan was gone like thin air earlier and suddenly at his room? "I kind of told him off earlier, can you please atleast check on him?"
"Why did you do that again?" Jeonghan couldn't help but ask because that wasn't in their plan anyways. Wonwoo just smiles at him. "To scare him, did you know his nurse fainted when she didn't saw him in his bed?" Jeonghan chuckles.
"She even flipped the bed, checked in the bathroom and even almost called the police if you didn't tell me sooner that he was in the park with you" Jeonghan kind of feels guilty but he needed to see if Seungcheol changed after his "nightmare".
"Sorry for that but I just wanted to see if he changed" Wonwoo nods. "He did, he started eating food" They laugh. Wonwoo looks up to see it was already past four and his face brightens up. "I think that means I must go?" Jeonghan didn't needed to ask but he wanted assurance.
"Go to Seungcheol okay?" Wonwoo says, straightening his coat and even dusting his pants. Jeonghan nods and both exchanges their goodbyes and Jeongan snaps his fingers and turns to thin air. Wonwoo prepares files and opens his bottom drawer and picks up a small book.
His human liked books, especially small books that contained short poems. His parent's were busy trying to save up money for the hospital bills but Wonwoo secretly paid almost half with salary since it was useless to him. What would an angel do with money?
He closes his door and locks it. Walking to his human's room, he greets a small afternoon to nurses, patients and doctors with a wide smile. Soon he was infront of his human's room and quietly knocks, once, twice and thrice until he hears a soft "come in". "Hey Mingyu!"
Mingyu looks up from his television and smiles, brightly. "Wonu!" They secretly didn't go for formal names as Wonwoo wanted to make Mingyu as comfortable as possible with him. Mingyu can call Wonwoo was "Wonu" and Wonwoo can call him "Gyu". It was something precious.
"Hey Gyu! Got a good sleep?" Mingyu nods and turns off his TV. He felt that Wonwoo wasn't going to make it today because he was late, with nervousness bubbling up his chest. "Yep! Kinda hungry though" Mingyu whines out and Wonwoo chuckles.
"You are always hungry silly" Wonwoo pulls up the chair behind the table and sits down next to Mingyu's bed. Mingyu scratches his head, his wig not being balanced. "You are so clumsy" Wonwoo leans in, fixing Mingyu's wig.
Mingyu complained that he didn't look good bald so Wonwoo got him an expensive wig, with of course the color with his choice. To Wonwoo's surprise, Mingyu choose brown. Dark brown in fact. Wonwoo, being his guardian angel, just followed him.
"Can I check on your blood pressure?" Mingyu nods, extending his arm out. It was a routine for them. Greet, consult and have a check up after that Wonwoo will stay in his room until his parents would come to the hospital to check up on him and pay bills.
Once they were done with the whole check up, Wonwoo sits down taking down some notes and Mingyu thinks that this was his favorite Wonwoo face. His face was focused with his stance alert all in while making Mingyu comfortable. And was it too late to say he had a crush on him?
"Take a picture, it will last longer" "Well if I am going to see this face everyday then I won't need it" Wonwoo chuckles and sets down his pen and files onto Mingyu's nightstand. "Are you sure? For memories?" Mingyu bitterly smiled.
He will forget them anyways once he passes but he would like it if he would tell his feeling for Wonwoo right now. Even if Wonwoo rejected him, at least he told what his heart has been screaming. "Hey, why are you staring-" "Wonu-ah, I like you"
Seungcheol stares off outside of the window, this time he was standing up. He was watching people below, thinking if he was as free as them, what would his life lead up to? Would he be a doctor? a police officer? A gangster or the same thing, a patient?
He sighs smiling as he stares off on the clouds, imaging them as shapes. He didn't want to watch TV or read the same twenty books today. Suddenly he hears a knock on the door and raises his brow. Wonwoo wasn't supposed to come at this hour.
"Come in" He says, getting on his bed if his nurse will flip out again if he isn't seen on his bed. "Ooh. Mr. Choi Seungcheol! Dinner is served!" His eyes widened as Jeonghan opens the door, appearing with a tray with several foods on it.
"J-Jeonghan-" His stutter was cut off by Jeonghan serving him food. Kimchi fried rice, fish cake, chocolate cake, ramen all in one tray. "Eat up!" Jeonghan says, smiling and sitting down next to Seungcheol on the bed, handing him his spoon and fork.
"What are-" Seungcheol was suddenly shoved with food in his mouth, Jeonghan was impatient today. "Eat first and talk later" Jeonghan says, getting some soup of the ramen and serving it to Seungcheol. Suddenly, Seungcheol just lets Jeonghan feed him until it was all gone.
After done with the last bits of food, Seungcheol burped rather too loudly and Jeonghan chuckles as he pushes away the table with the empty tray and plates. Seungcheol decides to ask him the question. "What are you, Jeonghan?" Seungcheol asks, even moving back a bit.
"Why do you want to know?" Jeonghan asks, feeling nervous. He was going to tell him now. He can't keep up with the lies anymore. "I just, I don't know you Jeonghan. I don't know what are you. You are here for a minute and gone, you are in my dreams, you were in my nightmare"
"It's like you are in my head or something" Jeonghan bites his lip. His heart racing. This was it. He turns to face Seungcheol and grabs both of his hands. "Will you believe me?" Seungcheol doesn't even know how to. Jeonghan smiles. "I'm your guardian angel, Seungcheol"
It's been a week. A week since Jeonghan told him what he was and since then? He hasn't believed him. Number one, what in the actual fuck? Number two, why would an angel lie? It was, as he read on several books, against the rules of God or something.
but of course what does he know other than wanting to end all of this? but there was something telling him that it was the truth but it was impossible. If Jeonghan was Seungcheol's guardian angel, wouldn't he save him from all of this?
After all, guardian angels are supposed to protect their "humans" from all the pain, sickness and probably accidents and yet here Seungcheol was, wrapped around a blanket in a hospital. Does he dare to blame him? He doesn't know.
It still doesn't change the fact that Jeonghan made him happy for a few weeks now, he needed someone to listen and Jeonghan was here. He even took him to his dream destination, no pun intended. and was it bad to say that Seungcheol wanted him to stay?
Jeonghan was and is the person he wanted his whole life, just someone to talk to in this world filled with people who just doesn't care for his own stories and opinions. He sighs and shifts his position again. He missed having dreams about him.
Now he can barely even remember the dreams he has because it felt empty. It was night, probably even midnight and Seungcheol still isn't sleeping. He decides to sit up. The park sounded nice. Nodding to himself, he gets off the bed and puts on his slippers.
Going out of the room, he drags his IV with him and walks to the nurse's station and sees that his nurse was about to leave. "Seungcheol? What are you doing? It's night!" He smiles at her. "I just wanted to take a small walk at the park" His nurse rolls her eyes.
"Okay, just this once but be back as soon as possible" His nurse says and he nods, saying goodbye to her in the process. He gets down using the elevator and smiles when he sees he was alone in the park. He opens the glass door and breathes in the fresh air.
He walks to the bench, where Jeonghan came back but this time he doesn't remember when will it happen again? After everything, does Jeonghan want to see him after it? He sits down, the moon shinning upon him and streetlights of the park made him relax.
Atleast for a little while he can enjoy the great outdoors and not think about anything for a while. He watches how the clouds covers the moon but the light was still shinning through. He sometimes wishes he had another life, an other life where he could live happily.
A normal life, just having fun, travelling with a broken down car and as if any teen or any adult that will have is a love life. But that gets him wondering, what if- no, Seungcheol. He's just a friend. An immortal friend that visits your dreams. Yes, that's right.
His forehead creases as he brushes away the thought. Him falling for his alleged guardian angel? That sounds wrong to even think about it. "Seungcheol? What are you doing here?" He knows that voice, he turns around to see Wonwoo standing with a cup of coffee at hand.
"Hey, doc" He says sitting up right and lets Wonwoo sits next to him. He watches him drink his coffee and he wonders, what does coffee taste like? He has never tasted coffee before because it's not good for him. "Want some?" Wonwoo asks, smiling.
"A-Are you sure?" He has never seen his doctor act so carelessly? as if he was free? Wonwoo nods, handing it over to him. "You only live once" Wonwoo says, having a bitter smile. What was going on with him? Seungcheol stares at the coffee and puts it down.
"I thought you wanted some?" Seungcheol shakes his head, smiling. He...actually wanted to live more for now, he wants to dream again and again. "You have changed recently, your quite happier" Wonwoo says and Seungcheol blushes, did he?
"You have gotten a little chubbier as well and it's great" Seungcheol stares at him confused to why Wonwoo looked so sad even after smiling. "Is there something wrong?" Wonwoo shakes his head. "Just thinking" "About?" "You're a curious little thing"
"I just don't like seeing you this way" Seungcheol says feeling guilty that he caused most of Wonwoo's stressed feelings. "Just about someone going away for a long time" He raises his brow. What does he mean by that?
"You know that you should cherish people while they are still here, you know spend the most time with them" Why was Wonwoo suddenly saying these things to him? Seungcheol looks away as Wonwoo continues. "Even if the tiniest bit of sacrifice from you will make them happy"
"Why are you telling me this?" He asks, fingers connecting together. Wonwoo chuckles. "I want you to know that you should spend time with the people you love, whether they did something wrong or lied to you, you never know when will they go on" He licks his dry lips.
"In fact, I just wanted to say thank you Seungcheol for everything" With that Wonwoo stands up and smiles at him. "Even if you are not easy to please, you have changed. I don't know how but I hope someone is making you happy" Wonwoo winks at him and Seungcheol blushes.
"T-There is someone" He tells him and that made Wonwoo even more happy. "I hope you keep that person with you forever, Seungcheol" "I will" Seungcheol stares up to him, filled with determination. "I need to go back, goodbye Seungcheol" With that, Wonwoo left.
"Hey gyu" He says as he enters the room, sorrow filling up the room. Mingyu was in the bed, breath getting slower and slower and his whole face and body getting paler. He was going to die tonight and Wonwoo can feel his body going numb already.
"W-Wonu?" The patient was breathless and Wonwoo sits down next to him, holding his hand. "I'm here, Gyu" He hears him whimper. "W-W-Weak" Mingyu manages to stutter out and Wonwoo smiles. It was time. Wonwoo kisses Mingyu's hand.
"Did I make you happy, Gyu?" He asks, caressing Mingyu's cheek with his hand. Mingyu manages to nod with all his strength. "S-So much-" He chokes and Wonwoo smiles. He always wonders why God didn't give him enough time with Mingyu.
But he cherished all those moments with him, all the laughter, the stories, the funny arguments, everything. And if there was only one thing in the world that he was thankful for, was that Mingyu existed even for a short period of time.
"I love you, Gyu" He finally says and kisses his forehead. Mingyu looks up, blinking. Wonwoo smiles to him. "Close your eyes Gyu, you need to rest" Mingyu blinks again, staring at him. "I'll be here once you wake up" With that Mingyu closes his eyes. "I love you too, Wonu"
Wonwoo watches how Mingyu's body turned flat, his monitor producing the loud beeping noises yet he only smiles. His human was free, he had a happy life. His skin began to tore off, little white petals were glowing. He completed his mission.
Seungcheol stayed at the park, the coffee in his hands was cold now but he couldn't feel himself to drink it. He just continues to watch the moon until he notices white petals suddenly started to fall down on his body. He looks up to see a bunch of petals flying round.
One lands on his hand and he smiles, the petals felt warm against his skin. Suddenly he drops the cup as someone hugs him on the side. Blonde hair? "What-" "Just let me hug you" Jeonghan.
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They sat there on the bench, as the moonlight shined above them and the white petals flying away. Seungcheol laid a hand on Jeonghan's back, hearing sniffles coming from the angel. Angel. Right, Jeonghan was said to be a guardian angel.
Does he care now? Not when he feels wetness on his shirt and the small sobs coming from Jeonghan's mouth and somehow it was heart breaking to see him like this. Does... Does Jeonghan ever cry because of him? Wait, he remembers it.
Every end of the dream, when Seungcheol felt the pain in his chest. He sees it, he sees Jeonghan crying but why? Why was he crying? He has never laid a finger on him but he did say some harsh words. Unless Jeonghan can feel his pain.
Can feel whenever Seungcheol gets a heart attack, whenever Seungcheol feels that slight sting in his heart. Can Jeonghan feel that? "Are you alright?" He whispers to the man, human or angel he doesn't know anymore. Hearing a soft whimper, Jeonghan pulls away and wipes his face.
"Here" Seungcheol wipes Jeonghan's tears away, it was cold. Tears were supposed to be warm right? He frowns at this. "Can you tell me what's wrong?" Jeonghan was in a sensitive state right now, he can tell by how he flinched at his question.
"Hey, you trust me right? I trust you as well" Seungcheol confronts him, softly grabbing his hands and starts to caress his hands, swirling his thumbs on the knuckles. "Do you trust me Han?" Han. He has never called him that. Jeonghan looks at him, lips quivering.
"Stop crying for me okay? I'm here" It was weird. Weird how Jeonghan was his happiness and now Seungcheol was the one who was giving a talk to the angel. It was as if the roles switched and to be honest, Seungcheol felt very protective of Jeonghan right now.
After a few minutes, a few sobs and whimpers later Jeonghan stops crying and releases sniffles and that made Seungcheol smile a bit. "You okay now? Can you tell me why are you crying now?" Jeonghan nods and leans his head on Seungcheol's neck and the patient lets him.
Not knowing why, Seungcheol brings Jeonghan to sit on his lap to comfort him even more. The angel lets himself be cradled in the patient's arms. "Han? Can you tell me?" Jeonghan bites his lip and he wraps his arms around Seungcheol's neck. "W-Wonwoo's gone"
Seungcheol felt like his heart stop and he freezes under Jeonghan's hold. He just talked to Wonwoo earlier and he was gone but he looked so happy, like he was free of something. "What do you mean?" He harshly whispers. "W-Wonwoo's a-a guardian angel, h-he's dead"
How? What? Seungcheol's mind went blank. No, he couldn't. Jeonghan was joking, he knows it right? Jeonghan was joking. "I-I don't u-understand" He says, gripping Jeonghan's waist tighter. This was it. Seungcheol was going to know everything.
"Can we go to your room?" Jeonghan says, pulling away and standing up. Seungcheol looks at him confused. Jeonghan frowns and decides to do something. Something that will make Seungcheol believe him. He snaps his fingers ans in a second, Seungcheol was on his bed, in his room.
He widened his eyes and looked around, when did they- "How? I-" "Do you believe me now?" Jeonghan asks and Seungcheol only shakes his head. This could be a dream, a horrible one but the room didn't surround a fog.
Jeonghan sighs, he was going to try much harder. With a snap of his fingers again, all the lights of Seungcheol's room went off. The curtains closed, the doors slammed shut. "J-Jeonghan?" He can't see Jeonghan in the dark. "Do you believe me now?" He hears him say.
"NO!" Seungcheol shouts, determined that this wasn't real. He was being stubborn, wants to be right so bad but Jeonghan doesn't want him to win this time. Snapping his fingers, all the lights went on again and the curtains opened.
There's only one more way that Jeonghan can convince that he was angel. Sitting down next to Seungcheol who glares at him. Sighing, he snaps his fingers and chants something that makes Seungcheol's hair stand up. "Come here" Fire. Red fire on Jeonghan's hand.
"What-" "It's for you to heal. Guardian angels can heal their humans using the fire they are assigned to" Jeonghan says, frown deepens as for Seungcheol it was red. He hated red, it looked like hell, anger even.
Seungcheol looks at him and eyes the fire in his hands. He believed that Jeonghan wasn't a human but an angel? That was something. "Do you trust me?" He doesn't know anymore. "Let me try and heal one of your scars" Jeonghan says, smiling at him.
Without even thinking, he extends his hand where there was a deep scar. It was an accident, he cut himself with glass the other day because he broke a plate from the lunch tray. Jeonghan looks at him first, wanting assurance. Seungcheol nods.
Jeonghan places the fire on Seungcheol's scar and hears the patient wince. It didn't feel really painful, but it felt hot. As if he placed his hand under hot water. Seungcheol widened his eyes as he sees that his scar was gone. The deep cut was gone.
"Do you believe me now?" Jeonghan asks once he stops healing him and retreats the fire back onto his hand. Seungcheol doesn't know what to say. "I-I don't know, I think so" He stutters out and Jeonghan was fine with that.
He just needs to explain things slow as a turtle. Licking his dry lips, he gives him a smile. "Seungcheol, I Yoon Jeonghan am your guardian angel" He starts the introduction and Seungcheol nods. Okay, he was fine on that part. But was he going to be okay with the consequence?
"I am sent by God, to protect you and to serve you" He continues and lets a minute pass by until he smiles bitterly. "And we have a rule, that if our human dies, we die with them" What?
He couldn’t comprehend it, couldn’t understand except for the word “death”. But he believed that Jeonghan was a guardian angel but his rule? His consequence? Nope. “Can you repeat that?” He wanted to know if he heard right.
Jeonghan sighs and looks down, how can he tell him again without startling him? “Let me put it this way, if you die, I die. That’s how most guardian angels work” He says, trying not to sound too harsh.
Oh. Seungcheol widened his eyes finally getting it. “So if I am gone, you are gone as well?” Seungcheol asked, wanting confirmation. Jeonghan nods. “But you are an angel? An immortal right?” Jeonghan bitterly smiles and looks p to him.
“There are different kinds of angels, guardian angels, angels who help god, seraphs and many more” He explains to him rather slowly. “But aren’t angels considered immortal?” Seungcheol was confused. If God loved his angels, why would he put them on a time limit then?
“Not us” The angel says bitterly. “Why though?” “We don’t have a purpose after our humans die, our only mission after all is to protect our humans and guide them” Seungcheol stares at him, sadly. “But what happens if the angel dies first?”
Jeonghan stares at him, raising his brow. “We get replaced by a new angel” “Even if the human sees you?” Jeonghan bites his lip and nods. “Sometimes, God will make you forget that you ever met your guardian angel”
“How?” “If the guardian angel becomes a fallen angel, the human who saw him or her will forget about the angel just to keep the human safe” Jeonghan lengthy explains. It was the thing that Jeonghan was scared of.
He was scared that Seungcheol wouldn’t remember him if he dies before him. He wants to remember the memories he had with him, wants him to atleast remember the happy moments with him. He will go insane if that happens.
“Can you reincarnate?” Seungcheol asks, hoping and Jeonghan shrugs. If there was even a chance like that, why wouldn’t he take it? “I don’t believe in higher ups but I do believe in reincarnation” Seungcheol says, smiling.
“I think if ever you are human, I would like to hang out with you” Seungcheol says and without thinking he brushes his hands through Jeonghan’s soft hair. “I would even try to date you” Seungcheol chuckles, half not meaning it and half meaning it.
“You would?” Jeonghan asks, in shock. He sees himself as a boring person if ever he was human, just a normal person with a normal life without extreme doings. “Why wouldn’t I?” Seungcheol chuckles out and Jeonghan felt something twirl in his stomach.
“Because I...don’t know, I may bore you” Jeonghan says, feeling his cheeks heating up as Seungcheol’s hands goes to his cheeks. “You are actually my happiness, you know that right? The dreams with you keep me happy” Seungcheol says.
“Yeah but it’s different, I don’t have the powers in your dreams that I can do being human” Jeonghan sighs and Seungcheol shakes his head. “Still, I think I would date you” Seungcheol actually thought that Jeonghan was perfect.
“Why? I mean- you would? I mean if you would like but-“ Seungcheol decides to press his lips onto the angels one. Two people so different became a couple in just one night.
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Okay, Yoon Jeonghan. First, you need to calm down. This is your first time, it’s okay to be nervous right? It was the day after Seungcheol kissed him and he was making a dream for him tonight. To which he was so unprepared for.
He was always organized, always knew what to make the dreams of, where to start it but now it seems his mind can’t get over Seungcheol’s soft lips. He even wonders why Seungcheol kissed him last night and subtlety asked him on a date or be his boyfriend?
He never thought ot dating his human and didn’t even sort out his feelings for him and doesn’t know why or when he started to feel the butterflies in his stomach. Maybe it was when he met him? on the soccer field? but he didn’t have it back then.
He barely even knows his human (he was lying, he knows everything about him), spent time with him for only a few months and now they kissed. However, he did feel fireworks? Are those what humans feel whenever they kiss someone?
As if his whole entire world went upside down, like his heart stopped at that moment. That one moment wherein he doesn’t know if it’s a forbidden rule. Nobody said that you couldn’t date your human right? Even God only said don’t become a fallen angel.
Plus, the ten commandments didn’t tell him that an angel shouldn’t a human. Right? or he probably needs to read the rules again while he was at his house in the heavens. He sighs as he leans his head on his hand, staring outside of the window.
Seungkwan had been busy helping Hansol with his studies, even sleeping over by the boy’s small apartment. Luckily, angels didn’t need that much sleep before they get recharged. They can even stay up all night if they want to. Jeonghan does it for his patient.
What should he do for his dream tonight? Should he take him somewhere? Like Rome again or this time Paris even? But that would take him weeks to complete, trying to get the place become a dream. He heavily sighs before spinning around his chair.
Is it bad if he misses Seungcheol right now? Crap. He bites his lip as he feels the tingle in his skin again of remembering the kiss last night. He whines in his seat, blushing madly. He doesn’t know what to feel.
Sighing once again, he chants something before snapping his fingers. A hologram of Seungcheol appeared in his hand. Seungcheol was happily munching on his cereal and Jeonghan smiles as he sees that Seungcheol was reading. He should probably write to him.
Getting his pen and a piece of paper, he waits for Seungcheol to take his eyes from the book and writes down. ‘What are you doing’ He writes and chuckles at Seungcheol’s shocked reaction and stops eating his cereal. ‘J! You are back!’ The angel chuckles.
‘Did you miss me?’ ‘No of course not’ Jeonghan rolls his eyes. ‘No need to lie to me’ He sees Seungcheol chuckling. ‘I know, I did miss you’ ‘I missed you too’ Both of them smiled simultaneously.
‘Where were you?’ Seungcheol asked. ‘Just here and there, checking up on some people’ ‘Why?’ Jeonghan hesitates at this. ‘I don’t know why exactly. I don’t know where to go’ Jeonghan partly lies.
‘So you are like a lost soul or something? Ah’ Jeonghan raises his brow. ‘Why the sudden conclusion?’ ‘The person I like used to be one’ He widened his eyes as Seungcheol continues. ‘He told me he was a lost soul but then he revealed he was an angel’
The angel decided to play along. ‘Oh really? How did you react?’ He sees Seungcheol scratch his head. ‘At first I didn’t believe him, I thought it was some kind of joke but it wasn’t. He showed me his powers’ ‘What was it like?’ ‘Terrifying’
Jeonghan lets out a whimper. Crap, he knew he shouldn’t have scared Seungcheol like that especially that one nightmare he did. He may had overwhelmed Seungcheol too much. Actually not may, but he did overwhelm him. ‘But it felt good, like he was my escape’
Jeonghan felt like his whole stopped at that moment, even dropping his pen from shock. He was Seungcheol’s escape? How? What- ‘He was a literal angel, he made me happy. I thought nobody could do this but he proved me wrong’
He lets Seungcheol continue. ‘I felt at that moment we were made for each other you know? He was made for me to be happy. He took me to places that I wanted and to be honest, it wasn’t the place that was exciting, it was him all along’
Jeonghan locked his dry lips, staring at the paper in front of him. He felt adrenaline rush through his veins, his cheeks blowing up. God, did this feel like falling in love? Sweet words like this made his legs feel so jelly. ‘But I don’t know if he feels the same way’
Jeonghan snaps out of his thoughts and scrambles down to reach his pen and starts writing again. ‘What do you mean?’ ‘I kissed him last night but he ran away, I think I scared him’ Oh. Jeonghan chuckles from his stupid act.
‘Maybe he hasn’t sort out his feelings yet’ ‘You think so? I thought I was moving too fast’ He was but Jeonghan liked it. He like the thrill of it. ‘What do you want to do then?’ Seungcheol sat there for a ment, staring at the book. What did Jeonghan like?
‘He said he likes to be in the beach, somewhere peaceful’ He remembers. Butterflies soon came back to Jeonghan’s stomach. ‘Why don’t you take him there?’ ‘I will once I get out of here’ Bingo.
Seungcheol stares at the book, waiting for J’s reply but it never came. He sighs as he decides to close the book and push the table that had his meal away. He shifts in his bed, eyes daring to close on him. Which he lost and soon enough he was sleeping.
He smells salt. The bed feels warm and gritty. He whines as the sun shines his face and opens his eyes. To see the beach. He sits up, toes wiggling as he feels the sand in his palms. “Cheol! Come here!” There he was, his angel playing by the water.
Jeonghan had a long sleeved baggy white polo and black pants that were rolled onto his knees. He was on the sea, splashing his face with the salt water. This felt like a dream come true for the both of them. Seungcheol smiles watching Jeonghan have fun.
The angel stops playing and stares at him. Why wasn’t Seungcheol playing with him? “Hey, what are you doing?” He asks pnce he gets off the sea and goes to Seungcheol’s spot. “Just watching” Jeonghan frowns, he wants Seungcheol to have fun as well.
“Come on, we don’t have all day” Jeonghan pouts and grabs Seungcheol’s arms. The patient smiles and decides to become heavy which makes Jeonghan fall onto his knees, leveling Seungcheol. “Yah! Come on! I wanna play-“ “You are so beautiful”
Seungcheol mentally dances in victory as he sees that beautiful pink blush on the angel’s cheeks. “S-Seun-“ “So fucking beautiful, so lucky to have you” Jeonghan looks away, the blush probably all over his fave right now. Seungcheol reaches up and caresses his cheek.
Seungcheol pulls Jeonghan to his lap without much struggle and hugs him just like that. Jeonghan knew Seungcheol can feel his heart beating but wasn’t saying anything about it. He leans his head on the patients shoulder, wrapping his arms around him.
“I love you, Jeonghan” The angel’s breath hitches and pulls away, hands on the patient’s cheeks. “I know you don’t feel the same way but I just wanted to let you know so that it won’t change whatever relationship we have” Seungncheol spoke softly.
“But what if I do?” Jeonghan whispers to him and widened his eyes. Did he really just say that? He hides his face on Seungcheol’s neck, embarrassed. He hears that cute laugh from Seungcheol and feels the hug tighten. “Can I kiss you?”
He doesn’t know, was he supposed to say yes? Was he supposed to reject? He doesn’t really know. He feels Seubncheol’s hands on his waist and was forced to pull away. He whines at this and looks at him. “May I?” Seungcheol whispers, their foreheads touching.
Jeonghan felt like his voice was suddenly gone, felt like his whole body went numb. “I promise from this point on, I will ask everything for you” Seungcheol states, his hands curling against his shirt. “I’m sorry if I didn’t ask you, just kissed you without permission”
“I-It’s fine” Where did his voice came from? Seungcheol smiles. “So may I?” Jeonghan bites his lip. Does he even want to answer? Jeonghan nods and leans in to capture Seungcheol’s lips. The patient smiles through the kiss. It was softer this time, no rush, no force.
They pull away for air, panting for it but their hearts and lips were on fire. Jeonghan opens his eyes, staring at the beautiful lashes. Yup, he is totally in love right now, no doubt about it. “Race you!” Jeonghan says as he gets off Seungcheol’s lap.
Seungcheol laughs and gets up and starts running towards him straight into the ocean. He felt free, he felt loved. Jeonghan splashes him and he smirks and splashes rather harshly. They were so happy and the angel hopes that nothing could break this.
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“Today was fun” Seungcheol says as he brushes his wer hair back. Jeonghan smiles and takes his hand, helping him get off the water. The sky was orange and pink, clouds almost grey. The sun was almost setting down and Seungcheol wanted to watch the sunset with his angel.
“Hey leg’s climb there!” Seungcheol points to a large rock, fitting them both due to it’s size. “Race you!” Jeonghan softly punches Seungcheol’s arm before running to the rock. “Hey, no fair!” Seungcheol kaughs behind him as he runs as well.
Jeonghan runs with every strength in his body but suddenly Seungcheol’s arms were on his waist and he laughs loudly. “Put me down!” Jeonghan says as Seungcheol picks him up and olaces him to his shoulder. “Not going to let you win!” Seungcheol tells him.
Once Seungcheol was at the rocks he sets down Jeonghan who hits his face softly. “You idiot! You could have atleast gave me a warning!” Seungcheol gave him a toothy smile. “You shouldn’t carry heavy things you know, it not good for your heart” Jeonghan states.
“It’s okay if it’s you” Seungcheol says, staring at Jeonghan’s beautiful brown orbs. “What do you mean?” Jeonghan asks, not quite understanding but Seungcheol shakes his head. “Come on, we have a sunset to watch” They both started climbing the rock.
Once they were in the flat surface of the rock, they sat down next to each other. Their view was perfect, the sun right in the middle of them. “It’s beauitful, Cheol” Jeonghan whispers, eyes beaming with happiness. “I know” But not as beautiful as you.
Seungcheol takes his eyes away from the sun for a moment and looks down to see Jeonghan’s hand. Should he take the chance? Fuck it, he only lives once and he reaches for Jeonghan’s hand. Intertwining their fingers together and he hears the angel sigh.
“Seungcheol-“ “Just this once” He already broke his promise that he needed Jeonghan’s permission but for this time, he doesn’t care anymore. “Alright, just once” Jeonghan tells him, not taking his eyes off of the sun.
As they watch the sunset, Jeonghan couldn’t help but take a glance at the other, feeling his heart thumping against his chest. But then he thinks, if he was human...would they end up this way? Would they meet at another time? Would they be able to see each other?
“What are you thinking about?” Seungcheol asks, setting his eyes onto the angel. “It’s nothing” “It doesn’t feel like nothing” Seungcheol starts to caress Jeongnhan’s hand, circling his thumb on each knuckle. “You know you shouldn’t lie” Jeonghan sighs.
“I know but I can’t help to think...” Jeonghan takes a deep breath. “Think what?” “If I was human, and times were different, would I meet you?” Seungcheol freezes. Is fate with them at that moment? Would they be able to even know each other?
“If fate does want us together, why not?” Jeonghan shots him a look. “I mean, if our past lives we did meet each other and now, we met what’s there to say in another life?” He thinks there was a huge possibility that he would meet Jeonghan again.
But he couldn’t help but feel that it’s going to be different, like as if something will happen to them that it’s not going to be good. “If we were in our different lives, I would actually try to find you. I feel something empty when you are not with me” Seungcheol confesses.
Jeonghan’s feels it. The warmth in his cheeks, the heart rapidly beating and his stomach in butterflies. “How? You don’t even know me” Seungcheol gives him a smile. “That’s how fate works, brining two strangers and making them fall in love”
Jeonghan was surprised how Seungcheol knows alot of falling in love. Despite him being locked up inside of his room. “How do you know all of this?” “Books and a very special person” Seungcheol says and Jeonghan pouts.
Seungcheol couldn’t exactly tell that the special person was the angel, he would like it if that would have been kept a secret. Seungcheol looks infront of him and excitedly points to the sun. “Look! It’s going down!” “Let’s do a countdown!” Jeonghan suggests.
“Five!” Jeonghan. “Four!” I love you. “Three!” You are my happiness. “Two!” Please don’t leave me. “One!” Please. The sun goes to sleep and the dark blue sky appears with stars and the moon rises.
“Seungcheol you didn’t do the countdown with me!” Jeonghan pouts. “Sorry angel, I’ll try to do it next time” He hears the angel sigh and gives him a gummy smile. “A shooting star!” Jeonghan happily points to. “Make a wish!” The angel adds.
Closing their eyes and clasping their hands together, they both make a wish. Jeonghan, of course wishes for Seungcheol’s health, to be cured and to be finally free. Seungcheol didn’t need to wish as his wish was granted right besides him.
“Did you make a wish?” Jeonghan asks the patient once he opens his eyes. “I did and I think it was already granted” They both smile at each other. “Jeonghan?” “What is it?” “I love you” “ you too”
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Seungcheol wakes up to a smile in his face. Jeonghan loved him and he loves him back. It was the best achievement he could have ever gotten. Now that he knows everything, the consequences and all, he must live his life to the fullest. He must eat, get healthy.
He yawns and carefully sits up. Breakfast must be on his way now, he chuckles as he hears his stomach growl. Hearing the door open, he whips his head and frowns. “Who are you?” Seungcheol raises his brow. “Hi! My name is doctor Lee”
Seungcheol stares at him for a moment, why was a doctor here? “Doctor Jeon has unfortunately been missing for days now, I am his substitute” Doctor Lee smiles at him and Seungcheol nods. Wonwoo was gone and he knows that. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m just going to check on your blood pressure also some vitals. Sorry for the sudden visit” Seungcheol nods and doctor Lee starts to do a check up on him. “So, how long have you been here?” “Just a couple of months” Doctor Lee nods.
“How about you? How long have you been here?” Seungcheol asks back. “Just a couple months as well, I have seen you before though” Doctor Lee grabs his stethoscope. “Inhale and exhale deeply for me” Seungcheol follows his command.
After the small check up, Doctor Lee smiles at him. “Really? Sorry if I haven’t notice you” Seungcheol says but the doctor shakes his head. “It’s alright, anyways I need to go” Doctor Lee says, taking a look at his watch.
“Sure. See you around then” With that Seungcheol watches his new doctor rushes out of the room and he heavily sighs. It felt weird somehow, that Wonwoo wasn’t here anymore to nag him to eat or to exercise for a bit. He...misses him.
He does wonder who was his human, was it a doctor? A patient? He will never know. He can’t but think that if Wonwoo were those white petals, it felt warm like the doctor’s hands. “What are you thinking about?” Seungcheol smiles widely.
“Can you hear my thoughts?” Jeonghan chuckles, leaning against the wall. “What if I can?” “That’s just creepy” They both share a laugh. “Ain’t our first encounter creepy? I mean I am sorry if I created a creepy atmosphere” Seungcheol shakes his head.
“Not at all, if we weren’t dating and I didn’t know anything about it, I would” Seungcheol pats the space besides him. “Sit with me please?” Jeonghan rolls his eyes but follows Seungcheol to his bed. As if it’s an instinct, Seungcheol grabs his hand.
They intertwined their fingers together, both feeling very happy and warm. “Did you have a good dream?” Jeonghan teases him. “Of course, you were in it” Seungcheol replies. “Did you mean it?” Seungcheol looks at him, confused. “Mean what?”
“That I was your wish?” Seungcheol breathes heavily and smiles at him. Was his angel doubtful now? “To be honest, at first you weren’t” Seungcheol’s first wish was his saddest one. It was when things weren’t okay with him. He wished he died.
It was those moments wherein he wishes that his illness would come and just do it. Just fuck him over until he could no longer breathe. What’s worse it that he wished for was a heart attack. A fatal one. It was when he was angry at everyone.
When he hates at everyone for caring so much, for his parents wasting money, for the doctors and nurses wanting him to eat. He couldn’t believed he wished for that, if it really happened, he wouldn’t have ever met Jeonghan.
“But then you came into my life, you changed my very sad life. You were the wish that I never expected” Seungcheol voice sounded so in love. It was true. Jeonghan was one of those unexpected happy pills that he would be glad to take millions of.
“R-Really?” Jeonghan stutters out. It wasn’t in his list to become Seungcheol’s “boyfriend” is that what humans call it? Especially falling for the human. Most importantly, becoming a wish to him. He thought that they would stay friends, best friends even.
“Why do you ask?” The angel bites his lip. “It isn’t a part of our mission to fall in love” Jeonghan whispers to his human. “Especially to our human, but it is not forbidden as well” Seungcheol smiles and leans in, kissing Jeonghan’s cheek.
“Stop” The angel whines, his while face blushing madly and hides his face in Seungcheol’s neck. He hears him chuckle. “No, you look cute blushing- ow!” Jeonghan pulls off his hand that pinched Seungcheol’s arm. “If you think that will stop me then you are wrong”
He hears the angel groan. Now that he thinks of it, he must shower Jeonghan with lots of compliments now. It was one thing he wants to do if ever he gets a boyfriend, shower him with everything he deserves. “I really am inlove with you” Seungcheol whispers.
Jeonghan was down right speechless and feeling the butterflies explode in his stomach. He just wanted to visit Seungcheol because he wanted to check up on him after the dream but he literally just got punched on the face with love.
If that wasn’t able to make him stay, wasn’t able to take their relationship to the next level, he doesn’t know what will. “I love you too-“ “Seungcheol?” Shit. Jeonghan snaps his fingers and immediately turns invisible. “Mom? Dad?” His parents beam at him.
“Hey, honey. How are you?” His dad questions him, setting down the plastic bag on the ground before hugging his son. “I’m fine” Seungcheol replies rather coldly. He hasn’t seen them since their huge fight. “We heard you are eating well” His mom says.
“We also heard that doctor Jeon is gone, we wish he would come back” His mom continues and he nods. “Y-Yeah” He feels guilty that he and Jeonghan only knows what happened to Wonwoo. “Anyways we want to tell you something” He looks at his dad.
Oh god, why does it feel suddenly tense? The air thickens as his parents started speaking. “You can say no if you want, we would never put you in a situation you don’t want” His dad starts and he nods, understanding. “What is it?”
“We want to take you to a small vacation. You deserve it after staying in the hospital” Seungcheol widened his eyes at his mother’s words. Him? Going out? Vacation? “I don’t know what to say” Seungcheol breathlessly says.
“Are you going to say no?” Seungcheol blinks at the question. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, to be able become free in real life. This wasn’t a dream right? He pinches himself and winces as he feels the sting. He wasn’t dreaming, this was real.
“Seungcheol?” His mother starts to worry but he shakes his head. “I think I need to think about it” His parents nods, respecting his decision. “If you want, your father and I are going to buy some food for you so you can think” Seungcheol smiles at them.
“Don’t overthink okay honey? You can always say no” His father says and he nods. After they say goodbye, he smiles, dumbfounded. He doesn’t know why he feels excited. “Are you going to say yes?” Seungcheol jumps, forgetting that his angel was here.
“I-I think so” Jeonghan could only smile. He feels something in him, as if wanting for Seungcheol to say no. It was as if something was wrong in this vacation, like something bad was going to happen. But he doesn’t dare to take Seungcheol’s happiness away.
It was Seungcheol’s happiness above anything else in his list. “You should go” Shit. His stomach flips. He starts to feel nervous. “I think I will! Han! I am so excited!” Jeonghan smiles. But the feeling doesn’t go away.
-Fast forward- “Seungcheol? Are you ready?” His mother calls out for him from the bathroom. It was the day, he was going to spend a night outside of the hospital. Actually now that he thinks of it, he never had a vacation with his family.
The hospital approved of his leave, as long as he brings his medicines and an oxygen tank that was already in their car. With Seungcheol’s mother bringing an extra med kit in her bag. “Yeah! I’m coming!” Seungcheol says, getting his toothbrush.
He looks at himself on the mirror, his nerves jumping from the excitement. This was it! The day he has been dreaming of. Going out of the bathroom, his parents pack up his bag. “Are you ready honey?” “Yes! Let’s go!”
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Seungcheol was having the time of his life as he puts his head out of the car’s window, despite his mother’s concerns. His parents were really taking him somewhere far, somewhere he always wanted to go to unwind. The wind pushing past his har as he looks to the outside.
Near him were several mountains, clouds looking like hats on top and he has never seen such beauty before. However, there was something in him that felt missing or more importantly, an angel was missing from his trip.
“Jeonghan-ah? Are you here?” He whispers as the wind continued to flew past him. “What was that honey?” He shakes his head at his mother’s direction. “Nothing! Just enjoying the small road trip!” He smiles at them. They smile back.
“Well I’m glad you are enjoying your vacation!” His mother beams at him and he nods, getting back inside of the car. “Where are we going by the way?” He excitedly ask, jumping up and down on his seat. He hears his father chuckles.
“Just relax for a bit, dear. Try to take a nap, it’s another hour ride” His father says and he nods. Setting down in his seat, he grabs a small pillow from the back compartment of the car. He somehow wishes there was a little bit of dream so he could see his angel.
Closing his eyes, sleep overtakes him but there was no dream. That was okay with him though, the angel needs to rest as well. Jeonghan smiles at his human that was sleeping next to him. He was currently invisible from the naked eye.
Stroking Seungcheol’s face, he kisses his cheek when he sees Seungcheol frowns. He didn’t give him a dream because he wanted Seungcheol to rest. Also not to worry about him not being here when he was invisible. Not wanting to disturb the human, he stops stroking his face.
“Have fun, Cheol” The angel whispers and widely smiles when he sees the sleeping figure smile as well. However, the bad feeling didn’t go away and he prayed to God that something shouldn’t happen to his human. It was the only thing he wished up to heavens.
“Seungcheol-ah, wake up” He shot up awake as he hears his mother’s voice. He rubs the sand away from his eyes. “We are here honey” Seungcheol blinks, mind still boggling as he looks at his mother and he instantly smells it. Salt water.
“B-Beach?” He stutters out and his mother nods. “Yes honey, we are at the beach” His mouth curls up into a smile. The beach, what he always wanted to go to in real life. They settle down after in the resort they were staying at.
The resort was rather simple, the staff were accommodating and kind knowing they have a patient in their hands. Seungcheol lets his oarents settle down and goes to the balcony of their suit, smelling the salt water with a mixture of sun.
The place was amazing,the beach looked amazing and Seungcheol felt amazing. “You look great” He smiles as he hears the voice. “You’re here!” Jeonghan chuckles at Seungcheol half whisper and half scream. “I could never leave my human of course”
“I actually wanted a dream earlier, did you know that?” Seungcheol admits to the angel who shakes his head. Whi might have thought that an angel can lie alot? “Did you? I’m sorry, I didn’t prepare as much” Jeonghan mutters out but Seugcheol nods.
“Are you enjoying you’re small vacation?” Seungcheol nodded again, bigger like a child would. “Yup! It’s fun so far! We went on a road trip, Hannie!” Seungcheol jumps up and down excited. “Wow there tiger, wouldn’t want your heart to suddenly go fast”
“Right, right. I’m sorry” Jeonghan crosses his arms, giving him a smile. “I’m happy that you are having fun” Jeonghan says and Seungcheol felt his cheeks fire up. “Well I am happy that you are here” Now it was time for Jeonghan to blush.
It felt as if it was their first time confessing to each other and acting like high school lovers. “T-Thank you” Jeonghan stutters and Seungcheol gives him a soft smile and takes his hand. “Will you go and have fun with me, angel?”
“Me? fun? I don’t know” Jeonghan sees himself as a boring person, he only works and works, creating dreams for his human. Having fun seemed so off with the Angel, he thought fun was...with Seungcheol of course. “Come on, Han! Let’s go to the beach together for real!”
Jeonghan hesitates to even answer him because already he doesn’t want to answer “no”. He sighs before smiling. “As long as your parents don’t see me” Seungcheol eyes widened like saucers and he excitedly giggles. “Yey! I can-“ “Seungcheol? Who are you talking to?”
He freezes once Jeonghan snaps his fingers to become invisible. His mother continues to open the glass sliding door. “N-No one! Just myself” His mother nods and pats his shoulder. “Come on then, let’s go to the beach” He smiles before following his mother inside.
“Don’t go too far!” His father screams out from their rented hut, he screams back a “okay!” and runs as far where his parents couldn’t see him. “Jeonghan? Where are-“ A sudden splash of water was directly hit on his face. “You are late, idiot!” Jeonghan laughs.
Seungcheol wipes off the water before smirking. If Jeonghan wants to play then they WILL play. Running to the water, he tackles the angel and Jeonghan screams out laughing. “You are the idiot!” Seungcheol says, splashing the other harshly.
“No you are!” Jeonghan says, splashing back. They felt so free, they even look like a young couple having fun. Their clothes, bodies and hair were wet but they were having so much fun. It was like that dream again, being on the beach, enjoying each other’s company.
“Come here!” Seungcheol says and grabs Jeonghan’s waist. The angel squeals from happiness and wraps his arms around the patient. They laughed for a long time until they noticed their state. Their eyes met and they stopped laughing.
Their eyes were shinning as the sun bronzed their skin and the waters at their feet. “Angel” That was all Seungcheol could say, feeling his heartbeat so fast. Jeonghan looked so perfect, more than perfect. “Seungcheol-ah” Jeonghan cups Seungcheol’s cheek.
“Jeonghan, I love you” Seungcheol whispers, their foreheads touching. Jeonghan smiles. “I love you too, Seungcheol” “May I?” “You may” Seungcheol presses his lips onto his, tightening his hold. Jeonghan smiles into the kiss.
“So tired” Seungcheol says as he leans back onto the sand, staring at the blue sky before him. “Well if you didn’t wrestle me in the ocean, maybe you might have energy left” Jeonghan says beside him, joking. “It’s fun, you know” Seungcheol rolls his eyes.
“I know I’m just joking idiot” Jeonghan mutters out and Seungcheol smiles at him. Before looking up to the sky again, watching the clouds create characters. “Han look! It’s a dog!” Jeonghan looks up, seeing the puppy cloud and he chuckles.
“Look at that one! It’s like a cow!” Seungcheol points to another one, his imagination running wild. The angel was supposed to be looking at the clouds but he couldn’t help to glance at the human. He looked refreshed and happy. Something that Jeonghan likes to see everyday.
“Han, look! It’s a-“ Seungcheol stops the sentence and frowns as he looks at the clouds. He first thought it shaped like an angel with a person but suddenly the angel breaks apart from the human and vanishes. More like the angel breaks apart into smaller clouds.
“Look at what?” Jeonghan asks turning to the sky. Seungcheol just shakes his head. “Nothing, I thought I saw something” He lies before glancing at the angel. “Did you have fun?” The patient asks and the angel nods, smiling.
“It’s much more fun that you weren’t dreaming” He says. He didn’t even know why he started to give Seungcheol dreams in the first place when it was more fun to be able to do things in real life. He felt alive. “I know but I still want you in my dreams”
Jeonghan chuckles, punching Seungcheol’s arm. His human always says the most corniness lines that he doesn’t know if he loves or hate. “You are so flirty these days” “Well you are my first” and probably my last, Seungcheol thinks.
“Really?” Jeonghan was actually shock that Seungcheol didn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend before. “Well being locked in a house for so long and not getting any socialization takes risks” Seungcheol explains to the angel who shrugs. “You didn’t know?”
“Well- actually I don’t want to tell” If some people remembered, Seungcheol’s actual guardian angel died and Jeonghan replaced them. “Tell me everything” Jeonghan shakes his head and gives him a small smile. He didn’t want to tell him.
Seungcheol would be...heartbroken. Knowing that your guardian angel died was mind blowing especially to those people who don’t even believe in other “supernaturals”. “Nevermind about it” Once Jeonghan said that, they both went quiet.
All they could hear was the waves crashing beneath their feet. Seungcheol sits up, his head leaning against his hand before looking around. He then spots a cave and instantly wants to go there. “Han, let’s go” Seungcheol says and dashing to the cave.
“H-Hey! Cheol!” Jeonghan gets up and runs. He was trying to catch up to the human but it was as if Seungcheol had four legs because he wasn’t able to catch him. “C-Cheol!” Jeonghan screams out, eyes widening as Seungcheol goes in the cave.
“Han! It so pretty here!” Seungcheol screams back looking at the inside of the cave. It didn’t scare him in fact it infatuated him. The cave looked deep, dark and down right in Seungcheol’s alley that he wants to explore. Finally, Jeonghan reaches him.
“Seungcheol, be careful!” If Seungcheol knew that he had wings, he would let Seungcheol be on his back. But he couldn’t show anymore powers until necessary because the human might get scared. “I know!” Shit, Seungcheol already entered the cave.
“Seungcheol!” He calls out, entering the cave as well. The nervousness came back. He felt so scared. “It’s beautiful” Seungcheol whispers looking everywhere. It was kinda cold as well but it doesn’t bother him, in fact it kinda relaxes him.
Jeonghan stares at his human, watching his every move while the fear was slowly taking over his body. He starts to feel ansty in his place and decides to go to his human. “Cheol the sun is setting down, you must go-“ “Han, stop being a party pooper”
Jeonghan gasps and raises his brow at Seungcheol. Since when did he have this attitude? “Han, really. All I wanna do is have fun, it’s my first time going out” Seungcheol groans out and decides to leave the speechless angel to explore more.
He didn’t know where the attitude came from but he was getting annoyed that everyone seems to be controlling him. He wants to be free and even Jeonghan wasn’t allowing him to do it. He steps down a rock and looks around.
“Seungcheol, don’t you dare go to far-“ Jeonghan stops himself when the sunlight shows up behind Seungcheol and he sees it. Seungcheol’s demon sinisterly smiling at him and pokes Seungcheol’s chest. Jeonghan felt it, the piercing through his heart.
“C-Cheolie?” Jeonghan struggles to get out, freezing in his place as the demon smirks at him before his fist went through Seungcheol’s chest. “H-Han, I-I-“ His heart was like ripping out of his chest, his mind fogging and his body getting tired.
“S-STOP!” Jeonghan screams out, he didn’t know why he hasn’t move but he couldn’t. His feet was glued to ground, watching the scene unfold. “H-Han my h-heart-“ Seungcheol gasps out and his body shakes with pain. He was losing oxygen and feels light headed.
“I SAID STOP!” Jeonghan couldn’t take it anymore and shoots the demon with light from his hands. A power that chosen guardian angels have. But... Before the light could reach the demon, he was gone. and Seungcheol blacked out.
“Cheol!” Jeonghan screams running to his human, placing his head on his lap, shaking. “Seungcheol, wake up! Please” Jeonghan screams as he sees it. Blood was coming out from Seungcheol’s mouth. “N-No! Cheol, don’t do this to me!” Jeonghan overflowed with tears.
He knew it. His gut was telling him that this trip was scary. How his nervousness was right. “S-Seungcheol, please” He hears it, footsteps in the cave. “Seungcheol! Where are you?!” His mother screams out and he bites his lip. He couldn’t leave him.
Gathering the courage, he carries Seungcheol bridal style to his parents. “H-HELP!” Jeonghan cries out and Seungcheol’s parents looked at him and widened their eyes. “SEUNGCHEOL!” They run to him, grabbing Seungcheol from his hands and he whimpers.
“O-Oh god! SEUNGCHEOL!” His mother cries while Seungcheol’s father was dialing for an ambulance as Jeonghan tried to help. “W-Who are you?!” Jeonghan bites his lip. “I-I am a l-local here and I-I saw him” He lies again and his mother believed him.
“I-I-“ They both freeze when Seungcheol starts coughing. Coughing out blood. “W-We need to get him to t-the r-resort” Jeonghan says and without anything else, Jeonghan carries Seungcheol running out of the cave while his parents were calling for help.
“I’m not going to let you die, Seungcheol. Not today” Jeonghan says through his quiet sobs as he carried Seungcheol to the resort and already some staffs were waiting and grabs Seungcheol away from him once he reaches to the resort.
“T-Thank you” Seungcheol’s mother says and he nods, leaving him all alone while Seungcheol gets rushes to the hospital. Clutching his chest, he looks down on his hand seeing blood from his shirt. He felt numb, felt like crying. “Han” Arms wrapped around him.
“S-Seungkwan” The angel starts crying, knowing that he should be by Seungcheol’s side but he couldn’t. He swore he protected him but he choked when Seungcheol was in a dangerous state, his demon had planned this. He felt so weak.
He failed his mission. He failed God. He failed himself. And most importantly, he failed Seungcheol. Why did he just stand there and let the demon hurt his human? “I’m sorry, Seungcheol” He could only sob out.
“May I talk to you?” Seungcheol was now at the hospital, wires and tubes connected to him. He was still in a coma, his breathing was supported by life support. “O-Of course, doc” His parents said, quietly going out of the room. “Cheol-ah” Jeonghan appears.
“How are you?” It had been a few days now, Jeonghan was still traumatized from the event. He did feel guilty of visiting Seungcheol just now, he was the worst guardian angel ever. Couldn’t protect his human, couldn’t save him, couldn’t even love him right.
He swore he tried his best, tried to make Seungcheol so happy but he failed. He failed him to the point where Seungcheol got hurt. He was so stupid. Caressing Seungcheol’s face, he presses his lips on the cold forehead. “Wake up please” He says, tearing up.
“You can’t die yet. You can’t leave me, please” Jeonghan begs to no one in particular. Holding the cold hand, he lets his tears fall. “Please, Cheol-ah. I’m so sorry for not protecting you b-but please don’t go” Jeonghan’s voice broke.
He looks up to see Seungcheol’s parents entering the room, they couldn’t see him. He was invisible. The look on his parents face was devastating. It looked like they received the worst news in their lives. “H-Honey, p-please get strong” The woman breaks down in front of him.
“S-Seungcheol, if you can hear us, please get better. Y-You only have so l-little time” Jeonghan widened his eyes, what are they talking about? “C-Cheol, please. Y-You have h-heart failure, w-we need you t-to be strong” Another stab in the angel’s heart.
-Fast forward- “Honey, we are just going to pay the bills and get food. Please wake up when we are back okay?” A month. A month has passed with the grueling hours of crying for their child to wake up. They were losing him day by day.
But they were holding onto the littlest of hope for their child. Even Seungcheol would hurt them, scream at them, they can’t bare to lose their child. Their only child. They both kissed his cold forehead, holding back their tears because they already cried enough.
Leaving the room, broken hearted as always. They left the guardian angel alone with the human. “You heard that right, Cheol? You must wake up now” Jeonghan begs. He begs everyday. To Seungcheol, to God, to everyone. “Please” He desperately says.
“Hannie, you need to sleep” Seungkwan was with him, being his emotional support. He left Hansol a note that he was going on “vacation” for a few days. “I know, Kwan. But what is he wakes up and I am asleep?” He couldn’t afford that.
Seungkwan already heard this over and over again, to say he was tired as well was an understatement. However, he couldn’t risk of Jeonghan breakinng down again. When the incident happened, Seungkwan felt it and got to Jeonghan right away.
Seungkwan cried as well because he can’t bare to see his friend so in pain. He was weak when someone was crying and Jeonghan loves him for that. “Han, when will he wake up?” Another shot at Jeonghan’s heart. He only shakes his head.
“Kwan, I need to wait. Just-“ Seugkwan cuts him off by grabbing his hands, caressing them softly. “Han, whatever I am going to say will hurt you but I am doing this for your sake” Seungkwan starts and Jeonghan raises his brow.
“Han, you need to let him go” What? Jeonghan widened his eyes and pulls off Seungkwan’s hold who bites his lip. He knew that Jeonghan was going to react this way. “N-No. You don’t know what you are talking about-“ “Listen to me, Han”
“He’s not getting better. It’s been a month and he has gotten so many attacks that I can’t even remember the last time he just stayed asleep” Seungkwan’s voice was betraying his tears. “He will get better, I promise you that and-“
“Also that sentence. Han if he is getting better then why isn’t he waking up? He looks so thin, so dead” Jeonghan lets out a heavy sigh. He believed that Seungcheol can get better, he wants Seungcheol to wake up and prove Seungkwan wrong.
“I’m not trying to act sour but Han, this is too much. You are tired, I know that but you are hurting yourself more” Seungkwan leans in and hugs the guardian angel who was in tears. He should believe but time was running out.
“Han, you need to let him go” “I can’t, I set him free. I make him happy” “Han, don’t you see it? You are hurting yourself more” “That means it’s working right?” No. It wasn’t working. His prayers wasn’t working.
Nothing was working. A mircale should be beside him but nothing. Hope wasn’t working, his begging didn’t work. He was lost. So lost and so hurt. It hurts to know that your human will die because you didn’t do your mission.
“I-If there’s any other way, I-I’ll do it” He quietly says, holding onto the cold body. Seungkwan sniffles before nodding. There was, it was an old ritual for angels to do. He learned about it back in the day when he felt like nothing was going right for Hansol.
But it was going to cost alot, cost so much pain and heartbreaks. Seungkwan lets him calm for a moment before kneeling down, heart wrenching. “T-There is a w-way to save him” Jeonghan widened his eyes, finally there was hope. “What is it? Please tell me”
“Han, i-it’s going to cost so much. I-I can’t let you do it” Jeonghan bites his lip. He doesn’t care for himself anymore, Seungcheol was dying and that’s all he cares about. “I’ll do anything. I swear, just for him. I-I want him to live”
“J-Jeonghan. I-I-“ Seungkwan couldn’t say it. It hurts him so much and it would clearly hurt Jeonghan as well. “T-Tell me please” He whimpers quietly. “Han, you need to sacrifice for him. A guardian angel can sacrifice themselves for their human to live”
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“H-Huh?” Seungkwan could only sob and Jeonghan felt numb. Did he...did he hear right? Sacrifice? Sacrifice for Seungcheol? He didn’t understand. “I-I- Kwannie, can you repeat that again?” Jeonghan stutters and therefore hears another sob.
“H-Han, I am so sorry. It’s the only way I can think of and-“ “Repeat” Jeonghan sounded so cold. “A guardian angel can sacrifice for their humans to live. It’s a tradition used thousand of years ago-“ “I’ll do it” Seungkwan’s eyes went wide as saucers.
“Han, you don’t know what you are talking about-“ “I’ll do it, Seungcheol’s life is more important than mine” Jeonghan firmly says before glancing at the body. Seungkwan shakes his head. The angel doesn’t know what he was getting into.
It will hurt him, it will kill him. “Where do you do it?” Why was Jeonghan so determined to sacrifice himself? “No! I won’t let you do it-“ “Seungkwan are you listening to me?” Jeonghan questions the other, glaring.
“You don’t know what you are talking about-“ “No. Seungkwan, I know exactly what I am saying” “You don’t understand-“ “I’m going to do it and-“ “SEUNGCHEOL WILL FORGET YOU!” That made Jeonghan go quiet, feeling his heart dropped to his stomach.
“W-What?” Seungkwan sighs holding Jeonghan’s hands, mentally saying sorry to the other. “Once the guardian angel passes their life to save their human, everything will be erased in the human’s memory that has their guardian angel with it”
“That’s why that tradition is no longer used today because it affects you and Seungcheol. You die and he doesn’t remember you” Jeonghan was down right speechless. Seungcheol will forget him. The memories, the dreams, everything. Vanished into thin air.
It was a huge risk with a consequence. Like everything in this world where your decision really matters for the outcome. “I-I remember talking to someone about it, the reason why the human needs to forget their guardian angel is that they don’t need them anymore”
After Seungkwan’s comment, they went silent for awhile. Sorrow filled the room. Jeonghan thinks so loosely for a while. Does he keep hoping for a miracle when already it isn’t coming? Does he still pray when it isn’t answered?
Seungkwan decides to break the silence by looking at Jeonghan. “Han? Do you want time-“ “I’ll do it” Jeonghan answers without even the question raised. “Jeonghan-“ “My duty is to save and protect Seungcheol, if this is the way to do it then I’ll do it”
They were alone now, just Jeonghan and Seungcheol alone in the room. The angel requested for Seungkwan to prepare everything. His parents were out getting themselves dinner and taking a breath of fresh air.
It had been a day now, Jeonghan wasn’t able to say goodbye yesterday and rather cried his eyes out while holding Seungcheol’s almost dead hand. This was it. Jeonghan will always cherish their memories and Seungcheol would forget all of it.
But that was okay right? Because all he wanted was for Seungcheol to live happily, to live longer. Even if he wasn’t by his side, if Seungcheol gets to live the life he wanted then he was okay with it. “Cheol-ah, this is my last day with you”
“I don’t know why fate wouldn’t bring us together, why everything doesn’t seem to be in our hands” Jeonghan caresses Seungcheol’s cheek. “Why God doesn’t want us together when it feels right. I don’t understand, Cheol” He does. They were never meant to be.
That was the thing that Jeonghan wanted to ask God about, why they seemed so right for each other but fate will always pull them apart. Why? He hasn’t done anything except serve his duty as a guardian angel. He doesn’t understand.
“I- Thank you. Seungcheol, I never expected this would happen between us. You...became my unexpected happiness. I don’t know how to ever repay that” Jeonghan shifts in his seat. “Even if you are really stubborn, you just always made my days better”
“I’m sorry if I didn’t give you enough dreams, I’m sorry if sometimes I don’t protect you. I’m sorry that I didn’t” Jeonghan felt so guilty. This was all his fault. If Jeonghan didn’t choke, if he didn’t freeze. He would have saved Seungcheol.
Seungcheol wouldn’t be wired up, tube up and in a blink of dying. He wouldn’t have had heart failure. He wouldn’t... He wouldn’t be asleep when Jeonghan will say goodbye. It was all Jeonghan’s fault. Everything.
“Cheol-ah, I love you. I really do, if there was another way to make you wake up I would have taken it but there’s nothing else I can do” He wishes so hard that there was a miracle. There wasn’t, isn’t in the first place.
“You won’t remember me, Cheol. But I will, I will always cherish our memories together because even if I am not right here anymore, I will always hope for the best for you” He had cried enough. Tears are gone at this point.
“I hope you are going to be so sucessful, Cheol. Achieving the dreams you want, being free while traveling” Jeonghan remembers their time in Rome. How they were so free, how they were so happy. And this was their outcome.
“Remember the beach Cheol? How you were imaging clouds? I saw it. How the angel broke away from the human? How the angel vanishes? It’s us, Cheol” He accepts his fate now. God, he was going to miss Seungcheol so much. It was cruel.
“I love you so much, Choi Seungcheol. Goodbye” Jeonghan leans in and kisses the cold forehead. But he doesn’t let go without praying, without thanking God for giving him Seungcheol. It was the best life he could ever live.
“Jeonghan” The angel smiles to his friend as the black river that was hidden away from the heavens, the river had been abandoned. Not one angel knew about this unless they knew about the tradition. It was closed off due to it.
“Watch Seugcheol for me okay?” Seungkwan nods. Jeonghan bitterly smiles. He closed his eyes. Seungcheol opened his. Jeonghan fell.
“Who are you calling idiot? You fucktard” Seungcheol watches how Jihoon slams the door, angrily. He sighs. The producer was always like this. He didn’t understand why he was so angry all the time. Sighing, he slaps the paper down the table.
He needs coffee down his system so he gets his wallet. They have been working togeher for five years now. Five years since he got better, it was a miracle as his parents said. He allegedly got better once he woke up.
However, sometimes he gets the worse headaches. Everytime something feels so familiar, his head just kills him. There was one time he was at the beach, he was looking up at the clouds and then his head just starts to hurt.
Pressing the down elevator, he sighs as his head throbs. His mind suddenly goes to something. He got down to the elevator to go to this park and someone hugged him. He couldn’t see the face, but he suddenly felt warm. “I need more meds” He says to himself.
Going to the nearest cafe that was on their building, he opens the door until someone gets hit. “Shit!” Seungheol says, immediately helping the man. Seungcheol sees the blonde man that was in pain on the floor. “I’m so sorry” He says.
The man shakes his head, picking up his books. “That’s okay, I didn’t look at where was I going” The man smiles at Seungcheol which looks familiar. “I’ll help you!” Seungcheol exclaims, picking up the books. One falls open and picks it up.
“Hope you had a good time! :)” Seungcheol’s eyebrows furrowed. He knew he has seen this before. The man pats his shoulder. “Hey, um. I need to leave” Seungheol snaps out of his thoughts before giving back to the man. “I’m sorry again” “It’s okay!”
As soon as the man leaves with his books. Seungcheol felt distraught. He knew he had seen that before, he can’t put a finger on it. Licking his lips, he closes his eyes as his head throbs again. Soccer field? Why did he think of that?
He opens his eyes and widens it. Rome. He was in the garden, he sees someone walking. “Hey!” The beach. Sand was on his feet. “Cheol! Let’s have fun!” The person was blurry but the voice. Who was this? “Jeonghan”
“Jeonghan?!” He whispers to himsef and everything sets down to reality. He runs out of the cafe. His guardian angel. His Jeonghan. He forgot, he didn’t remember him. How could he forget?! Seeing the familiar blonde hair, he whispers. “Jeonghan?”
Jeonghan turns around and smiles. Finally. “Hi, Cheol-ah” Seungcheol approaches him, feeling heavy. “It’s, I-“ Jeonghan envelops him to a hug. “I missed you so much” Maybe they were indeed for each other.
“I missed you so much, Angel” Seungcheol smiles and Jeonghan nods. He knows. “I’m sorry if I forgot you” “It wasn’t your fault, it was mine” Seungcheol openes his eyes before Jeonghan fell to the river. If he waited for another second.
If he waited then he would still be an angel, but it was okay. Jeonghan was here, alive. “How did you remember?” Seungcheol smiles. “I read a book, J” Jeonghan chuckles. After all this wait, it was worth it. They found each other.
“You knew?” Seungcheol nods, leaning in with their foreheads touching. It was obvious. “I just didn’t tell” Jeonghan rolls his eyes. Seungcheol only smiles. “I missed you so so much” Jeonghan nods. After a long time, they kissed with so much passion. Indeed a happy ending.
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