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BTS AU; In the search to find himself, Taehyung travels from NY to LDN to meet the father he never knew, but discovers a family he didn’t know he needed until he found them.

Or - Taehyung meets the rest of BTS in London and realises that family isn’t always blood, and life happens when you least expect it...
This is a Taehyung-centric fic! It’s also not a romance, just friends and family and fun... BUT I have plans for a sequel that will have romance 🤭 and it’ll be hinted at here...
PROFILES: #vminplatonicsoulmates tae 18, is a freelance photographer and part-time musician/singer with his mother’s wedding band.
#VMINplatonicsoulmates jimin is the co-owner of a hotel, semi-professional dancer, 1/4 of Cypher with RM, Suga & J-Hope. He’s 20. Close friend and schoolmates with Jin and Yoongi. Was in Yoongis yr bcos he was moved up. Hobi and Jimin are half-brothers!
Jimin went to school with Jin and Yoongi. Due to family circumstances... Hobi didn’t. Hobi is the co-owner of the hotel with Jimin! He’s 22. Yoongi is 22. Yoongi close with Hobi.
Namjoon is 21 and is the last member of Cypher. Went to school with Hobi. Childhood friends and is neighbours with JK, who is 17 in his last yr of high school but is the photographer for Cypher, also a dancer
Jin is a globally recognised high fashion model, also Taehyung’s cousin (once, twice, three times removed?) schoolmates and best friends with Jimin and Yoongi.
- this will be a mix of social media and text (either written or ss) pls let me know your preferences? Also! Don’t reply to the thread! Quote or rt only thanks!
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Forgot this yesterday...
1. Taehyung placed his saxophone on it’s stand and quietly departed the stage for his break, taking a glass of water from the little set-up the catering services had generously provided the band. After a few sips, he slipped out of the hall through a side door to get some
2. fresh air, while his mothers singing spilled through the speakers as her wedding band continued to play. Taehyung sighed for what felt like the millionth time. He hadn’t been able to get the melancholic and restless feeling off his chest, no matter what he did.
3. He knew what it was, and usually he’d be fine and brush it off. But something felt different now. He went back to the stage after hearing the song end, and looked out over the audience, seeing the groom talking to his family, sharing a loving hug with his beaming father and a
4. familiar emptiness bloomed inside him, feeding his melancholic thoughts. When the night was over, his mother gave him a soft and concerned smile. “I saw your face,” she said. “Want to talk about it?” “No,” Taehyung shook his head. “It’s fine. I’ll get over it.” “Tae, baby -”
5. “I mean, I just - At these weddings I can see all these touching moments between the families and proud fathers with their sons, and I just can’t help thinking I’m never going to experience that.”
6. His mother looked at him with sadness and regret and Tae shook his head again, feeling a little guilty that he was making her feel bad. “Don’t worry. It’ll pass.” But it didn’t.
7. Taehyung went online and looked up his father, again. Lord Henry Lee, of the House of Lords. He stared at the picture of him with a thoughtful and troubled expression. It was hard to see such similar features in the photo of the man he’d never met before.
8. Taehyung bites the bullet.
9. .... Taehyung?
10. Meanwhile...
11. London was stunning. Taehyung’s weariness from the flight, and annoyance at himself for dropping and destroying his phone, subsided when the taxi let him out by Hyde Park and he spent the afternoon walking and exploring the area, walking through the greenery, resting on a
12. park bench with a hot chocolate and observing the people as they passed by walking their dogs or jogging and going about their business. By the time it was midday, he was beginning to tire. So he shouldered his bag and headed to the hotel he’d booked. When he arrived,
13. he realised that it was less a hotel and more a cross between a hostel and a hotel, judging by the amount of young people in the apparently shared common space of the small but comfortable feeling lobby.
14. He faintly heard the sound of a guitar and singing and looked towards it to see a man sitting on the reception desk, playing and singing softly, eyes closed and a smile on his lips. Taehyung moved towards him, drawn in by the sweet sound and need to check into his room.
15. He clapped when the song ended and the guy blinked in surprise and then grinned at him, looking him up and down with a curious gaze. “Flattery won’t get you a free room, but I appreciate the compliment,” he said with a hint of amusement in his eyes.
And that's all for today! I'm thinking I'll make the text parts SS.. sorry, still working out the format a little. hope you're enjoying so far.. don't forget not to reply to the thread! and pls let me know what you think with quotes or rt's! 💜✨
21. The First Meeting...
24. Henry Lee sat alone in his office, staring at the picture Taehyung had given him of his old self - a man he could hardly remember being - and then at the birth certificate. He was, in a word, overwhelmed.
25. Thankfully Charlotte had left him alone, likely to complain about the entire situation to her meddling father in another part of the house. There was a soft knock at the door and his mother appeared. “I’ve set him up in the Glendfall Room,” she told him.
26. “He’ll be going to retrieve his belongings from a hostel in an hour, so you can gather your thoughts to have a clear-headed discussion when he returns later on.” She handed him a piece of paper. “What’s this?” Henry asked.
27. “Her phone number,” his mother replied with a pointed look. Henry let out a long breath. “Henry, I know as well as you do, that Olivia Kim was not a woman who would lie about something like this. That boy is your son, and
28. whatever the circumstances are, you must face them now,” she said quietly and then she left him alone. Henry stared at the number with conflict, thinking back to memories he’d long since pushed away. He called her. The answer was immediate, her voice familiar and frantic.
29. “Tae? Taehyung, baby? Is that you?” Henry swallowed. Her voice was so familiar. “Olivia.” He heard her let out a breath. “Henry. Is he there? Is he with you? Is he safe?”
30. “Yes, he’s here,” Henry replied. “Mother’s settling him in.” “Oh, thank god,” she sighed, relieved. “Olivia, how could you not tell me?” Henry asked, his voice trembling with betrayal and hurt and confusion.
31. “You let him show up on my doorstep almost twenty years later, unannounced — ” “And what?” She challenged. “Put a dent in your public image? Afraid of what the press might think?” “No, that’s not what - ”
32. “If you’re afraid of a scandal just send him back,” Olivia replied tiredly. “This isn’t about any scandal, this is about finding out I had a son more than half my life - ” Henry raised his voice and suddenly cut off, filled with overwhelming emotion and had to take the phone
33. away from his ear and recover for a moment. They were silent, both emotional at the first communication between them for twenty years. “Olivia.” Henry said her name, calling her back to the conversation, begging for some kind of explanation, but he didn’t know what to ask.
34. “I wanted to protect him. I didn’t want him to get hurt,” she said, emotional. “What is that supposed to mean?” Henry asked. “Why don't you ask some of the people a little closer to home.” She hung up. Dial tone beeping in his ear He had a son. He had a son. Now what?
35. Taehyung looked at Georgina with shock as he noticed she was already seated in the car when the butler - Percy, he learned his name was - closed the door on him. “You’re coming with me?” He was perplexed.
36. “We all need to breathe different air at times, Taehyung,” was her response. Taehyung was restless in the car, humming to himself since he wasn’t sure what to talk about. The hostel wasn’t that far away, and he was overjoyed to see Jimin out the front, guitar in hand.
37. He looked up and frowned at the black sedan with tinted windows. “That’s Jimin,” Taehyung pointed at him. “He’s my friend. He runs the hostel.” “Very well,” Georgina said. “Off you go, then.”
38. Taehyung smiled and nodded, bounding out of the car. Jimin’s worried expression changed to one of surprise when he saw Taehyung. “You’re back,” he smiled. “Looks like you found your dad.” Taehyung nodded and Jimin clapped his back.
39. “Good for you. I’m assuming you’re here for your stuff?” “Yeah. They want me to stay at the house.” “Understandable. They probably want to keep you close to avoid any scandal,” Jimin replied, scoffing a little.
40. “You know, I didn’t say anything before, but it seems like you know about this Lord and Lady stuff more than regular people might,” Taehyung commented, following Jimin back inside. Jimin placed his guitar by the front door. “Like I said, family is complicated.”
41. He waved to the guy behind the reception. “Help him out, he’s a friend all right, Joonie?” The 'Joonie' guy nodded. “Sure thing. See you later, Jimin!” He called back. “What are you doing later?” Taehyung asked. Jimin nodded at his guitar.
42. “I teach sometimes. Before you go, give me your phone number, all right? We'll have lunch or something." They exchanged numbers and Taehyung waved to Jimin as he left, and then retrieved his things from upstairs and paid off the bill with Joonie - or Namjoon, as he found out.
43. “So you're Taehyung,” Namjoon’s eyes lit up with recognition. Taehyung was slightly confused. “You know me?” Namjoon chuckled. “Jimin told us he’d met his new best friend yesterday. Told us you played the sax too.”
44. “Ah, yeah, I do,” Taehyung murmured, feeling a little shy. “Any good?” Namjoon asked. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m decent,” Taehyung replied. Namjoon nodded. “Maybe we will give you that call if we ever need a sax in our songs.” “Uh, I left it in New York though.”
45. Namjoon chuckled, dimples deepening as he did and Taehyung thought he looked like he was a nice guy. “You know, we have music stores here. Anyway, it was nice to meet you, Taehyung.” “You too, Namjoon.”
46. Taehyung heaved his bag out to the car waiting for him and the driver opened the trunk and took the bag to put it in. “Your friend with the guitar seemed quite pleased to see you,” Georgina remarked when they were driving back to the house.
47. “Yeah. He’s a good person. I mean, I only met him yesterday, but I have pretty good instincts for those things.” Georgina’s next words were so quiet he almost didn’t hear them. “May they prove true.”
- - - - ah, I made a small mistake/didn't clearly state what happened on [42] - they exchanged numbers, but Tae's phone is broken so Jimin wrote his number down for Tae. - - - - -
48. Life in the Lee Manor was, in a word, amazing. Taehyung had never imagined that he would enjoy it as much as he did, but the house was so huge he actually did get lost in it, and the staff were so nice and amused by him that it was fun, and it was absolutely stunning - plus,
49. there was an entire room just dedicated to musical instruments with a piano, guitar, violin, and a harp just hanging out and waiting to be played. The only thing Taehyung didn’t like was Charlotte. Everyone, including Henry, had accepted that he was in fact, the ‘lovechild’
50. of Henry and Olivia but that didn’t stop the snide remarks and glares from her. He felt odd about her. She was engaged to Henry and going to be his step-mother. He really didn’t want to have a bad relationship with her but he was finding it extremely difficult to like her.
51. Lady Lee, however, was a different story. His grandmother was such an interesting woman that Taehyung was finding himself constantly drawn to her, listening to her stories about about her life was fascinating.
52. Henry was harder. Taehyung found himself wondering how he could get closer to him without trying to force anything. His break came a week into staying at the house, when he was feeling homesick and a little restless, and went down to the kitchen for a midnight snack.
53. He was sitting at the refrigerator, using the light of the open door to pour some milk into a cup, when he heard faint footfalls coming towards the kitchen. He popped his head out to see, much to his surprise, Henry in a dressing gown and slippers making his way directly
54. to the cabinet. Taehyung watched with some amusement, unsure if he should say anything to announce his presence, when Henry pulled out a container of chocolate cereal and turned, noticed him, and yelped in fright.
55. “Good heavens, you scared the heck out of me.” Tae ducked his head and grinned apologetically. “Sorry.” Henry glanced at the milk in his hand and then turned on the light, illuminating the kitchen far better than the fridge door could.
56. Taehyung hopped off his stool and moved to the counter, putting the milk bottle out for Henry to use. There was a moment’s hesitation before Henry asked if he wanted some cereal, and Taehyung said he definitely did.
57. “I had you down as an All-Bran man,” Taehyung commented. Henry gave a small smile. “Charlotte makes me eat that cardboard every morning. If I had it my way, it’d be chocolate cereal everyday.” Taehyung smiled happily.
58. “Well, I love this cereal. I used to have it every morning before school. Maybe you should you eat it, if that’s what you want.” Henry gave a wry smile. “Indeed. So what are you doing up so late?” He questioned.
59. Tae shrugged. “I was restless. Not really used to the time-difference yet.” “Ah, I see,” Henry replied. There was a moment’s silence. “And you - you’re enjoying yourself here?” He was trying, and that made Taehyung happier then he could express.
60. “I am. The house is incredible. I mean, I knew you were a Lord and all that, I just wasn’t expecting,” he gestured wildly, “so much grandeur. It’s pretty different from our little flat.” “I would imagine so. Is there anything you need?” He asked.
61. Taehyung was going to say no, but then he remembered. “Is there a shop for art supplies around here?” He asked. “Paints and brushes and canvases, things like that?” Henry looked surprised. “You paint?”
62. “Sometimes,” Taehyung replied. “There’s such beautiful lighting in my room, I thought it would be nice…” he trailed off. “Oh. Only if that’s all right with you. I mean, this is your house. Sorry.” Henry was quiet for a moment.
63. “Perhaps it would be better not to paint in your room,” he said, and Taehyung felt a little disheartened, but perked up when Henry continued. “There’s plenty of rooms in the house that are rarely used. Why don’t you take Percy around tomorrow and find one with the lighting
64. you like best and you can use that as a studio. I’d much prefer you not being overcome by fumes from your supplies in your bedroom.” Taehyung’s chest did a flip. “Thank you, Henry,” he beamed.
65. Henry smiled back. “Of course.” He ate the final spoon of his cereal and then cleared his throat. “Well. I’ll be going off to bed now. You should too. I hope your… sleeping arrangements are satisfactory.”
66. “You know, you can just wish me sweet dreams and say good night,” Taehyung told him. Henry nodded awkwardly. “Right. Well. Good night, Taehyung.” “Good night, Henry.”
67. Friends back home..
78. “So. Granny Lee. I wonder who tipped off the tabloids that little Taehyungie was here,” Jin said, casually lounging in one of the sitting rooms. “And with such a vicious little rumour about him being some kind of gold-digging interloper.”
79. He raised an eyebrow and Georgina raised one back. “Yes. I wonder,” she responded dryly. Jin smiled. “In any case, at least we know that he’s not a spawn of Lord Lee’s lesser morals.”
80. “The way you speak makes me wonder exactly who raised you,” Georgina said. “Such cynicism. But I suppose living with my nephew would do that to you.” “Yes, father is quite the man,” Jin scoffed. “I am pleased to report that according to my friends,
81. Taehyung is a good person. A rare person.” “Yes,” Georgina said slowly. “He has an untainted quality about him. He’s… mischievous like a little boy, makes the staff wild with laughter and is quite kind.”
82. “That’s what Jimin and Yoongi tell me too. He’s going to be a revelation at the dress show. Have you seen his face? His proportions? The camera’s are going to love him.” “Indeed. And how are your friends? Jimin comes by some days to see Taehyung, he takes him out to
83. see London and Taehyung seems quite cheerful upon return.” “Jimin has taken Taehyung to be his new best friend, as if I could ever be replaced.” Georgina’s lips curve into a smile at Jin's comments.
84. “And Yoongi is pursuing his dreams, as per usual. Apparently he recently co-wrote on a song that made the Top 50 on the charts.” “Well done to him.” She gave Jin a long look. “Are you well, Jin? You’re looking rather thin.” Jin waved a hand.
85. “I’m a busy man, Granny Lee. I have no time to be anything other than well.” “That may be so but please do take care of yourself,” she said with some concern. “And don’t forget that I’m trusting you to take care of Taehyung with the vultures circling.”
86. “It’ll be my pleasure.” He walked over to her and placed a kiss on her temple, which she accepted with a frown and twitch in her lips. It wasn’t an unwelcome affection, but she would only accept it from him. They heard Taehyung calling out and Jin straightened up.
87. “In here, Taehyung,” Georgina called. He came in, dressed in loose pants, covered in paint splatters and a long white shirt. “Oh, hello Jin,” he smiled brightly seeing him. “I didn’t know you were here.” Jin grinned back.
88. “Dropping by to assess the damage and offer moral support. Your father will be here soon with the evil queen and public relations minions to talk about the press release,” he said. Taehyung swallowed and nodded.
89. “Right. Do I…need to do anything?” He glanced between the two of them. “Be true to yourself, Taehyungie,” Jin said, suddenly serious. “Don’t let anyone try to make you out into something you’re not.” Taehyung nodded and straightened his back.
90. “You’ve got a strong online profile from your photography. There’ll be rubbish stories about you in the papers for a while, but they’ll pass. We’ll be at the Royal Dress Show in a few days and you’ll face the press, but i’ll be right there with you, so no need to worry."
91. Taehyung looked a little worried but he nodded. “I just… wanted to meet my dad,” he said. Georgina stood. “You may have lived your life as a Kim, but you are also a Lee.” She smoothed her hands over her dress. “Don’t forget that.”
105. Jimin and Hobi
106. Jimin and Hobi 2
Updated profiles after just over 3 months of Taehyung in LDN —— ✨ Tae & Jimin
✨ JK & Yoongi
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141. The next month... Taehyung’s busy busy busy with various modelling campaigns and JK just wants school to end
142. Meanwhile...
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171. Introducing a new music-focused news profile & article
Updating the profiles... Tae & JK
Jimin & Jin
Yoongi & Namjoon
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217. After the end of the summer..
I feel like this ended so much faster than I thought it would, but here it is! It’s my first au so the next one will be better! Also... there is a sequel coming!!!! Will post more later but for now pls feedback? 😊 thanks for being here!!!!
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• LONG TIME COMING • // sequel to Find Yourself // A sudden tragedy reunites everyone back in LDN. Struggling with his grief, Jungkook drunkenly confesses his crush on Taehyung to Jimin. Acknowledging it is one thing, but now he can’t take it back. #taekookau #btsau
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