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Feb 1, 2020
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taegi yandere au where taehyung has loved yoongi ever since he could breathe. yoongi just didn't know to what extent - until he finally does

→ This will definitely contain a lot of dark and triggering content which may not be suited for some readers. Please read at your own risk. → Basically obsession and stalking in a nutshell. Please do not interact if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
IMPORTANT TAGS!! PLEASE READ!! ⚠️⚠️ : Obsessive and Possessive Behavior : Yandere TH : Violence and Murders : Toxic Relationships : Manipulation : Minor Character(s) Death : Stalking : TH is NOT a good person : Smut ✨ RESEARCH IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THESE TAGS MEAN!!!!!!!!!
I gave the appropriate warnings, and it's your obligation to read them before continuing. This is fiction. None of the events are real, and neither are they connected to the boys. If ANY of the tags bother you, please DO NOT continue. It is your choice to read it or not.
00:01 Yoongi: 20 years old. Taehyung's best friend since they were kids. Taehyung: 20 years old. Second son of the Kim's. He comes from a very wealthy family.
00:02 Namjoon: 22 years old. First son of the Kim's. Taehyung's older and only brother. Seokjin: 22 years old. Second son in his family. Namjoon's boyfriend.
00:03 Jungkook: 20 years old. Has been with Taehyung and Yoongi since high school. Hoseok: 20 years old. Became their friend only when they entered university. Jimin: 20 years old. Taehyung's friend since middle school, and he knew Yoongi at that point too.
00:19 It’s a routine. Or an unspoken rule would probably be a better label. No one sits next to Yoongi other than Taehyung. It might seem silly and almost childish, but it is something they have grown used to.
Ever since they were kids, when Taehyung took a strange liking to Yoongi, it had always been like this. Taehyung’s and Yoongi’s parents were best friends since they were teenagers, and promised to be close to one another even after they both formed their own families.
Taehyung’s family is very successful and rich, so Taehyung and Namjoon always get what they want ever since they learned how to demand things. Yoongi’s family is just so-so. They’re not rich but they’re not struggling financially either.
When Yoongi’s family moves in next to the Kim’s when he was five years old, they were invited to a meal in the Kim’s household, and that’s when Yoongi first met Taehyung and Namjoon.
He immediately grew closer and closer to them, but mostly with Taehyung since they’re of the same age, and well, he’s a lot more spoiled and demanding than Namjoon so Namjoon just lets him do whatever he wants, get whatever he wants.
So when he demands for Yoongi’s presence and attention, he never fails to get all of it. Their parents didn’t mind at all. They were just happy that their kids are getting along well.
But something shifts at some point – it’s a long story. But since then, Taehyung had started to hate it when Yoongi pays more attention and spends more time with people other than him. Yoongi never saw it as something strange though.
He feels like Taehyung is just sad and in need of attention, and if he can give it to Taehyung, then he will. Taehyung is his best friend. So it escalates even more when they grew up. Yoongi went to the same university as Taehyung and Namjoon.
It’s a university for the elites, but Yoongi got in with the help of Taehyung’s family (Taehyung refused to go without Yoongi, so they really had no choice). They met new friends, but they all understood their limits.
And there goes that unspoken rule – no one sits next to Yoongi or stands next to him when Taehyung is there. “Yoongi, you should eat more. You’re getting thinner,” Taehyung says, worry obvious on his voice as he drapes an arm on the back of Yoongi’s seat, shifting closer to him.
Yoongi just chuckles and accepts the food Taehyung is angling at his mouth. “You’re spoiling Yoongi, Tae. What will happen if he gets used to having you feed him and refuses to eat on his own?” Hoseok teases harmlessly, finding it adorable how close Taehyung and Yoongi are.
Taehyung smirks, continuing his duty of feeding Yoongi who’s glaring at Hoseok. “I wouldn’t mind,” he says. The boys must have thought of it as a joke because they started laughing loudly, imagining Taehyung feeding Yoongi forever even as they grow old.
Namjoon just sighs and shakes his head. “You two look like a couple. People might mistake your friendship for something else.” Jimin winks, giving Taehyung an intrigued gaze. He looks so amused. Too amused for someone who claims to not know anything at all.
“Don’t be ridiculous,” Yoongi grumbles, a subconscious pout forming on his lips. That pout is always there when he’s in a disagreement with someone else. Taehyung thinks it works perfectly because Yoongi looks absolutely adorable and irresistible when he’s doing that.
“Taehyung and I are just friends.” The air around them grows colder, and everyone shifts their eyes to Taehyung, except for Yoongi who doesn’t seem to notice anything. “Besides, I like someone already,” Yoongi continues to talk, eating his meal and not minding anyone else.
Taehyung is just frozen, hand clenched into a fist as he tries to control his breathing. A snapping sound makes the others flinch, and Yoongi curiously looks at Taehyung to see the broken chopsticks on his hand.
Taehyung chuckles. “These chopsticks are too weak, aren’t they? I guess I have to get another pair.” Taehyung gently bumps his head against Yoongi’s. “I’ll be back,” he says before standing up and leaving the room, form completely tense.
Yoongi frowns in confusion. Didn’t he say he’s going to get another pair of chopsticks? Why is he leaving the cafeteria? “Isn’t Taehyung too strong? How did he even break that?” he asks, completely amused.
He tried holding his own chopsticks tightly, comically attempting to break it as well but failing miserably. “Ah, Taehyungie’s a little scary,” he jokes before continuing to eat his meal. Jimin just chuckles nervously. “Yeah, he’s a little scary, isn’t he?”
00:29 tw // violence "What the f/uck does he see in you?" Taehyung's gruff voice echoes all over the dark and empty room, followed by choked sounds from the only other person in there besides him.
He tightens his grip on the man's neck, making him cry out in pain, hands darting up to try and pull Taehyung's hand away from him. Taehyung just scoffs, not loosening his grip. "You look so f/ucking horrible. You're a good for nothing. What could you possibly have that I don't?"
"I- I don't know w-what you're talking about. P-please let me-" "Should I leave some ugly marks on your face so he wouldn't like you? Maybe carve your eyes out so you won't ever see him? It's funny how people like you think that you have the right to be close to him.
He's been mine right from the start and none of you f/ucking bastards will ever take him away from me." "I'm sorry! P-Please don't k-kill me!" Hyunwoo cries, sobbing all over Taehyung's hand. "I-I won't do anything! I won't tell anyone!"
Taehyung hums, loosening his hold on the man, seemingly deep in thought. "You're nicer than the other guys I dealt with. They were always trying to fight me. Those bastards thought they could ever beat me. Do you want to know where they are now?"
A smile grazes his face. "They're dead." Hyunwoo sobs, looking so scared that it makes Taehyung feel so satisfied. "Okay, I guess I can be generous today since you seem like a nice guy. Will you do anything I tell you to do?"
Hyunwoo desperately nods, hope showing through his eyes. "I-I will. Anything. P-Please just don't kill me." "Okay!" Taehyung exclaims, letting go of the guy and stepping back.
Hyunwoo drops down to his knees, hands planted firmly on the ground as he wheezes, trying to catch his breath. "Here's what you will do. You won't tell anyone about me. Well, I mean you can if you want to.
But my brother will take care of it anyway and I'll come back to end you. I wouldn't be too kind by then," he says so cheerfully that one would never assume that he's talking about hurting someone.
Hyunwoo nods, forcing himself to look up to meet Taehyung's gaze. "I won't tell anyone. I promise," he chokes out, voice cracking from the pressure it suffered just a while ago. "And one last thing," Taehyung continues.
"See? Aren't I too kind? I'm only giving you two orders in exchange for your life. You should be grateful." Hyunwoo nods again, muttering 'thank you's under his breath which makes Taehyung chuckle with amusement.
"Get the f/uck away from here and never show yourself to me or to Yoongi ever again. He's mine and you don't have the right to even lay your eyes on him, okay? Do you understand that?"
Hyunwoo nods eagerly, wanting nothing more than to get as far away from here as possible. "I-I understand." "Okay!" Taehyung claps, giving Hyunwoo a huge smile. "Run away now before I change my mind."
Hyunwoo scrambles up to his feet, flinching as he puts weight on his feet. Taehyung had a great time kicking him around earlier. But Hyunwoo sucks it up and tries to run away as fast as possible. Taehyung grabs his phone and dials a familiar number.
The other person answers within the first ring. "Sir? Is there something you want me to do?" the man asks, and Taehyung hums in response. "Follow Hyunwoo and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid to get me involved. If he does something suspicious, kill him."
He drops the call without waiting for an answer because he knows that the man will do anything he's ordered to do. He walks out of the dark room, humming gently to himself. He should wash up and sleep so he can comfort Yoongi tomorrow.
00:58 “Wow, Yoongi. You’re really talented, aren’t you? I didn’t even think of that,” Woobin says, amazement shown completely on his eyes as he stares at Yoongi. The man just suddenly approached Yoongi earlier to ask for help with the song he’s making.
Yoongi, always too kind and helpful to others, didn’t even think twice before agreeing to listen to the song. There aren’t a lot of people present in the room yet because it’s still early, around fifteen minutes before the class stars,
and Yoongi is pretty bored as well so he indulged in helping this other student. He had to go early because Taehyung has early classes today, and Taehyung wouldn’t go without him.
“It’s nothing. Just a little observation.” Yoongi chuckles, cheeks flushing a little because he’s not used to receiving praises from people other than his friends. It’s fun to get along with other people.
He doesn’t usually get the chance to because he’s always busy and preoccupied with Taehyung being his best friend. Not that he hates being with Taehyung! Taehyung always comforts him and makes him feel happy. Taehyung knows him best out of everyone else in the world.
They’ve been next to each other since they were kids so Yoongi is really used to his presence. Taehyung is a constant in his life at this point. He doesn’t know what to do if Taehyung suddenly disappears. But he likes having more friends too.
It makes him feel like he’s doing well – like he’s being a good person for being liked by other people. “No, really. Your words really cleared my head. I can’t wait to work on this again. I feel like I’d be able to finish it today.”
Woobin is grinning so widely, and Yoongi smiles back at him, glad that he was helpful. “Thank you, Yoongi.” “You’re welcome,” Yoongi answers. “I like working on music anyway.” “Oh, right. I have to pay you back in some way for helping me!” the man exclaims.
“It’s not necessary. I really don’t need any payment for that.” He chuckles, waving his hand slightly as a sign of denial. “Really. It’s okay, Woobin.” “Let me at least take you out to get some coffee or-”
“Move. That’s my seat,” a voice suddenly interrupts their conversation. Yoongi was startled. He looks up to see Jungkook standing in front of them with a frown on his face. He’s trying to look scary. Yoongi recognizes this look perfectly.
“Jungkook-ah,” he calls softly, giving the man a smile as a greeting. “You can sit here instead. It’s okay. Woobin just wanted to ask for help with his song.” He pats the other empty seat next to him. Jungkook sighs, taking his bag off and throwing it on the empty seat.
Yoongi just stares blankly at the seat, a little lost as to what just happened. “Now it’s occupied.” He crosses his arm, glaring pointedly at Woobin who looks like he’s about to explode in fear anytime soon. “Please move. That’s my seat.”
“S-sorry,” Woobin mumbles, nervously grabbing all of his things before practically sprinting towards the back of the room and away from the two of them. The other few people in class are looking at Jungkook with wide eyes.
Jungkook hums with satisfaction before taking the seat Woobin previously occupied. “That’s better.” “Jungkook,” Yoongi calls, frowning at his friend. “Why would you do that? What’s wrong with you? That wasn’t necessary at all.”
Jungkook shakes his head, turning to Yoongi and offering him a soft smile. He reaches forward to gently ruffle Yoongi’s hair. Yoongi always complains when Jungkook does that because it makes him feel small. “It’s for the better,” Jungkook briefly answers.
Yoongi didn’t get to say anything more as more students pile inside the classroom, followed by the professor. That’s weird. Why would Jungkook do that?
01:07 Taehyung and Yoongi first met during a family dinner right after Yoongi’s family moves in next door. Taehyung was getting scolded back then because he broke another one of his expensive toys while throwing a tantrum.
Yoongi hides behind his mother’s legs, clutching her skirt tightly and afraid of approaching the other boy. His mother told him to do his best to befriend Namjoon and Taehyung because she wants them to be best friends too, but Yoongi is a little scared of Taehyung right now.
He doesn’t like mean kids, and Taehyung seems like one because of his tantrum. “I’m really sorry about this. Taehyung has been restless lately. I really wanted to have a nice meal with your family,” Taehyung’s mother says, looking apologetic and genuine with what she’s saying.
“It’s okay. They’re kids it can’t be helped,” Yoongi’s father says, followed by a light chuckle. “The night still isn’t over. We can still eat dinner altogether.” Taehyung’s mother nods with a smile and tells the maids to prepare the table for them.
“These are our children. Namjoon and Taehyung,” their father says, trying to smile as if he wasn’t busy scolding Taehyung just a few minutes ago. “This is Yoongi, our only son,” his mother gently pulls him so he would show his face to the Kim’s,
and Yoongi nervously smiles and waves at them, muttering a small ‘hello.’ “Dad,” one of the kids suddenly calls, tugging on his father’s sleeve. That’s when Yoongi focuses his gaze on the smaller kid out of the two. He flinches.
The boy is staring at him with wide eyes, looking a little scary for his small and delicate face. “Dad, I want him. Can I have him?” Taehyung’s father coughs, chuckling nervously as he holds onto Taehyung’s hand.
“You mean you want to be his friend? You want to play with him?” Taehyung nods, not taking his eyes away from Yoongi. Yoongi moves closer to his mother. “Yes, Dad,” Taehyung answers before a smile takes over his face. “Can I?”
“Of course!” Yoongi’s mother says excitedly, happy that their children are getting along well. She pulls Yoongi closer to the other boys and Yoongi obediently follows. “Offer your hand, Yoongi.” And so Yoongi did.
Taehyung immediately grabs his offered hand, eyes shining as their palms touched. He looks so intrigued, and Yoongi doesn’t understand why. Taehyung squeezes his hand tighter, and Yoongi awkwardly takes the lead to shake their joined hands.
Taehyung probably doesn’t know how to shake hands yet! “It’s nice to meet you,” Yoongi says, smiling at Taehyung, gums and all, because his parents said that he should always be nice to his friends.
Taehyung smiles back at him. “It’s nice to meet you too.” Yoongi shakes Namjoon’s hand right after, and he instantly notices just how different these brothers are. Namjoon seems so calm and Taehyung has this intense aura around him that it’s almost scary.
That was just the beginning. Yoongi immediately becomes friends with the two other kids, and he always comes over to play with them when his parents allow him to.
He’s close to the both of them but he grew significantly closer to Taehyung because they have the same age, and Namjoon is usually busy with studying because he would be the successor of the family. Yoongi likes playing with Taehyung because Taehyung is just so nice to him.
He allows Yoongi to borrow all of his toys which came as a surprise to Taehyung’s parents because Taehyung apparently never allows anyone to borrow his toys – not even his brother.
When some other kid plays with his toy, he would destroy it while claiming that it has no use to him anymore. Yoongi asks Taehyung one time if he’d rather not let Yoongi play with the toys because Yoongi would definitely respect his decision and stop playing immediately.
But Taehyung just smiles at him and says that his toys are not important to him anymore, and that he’s only keeping them around because they make Yoongi happy.
Yoongi never understood what exactly he meant by that, but he was just happy because his best friend seems to like him a lot. He likes Taehyung a lot too!
It was good for a while. Taehyung and Yoongi are the best of friends and they usually just play around the house with their toys, laughing loudly and enjoying their time together.
Taehyung is the nicest person Yoongi has ever met, and his view changed completely from that time he first saw Taehyung throwing a tantrum during their first dinner together. But something shifted at some point.
When Taehyung’s father suddenly left his family without any warning, leaving their mother completely devastated, it felt like a part of Taehyung left too. “Don’t go,” Taehyung says one night as Yoongi was about to leave. It’s late already and they played the entire day.
Yoongi has to go home right now to sleep. He looks back at Taehyung who’s looking at him with desperate eyes, almost as desperate as the grip he has on Yoongi’s wrist.
“I have to go, Taetae. I’ll sleep and then I’ll come back to play tomorrow!” he exclaims, giving Taehyung a smile of reassurance. But Taehyung doesn’t look reassured at all. “Don’t leave me. I don’t want you to leave. You should just stay here with me forever.”
He sounds so serious and Yoongi is feeling a little nervous. What does Taehyung even mean by that? “But I’ll come back, Tae. It’s not like I’ll disappear forever.” He giggles at his own joke, but Taehyung doesn’t seem amused at all. He looks so scared, and his grip tightens too.
“No,” he mutters, stepping closer to Yoongi. “You can’t leave. Don’t leave me. D-Dad left. You can’t leave too.” “Taehyung,” a voice calls from behind, making them both turn to look at the source of the sound. It’s Namjoon. “Let Yoongi go home. He’ll be back tomorrow.”
Taehyung loosens his grip on Yoongi, finally allowing him to take his arm away. “You’ll come back, right?” he asks, eyes boring straight through Yoongi’s. “You’ll come back.” Yoongi nods before throwing his arms around Taehyung for a hug. “Of course, Taetae.”
Yoongi understands now. Taehyung was just scared of being alone. “I’ll come back.” Taehyung hugs him tightly for a while before they finally pulled away so Yoongi can leave. Yoongi waves at them one last time before running out of their house, on the way to his own.
Taehyung clenches his hands. He hates seeing Yoongi leave. He hates it so much. “Don’t treat Yoongi like that. You’ll scare him,” Namjoon suddenly says, startling Taehyung from his thoughts. “He’s not your toy. You can’t just stop him from leaving.”
Taehyung looks at his brother, face void of any emotion. “I can do what I want. He’s mine. He’s my best friend,” he says, looking so sure of himself as if what he’s saying makes complete sense. “He won’t leave me.”
With that, he finally walks away from Namjoon, leaving all of his toys scattered on the ground as he enters his room. None of those toys matter to him anymore. The only thing that’s important is that he has Yoongi by his side forever.
01:09 Taehyung unlocks the door to Yoongi’s apartment silently, trying his best not to disturb Yoongi’s sleep. He enters the room and tucks the key safely in his pocket before closing the door. Yoongi doesn’t know that he has a key. He got it secretly anyway.
His family owns the apartment complex they’re staying in so it wasn’t really that hard to get a copy of Yoongi’s key. He walks towards Yoongi’s bedroom with a light heart, just eager to see Yoongi again.
He had seen the man after their classes, but he just suddenly missed Yoongi after he had that dream about the past. Yoongi’s presence always makes him feel better.
He sees Yoongi sleeping peacefully on his bed, the moonlight gently grazing his face at just the perfect angle, giving him an ethereal glow. Taehyung smiles. Yoongi is just so beautiful.
He takes a seat on the empty space on the bed next to Yoongi’s body, hand instinctively reaching up to gently caress Yoongi’s soft cheek. Yoongi groans lightly on his sleep, subconsciously rubbing his face on Taehyung’s hand.
“Cute,” Taehyung mutters, smiling widely as he observes just how perfect they are together. Yoongi seems to rely on him a lot by now. “I was right, wasn’t I?” He allows his thumb to trace Yoongi’s pretty lips.
“Until now, I still have you. And it will stay that way forever, right?” There was no answer, with Yoongi being asleep, but Taehyung still feels satisfied. After all, who else could ever get the chance to be with Yoongi like this? No one else but Taehyung.
Taehyung is the only one who could ever be this close to Yoongi. “I love you, Yoongi,” he whispers, leaning down to press his lips on Yoongi’s forehead, letting the kiss linger for a while. Yoongi’s body is always so warm, and Taehyung is always so cold.
They belong perfectly with each other. “I love you,” he repeats before pulling away and taking his hand back. He smiles as he fixes the blanket, making sure that it covers Yoongi up to his chin so he wouldn’t get cold. Taehyung doesn’t want Yoongi to feel any discomfort at all.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” he says with a soft smile, letting his gaze linger on Yoongi’s face for a while before finally walking out of the room.
01:17 “I wish we didn’t attend our classes today. I feel lazy,” Taehyung complains as he squeezes Yoongi in his arms, burying his face on the crook of Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi chuckles and gently pats Taehyung, providing a little comfort to his best friend.
They’re in front of Yoongi’s classroom, and he could feel the gazes of his classmates burning straight through them. Yoongi feels a little nervous but Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind. He’s been very affectionate lately. He tries to hold Yoongi as much as he possibly can.
It makes him feel a little better though since everyone seems to be avoiding him after that incident with Woobin and Jungkook. Being with Taehyung makes him feel like he’s not really alone because Taehyung will be there to stay.
“Go attend your class, Taetae. We’ll see each other again later.” He chuckles, playing with Taehyung’s hair to make him feel reassured. Taehyung likes it when Yoongi plays with his hair. “Can I stay with you tonight?” Taehyung asks, still not letting go of Yoongi.
“Let’s sleep together again just like before. I don’t like hugging my pillows anymore, I like hugging you better.” Yoongi finds himself hesitating for some reason.
Before, he would usually just say yes without even thinking about it because he likes cuddling with Taehyung when he sleeps. But they’ve grown too much already. It would feel a little weird to receive Taehyung’s tight hug while sleeping.
“Taehyungie, we’re in college already. Should we really be sleeping on the same bed until now?” “What’s wrong with it?” Taehyung asks, suddenly seeming tense. “We always do that when we were kids. And I’m your best friend. There’s nothing wrong with it.”
“Okay,” Yoongi immediately answers, not wanting to make Taehyung upset. He throws the worst tantrums when he’s upset, and Yoongi doesn’t want to give Namjoon more reasons to worry about his brother. “Yeah, of course you can stay with me tonight.”
“Great!” Taehyung exclaims excitedly, mood shifting so suddenly. He lets go of Yoongi and gives him a huge boxy smile. “I’ll go to class now then. I’ll see you later, Yoongi.”
And then he runs off to the direction of his own classroom, eager for the day to end already so they could stay together in Yoongi’s apartment.
Yoongi feels hesitation still clouding his senses but he tries to shake it off. There’s no reason to feel weird about this. Taehyung is his best friend. He doesn’t have to be wary of him at all.
01:20 “Doesn’t it feel nice to be like this again? I missed this a lot. I wish we could stay like this forever,” Taehyung says as he pulls Yoongi closer to him.
He’s spooning Yoongi from behind, their bodies pressed so closely together that Yoongi could feel Taehyung’s heartbeat through his own back. It’s beating so fast. “Yeah, I guess. Everything was so simple when we were kids.”
Yoongi chuckles, feeling Taehyung’s feet entangle themselves with his. His feet gets cold easily, so this is very comforting in some way. “Nothing has to change,” Taehyung mutters, resting his chin on top of Yoongi’s head. Yoongi shivers.
This feels a little too intimate than necessary. “We can stay the same forever, Yoongi.” Yoongi doesn’t understand what Taehyung means by that, but he just nods. He doesn’t have plans on suddenly stopping being Taehyung’s best friend anyway. That must be what he meant.
“Yeah, I guess we can,” he answers as he closes his eyes and allows the sleepiness to finally consume him. Taehyung’s grip tightens even more around him, as if he’s afraid that Yoongi would disappear if he lets go.
Yoongi feels suffocated by Taehyung's tight hold around him but he doesn’t pay too much attention to it. Taehyung just cares about him a lot. Right. Taehyung is his best friend so he just cares about him a lot. Yoongi doesn't have any reason to be scared at all.
01:29 This is wrong. It won’t end well. Yoongi could feel it in his bones. Even before he stepped out of his apartment and tries his best not to make any sound as he passes Taehyung’s own, he already felt uneasy about his plans for the night.
A part of him is telling him that there’s no reason to feel bad about it. He’s an adult. He can go clubbing with anyone and just enjoy his time without worrying about what his best friend would think.
But another part of him, the bigger one, has been keeping him on edge the entire night. Because he knows that Taehyung wouldn’t like this. Taehyung would definitely get mad. Yoongi should’ve at least told him where he’s going so Taehyung wouldn’t worry.
“Thinking about Taehyung again?” Hoseok asks from the stool next to him, downing his drink in one go. “Don’t think too much. Just enjoy the night, Yoongi! You’ve been stressed out for days. Just have fun!”
Yoongi shakes his head and throws his own drink down his throat in one go, hissing at the burn. He doesn’t remember ever drinking this much before. Sure, he had his own share of drinking with Taehyung and the others before,
but Taehyung usually wouldn’t allow him to get too intoxicated, always worried about Yoongi’s well-being. And Yoongi was never really bothered by it. He likes being taken care of, and Taehyung does such an amazing job at that. But Hoseok is right. Tonight, he has to have fun.
And so Yoongi drinks and drinks as much as he can, feeling his worry lessen more and more as time goes by. Soon enough, he’s just laughing with Hoseok about something that he doesn’t even understand,
and minutes more after that, he finds himself in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by strangers who are all too eager to get a hold of him. Yoongi loves this feeling.
His adrenaline is rushing and his mind isn’t thinking about worrisome things. He’s just swaying to the music with a drink clutched in his hand, a warm body pressed against his back.
“What’s your name, baby?” the man behind him asks, hands roughly holding onto his hips and slowly trailing upwards to creep up his loose shirt. Yoongi giggles at the ticklish sensation. He’s not used to anyone touching his skin that way. It feels so nice too.
He couldn’t help but lean back to the man, wanting to feel more warmth as he dances. “Yoongi,” he answers. The man hums, and Yoongi gasps as he feels the man bite his ear lightly. “That’s a pretty name.” Yoongi giggles again. He likes compliments a lot.
“Let me take you home tonight, Yoongi.” Yoongi doesn’t quite understand what he means by that, but the sound of home feels so good right now. He wants to drop down on his bed and get a very, very long sleep. It’s been a fun and long night!
“Okay,” he answers, and he hears the man behind him chuckle with satisfaction. “That’s a good boy.” Yoongi was about to say thank you for giving him another compliment, but he didn’t have the chance to as the man was quite literally ripped away from him.
One second he was there, and another, he was gone. Yoongi looks around with confusion, not finding the man around. No one seems to have noticed anything either. They’re all drunk and too busy dancing to notice anything.
Maybe the man left? Maybe he doesn’t want to help Yoongi get back home after all? Yoongi couldn’t think anymore. He’s just so intoxicated already and his mind isn’t working well. He wants to sleep now.
“Yoongi,” a very familiar voice enters his ear, and despite the drunkenness, he could recognize that voice anywhere. It’s Taehyung. He turns to face Taehyung, grinning widely and seemingly not noticing the man’s grim expression.
“Taetae!” he exclaims, running off to Taehyung and wrapping his arms around the taller man tightly. “Taetae! T’was so fun. Dance with me!” Taehyung holds onto his waist to stabilize his feet, shaking his head to the offer. “Let’s go home, Yoongi.”
Yoongi stares up to Taehyung, a little confused at first but nods anyway. “Okay,” he answers, giggling lightly. “But Seokie-” “He’s fine. Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung found him. Let’s go now.” Taehyung looks a little too serious so Yoongi didn’t say anything else.
He just allowed Taehyung to guide him out of the club and into his car. Yoongi feels sleepiness catch up to him as soon as his body touches the seat. “Sleepy,” he mumbles, eyes drooping.
“Go to sleep.” He feels Taehyung brush his hair gently, and hears the engine roaring to life before sleep consumes him whole.
01:37 "You thought I would let anyone take you away from me?" Taehyung's voice echoes in the silent room as he gently runs his hand through Yoongi's hair.
Yoongi is sleeping peacefully, cuddled into his blanket while wearing the comfortable set of clothes Taehyung changed him into. He looks so beautiful like this next to Taehyung. Just him and Taehyung and no one else. Taehyung wishes it would stay like this forever.
This way, no one would ever try to take Yoongi away from him ever again. "There is no way that I would ever let you go, Yoongi. You promised me. You promised that you'd be with me forever and I won't let anything change that. You'll stay with me forever, won't you?
You'd never leave me. You can't leave me." Taehyung feels his blood boil as he remembers the scene he arrived at back in the club. It's Yoongi pressed so intimately against someone else. Someone who isn't Taehyung. How dare that man place his filthy hands on Yoongi?
No one else is allowed to hold Yoongi like that. No one else but Taehyung. No one. Taehyung wouldn't let it happen again. No one can take Yoongi away from him. "You can't grow your wings, Yoongi. You can't fly away from me," he whispers, thumb gently grazing Yoongi's lower lip.
"I would have to cut it off before you can even learn how to let it grow. I can't let you leave me." Yoongi's eyebrows furrow as he remains asleep. He must be having a bad dream. "It's okay, I'm here."
He leans down to press his forehead against Yoongi's, smiling as Yoongi's expression relaxes immediately. He knew it. He's the only one Yoongi needs. Yoongi doesn't need anyone else. "I love you so much," he whispers before leaning in to press his lips against Yoongi's.
Yoongi groans at the strange feeling, lips subconsciously gaping and giving Taehyung more access. But Taehyung just smiles and pulls away, giving Yoongi's pink lips another peck.
"I love you," he says once again, leaning in to press a kiss on Yoongi's forehead this time. "You will love me too, Yoongi. You will. I'll make sure of that."
01:41 Yoongi wakes up to a terrible headache. He groans and shifts under the cover, trying to bury his face against the pillow as deep as he can as if it will help soothe the pain. He almost regrets going out with Hoseok last night. Shit. He went out last night.
How the hell did he get home? He immediately sits up, not minding his headache anymore as he focuses on what's next to him. It's Taehyung. "Good morning, Yoongi," Taehyung greets, giving Yoongi a strained smile. Yoongi shivers.
Taehyung is usually so good at hiding just how upset he is, but his negative feelings are showing so obviously on his face right now. Yoongi gulps. "Taehyung," he says, nervousness creeping up to his senses. "L-last night-"
Taehyung's expression visibly hardens, jaw clenching at the mention of that particularly distasteful event. "Let's cook breakfast. You should eat." Yoongi grabs Taehyung's hand before he could even stand up, and Taehyung looks surprised.
He stills completely, eyes darting down to their joined hands. "Taehyung, I'm sorry." Taehyung's cold gaze moves back to meet his. "I didn't mean to make you worry and I was just feeling lonely here and-"
"Don't do it again." Taehyung's voice is so calm but it feels like there's an underlying threat beneath his tone. He smiles softly, gripping back Yoongi's hand. "Just promise me that you won't ever do it again, Yoongi." Yoongi nods hesitantly, chest constricting with uneasiness.
"Okay," he mumbles, voice filled with guilt. Taehyung must have been so upset. He doesn't like it when Yoongi hides things from him. Yoongi feels like such a bad friend. "I'm sorry, Tae. I promise I won't do it again."
Taehyung's grin widens and he looks so satisfied. "Come here." He pulls Yoongi's hand and Yoongi obediently follows, letting his body press against Taehyung's, locked into a hug. Yoongi sighs, finally feeling calm enough.
Taehyung isn't mad at him anymore, he tells himself as he wraps his own arms around Taehyung to return the hug. Taehyung isn't mad at him anymore and that's all the matters.
01:48 Jungkook enters the classroom, eager but a little nervous to be with Yoongi today. He wants to see Yoongi to make sure he's okay, but he's also anxious about having to push everyone away from Yoongi. He doesn't like to get into fights but this is really for the better.
He's doing everyone a favor by pushing them away from Yoongi. Especially since Taehyung hasn't been in a good mood lately. But his calm state was suddenly ruined as soon as he sees Yoongi talking to someone. And they look a little too close.
The man had the guts to drape an arm around Yoongi's shoulder as if they're good friends. And Yoongi looks so happy too as he laughs at what the man had whispered into his ear. He looks like he's genuinely enjoying the company and that's not a good thing.
Taehyung wouldn't like this at all. Jungkook anxiously looks out of the door and the windows to look for any sign of Taehyung lingering around to witness this sight, or any sign of the men Taehyung orders around to look after Yoongi from afar when they're not together.
Jungkook sighs in relief as he didn't see anything suspicious. It would be horrible for Taehyung to know about this while he's still very upset about what happened at the club.
Jungkook rushes forward to Yoongi's direction, eager to end the interaction as soon as possible so Taehyung wouldn't know about it.
He grabs Yoongi's bag and swings it across his shoulder while his other hand gently takes Yoongi's wrist to pull him out of the seat he's currently occupying.
"Yoongi, let's sit at the front," he nervously says, praying that Yoongi would just follow without asking anything because Jungkook doesn't know how the hell he's supposed to answer any of that.
Yoongi looks at him, completely confused, but he must have noticed the anxiety on Jungkook's eyes so he just bids farewell to the guy he was previously talking to, offering him one last smile before letting himself be pulled by Jungkook.
Yoongi looks like he has so many questions but Jungkook can't answer any of that. He doesn't need to know anything. He only has to be away from everyone else other than Taehyung. It's for the better. Everyone would be safe if Yoongi is with Taehyung.
01:59 Taehyung calmly enters Yoongi's apartment, not minding how eerily quiet it is inside. It almost looks like no one is here, and Taehyung would've thought so as well if Yoongi didn't tell him to come over.
He smiles to himself as he remembers that feeling of satisfaction he got when Yoongi asked for him. He knew it. He knew that Yoongi would always look for him when he feels unsafe. He enters the bedroom, feeling even more satisfaction as he sees Yoongi buried under the covers.
He looks so tiny, all curled up underneath. It makes Taehyung want to do nothing but protect him from everything and everyone in the world.
"Yoongi," he softly calls as to not startle the scared man, sitting down on the soft cushion and pressing his hand gently on the visible part of the top of Yoongi's head. He feels Yoongi freeze under his touch. "It's Taehyung. Don't be scared."
After hearing his name, Yoongi immediately pulls the blanket down to reveal his face to Taehyung. He looks so scared. And god, Taehyung f/ucking loves it. "Taehyung," Yoongi whispers, voice shaky and visibly scared.
His expression crumbles completely and he rushed forward, limbs still entangled on the blanket as he throws himself onto Taehyung, wrapping his arms tightly around the man. Taehyung returns the embrace immediately.
"I-I was so scared. I thought he was watching me and I didn't know what to do and I'm scared, Tae. I-I don't like-" "I'm here, Yoongi. He can't hurt you as long as I'm here," Taehyung whispers, tightening his hold around Yoongi to make him feel more secure.
Yoongi shakes under his hold. Poor baby. He must've been so scared. Taehyung almost felt guilty. "I'll protect you. I'll never let anyone hurt you, okay? Trust me. I'll always protect you no matter what."
Taehyung's tone is so soothing and reassuring, and Yoongi becomes less tense as minutes go by. He clutches Taehyung's shirt tightly and buries himself deeper and deeper into Taehyung's embrace until he feels secure enough with him around.
He cries softly, feeling so thankful to have Taehyung next to him right now. He was so scared but Taehyung always makes him feel better. Safer. "Thank you, Tae," he whispers, trying to shift even closer to Taehyung.
He's basically straddling Taehyung by now, legs resting on both sides of Taehyung's thighs with their fronts pressed against each other's just so he could be as close to Taehyung as possible.
"You don't have to thank me," Taehyung answers, pressing a kiss on top of Yoongi's head and grinning widely. And Yoongi can't see it. "I'll do anything for you."
02:03 "Coffee. Black," Yoongi mutters quietly, not sparing the cashier guy a single glance. He's tired and he needs his coffee. He doesn't have the energy to talk to anyone right now. He doesn't trust anyone else either.
He waits quietly as the barista works on his order, eager to leave the cafe already. It feels weird to not have Taehyung near him. He's so used to being with Taehyung all of the time, and it feels so different to go out on his own.
He used to crave going out alone before, feeling uneasy with being with Taehyung all the time. But this time, he wishes that Taehyung was here. Taehyung always makes him feel secure. Taehyung makes him feel safe.
But Taehyung is busy today, and weirdly enough, he allowed Yoongi to go out on his own without fussing too much about it. "Here you go," a voice interrupts him from his inner monologue. He looks up to see the barista smiling at him while holding his coffee.
"Thanks," he answers, trying to smile as well to return the kind gesture. The guy even took it upon himself to give the coffee directly to Yoongi. Yoongi glances behind the guy and he sees the other workers chuckling quietly while watching them.
"No worries. Hope to see you again soon," the guy cheekily says, throwing Yoongi a wink before walking back to his place. Yoongi is a little flustered, not used to being flirted with. When Taehyung is around, no one usually tries to flirt with him or anything.
It's so different when Taehyung isn't here. He grips the coffee on his hand and walks out of the cafe, smiling slightly as he feels the cold breeze against his face.
He walks towards the direction of the university, about to take a sip from the cup only to stop when he notices something written on it. He pulls the cup away from his lips and levels it with his eyesight
only to flush red as he realizes that it's a phone number and a name written at the side. Probably from the barista earlier. Was he serious about trying to hit on Yoongi? Yoongi smiles gently to himself, finding the gesture adorable.
He was just about to take another step forward, only to be stopped one again by the chiming sound of his phone. He just received a message.
02:07 Yoongi shakily turns to look all over the place, anxiety creeping up to his senses as he tries to spot the man who's possibly watching him right now. But no one looks suspicious. People are just walking by him and minding their own businesses.
No one seems to be staring at him at all. And for some reason, that makes Yoongi feel even more scared. How the hell does the man know what Yoongi is doing if he's not here?
Yoongi hurries towards the nearest trashcan and throws the cup of coffee inside, not wanting to risk anything. He hates this. He hates this so f/ucking much. He sprints towards the direction of the university, fear clogging his chest.
He doesn't want to be alone anymore. Taehyung. He needs Taehyung. Taehyung makes him feel safe. Taehyung makes everything okay.
02:17 Hoseok thinks that something is definitely wrong. Yoongi looks so pale lately. He's always looking around anxiously and flinching at even the slightest sounds. He looks so... scared. And Hoseok feels so horrible that he doesn't know anything.
"Yoongi," Hoseok calls, placing a hand on Yoongi's shoulder from behind. And Yoongi immediately flinches at the contact, gasping as he jumps away from Hoseok's touch, looking at him with wide and anxious eyes. "Sorry," Yoongi mutters as soon as he sees that it's just Hoseok.
"I- I just-" he pauses, licking his dry lips as he looks around the hallway. They're on their way to get some lunch together so he's probably looking for everyone else.
"Jimin and Jungkook are gonna be here soon. They just went to the restroom for a while so I thought I should go ahead and see you first," Hoseok explains, tone as soft as possible as to not startle Yoongi. "Is everything okay?" Worry is obvious in his voice.
He really thinks there's something wrong with Yoongi. Why does he look so scared? "Yeah," Yoongi answers, forcing a smile on his face and looking hesitant as if he doesn't even believe his own words. And his eyes aren't even looking at Hoseok. He seems so distracted and anxious.
"H-have you seen Taehyung? Why isn't he here yet?" Hoseok doesn't know what the hell is going on. Yoongi used to express just how suffocated he feels like lately, but now he's looking for Taehyung as if his life depends on him. And it feels so weird and wrong.
Just when did Yoongi start relying this much on Taehyung? Hoseok was about to ask Yoongi just what the f/uck is happening, but as if on que, Taehyung arrives and Yoongi's eyes suddenly light up as he runs towards Taehyung's direction, engulfing him into a hug.
Hoseok feel his skin crawl as he sees how Taehyung is looking at Yoongi. It feels so... wrong. He watches as Taehyung smiles gently as soon as Yoongi is looking at him. He takes his coat off and drapes it around Yoongi, making Yoongi look even smaller than usual.
But for some reason, Yoongi started to look less and less anxious the more he stays with Taehyung. The others soon arrive and Hoseok finds himself just observing silently as they make their way towards the cafeteria.
Taehyung has an arm wrapped around Yoongi, their sides pressed comfortably together. Something feels off. Hoseok is so sure that something is definitely wrong. "Stop staring at them," Jimin whispers, placing a hand gently on his back.
"Taehyungie might get the wrong idea." "What does that even mean?" he asks, eyebrows furrowed and completely lost. "What the hell is wrong with Yoongi? Why is he suddenly-" "Nothing's wrong," Jimin answers, offering him a soft smile.
"Taehyung knows what's best for Yoongi. Nothing's wrong at all." Hoseok watches as Jimin walks towards the table, and he observes how everyone else are just acting normally as if there's nothing weird about how clingy and needy Yoongi suddenly is with Taehyung.
Something's wrong. Yoongi isn't normally like this. What the hell happened between them?
02:24 Yoongi thought it would be a good day. He really did. Things have been going well lately because Taehyung is always around. Taehyung always makes him feel safe. Taehyung always makes everything so much better.
But as he wakes up one day to see polaroid pictures scattered all over his bed, Yoongi could barely hold back a scream as he jumps out of his bed, entire body shaking with fear and heart beating so loudly in his chest.
He reaches out to grab one picture with his shaky hand, letting out a loud cry as he sees himself on the photo. It looks like it was taken just last night because it's a photo of him sleeping while wearing the same set of clothes he's still wearing now.
He drops the picture on the bed, eyes roaming around the entire bed to see all the others which are just like before, but at different angles.
There are even some photos with a hand pressed against his cheek, or running through his hair, or fingertips grazing his ear, his neck, his lips. Yoongi feels tears escape his eyes, skin crawling at the sight.
Just the mere thought of that man being able to enter his apartment and touch his skin while he's asleep makes him want to tear his skin apart. It feels horrible. He doesn't like it. He wants to wake up from this horrible dream. He wants to leave this nightmare.
Yoongi cries as he forces himself to reach for the pictures, throwing them off the bed and onto the ground. He's shaking. His heart is beating so loudly inside his chest and he could feel panic rising to his throat. He wants to scream.
He runs towards the windows emitting sunlight and rushes to pull the curtains over them. The man might be watching. The man might see him right now and Yoongi hates it. Yoongi hates that thought. He doesn't want that man near him. He's so scared. He's so f/ucking scared.
02:29 Taehyung calmly enters Yoongi's bedroom just like before, smiling as he sees the pictures scattered all over the ground, some of them crumpled and dirty. Yoongi must have been so scared.
Taehyung feels a little bad because he did like those photos and they would've been a good addition to his collection because Yoongi looked so cute in them, but he had to use them for his plans. And it's okay. He can take more photos of Yoongi someday.
Yoongi is buried under his blanket again, covering his small form completely. Taehyung could see his shoulders shaking even if he's completely covered. He must have been so scared. Was it too much?
"Yoongi," Taehyung calls as he walks towards the bed. "Hey, I'm here now. Don't be scared. I'll always protect you-" Before he could even finish his sentence, he was stopped as Yoongi practically jumps out of the bed at the sound of his voice,
eyes wide with fear and panic as he runs towards Taehyung and throws himself against Taehyung's body. Taehyung quickly wraps his arms around Yoongi, providing as much comfort as he could offer.
Yoongi is crying so hard. He's completely shaking under Taehyung's touch, releasing loud cries as he holds onto Taehyung as tight as he possibly can.
"T-Taehyung, I-I'm scared. He w-was here. H-he came last night. I-I'm so scared. Don't leave. D-don't leave me, Tae. I don't want to be alone."
"I won't leave, Yoongi. I won't. I promise. Don't cry. It hurts me to see you cry," Taehyung soothingly says, rubbing Yoongi's back and pressing small kisses on top of his head. "I won't leave. I'll protect you, okay? Don't be scared of him. You'll be fine as long as I'm here."
Yoongi nods, sniffling as he calms down slightly. Taehyung always comforts him. Taehyung always makes him feel okay. He trusts Taehyung. Taehyung will protect him. Nothing bad happens as long as Taehyung is next to him.
"T-thank you, Tae," he whispers, burying his face against Taehyung's chest. Taehyung smiles, grip tightening around Yoongi and pressing another kiss on top of his head. "You don't have to thank me. I just want to protect you because you mean so, so much to me."
Yoongi hugs him tighter. He likes hearing that. Taehyung cares. Taehyung cares about him and he wants to protect him. "Let's get you to bed, okay? You'll feel more comfortable there." Yoongi nods but doesn't let go. Taehyung giggles. Yoongi is so adorable.
He tightens his grip around Yoongi and carries him to the bed, settling him down gently. And Yoongi clings onto him all through this, showing no intention of letting go. "Should I lie down next to you?" he asks, and Yoongi just nods and mutters a small 'please' as a response.
And so Taehyung obliges, lying down on the spot next to Yoongi and pulling blanket over both of them before wrapping Yoongi in a tight embrace once again. And it feels so f/ucking amazing to have Yoongi in his arms. He looks so scared and broken.
"Go to sleep," Taehyung whispers. "I'll watch over you. Nothing bad will happen." Yoongi nods, tired eyes closing to chase some sleep. Taehyung smiles and leans in to press a kiss on Yoongi's forehead.
Yoongi is so warm. Yoongi fits so perfectly in his arms. This is where Yoongi is meant to be. Nowhere else but in Taehyung's arms.
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02:58 The moment Yoongi opened the door to his apartment, he already knew that something was wrong. It would be stupid for him not to notice, seeing as all of his walls are currently covered by a ridiculous amount of photos and sticky notes.
The photos have him as a subject, seemingly taken without his knowledge at all. The sticky notes have these weird messages and Yoongi doesn’t think he could even find the courage to read any of those without vomiting.
“Oh god,” he chokes out, bag falling from his shoulder and onto the floor. He wants to scream. He wants to cry. What kind of monster would ever do this?
Taehyung is just silent behind him, hand lingering on his back and supporting his weight lightly as if he’s afraid that Yoongi would fall apart. And that’s not really far from the truth because Yoongi feels like he could break any moment now.
This is just too much. Too f/ucking much. He hesitantly closes the door and walks further into the room to see that the state isn’t much better. And his bedroom. It’s a f/ucking mess. His bed is completely damaged. It looks like it was stabbed repeatedly by a knife.
Yoongi doesn’t think he can even sleep there again if he tries. His clothes are spilling out of his closet, all ruined with no chance of survival. He can’t even wear any of them anymore.
They have cut marks all over the fabric, and some even looks unrecognizable with how horribly they were destroyed. Even the walls of his bedroom are filled with photos, notes and scratch marks all over the surface.
And sprayed on one wall are words that makes Yoongi shiver, ‘I LOVE YOU YOONGI. I’LL HAVE YOU SOON. I PROMISE.’ Yoongi cries out, taking a step back as he feels his knees weaken. Tears stream continuously down his face as he collapses.
He would’ve fallen on the floor completely if it wasn’t for Taehyung’s tight grip around him. Taehyung pulls him closer to his chest, forcing him to turn around just so he could bury his face on Taehyung’s chest instead of seeing the horrible state of his room.
“It’s okay. Please don’t cry, Yoongi. I’ll protect you. He won’t have you as long as I’m here. Don’t be scared of him,” he says in an awfully calm voice and Yoongi just clings onto him while crying even more.
He’s pretty sure he’s drenching Taehyung’s shirt at this point with how much he’s crying, but he couldn’t find himself to care right now. He can’t breathe. His heart is thumping so loudly inside his chest out of so much fear.
The man is coming. The man is coming to get him and he’s not safe. He’ll get Yoongi. He’ll have Yoongi. Yoongi doesn’t want to go with him. Yoongi doesn’t want it. “T-Taehyung,” he whimpers, mind filled with so much thoughts that he couldn’t even think properly anymore.
He’s so scared. He’s so f/ucking scared. He couldn’t even comprehend what the hell is happening right now. He doesn’t know what to do. He can’t understand anything anymore. “I-I don’t w-want to be here. T-Tae-”
“Okay,” Taehyung calmly whispers, keeping his grip on Yoongi. “Let’s get out now, okay? Stay with me for now. I’ll have this room cleaned and fixed while you’re with me.” Yoongi nods desperately, not even thinking about it any further. He doesn’t care anymore.
Taehyung will fix everything. Taehyung can do anything. Taehyung always makes him feel safe. Yoongi trusts Taehyung. Taehyung pulls him back to the doorway without letting go, and Yoongi just holds onto him tightly without opening his eyes.
He allows Taehyung to lead the way out because he doesn’t want to see any of this anymore. Once they finally entered Taehyung’s apartment, Yoongi is still a crying mess.
They lied down on the bed with Yoongi clinging tightly onto Taehyung, face buried against his chest and still shaking harshly out of fear. Taehyung is making some calls to have the room fixed while holding Yoongi securely against his own body.
“Everything will be fine,” Taehyung whispers to a crying Yoongi once they’re finally curled up on the bed, trying to provide as much comfort to Yoongi as possible.
Yoongi pushes himself closer to Taehyung, and Taehyung accepts all of him with so much satisfaction building up in his chest. “Everything will be fine as long as I’m here.”
03:01 "You can wear my clothes for now, okay? We'll buy new clothes later after our classes end," Taehyung says as he helps Yoongi wear his coat. Yoongi did love wearing clothes a lot bigger than him so Taehyung's clothes didn't look weird at him at all.
Sure, they have quite different styles but Taehyung just had to grab a black fabric and it's all good for Yoongi. Besides, Taehyung thinks that Yoongi looks awfully adorable in his clothes as well.
"Thank you, Tae," Yoongi answers, giving Taehyung a strained smile. He still looks so broken and lost. He looks even smaller than usual. He seems very vulnerable right now but Taehyung couldn't find it in himself to feel guilty about that.
"Sorry for always intruding in your space. I- I really didn't want to bother you with all of this." "It's okay," Taehyung whispers, caressing Yoongi's cheek with his thumb. He offers the smaller man a genuine smile which the latter mimics immediately.
"You will never be a bother to me. I love having you here." And then he leans in to press a kiss on Yoongi's forehead. "There you go. Let's go to class now, okay?"
Taehyung offers his hand to Yoongi as he pulls away, and Yoongi smiles appreciatively before taking Taehyung's hand in his and holding onto him tightly. "Okay," he answers, still looking so small and vulnerable. "Let's go, Taehyungie."
03:24 "What are you cooking?" Taehyung's rough voice interrupts him from his focus. He feels Taehyung's lean body against his back and sees Taehyung's hands gripping the counter, trapping his body in between.
Taehyung hooks his chin on Yoongi's shoulder, and Yoongi couldn't stop himself from feeling a little flustered with the close contact. Taehyung's hair is wet and he smells really nice. He must have just finished showering before seeing Yoongi in the kitchen.
"Just pancakes. Let's have a quick meal before going out." Taehyung hums, rubbing his nose gently along Yoongi's neck. Yoongi flushes red at the gesture but he didn't say anything. He just allows Taehyung to do what he wants as he continues to cook the pancakes.
"You're such an amazing cook. Having you here with me makes me so happy, Yoongi. I'm so glad you're here." Yoongi chuckles, feeling warmth spread all over his chest at what Taehyung had just said. It feels so amazing to hear these words from Taehyung.
"I'm very happy that I'm here too. It's fun to have someone around." Taehyung hums in agreement and Yoongi transfers the last pancake to the plate. "I like you a lot, Yoongi," Taehyung says just as Yoongi is turning off the stove.
Yoongi freezes, tilting his head slightly to look at Taehyung to see just what he meant by that. "What?" he asks, eyes wide with wonder. Taehyung smiles at him gently. "I like you. I've liked you for so long and it makes me really happy that you're here with me."
"You like me," Yoongi repeats, heat rising up to his cheeks as he comes to a realization. That must be why Taehyung has been so clingy towards him. That must be why Taehyung keeps on getting upset whenever Yoongi tells him that he likes someone else. It all makes sense now.
Yoongi had been so insensitive. Taehyung must have been so upset. He had done so much for Yoongi and Yoongi never gave anything back. "Yeah, I like you a lot." Taehyung places his hands on both sides of Yoongi's waist, turning him around so they're directly facing each other.
Yoongi feels his back hit the counter, but he's too preoccupied with Taehyung's beautiful face in front of him. Taehyung lifts his hand up to gently push a stray hair out of Yoongi's face so he could see the man's face clearer.
"You've been the most important person in my life ever since I met you. When my father left, I promised myself that I would never lose you, Yoongi." "You won't," Yoongi answers almost instinctively. Taehyung smiles as he hears that answer.
"You'll never lose me, Taehyung. I promised you that, remember?" Taehyung nods, looking all too satisfied with Yoongi's answer. "And I-" Yoongi flushes even redder as he pauses. "And I like you too, Tae. I-I can't imagine being without you anymore."
The huge grin on Taehyung's face couldn't be hidden. He looks so happy and he really is. Finally. He finally has Yoongi on the palm of his hand. He leans in slowly, eyes shifting down to gaze at Yoongi's lips.
They look so pinkish and inviting, as if he's just asking for Taehyung to devour them fully. And Taehyung is not one to turn away from something he wants. He closes the gap between them, feeling his desire spike up as Yoongi gasps at the sudden contact.
His lips fit perfectly against Yoongi's, and it feels so f/ucking good to finally have Yoongi. He tightens his hold on Yoongi's waist, pressing his body against Yoongi's as close as possible.
Yoongi whimpers as he's pressed even closer to the counter, hand reaching up to gain support from Taehyung's shoulders. He opens his mouth slightly, letting Taehyung in. He's feeling so much. Too much.
Taehyung is so warm and his touches and lips feel so damn familiar against Yoongi's. It almost feels like it wasn't the first time they've done this. Taehyung just feels so familiar. Maybe it's because they've known each other for a long time.
Maybe it's because it had been Taehyung all along. All those times years he spent trying to look for love from someone else was so useless because Taehyung had been there all this time. Taehyung makes him feel so complete.
His heart is beating so loudly inside his chest as if it's screaming out Taehyung's name, and god, it feels so amazing. It's like they belong perfectly with one another. Yoongi shouldn't have looked for any other place to belong in when Taehyung has been there all along.
Yoongi belongs right here next to Taehyung. After all this time, it has always been Taehyung. When Taehyung pulls away, he's smiling so softly and his eyes - they look so in love. Yoongi chuckles, finding Taehyung so adorable. He reaches up to ruffle Taehyung's hair gently.
"Go dry your hair and come back so we can eat." "Okay," Taehyung answers, leaning down to steal a brief kiss from Yoongi's lips before running away to finally dry his hair while laughing at Yoongi's complaints about the stolen kiss.
Yoongi takes in a deep breath, trying to calm himself and his heart down from what just happened. Something changed. This thing between him and Taehyung - it definitely changed.
03:32 Taehyung holds Yoongi even tighter that night. Yoongi liked it. He feels so secure with his head under Taehyung's chin, face buried snuggly against his chest.
Their feet are entangled with one another, with Yoongi rubbing them gently because he's always feeling cold and Taehyung always makes him feel warmer. "Yoongi," Taehyung calls with his soft voice, interrupting the silence between them.
Yoongi hums in response, rubbing his nose gently against Taehyung's chest and smiling as he takes in his comforting scent. This feels so much more intimate compared to all those nights they spent together, pressed against each other just like this. "I really like you."
Yoongi giggles, arms tightening around Taehyung. "I really like you too." Taehyung sighs and closes his eyes, letting the words wash over him. It's amazing. Yoongi's words can make him feel so calm and relaxed. He'd love to hear this forever. "Be mine."
At those words, Yoongi's eyes snaps open. It's dark. He can barely see anything. But he can feel Taehyung shifting, warm lips pressing against his forehead. "Please be mine, Yoongi. I've wanted you for so long." Yoongi's heart thuds harshly against his chest.
Taehyung wants him this much. Taehyung wants to be by his side forever like this. Taehyung wants Yoongi. Why does this make Yoongi feel so happy? They've been together even since they were kids. They grew up together, never letting go of each other's hands.
Taehyung was there through every important milestone of Yoongi's life. Taehyung was there through every laughter and every tear. Taehyung always comforts him. Taehyung always protects him. Taehyung never lets anyone hurt him.
Taehyung makes him feel so happy like no one else ever did. Taehyung. He cares about Taehyung so much. He can't imagine ever losing him. He wants Taehyung by his side forever. He needs Taehyung. "Okay," he answers, no more hesitance clouding his chest. "Yeah, I'll be yours."
Taehyung gently pulls away from the embrace just so he could level his face against Yoongi's. And even in the dark, Yoongi could see just how bright Taehyung's eyes are shining. It had always been like this. Taehyung always shined the brightest against everyone else.
Taehyung smiles gently, eyes tracing all of Yoongi's features as if he's trying to engrave all of them in his mind. Yoongi wants to cry. He never thought that someone could want him this much.
Taehyung cradles his face with one hand before shifting closer to let their foreheads touch. "Thank you," he whispers. "I can't believe I can finally call you mine." And so he closes the gap between them, letting their lips meet.
Taehyung's lips are so soft, and Yoongi finds himself wanting more and more. Taehyung kisses Yoongi with so much warmth and love, and Yoongi doesn't think anything else will ever compare to this. Nothing ever will.
It's Taehyung, after all. And having Taehyung is more than enough. He's the only one Yoongi needs.
03:39 Taehyung ends up taking him to his family's own store. The Kim's also delved in the world of electronics so Taehyung was very eager to take him to the store so they could replace his old phone.
Taehyung said that he had a phone customized for Yoongi so the stalker couldn't contact him again, and Yoongi agrees without an ounce of hesitance. And so they went to the store, hands intertwined and cheeks flushed red at the new feeling.
It's the first time he held Taehyung's hand with the two of them finally dating. It's amazing. Taehyung always makes him feel all warm and safe. "Here. This has my contact number and also the other guys. I think you should start with very few contacts for now so you'd be safe."
Yoongi nods obediently, trading his old phone with the new one without even thinking twice about it. "Thanks, Taehyungie. You always make me feels safe. It really means a lot to me."
"Anything for my boyfriend," Taehyung says with a cute giggle, wrapping his arms around Yoongi and pulling him in for an embrace, not even minding that there are other people around them. And Yoongi doesn't either.
He returns Taehyung's embrace and allows himself to melt under Taehyung's touch. Things are getting better now. Yoongi is safe as long as he's with Taehyung. Yoongi will always be with Taehyung.
03:57 🔞 The best thing about Taehyung is how expressive he is even without words. Taehyung always holds Yoongi so gently as if he’s afraid that Yoongi is gonna break. Taehyung always holds Yoongi so close as if he’s afraid that Yoongi is gonna disappear.
And weirdly enough, Yoongi loves it. Yoongi loves knowing that Taehyung could care about him that much. Never in his life did he think that someone would ever find him so important the way Taehyung does.
And Taehyung kisses him with so much emotions. Taehyung touches him with so much warmth. Taehyung makes him feel so precious and loved.
“Yoongi,” Taehyung whispers after pulling away for a while, previously leaving marks all over Yoongi’s skin while thrusting his fingers in and out of Yoongi’s hole to prepare him.
He gently pulls his fingers out, earning a quiet moan from Yoongi who’s looking completely messed up under him. He peppers kisses all over Yoongi’s face before finally reaching his lips, in which he leaves a brief but deep kiss. “Can I?”
“Yeah,” Yoongi answers without any hesitation, wrapping his legs around Taehyung’s back to pull him closer. His cheeks are flushed red and he doesn’t really know what to do or how it will go because he has never done anything like this with anyone else before
(he hasn’t even kissed anyone else – Taehyung is his first kiss too, Taehyung is his first in everything). But all that he knows is that Taehyung is making him feel so good, and god, he wants Taehyung so, so much.
“Please, want you,” he whispers, wrapping his arms around Taehyung to pull him in for a kiss filled with so much hunger. Taehyung seems so desperate too.
As soon as Yoongi connects their lips and busies himself with the kiss, one of Taehyung’s hand grabs the back of Yoongi’s thigh to push it forward so he could gain an easier access, and Yoongi obediently allows Taehyung to do whatever the hell it is he’s doing.
He only realized its purpose when he feels the head of Taehyung’s cock resting directly against his puckering hole, nudging itself in between but not pushing in just yet.
“I love you, Yoongi,” Taehyung whispers before pushing in, little by little until he’s fully buried all the way inside of Yoongi. Yoongi chokes up at the foreign feeling of being so full. He couldn’t even answer.
The stretch is making his eyes tear up, and he couldn’t help but whimper as he tightens his limbs around Taehyung and slots their lips together to distract himself from the pain. Taehyung didn’t move either, allowing Yoongi to adjust slowly to his size.
Instead, he busies his lips with Yoongi’s, tongue caressing Yoongi’s and smiling with satisfaction as Yoongi moans, seemingly lost in the kiss.
Taehyung soon pulls away from the kiss, opting to just resting their foreheads together as he finally pulls his cock out gently only to f/uck into Yoongi experimentally.
A gasp escapes Yoongi’s lips at that small movement, hole clenching around Taehyung’s girth. He seems to be very sensitive and Taehyung is absolutely loving it.
“Please,” Yoongi cries out as Taehyung finally starts moving at a slow pace, wanting to make this moment last for as long as possible because it’s special. It’s his first time with Yoongi. He’ll finally make Yoongi fully his.
After this, Yoongi will be his and he’ll never want anyone else ever again. Yoongi will know that he belongs nowhere else but with Taehyung. “More.” And so Taehyung pulls himself up so he’s kneeling on the bed, cock still buried deeply inside of Yoongi.
He grins as he sees Yoongi looking at him with a completely lost expression. He looks like he doesn’t know what to do and Taehyung loves his innocence.
He licks his lips hands grabbing the back of Yoongi’s thighs to push them forward so he could have a better view of where they’re currently connected. Yoongi’s hole is swallowing up his cock so greedily, and he couldn’t even push back the satisfaction building up in his chest.
He slowly pulls his cock out, watching the way Yoongi’s hole is clinging onto him as if he doesn’t want Taehyung to go. It also shows with the way Yoongi is whimpering and grabbing onto Taehyung’s hand while begging for more.
Yoongi is so lewd and desirable like this. Taehyung almost wants to completely ruin him. He pulls out just until the head is the only part nudged inside of Yoongi, breathing it before he pistons his hips forward and f/ucks into Yoongi at a brutal pace,
to the point where nothing else is escaping Yoongi’s mouth but some moans and his name. And it makes Taehyung feel so f/ucking amazing.
It’s not only coming from the pleasure building up inside of his stomach as he f/ucks into Yoongi, but also from the way Yoongi is looking so helpless and ruined under Taehyung while desperately crying out his name.
It almost feels like nothing else matters except for the two of them. It’s almost like he’s the only one Yoongi wants and needs. And it should always be like that. Yoongi should only ever want him.
He should always be like this, begging and crying Taehyung for more, and not thinking of anything or anyone else but Taehyung. Taehyung wants to monopolize Yoongi’s mind so he would never, even just for a single second, think of anyone else.
Taehyung releases Yoongi’s thighs and allows himself to fall on top of Yoongi once again with his arms supporting his weight on both sides of Yoongi. He continues to f/uck into Yoongi to chase his release, mouth latching on a part of Yoongi’s skin which he hasn’t marked yet.
Yoongi looks so amazing with his marks so he’ll make sure that he’ll always carry it. Yoongi comes first, spurting out his release all over their stomachs, and Taehyung feels so much satisfaction clouding his senses because Yoongi came without Taehyung having to touch him.
He came from Taehyung’s cock inside of him alone. But Taehyung didn’t give Yoongi the chance to be shy about it as he continues to f/uck Yoongi through his orgasm, making the latter cry out due to the overstimulation.
Soon, Taehyung is releasing inside of Yoongi with his cock buried deeply, and Yoongi just tightens his limbs around Taehyung to feel him even closer. “I love you too,” Yoongi tiredly whispers just as Taehyung is about to finally pull out of Yoongi.
And so he stills, eyes snapping open and staring down at Yoongi’s half-lidded ones. Yoongi smiles, hand moving up to cup Taehyung’s cheek gently, thumb caressing his skin. “I love you too, Taehyung.” Finally. Taehyung has all of Yoongi now.
04:09 Sleeping next to Taehyung while wrapped up in his arms is something that Yoongi could get used to. Taehyung is so warm and soft, and he always smells so good so Yoongi never hesitates before burying his face against the man's chest whenever they would sleep.
So that's what he wants to do tonight as well. He climbs on the bed and lies down on Taehyung's offered arm, sighing in contentment as Taehyung immediately turns to face him. "Hey," Taehyung greets before pressing a kiss on his forehead.
"Hey," Yoongi answers, smiling at the brief kiss. Taehyung never fails to make his heart race. "I was thinking of something," Taehyung says as he runs his hands through the strands of Yoongi's hair, soothingly massaging his scalp.
Yoongi just hums to let Taehyung know that he's listening, eyes closed as he gets lost in the comfort of Taehyung's touch. "I really love you, Yoongi. I don't think I will ever love anyone else as much as I love you."
"I love you too," he replies immediately, not even having to think about it any further. "I really love you too, Taehyung." And Taehyung seems a little satisfied with that. Yoongi could tell by the way his body relaxes almost immediately. "I know," Taehyung answers.
"That's why I wouldn't be able to bear it if someone takes you away from me. I would go crazy if you disappear, Yoongi." "I would never leave you, Taehyung. Please don't be scared of that."
Taehyung presses another kiss on his forehead. "I would never leave you either." Yoongi smiles warmly, chest feeling so full after hearing Taehyung's words. "That's why I thought that it would be fine if I request something selfish." Those words were very intriguing.
Yoongi's eyes snap open to meet Taehyung's, patiently waiting for his next words. Taehyung smiles warmly at him, hand reaching forward to cup Yoongi's cheek. "When we graduate, I want you to marry me, Yoongi. Let's stay together forever, okay?"
Taehyung continues to talk but Yoongi couldn't understand any of it anymore. He's completely frozen on his position. Taehyung wants to marry him. Aren't they going too fast?
The other guys were right. Everything is happening so fast and Yoongi didn't even notice it. Why the hell does Taehyung want to marry him so early? "Taehyung, we're graduating next year. We only have around a year left of college."
"I know," Taehyung says nonchalantly as if those facts do not bother him at all. "That's why it's okay for us to get married by then. We're graduating in a year." Taehyung takes his hand back to dig around his pocket only to reveal a small box,
and Yoongi doesn't even need to open it to know what's inside. It's an engagement ring. What the f/uck is happening? Is Yoongi being heartless or are they really going too fast?
"Isn't it-" he gulps, licking his suddenly dry lips. "Isn't it too early for this? We've only been together for a short period of time." Taehyung's expression changes immediately. His warm smile turns into a frown, eyes losing all of their sparks.
"Do you not want to marry me? I thought you loved me." His voice sounds so scary and it makes Yoongi shiver. "Of course I love you," he reassures Taehyung, not wanting him to get the wrong idea.
He reaches forward to gently caress Taehyung's cheek and gives him a smile to let him know that he really does love him. Yoongi isn't lying. It was just very surprising. "Let me think about it first, okay? I-It was just so sudden so I have to think about it."
Taehyung just nods sniffly and pulls away from Yoongi, letting Yoongi's hands drop down on the bed. Taehyung wordlessly places the box on the nightstand before lying down on the bed again with his back turned against Yoongi.
He's at the side, seemingly not wanting any contact tonight. And so Yoongi doesn't push for more. Taehyung probably needs time. He probably didn't expect Yoongi to not agree. Yoongi sighs and turns around as well so he's not facing Taehyung's back.
He feels horrible. He doesn't want to make Taehyung feel sad. He must have spent so much money on that ring too! But Yoongi can't just decide rashly either. This is a big decision. He needs time. He has to think about this properly.
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Thank you so much for reading this! I really wanted to write this story for so long and I'm sad that it ended 😔 Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing! Thank you again! ily guys a lot uwu
kay 🍊 yoonjin au

kay 🍊 yoonjin au

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