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Jan 7, 2020
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*taekook au* Jeon Jungkook is the youngest among the 7 member idol group BTS who just debuted.He is considered as the golden maknae that everyone loves,but lately he's starting to notice one of his hyungs more than the others, the ever so oblivious and beautiful Kim Taehyung.

the younger proceeded to go in the fridge as he hears yoongi speaks , " you better stop playing with fire when don't even know who you're playing with." the older said coldly with a blank face still browsing through his phone.
" what do you mean hyung?" said jungkook as he froze in his tracks. " ah? nothing i'm just reading a quote from this ebook i'm into these days" yoongi shrugged. the maknae gulped nervously still feeling heavy about what happened inside taehyung's room.
" y-you're still up hyung? how long have you been there?" jungkook hesitantly asked. "long enough to amuse my self, why?" yoongi scoffed. "do you happen to hear or know something hyung?" said the younger attempting to hide the fact that he's panicking inside
"why guk-ah? is there something for me to hear or know about?" said the older as he locked a piercing look straight to jungkook's eyes.
"i don't think so hyung-" jungkook was cut off "just be careful guk-ah, it takes two to play a game, you shouldn't be looking at me like that since you know i'm not the other player." said yoongi.
. " i don't get what you mean tho hyung?" said the younger faking a smile. " hmm. i dunno, do you?" said the other letting out a sly smirk, " i'll sleep now, looks like the show's over tonight." yoongi continues as he stood up and walked to his room.
the maknae was left fazed both because of what he did and because he knows yoongi too well to know that the older knows something. that night jungkook haven't slept a wink till sun rise.
the next morning everyone gathered in the dining table as jungkook walked in looking like a sleepless zombie as if he left his soul somewhere.
"yah! jungkook-ah, where have you been? i woke up and you're not there with me anymore", said taehyung as he pouts. the others looked at jungkook with a questioning gaze.
the maknae gave a disturbed look at tae , "why?" said taehyung innocently, "ah, i just got up early and went to my own room hyung", jungkook answers hesitantly. he saw taehyung tilt his head slightly before going back to munching his toast.
"taehyung ah, i guess you need to use an insect repelant the mosquito's keep on snacking on you", said yoongi dead ass staring at their maknae as he run his fingers through tae's neck down to his exposed colar bones tracing the light love bites jungkook made the night before,
" think so hyung?" said taehyung still sounding unbothered. jungkook's still frozen on his feet as he watch the exchange between the two.
"what the f*ck am i missing here?" the younger curses on his thoughts. "guk-ah what's with the panda eyes? are you sick?" said jimin as he stood infront of the younger worriedly.
"nothing hyung, i'm just having trouble sleeping these days", says the younger. jimin just nods and pulled jungkook to the table so they could join the rest of the group.
they finished breakfast and are now packing their stuff in their rooms for another shoot, jungkook decided to follow tae inside to confront the older.
"hyung, do you not remeber about... last night?" said guk in a low tone, tae paused and walked to face the younger, he teasingly wrapped his arms around guk's neck and leaned in so close to his lips.
"why jungkook-ah, do. you. want. me. to remember?" tae said while flashing a sly smirk. "what do you mean hyung?" jungkook asks sounding frustrated.
"i'm just messing with you guk-ah, last thing i know we're just cuddling then the next morning i'm alone in my bed, is there something else to remember?" tae says faking a laugh.
jungkook's now pissed, he grabbed tae's arm and let the older face the full body mirror on the side, he moved behind tae's back and almost harshly tilts the olders head to the side exposing his neck together with the hickeys he made last night.
" here's what you have to remeber hyung, remember who made all of that." the younger says coldy as he stares at taehyung's eyes through the mirror.
" you mean the mosquito right?" tae said still unamused he even flashed a smile. the younger's patience are on the edge already he snapped and faced the older pushing him until his back touch the bedroom wall.
jungkook looking dead straight to taehyung's eyes with his evident frustration decided to claim the older's lips harshly, hungrily until tae find himself kissing back both intertwining their tongues, exploring each others mouth.
soft moans are filling the room as they struggle to keep it low for others not to hear, the maknae grabbed tae's small waist pressing it harder to his own body as he placed his knee between the older's leg as if adding pressure on his cr*tch. tae moaned
and breathes heavily, eyes closed as he arched his back more so their bodies would be closer, he felt the younger leave his lips to plant wet kisses on his jaw down to his neck, now sucking the skin so hard it's almost painful.
jungkook pulled away and looked straight at taehyung that's still catching his breath , anger can be seen through his doe dark eyes,
"listen now and keep this in that pretty little head of yours kim taehyung. I. AM. THAT. DAMN. MOSQUITO." he says putting emphasis in every word as he storms out of taehyung's room.
taehyung walked to face the mirror as jungkook left his room, touching the bright red painful bruise the younger has just planted on his neck.
"tch, i would have to cover this now jungkook-ah, the game has finally begun." he said as he let out a small chuckle.
jungkook has not spoken to taehyung through out their mv shoot, not even between their scenes together, and the other members are clearly feeling the evident tension between the two.
"yah taehyung-ah, did you and jungkook fight?"asked jin worriedly. "not that i know of hyung, maybe he's just tired because he wasn't able to sleep." taehyung said. "i'm not blind tho, there's definitely something going on here" said jimin as he butt in.
tae just shrugged it off and went on to film his last scene with hobi and namjoon. jungkook on the other hand has his piercing gaze fixed on taehyung that's moving and dancing with joon and hobi,
"if i were you, i wouldn't make another move jeon jungkook, kim taehyung is dangerous." whispered yoongi as he sits beside the younger. "too late hyung, i already did." said guk still staring at tae.
"oh did you now? , congrats you're now playing with the walking sin" yoongi chuckled as he pats the younger 's back lightly.
"what do you mean hyung?" guk asks now that the older got his attention. "you see, i don't know much, but what i do know is that tae is the kind of person who loves entertainment" jungkook furrowed his brows upon hearing what yoongi said.
" he's everyone's sweetheart, an innocent baby, and for the few years that we've spent together, i've seen him use that to absolutely get everything he wants, the thing is its not like you're any different." yoongi continues.
"i still don't get your point hyung" said the younger. "i did not reveal my face to you guk to get bored, i'm here to amuse myself even more.just don't get hurt kid." said yoongi flashing a quick wink before walking away.
jungkook as pissed as he is right now decided to collect his thoughts and compose himself. "i'm not one to back down kim taehyung, two can play this game." he whispered as his eyes followed the blonde beauty that's now laughing with hobi.
*flashback* "hyung!! i've brought you a blanket, why are you even out here so late, it's cold!" said taehyung to the older boy that's casually sitting at the park infront of their dorm as he wrapped him the blanket he's carrying.
"nothing, just looking at the stars, thank you taehyung-ah" said the older as tae sat beside him,
"hyung,i've listened to your demo tapes earlier they're so cool! you should submit them officially i know it'll be a hit!" said the younger as his eyes glimmer with admiration.
"naah, i don't think they're good enough, we got better songs on the line up anyway" says the older shyly faking a laugh.
"no hyung, i really really felt your soul on those songs! i know people would love it!" tae insists cutely while tugging the older's arm.
the older boy felt his heart beat faster upon hearing those words, his songs that his mom has thrown out in the rain saying they're trash, the songs that his friends made fun off, the songs that he thought no one would like...
finally reached someone, he smiles sweetly as he face the younger, lifting his hand to cup taehyung's cold cheeks. "you really think so taehyung-ah?" , he asks happily,
the younger nods while looking at the older boy's eyes, before grabbing his hand and pulled him up, "yes hyung, your songs are the best for me!now lets go in i can't feel my hands anymore!" said the young taehyung as he drags the older back to their dorm.
taehyung has been sweet and caring everyday making the older boy get flustered everytime, the older who had his girlfriend leave him for being poor,
the boy who wished nothing but for someone to appreciate the songs he wrote found comfort in the younger's hugs and boxy smiles. he found himself falling deep inlove, deeper than he's ever been before.
but somewhere down the line things have changed, the hugs and sweet smiles that he constantly recieved are now being enjoyed by a much younger boy.
he watched them play snowball fights during the winter, he watched them cuddling while watching some childish anime, he watched the boy so dear to him get taken away.
one night the older went to their practice room since he forgot his phone, only to hear two voices before he gets in... "yah! kim taehyung why's jungkook only close to you?it's unfair!" said park jimin,
"i don't know maybe because i help him overcome his shyness, i even had to move fast and get close to our older hyungs so i could help gukie get comfortable with them too." tae chuckled.
"yah! you're so mean taehyung-ah! if our hyungs could hear you they'll be hurt!" jimin said as he tapped taehyungs arms.
"i don't mean it that way it's just- well it is what it is" said taehyung, "you see jungkook tried writing some songs last night and he made me hear it, you have to hear it chimin-ah! jungkookie's songs are really the best songs i've ever heard like ever!" tae continues.
"really? i have to hear it then!" jimin answered as the two of them continued to chat and laugh.. the older boy who's hiding outside started to walk away... he walked and walked until he found himself running out so fast he could hardly breathe.
the boy who never shed a tear even when his mother did not support his dreams,even when his friends made fun of him, even when he have to give up dancing because of that tragic car accident, even when his lover mocked and left him...
that night... as he fell on his knees infront of a park's swing,under the same stars that shined brightly over kim taehyung's sweet boxy smile...
that cursed night...Min Yoongi let his tears fall for the first time in 20 years, he cried his heart out, he cried and cried until the he physically felt the pain in his chest, until his tears ran out.
**** author's note i'm literally holding myself back in writing tae' POV, since i want to reveal his thoughts much much later through the story.
i've read a lot of amazing au's where tae's usually portrayed as sweet, pure and kind, i love those kind of plot really, however every time i watch taehyung on the screen i see him as someone that could get as competitive as jk, much more like they're equals.
and yes this is a #bottomtae #topguk au, but i decided to make tae's character as dark as i'll make jk's character if not darker.
and yes this is a #bottomtae #topguk au, but i decided to make tae's character as dark as i'll make jk's character if not darker.
again i noticed a lot of typos as i read through the thread but if there's someone reading this, i sincerely apologize, english is not my first language and i'm still learning to translate all my thoughts into letters. thank you! *******
*present* the group went out to have dinner since they've just finished shooting their mv for their latest comeback, after eating they decided to head to a private bar where other actors and idols like themselves usually frequents.
tae ordered a glass of whiskey, something that he doesn't usually get but he feels ecstatic today to even care. he felt an arm on his shoulder as he take a sip on his drink.
"yah! tae tae! congratulations on your new drama, i've heard some good feedbacks!" said eunwoo ( an idol like them ) . "aww thank you eunwoo-ssi, you should watch it we all worked so hard." tae smiles at the handsome man.
"ofcourse i will, anything for you!" says eunwoo as he winked at tae, "oh! i heard you'll be having your comeback soon! i know you guys will do well!" eunwoo continues now addressing the other members sitting on bar couch.
"aigoo, you're so sweet eunwoo-ssi, thank you!" said jimin who's also friends with the idol, the others bowed their heads slightly to express their thanks.
"my friends are on the other side, you have my number tae tae, text me if you get bored again!" said the idol as he bowed to the group and tapped taehyung lightly on the back before walking away.
"taehyung-ah, you really have a lot of friends, i suddenly feel envious" jin pouts, "hyung its not just me, my friends are chimin's friends as well, and our jungkookie here might not have a lot of friends but he have a lot of girlfriends anyway!" tae said teasingly
the others laughed as they continue to chat while sipping their own drinks, a few rounds after hobi and jimin's now moving at the dance floor, joon's on his phone trying to control the alcohol in his system
jin and yoongi are passed out, tae stood up feeling a bit light headed and went to the bathroom, little did he know a pissed of guk followed him.
tae's washing his hands in the sink as jungkook got in, their eyes met as guk hastily grabbed tae's arm and pushed him into one of the empty stalls and locked it.
"guk-ah what are you doing?" tae scoffed at the younger who's glaring at him. "text me when you get bored again? just what the fuck are you up to when you get bored kim taehyung?" jungkook whispered angrily.
"i dunno, shopping?clubbing? do you have anything else in mind?" teased the older.
"i don't know what game you're playing at kim taehyung but we both know what we're doing doing now, and you know i'm not going to back down" the younger said anger can still be felt on his voice.
jungkook's about to claim tae's lips as he felt the older's finger stopping him, "aigoo jungkook-ah, you're not gay for me are you?" taehyung smirked as he stares at the younger's lips.
" we both know i'm anything but that "hyung", i've had my name be moaned a lot by women as i moved over them, sometimes i have them ride me, lick me... and taste me, so i guess i could say that, "that" won't work on me like the last time."
taehyung's smirk fades as he heard what the younger said, his eyes are now looking straight into jungkook's, the usual calm and playful facade is gone now and the younger can see it through taehyung's piercing glare.
" how about you hyung? have you ever dated anyone? have you ever had sex? or are you still untouched? angel kim taehyung." the younger continues to mock tae.
tae composed himself and brought back his sly smirk still locking his gaze on jungkook's eyes as he licks his own lips while unbuttoning the first 2 buttons of his shirt, he then removes the tiny scarf that's adorning his neck to cover up the bruise jungkook gave him this morning
his smirk widens as he see guk's eyes following his every move, jungkook gulped and clenched his jaw as tae flicks the scarf away revealing the younger's mark on him.
jungkook grabbed taehyung's nape and whispered "you sure know how to press all my buttons hyung." before claiming taehyung's lips.
the kiss is nothing beautiful, it's sloppy and wet, they both are high on mixing their spit together inside their mouths with the alcohol they had a few moments ago,
the younger grabbed his belt opened it up and pulled out his proud erection before doing the same for taehyung, the older bit his lips and rolled his eyes back as he feels guk pumping their heated members together
the younger kept his mouth busy in licking tae's ear hastily going down to his neck planting his marks on any area his lips touches.
taehyung then pushed the younger to the cubicle's wall and started kissing jungkook's lips again as he let his hands touch the younger's erection and started pumping it, taehyung's kisses went down to guk's neck as he started making his visible love bites.
jungkook closes his eyes and moans in pleasure, the younger gasped as he felt taehyung going down on his knees, the older's beautiful face is now infront of his throbbing member.
tae pumped it slowly with his hands making his lips slightly touch the tip with every pump as he started licking it from the bottom to tip, the younger already feels like c*mming just at the view of taehyung doing these lewd things him
but he held it back, he bit his lips almost drawing blood as he felt taehyung taking his c*ck inside his mouth until the tip touches his throat, jungkook is now a moaning mess under the spell of kim taehyung
his tongue wraps the younger's member as he thrust his mouth up and down never failing to let the tip touch his throat, the younger looked
down at the view between his pants and lost it when he saw taehyung playing with his own erection while giving him the best bl*w job he has ever gotten his entire life.
it didn't take long enough for them to start shaking upon releasing the result of the pent up anger and lust towards each other. jungkook's still catching his breath as taehyung grabbed a tissue, cleaned himself and pulled his pants up.
" i guess you now know the answer not only about my sex life but also to what i do when i get bored jungkook-ah." tae said as he planted a soft open mouthed kiss on the still panting jungkook's lips before heading out the bathroom.
jungkook woke up with the worst headache the next morning, he then headed to the kitchen as he hears jimin's voice scolding someone.
"yah! kim taehyung! what the fuck is this article about? KIM TAEHYUNG AND JENNIE KIM ADMITS TO DATING RUMORS, THE PAIR WAS SEEN GETTING COZY INSIDE THE MALE IDOL'S CAR AROUND 2AM THIS MORNING - " jimin was cut off by a laughing taehyung.
"hyung it is what it is, to be honest we have been seeing each other for a while now, its about time for the news to leak out" said tae unbothered.
"so that's where you've been after you left us last night at the bar, i thought you just went in to the bathroom but you never came back." said joon as he scratch the back of his head.
"sorry hyung, i just really like the girl, she was messaging me non stop last night so i had to meet her, before we realize that we're being photographed it's already too late" said taehyung finally sounding a little apologetic.
jungkook's blood boils as he heard the conversation he went back to his room got his car keys and harshly dragged kim taehyung out of their flat leaving their hyungs stunned mouths wide open.
the younger opened the shot gun seat of his car and angrily pushed taehyung inside, next thing they knew they were driving to god knows where yet still none dared to make a sound.
after almost an hour of driving stead fast they arrived into an empty lot, the younger pressed the break harshly as he slapped the steering wheel hard.
"read it for yourself jeon jungkook, you didn't have to drag me all the way here to read it for you or did you?" said the older smugly.
the younger grabbed taehyung's chin and looked him in the eyes,
"and didn't you just suck me dry at the bar's bathroom stall last night only to have that woman taste my cum at the back of your throat a few moments after! - fuck! taehyung! you're full of shit!" the younger shouts, frustration is evident on his voice.
" what do you want from me jeon jungkook? what are we anyway?" the older said with a cold voice.
"we kissed, you had me inside that fucking mouth of yours, you've moaned my name repeatedly! so answer your damn question kim taehyung.. what are we?" said the younger as he let go of his grip on the older's face.
"you're the one who climbed on top of me that night jungkook, you had your ways with me but you ain't heard shit from me, i treated you as i usually do,yet you keep coming back for more..
so let me change that question... what am i to you jeon jungkook?" asks the older.
jungkook looked down and started driving back home, he can't find the right words to answer taehyung at the moment, the memories of his sins came flashing back to him,
but he know he's in too deep, he's caught in a web of confusion regarding their relationship, what he feels for his hyung and his own identity, it's a lot to take in for a 19 year old.
as their car arrives on their building's parking lot he sighed, "we're nothing kim taehyung, you're nothing to me." he said... he knows that as he utter those words it's done, he cannot face it right now so he decided to run away.
the older kept silent as he get out of the car leaving jungkook behind.
as tae entered their dorm he went straight to his room, nobody dared to ask about what happened that morning, it's as if they knew it's something they shouldn't meddle with.
it's their group rest day so tae didn't step out of his room the whole day, not even the day after, the other members tried to knock and somehow ask if he's okay but heard no response.
as much as they worry about tae, they decided to respect his space, they've lived together for so long and this is not the first time tae locked himself in without talking to anyone.
unlike tae the other members were able to reach their maknae, apparently jungkook has been staying with one of his friends for the past two days, so atleast they know he's safe.
it's the 3rd day and the members are already freaking out outside tae's bedroom, yoongi's about to knock the door down as it opened.
taehyung stepped out with his boxy smile, as if nothing happened, he apologized to his hyungs and spent the day following their bands schedule, jungkook went with them on that day
because well he has to and he didn't have a choice but it's evident that the two are avoiding each other like a plague.
they're gonna step in on stage soon to perform their comback song as jimin decided to talk to tae.
"taehyung-ah, i don't have a clue about what happened with you and jungkook i want to ask why but i respect your silence, i'll just gonna ask if you're okay instead" , said jimin as he give wrap his arm around taehyung's shoulder.
"i'm okay hyung, i'm always okay, let's just focus on our performance today so we could give our fans a good show." said taehyung flashing a smile.
the thing is, if there's someone that tae trusts to show his real self it will be jimin, and jimin knows taehyung too well to tell that taehyung is definitely not okay. yet the older decided to not over step and to just wait for tae to come around.
"guk-ah, i'm not gonna ask what happened but i did warn you tho." said yoongi as he sat beside their maknae in their waiting room.
"i don't know what you know about us hyung, but whatever that is, it's over now." said the younger having his head hang low, he failed to see the sly smirk in yoongi's lips.
their comeback stage was well recieved by many and their schedules have been packed for 3 months, within those months taehyung and jungkook never got near each other behind the cameras, they acted okay infront of their fans
but when the lights are off they move like strangers in a room. the younger is now feeling the weight of his words and decisions now, after all taehyung has always been his rock with or without what happened between them.
he misses him, he's near but he can't touch him, taehyung treats him like a ghost, and he's no different, he wonders when did this all started, when did he got consumed by his desires and when did he threw taehyung as a friend under the bus.
*flash back* "hyung do you think we'll make it?" says a young jungkook. "with you with us gukkie i know we'll go places." answered taehyung. they're now in the rooftop of their old dorm admiring the stars and the moon above.
"but i don't think i'm all that hyung, i'm scared to mess up" says the younger. "guk-ah, even if you don't believe me, you have the best voice in korea as far as i'm concerned so you don't have to be scared, people with love you for what you are, unlike me.." says taehyung
" what do you mean hyung?" guk asks as he furrows his brows on tae's strange statement. " i have no talent, all i have is this pretty face", said taehyung smugly.
that night the younger thought his hyung is just being funny, he failed to hear the loud cries of taehyung behind those words.
trusting taehyung's words jungkook became confident after that, he even started working out, he and tae became closer than ever, one night as tae got out of the shower wearing just a towel accross his waist
jungkook foynd himself staring at the older's body, taehyung's build is not like the rest of them, his shoulder's are not broad, his skin looks softer, slim waist and a nice curve on his ass, not to mention his perfect face.
for a young boy like jungkook seeing someone as beautiful as taehyung made one thing clear, he's attracted to him, he started getting flustered on each innocent touch the older makes, he started staring more than he should, he started wanting more.
he and tae often cuddle at night, as taehyung sleep, the young boy's thoughts are filled with desires he cannot even explain,it started with them hugging, then he got a bit braver to kiss the sleeping taehyung's forehead
it all happened so innocently at first but then eventually without him noticing, his desires are now eventually turning into a young lust, the first time he kissed taehyung's lips he ran out and cried silently in the bathroom
he was guilty but he felt a strange rush since tae and the other members seems to be completely unaware, he tried it again and again night by night, each time making him feel more powerful and in control than the night before.
he knows that it's bad but for him it's not so bad as long as nobody knows. taehyung became his drug.
* present * days went by, the group's busier than ever, everyone barely see taehyung unless he's needed for performance, the 2nd youngest 's popularity skyrocketed
having their comeback and the drama he's casted in made people see him more, yet the fame doesn't make him happy, not even one bit.
one night tae opened the door to their flat, expecting the same thing, closed lights and an empty room, he usually gets home around ungodly hours when the members are already sound asleep.
but this time he saw jimin in the living room welcoming him with a smile. "taehyung-ah, i know its late and you're tired but do you want to walk with me outside? i just can't sleep." said the older.
taehyung smiled back and nodded, he dropped his bags in the couch and headed outside again with jimin.
they walked until they reached a nearby park, they both sat on the swings and felt the cold air against their skin, "taehyung-ah, why are you doing this to yourself?" jimin ask.
taehyung knows he need not to hide, he looked at jimin who went to cup his cheeks with those small palms, taehyung started to sob.
nobody knows what the two boys talked about that night, the only witness is the empty park, the cold air and the moonlight that shines above them.
they went back in the dorm near sunrise and jimin went in tae's room and cuddled him to sleep.jimin knows everything, he knows the shadow that has been swallowing his friend bit by bit and he's trying his best to pull him out without invading too much.
they both woke up around one in the afternoon, heading outside hand in hand, the other members are in their rooms except jin who's cooking in the kitchen.
"aigoo taehyung-ah! what happened to you?" said the oldest as he scanned taehyung puffy red eyes, hollow cheeks and an obviously smaller frame.
jimin subtly shook his head as if to tell jin not to pry, the oldest got the cue, he went in and hugged taehyung instead. "c'mon here taehyung-ah, i'm making curry i'll feed you lots!" said jin trying to sound cheerful as he breaks the hug.
it's jungkook's graduation today and they'll soon have to head out to show their support to their maknae, the youngest is already in the venue, as tae decided to ride the car with jimin,
the 95's stopped by a flowershop first as tae insisted to buy jungkook some flowers, then they went in to the location to join the others who're already there.
as they arrive inside a room where jungkook's getting dressed for the event, tae locked eyes with the youngest, he's about to get near him to hand in the flowers he have hiding in his back when his phone rings.
taehyung hesitantly answered it, "hello? .. uhm, yes jihan hyung? ...ahh i'm here in our maknae jungkook's graduation, yes.. uh... the most handsome?"
tae chuckled, "it's minho hyung.. ahh no it's not you hyung - just kidding yes, it's you.." tae continues as he feels jungkook gaze piercing on him.
" uuh, yes hyung , we'll talk later.. ahh i love you too hyung.." said tae sweetly . and there goes his chance to hand over the flowers. jungkook after that has been throwing death glares at taehyung,
of course they had to act all friendly infront of the camera but the tension's evident between the two, tae stuck with jimin the whole time until they head home.
the younger on the other hand feels like shit, it should be a happy event for him but the thought of taehyung being there only for the show almost makes him want to throw up.
but he knows he can't do anything now because he decided to run away, until he hears some quiet sobs through the gap of taehyung's bedroom, he rushed in to check,
*warning* the next scenes will include mentions of suicide and depression, if this triggers you kindly skip reading. ***
his eyes went wide when he reached tae's bathroom, there's taehyung inside wet and curled in the bathroom floor, jimin's hugging him so tight . he felt his mouth run dry as he see
a kitchen knife lying on the floor with blood stains on it, as his eyes travelled to taehyung's thin wrists that's currently grabbing on jimin's blood stained white shirt, tears fell on the younger's eyes.
"w-what the fuck's happening here?!" he said, his voice's shaking due to the shock, taehyung hid his head inside jimin's chest, his quiet sobs are echoing in the bathroom.
jimin glared at the youngest "GET THE FUCK OUT JEON JUNGKOOK!" he hissed, it's a wrong move because his voice alarmed the whole flat which made all the members rush to where they are.
the others gasped at the sight, none can even utter a word, "l-let's call an ambulance!" hobi said with a shaking voice, "no! just call in a doctor, taehyung's not going in the hospital!", jimin said.
"are you kidding me?! look at all this blood!" said jin. "I SAID NO! JUST CALL A FUCKING DOCTOR AND GET OUT OF THIS ROOM NOW!" everyone was startled when jimin yelled, the guy's the sweetest and they never heard his voice sounding like that
so they obliged , hobi dialed their family doctor instead of the company's since he knows pd-nim wouldn't be happy to hear this.
taehyung passed out, jimin wrapped a towel around his wet body and lifted the boy to his bed, never leaving taehyung's side, jimin finally cries.
he looked at his bestfirend's frail body, the wound on his wrists that cover's the towel wrapped to it with blood, pale skin, long lashes that're still wet with tears... he broke down at the sight.
"taehyung-ah , why?." he said as he gripped taehyung's hand tighter, a few minutes later the doctor arrives and stitches tae's wrists, thankfully the blood loss isn't that much so he didn't insists for tae to be sent in the hospital.
as the doctor left, jimin head out to the living room, the members are there all wearing a worried expression on their faces. yoongi suddenly stood up and grabbed jimin on the collar which startled the rest.
" WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT PARK JIMIN!" said the older with tears running on his eyes, yoongi the one who never cries got everyone's attention as they tried to break the two off.
" i ain't telling you guys shit, i- .. it's not my place to tell. " jimin said lowering his head down. " you're kidding me are you park jimin?" said hobi unamused. "YAH! PARK JIMIN!" yelled namjoon.
"YOU'LL GONNA SERIOUSLY HIDE THIS FROM US AFTER WHAT WE SAW?!" joon is mad, " i told you guys it's not my place to tell, i can't. i just can't" the younger gulped. "i'll be in taehyung's bedroom,
kindly tell pd-nim we're both sick so we won't be making any appearances for a few days" he said before turning his back to the others and headed back to taehyung's bedroom.
jungkook's still in daze about what happened,the other members kept silent as well when jimimn left, it's like they're all left in darkness, they wanted to save taehyung but they don't know what to save him from.
the maknae stood up and went straight to his room, he felt dizzy, nauseated he, felt dirty. he remembered the last words he had spoken to tae, he remembered his sins, he remembered how filthy he is.
he went to his bathroom and threw up, tears flowing down his eyes but he can't point out the real reason why, is it because of guilt? hate, lust, love? he broke down.
2 days had passed and jimin did not left tae's side, he allowed no one to come even near taehyung's door, he fed him, bathe him, cleaned his wound, but he knows he's not doing enough, it's still not enough to save taehyung.
that night as jimin's eyes gets heavy for the first time he heard taehyung's voice. tae was woke the next morning after the encounter but it feels more like he's sleep walking so jimin was actually happy to hear his best friend speak.
"jimin-ah .. what happened?" asks taehyung sounding so exhausted. jimin held his own mouth in shock, he's looking at taehyung's eyes to make sense of what he just heard, but seeing tae's blank eyes he broke down again.
he hugged taehyung so tight, "nothing baby, nothing happened.." he said in between sobs. "why are you crying jimin-ah?" tae asks innocently. "i'm just happy, i'm happy you're back." said jimin finally flashing a smile.
he styed with tae for another hour until the other fell asleep, he then left and went to the living room finding joon and hobi looking at him.
" hyung, please listen to what i'm going to tell you. " jimin said facing the two. "kim taehyung... i think he broke." he continued "what would that supposed to mean jimin-ah?" asked hobi.
" again i can't tell you everything, i can't without his consent, but what i mean right now is, he doesn't seem to remember what he has done to himself." said the younger
the two gave him a questioning look. "for thw first time in two days he finally spoke, but he doesn't seem to remember what happened or what he did, it's as if he forcefully erased it in his system" jimin said as he started to cry again.
"hyung kindly tell the others not to mention anything to taehyung, if he asks just tell him he passed out because of- i don't know, fever?, just please treat him as you would normally" jimin pleads.
"what do you know park jimin?" , the three was startled to hear their maknae's voice behind them. "you're the last person i would be telling anything about jungkook." jimin said coldly.
"jimin-ah what do you mean by that?" it's joon. "if you guys really care about kim taehyung atleast one bit, do your best and keep this shrimp away from him" jimin said angrily while pointing at jungkook.
" yah! park jimin! don't you think i deserve to know why i'm being hated right now?" the younger scoffed.
" no jungkook, you don't deserve an explanation, you don't deserve to hear the reason and you don't . fucking. deserve. kim. taehyung. " jimin said coldly as he turned aeound and went back to tae's bedroom.
"jungkook-ah, can you honestly tell me what you did?" said hobi, his expression seems darker than usual, meaning he's seriously pissed.
"i don't know hyung... i don't know" the younger said as he ran out the door. "yah! jeon jungkook!" he hears his hyungs yelling his name but he kept running out, he ran until he's finally outside the building.
the truth is he knows.. he knows what jimin meant too well but he can't seem to accept the truth. that's why he ran away... again he ran away. " that's right jungkook, run away like you always do" he cursed at himself.
he grabbed his phone and texted the first woman he saw in his logs, he knows that all his ex girlfriends would gladly spend the night with him again no matter of what asshole he is.
he returned home around eight in the morning seeing everyone gathered in dining table having breakfast, including kim taehyung.
he didn't realize that he's staring at tae when the older looked back at him, "gukkie-ah, where have you been, i checked your room and you're not there" said taehyung as he got near the younger and clings his arms around jungkook's waist.
jungkook as shocked as everyone else in the room looked at jimin who's now glaring at him, he finally snapped back and remembered what jimin said last night - to treat taehyung as they normally would.
"ah- ... hyung i just slept with one of my friend's house, we drank last night so i can't drive" he said trying to sound as natural as possible.
"i see, " taehyung pouts, " come here now join us for breakfast, yoongi hyung made some toast, it's the best!" tae said as he dragged the younger to the table.
the atmosphere in the dining table is unbearable, everybody's stiff af, well except taehyung who keeps on feeding jungkook.
" okay what's up with you guys? why are y'all acting like we're on a funeral or something?" asks tae.
"cough* uh nothing tae, maybe we're all just tired, just quit on feeding that shrimp and dig in on your own breakfast" , said jimin as he glared at the maknae.
jungkook saw it and glared back, " kim taehyung, do you know what happened to your wrist?" asked jungkook, the other members froze on their seats.
"YAH! JEON JUNGKOOK! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" yelled jimin furiously. "oh hold up chimin-ah, it's fine, to be honest i don't recall where i got this, i just woke up and i had this stitched wound, i was about to ask you guys about it." said tae.
"ahh, i think you got wounded when you're trying to cook last night, you don't remember?" hobi said nervously . " really? must've hit my head as well since i don't remember cooking last night, but oh well.." said tae unbothered.
"by the way guys, i'll be meeting jennie later, she said she misses me already, she's so sweet" tae continued sounding so giddy. "o-oh that's nice, tell her she's welcome to come here, we'd like to meet her", said joon.
" thanks hyung, i will, i'll get ready now, thank you for the breakfast yoongi hyung, i love you!" said tae sweetly. nobody noticed as yoongi's face turned from pale to bright red.
" uh . no problem tae" yoongi answered heads down. tae stood up and went straight to his room, jimin had cleaned any traces of the incident the night before so tae didn't noticed anything unusual.
"i'm not totally okay with hiding this from him jimin-ah.. we're not even sure if he really forgot it or he's just acting like he did." said jin.
"believe me hyung, i know taehyung probably more than any of you does, he really forgot about it, more like he chose to forget."jimin said firmly.
"i can't believe y'all can digest your breakfast right now, because to be honest this whole shenanigan's pure bullsh*t!" said jungkook.
"calm down guk-ah, we're all worried but, we don't know what's going on as well, thanks tp the certain someone who still refuse to give any information." jin said bitterly as he glanced at jimin.
"you can think or say anything about me,i don't care, but i'm doing this for tae, that's all i have to say." jimin said as he stood up and went to his own room.
"babe, where have you been? i wasn't able to contact you these past few days, i miss you!" jennie said as he tugs on taehyung's arm, they're currently inside tae's car, parked infront of jennie's company.
"i just got busy, you know about the drama and our comeback, i'm sorry, i'll make it up to you. " said tae as he leaned in and planted a quick peck on the woman's lips.
they drove down town and got into a hotel, the paparazzi ofcourse followed them and a few hours later, articles are published nationwide.
jungkook saw it and barged into hobi and jimin's room. " IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? IS HE REALLY DATING THIS GIRL? ANSWER ME PARK JIMIN!" jungkook yelled. leaving hobi and jimin stunned.
" as i've said, i don't owe you guys especially you any explenations, but to answer your question yes they're dating, HAPPILY dating" jimin said coldly.
" guk-ah, why are you so upset? it's not like tae can't date, you're not the only one allowed to date around here. " said hobi, jimin smirked.
" THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! "jungkook hissed and stormed out of the room,the guilt he had been feeling is now replaced by anger and frustration, he called his friends and decided to get drunk.
jungkook got home passed midnight and found tae in his pyjamas at the empty kitchen drinking a glass of water, it maybe the alcohol, it maybe his longing, it maybe lust but he found him self hugging the older from the back.
tae almost choke on his water as he felt jungkook's breath against his nape. "guk-ah, what's the matter?you smell like booze." said taehyung.
"hyung.. don't you want me? you still want me right?" the younger whispered as he plant small kisses on taehyung's nape.
tae gasped feeling the warm lips that's now pecking his skin, " g-guk-ah.. what are you doing?" said tae in heavy breath. the younger grabbed tae's shoulders and made the older turn and face him,their faces leaning close as they feel each other's warm breath.
in that dark empty kitchen where the silence is almost deafening, the two boys found their resolves crumbling on their feet. "say you want me hyung... atleast let me feel it." jungkook whispered desperately
tae found himself staring at the younger's lips, he's slowly getting intoxicated by the smell of alcohol and jungkook's warmth, he gulped as he tried to control himself.
but all the hesitation in taehyung's mind was washed away when jungkook leaned in and pressed his lips against his, he closed his eyes trying to stop himself from making a sound as he felt the younger nibbles his lower lips seeking for entrance.
tae opened his mouth to let him in, and they shared a passionate kiss, a kiss that's filled with longing, warmth, hate, anger and lust. jungkook grabbed tae's waist and lifted him up to the counter top placing himself between tae's legs.
his lips travelled down to tae's jaw, tracing down to his neck and collarbone as his fingers opens up the buttons of the the older's silk pyjamas, tae leaned his head back as he feels high on every kiss and touch.
it didn't took long for the guk to completely remove tae's top, exposing the older's soft skin,he landed on his pink nipples and started to nibble it at his other hand traveled down to tae's inner thighs.
tae covered his mouth suppressing his moans, the younger saw it and decided to grab tae's arms and placed it around his neck, tae got the cue and wrapped his legs around jungkook's waist as the younger lifted him up still kissing his lips and headed to jungkook's bedroom.
the younger gently placed tae down to his bed as he hovers on top of him, looking at the older's flushed cheeks, slightly swollen lips and bare chest. "hyung.. you.. you're really beautiful i'm starting to hate it." said jungkook in between kisses.
tae let out a soft moan as he felt jungkook's erection brushing on his hips as the other continued to trail kisses on his neck going down to his tummy, "g-guk-ah, w-wait"he said as he tried to stop jungkook from going further down.
the younger didn't budge and slowly pulled down tae's pyjamas together with his undies, exposing tae's half hard member,
jungkook let out a subtle smirk as he checks the view, it looks so smooth, he then kissed tae's tip flushed pink, teasing the kisses down to the other's shaft, tae's biting his lips so hard it felt like bleeding.
the younger did not waste anytime in putting tae's member inside his mouth, going down slowly as it reached the back of his throat, tae's shaved clean, and he almost cursed when he realized that every part of tae's body smells and tastes like strawberries.
his tongue made lewd wet sounds as he bobbed his head into tae's now throbbing member,he paused as he heard tae's soft moans, it sounds so sexy he felt the pain between his own pants.
" guk-ah... i- i don't think i'll last long. " tae said desperately. "not yet baby... hold it in" said the younger as he lifted both tae's legs open exposing the older's hole.
"guk-ah w-what are you- ... " tae wasn't able to continue as he felt they younger's warm tongue circling his entrance, rimming him gently, the foreign sensation made tae arch his back.
he held his mouth hardly supressing his scream when he felt a finger going in, it felt weird yet arousing it made him release a bit of pre-c*m. jungkook's finger dug in a bit deeper and tae cannot supress his moans any longer.
"do you think she can satisfy you like this hyung?... hmm? i don't think so. " said jungkook teasing the younger with small kisses on his inner thighs, finger still roaming inside tae's entrance.
"what would she think if she saw you like this?" continued the younger, tae flinched as he felt another finger going in, twisting on his inside, he's now a moaning mess.
"what would she think if she hears your lewd voice trembling as i play with this pretty hole of yours?... answer me hyung, do you think she can do this to you?" said guk teasingly, eyes still fixed on tae's face.
"n-no..". said tae with a shaky voice. "no? she can't satisfy you like this right?" said guk as he placed the third finger inside. tae moaned a bit to loud which made the younger smirk.
he continued to thrust his fingers in, "a-ahhh." tae let out a moan sounding. a bit different than the usual, jungkook smiled, "i found it. is it here hyung?" he whispered, as he thrusts his fingers again touching tae's sweet spot.
tae bit his lips as he felt jungkook pull his finger's out, he felt empty, but not too long, he gasped as he felt jungkook's tip teasing his entrance, he's prepped but the younger's size still feels overwhelming.
"guk-ah... i-it will not fit " tae said in between breaths. jungkook responded by claiming tae's lips while he slid himself into the small entrance.
both let out a slightly loud moan as they felt their bodies become one, jungkook's size is too big for taehyung so he waited a minute before he started moving on a slow pace.
he gazed down on the view under him, seeing taehyung a moaning mess, mouth hanging open,flushed cheeks and teary eyes, "you're so fucking beautiful i want to ruin you. " said the younger as he thrusts harder and faster.
jungkook pulled out and turned taehyung on his back, lifting his hips so he could have a good look on tae's twitching hole. he didn't spare a second as he entered him again with harder thrusts.
tae couldn't bother supressing his voice as he felt jungkook stroking his shaft while still pounding on him, he knows he can't hold back.
a few more hard thrusts and he felt the warm fluid filling him up as his body shake from his own release as well.
" i-i'm not done yet hyung.. it's still not enough." he flinched as he felt the younger's member starting to grow inside him again keeping a slow pace, jungkook's release made each thrust create some wet sounds that arouses them more.
they did the deed for god knows how many rounds until they both collapse on the bed. tae's body 's all filthy now with cum and sweat, well its not like jungkook's bed is any different, they laid on their backs catching their breaths.
jungkook broke the few minutes of silence. "break up with her hyung. " he said. "i-i can't.. pd-nim made a contract with her label, we have to keep this up until their groups comeback." said tae.
the younger sighed in relief hearing that tae's relationship with the girl is just for business, he grabbed taehyung body close to his chest.
"you're mine hyung, just mine. " said jungkook as he kissed taehyung's forehead. both did not bother dressing up, it's almost sunrise when they found themselves drifting to sleep.
jungkook woke up feeling something heavy on his arm, he blinked a few more times and rubbed his eyes to make sure that he's already awake and not dreaming.
"kim f*ucking taehyung." he whispered to himself, he sees tae's beautiful face, the trail marks he left on the older's neck, their naked bodies tangled up, the sweet scent of strawberries and after sex.
he found himself smiling at the view before he leaned in and kissed the top of taehyung's head. "g-goodmorning tae." he whispered as the older slowly opened his eyes.
"mm, let me sleep more, my body hurts." said tae as he snuggled into jungkook's naked chest, the younger still couldn't believe his eyes as he recalled what happened the other night.
after a few hours, they're both fully awake, tae's still cudlling jungkook's waist as the younger wraps his arm around tae's shoulder.
"shouldn't we get up now? i feel like i need to shower." tae said softly. "hmm.. i don't think so, i like my scent mixed with yours... it's sexy." jungkook said as he leaned down and plant small kisses on tae' neck.
"guk-ah, if you continue doing that i really might not be able to walk, you know we have rehearsals this afternoon." tae said. "i just can't believe we did it last night." said guk still not stopping.
"guk-ah, stop..-" tae froze as he felt jungkook's lips brush on his inner thighs, "you smell amazing tae.." jungkook said while his lips travelled to tae's half hard shaft.
."jeon jungkook we need to get ready.." tae said still trying to push jungkook away, but the maknae's stubborn self and lust is just too strong, jungkook didn't spare any second and put tae's length in his mouth while stroking his own throbbing member.
the two didn't go all the way, after a few minutes when they had their release, they headed to the shower together, tae's now limping and jungkook can't hide his proud smirk.
they got in together, "hyung let me clean you up." the younger said with a sly grin. "yah! jeon jungkook, i swear if you do anything-" tae was cut off by the warm shower touching his skin,
jungkook bent tae down facing the wall as he placed his finger inside tae's entrance, it's still a bit lose and slippery from his size and c*m the night before, tae's unable to say anything, he just bit his lips as he feels his face heating up from embarrassment.
jungkook found it cute that tae's ears are turning red, he continued to scrape tae's insides clean when he heard a soft moan. " i thought we shouldn't be doing anything?" guk said teasingly.
"then s-stop thrusting your fingers playfully jungkook, you're supposed to help. me. clean" tae said supressing his voice. "i can't help it hyung, this hole's a bit too sinful for me to just clean" guk said as he added another finger scissoring tae's entrance open.
"j-just one round hyung, i'll be gentle this time" guk said desperately as he slowly squeeze in his shaft into tae's entrance, "please don't c*m inside, we .. ugh.. really need to get going.." tae said as he turned his head a bit to let their lips meet.
they did a quickie in the shower , and yes, tae's still limping, more like desperately trying to hide that he's limping. they're doing their rehearsal now for their upcoming stage, and tae flinch in pain as he try to keep up on the dance steps.
"taehyungie are you okay?" asked jimin tae just nodded and gave his best friend a smile. the thing is the members are noticing the sudden closeness between their two youngest,
jungkook kept on being all over taehyung, from giving him water bottles to assisting him to sit, but they all just thought they already made up, except from jimin who kept on glaring at jungkook's every action.
he's not blind, just by looking at the two he knows something is up, the maknae's sudden care for tae, their glowing skin, tae's limping and those love bites that the concealer failed to actually conceal, but he decided to just observe them for a while.
days passed and the two are still all over each other, they're actively flirting in their shows and even behind the cameras, and jimin's curiosity's now hanging on the edge, he decided to barge into tae's bedroom to finally ask.
"kim taehyung, what's with you and jungkook? i thought you don't have anything to do with him anymore?" jimin whispered. "it just happened chimin-ah, i think he really likes me." said tae with sparkling eyes.
"did he say it or did he just prove it by not letting you walk?" the older asked smugly. "chim.." "you just tried to kill youself after he told you you're nothing to him kim taehyung, yes, i know you remember everything,
. i played along thinking it would help you since you're in too much pain you wanted to forget, but what happened now?you just saw his d*ck and and you're suddenly fine with sparkly eyes?" jimin scoffed .
"just... just don't get hurt again kim taehyung, you know i love you and i'm here for you, but please don't dive into the hungry lion's den without bringing meat, you'll be eaten". jimin continued as he give tae a tight hug. "thank you chimin-ah.."
* 3 months later * tae and jungkook grew closer each day,their friendship flourished as they joined their bodies almost every night, they're almost lovers sans the label, tae thought that it would be the best time to break up with her on screen "girlfriend"
since jennie's group comeback was already a huge hit and they've made a lot of noise already,he talked to their head and informed them he'll be calling the business off. he feels a bit excited to inform guk about the break up thinking that the maknae would be happy with the news.
he drove off to the hotel's cafe where he'll be meeting with jennie to formally say goodbye, they've been friends anyway.
" so... this is it huh?" said the girl. "yeah ... i had fun babe, we'll keep in touch" tae said flashing a sweet smile. " say, wouldn't you like to continue this?" jennie said. tae tilted his head confused.
" i mean, i really enjoyed your company, we have a lot of things in common and to be honest i grew fond of you." the girl answered with glossy eyes. "i liked you too babe, but i don't think i can keep this up for real. " tae said as he held her hand.
"oh well,okay..., it was fun taehyungie, but.. call me when you change you're mind, i mean it's not like you're not allowed to date, your maknae's even dating my best friend." jennie shrugged as she tried to flash a smile.
"w-what? who's dating who?" tae said, a bit of panic can be heard in his voice. "what? don't tell me you didn't know? man that jeon jungkook's slick, he's dating joy for almost two months now!... look here's a selca joy posted on her private instagram a few hours ago."
jennie said as she showed tae the picture. tae gulped as he saw how sweet the two are, jungkook's arm is wrapped around the girl's shoulder as he sweetly kiss her cheeks.
"uhmm, babe, if you don't mind i just need to make a call." tae said as he stood up and dialed jungkook's number.
"hello, hyung?.. why?" said the maknae. "where are you guk-ah?" "on the car driving hyung, i'll be home soon, why miss me?" jungkook teased. "who are you with earlier?" tae asked trying to make his voice sound normal.
"hmm, joy my girlfriend hyung, we just hanged out a bit." the younger answered unbothered. "y-you didn't tell me you have a girlfriend guk."
"well you didn't ask hyung.. wait what's up with that you sound like a jealous girlfriend hyung" "ahh, no, i'm sorry i'm just asking, see you at home guk. " tae said.
"sure hyung, .. hmm if you're upset i can make it up to you tonig- .." tae did not let the younger finish as he dropped the call.
tae went back to the cafe as he bid jennie goodbye, giving her a tight hug, he then headed to his car and made another call. ..."chimin-ah..."
it's almost two in the morning and jungkook still cannot contact tae, he's waiting on tae's bedroom trying to call the other and kept spamming messages asking where he is.
he saw the news about tae's break up with jennie a few hours ago, the media really can't let a scoop pass, he actually felt a bit happy that he doesn't need to share taehyung even if its just for business.
a grew tired of calling and decided to lay down on tae's bed, when the door opened showing a tired looking taehyung. "tae! what took ypu so long i have been waiting for you!" said the younger.
"nothing, i just wanted to drive for a bit" said tae in a cold tone. "and you can't even answer your phone or atleast send a message?" jungkook said sounding sarcastic. "i'm sorry i didn't see it. "
"look.. if this is about joy, i didn't tell you because i thought you would know, i've been dating a lot ever since, and it's not like we're- " "so what are we jungkook?" tae said as he cut the maknae off.
"tae, i thought it's clear, i mean, i like you, yes, you're beautiful, but you know this kind of thing isn't meant to be official, our bodies match and we're having fun, it's not like you love me right?.. or do you?" jungkook said lookinng worried.
tae let out a small chuckle. " of course i don't, you're not someone i should love, and i'm not someone who's capable to love.." tae said smugly.
"g-good, now baby let's go to bed now huh, i'll make you feel good" jungkook said as he wraps his arms on tae's waist.
"not tonight guk, i'm really tired... i swear we're good it's just that i don't feel like it." said tae as he gently push jungkook away. "then we don't have to do anything, let's just cuddle, yes?" said the younger with puppy eyes.
"fine you lie down, i'll just go and wash up." said tae as he head to the bathroom. jungkook shrugged and went to tae's bed, he's also tired, he didn't even notice he already fell asleep.
tae found a jungkook soundly sleeping on his bed after he got out of the shower, he sat down and looked at the maknae, "so in the end, it's really just about my face and body huh?" he whispered to himself letting out a small smirk.
tae cannot stand sleeping beside jungkook that night so he decided to crash into another member's room, he can't sleep with joon since he snores a lot, jin is a neat freak,
hobi and chimin got two single beds so he decided to knock into yoongi's room holding a pillow in his chest hoping his hyung is awake.
" oh taehyung, what are you doing here?" said yoongi as he gestures tae to come in. "you're still awake hyung? i'm sorry,it's just that guk occupied almost my whole bed i cannot even fit myself" tae lied.
" y-you'll gonna sleep here?" yoongi asked nervously.. "if that's okay with you hyung, if not i can take the couch in the living room" said tae as he bend his head down. "of course it's okay silly, lie down now. " said yoongi
"can i cuddle with you hyung?" "huh... uh.. okay.." the older agrees since he know tae find it hard to sleep without cuddling someone. a few minutes had passed both of them just kept silent, tae's arm wrapped around yoongi's waist making the older's heart beat faster.
yoongi looked down and saw tae already sound a sleep, "if only you're not a lying piece of sh*t, this could've made me happier" yoongi thought to himself as he kiss the top of taehyung's head and decided to sleep.
jungkook woke to a cold and empty bed without taehyung, he went out to look for the older when he heard some laughter echoing in the kitchen.
"yah! hyung! i told you to make my pancake bigger! this is so small!" tae whined. "shut up kid, every pancake should be of the same size!" yoongi said as he ruffled tae's hair. everyone's gathered in the kitchen having breakfast.
" taehyung hyung, where did you sleep last night? i woke up and you're not beside me." said jungkook scratching the back of his head. "how can i sleep when you literally hogged the whole bed i can't even sit!" said tae
"then you could've just tapped me to wake me up." everyone is just watchingbthe exchange between the two. "naah, that's a hassle, yoongi hyung's bed is cozier anyway " said tae as he turned and gave yoongi a playful wink.
"y-you slept with yoongi hyung?" jungkook said unamused. "yeah what about it guk-ah?" yoongi said. "nothing hyung, i just thought you don't like sharing the bed." said the younger.
"cough** come here guk-ah,join us for breakfast" it's jin as he slide a chair fron the table so their maknae could sit.
days went by and the two were quite normal, they're all over each other at daytime, but they're no longer sleep together, jungkook felt the difference but he just thought that tae's just being bitter about him having a girlfriend.
the group's now at the airport for their album tour, they'll be out of the country for months touring around the globe, "tae, sit with me?" jungkook asked.
" sorry guk-ah i'll be sitting with jin hyung, he has a new game he likes to show me" said tae apologetically . "o-okay..".
they arrived in LA their first destination for the tour , they're currently checking in when jungkook came to tae , "hyung, room with me please?" jungkook whispered sounding a bit desperate.
"sure guk-ah" tae answered as he flashed a smile, jungkook felt relived and confused at the same time,he thought tae's purposely avoiding him, he just took his shot expecting to be turned down, but he really cannot read what's going on inside taehyung's mind.
they settled in their rooms, everyone got their own rooms except tae and jungkook, the two arrived and started to unpack, "i thought you're avoiding me hyung." he asked.
"naah, i'm just a bit out of it for a few days, i'm not avoiding you silly." tae answered and went to ruffle jungkook's hair.
jungkook grabbed tae's wrist gently and nuzzle it on his cheeks, "don't ignore me again hyung." he said softly "i'm not ignoring you guk" tae let out a small chuckle.
jungkook felt something different, it feels like the old oblivious tae is back, gone is the flustered taehyung, it feels like he's touching him but the warmth is gone. he's bothered by it to be honest so he leaned in and nuzzle on the older's neck, testing the waters.
tae leaned his head back to give the younger access, jungkook continued to plant small wet kisses to his neck going up to his jaw before claiming his lips.
it's not a peck, they kissed intertwining their tongues, enjoying the heat of their mouth, jungkook opened his eyes still not breaking the kiss as he saw taehyung looking straight at him, his eyes seems dead, no emotion no sparkle, it's like kissing a damn robot.
jungkook pulled away, "cough** let's go down now for dinner hyung." the younger said awkwardly. "okay." tae shrugged as he went ahead leaving jungkook behind.
jungkook swore he felt his blood boil a little upon seeing tae act that way, he sighed and followed him to the hotel's dining hall for dinner, he found tae sitting already munching down to some lobsters as he saw yoongi leaning down to face taehyung.
"taehyung-ah, you seem tired, didn't you sleep on flight?" said yoongi as he massages the exposed corner of tae's neck and shoulder. jungkook bit his lip on sight.
"hmm..i played a lot with jin hyung, but i'm okay now hyung." said tae as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back as if to feel yoongi's massage more. the maknae swore he saw yoongi glanced at him while touching tae.
that only made the maknae be pissed more. he grabbed a plate and went straight to the buffet table and joined the rest after, not saying a single word. he feels like the sight earlier was intimate, a little bit sensual and he can't take ot off his head.
the younger decided to take a quick walk outside after dinner before going back to their room,he found taehyung fiddling on his fone while smiling, "what are you doing hyung?" asked jungkook as he enter the room.
"nothing just checking playing the game jin hyung taught me" , he said still focused on his fone. jungkook snapped,took the phone from tae and hover over the older.
"yah! jungkook-ah! i'm not done playing!" tae said sounding a bit pissed,jungkook clicked his tongue and said. "so you're choosing that stupid game over me?" .
tae shrugged, " what's wrong guk-ah? you're acting like a jealous girlfriend now, its weird" said tae .
"so i'm right? this is about joy, you're acting all bitchy because i have a girlfriend? why don't you get one as well so it'll be fair?!" jungkook raised his voice a bit sounding frustrated.
tae smirked as he grabbed guk's collar and pecked his lips, "you're so cute jungkookie.." tae said as he pressed their lips together making it deep this time, jungkook's still pissed but he found himself kissing back, grabbing taehyung's hair harshly
he kissed him back hungrily, biting the older's lower lip as he hears tae's soft moan in between their kisses, they joined their bodies in bed again.. but unlike the nights before the sex seemed like a punishment, it feels cold, just being fueled with empty lust
each moan and whimpers sounds like a curse, each move felt a bit painful, tae's body's now filled with purple bruises, jungkook sighed as he looked at the sleeping taehyung beside him,
the beautiful face looked ethereal under the moonlight that shines through the window of their hotel room, his caramel skin's moist with a bit of sweat, decorated with the marks he made, taehyung's here beside him but for the younger it's still not enough.
"why are you so good in riling me up kim taehyung?" he whispered as he brushed the strands of hair away from taehyung's face. he then showered and went down to the hotel lobby, he'll be asking for another room.
he knows he can't keep his sanity sharing a room with taehyung at night while being pissed at him all morning, he left a note to tae saying he'll be staying at another room before he packed his bags and left.
as jungkook left the room, taehyung opened his eyes and grabbed the note the younger left. "aigoo... jungkook-ah, you never change... you always run away ... " he whispered as he hug himself to sleep.
the tour in LA was a huge success, the boys are having fun and their fans loved and cheered for them .
time skip* after months of flying from country to country the boys are now down to their last tour in thailand, tae and jungkook acted civil for the sake of their performance, but after that night in LA they never slept together again.
the members remained oblivious of the two, except for yoongi who occasionally flirts with taehyung from time to time, tae on the other hand became so touchy with the all the other members except jungkook.
during their performance in thailand the group is singing one of their songs "so what", and tae decided to sing his part with jin a little bit more flirty than usual..
jungkook saw the scene and was not having it at all, he tolerated the subtle fan service and not so subtle ones but tae pressing his forehead on their hyung's neck as if really trying to actually kiss
made the youngest so pissed he clenched his jaw and glared at the two, but of course, he being the great actor that he is hid it perfectly. "you're so dead kim taehyung..." he whispered to himself.
actually he had been noticing tae and jin's clinginess to each other during this song all through out their tour, he tried to interrupt them sometimes,most of the time he ignores it, but today is the last straw.
author's note: *typo during taejin part* tae's pressing his forehead against jin's ... its not supposed to be neck* lol i'm sorry i'm a bit sleepy while typing this . will continue later. ****
" yah! kim taehyung! the fans went wild because of the fanservice!" said jin after the concert as he raised his had for a high five. "of course hyung! anything for them!" said tae flashing his famous boxy smile.
jungkook gritted his teeth in the corner upon hearing the exchange of the two, he felt a bit off when yoongi all of a sudden sat down beside him. "what again hyung? you always pop out of no where exactly when i'm feeling like shit" he whispered sternly.
"what's wrong with me taking the only available seat in this room kid?" yoongi scoffed. "i saw you shamelessly touching him hyung, and i know you know that i'm looking." the younger said.
"collect him before he ruins another life." said yoongi before atanding up and walking away. "collect him you say... but he's not mine to begin with" whispered the younger.
after the show they slept for about 3 hours before their flight back to seoul. jungkook was frustrated the entire flight thinking about taehyung and how the other didn't say a word to him for months during their tour after what happened in LA.
how tae treats him like someone he could just throw away after using, his selfish thoughts ate him without knowing that his own actions are toxic as well.
the boys arrived in their dorm the next day, they have a month off for them to rest after the tour so they all went to their rooms and and slept that day,
around eleven in the evening jungkook cannot contain his thoughts anymore he went and barged inside tae's room to confront the older.
"guk-ah what are you doing here?" tae said. "you... you slept with me, let yoongi touch you and now you're shamelessly flirting with seok-jin, aren't you being too much of a slut lately?" the younger said in a cold voice.
" w-what did you say? yah! jeon jungkook! you're the one who left me with a petty note that night, you're the one who kept on avoiding me, you're the one who ran away because you're too scared to admit what you want!" tae said raising his voice.
"what i want? what the f*ck do you know about what i want kim taehyung?" the younger said as he grabbed tae collar.
" you want everything jeon, you want everything without losing anything, you're a selfish prick who keeps on taking without willingly giving anything back... you're a parasite. you. make. me. sick .." said looking straight in jungkook's eyes.
the younger clenched his jaw before landing a punch on taehyung's face, tae fell on the floor stunned about what just happened. jungkook was as stunned as him when he saw tae's busted lip and teary eyes.
"b-baby i'm sorry, i'm so sorry.." he said as he tried to cup taehyung's cheeks .. "don't f*cking touch me! ... get out!" tae screamed between sobs. jungkook sighed, he knows what he did was too much
he knows his fixation over taehyung is eating his sanity already, he now knows how messed up he is seeing tae crying like this. "if you're not gonna get out, i'll leave here myself!" said tae as he stood up,grabbed his keys and went out.
jungkook did not follow, he just stood there for a few minutes before heading out the door. "you're really messed up jungkook" said jimin standing outside tae's bedroom "hyung.." the younger said.
"you maybe some special kind of stupid for thinking no one would hear you after all that screaming and chaos" the older said.
"i didn't mean to hyung, it's jus- .." "you might want to reflect on your actions, you kept on hurting him over and over again and it sucks that you're so full of yourself to even admit your mistakes" said jimin.
"hyung.. i.." "he might not comeback any time soon, and i guess that's for the better, you don't fucking deserve kim taehyung." jimin said coldly before walking away.
"i-its not my fault..." jungkook whispered to himself, still trying to dodge the fact that he's already aware of what he was doing, still trying to run away...
jungkook decided that he needs to clear his head, he drove to the usual bar their group go often and ordered a drink, he downed a few glasses when he felt a tap on his shoulder.
"jeon jungkook?" said the man, guk squinted his eyes to see better, ahh it's eunwoo, he nodded to acknowledge the other's presence.
"you alone man? is tae with you?" said eunwoo. jungkook flinched as he heard taehyung's name, " no. why do you like him or something?" jungkook said smugly.
"woah... well yes i like him, we made out quite a few times before but i just can't woo the man.." eunwoo answered a bit taken aback by guk's blunt question but he's tipsy so he decided to be honest.
"w-what? you what?" jungkook said throwing the other a questionable look. "aah.. yes i'm gay, V on the other hand i think is bi or to be exact he's just V, he often tells me that not even gender could put a label on him" eunwoo said letting out a small chuckle.
the maknae remained silent, still baffled about what he heard, not only about tae and this eunwoo guy but also about the fact that tae openly said that he doesn't care about gender norms.
"w-when did you started hooking up?" he asked hesitantly. " first no we did not hook up, i tried but failed we just made out a few times, second well the last time was before your tour" eunwoo answered slurring a bit.
"he kept telling me i'm cute and all that shit but not as cute as their maknae, ugh that guy, if i haven't known that you're straight i would probably get jealous of you ,y'know?" eunwoo continued.
"yah! cha eunwoo!" yelled another guy at the corner table of the bar. "bummer, that's my label mate there, need to go man, say hi to V for me" eunwoo said before walking away.
his thoughts seems to wear out the alcohol in his system as he starts to remeber things from the past... the past before his desires and possessiveness got the best of him.
"guk-ah, i don't know how to cook but i made you some ramen, i hope it'll help you get better.." "gukkie, change your clothes you might catch a cold."
"i now dubbed you as the golden maknae! jeon jungkook you're awsome!" "jungkook has the best voice in korea as far as i'm concerned."
tears starts to stream down on jungkook's face as he remembered how taehyung took care of him, how he supported and lifted up the young shy boy from busan to a confident man that is now loved by everyone.
he remembered tae's boxy smiles, the warm hugs the late night conversations that they've shared sans the lustful nights when he let the monster inside of him take over.
he realized that the reason why he has done the things he did , why he became so possessive of tae, he realized that he was scared to be labeled as gay, he was terrified by being judged,
by losing everything he has worked hard for, not realizing that he got everything he have right now with the help of his hyungs and taehyung, his dear taehyung ...
he realized the one thing he kept on running from.. he realized that yes he really is undeniably crazy in love with kim taehyung.
jungkook: "taehyung-ah where are you?" jungkook: "please answer your phone tae. " jungkook:"i'm so sorry i hit you, i'm so sorry for everything, please come back tae. " jungkook: "please .. i'm sorry.."
jungkook 's hands are shaking as he kept on sending messages to taehyung, he tried calling him a number of times, the phone is active but tae never answered. it's been hours since he got home but there's still no news from taehyung
the other members are panicking as well since jungkook told them they had a fight,he didn't have the courage to tell the whole story to them but the members knew it was serious.
jimin has been trying to call taehyung as well, but tae still didn't pick up, yoongi dragged jungkook to a corner to confront the younger.
"why'd you have to hit him? i told you i'm entertaining myself watching your drama but this is too much! everybody knows taehyung's face! he even have a number of death threats circling around! just why!" yoongi whispered yet anger is evident on his voice.
jungkook did not answer. he just sobbed and let his head fall on yoongi's shoulder. "hyung this is so messed up."... the younger said as he cried.
taehyung felt the cold breeze touch his skin, he kept on hearing the beeping sound of his phone on his pocket but he chose not to mind it, he parked his car along hanggang bridge, it's a cold night .
"yah... kim taehyung it's hard right? it hurts too much right? why do you always mess things up?" he whispered to himself as he open his arms welcoming the wind pass against his body facing the river below.
memories from the past came crushing down on him. "mom,who's gonna watch taetae's performace" his little sister asks
"hunny, a lot will watch your hyung, everybody loves him, so mom will just go shopping with you okay?" said their mom
"taehyung oppa, please go out with me." said a girl from his highschool. "why?" "because you're popular and handsome and cool. "
"you think you're all that? i just went out with you because of your face! i've had enough of your weird personality!"
"everybody knows taehyung will get the role, he always got it easy because of his face. " "sorry tae i guess i gave you the wrong address."
"you snake! you talentless piece of shit! i asked you to come with me to this audition for support but you just got to have the limelight for yourself huh tae? only because of your looks, soon everybody will know how useless you are! goodluck on being a idol."
" who are you again?" every memory made taehyung cry harder, he bit his lips trying to supress an ugly sob, he remembered how his family thought he already got the support he needs,
how girls kept asking him out because they thought he's handsome but break up with him after once they've already enjoyed the clout.
how he brought a gift for a classmate's birthday only to be given a wrong address and make fun of him. how his classmates whispers behind his back when he gets a role on a play.
how his bestfriend at that time hated him and cursed him when he got accepted as trainee, how pd-nim always forgets his name even after training in the company for months-even after debut.
then he remembered jungkook.. the young and innocent jungkook. "hyung, you worked so hard.." "why are you still up hyung it's cold." "you're voice is really cool hyung." "don't mind pd-nim hyung, soon everyone will remeber your name!"
he remembered how their shy maknae started opening up to him, the first sweet smile he recieved from him,the first hug.. the first kiss..
how jungkook ran off crying after kissing him thinking that he's asleep only to come back later to kiss his forehead and whisper "sorry". how every "secret" kiss at night makes him want to throw himself at the younger.
how scared he was to ask jungkook about it because he's afraid to acknowledge what they have since they're both so young that time. how he cried when jungkook started to avoid him.
how painful it was when jungkook started having girlfriends here and there, how his defenses crumble the moment their lips touched again, the bliss that he felt the first time they joined their bodies together.
how he wanted to kill himself hearing that he's nothing to him... everything's just too much. he grabbed the shitty phone that kept on ringing on his pocket and threw it on the river below not even bothering to check who's calling.
"tae.. what are you doing out here?" he wiped his tears and turned around to see who the voice belongs to. "baekhyun hyung..." he called out and started crying again.
baekhyun closed the door of his car and quickly ran to taehyung,wrappingbhis arms around the boy who's now a sobbing mess
"i don't know what happened but i just saw you standing here i had to get down, come with me now, tell hyung everything." baekhyun said softly as he guided taehyung to his car.
*a month later* jungkook got out of his car beingbwelcomed by the red carpet and flashing cameras, their group will be celebrating the success of their world tour which just ended a month ago.
after their break most of the members went home to spend time with their families, the maknae on the other hand only spent about a week in busan only to go back on their dorm hoping to hear anything from taehyung.
for the past month the members search frantically for tae but heard no response, the management asked help from the police privately making sure that no news of tae's disappearance will leak to the media
yet nobody heard anything, jungkook was restless and he kept on having panic attacks blaming himself for what happened, to be honest he really doesn't feel like going to this celebration since what's there to celebrate? one of their member's missing
he was guided to the grand hall where the members their managers and some invited celebrities are gathering for drinks and good music,
"guk-ah , hang in there.." said hobi as he gentky tapped jungkook's shoulder, "hyung is there any news yet?" he turned to jimin. the older just shrugged and kept his focus on stage.
some attendants are setting up the piano and sound system when the mc stood in front. "ladies and gentlemen, bighit is so proud to welcome you all, in celebration of our boys BTS 's successful world tour one of the members will be the one incharge of the opening performance. "
jungkook looked at his hyungs to see who will be performing on stage but none of them seem to know who's who either. "please enjoy the show and have a good night. let's all welcome our dear kim taehyung!" the mc continues.
the member's eyes grew wide at the sight of taehyung going up the stage, his hair is now a bit longer and the bright blonde hair is now toned down to platinum blonde almost white, his suit fits perfectly on his body, his face is perfect as always it made the everyone speechless.
jungkook's gaze is fixed at the boy he's been looking for, for the past month, the reason of his sleepless nights, the one he feared he'd never see walking majestically right infront of his eyes.
tae glanced at the members and bowed apologetically as he sat on the grand piano placed at the middle of the stage, he leaned to fix the mic not even bothering to give a short speech, soon the room is filled with beautiful notes ...
< * play : YOU DON'T KNOW ME by Jann Arden from the movie my bestfriend's wedding*> **You give your hand to me And then you say hello And I can hardly speak My heart is beating so**
jungkook felt a tug on his heart as he hears taehyung's deep voice, he also felt it completely stop when taehyung locked his gaze on him while singing.
**And anyone can tell You think you know me well Well, you don't know me**
all of him is now staring back at the boy playing the piano,he gulps at every note at every sound at every deep breath.
**No, you don't know the one Who dreams of you at night And longs to kiss your lips And longs to hold you tight**
"we're nothing're nothing to me kim taehyung" "aren't you being such a slut?" he curled his hands to a fist remembering all the hurtful words he said,feeling the slight pain in his knuckles when he hit taehyung's face
**Oh, I'm just a friend That's all I've ever been 'Cause you don't know me**
the pain in taehyung's eyes when he looked back at him with a busted lip and eyes on the verge of tears after he hit him, then he remembered the night he realized how evil he became and how much of a coward he is for running away
he's a damn coward for denying his feelings and hurting tae beyond repair only because he's scared of what people will think and say about him once they knew that he's inlove with another man.
**You'll never know The one who loves you so Well, you don't know me**
he felt like shedding tears right now but he's parched, the tears just won't come out, his emotions are all over the place, all he want to do is wrap tae in his arms and to thank him for coming back
he's about to run on the stage to welcome tae, when he saw a man guiding tae's waist and plated a soft kiss on tae's cheek as the he went down the stage ... ahh Byun Baekhyun.. ..shit.
author's note : i really apolgize for the typo's in this update, my eyes are heavy but i really want to post this tonight. btw i actually started this au thinking about Jann arden's you don't know me, so it made me happy that i was able to atleast add a bit of the
beautiful song here in the story.. i might not post an update tomorrow since our family's having a trip to okinawa , i'd still try tho, no promises, thank you so much for reading this it makes my heart really happy
"yah! Kim Taehyung!" hobi yelled as the others ran to taehyung leaving the maknae frozen on the spot.
"i would really like to hit your right now but there's a lot of people and cameras around,do you know how worried we are?" said jin on the verge of tears "I'm so sorry hyung..I'm so sorry everyone. " tae said as he bowed slightly.
while jimin wasn't able to hold it back he sobbed as he hugged taehyung tightly. jungkook watched the scene like he's watching an emotional reunion which doesn't include him.
"uhmm. baekhyun hyung you're with tae?" asked jimin when he's finally done being a sobbing mess,
"i was just supposed to drive him here but he insists that i join him for emotional support, our taehyung-ssi here can sometimes be a baby you know?" said baekhyun playfully to lighten up the mood.
jungkook gulps before he decided to walk and join the scene. "V hyung.. welcome back." he said softly.
"so what did i miss when I was gone?" said taehyung with a smile ignoring him and looking at namjoon instead.
"we'll talk later taehyung-ah, i still haven't forgiven you, but yeah. welcome back." joon said in a serious tone before letting out a relieved smile at the end.
the maknae felt suffocated at the moment, baekhyun's all over tae, the member's are all over tae, he knows he has absolutely no rights to be selfish let alone be jealous,
but he can't deny the fact that he's craving for taehyung. the boy's existence is something he's been longing for, for the past month.
a lot of questions are flooding his head, he's well aware that tae most likely hates him right now,
he's not sure why all of a sudden there's a baekhyun in the picture, he wanted to know where did tae went, what did he while he's away, why didn't he contact anyone, can they atleast talk?..
he feels like throwing up but he knows he needs to suck it up instead, he has no rights and he have to have a different approach since well the big difference is now he knows he's in love,
yeah, nothing major just accepting the fact that he's probably gay and in love with his hyung who he grew up with. *f*ck he cursed in his thoughts as he continued to follow the others like a lost mute kid.
"as much as i would like to stay longer, i have to go, need to chase my flight at 2am and i haven't even packed yet!" baekhyun said after more than an hour of sticking with taehyung like a guard dog well atleast on jungkook's perspective.
the others nodded and bid baek their goodbyes, "hyung, i'll walk you to your car." said tae as him and baek went their way to the exit.
"are you sure you'll be fine tae?" .. "i'm good hyung, thank you for everything" baek leaned in and gave taehyung a hug, tae waved his goodbye as baek's car drove away from the venue.
he felt a chill on his spine as he heard a desperate voice while grabbing his arm lightly. "tae .. let's talk please." jungkook said softly. "we have nothing to talk about guk." "please.." "ugh..fine."tae said sounding a bit annoyed.
they walked until they reached the empty hotel garden, the sound from the hall can be heard barely, but still the silence seems deafening. "hyung, where were you? we've been worried sick about you. " said guk.
"i contacted pd-nim,jimin and yoongi hyung a week after i go, i told them not to tell anyone and i still don't feel like telling anyone especially you guk." ..
jungkook clenched his jaw upon hearing this, he understood why pd-nim hid it respecting tae's decision, but all this time yoongi and jimin knew where tae was but still kept their silence? they knew how worried everyone was- .. how worried he was.
"tae, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said the things i said, i shouldn't have done the things i did, i know better now tae, please forgive me." jungkook pleads.
"there's nothing to forgive guk, it's nothing... you also said it before, we're nothing." tae said coldly avoiding jungkook's desperate gaze.
"taehyung please.. just look at me please." jungkook's about to touch taehyung's face to make him look - "taehyung, jeon jungkook.. pd-nim's asking us to perform atleast one song inside" said jimin as he called off the two.
"hyung please, we're just talking." guk said looking at jimin. "let's go chim." tae said as he break free from jungkook's grasp and walked towards jimin. jimin just glanced back at jungkook looking defeated.
the boys performed one of their song mikrokosmos infront of everyone, it's an on the spot performance but they've pulled it off, they're professionals anyway, they also gave they're thank you speech telling everyone to enjoy the night.
it's passed midnight and everyone got busy drinking, taehyung stood up and walked towards the grand piano, he's. a bit tipsy but he feels like singing so who cares about a little kick of alcohol?. he sat down and ticked the keys..
*<play taehyung's cover of adele's someone like you>* "I heard that you're settled down That you found a girl and you're married now. I heard that your dreams came true. Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you."
jimin looked at tae and glanced back at jungkook who's drinking wine beside hobi. he felt chills as some memories flashed back.
*** series of flashbacks below ***
"tae?! what's wrong why are you crying?!" jimin said the first time he saw tae cry inside the bathroom of their old dorm
"why.. why am I so worthless chim? i work so hard, i always give it my all but i still recieve hate, even pd-nim can't remember my name, why am i even doing here?" tae said in between sobs.
... "chim.. jungkook kissed me.well he kissed me on my sleep, i don't know but i felt so happy" tae said happily as he munch on his greasy burger.
"w-what? tae aren't you freaked out? i mean, i'm not homophobic but you and jungkook?" he said in disbelief.
"i kinda like him chim..guk was the first one who recognized my hard work, he looked passed my face and tried to get to know me, like really get to know me despite him being so shy. well until you came chim." tae said as he flashed his boxy smile.
"w-wait.. do you even like b-boys? i mean, i'd still love you and accept you but be honest with me tae."
"i don't know chim..sure i haven't dated any guys before but it's not like i'm against the idea of it, you know everyone already put ther labels on me, atleast i shouldn't put any on myself, gay or not i'm me,and we like who we like,love who we love." tae shrugged.
... "tae! this is getting out of hand! he gave you a hickey! that's not a f*cking mosquito bite!" jimin hissed he fiest time he saw a love bite on tae's neck.
"sshhh!! i- ..i allowed this chim, he asked me how does it feels to kiss and i told him we could try, we got a bit heated and carried away but atleast i'm "awake" this time so there's progress.
"tae, jungkook is the youngest among any of us, he might just be confused, he might be just curious, it may not end the way you want it to.." jimin said.
"i can feel it chim! i know he likes me, i can feel it in the way he kisses me everynight! i felt it even stronger last night. we ..- he's just shy to admit it and i have all the time in the world to wait, it's just like a waiting game." tae answered oddly sounding cheerful.
... "chim.. he... he has a girlfriend... he's dating rose chim.. i- i thought..." tae wasn't able to finish since his own sobs caught his tongue as jimin hugged him tight. the first time they heard their maknae's first dating scandal 3 years ago.
... "chim.. do you know that there's an old tale saying that the moon is the lover of the sun, they probably committed a grave sin that they've been punished to never meet again,
but an angel took pity on them and allowed them to meet once in while, thus we have the eclipse. maybe all of this is a mistake chim, maybe i'm the sun and jungkook is my moon,
maybe we've sinned that's why we're being punished..after death i wish they send me to the sun and guk to the moon so atleast once in a while we could meet and be allowed to love." tae said one night in the cold park.
... "t-tae... oh my god..." jimin covered his mouth due to shock as he sees a bloody taehyung clothed but drenched in the shower holding a bloody knife on his hand and his phone in the other.
"i know you'll come chim.. you always come to save me... " tae said sounding almost lifeless. jimin rushed in, turned off the shower and hugged taehyung tightly.
"i-i'll call an ambulance tae, hmm..stay with me... its gonna be okay, hang in there, i'm here... it's gonna be okay... it's gonna be okay.."
"d-don't chim, i'd rather not look pathetic in the news tomorrow.. h-he told m-me .. he told me that w-we're nothing... that i'm n-n-nothing.. chim i tried.. but it just hurts so much..." tae said stuttering at every word yet he seemed to be too tired to sob more.
... "kim taehyung! haven't you learned your lesson? didn't he hurt you enough for you to realize how much of an assh*le he is?! guk's our maknae and i love him as a brother but i know everything tae and you don't deserve this!"
"chim.. just one chance .. we .. we might make it work, just let me handle this okay?i'll be careful .." tae said reassuring jimin with a smile.
**present** "Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."
jimin felt a tear falling on his cheeks as he listens to taehyung singing, he doesn't want to hate jungkook but tae had suffered too much, he's already broken before guk happened but now he thinks tae's way beyond repair.
taehyung's deep voice enveloped the hall, he played the last keys to the song and stood up, the audience were too amazed to clap, but they all did once they woke up from their trance.
... "hyung, are you boarding now?... yeah, i'm good, send me a message once you arrive, say hi to the other hyungs for me.. yes.. thank you. " joongkook clenched his jaw as he heard tae, he's probably on his phone with baekhyun.
taehyung's currently standing in their flat's balcony, the party's over, the other members are probably asleep on their own rooms, it just felt home yet foreign to be back.
"hyung..." taehyung doesn't need to turn around to see who the voice belongs to. "guk-ah.. please i'm tired..." he said.
"i know i'm a messed up piece of sh*t, i know i've been the biggest as*h*le to you, i know i've caused you pain, but please tae.. please atleast talk to me." jungkook pleads.
"you've done enough damage guk, and the silly part is i allowed you to cause such damage, i was blinded by the memory of you.. the sweet and innocent you, the you who've told me the things i needed to hear when i was at my lowest before,
the you who unknowingly showed me what first love is about, the you who appreciated my existence past this what they called "just a pretty face", i was so blinded and naive i failed to realize that people do change...
that yes it's you, you've lifted me up so high... so high to let me fall down with a far greater impact, through the years i was seeking my value from you, it's like kim taehyung's existence is attached to what you made of me, to what you're making me feel...
everytime you praise me, you notice me, you touch me,you kiss me..that's when i feel valued and loved, when you forgot about me and messed around with different women i felt like an empty shell, when you told me i'm nothing to you...
i died guk... maybe not physically but it felt like "ahh.. so this is what dying feels like..." i treated this push and pull relationship as a game thinking that maybe you'll come around, maybe you wouldn't be disgusted by the idea of acknowledging what i am to you.
maybe soon i'll get to hear you say i love you... but not anymore guk... i don't know me anymore, i want to know myself and love myself now, it's hard because i'm someone who craves for love and appreciation since i was young,
but now i want to love me... all the broken parts of me without seeking your validation, without seeking the others validation." tae said as he sniffs to fight off the tears from falling.
jungkook kept his head down as he listened to taehyung, they've lived together for so long, he thought they're already the closest yet this is the first time he heard tae like this,
this is the first time taehyung revealed his voice, his real voice... his soul... and he can't find the words to answer taehyung back, he wanted to push his way in but now he can't, the walls are too high for him...
it feels like he's meeting taehyung for the first time... tears are falling from jungkook's eyes, he doesn't even know what he's doing but without saying anything he hugged taehyung from behind..
he held him so tight hoping to atleast make him feel his heart... with their bodies pressed together he sensed a certain familiarity... taehyung's warmth hasn't changed, he still smells like strawberries, he's still too soft to touch...
jungkook cried harder, he then turned tae around to make make him face him, he then pressed their foreheads together, tae kept his eyes closed, his long thick lashes are glistening with the tears he's holding back.
jungkook can't say anything, he knows after this he needs to back down, he needs to respect tae, he needs to suppress his own self to let tae be... he knows how much damage he caused and as much as it hurts, he knows tae won't let him help repair any of it.
jungkook's lips are trembling as it leans in close to taehyung's, he pressed their lips together, not making a move, it feels like a painful goodbye, both their tears are now freely falling... they stayed like that for a few long seconds...
the next thing jungkook know, he's now lying in his own bed ... in his own dark room... alone... crying his heart out.. "i'll wait for you tae...hah..still i forgot to tell you i love you..." he whispered... sadly taehyung cannot hear him this time.
"so you really do love him huh tae?" .. "hyung... i ...did you hear everything?" yoongi shrugged, "you know i'm actually baffled right now, realizing that you're capable of loving."
"what are you saying hyung, what do you mean?" tae said still puzzled by yoongi's presence just a few moments after guk walked away.
"i loved you before kim taehyung... maybe right now i still do, it was covered with a bit of hate but i still do." yoongi looked down.
"it was back then when we're still trainees, you became my sun, then you left for your moon and left me in absolute darkness,.. yes.. i know that little thing going on about you and guk
though it took years for me to actually see it with my own eyes, that night maybe three years ago, i saw him kissing you, and i saw you pretending to be unconscious.
maybe that was the time the pain turned to hate, because i thought you liked playing with somebody else's feelings, i hated you and i wanted to spite you but i never completely could.
it's a good thing though, atleast i wouldn't have too much to regret now that i've heard you and your own pain... i don't expect you to return my feelings because i know you may never could, but just so you know... i-..
i'm here... " yoongi looked up and gave tae a sweet smile, a smile that nobody could ever make him do, a smile only for tae, he then opened up his arms welcoming a sobbing taehyung in a tight hug.
that night three souls cried. .... the group worked so hard on their music. after their break they were sought from country to country and their popularity grew so high, tae and jungkook strived to atleast be civil towards each other,
so far only yoongi and jimin knows their story yet they have a feeling that the other members have a hunch already, song covers about heart aches and break ups were released by the two,they interact far less on screen and off screen as well.
this went on for about a year.. now taehyung is 23, focusing solely on self healing, he's into photography and art now, jungkook on the other hand is now 21 he kept his focus on music and performance, his dating scandals died down as well.
they both seem to do good yet they both know that somehow they still failed to move on from each other.
"hyung .. do you think i'm better now?"tae asks. "am i you taehyung-ah? let me ask you instead, are you better now?" yoongi scoffed ,they are sitting on the swings in the park located near their old dorm
after they talked last year the park served as their go to place each time they both need a place to think and breathe, yoongi stood at tae's side ever since.
" i don't know hyung.. i mean it doesn't hurt as much now. " "do you still love him?" yoongi asked. "yes." "then do something you silly kid, it's gonna be different from before... you got me now and jimin also, we'll support you." yoongi said as he ruffled tae's hair.
"isn't it ironic hyung? a year ago i pushed him away, i selfishly decided to end whatever the shit we have.and now here i am thinking about all the possibilities."
"naah, it's okay to be selfish, you're both selfish that time as well, it was toxic from the start, you seeking your value through him, him being all possessive towards you yet being a coward to actually admit that he likes you-
it's doomed from the get go, maybe things will work out differently now, guk seemed to change as well, he haven't even dated anyone since last year." said yoongi.
"you seem to be okay pushing me to guk now, have you already moved on from me hyung?" tae said cheekily. "don't sweat it kid,i've been through worse and it's not like you're irreplaceable anyway." yoongi said smugly.
"yah! hyung that's mean!" they both laughed so hard after that tae even fell from the swing..
.... "there's nothing like us.. there's nothing like you and- ... " "nice song there jk. ", jungkook froze when he heard the voice, he's in his room now recording a song cover,when he heard tae's voice.
"h-hyung what-" he paused when he saw tae walking toward him... "i'm so not good at this jungkookie.." tae said as he bent down to reach jungkook who's currently sitting on a swivel chair and planted a soft kiss on his lips.
"just dropping by to say that no... after all this time we're still so not moving on..." tae smirked as he walked out of jk's room leeving a frozen and shocked jungkook behind.
jungkook forgot what sleep was that night, he's so dumb founded he didn't know what to make of what just happened, it's now 9am and he's still high, touching his lips thinking if it was real or did he just lost it?.
he finally found the urge to get up and go straight to the kitchen hoping not to meet taehyung there, he's still not ready to face the boy after last night's sudden plot twist.
but of course taehyung's in the kitchen casually sipping his hot chocolate beside yoongi and jimin, jin's making breakfast joon and hobi's making coffee, nothing weird just the members on a usual morning
except the fact that he tasted those damn strawberry lips the night before,he haven't slept a wink, and he's still f*cking confused whether he'll be happy or he'll be scared it moved too fast... but wait a year isn't too fast-
still it was out of the blue... hah like taehyung gorgeous blue locks currently basking in the morning sun reflected on their glass window... "wahh. i might be crazy..." he muttered.
"what's that jungkookie? goodmorning?" hobi shrugged letting out a small chuckle, guk did not realizes he kinda voiced out his thoughts there.
"hmm, guk-ah, sit now have breakfast with us i made you toast." said tae as he stood up on his seat at the end of the table between yoongi and jimin.
speaking of the two, yoongi and jimin's eyes widen at taehyung remark, chim almost spit out his coffee, "t-taehyungie?" chim whispered as if everyone cannot hear him anyway.
tae just shrugged. "c'm here now guk-ah.... ahmm...hello?? earth to jungkookie???" tae playfully said as he snapped his fingers calling the younger 's attention.
jungkook snapped out of his trance and almost zombie like walked to the seat taehyung was previously sitting on a while ago. he felt tae's warm hands on his shoulder as well as the piercing gaze of yoongi on his left and jimin's on his right
he also felt the curious look the other members are throwing at them... he almost forgot to breathe when tae leaned in to grab the plate of toast infront of him "i added some extra peaches there,i know you like your toast that way" said tae a little too close on his ear.
"cough* peaches...cough...cough..*" yoongi scoffed jimin failed to hold it as he finally spit out his coffee straight to yoongi's face. "aishh! yah! park jimin!" said yoongi as he wipe his face.
jin dropped the spatula he's holding hobi and joon's jaws dropped low and jungkook swore he doesn't even know if he's still breathing... yeah the effect of kim taehyung whenever he takes action.
the breakfast was as awkward as it could get, jin served burnt eggs after burned eggs to each of them, he probably got busy observing tae and jungkook and the hilarious banters between yoongi and jimin
hobi ate burnt eggs after burnt eggs since he's too surprised to even look at what was served on his plate, joon didn't even touch his breakfast...
all of a sudden they all felt a sense of normality, after a year of silent treatment and awkward moments they all felt what they were like before not like this situation is any less awkward but
this is what they are, before all the chaos a year ago, a touchy taehyung, noisy meals, unmasked laughter... funny because it just took a small interaction of tae and jungkook for them to feel like they've found the missing piece.
"uhmm* guys it's almost near our comeback, i'm planning of dying my hair again, what would be better, blonde or pink?" tae said as he broke the silence.
"both..." all the members unanimously said it's almost comical ,keeping their eyes to tae, they're still not used to him being this touchy to guk and being this lively since last year.
"hmmm, mmkaaay? i'll do half and half instead" tae chuckled. "love is half and half..." jungkook whispered in trance as he looked up to tae' still leaning on his shoulders.
"*cough...cough...cough..." "yah! park jimin! stop drinking that damn coffee if you'll just gonna spit it out on my face!!" yoongi said as he angrily wipe his face.
"are you really gonna do this kim taehyung?, we're all doing fine aren't we? why go for jungkook again?" jimin said worriedly, him,yoongi and tae are now in their band's exclusive salon to have tae's hair dyed.
"i... i just want to know if we really don't have any chance, i realized that i just kept on waiting for guk's action before and i'm not really making any move myself -
then i blamed him for being a coward wherein i also failed in expressing myself since i'm also scared... scared to lose him atleast. "
jimin just sighed in defeat, he knows that nobody can stop tae once he put his mind into it. "so what's your plan?" jimin asks "guk's personality is practically of a kids,just make him jealous" yoongi scoffed and jimin rolled his eyes.
"with whom hyung? you?" said tae raising his brows to yoongi "as much as i would love to take part on this little game taehyung-ssi, i would like to exclude myself from the drama that will follow."
"tch.. just so you both know i still think this isn't a good idea." jimin said sounding uninterested. "it really doesn't matter who it is tho, guk's possessive ass will get jealous to anyone, i mean he changed and matured a bit but old habits die hard" said yoongi
"just go for someone who's always around.. but for god's sake kim taehyung draw a line, if it's gonna be another member make sure you tone down your seductive glitters, i don't want to see any of us be hurt." the oldest continued.
"i know hyung ... i know.." said tae cheekily as he flashed a wink. jimin on the other hand can't help but to roll his eyes more, he's been rolling his eyes for a while now he's gone dizzy
the two daegu bestfriends he have here increases his head ache tenfolds when they combined their sly ideas. now he knows why these two always win during their mafia games,
the notorious cheater min yoongi plus the "innocent angel" actor kim taehyung, yeah as if someone could win against these two.
jungkook's still baffled about what happened over breakfast, he's currently in his room playing some random music to divert his thoughts leaving a gap on his door incase their manager decides to barge in since they have a mv shoot scheduled today.
"aigoo!yes! it looks good on you!now get off me taehyung-ah!" jungkook flinched as he heared jin yelling, what could be the ruckus about? he decided to peep through the small gap on his door to check
the sound seems near since he heard jin clearly, he was welcomed by the sight of taehyung clinging to jin's neck as the older tries to push taehyung away.
"yahhh.. hyuuung... let's take a selca with my new hair... please?????" taehyung whined, "fine, just get off me it's hot!" said jin in defeat, tae grabbed his phone from his pocket and aimed for a selca.
jungkook clenched his jaw at the sight, he haven't felt this way for so long. taehyung wrapped his arms around jin's shoulder while jin's on taehyung's waist, as if it's not enough tae pouted his lips while facing jin acting like he's going to kiss the older's cheeks.
"happy now?" jin said sounding exhausted. "yes hyung you're the best!" tae said as he actually land a peck on jin's cheek. "aish! this brat!" jin scoffed while he wipes his cheek harshly.
... "so it's jin hyung huh?" jimin said as he puts on his blazer, they're now at their shoot's location, the other's are already doing their make up while him and tae's still fitting some clothes. "yup.." tae winked.
"are you gonna ignore guk while flirting with jin hyung?" "naaah, after what happened in the past gukkie eill most likely ignore me more if i don't get close to him." "so what's your plan?"
"the plan is to rile him up not to push him away, and knowing him i just need to confuse the shit out of him, pushing all the right buttons until he explodes" "so you think you'll have your happy ending when you've drove him mad again?"
"endings are never happy chim... i'm aiming to start something with him again, it doesn't necessarily have to be happy it's always messy at the start but we'll get there."
"you sound awfully optimistic kim taehyung, just... just please make things right this time" jimin said in defeat as tae gives him a back hug as an assurance for his bestfriend.
... "gukkie! you look so cute!" jungkook furrowed his eyebrows he hears taehyung's remark. "t-thank you hyung." "that suit fits you perfectly gukkie, uhm wait, let me fix that strand of hair." tae said as he gets a bit too close to reach guk's hair,
if jungkook was in his old self he would think of this as taehyung flirting with him but no, he have to make sure of it first, he can't make the same mistakes as he did before. "there all done... you really look so handsome, d' you know that?-"
"ahh jin hyung!!! when did you dyed your hair blonde? you look so hot!" jungkook wasn't able to answer when tae suddenly ran to jin, flinging his arms around jin's neck just like what he saw him did this morning.
"taehyung-ah you're a bit clingy today but.. well... thank you?" jin said sounding a bit puzzled. "hyung, you know i'm always sweet and touchy!" tae whined.
the two continue to bicker as the maknae stares at them clenching his jaw,well that's all he could do right now,while jimin and yoongi shakes their head in the corner looking at the hilarious view infront of them. "you think this would work hyung?" jimin asks yoongi.
"whether it works or not i'll stay with tae, i know you would too." "sure ... but jungkook's our friend too, our brother, as well as jin hyung."
"i know tae, he'll heed my warning, that guy seems fragile and weak but he's as smart as namjoon, if he doesn't let his emotions get in the way i know he'll pull this off" yoongi said firmly. "tch, if you say so hyung.."
it's been a week , their mv shoot wrapped up three days ago, everyone's busy practicing the new choreography for their comeback song idol,
the dance itself is exhausting but nothing exhaust jungkook more than kim f*cking taehyung, tae just kept on bouncing from him to jin, one moment he's all over jungkook
then he'll be clinging to jin next, the members found it quite funny even for jin but not for jungkook, he's always on the edge contemplating what to think about the situation or if there's really a situation to think about.
it's now 1am and he's still tossing and turning on his bed, he decided to head towards the kitchen maybe grab a banana milk to calm his mind. he paused on his tracks when he saw a silhouette outside on their balcony
the hair color being half blonde and half pink he knows its taehyung, what an odd coincidence, maybe he could talk to tae to probably clear things out- he scrunch his nose when he smelled something.
"never thought you'll be one to smoke tae." jungkook said.
"when you fail to end your life majestically once, you tend to search for things that deems the same result... maybe slower less painful than what i've done before." tae said flatly not even bothering to turn around.
hearing this, jungkook swallows all his inhibitions, he walked towards tae and grabbed the hand that currently holds the thin cigarette, he then placed his own mouth on the devil stick as he inhales the smoke from it.
"even your cigarettes tastes like strawberries tae." jungkook said now looking directly at taehyung eyes. "i'm a sucker for sweet things guk."
"i know..." jungkook sighed as he exhales the remaining thin smoke from his mouth, he watched tae take a hit and as bad as smoking is he still finds tae extremely sexy doing the deed.
"you've been on my mind lately kim taehyung, you've been driving me crazy these past few days... do you know that?" jungkook says making sure his tone is as gentle as it could get, he's scared of scaring taehyung away.
"i know... i'm doing it on purpose anyway." jungkook gulped as he heard tae's response. "w-why?"
"i'm waiting for you to barge in to my room angrily like you used to do before... maybe grab me...yell at me... maybe kiss me... maybe tell me you still want me?" tae said as he take another hit from the half spent cigarette.
"t-tae... "- "do you still want me jeon jungkook?" tae asks softly almost sounding like a whisper. "i never stopped wanting you tae... i just... i just don't want to hurt you again."
"if i hold you now, will you run away from me again?" "no" "even if we'll be labeled as gays? i know you never liked that idea."
"i've already accepted that fact the day i realized that i'm inlove with you kim taehyung." "y-you what?" tae's eyes widens upon hearing jungkook's sudden confession.
"i love you tae, i have loved you for so long, i'm just plain stupid to actually be on denial before, i've hurt you in the process i even hit you and said awful things to you, i regretted it every single day since then,
everytime i see you i wanted to touch you, to hug you, to tell you i'm sorry over and over again... but i know how my actions affected you tae, i wouldn't want to be that person again, i prayed that if i'll be granted another chance to get close to you
i'll do my best to make it better, to do things right, to never make you cry again." jungkook said as his voice breaks and tears streams down his face.
taehyung's biting his lips supressing the ugly sob that's about to come out, his tears are freely falling as well, he looked up and saw guk, eye's closed, face drenched in tears, he knows this jungkook... this is the jungkook that he loved from the start
the cute and gentle jungkook that cared for him, tae did not waste any second and pressed his lips to guk's making the other open his eyes in shock... the shock didn't last long tho as jungkook found himself kissing back,
nibbling tae's lower lip seeking for entrance, he can taste the saltiness from both of their tears mixed with tae's sweet scent of strawberries and cigarettes... the warmth of their lips pressed together felt like home.
they pulled back from the kiss with heavy breaths, " is this really happening taehyung-ah? no more games?" jungkook says as he press their foreheads together.
"no more games... i... i love you." tae says. jungkook cried hard yes, but he made sure to kiss taehyung harder. "b-but can we really do this?" tae says, worry is evident on his eyes.
"when you left for a month, my world collapsed tae... i had no idea where you were, if you're still breathing, were you safe, were you eating properly ... i realized that i could do anything for me not to go through that hell again. "
"i'm sorry guk-ah... i blamed you for everything when i took part of it as well, just like you i was scared, not of others judgements atleast, but i was scared of taking our thing to the next level, i - .." tae was cut-offed by jungkook's lips...
"it .. * doesn't.. * matter.. * anymore.. * all that matters now is we're both brave enough to do this, right?" guk says in between kisses.
tae just grabbed jungkook's nape and deepens the kiss, god' they've missed this, none of the two got intimate with another during the times that they're apart, and now the sudden contact lit hot flames in their system.
"tae... i don't think i can hold back." jungkook said panting heavily. " then don't..." tae answered with intense bedroom eyes...
jungkook took that as a cue as he lifted tae's waist hoisting him up, tae wrapped his legs around jungkook's waist while kissing his neck. "my room or yours?" guk asks as he walks them out of the balcony,
"just get me to a f*cking bed jungkook." taehyung whined sexily on jungkook's ear. they know they've waited so long and their bodies are reacting intensely towards each other, since jungkook's room 's nearer the balcony he proceeded there,
guk kicked the door close and locked it with his free hand,god he feels so hot, he gently laid taehyung down his bed as he hovers over him, admiring all the features he missed when taehyung was away... "damn... i really do love you" he muttered.
tae's cheeks were painted red as he hears it, guk quickly stips his top off, tae gawked and bit his lips at the view, jungkook has been fit for years but it feels like its the first time he's seeing it, jungkook feels high from the way taehyung stares at him
he always loved that look, the hungry eyes, flushed cheeks and plump lips.. sh*t.. "i might get off with just you staring at me tae." he whispered as he leaned down and claimed taehyung's lips, a bit more aggressive this time.
soft moans filled the room as jungkook's kisses trailed down to tae's neck, up to the shell of his ear, he bit his lower lip harder this time as he felt the kittenish licks jungkook is doing on his skin,
yes... they're both rock hard no question about it, but when guk pressed their clothed members together it just felt pure frenzy, the younger kept on grinding over tae moaning at each friction... at each contact...
jungkook cannot wait... he didn't even bother stripping taehyung's top silk pyjama, ge just went ahead and pulled down tae's pantsbtogether with the black sexy boxer the older is wearing.
it has been so long since he last saw tae's shaft but it's really a wonderful sight, shaved clean as usual, flushed pink up to the tip , he feasted his eyes for a few seconds before bending down, he then licked taehyung's inner thigh which
seemed to be automatically spreads for him, placing small kisses here and there until he reached the older 's flushed tip, he sniffed it hungrily before giving it some wet kisses. tae's now a moaning mess, this seems like torture... pleasure yet still a torture...
"guk-ah ... please." tae whined. jungkook let out a naughty smirk, licking tae's shaft from bottom to tip before taking tae's full length to the back of his throat.
"ugh .." tae's now biting the sheets to supress his loud moans before the whole house hears them. he arched his back more as jungkook bobbed his head back and fort wrapping tae's hard member with his warm tongue.
"guk... i'm ... - ugh..." tae failed to complete his request as guk grabbed the arch of his back lifting it closer to his face making tae's length reach further inside his mouth.
guk knows tae's about to c*m, he can feel it throbbing on his mouth, he moved faster until taehyung shivers under him letting out the bitter sweet liquid on his mouth, he gulped and swallowed it milking taehyung up to the last drip before he let go.
jungkook's high is on a different level now, seeing taehyung under him all sexy with that silk top he can't help but let out a soft moan at the view. "tae... turn around for me please?ass up..." he pleads. tae obliged, he just came but it's not enough...
jungkook gazed at tae's ass with hungry eyes... tae has always been thick and this ass has always been his weakness, he grabbed both of the cheeks of taehyung's as* spreading it a bit to reveal the pink hole he's been missing for too long.
he's impatient for sure, but he needs to prep taehyung first, just by looking at it the pink hole looks sinfully tight, he glazed it with his tongue riming it skillfully before letting his tongue enter.
"sh*t... guk..." tae moaned as he felt the strange sensation guk's tongue f*cking brings . it went on for a few minutes and they're pretty sure the noises they make can be heard outside, but they also know they're just getting started ...
guk then pulled his tongue out just to replace it with his finger, tae tasted blood as he bit his lip this time, it didn't took long for guk to be able to add the second and the third... taehyung's practically crying in pleasure right now.
"guk... oh my god... just... just... put it in..." he pleads desperately. "you sure you're ready babe? i don't want to hurt you." guk says. "god yes... put it in..."
guk then did not waste any second as he positioned his tip to taehyung's entrance, shoving his length slowly ... deeper...
"f*ck! tae.... it's still so tight!" guk moaned a bit too loud it sounded like a low scream. well tae did practically the same as he felt his insides being full, grazing his sweet spot within the first thrust.
jungkook as impatient as he is kept his pace slow first, feeling tae's walls sucking him in, "faster.... jungkook... hyung.... faster..." tae cries. jungkook twitched upon hearing tae's request.
"w-what did you call me tae?" "j-jungkook... hyung..." "f*ck... call me hyung again..." " ugh.. hyung... please..."
jungkook never knew that being called hyung would raise his arousal more, he grabbed taehyung's tiny waist and pounded faster making sure to hit tae's prostate spot on. "guk... something... s-something's coming..."
"then c*m tae... " he says as he grabbed taehyung's arms close making tae's back be pressed on his chest. "no.. ugh... w-wait... please... " taehyung pleads...
but it's too late, tae's cheeks up to his ears are now flushed red due to embrassment, jungkook's eyes widen as his d*ck twitched at the sight of his sheets being drenched... "g-guk... i didn't mean to... i'm sorry i.. j-just-.."
"sshh... baby, it's fine, did it felt so good?hmm?" jungkooks says as he kissed taehyung's nape, he's discovering a lot of kinks tonight, he never knew that being called hyung could be so hot,
he didn't knew that tae relieving himself on his sheets will drive him this mad, if only he knew he should've recorded it, the sight could probably get him off for a whole year
"damn, tae, you drive me crazy." he muttered as he licks taehyung's ear, tae's still sobbing with shame before he felt jungkook grabbing his still hard member as he keeps on pounding on him, soon the sobs are replaced with loud moans.
"oh.. god... this feels good, you feel so good tae, you're taking me well..." said guk as he kept on moving while stroking tae's shaft, soon both bodies are shaking from their wild release. well... they did it again for another three rounds before collapsing in the bed.
"spread 'em tae. " jungkook says. "guk... i'm tired... i don't even think i can walk tomorrow." tae answers as he closed his eyes. "i'll just clean you up..." said jungkook.
"naah, i know your kinks now hyung... i know you like the mess.." says tae as he smirked before pulling jungkook beside him.
guk almost got hard again at tae's remark, now he could probably never hear the work hyung the same without him having dirty thoughts, he bit his lips before wrapping his arms around taehyung.
"i love you tae... " he says softly. "me too... i love you too." tae answered as they both drift to sleep.
... " so what did you songs did you guys play last night? " jin asks. yoongi : " converse high " jimin : " hold me tight " hobi : " dope " namjoon : " cypher... all of them , how 'bout you?" jin : " me? f*cking awake. "
the five hyungs sighed . "yeah, that's fitting ... because we've been all f*cking awake! ha... haha... hahaha... f*cking... awake... " said hobi as the all of them unanimously dropped their heads at
the dining table where they've all gathered, looking like soul less dead... or undead panda zombies, dry skin, black circles around the eyes, offended, attacked .... sleepless...
because of the two youngest that filled the whole flat with their lustful moans and screams.
... jungkook woke up feeling lighter than usual, he feels fresh and beautiful and sexy all at the same time, thanks to the sinfully beautiful, fresh and sexy beauty that's currently nuzzling on his bare chest.
"goodmorning tae." jungkook says softly as he brushed some ofbthe stray strands that's blocking taehyung's perfect morning after sex face. "hmm.... goodmorning gukkie.."
"gukkie? i miss that... call me gukkie again" jungkook says as he started planting kisses on tae's cheeks down to his neck.. "does it have the same effect as *hyung* to you?" tae says teasingly. "we'll see." guk smirked.
the room's started to be filled with soft moans and giggles again until..-
"YAH! YOU HORNY RABBITS! FOR F*CKS SAKE! STOP FUCKING ALREADY!!!!" jin yelled as he bangs jungkook's door loudly. "oops.. guess they've all heard us, tae, tsk. tsk. tsk. that's because you're too loud" jungkook whispered as he tickles tae slightly.
"yah... stop it guk-ah it's so embarrassing." tae says softly.
"Got it hyung! wait....!" the two love birds in the room answered.
... "wah... wow! this is unbelievable!" hobi scoffed. "yeah, look at them having that supple skin, rosy cheeks glow, with those offending love bites screaming at their necks." said jimin.
"wow! jin hyung, look at you finally looking like your age compared to these two shameless porn stars looking so fresh and young!" said namjoon this time.
"i'm f*cking speachless... and f*cking sleepless.. ha.. haha... f*cking? , sounds familiar?" yoongi says flatly.
"we're very sorry...." said the two currently on their knees with both their hands raised in fists as their punishment.
"we... we have to cancel the photoshoot with puma today... or else army's will think that BTS is a group of two young and fresh boys with rosy cheeks and hickies plus five undead panda zombies. they could boycott puma too y'know?" says jin sounding exhausted.
"h-hyung... when did you guys knew?" asked jungkook still on his punishment position. "you think we're all blind and stupid you brats!" said jin scolding them still like a mom.
"even if the two sleepless chibi's (yoongi and jimin) here don't say anything, we already know the gist, the sultry looks, the flirty touches, the drama... all that sh*t...
you couldn't even be more obvious even our fans recorded some of your moments since debut , they're all posted on the web you dimwits!" hobi says.
" i dont even have the energy to get mad at hobi calling me a chibi together with CHIBIMIN right here, but yeah apparently they've all got you figured out long before, they just chose to kept mum and trusted you to fix your shit together" yoongi says.
"yah! kim taehyung? do i deserve all this dark circles after being your friend for so long? do i deserve to be called CHIBIMIN now all because you got so hot and sexy last night?" jimin whines.
"i'm sorry hyung... " says tae "we're sorry... and t-thank you everyone." says jungkook holding tae's hand still in the air.
"come here you horny dogs!" jin finally surrendered then pulled the two and everyone into a tight group hug.
epilogue *a year later.* jungkook can't help but to stare at taehyung who's currently busy browsing on his phone. "tae, look at me.." he says. "why?" tae furrowed his brows.
"hmm... a mole on your lips, your nose and even your eyes, it's as if your features are marked to make it more obvious that every part of your face should be looked at. " jungkook says as he points at tae's every mole.
"hmm, are you still that whipped gukkie? it's been a year!" "it's been a year and you're still this beautiful... love you tae." jungkook says tenderly as he lifted tae's chin to plant a light peck on his lips.
"tch, excuse me, sorry to bother you're little make out session but they'll be filming us now, you might as well put on your masks and be actors again" yoongi scoffed as he walked in to their dressing room to warn the lovers. home.. "guk-ah, taehyungie, i can't believe that you guys are this good at acting!" says jin. they're currently having dinner at home after the show.
"yeah, it's been a year, dispatch almost sniffed them out a few months ago, good thing pd-nim covered it up, it's still best to lie low if you're still not ready to come out." said namjoon this time.
"well i don't think that we have to hyung, i mean what we offer is our music, our performance our craft, i don't think we need to tell the world who we chose to love, it's our life after all" said tae.
"my relationship with v hyung is not for the cameras. " jungkook says. "right... because if they knew how loud you guys are during the wee hours of the night it'll surely be rated as 21+ adults only." jimin scoffed.
"yah! our room is soundproofed already!" says tae. " sure sure, after months of torturing our innocent ears, getting us damn sleepless almost every night, i seriously wanted to hug the guy who fixed your room and made it soundproofed." yoongi says flatly.
the boys laughed at yoongi's remark, they finished their dinner after discussing the details for their next comeback, then headed to their own rooms after.
... the two are now sitting on their bed now. "tae... do you ever want to come out?" says jungkook worriedly, as he brush some stray strands of hair in taehyung's face.
"hmm. to be honest i don't actually care about labels, my stand is still the same, i love our fans and i'm grateful for their love and support, but we don't owe them our private lives,
we're working our a*s off to make sure we give them the best music, the best performance, the best shows, then again behind the curtains, behind the fame we're humans too, just like all of them." tae says carressing jungkook's face.
"guess you're right, we got scared at first and avoided each other in front of the cameras, but i'm actually tired of doing that anymore,i'll treat you the way i want to on and off cam,they can just make whatever out of it" jungkook chuckled as he leaned in at taehyung's touch.
"as humans we desire acceptance, recognition, happiness,fame, love and a lot of things, i'm already grateful for being where our group at now, we dreamed to be here back when we're still trainees,
but what makes me the happiest right now is here, in this room, in front of me, wearing his lazy white shirt and sweatpants, i could share and give everything to the world... to our fans but...
this... i don't want to share this... , you... i don't want to share you, call me damn selfish but i don't want to share what we have .. " says tae looking down as if being shy.
"me too, i actually watched a few clips from our shippers who're actually smart and sharp enough to notice our moments,
to be honest it worried me a bit, but i'm more amazed than fazed, can't believe my jealous face is *that* obvious" jungkook says as he scratch the back of his head.
"tch, yeah, bogummie hyung, seojoonie hyung, hyungsik hyung, jihan hyung, beakhyun hyung, minho hyung even my male fans... aigoo jungkookie not everyone wants me like you want me so you don't have to be jealous all the time y'know? "
" don't *tch* me kim taehyung all the guys that you've mentioned, have you seen the way they looked at you? i .. i just don't like it when they touch you, you say your selfish but i am too, i don't like anyone ogling and touching what's mine,
you even went to a trip with park f*cking bogum just because we had a little fight about you refusing to try coffee even when i made it so sweet already. "
jungkook says noe sulking as he remembered taehyung's trip with bogum, and how mad he was when bogum even uploaded a video about it making it border line romantic.
"hmmm, i said sorry about that gukkie, hmm... look at me, i don't like to fight right now.... not when i have something else in mind... * hyung *..." taehyung says teasingly flashing his bedroom eyes.
"tch, you naughty, naughty tiger, tell *hyung* what you have in mind" guk teases back hovering over taehyung in their bed this time. tae licked his lips and smirked. " take a guess ?"
jungkook smirked back at taehyung and pressed their lips together . "w-wait ... no hickeys and no scratches please." taehyung pleads.
"hmm, let's rephrase that... no visible hickeys... and... no visible scratches, would that be okay tiger?" says jungkook planting wet kisses on taehyung's neck. "f-fine .."
"tae , you sleepy? lean on me." jungkook whispered, they're currently at an award show watching the acts, as they wait for their own stage.
tae leaned back casually on jungkook's shoulder as the younger wrapped his arm around tae, the fans went wild upon seeing the sweet moment, and soon after hundreds of photos and videos circulated the web.
... "tsk.tsk.tsk." said their five hyung's shaking their heads simultaneously as they looked at the two love birds now cuddling in their couch. the two just winked and flashed a naughty smirk.
one who ran, one who chased . eventually they found each other, accepting their selves, facing their fears, forgiving all their sins, all the pain...
behind closed doors, where only a few people knows, two souls are now happily embracing their love. a love that they find no need to share, a love that's only theirs to keep.
it's no secret... but you don't have to see it.
- * END * -


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