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Dec 22, 2019
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2kim One-Shot Social Media AU [ v a n i l l a i c e c r e a m ] >mint & cigarettes short sequel > days has passed since that one specific cold night. years has passed and their feelings are still the same. kim chaewon thinks kim minjoo tastes like a sweet ending. <

note: -yall know the drill 😗 -quote dont reply -pics aint mine creds to whoever owns it -diss me in my cc 🤩
1. reposted cause i made a tiny mistake :>
2. i actually want some ice cream rn :<
3. yena eye-
4. a baby wants mint choco. baby is wonyoung.
5. oh? 😏
6. yujin, sweetie-
7. it's not a date! :))))
8. on the other hand, someone wants attention
9. i am positive that minjoo is combusting rn
10. clingy
11. golden hour
12. vanilla
13. i still love you
14. a sweet ending
[ e n d ]


buy 1 minjoo take 1 chaewon (she/they)
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