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Sep 4, 2019
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yoonmin au where: mortals don't usually see the angels and demons assigned to them but jeon jungkook can. he grew up watching his guardian angel, yoongi and his sassy demon, jimin constantly bicker and squabble over petty little things

tags: • guardial angel! yoongi & not-so-angel! jimin • orphan koo • social media & written text • fluff additional tags: • writer might fall asleep in the middle of an update • writer loves cliffhangers • updates may vary: tiny update, tiniest update
Jimin, in 573 years of his immortal life, never thought a day would come that he would be sitting on a yellow plastic chair, with flowers and sun doodled on its desk. Not to mention, he would be sitting next to an angel from heaven, going by the name Min Yoongi
but here they are, in a parent-teacher conference, because apparently, their 5 year old Jeon Jungkook, flicked a boy named Kim Taehyung in the face. How did they get here? Well, it all started when...
All humans are assigned one guardian angel and one demon by the moment they open their eyes, after they are born. Jimin was zapped from hell, expecting he would land in a hospital room, or maybe in a house with warm lighting and blanket forts.
But out of all the place he'd imagined, he was zapped to a dark alley, under drops of rainfall and a muffled cry behind a dumpster. Someone in a white fancy top, and clean cut white pants had already beat him to finding where the whimpers are coming from, "Ah, the angel is here"
Jimin stood behind, watching the other cradle the baby into his arms, "Who would leave a child here?!" the angel sounds upset "He was crying A LOT." Jimin says, "Honestly, I would leave him too" as expected from someone living 568 years in hell. Babies are not really their thing
"But look how cute he is!" the angel said, showing off the baby's fluffy cheeks to Jimin. He seemed to stopped crying. Infact, the baby boy was smiling. Looking straight at Jimin's deep brown eyes. Weird. It's almost as if, he can see the two guardians with his own human sight.
"Soooo, what are we gonna do?" Jimin asked the angel, who is currently wrapping the baby with as much cloth as he can find. It was night and raining, the breeze was getting colder by the minute. "Should I just take his soul and call it a day?" Jimin blurts the idea
"What do you mean take his soul?!" The baby is still freezing. Angels and Demons has no warmth in their bodies, nor coldness. It's just a vessel with a soul. In Jimin's case, a tampered soul. "Give me your jacket," the angel commanded and Jimin unconciously obliged
"I mean," he talked as he removes his black, ragged leather jacket, "he has no family, how could he possibly survive on his own?" he hands the angel the leather, hoping it would warm the little one up.
"I'll just extract his soul and you can go back to heaven doing fancy heaven shi–" Jimin remembered there is a baby around, ".. uh, fancy heaven stuff, and I can go back to hell so I can play Mario Kart in peace"
The demon has a point. They can only stay as guardians as long as the baby is alive, but how can a baby possibly survive on its own? "M..maybe we could put him in for adoption," the angel eyes the demon, hoping for an agreement.
"Are you kidding?" Jimin was astound. Is this angel dumb? "Humans can't see us. Are you planning to just walk in there, hoping they would take in a... a floating baby?"
Jimin has a point, humans can't see angels and demons... not unless... "What if– I transform as a human?" The angel babbled the idea out loud, "just for a little while, until I know he's well taken care of" "Hmm." Maybe the angel wasn't dumb afterall, "sounds fun! Okay, I'm in."
The angel was bewildered, "You're going, too?" "Hate to break it to you, but I'm literally bound to this baby" Is this guy new to being a guardian? Jimin wonders. "Technically, I'm bound to you, aswell" he added. The angel nods in understanding.
Jimin snaps his fingers and puffs of black-like smog casted in the dark alley. He is no longer translucent, the baby and the angel can see him vividly. He is now human, or something like that. "Your turn, feather boy"
Jimin reached out for the baby, allowing the angel to let his arms free. The angel, glowing with brightness, and his massive wings on his back thats as pretty as the clouds, snapped his fingers, and a poof of white dust covered the place.
The baby giggles. Jimin covered the baby's face, "Hey!" he shouts, "the baby is inhaling your sparkly dust! MOVE OVER THERE!" Jimin can now see the angel. So vivid.
They walked the alley, side by side. Human, but not-so-human, carrying a tiny boy with big bright eyes. "I'm Jimin," the demon introduces himself "Yoongi." Weird. Jimin isn't repulsed by Yoongi's presence.
"How come you don't wear your wings?" Yoongi asked "They're too heavy. I grow them out only when I want to" Jimin answered honestly "How do they look?" Yoongi wonders, because the last demon he was assigned with had a worn out, scruffy wings Jimin grins, "Pitch black" he says
"You want to– what?" the receptionist in the small orphanage center, which they found almost in the middle of a dead city, wonders why there are two young men in fancy clothing standing infront of her.
"Take this baby" Jimin said. "I want to give this baby to you." — Uh, he's not really sure what he's doing and how adoptions work. "Okay, so let me get this straight" the receptionist stood up. 'Mira' written on her name plate, "you want to give up your baby?"
"He's not ours" Yoongi said, "We found him alone, in an alley" The baby is staring at Jimin, making him uncomfortable, so he glowed his eyes red. The baby giggled. Jimin frowned. He isn't cute! He's scary! That baby should be crying, but he was just looking at Jimin fondly.
"Look," Mira opened a door of a room full of children "We already have so much and there wouldn't be a room or a nurse that can help the baby" The orphanage wasn't fancy, and clearly under staffed. "Maybe try other center," She looked at the two
🔖"Or, you could raise him as your own" Mira speaks out loud "He seems to like you" Yoongi and Jimin looked at each other. With eyes that screams "Nooooooo!!!" This is NOT going as planned.
the principal wants to see u
don't forget
"It was a good drawing, what are you talking about?" Jimin reasons to the man infront of them. The head of the school is wearing a respectable white polo, his hair neatly styled. "I thought this meeting was because he flicked one of his classmates?" Jimin added
"It is..and also because I wanted to know the reason behind his work" The man said "Why did he draw a devil's tail in.... Mr. Jimin's–" Yoongi's eyes widen, "Ah, maybe because I was reading him a story about his invisible guardians" he states "maybe that's where he got the idea"
"What ever it is, I would advise you not to put such ideas in his head" "Why the hell not?!" Jimin questions the man behind a fancy desk. Yoongi glances at Jimin, silently telling him to stay calm
The man leaned in, "I think, in Jungkook's age, it's best if you only teach him about the goodness in life... not some red eyed devil" Jimin rolled his eyes. Yoongi takes a little gulp. He knows how Jimin reacts to these things, and it doesn't usually end very nicely.
"aRE YOU KIDDI–", Jimin calms when he felt warmth enveloping his hand Yoongi brushes his thumb on Jimin's skin, making him sit back down realizing he might have growled a little and his eyes must have flickered red. That explains the stunned look on the principal infront of them
He tries to calm down. Jimin exhales. He cleared his voice, "All I'm saying is, you really can't appreciate the good, if not for the bad things" he explains, "both come in with each other"
Yoongi lets go of Jimin's hand. The other immediately missing the warmth. "The bad guardian might be a little brat and sometimes has a really short temper" Yoongi says, failing to hide his little grin, "but I think I'll still keep him in my bedtime stories with Jungkook"
They left the room with grins on both of their faces, leaving Mr. Yoo, the principal, in shock and lost for words. They might have glared their eyes glow crimson red and bright white before getting up to say goodbye.
"Guk, are you ready? We're leaving" Yoongi catches little Jungkook in his arms "Hyungie" Jungkook tried to say, when he sees Kim Taehyung running towards him from the playground.
Guardians, in human form or not, can still see the respective guardians of each individual. At times, Jimin runs into someone he knows, sometimes, a complete stranger. But this time, Kim Taehyung's guardians are awefully familiar.
He sees a translucent angel Kim Seokjin, and besides Seokjin is the demon he hates the most. Kim Namjoon. "Well, if it isn't my favorite angel..." Namjoon teased, "how are you doing, Yoongi?" He stares at Yoongi intently Jimin and Seokjin rolled their eyes.
"How long has it been? 4 years?" they talk casually "Your wings are looking good" "Yeah, not scruffy anymore!" Namjoon answered. Jimin scoffs at the sides. "Drinks later? You might wanna tell the story on why you and Jimin are in human form" Namjoon looks at Jimin with sly smile
Jimin can't believe this. "Aren't we going, Yoon?" He cuts them before Yoongi could even reply. "Uh.. yeah, we have to go," Yoongi held Jungkook's arms "I'll tell the story some other time!" he shouts as they walk away
🔖koo meets evil
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should i be concerned
"He wants to invite Taehyung," Yoongi says while setting up the balloons and banners for the party. "He asked if he was coming" Jimin is a hundred percent fine with inviting people over. He loves birthdays. He thinks its a great idea to invite Jungkook's friends from school.
But he knows that inviting Taehyung would also mean inviting the guardians that comes with him. In this case, Seokjin and Namjoon. Ah, Namjoon. He didn't know when exactly was the bad blood between them started. They were actually very good friends, many many years ago.
Maybe it was when Namjoon lived in the mortal land after he fell inlove with a human. Jimin adviced him not act on it because he knew how dangerous that would be Of course, as anyone who has ever been inlove, disregarded all the warnings. He fell in love, and lived like a mortal
Namjoon knew the consequences that comes with his decisions. He got banned from ever returning to hell. And his wings have been ripped off from him. Everything would be fine, if only the human didn't break Namjoon's heart.
"She'll only be terrified if she sees the real you" That's what Jimin said "We are never meant to love or be loved, hyung" If only Namjoon listened to Jimin
She was scared when she learned the demon's true self. Mortified, even. She left as fast as she could, leaving the wingless demon alone Namjoon got stuck in the mortal land, unable to return back to hell. His home. The only way home, is to earn his wings back. Feather by feather
He did everything he could and eventually, he grew his wings back. It took many years and many souls. Worn out wings, unlike his old feathers, but it was enough. Enough to fly back home
Jimin wanted to hug Namjoon the moment he landed. He wanted to know if he was okay. But they been separated for almost a hundred years. Jimin wanted to hug him, but those years already made them grew apart.
"Jimin?" Yoongi hums and the other snaps back to reality "Yeah, Yoon... invite them" he decides.
🔖 look who's turning six
what can he do?
help him wrap the gift...
speak for yourself
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let hoseok hear a kid cry
Jimin holding onto little Jungkook going down the stairs. He sees Namjoon and Seokjin around Yoongi. His initial reaction was to roll his eyes with an exasperated sigh Why does it irritate him so much? Jimin doesn't understand
A man and a woman approached him, "We're just dropping our Taehyungie here" the woman said, "We're going to pick him up in a few hours" These must be Taehyung's parents. "Happy Birthday, Jungkook-ah, our son talks about you a lot" Jungkook greeted them with the brightest smile.
As soon as the couple left, Namjoon and Seokjin were no longer translucent. They're in the flesh. Guardians in human form. Although angels and demons are in human bodies, guardians can still see each other's wings. It glows
Jimin sees Yoongi's wings everyday. It's beautiful, feathery white with crystals dotting around it. It shines, just like him. His wings are now undoubtedly more brighter that when he first met him.
Seokjin's wings are breathtaking. Jimin could see it, though it's not clearly visible for human eyes. It's big. Almost reaching the ceiling of their house. He wonders if the angel feels the weight it has. Must be heavy.
He sees flowers growing through the angel's feathers. Blossoming blushes of pink and lavender. He wonders how good of an angel he must be to earn those. He envies it.
Some say, your wings would depend on how many souls you take. If you take enough numbers of souls, your wings would grow beautifully. Some legends say, it depends on your emotional state. Your mood. Happiness would reflect on how your wings would look.
Others say that the wings you get are the wings that are destined for you. Jimin, for as long as he can remember, his wings have always been black. Pitch black.
He had seen Hoseok grew various colors on his. He had watched other demons wake up with sparkling stardusts on their coverts. It seemed like everyone else was changing. Growing. Everyone but him.
He doesn't hate Namjoon. He hates the fact that Namjoon left him. That Namjoon felt what it was like to love and be loved. That he was banned from returning to hell and got punished by getting his wings ripped off from him. Mad at how he broke almost all of the arcahic rules.
He's upset that did all that and he still manages to grow back a magnificent set of wings. Unfair. Jimin stayed in hell. Jimin didn't feel any emotions. He abided the law. Jimin was a good demon. He was, but never did he see any changes on his feathers. Not even once.
little taehyung
Namjoon and Yoongi are talking in the kitchen, drinks on their hands. Both in human form Jimin sighs again, "Yoonie is busy, do you want me to go in with you?" He crouches down to level with the six-year old Jungkook. The little boy smiled and nodded, excited to go in.
Kids are already jumping and sliding around the castle. Their backyard is full of children's laughter. Hoseok did not think this through. "You ready?" Jimin jumps, making Jungkook spring all the way up He landed on his knees, giggling with adrenaline, "Again!" The kid is excited
Yoongi could see Jimin with Jungkook through the kitchen window. He glances at them from time to time, but still having a conversation with Namjoon. Talking about the years they'd miss. Random stories that Namjoon has. They were good friends, despite being from different worlds.
"Yeah, I'm not really sure if he's an angel" Namjoon said "I saw him fought with a child at a convinence store" Yoongi laughs, eyes slowly disappearing. "Ah, Seokjin. It doesn't surprise me anymore," he takes another sip from the beer can "Did he atleast get the popsicle?"
"He always gets what he wants, doesn't he?" Namjoon drinks "I will never hear the end of it if he didn't" Namjoon had always admired Yoongi's wings, "How about you?" He looks at the angel. "Why do you seem so happy?" Yoongi glances outside "Just because."
They were catching up. Jimin could see them from the backyard aswell. Everything would be fine if hadn't notice Yoongi's wings getting brighter than it usually is. Wow. He must really love talking to Namjoon. It annoys him
Everything went well. The kids were getting picked up by their parents one by one. Some cried because they wanted to stay a second more longer, some hurried they're way back to their car.
Taehyung's guardians turned back as angels and demons as soon as his parents showed up to get him. Soon enough, it was just the three of them. "I got so many gifts!" Jungkook ran around. "Uncle Hoseok got me a big control car. And... and.. look, this robot– ahh so many"
no regrets
Jungkook is already tucked in bed. It wasn't hard getting him to go to sleep. "He must be really tired" Yoongi says "He mustve really enjoyed today" "Yeah," Jimin hums "You were enjoying, too" he breathes quietly
"What do you mean?" "You must really miss Joon" Jimin blurts out. Why is he being so honest? "Your wings have been glowing and everything" he says with annoyance in his tone
"It was glowing?" Yoongi smiles Jimin sighs for the nth time "Yes. Until now, its glowing. You loved talking to him and it shows" he is keeping himself busy by fixing Jungkook's blanket
🔖"That's interesting" Yoongi is standing by the bedroom door "How so?" "Because we were talking about you"
"Work trip again?" Jungkook says as he scoops another spoonfull of his morning cereal. He's not really eating them, most of it falls on his shirt. Jimin is getting ready in his black suit, pacing around the house "Are you going to be okay alone?" he asks the kid
Jungkook is used to it. Yoongi and Jimin goes back to heaven and hell once every month for a progress report. They usually leave him with Hoseok for a day. Yoongi trusts Hoseok, despite him being a demon.
"Uncle Hobi is going to be here" a muffled voice responded. Jimin could only see the top of Jungkook's head. The kid sitting on the kitchen floor while going through the fridge, "I won't be alone, don't worry"
"Yes, but Uncle Hoseok might have to leave from time to time. Will you be okay, if that happens?" Jimin grabs two neckties from his drawer. "Which one is better?" he holds up the neckties "right or left?"
Jungkook gets his head out of the fridge, "Hmm.." he thinks "I have a problem" the little kid pouts cutely. "I'm– still confused between left and right" six year old Jungkook gets off the floor "But I like this one" He reaches for the one on the right
"They're the same color" Yoongi shows up dressed neatly aswell "I can't see the difference" "This one is lighter black and this one is black– well, black" Jimin compares the two "See?"
"Does it matter?" he goes to get water "You look good in anything, anyway" he whispers under his nose "I'll... what?" "I said what the hell happened to our fridge?" He looks through the mess that Jungkook left
A tiny voice coming from the living room shouts "I couldn't find my milk!!" He comes running to Yoongi "I– I couldn't find it. I checked everywhere!" the six year old whines "We still have chocolate milk.. do you want those?" Yoongi offers
Jungkook frowns "No, I was saving my banana milk and I– I put it all the way at the back because Taehyung might get it, but its gone now" The kid explained Yoongi sneers, he crouches down to whisper to Jungkook's ears, "I think Jimin drank it all last night"
"Hey, I heard that!" Jimin shouts but he can't hide his fond smile "Angels aren't supposed to lie, you know?" "Who says I was lying?" Yoongi loves getting under Jimin's nerves "Guk, did you know that he broke your Iron Man toy, too?" "WHAT?!" Jungkook stomps his tiny foot
Jimin was enraged, "Yoon! I told you that in confidence!" But Yoongi is just grinning behind the kitchen counter, "Koo, chocolate drinks aren't really bitter–" Yoongi's eyes widen "Hey, no no no... don't you dare!" Jimin just grins slyly
"I don't like chocolates because they don't taste good" Jungkook makes a disgusted face, remembering his first chocolate drink "They aren't really bitter, Kookie. Yoongi just puts your daily vitamins in it!" Yoongi's ears gets hot, as if he has been caught red handed.
"What!?" Jungkook folded his arms across his chest and glared at Yoongi "So that's why other kid's chocolates are SO MUCH better!" "See what you did? You ruined chocolate for him!" Jimin loves the defeated look on Yoongi's face
"Fine, yeah. You two win" Yoongi fakes a cry, hoping for the kid's symphathy. "l'll buy you a box of banana milk when I get back" Jimin whispers something to the kid, still having a grin on his face. Jungkook's eyes widen. Big eyes and mouth wide open. This can't be good
Jimin and Jungkook standing across Yoongi, with wide sneers on their faces. "Okay, what are you grinning about?" Yoongi gets curious "2 boxes!" Jungkook exclaimed
Yoongi stares at the kid's puppy eyes. Let's be honest, no one can say no to him. "Fine, TWO packs of banana milk!" "And?" Jimin encourages the kid to add more requests. He's having fun teasing Yoongi.
Yoongi can only make glaring threats to Jimin. This is gonna cost him a lot, he knows it. But why is he having fun, too? "And– a trip to the theme park!" Jungkook blurts out, but everyone in the room knows that it was Jimin's idea
Theme park? Yoongi hates the park. He hates the rides, the line, not to mention the crowd. But what can he do? Jungkook could probably ask for a trip to the moon and they would try to find a way "Is that all?" Yoongi asked and Jungkook nods eagerly. "next Friday, then"
Jungkook excitedly runs through the house. Jimin and Yoongi smiles fondly "If he's gonna be running and screaming like a crazy person all day in this house, I'm out" Hoseok barges in the front door.
There isn't a specific place where you need to go to, in order to beam yourself into heaven or hell. All Jimin and Yoongi has to do is to open a door. Any door and it would lead them to where they need to be.
Standing infront of a white door, Jimin breathes. He always has a strong feeling of coming back to the underworld. He can't tell if its excitement or fear. Fear of the uncertainty. Because in heaven and hell, anything can happen.
🔖"You'll be back, right?" Jimin worries "Of course," Yoongi answers honestly "I have a date with you and Jungkook, remember?"
Yoongi is in a bright room. So bright, it could probably hurt a mortal's vision. Everything is white and clean. The room has nothing but a table, a chair, and a gold balance scale in the middle
The scale is always there whenever he goes to visit. He doesn't know what it's for. They never told him, and he never asked. Sometimes its balanced, other times, its slightly leaned to the right. But today, it slants a little to the left. Yoongi doesn't read much into it.
It's always like this every month. "Min Yoongi, progress report for Jeon Jungkook" he says The scale tilts a little more to the left.
Jimin is sat on a black leather chair, surrounded by big structured rocks. He is staring at the dripping wax of a lit candle infront of him. It's always in that same place, in the middle of a rock solid table.
He wonders whether or not the fire of that candle ever die. Jimin gets curious but he doesn't really care enough to ask. "Park Jimin, for the progress thingy for Jungkookie" The candle wax drips down.
Progress report for Jungkook. "But that doesn't excuse him for what he did!" Yoongi's voice echoes through the walls. Nagging at no one. He's alone in the white room. "And he didn't even apologize to the owner of the shop!"
"I had to do what I had to" Jimin crosses his legs and sat comfortably on his black leather chair "and honestly, I think Yoongi is over-reacting" Jimin talks without regrets. He is alone in the room, too.
"And he told me I was over reacting? I think everyone would react the same the way I did" Yoongi defends himself "He probably would have done something worse" Jimin remains calm "If you think about it, I just save him from doing something not very angel-like. He should thank me"
"Thank him for what?" Yoongi remembers the time when Jimin said he owed him for what he did "Thank him for filling the barbershop with bees? Is he crazy?" "Did you see Jungkook's hair?!" Jimin's voice grows louder "That freaking shop chopped his golden hair like a coconut!"
This happened on the beginning of the month when Jungkook had his haircut before the school start. "The kid likes the hair. Jimin doesn't. That doesn't mean he can just storm the barber's shop with swarm of bees!" Yoongi is venting out and this report is no longer about Jungkook
"Am I the only one who's at fault here? Frankly, I think he is as bad as I am." Jimin is on the edge of his seat. "Yoongi once, stole car keys of some dude when we were in a convenience store!" Jimin talks in pout. Angry pout.
"Fine, yeah I stole that. But I gave it back the next day!" Yoongi confesses "I did that because he was drunk. I did him a favor" he snorts "The man was just telling us a story of how he learned how to bike and next thing I know, Yoongi is already committing a criminal offense!"
That happened one late night. Jungkook craved for ice cream so they went out to get one. Yoongi was paying in the counter when a boy started striking a conversation with Jimin.
"Jimin was laughing like biking is the funniest thing in the world" Yoongi mutters under his breath "I got annoyed. I don't know why" The scale tilts a little bit more
"Oh right, Jungkookie... uhm.. he's a little brat. He eats like he's a 45 year old man who has a stable job and 3 kids to feed" Jimin was rambling for what feels like an hour "But he's so good. His soul– you just know he's gonna be good and I am more than okay with that"
"Ah, right.. Jungkook. He's a good kid. You just know that he will grow up well" Yoongi nods as he speak, believing his every word "He listens to Jimin from time to time.. Ah, Jimin.. – he's good, too"
The reports are done. They have been talking for more than an hour, but in mortal world, they've already been gone for a whole day. Jimin has been itching to go home "Are we done? Can I go now?" He already stood up and the door behind him opens wide "Finally." His candle drips
Jimin used to love doing progress reports, because he loves visiting the underworld. His comfort zone. Hell was his home and it still is. He loves being in his place, seeing his friends. He's sentimental like that But today, he couldn't wait till he gets back to the human realm
He steps out, leading him back in their house. He's happy. Maybe Jimin's idea of 'home' changed. Did it? The living room is empty. That's odd. Usually, Hoseok is still there playing games with Jungkook. Maybe eating something in the kitchen. But the house is silent. He worries
He goes up to Jungkook's room. A sigh of relief when he saw Yoongi, already falling half asleep reading bed time story to Jungkook. Going to other realms is a bit draining. But Jimin feels fine.
"I told Hoseok he could go," Yoongi wakes up when he feels Jimin's presence "Your progress report took awhile, I was beggining to doubt if you're coming back" he jokes "How can I not?" Jimin retorts "I have a date, and he happens to be cute"
"He's cute?" Yoongi gets up quietly so he doesn't wake Jungkook up. He walks to the door frame, where Jimin stands "How cute?" "Very." They are both smiling. "He can be annoying sometimes, though" Yoongi pouts cutely, making Jimin smile even wider
"When was I annoying?!" They are bickering outside Jungkook's room "I never said it was you! I was talking about my date with Jungkook!" Jimin loves riling Yoongi "But if it makes you feel any better, you're annoying too"
🔖"Just annoying?" Comfortable silence between them "..and sweet... and good " Jimin rambles. Yoongi is staring and him. Jimin is worried he'd see hin blush, "and cute. You're annoyingly cute, Min Yoongi"
time jump!!
run jungkook
you spoil him too much
free champagne every wednesday
Yoongi was drinking water in the kitchen, scrolling on his Twitter. Jimin was sitting in the sofa, reading Yoongi's comments. "Yaaa!" He throws one of the pillows and aimed at Yoongi but he missed. Yoong just laughs. He thinks Jimin is cute
They have grown even more closer over the years. Their theme park date 12 years ago, back when Jungkook was a six year old boy, became a regular thing within them. A tradition.
Yoongi and Jimin would get on the roller coaster, even though both of them don't like the idea of being strapped to a death train. They would go because Jungkook wants to.
Yoongi does this thing, when they're at the peak of the track, he would hold Jimin's hands very tightly and say something like "Just hold onto me" or "I'm here" — but most of the time, he just hold Jimin's hands and screams "What the faaahhhhhhh–"
Jimin is scared of rides but once he gets the hang of it, he enjoys the thrill. He's scared but as long as Yoongi is right besides him, he feels safe.
He's a hundred percent sure that Yoongi is even more scared than he is. That's why he finds it cute whenever Yoongi pretends he's not nervous at all, to help Jimin calm down.
So there they are, at the peak of the roller coaster track. Jungkook and Taehyung infront of them, without fears on their faces. Jimin and Yoongi sat behind them, getting ready for the sudden fall.
"Are you okay?" Yoongi asks. Jimin wants to say 'Yes, I'm okay' because he is. At that moment, he wasn't scared. He wants to say that he's fine but that would mean Yoongi won't offer his hands anymore. So he lied, "I'm scared, Yoon" Yoongi held Jimin's hands, like he always do.
Jimin used to believe that demons are incapable of feelings. True feelings. That's why he was so skeptical about Namjoon's decisions when he wanted to abandon everything for something he believed is 'love'.
🔖But Jimin can't deny the fact that he has been thinking about it. He has been thinking about what his life would be like if he actually choose to stay in the mortal world. His candle drips.
They've become so close that Yoongi can tell if something is bothering Jimin "You didn't sleep well again last night, did you?" Jimin just shrugs the question off. It had been happening for quite sometime now. Jimin has been waking up in ungodly hour because he gets lucid dreams
The thing is, guardians aren't suppose to dream. Dreaming is for mortals, and he hadn't dreamt anything for more than 500 years. It worries him, but he doesn't tell anyone. Not even Hoseok.
It's 2:47 am and Yoongi finds Jimin in the living room watching those TV shopping programs. "If you order another cookware set, I'm gonna set that TV on fire" Yoongi jokes.
He sits besides Jimin, watching a girl demonstrate how to use a floor mop in 34 'amazing' ways. They watch in the lowest volume and the only light on the room was coming from the television.
Its a comfortable quiet, but Jimin has been itching to talk, "Yoongi.." he speaks which the elder answers without looking at Jimin "Mhm?" Jimin fidgeting his hands on his lap. He avoids eye contact, too. "Namjoon was the guardian assigned to you before me, right?"
Yoongi glances at him for a second "Yeah, years ago" Jimin nods, but Yoongi thinks the younger wants to ask more "Why do you ask?" he added Jimin bites his lips, making it obvious that he wants to talk about it but at the same time, he doesn't want to know.
He sighs. "What was he like? You know.. back then." He tips around the topic. "Hmm" Yoongi thinks, tired because it's late but l he still thinks that hanging out with Jimin is better than sleep "He was a mess, I'm not gonna lie"
Of course he was. What would you expect in someone that was casted out of hell. "His wings were really scruffy and was always in a bad mood" Jimin agrees, he thought that would be his state after getting his wings ripped
"What changed? I mean, he came back home with pretty wings... like nothing happened" Yoongi remembers how Namjoon did everything he could to earn his wings back. Growing it back isn't really simple as it seems, "It wasn't easy, and it took him a long time" he explains
"He fell inlove, right?" He casually asked and Jimin nods "Yeah, that's what he said" "And you don't believe him?" this time, Yoongi looked at Jimin, waiting for his response. "I'm not really sure if demons can feel an intensity strong enough for you to leave everything behind"
"Is that why you're mad at him? Because he left you behind?" Yoongi is being blunt. Jimin wants to say yes, just to avoid reasoning further, but that's not entirely true. He was never mad, he was envious of Namjoon.
Maybe Jimin felt that way because Namjoon left, or maybe because he wanted to feel it, too. To feel loved. Be in love. But he can't admit that. Not to Yoongi "Mad because he was dumb enough to give up his wings for something so stupid" He rants. "I don't think its stupid"
Jimin tenses at Yoongi's tone. His voice is low and serious. "Love... can really make you do dumb things." Yoongi scratches the arm rest of their sofa, "But I think that's how love is" Jimin doesn't say anything afterwards. He just stay quiet for awhile, next to Yoongi
They stayed like that for a minute before Yoongi got up, "If you're still having a hard time sleeping, you can always sleep next to me" he offers Jimin still doesn't answer, he just looks at Yoongi's face. He's really beautiful.
"I don't move much when I'm sleeping so you'll still have plenty of space," Yoongi added and Jimin nods. Yoongi is walking back to his room but he stopped when the younger called for him, "Yoon.." Jimin glances at Yoongi.
Their eyes meet, "Do you think I could do it?" Jimin asks but Yoongi isn't sure what he means by it. "Do what?" "If I ever get casted out and have my wings ripped off, do you think I could still grow them out, just like Namjoon?" his voice is full of doubts
He stares at Jimin, careful with his words, "Why do you ask?" he answers with questions, too. Jimin diverts his glance back to the TV, he can't look Yoongi in the eyes, "Nothing, just wondering"
🔖Yoongi scratches his thumbs, its a habit he does when he's nervous or in this case, holding back. "Namjoon had to grow his wings back because he got his heart broken," he pauses "I hope there wouldn't be a time where you have to grow yours back, Jimin"
How does one know they're falling for someone? Is it when you're excited to see them. Or maybe when you can feel the time stop when talking to them. Jimin isn't sure if he's in love, or maybe he does.
His nightmares are getting worse. Yoongi notices how it has been keeping Jimin up because he is tired during the day. He worries about him One night, Yoongi passes through the hallway of Jimin's room when he heard a muffled cry.
He stopped to knock, just to make sure the younger is okay but the cries kept getting louder. Yoongi decided to barge in, seeing Jimin curled up in his bed, whimpering. "Hey hey, Jiminie.. look at me," Yoongi rushed to wake Jimin up.
Jimin opened his eyes the moment he felt Yoongi's hands cupping his face "Hey, yeah just look at me" Yoongi continues to talk and Jimin catches his breath, "Yoon.." "I'm here, Jimin" he says, running his thumb across Jimin's cheeks "Won't go anywhere"
Those are the exact words Jimin needed because his dream hurted. He felt like something was being taken away from him. He's not exactly sure what, but he felt heaviness inside him. He dreamt of something slipping away from his fingers and it hurted.
"What are you doing?" Jimin looks confused when Yoongi came in his door with pillows and blankets. It was just last night when Jimin cried and Yoongi stayed with him, "I'm taking your couch, my back hurted when I slept on the floor" "You slept on the floor last night?!"
Last night, Yoongi waited until Jimin fell back to sleep, but he ended up passing out on the floor next to Jimin's bed "Yeah, you wouldn't let go of my hand, what can I do?"
Jimin felt guilty that Yoongi had to sleep like that, but also made his heart rush because Jimin knows Yoongi stayed despite having to sleep on a cold floor. "So you decided to sleep on my couch?" Jimin asking obvious things
"Mhm hm" Yoongi hums as he slump his body against the couch, 4 feet away from Jimin's bed. "You should get some sleep too, Jiminie"
Its dark but both of them are wide awake. Both are staring at the ceiling, itching to say a word. Any word just to hear the other's voice "Yoongi.." Jimin breathes, and Yoongi answered immediately, "Mhm?" he hums.
"Do you like heaven?" Jimin is unsure if he wants to hear the answer but still waits for Yoongi to respond. Yoongi thinks before answering, he's been doing a lot of thinking lately. "Yeah, I do"
Jimin was expecting Yoongi to say yes, but his heart was hoping for a different answer from the elder. He doesn't know why he feels disappointed, "Must be nice up there," Jimin continues
"It's okay. It's quiet, which I really like" Yoongi pictures heaven as he talk "but don't believe the rumors, the birds DO NOT sing at all, its nothing but a scam" he tries to up the mood since Jimin has been quiet.
"I sing" Jimin breathes under his nose, after a minute of silence "What?" Yoongi didn't catch Jimin's words "I could sing for you. If the heaven birds wouldn't, then I'd sing for you" Jimin's tone is serious, and Yoongi wants to know what he meant by that
"Are you saying I don't need to go back to heaven?" Another phrase for 'Are you asking me to stay?' Stay here. No more going back to heaven. No more progress reports. Stay, as in right here, with Jimin. It made Jimin hold his breath. He's not ready for that conversation.
"Ha!" he tries to laugh, "I'm just saying I'm better than the birds. I won't scam you" he tries lighten their talk. Jimin thought that was the end of their , and they both would get their rest, but Yoongi hums Jimin's name quietly "Jimin," he says softly
"Hmm?" Jimin's attentive to Yoongi's words. "You didn't ask me if I like it here." "Do you?" he hesitates a little, nervous of the elder's answer "I do" Yoongi answers honestly, "Sometimes, more than heaven"
🔖They stayed like that for weeks. Yoongi sleeps in Jimin's room and Jimin hasn't been getting nightmares. He still get dreams, like a human would, but his dreams doesn't hurt anymore.
Hoseok notices how the two have grown even closer than they already are. Small details like Jimin laughing instantly at what Yoongi said, like the other is some comedic genius How Yoongi always checks if Jimin ate enough, or little gestures like cutting a meat for him.
He often catches Yoongi looking at Jimin with such fondness. He notices all these gradual changes for almost a month now. Not that the two haven't been close for years but Hoseok could always tell that they we're holding back.
Before, they were careful not to get too physically close. Before, they would sit on opposite sides of the couch. Have their own rooms. They care for each other subtly. I guess subtle things are what Jimin treasures the most. Maybe that's why he decided not to hold back anymore
They invited Hoseok for some drinks and barbecue. A grill set up on their backyard. Jungkook and Taehyung are playing video games inside while Hoseok is outside with Yoongi and Jimin
Hoseok is laid back on a chair, with a can of beer in his hand, overseeing Yoongi grilling a meat. "No, I'm not kidding. Jungkook really put a sock in the freezer!" Yoongi whines as he flip the pork, Jimin laughs.
"No way! That was his?" Jimin laughs in disbelief, "I honestly thought that was Hoseok when he came here super drunk" "Ya, don't drag me into this!" Hoseok quickly butts in and Jimin laughs even more.
Jimin likes this. Them, together, having fun. Laughing at the little things. It has always been special but tonight its different for him "Jimin-ah, try this" Yoongi gets closer to Jimin, to make him try a piece of meat from the grill "Is it good?"
Jimin nods, "Yoon, here" he gives him a bottle of beer in return. "Don't drink too much, though. It's so hard to wake you up!" "If you stop playing Mario Kart in the middle of the night, maybe I can sleep early" Yoongi balmes Jimin because he couldn't sleep with the lights on
Hoseok gives Jimin a look. He didn't know that the two had been sharing a room "You sleep in his room?" he asks and Jimin was quick to answer "Ah, yeah. I have been having this thing lately and I couldn't sleep" "Thing?" Hoseok isn't letting this go, "What kind of thing?"
Jimin isn't the type to keep things from Hoseok but he's afraid of him knowing. "Dreams. I've been having dreams lately" he says carefully Then it hits Hoseok. It makes sense now. He understood why Jimin has been acting a little different. He didn't say anything after it, though
They shared stories and laughed. At one point, Hoseok tried to grill which explains the four charred meat on the sides. Jungkook went out just to push Taehyung to the pool, but Taehyung managed to grab the hems of Jungkook's shirt so they fall in together.
It went on for hours and Yoongi is already inside, passed out on the couch and Jungkook walked Taehyung home. Jimin and Hoseok stayed outside laying on the lounge chairs. Jimin still has a drink on his hand, while Hoseok settles for a soda.
Jimin knows Hoseok has been itching to say something to him, he takes a breath "Come on, say it" Hoseok turns to him, "What? I'm not thinking about anything," probably a lie. Jimin stayed silent. "I'm just saying, you're threading on a thin line, Jimin"
"Thought you weren't thinking about anything?" Jimin smirks and Hoseok sat up, "You know what you're doing, right?" Hoseok wished the other understands Jimin doesn't answer back. "You said you get dreams. We aren't supposed to dream, Jimin!"
"It doesn't mean anything," Jimin explains "Maybe because I've been in human form for so long, my brain is functioning like one" Hoseok chuckles "Oh, come on! Its not your brain and you know it."
Hoseok hears the other sigh "I have been in human form longer than you and not once have I ever dreamt of anything" "What do you want me to say?" Jimin speaks up, alcohol might be the reason for his unexpected candor,
"Yeah, I dream about Yoongi. Him being pulled away from me" Jimin breathes "I dream about that every night and every night it hurts"
Hoseok knows that Jimin has been feeling something towards the angel but he didn't know that Jimin has been trying to hide it for so long, its slowly consuming him. "Jimin.."
"You're aware what would happen to him if he falls for you too, right?" Hoseok asks what Jimin is afraid to hear, "He'd be a fallen angel, he wouldn't even have the chance to earn his feathers back"
Consequenses are different for them. Jimin knew this, but he didn't know the full extent that Yoongi would go through if ever he falls "He can't go back, Jimin. He'd be stuck here"
Jimin goes quiet and Hoseok understands. He didn't push the topic even more. Hoseok drinks one last time, and got up "I'm going. Will you be okay?" and Jimin nods
🔖Before Hoseok could even go in the house, "This Friday," Jimin speaks lowly, "I'm going to hell for a progress report" Hoseok stayed to hear the rest of what Jimin has to say, Jimin hesitates but he said it anyway, "I think it's best if I wouldn't come back here anymore"
Yoongi is cooking Aglio e Olio, his favorite dish while Jimin chops the garlic. "Yoon" he says softly, wishing Yoongi wouldn't hear him. He's not sure if he can actually say what he have to say "Hm?" Yoongi heard and he turned to see Jimin, still waiting for him to speak "What?"
Jimin doesn't look at Yoongi, he continued peeling garlic. "I don't get bad dreams anymore" that's not a lie, he sleeps better now because he dreams of only good things these days.
Yoongi senses where their conversation is going so he stayed quiet. He went back to boiling the pasta, as if boiling pasta requires an undivided attention. "Your back must hurt, I'm really worried for your posture"
"Because of the couch?" Yoongi answers. "Yeah, your wings are so big, it must be so uncomfortable for you" Jimin explains. He can't seem to look anywhere else, peeling garlic must be so interesting.
"I think you're underestimating your couch, Min. The woman said, that couch has the best inner frame and IS made out of OAK!" Yoongi mimics the girl that sells stuff on the TV. He teases Jimin and his impulsive habit of shopping from a TV program, "Yooooon!" Jimin whines
"I'm just saying, I can see feathers falling off from you, I just–" Yoongi didn't let Jimin finish "Okay," he said "Okay? Okay what?" Jimin finally looks at Yoongi, the elder leans into the counter where Jimin is, "Okay, I'll go back to my room"
Jimin should be happy, its not hard as he thought it would be to make Yoongi agree to him. "Okay." Jimin says lowly, he's not happy at all.
Dinner was odd. Atleast for Yoongi, it was. Jimin wasn't talking much. Jungkook would crack a joke to lighten the mood and Jimin would laugh, but it wouldn't take a genius to know that it was a fake one.
Yoongi subtly puts meat on top of Jimin's rice, like he always does. "Yoon, you should eat meat too. Don't worry about me" Jimin says and Yoongi got what it meant. It meant Jimin is distancing himself from Yoongi and Yoongi understands that. He understood it completely.
Jimin stayed in the living room watching TV. Again. Like what he used to do when he can't sleep. He turned on the volume a little louder, maybe hoping that Yoongi would walk in somehow, but he didn't. It was just him until it's 2:49 am. His eyes are tired enough to fall asleep.
His room looks a lot empty with the couch unoccupied. He slides into his bed only to see a duck. A stuffed duck with pouty lips and rosy cheeks. It's cute. It's small it could fit on top of Jimin's hand.
It came with a note that says "This is Mini, in replacement for me. Sleep well, Jimin-ah" Jimin's candle burns fast
Yoongi's room is a mess. Pillow on the floor, probably a half eaten pizza on the side table, and a pile of discarded post-it-notes in the trash. He sleeps peacefully.
It went on like this for a few days. Minimal conversation, opposite sides of the couch and Jimin overstaying in the living room until he's tired enough to fall asleep without any problems.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Jimin still wakes up in the middle of his sleep, breathing heavily or fist clutched into his chest. But he doesn't show it to anyone.
"I'm going to Busan tomorrow, I'll ask Hoseok to drive with me" Jungkook blurts out "Just Hoseok? Gosh, I should have really just sucked your soul when you were a kid, you ungrateful brat" Jimin quickly retorts
"But–" Jungkook double checks his phone to make sure its almost the end of the month "It's the last Friday tomorrow, don't you guys have somewhere to be?" Oh, right.. the progress report. How could he forget. Yoongi saw how the topic changed Jimin's mood.
"You use to just ask for banana milk, now you want gas money?" Yoongi taunts Jungkook which made Jimin chuckle a bit "Hoseok won't pay for gas, hyunggg" Jungkook can be persuasive when he wants to be "Please?"
"Sell Hoseok's watch and you could probably have gas money enough for you to get to another country" Jimin joins in. It's good that he jokes like this, atleast he forgets about the day he goes back to hell.
It's Thursday night and Jimin can't sleep. He doesn't want to, if he's being honest. He lays on his side and stares into the stuff duck on the right side of the bed. He frowns, mimicking the ducks expression.
He's tired. The whole week was rough for him and he is tired. He slowly drifts to sleep, still worried for what will come when he wakes up.
The human heart is located at the center of your chest, slightly shifted to the left. It beats about 115,000 times per day, 4,800 beats per hour and 80 beats per minute. But if you are having a panic attack or a palpitation, your heart may beat as much as 150 times per minute.
At least this is what Yoongi learnt when he was helping 16 year old Jungkook with his basic anatomy essay. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are wishes that has been repressed in your unconsious mind. Things that runs through your head. Things that you've been thinking about.
So Jimin is in hell, as how he remembers it. Cave that makes your voice echo right through. Jimin is happy seeing his place, his friends with big beautiful wings. He's happy laying back to his own bed in hell.
He looked to his left to see Yoongi laying on a couch, probably scrolling through his phone. "Yoonie" Jimin whispers and Yoongi looked right at him. He held out his hands, asking Yoongi to come to him. To lay next to him.
Yoongi didn't hesitate. He got up and walked over to the younger. As he gets closer, Jimin felt pain in his chest, his expression changed when he saw Yoongi's wings completely ragged. It looked awful. Barely no feathers intact, covered in dirt. Lots of dirt. Jimin's chest hurts.
It hurts seeing Yoongi like that. His wounded wings doesn't glow anymore. Jimin hugged Yoongi, he hugged him tight. "Yoongi!" he screams but he couldn't hear his own voice, all he could hear was Yoongi saying "I'm okay,"
He cupped Yoongi's face, asking him what happened but a bright light that burns Jimin's eyes pulls Yoongi. It dragged him away. The force was so strong, it painfully ripped Yoongi's wings off of him. Jimin couldn't do anything. He could only scream. "I'm okay, Jimin" Yoongi said
He was woken up by a voice telling him to calm down. He's breathing fast. So fast. "Jimin, wake up!" He realized he's been screaming Yoongi's name in his sleep with his fist clutched to his chest "I'm okay, Jimin," he whispers "Hey, look at me.. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere"
Jimin's heart is beating fast, like the book Yoongi read, a heavy palpitation could be a panic attack. "Jimin-ah, could you hold your breath for me? Hm?" It said holding your breath for a few seconds would lower your heart rate.
You should take a deep breath then hold it for about 4 seconds, then exhale. The book said to do that until the heart is slowly coming back to its average pace.
Jimin was still breathing fast, he kept hearing Yoongi asking to hold his breath but he couldn't. His dream was the worst of all the dreams he had. "Hold your breath," he hears again, but he couldn't stop from crying. His chest hurts.
He looks at Yoongi's eyes, focusing on them. "Slowly, Jimin" Yoongi continues but Jimin fails again. He could see how much pain Jimin is in, he couldn't do anything to stop it. He placed his palm over Jimin's chest, Jimin's heart races fast. So fast. "Jimin-ah," Yoongi breathes
Jimin couldn't speak, he could only see Yoongi. He could see him getting closer, feeling him closer.
🔖So close, he could feel Yoongi's lips on his lip. Kissing him hesitantly, but gradually kissing him deeper and deeper.... and deeper until Jimin held his breath, falling deep into the kiss, pulling Yoongi closer than he already is Jimin's held his breath, for as long as he can
In a dark alley, 20 years ago, Yoongi once asked Jimin why he doesn't wear his wings. Jimin said because its big and its heavy to drag around. The angel has always been curious what it looks like, but Jimin refuse to show them. Not to Yoongi, not to anyone.
Jimin doesn't like his wings because it doesn't glow like the rest of them. He feels left out compared to the other angels and demons. "There's nothing to see," Jimin says "it's just pitch black. Nothing special." he sighs Yoongi never asked about it again.
Yoongi's hands cupping Jimin's cheeks, pushing him closer to deepen the kiss. Jimin lets him. He loves Yoongi's warmth so much he never want to let go He slowly pulls away and Jimin immediately misses his touch. "Jimin-ah," Jimin opens his eyes, meeting Yoongi's "You lied to me"
"I did?" He's confused. "Lied about what?" He lies all the time but never to Yoongi Yoongi sat on the floor, 3 steps away from Jimin who's at the edge of his bed, he rests his back against the wall, looking up to Jimin "Ahh this is really unfair," It's cute when Yoongi whines
"Unfair? What did I do?" Jimin is so confused. "Yoon, what did I–" he lost his words when he saw his own shadow almost covering the entire wall, he could see the outline of his wings that spans the entire room, "You're even more beautiful that I thought you were, Jimin"
His wings that which he had buried underneath everything, sprung out revealing his pitch black feathers with gold dust around his covert that glimmers through the night. "You said it was nothing special," Yoongi stood up, "Liar"
Jimin can't believe that his wings have changed overtime. "No, this isn't real" he rushes to a mirror to see it for himself, "Oh my god, it's real" Yoongi hissed at him but Jimin couldn't care less. He's happy. He had been wanting this for a very long time.
He's so happy he could hug anyone right now "Yoon, it's real!!" he runs to Yoongi, hugging him "I can't believe it!" he whispers then quickly untangles to give Yoongi a closer look. "Yoongi, look at it! They're gold!!"
It's nice seeing Jimin like that. No traces of nightmare on his face. Cheeks are rosy red because he's been smiling, running around filling the room with his laughter. "Stop being annoying before I pawn you off somewhere" Yoongi teases "I hear golds are high in value these days"
"Shut up!" Jimin walks towards Yoongi, "Yoon," he breathes out, their face leveled with each other "I'm sorry I kissed you" he spoke before Jimin could even say anything else, "I know I was out of–" but he got cut off by Jimin's lips, kissing him again but this time, slowly.
Yoongi held his breath, then slowly melting in Jimin's touch Breaking their kiss, forehead against eachother, "How come you never dream of me?" Jimin's voice sounds sad, "I always dream of you, and everytime I do, you're being taken away from me. How come you never dream of me?"
Is Jimin the only one that feels what he feels? They said you dream of what you most think about. Does Yoongi not think about him? "Every night, Min" the sincerity in his voice could be heard "I dream of you every night, too. But it doesn't hurt me."
"How come it hurts me?" Jimin pulls away and Yoongi scratches his nape "At first it did, and I was so confused because I know I wasn't supposed to dream, but eventually I understood why and then it didn't hurt anymore" "Why?" Jimin wonders. "Why what?"
"You said you understood why you get dreams, why?" Jimin steps closer. "You know why" he whispers. "I want to hear it, Yoongi" Jimin insists. Yoongi sighs, he never win with him and Jimin always gets what he wants "Because you were always on my mind"
The room was dark, it hides the way Jimin blushed with Yoongi's words. "It's getting really late, Jimin. We have a progress report tomorrow. You should get some sleep" and Jimin nods
🔖"Yoon," he calls Yoongi before he could leave the room "You know will happen, right?" Jimin's eyes are sad and full of worries "I'm ready for it" Yoongi breathes out, "I'm ready to fall"
Yoongi closed the door, leaving Jimin alone in his room. In a few hours, he has to go back to hell to report Jungkook's status. In a few hours, he has to make a decision. Will he stay or will he fall?
Jimin sees worn out feathers scattered on the floor. Its everywhere. Burnt-like feathers that mustve fallen off from Yoongi. Was it because they were closer than they should have been?
don't do it
maybe. maybe not
falling out of love
Jimin slides off his phone. He sighs after knowing things are even more complicated. If he decides to stay with Yoongi, the angel will fall. He'll become a human living in a mortal world. He'll grow old with time.
Jimin would face the same thing, and he's perfectly fine with it. But what if he falls out of love? What if, in 20 years, he wouldn't feel the same way he feels right now? He'd grow his wings back and become immortal again. He would have another chance of immortality.
It would also mean leaving the angel behind. Because angels, however hard they try, can't go back Jimin finds himself outside of Yoongi's room "You okay?", he didn't bother getting up and Jimin didn't answer.
He just walked towards the right side of the bed and layed next to the angel. Yoongi didn't ask him anymore, he just closed his eyes and hums, "We'll be fine, Jimin"
Jimin wakes up searching for Yoongi, but the elder is already downstairs making french toast. "Do you have any plans on being an avenger or what?" Yoongi is teasing Jungkook in the kitchen, "You have to stop working out at 2:00 am!"
"You're the loud ones last night. I heard Jimin hyung's tiny feet thumping through the ceiling." Yoongi remembers how happy Jimin was when he saw his wings Jimin peaks at them and Yoongi caught him, "Jimin-ah, we should've fed him to the wolves when we had the chance" he jokes
Jungkook notices Jimin's wings. How could he not? It's bigger than the demon himself. "Hoseok hyung will be here in a few hours" he says "I promise to be back before you guys get home"
They got ready. Got dressed neatly. Jungkook already left with Hoseok. This is it. If Jimin opens this door, it would lead him back to hell and Yoongi is standing next to him, "Jimin-ah," his voice was soft, "Hmm?" is the only thing Jimin could mutter. "I'll wait for you"
His progress report is a little different this time. His candle is already burnt out Talked about Jungkook. How the boy grew much taller than he was. "I don't know what to say, the boy would rather fail his math test than to cheat" Jimin favors the goodness of Jungkook's heart
"He could be a little competitive, but I think that's okay. It's not greed, no. It's more of like a pride thing.. I really don't think I have a chance for his soul" He talked about Taehyung, too. How having him in Jungkook's life contributes big time to the boy's personality.
The report went on for hours, but he gets distracted at the thought of the candle that no longer burns, "and.. that's it, I guess" He stood up, but quickly froze when he heard a deep voice coming from nowhere "Park Jimin, your candle have lost its light"
Jimin searches for the voice "Which means?" but it doesn't respond "Yaa! What does it mean?!" The cave slowly gets darker and Jimin notices how he's suddenly gripping a match. As the cave goes darker, he could feel his wings getting ripped from him. It hurts. It hurts so much.
He figured it out. All he has to do is to light the candle using the matches and the pain would stop. But he also figures, if he does this; if he lights his candle, he can't go back to Yoongi. But the pain is unbearable. It cuts deep and Jimin could feel everything.
He thinks if he lights his candle, the pain would stop. If he lights them, Yoongi wouldn't have to fall. He would still have his wings. His wings. His gold wings that he wished for so long. If he lights the candle, the pain would stop. If he lights the candle, he can't go back.
It's already 11:48 and Yoongi is already back home. Jungkook is still out with Hoseok because they had a side trip at the beach. Jimin doesn't usually take this long. He's usually home by 9:00 but Yoongi doesn't think too much into it. He waits a bit more
1:34 and Yoongi is already watching the shopping TV program that Jimin loves but he's not really paying attention to it. His eyes checks the door every minute hoping to see Jimin walk through. He never did.
Yoongi fell asleep on the couch with the TV playing on mute. He fell asleep waiting for Jimin. "Ehem!" Yoongi woke up, with a bickering noise that he loves to hear "You always tell me not to sleep with the TV on, and you go and to the same thing, ugh this is unacceptable"
Yoongi could listen to Jimin bicker with him all day, "Ah hyung, that looks amazing though. 4 in 1 vacuum cleaner? Ah that's a steal!" he gazes to the TV "You're home" Yoongi breathes out Jimin smiles, "I was going to make you wait a little bit longer but I got impatient"
"Miss me already?" Yoongi smirks and Jimin leans in, closer and closer to the other. Theit lips are one inch apart, making Yoongi close his eyes, and Jimin grins teasingly
"I grew impatient, hyung. I couldn't watch seeing you sleep through a good deal for vacuum cleaner" he reached for the phone besides Yoongi and dials the TV program "Yaa, Park Jimin! Put down the phone. We already have three vacuum cleaners!!" Yoongi scolds and Jimin laughs.
Jungkook goes home to see Jimin running around the living room with the phone in his hands and Yoongi chasing after him. He sees both of them laughing, even without their wings. Maybe because when you fall for the right person, nothing else matters. They fell but it didn't hurt
end!!!!! ♡
60 years later, a guy in black overalls and neat pushed back hair showed up infront of their house. Yoongi grew old and his posture wasnt the best. He walk slower than he used to but he answered the door nonetheless "Hi Sir, is Park Jimin here?" The young man asked
Yoongi takes a second when he heard Jimin's name. Park Jimin. He hasn't heard that name in a while, "Why do you ask?" "This is for him," the boy shows the black box on his hands, and Yoongi hissed
"JIMIN-AH!!! DID YOU ORDER FROM THAT SHOW AGAIN??!" he shouts and Jimin laughs from the kitchen "It's a dual air fryer, Yoon! I couldn't let it slide" he signs the paper for the delivery man, hands are a bit shaky.
"Why are you still using your old name? Do you think our marriage was a joke?" Yoongi bickers in pout and Jimin thinks its cute In 5, 10, 20 years., Jimin would wake up next to Yoongi and he'd still think he's cute. They fell but it didn't hurt. Not even one bit
the end!! thank you for reading this and for keeping up with the slowest update known to man. also thanks for leaving nice comments and msgs in my cc and dms 😭 thank uuuu ♡
ng it with your quotes! thank you for reading ♥️ glad u liked it
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