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Mar 9, 2020
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#TAEKOOKAU V is known in fashion world as a perfectionist designer while JK is the newly appointed Director of the company he's working at. Two hearts gone cold until Yanna, the 4 year old daughter of V got lost & found inside the strict director's office!

REMINDERS: -Be KIND -DO NOT REPLY on the tweets -REACT by RT with comments -Let's spread LOVE & GOOD VIBES This is my first take on STEP DAD AU & as y'all know, this will also be my first AU in this account so pardon me with all my grammatical & typo errors🖤 -Love, K
CHARACTERS: JEON JUNGKOOK -Director of JJ's House of Fashion -28, Single -Strict, doesn't believe in love -He hates wasting time -He doesnt like any NOISE -Very neat
KIM TAEHYUNG -Head Designer of the House of Jeon -30, Single Dad -Youngest of the Kims -Independent since he's 18 -JM's bestfriend -Perfectionist -Yanna's Papa
NAMJOON & SEOKJIN -husbands -Jin is Taehyung's only brother -Jin is a model -Joon became the CEO of the Kim's Real Estate Business -Nation's Power Couple
PARK JIMIN -30, Single -Model -Tae's BFF MIN YOONGI -32, Single -Photographer, Stockholder in Kim's Real Estate -Guk's BFF
JUNG HOSEOK -31, single -Tae's admirer -part time model at the House of Jeon -Owner of Hopeworld (Chain of Malls) -Namjoon & Yoongi's friend
TITLE: 𝓛𝓸𝓼𝓽 & 𝓕𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓭 AN: This is my first time to write a STEP DAD/SINGLE PARENT AU so I hope you'll understand that everything regarding this AU is purely fictional. Thank you & I'm looking forward to your reactions🖤
6:30 AM and the alarm at Taehyung's apartment goes off! But since the famous designer just pulled another all nighter, he tried to cheat on his time & turn off the clock hoping that the small ball of sunshine beside him is still sleeping... but unfortunately she's not!
The father of four year old girl almost jumps out of the bed when he saw his own child sitting & staring at him already. "Geez, baby you startled me." he mumbles while extending his arms to reach his baby but Yanna just continues to stare at him. "You diw not sweep again papa."
The little girl is obviously judging him because he's still wearing his working clothes. The truth is, Tae didn't plan to sleep without even removing his make up the previous night but since he's really tired, he didn't even notice that he already fallen asleep beside her.
Tae knows there's no valid reason for him to justify himself. "Yanna, papa is so sorry baby. I promise, I'll try my best not to sleep with my working clothes on again." he apologizes with his softest voice. The girl stares back at him for few seconds before she finally smile.
"Otei, gimme my mowning love then papa." she then crawls her way to his father's lap and startes to pepper him with his tiny kisses. And that's how the morning of Kim Taehyung starts before he managed to drop her baby to her school before going to his own work.
Yana gave her father one more quick peck before getting inside the classroom while Taehyung stays behind and watch her dance her way. The designer is about to leave when Yana’s teacher approaches him for the first time. “Good morning Mr. Kim, I’m sorry to bother you but I
just wanna make sure you got the memo from the parents portal?” she asked politely hoping that the busy parent knows what she’s talking about. Tae furrows his brows and immediately check his phone for any school notice he missed and he immediately apologized when he saw one.
“Oh geez, I’m sorry Ms. Lee I was—“ he’s cut off by the kind teacher who knows how he always need a constant reminder for Yana’s school affairs because of his situation as a single parent who’s always busy with his work. “It’s okay Mr. Kim, you dont have to apologize. That’s
why I am reminding you now that we have early dismissal today because of the parents workshop tomorrow. So please, dont forget to pick up Yana at 2 o’clock today.” Ms. Lee explains to him politely. Tae knows it would be a conflict to his schedule but he doesnt wanna trouble the
teacher so he just promised her that he’ll pick up her daughter on time. Tae checks the time on his Gucci watch & silently thank the heaven again for giving him his job that doesn’t really require him to go to work early since he’s now the head designer of the company.
He may not be required to be at work early but Taehyung is a professional & perfectionist when it comes to his career. He never arrived later than 8 o’clock in their company’s main building and he never failed to visit all 8 satellites of their boutique around Seoul. He always
makes sure that all their latest designs are properly displayed on their show rooms and other stores that are selling their products may it be the clothes, shoes, bags or any other accessories. He is very diligent when it comes to his career. He still do things that he's not
supposed to do anymore because to him, JJ HOUSE OF FASHION isn't just work anymore, it is his passion. That's why many of his clients and even his brother Seokjin keeps convincing him to open his own clothing line already since he already has a name in fashion world.
He already received many offers & proposals to help him establish his own brand but he turned them all down for two reasons. First, it's because of his Yanna. With his hectic schedule now that he's just a designer is already taking a big toll in his parenthood, what more if
he'll have his own brand? No! Taehyung won't let that happen ever because above all, his top most priority is his daughter. Second, is no other than Mrs. Jia Jeon, the owner of the brand he's working for. The very first woman who believes in him when he was just a struggling
University student. Taehyung can still clearly remembers how hia own parents threatened to disown him because he wouldn't follow them back then. He went out of their mansion, worked hia ass off at night while he studied on daylight. It was really hard for him but he never gave up
until he managed to apply as an intern to JJ House of Fashion. He would never forget the day Mrs. Jeon called him a fashion terr*rist because of his huge red jacket he managed to sneaked out from his closet in their mansion before he ran away. That day was the same day the
beautiful woman praised and called him V for victory when she saw his portfolio! She was impressed of his unique & elegant designs and ever since that day, the woman taught him all the dos and donts and the alphabets of fashion world! She became his mentor until he graduated!
Taehyung smirks to himself again when he realized that he already arrives at his destination. He tossed his key to their valet and enter their building with oozing confidence. All other employees greet him with smile on their faces not because he is in higher position but because
they all know that the owner of their company loves him so much. But of course, aside from that, they know V as kind & sweet person as long as you're doing your work PERFECTLY because if you dont, then he's the meanest person you'll ever meet. There's no second chance to him!
Taehyung believes that everyone is given the same chances in life. It's always up to people to make their own choices, so when they're screwed, then they have to face the consequences. He's always a firm believer of that mantra so in short, for him there's no room for mistake.
There's only space for improvement. There's no going back because it should always moving forward. So it's not surprise to all the staff in his office when he immediately furrows his brows upon seeing a familiar vase with sunflowers in his table. "Beomie!!!!" he called out.
"Why are these flowers still here when I clearly told you last night to throw them away?" he asks while sliding his finger on top of his desk to make sure it's spotless. His assistant gulps beforw he answers. "Vshi, t-those flowers are newly delivered again. I threw the ones
you've received yesterday." he informed his boss who froze on his seat. Its only then when Tae noticed the new card pinned on one of the flowers. He looks at his assistant first & dismiss him before taking the card. "𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓪 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓭𝓪𝔂 𝓫𝓮𝓪𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓾𝓵.--JH"
Taehyung closed his eyes & mentally counts 1-10 to free his mind from anything. It's already Friday, last day of work this week so he doesn't wanna get so stress especially now that his team is busy preparing for the incoming welcome party of the new director of JJ.
Mrs. Jeon talked to him a month ago about her early retirement because according to her, she deserves to rest & enjoy her wealth now especially that her son is finally back home. Jia is a widow and she raised her son alone but since Jungkook wanted to become an architect, she let
him pursue his dream first. And now that he's already successful in his own career, he finally decided to come home and accept the position of being the director of JJ House of Fashion since he's already well verse when it comes to managing a company. They are about to welcome
him on Monday that is why everyone in their building are busy doing their own tasks from the design & lay out room up to the show room! Taehyung is so proud of everyone because he knows that they're all giving their best to impress their new boss. He's about to start checking
his checklist for the day when he realized that the vase of sunflower ia still in his desk so he called his assistant again & ask him to take it away. Beomgyu took it immediately upon hearing his order. Tae is already browsing his checklist when he remembers about his baby's
early dismissal again so he took out his phone & dial the only person he could entrust Yanna. "Jiminie,thank God you answered your phone." he blurted out, totally surprise that his best friend is already up as early as 8 o'clock on Friday morning. The model only laughs at him.
"Hey Tae, what's up?! Is everything alright?" he asks after realizing that his bestfriend will never call him during office hours using his phone if it's not emergency. "Uhmm, Chim I'm really sorry to bother you but--" he wasn't even finish with his sentence when the model
guessed what he's about to tell him. "What time do I need to take her from school? Goodness Taehyung, I told you, never hesitate to ask me anything when it comes to my angel! So, what time do I need to be where?" Jimin asks again knowing fully that his bestfriend only hesitates
to ask him because he thought he's busy. Good thing that he doesn't have any shoot today and the next weekend so he's free to baby sit his angel. Taehyung sighs on the line but ended up thanking him after explaining him why he needs to take her early today. Jimin told the other
not to worry anymore so Tae thankes him again. "Geez, what will I do without you Jiminie, I love you boo." he mumbles before saying goodbye. "You're lucky you're my bestfriend & i love your designs. Loveyou more Taetae." Jimin replied before ending the call.
Taehyung thanked the heaven again for sending him his bestfriend. He pick up the card and throw it in the bin before finally concentrating on checking his latest designs of lingerie they're about to launch next month. He's already submerged in his work so no one dares to bother
him & inform him that the man they are all waiting to arrive next week has already arrived at the building. Jeon Jungkook, the only heir of JJ House of Fashion finally arrived. But since no one knows his face yet because Mrs. Jeon never flaunted his son, no one recognized him!
Jungkook texted his mom that he's already in the building, but since Mrs. Jeon is still in Italy for the opening of their shop there, she wasn't able to reply immediately. Good thing that the heir of Jeon immediately spotted his bestfriend Min Yoongi in the lobby. "Jungkook!"
"Hyung, good that you're here. " he said while giving his hyung a quick hug. One of the staff approaches them. Yoongi quickly introduces Jk to her but ask the same staff not to tell a single soul that Jungkook is already there because he only came to observe today.
He knows that he'll be formally introduce on Monday that's why he would like to take a chance to explore their company without being known as the owner yet. The staff smiled at them and directed them to Jk's office. The two males thanked her before they finally close the door.
"Welcome back to South Korea almighty Jeon Jungkook!" Yoongi teases the younger while observing him. Jungkook glares at his hyung upon hearing it while scanning the room. He noticed how neat and minimalist everything in his office and he likes it. He must thank the one who
prepared it for him. "Please don't tell me you just came from the airport and the first thing you did is to come and check your office because goddamn it Jungkook, you have nothing to prove here anymore. This is your own company and--" "I should work harder now that it's my
own company, right hyung? Besides, don't worry I already went home and took a shower before I came." he smiled at their company's resident photographer before flopping himself at the black leather couch inside the office. He's trying not to sit on his desk yet because he knows
once he does, he'll immediately start working. He promised his mom he won't start until Monday so he has to restrain himself. "I knew it! have you even eaten anything yet?" Yoongi asks again. "Actually hyung--" "Stop! Just stop with your bullshits! We're going to eat your
favorite lamb skewers now and I won't take no for answer!" Yoongi insisted as he take out his phone from his pocket to dial the food delivery. Jungkook just shakes his head off because he knows he could never win over his hyung when it comes to health. Yoongi has been taking
care of him since he was in LA. In fact, they met each other there when his mom sent him to US to study. Yoongi's mom owns the apartment he was renting before Mrs. Jeon bought his own. They practically housemates since he Mrs. Min never failed to invite him for lunch and dinner.
Jk snaps out of his thoughts when Yoongi asks hi what drink he'd like. "Just water hyung" he replied to Yoongi's disappointment. "Gonna order banana milk since you have a fridge here so you'll have something to drink." the older added. "Really hyung? banana milk?"
"Yah! Stop pretending you didn't ask banana milk from the flight attendant on your flight!" Yoongi snickered & Jk knows he would never win against him. The two of them shared a good laugh while they're waiting for their food. Jk is busy retelling him another one of his flings
when he notice the older smiling at his phone. "Hyung, are you seeing someone at the moment?" he asks when he caught him excitedly replying to the person who's texting him. "Uhh,nope! Not really seeing someone but he's cute. He's actually one of the models of JJ's." he uttered.
Jk raised his brow to his hyung. "What happened to WORK ETHICS hyung?" he teases him this time, knowing how Yoongi hates to mix pleasure with work. "Yah! I said he's cute but it's not like Im going to f*ck him here." the older quickly replied while throwing a cushion to him.
Jk laughs really hard while watching his hyung blush. He missed seeing Yoongi like that because he knows that ever since his last relationship, the older never really showed interest to someone else. "Now, I'm really curious to meet that cutie hyung. He might be really cute to
make you blush like that." he said while standing to open the door to receive their food delivery. The two continues to chat while eating their food. Yoongi's happy to see the younger eating deliciously while Jk is happy to see his hyung happy. "You're lucky, you might meet
Jimin today since he's dropping someone in the building." Yoongi informs him while chewing his food. "Oh, so it's Park Jimin!" JK smiled at him. Of course he knows the model. He might not know them personally but he keeps tab on their company's precious employees.
"So you know him?" "Who wouldn't hyung? He's the model behind the infamous clothes accidental malfunctions!" Jk blurted out. He remembers one of the shows he attended last year where he saw the model. Everyone was whipped of his act on the runway! Yoongi smiled fondly at him.
"He just sent a message that he's going to take his niece from her school and they'll drop by here, maybe you can say hi to him." Yoongi suggested and Jk agrees immediately. If they're in another situation, he would've said no immediately because they're at the office but
seeing his hyung this excited to see someone, melts the director's heart. So who is he to say no?! Little did Jeon Jungkook know, that Yoongi's gummy smile for him is just the start of melting his ice cold heart, because it's at exactly 3 o'clock in the afternoon when he's
on his way back to his office from his tour around the building when he saw someone entered his office! The young director furrowed his brows because as far as he knows, no one is allowed to enter his office especially when the staff are all expecting to see him next week.
Meanwhile, Taehyung is so excited to meet his baby on their building lobby. Jimin already texted him that they're in the House of Jeon already so he informed his assistant Beomgyu that he's going down to fetch Yana. The pretty designer is even humming to himself while going to
the elevator when he saw Jimin with Yoongi. He waves at them with wide smile. "Minnie!" he greeted his best friend and it's only when they're close when he noticed Jimin's panicking state. "Tae, I'm really so--." "Jimin, where's Yana?" he cuts him off when he noticed that his
baby is not with the two. "ISTG Tae, she's just playing with my phone and then Yoongi hyung and I are---" "Park Jimin where the hell is my daughter?!" Tae started to scream at the model when he realized that his daughter is missing! Yoongi tried to calm him down but he only
pushed him away. "You don't get to tell me to calm down when my four year old daughter is missing in this 20 floor building! Jimin, where did you last see her? Did you inform the security already?" Tae asks them while waiting for the elevator to open. Jimin is already crying.
"I'm really so sorry Tae, n-no we haven't informed anyone yet because there are still clients and we don't want to---" "Goddamn it Park Jimin! It's Yana we are talking about!" Taehyung's head about to explode when he heard his best friend get worried about their customers over
his baby. "I'm--" "Minnie can you just stop apologizing and just go to the head of security and tell them about it first! I'll go at the lobby & look outside the building first but I'm telling you this Park Jimin, I'm gonna kill you when something bad happens to my daughter!"
It's only when Jimin and Yoongi left when Taehyung finally let go of the tears he's trying to hide. If there's one thing he hates about himself is his ability to cry easily. He hates it so much so he's trying his best not to show that side of him even to his best friend.
But the moment he enters the elevator and realized that his daughter is missing, he immediately started to cry while uttering a prayer in his head. 'Lord please, not my daughter. Take away everything from me, but not Yanna please.' he keeps mumbling while he's running outside
the building to check for his baby. The thing is, Yanna have been in the House of Jeon several times. She's a smart girl for her age and she already knows where his papa's office is so when she got bored while waiting for his uncle Minnie and that mint hair guy talking, she
decided to leave and go ahead to his papa's office on the 19th floor. She took the empty elevator alone and press the command button for short people like her. "Nineteenth floor." she blurted out and off she goes to the executive floor of the building. The problem is,
all the doors in that floor are the same and as smart as she is, she still got confused of the offices. She decided to enter the first one she saw. The little girl gasps when he realized that it's not his papa's office because the chairs are not purple! She's about to leave
the elegant and intimidating office when a booming voice startled her! "Who the hell are you and why are you in my goddamn office?!" Jeon Jungkook's first thought is to intimidate the intruder that's why he even deepen his voice a little bit only to be surprise by a tiny being!
Heaven knows how Yanna tried her best not to cry because she remembers how her papa told her that big girls like her don't cry anymore. But she's still a little girl & the handsome man in front of her is so scary so please dont laugh at her when she failed to stop her tears!
Yanna rubs her eyes and forced herself to stay still and act brave in front of the scary man, but when Jungkook started to step closer to her, she lost it! She started to cry and went to full mode sobbing because she knows that in movies, scary man who shouts at little girls are
the villain. She's caught by the hunter sent by the witch, she will never see her papa again. Yana dramatically fell down on the carpeted floor as she surrenders at the scary man. She even closed her eyes when the said man crouch down to her level. "Pwease, I'm so sowy!"
Jungkook froze on his position when he heard the little girl's voice for the first time. He is already feeling bad for shouting at her but to hear her tremble while apologizing to him really did something in his heart. He doesn't like it but he also doesn't like the fact that the
girl seems to be so scared of him as if he's a monster ready to devour him. "Uhm, hey" he doesn't even know how to properly address the child because goddamn it let's face it, he hates children! He can't stand them! But looking at the crying girl, he feels bad too. So he tried.
"Hey, little..." he looks at her and saw the little sunflower pin in her hair.. "sun-shine, baby girl look, I'm s-s..I didn't know you're just a little girl and you're in my office so I thought you're an intruder." he stammered, not wanting to apologize! He never apologized ever!
Yanna lifts her glance and meet the eyes of the stranger. She even tilts her head & furrows her brows because why does the scary man sounds scared of her? Oh! Yup, princesses in movies always win over bad guys! She then slowly stand up and face the man who's still staring at her.
"Mr. Bad Guy, I'm so sowwy for intwuding to your office but I'm just looking for my papa." she apologized again. But since Jk is an over thinker, he paused & observed the child again. What if she's part of another modus of their competitors? What if someone really sent her to
spy at them? His eyes widens when he realized that she's wearing a back pack. He then suddenly grab the bag without asking permission and inspect what's inside it. Yanna is beyond shocked of the bad guy's action so she started to cry again. "You're bad! It's mine!" she wailed!
Jungkook only realized his mistake when he saw nothing but kid's school stuff inside the bag. He turns to the little girl who's crying again and attempts to stop her but Yanna is so done with him already. She's even too scared to stop crying already. She just cries and cries!
The director knows it's his fault that the girl is crying, but of course you'll never hear him admit that. He's about to pull his hair because of his frustration when he saw the tiny tag attached to the bag of the girl. Yanna Kim. "F*ck!" he uttered to himself when he realized
something. "Yah, little sunshine" he calls out while trying to wipe the tears of the little girl. "What's your name?" he asks hoping that he's wrong because he knows that he wouldn't want to mess with this kid if his guess is right. The little girl suddenly stops
crying and with a broken sob, she managed to say her name. "Y-yanna, my name is Kim Yanna." "Oh damn it!" Jungkook mumbled to himself upon hearing the confirmation that the girl who's crying in front of her is none other than his mom's favorite girl in the whole wide world!
And if this is the Yanna, his mom is talking about, that means this is the only child of their head of designer also known as his mom's counterpart, Kim Taehyung. Jungkook feels like his blood gone cold upon realizing the mistake he just did. Then he remembers the banana milk
in his fridge. he hurriedly open the fridge and took one of the milk and showed it to the girl hoping he could bribe her but the little girl just stared back at him. "I duwanna banana miyk, I want ice cweam." she said as if he's suddenly her servant ready to serve her.
Jungkook knows he's screwed, but if this girl is the smart little girl his mom won't shut up about, then he knows that giving in to her request is better before he guides her back to his father. "Alright, listen here baby sunshine." he said but the girl interrupts him. "Yanna,
my name is Yanna." she said while putting back her things inside her bag. Jk raised his brows when the tiny being insisted him to call her by her name. "Okay, Yanna I'm going to buy ice cream now, can you wait here?" he asks while watching her tidy up her own things.
The little girls seems to be contemplating before she answers. She knows that the bad guy never keeps their promises. This bad guy will probably run away and hide now so she won't let that happen. "No, Yanna wanna come with you Mistew." she said while wearing back her bag.
Jk took a deep breathe first. This child is already getting on his nerves and now he's wondering why his mom loves her. "Right! Of course, you wouldn't want me to choose the flavor of your ice cream. Let's go then." he scoffed as he stands up & walk towards the door.
Jungkook is already at the door when he noticed that the girl isn't moving. "What now? I thought you want ice cream?" he asks. He is running out of patience now. The girl pouts at him and damn, he may not admit it out loud but it's the cutest pout he has ever seen.
"My papa said, I'm not allowed to go out with a stwanger. I dunno your nwame." she said while fidgeting the edge of her clothes. Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose because damn, how could a tiny being annoys him like this. "JK, my name is JK." he said just to satisfy her.
Yanna finally smiled at him for the first time upon hearing his name. "It's nice to mweet you uncle JJ," she said before running to grab his hand. Jungkook is taken a back, but he ignores the warm feeling he suddenly felt when the tiny hands of the girl grabs his own.
Jk's plan is easy. They'll go to the nearest convenient store, grab an ice cream and go back to the office so he could return the child to his father who is too irresponsible to let his child wander around the office alone! But the moment they entered the store, he lost it!
"Uncle JJ, yanna want this." she pointed at the box of choco coated biscuits. Jk took it from her & guides her to the ice cream aisle and let her choose the flavor. "Yanna want this one." she pointed at chocolate mint ice cream. Jk cant help but smile when he saw her choice.
"So you have a good taste huh?" he mumbles while telling the vendor their order. Jk is about to thank the heaven because they're finally holding the ice cream when Yanna suddenly let go of his hand only to sit on one of the tables inside the shop. "Yanna wanna eat hwere."
Now here's the thing. Jungkook knows he has a choice. He could just carry the child back to the office and give her back to his father or to just leave the child alone there since he's really getting pissed by now. But the moment he saw Yanna staring at him with her glossy eyes
he knows he's already defeated as he gives her the ice cream and watch her eat it while telling her about her papa who hates choco mint ice cream. "You know, uncle JJ, my papa duwanna eat shoco mint ice cweam. He only likes stwabewwy." she said while licking her spoon.
Jungkook pretends to be listening to her stories but the truth is, he's already internally cursing at himself for not bringing his phone so he could just call his Yoongi hyung and maybe he could help him with his current situation. "Uncle JJ you duwanna eat ice cweam too? I can
share it with you." Yanna even scoops a spoonful of the ice cream but Jungkook already had enough of her so he didn't even pretend to be nice anymore. "Listen here kid, finish your ice cream because I have a lot of things to do. I am here to work and not to baby sit!" he said.
Yanna's hand froze upon hearing the stern voice of uncle JJ. The little girl slowly put her spoon down and bows her head as if she could hide the tears starting to roll on his chubby cheeks. Of course she knows what Jungkook meant when he said that. She knows of all kids about
someone who always values time at work because she's growing up watching her papa balance his work and his time for her. Yanna thought that maybe her uncle JJ is the same so she feels bad for the man too. She started to wipe away her tears and smile at Jungkook.
"Thank you for the ice cweam uncle JJ, can we go back to the office now so I won't be bothering you anymore? I pwomise I will just stay with my papa." she said while staring at Jk's eyes. The young director is once again taken a back with the change of attitude of the kid.
He agrees to her and decided to carry her back to the office already because he's thinking the faster he could get rid of her, the lesser the trouble. He is now convince that Yanna is a witch because how the hell a 4 years old girl manage to make him feel things?!
Jungkook is still hoping not to be in trouble after everything that happened but the moment they enters the building, a screaming Kim Taehyung welcomes them! "Yanna!" Taehyung screams the moment he saw his daughter being carried by an unknown man. He immediately took his baby
from the stranger and when he made sure that she is fine, she pass her to Jimin and went back to punch the face of the man who took his baby. "I will f*cking sue you, ISTG you will pay for this!" Taehyung yelled at the man before taking Yanna back from Jimin.
Everyone in the lobby are speechless including Yoongi and Jimin who obviously knows who Jeon Jungkook is! Jimin's about to call Taehyung and explain everything to him when Tae just glares back at him. "You don't get to say anything! You almost lost my daughter!" he gritted his
teeth while rubbing his hand up and down at Yanna's back before getting in the elevator to get his stuff from his office so they could finally go home. He will deal with the man later since they already got the footage from where he obviously took Yanna out of the building.
Taehyung only calms down a little when his little girl finally speaks for the first time. "Papa, why did you punch uncle JJ? You're meanie to him, he bwought me ice cweam even if he has lots lots of wowk." she sadly informs him. Tae froze a little when he heard the name.
"Huh!? He even had the audacity to use the initials of my boss! Baby listen to papa okay, that man is a bad guy. Good thing he came back and we found you." he blurted out only to pause again because he feels like he's not making any sense with his own statement. "Papa,"
"Yes baby?" "Why is he a bad guy when you said all your wowkmates are good guys like uncle Bombom" she asks innocently. "But baby, he's not my workmate. He isn't even working here. But don't worry, you'll never see him again because papa will send him to jail." he explains
while peppering her with small kisses on her forehead. Gosh, he thought he'll lose her. "Huh? but he only scwares me a while ago because I get inside his office without his pwemission." she insists while remembering her encounter with her uncle JJ. Taehyung furrows her brows.
But since he knows that his daughter might be in the state of shock, he pushes everything behind his mind and just embraced her again. "Don't worry baby, papa will never ask anyone to fetch you from school again. From now on,it's only Yanna & papa again." he whispers in her ear.
***Jimin and Yoongi approach Jungkook who's still rubbing hs jaw from the punch he got from Taehyung. The two weren't able to speak when Jk's booming voice immediately startled them. "Why the f*ck did I get a punch when he's supposed to be the one taking care of his child?!"
"J-jungkook,I'm sorry there's a huge misunderstanding here and--" "I don't care if he's the head of designs in this company but bringing his child only to lose her in the goddamn building is very irresponsible of him! Set a meeting with Kim Taehyung hyung!" he blurted out again.
"How did you even know that's Taehyung?" Yoongi managed to ask while following his bestfriend going to the parking lot. Jk turns to glare at him. "Who doesn't know the feisty designer with ethereal face?!" he spits before getting in his car leaving the two behind.
Yoongi turns to Jimin when Jk's car is out of their view. "Did he just call Taehyung pretty?" he asks, with a confuse look at the model. Jimin nods at him. "He even use ethereal to describe his beauty." he sighs. The two gives each other knowing look before they head back to
the office to check on Taehyung & Yanna but the two is already in the lobby too. "Tae" Jimin tried to stop his best friend but Tae gave him THE LOOK so he immediately stop. He doesn't wanna upset him more. So as much as he wanted to apologize again, he decided to let them go.
*** Taehyung finally tucks his daughter to her bed after the very eventful day they both had. Good thing that it's weekend the next day so the designer doesn't need to wake her daughter up early again. They could both rest and have extra cuddle time the next morning.
Yanna's papa was about to lay down too when he noticed his phone on top of his working table inside the room. He lazily drags his feet and open the emails and messages one by one. Most of them are work related reports from different branches while some of them are from Jimin.
He chose to ignore them for now since he really doesn't know how to feel knowing that Jimin almost lost his Yanna because he was busy flirting with Min Yoongi! He is not against about the two flirting together but letting a 4 yr old wander alone in that building, oh he doesn't
even wanna think about it anymore. There's one more message from Mrs. Jeon but since he saw his baby stir on her sleep, he decided to just check on them tomorrow. He carefully lay down beside her daughter & pull her closer to him. "Nighty my baby Yanna." he whispered.
Here's the thing, Taehyung is a perfectionist workaholic at his workplace but triple that when it's weekend and he's at home with his baby. Since Saturdays & Sundays are YANNA days, he still wakes up early to prepare her baby's favorite breakfast; waffles and chicken nuggets!
He made sure that the table is ready before he went back to bed to wake up her princess. Yanna is already up when he enters the room. "Good mowning papa" she smiled at him. Taehyung pulled her baby & pepper her with tiny kisses. "Morning too my little sunshine. Breakfast is
ready! I made waffles & chicken nuggets!" he grinned as he watched her beams & hops on his back. They are even singing their morning song while heading their kitchen. "Take my hands now, You are the cause of my euphoria Close the door now When im with you im in utopia"
And since Taehyung has been teaching his daughter to be independent, he let her eat her own food with her own spoon & fork. He even poured her warm milk before they enjoy the food together. Yanna is busy retelling her some stories of the movies she watched a long time ago when
hears his phone ringing. "Papa, aren't you gonna answer your phone?" she asks while chewing her food. "Nope! Remember, it's Yanna's day baby. NO work for papa today." he replied immediately only to be startled with their landline phone this time. Yanna gasps dramatically.
"Oh, papa that could be uncle Jinnie or uncle Minnie." she guesses since she knows that there are only 4 people who knows their home number; It's only Jin, Joon, Jimin and Mrs. Jeon. Tae raised his brows, Jin won't be calling him at this time because his brother is in the US.
Mrs. Jeon will not call him too because she knows that weekend is for his daughter so he knows who could it be. "Jiminie what do you want?!" he asks immediately the moment he answered the phone. "Tae Im really so sorry about--" "Minie, let's talk some other time please."
Jimin sighs on the other line. "Alright, I just wanna inform you that i'll be in Jeju island for the next 5 days because I got a call from the agency. So can we talk when I get back?" the model pleaded. Tae rolls his eyes, he knows Jimin will not function well knowing he's
mad at him. "Yah, stop thinking about us. Focus on your work and we'll talk when you get back. Don't forget Yanna's fresh abalones." he said now smiling when he heard his JM's sigh of relief. "I'm really so sorry Tae I just feel bad that Jung-" "I said, we'll talk about
it when you get back. Take care of yourself Minnie." he cuts him off before gesturing his daughter to come and say good bye to her uncle Minnie. "Wait, Minnie someone wants to say hello," he said while passing the phone to Yanna. "Take cawe uncle Minnie. I wavv you."
Jimin knows there's no way he could tell Taehyung about the man he wants to sue so he just uttered a silent prayer for his best friend's ass on Monday. They ended the call with more i love yous and Yanna's kisses over the phone. "So what do my little sunshine wanna do today?"
The little girl's eyes immediately glows when she realized that her papa will spend time with her today. "What about we go to the park and feed the ducks in the pond papa?" she asks him, her voiced lace with excitement so who's Tae to say no?! They finished their breakfast
and Taehyung hurriedly tidy up their kitchen before they both get their sun hats and went outside their apartment. The father & daughter's apartment is located at Seoul Forest Trimage where only rich and famous people lives. Mrs. Jeon actually recommended it to him when she
heard that he was looking for an apartment for himself and Yanna. The cost is pretty much expensive but since Taehyung already saved a lot, he managed to get one unit in the building. He likes the place so much because it's not only peaceful but he's sure that it's safe!
Taehyung is watching his daughter feed the ducks swimming on the pond when he noticed a man jogging towards her. But since he knows that it's just one of the tenants of the building, he just ignores it and continue watching her. "Papa, hurry up wook, wook! There's a fish!"
The designer can't help but laugh at his daughter's cute pronunciation of words before he walks towards her to see what she's trying to show him. "Wooook, papa there, there's lot of fishes!" she squealed again while climbing the fence. And since Taehyung is too excited too, he
wasn't able to notice that the fence Yanna stepped on is already old enough to break! "Yannna!!!" he screamed when he saw his daughter almost fell into the pond! But thank the heaven and all the angels there that the man who's jogging around them was quick enough to catch her!
Jungkook wasn't sure at first when he saw the father and daughter walking with their cute pajamas and sun hats on. But when he heard the voice of the little girl, he knew it was them. He was already planning to leave before the father noticed him but he saw how the hyper active
kid stepped on the broken fence so he didn't even think twice when he ran towards them to catch the little girl coz obviously her father is too entertained watching the f*cking ducks in the pond! Taehyung's eyes widens when he saw the man catching his daughter on time!
Good thing that Jungkook is wearing his baseball cap, and Yanna was too frightened to look at her savior so JK took the chance to quickly carry the little girl and pass her to his dad before bolting away the scene. Taehyung didn't even manage to say thank you because he's too
shocked of what happened. It's only when he hears her daughter's tiny apology when he came back to his senses. "I'm sowwy papa, Yanna is being naughty." she whispers as she hides her face on Tae's chest. "No, no baby,it's papa's fault. I wasn't looking. I'm sorry."
Taehyung wanted to bang his head on the nearest wall upon realizing what just happened! He almost OMG! He doesn't even wanna think about it now! He tried to look around to see where the man went but JK is quick enough to duck when he saw Taehyung looking around.
"Dumb! He's dumb!" Jk mumbles to himself while going back to his own flat. He can't still believe that Taehyung and the little witch is living on the same building where he lives. "Why is a baby allowed to take care of a baby witch?!" he continues to mumble inside the elevator.
Taehyung and Yanna decided to spend all their weekend inside their home after what happened in the pond. They busied themselves baking cookies, watching movies and playing with Yanna's legos & puzzles. It's only on Sunday afternoon when Tae remembers about her weekly homework.
"Yanna, baby I forgot to ask uncle Minie about your bag. Did you leave it in his car or can you remember if you brought it with you inside the office?" he asks hoping his daughter could remember. Yanna's eyes widens upon remembering her uncle JJ's ransacking her bag.
She covers her mouth knowing that her papa will get angrier to his uncle JJ when she tells him what he did. But she also doesn't wanna lie to her papa because she knows that liars go to hell. Taehyung squinted his eyes when he saw the reaction of his daughter. She only does that
when she doesn't wanna say something. "Hmmn, did uncle Yoonie take them?" he tried but the little girl just shakes her head. "Baby, you know you can't go to school tomorrow without them right? Do you know where your bag is?" he asks again hoping she'll spill.
Yanna sighs, she knows she's caught. "I left them in uncle JJ's office papa." she confessed. But to the little girl's surprise, Taehyung just smiled at her thinking that she left her somewhere in the office. "Okay then, I will just let uncle BOmbom bring it to school tomorrow
baby okay? Papa can't bring it to you because we have very important visitor tomorrow." he explains carefully to her. Yanna just gives him a thumbs up. They spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling & playing together not knowing that everything is about to change!
***MONDAY*** Taehyung just dropped his daughter in her school at exactly 7:30 in the morning. He also informed Yanna's teacher about her missing bag and Ms. Lee is kind enough to tell Tae that she'll just let the little girl use their school supplies. Tae is greeted with
their staff. He saw the cleaners still cleaning in the lobby so he immediately stop them telling them that Mr. Jeon will be arriving any minute by now. He hurriedly went inside the elevator and press the number to his office's floor. He's ready and confident about everything.
They've been preparing for months for this turn over so he's not nervous at all. He trusts everyone of his staff and he knows that everyone is as ready as his, except that the moment he arrives at his office, everyone looks so nervous. "Good morning everyone!" he greets them.
Taehyung's smile slowly morphs into a sharp scowl when no one answers. "Beomgyu, what the hell is wrong with everyone?" he decides to ask his assistant who cannot look him into the eyes. "V-vshi Mr. Jeon is waiting for you in his office." he informs his boss. Taehyung frowns.
"He's already here? But the turn over ceremony will be at 9?" he asks while checking his watch, it's still 8 o'clock. "Yes Vshi, he arrives with Mr. Min." Boemgyu informs him again. Tae is aware that Yoongi is very close with the only son of Mrs. Jeon and he's not surprise
to hear that anymore. But what's surprise him is the fact that the heir arrives earlier than Mrs. Jeon. He's about to ask question again when he saw Yoongi with the man who tried to kidnap his baby girl again so he immediately snap out of his thoughts about Mr. Jeon. He marches
towards Yoongi & the unknown man. "Oh, Tae--" Yoongi is cut off with the younger's mad voice! "Yah! How dare you to come back here!" Tae pointed at the man while he's dragging Yoongi towards the elevator. "Hyung,please do me a favor and kick him out of the building now because
Mr. Jeon is at his office now! I need to do final checking on the hall now so I can't deal with that man. Please please, just this once hyung." he plead not even waiting for the older's reply before he gets in the elevator and went to the hall where the event is going to happen.
Yoongi wants to pull his hair off the moment Taehyung is out of his sight. Jungkook on the other hand is speechless because he witness the exchange of the two and he heard everything. He look at the other staff of Taehyung who's watching him before he walks towards Yoongi.
"Hyung did he just fzcking ask you to kick me out of my own building? Did I heard that part right?" he asks while gritting his teeth. Yoongi wants to deny it & make up an excuse but when he saw Jk's annoyed look, he knows there's no use. "Yes, he still thought you're a gate
crasher and he doesn't want MR JEON to see you lurking around. And as you've heard,he will deal with you later after the turn over ceremony of his boss." Yoongi mocks him. Jk clench his fist as he glares at the older man. "I cant believe he didn't even care to check my photos!"
Please dont think Jeon Jungkook is petty. He's just really disappointed that his mom's most trusted person doesn't even know how he looks like! "Yah,dont blame him when all your life you're having a war with camera! When was the last time you got photograph?" Yoongi teases him.
Jungkook is still not convince. "Hyung, he knows I'm coming. I will be his boss and he doesn't even know what I look like?" Jk won't let it go. He's still sulking when Mrs. Jeon finally appears. "Mom! Oh geez, I thought you're coming later?" he greets his mom with a hug.
"And let you terrorize all the employees? Nope, not that you're not officially their boss." Jia teases his son as they all walk towards Jungkook's office. "Me? terrorizing your employees? Yoongi hyung, why don't you tell Mrs. Jeon that her most trusted designer just ordered you
to kick me out of the building." he huffs. Mrs. Jeon turns to Yoongi but before she even ask him, she noticed the purple unicorn bag sitting on top of Jungkook's coffee table. "Wait a minute, is Yanna here today?" she immediately asked when he recognize the bag she bought for
Taehyung's daughter. Jk wants to roll his eyes when his mom immediately forgets about his complain about Taehyung just because she saw a tiny bag! "No mom, that little witch left that here last Friday." he answers instead. Jia laughs upon hearing her son's annoyed voice.
"So you already met them?" she asks, her eyes sparkling with joy and Jungkook might not admit it loud but he wants to thank the father & child for bringing such joy to his mom's eyes. "Yes and No." he replies when he remembers their encounter. Yoongi excuses himself so they
could have time to speak before the event. "Yes I met them already because the little witch got lost here in my office and no because they both didn't know that I'm Jungkook." he said while opening a banana milk from his fridge. Mrs. Jeon looks so confused at first.
"Yanna got lost in the office?" she asks only to laugh again. "Oh maybe it's because of the doors, they're all the same." she said while looking around as if she wanted to suddenly change all the doors in their building so that the little witch wont get lost again.
Jungkook was about to whine again when they hear a knock on the door. "Come in." he said without even looking thinking that it's just Yoongi but the voice that comes in is not his bestfriend. "OMG! Why are you still here?! I told you I'm--OMG, Jia you're here!" Tae panics when
he noticed that Mrs. Jeon is sitting right in front of the man already. He's about to explain briefly to his boss who's that guy but she beats him to it. "Oh, Vshi I'm glad to see you, are you looking for Yanna's bag?" she asks while pointing the bag. Taehyung's eyes widens!
"Yes Jia! Oh thank you." he said smiling to the older woman before turning to the man who's quietly watching him. "Yah, what are you still doing here?" he asks but he didn't expect that man to reply to him. "Why? Am I supposed to go to the hall now? I thought the ceremony will
start at 9?" Jungkook smirks at the confuse designer. Jia is just silently watching the two. Boemgyu already filled her in so she knows the predicament of the two. She wants to laugh while watching poor Taehyungie's reaction but she doesn't want to side her son she remains quiet.
Taehyung furrows his brows and squinted his eyes before checking out the man sitting comfortably in front of Jia Jeon. Well, yeah he looks ok. NO, if Taehyung is being honest, the man looks devilishly handsome. He's wearing Dior and is that Louis Vitto Manhattan Richelieu?!
Then he also noticed the latest edition of Rolex watch on his wrist. His ears are also adorned with pretty tiny earrings. And now that they're less than a meter apart, he can also smell him. The man doesn't just look so expensive but he also smells luxurious!
The two scrutinized each other shamelessly until their eyes finally meet! Tae gasps when he finally realized something while Jk smirks when he noticed how Tae's face suddenly pales into white before it turns crimson again! Mrs. Jeon tried not to interfere but Taehyung looks
like he's gonna pass out soon. "Taehyung, I'd like you to meet my only son, Architect Jeon Jungkook, your future boss in less than an hour now." Jia broke the silence in the room bit instead of feeling relief, Taehyung feels like he's about to explode of embarrassment.!
Taehyung opens his mouth only to close it again when he saw the other smirking at him. His initial thought is to bow at him and introduce himself to him properly but then the embarrassment of the previous events is screaming at his head so instead of saying anything, he turns to
Jia, took the bag from her and walks towards the door. "Mrs. Jeon let me just ask Beomgyu to deliver this at Yanna's school because she'll need it for today." he mumbles before dashing out the place without even waiting for his boss' reply. Jia burst out laughing while her
son is speechless. "That's it? Mom did you see that? I mean, Mrs. Jeon is that how your employees treat their bosses?!" he excalimed after when he finally realized what just happened. "Come on Mr. Jeon, give Taehyungie a break. I'm sure he's now beating himself in his office."
Mrs. Jeon really knows Taehyung well because she's right! The moment Taehyung enters his own office, he slammed the door and run towards the hidden part of the wall. He dramatically slide down until he's sitting on the floor. His staff inside are all looking at him as if he's
gone crazy because they never saw him like that in 8 years that he's been working at JJ's. Beomgyu was about to ask him what's wrong when Taehyung started to hit his head on the wall while screaming. "Bombom please send me to Mars now! Tell Jimin tot ake care of my Yanna.
I have 4 bank accounts, two of them are named after my baby. Please tell Jin hyun that he's really very handsome too." Tae is blabbering so he didn't even hear it when someone opens the door of his office again. "And also, Bombom, you can take all my lingerie collections too."
Beomgyu's eyes widens when he saw Jungkook enters their office, but Taehyung didn't see him yet so he keeps blabbering. The assistant is trying to stop him but Tae is in panic attack so he just continues. "ISTG Bom, my collections are the best, your boyfriend will drool when he
see you wearing them. But please make sure that my Yanna will go to college, she wants to become a dentist and--" "Vshi you--" "No, Bommy, you have to remember all this because I'm about to die!" he then started to sob out of frustration. Jk froze on his feet when he heard
the other man crying. He decided to follow him and tease him more but watching him on that state makes him back out of his plan. Beomgyu on the other hand can't take the embarrassment anymore. "Vshi, hyung I guess--" he's interrupted again. "Bombom, I punched him! Gosh, I even
threatened to sue him. I ordered Yoongi hyung to kick him out of his own building. What's wrong with me?" he cried out not noticing the man who grabs the tissue box from his desk and kneels down in front of him. "You did all that because you thought I kidnapped your daughter."
Taehyung froze when he heard the now familiar voice of his boss. But since he's covering his face with his hands, he can't see how Jungkook is looking at him. But when he realized that Jk is now looking at him in that position, he can't help but to cry harder. Jk sighs.
The younger pulls some tissue from the box and starts wiping the tears of the designer. Taehyung halts. Jungkook carefully pulled away his hands so he could properly wipe his face. "You prepared for months to make sure this event will be successfully, you've even invited
celebrities and members of the press for this and now you just ruin your make up." Jk breathed as if he doesn't want the others int he room to hear what he's telling him. Taehyung is beyond shocked. He's just there letting the other wipe his face while he's staring at him.
"There, all dry up now." Jk smiled at him again, the kind of smile that will melt your soul but Tae remains silence. "Mrs. Jeon said you're one of the reason behind the success of this company so whatever happened the last time, maybe we can talk about it some other time?"
At that moment, Taehyung knows he's screwed. If this Jungkook guy can pretend to be calm, he's very sure that right after the event he'll get fired soon. Maybe he'll be really sad to be kick out of House of Jeon, but then maybe it's time for him to start his own line.
When Taehyung remains quiet, Jungkook knows the other is over thinking again. His mom talked a lot about KIM TAEHYUNG so even when they were never given a chance to meet in the past years, he feels like he knows him already. And by the looks of him right now, he'll probably
planning his resignation letter. So when Taehyung opens his mouth for the first time, he's not surprise to hear him anymore. "Mr. Jeon, expect my resignation letter after the event, let me finish the event today and I'll leave asap." Tae declared but Jk just smiled at him.
"Whatever your decision is, let's talk about it later after the event." Jungkook chose to reply before standing up to give the designer more time to fix himself because it's almost time to start the event. "A-alright Mr. Jeon." Taehyung stuttered before standing up too.
The moment Jungkook left his office, Taehyung looked for Beomgyu who doesn't know what to say after the scene that he just witnessed. "Yah!!!! Beomgyu!!! Why didn't you tell me Mr. Jeon came?! Gosh, the way I wanted the earth to swallow me now!" he screams again, but this time
he's not crying anymore because he's busy retouching his make up. "Vshi I tried to warn you but you kept talking about your lingerie and---" Taehyung waves his hand to stop the other talking! "One more time that you speak about this and you'll be fired!" he warned him!
Beomgyu knows betterso he immediately shut up. He's about to leave and go back to his desk when he heard his boss called him again. "Bom, you know how much I hate to do this but--" "Shall I bring Yanna's bag to her?" the assistant cuts him off because he knows how his boss
hates to ask him personal favors like that. But Beomgyu knows that it's part of his job since when Mrs. Jeon interviewed him by herself, that's one thing she reiterated to him. He will be Taehyung's assistant in the company including when situations arise that involves Yanna.
Tae nods at his assistant. If there's onw more person he couls trust about his daughter, its Beomgyu. Ever since he started working for him,he is nothing but sweet & hard working. He knows the younger received lots of job offers but he never left his side thats why he likes him.
**** Taehyung can't help but be proud of himself while watching all their guests enjoy the brunch they prepared. Jeon Jungkook is finally the official CEO of JJ's House of Fashion. And with the initial reactions of their guests including the press, he really gave them a good
impression. Jia Jeon gave a short speech & she of course didn't forget to thank Taehyung for spearheading the event. Jungkook also managed to thank him along with the whole staff in his acceptance speech. Everyone is excited to work with another young blood.
Taehyung finally sighs in relief when he enters his office. "Good job everyone! Thank you for your hard work!" he ceered while waving at Boeomgyu & their other staff. They all congratulate & thank him too before they all went to their own spots. Tae found himself in front of
his computer after everyone is back to their work. It's almost 5PM and they will all go home after the successful event but here he is stressing about what to write in his resignation letter. He knows his job is done so Jungkook will no longer have a reason to keep him.
"You can do it Kim Taehyung. It's just a job, you can always start yiur own business now." he mumbles to himself not knowing that his new boss is already staring at him so he almost jumps off his seat when he heard the younger's voice. "So, you want to be our competitor now?"
"Holy warermelon! Geez! Do you know how to knock or is that a habit of people from LA to just barged in to someone else's room?!" he blurted out while trying to calm himself down coz the man standing in front of him now looks really hot! "Kim Taehyung!" "Y-yes sir?"
Tae gulps the invisible lump in his throat again when he saw how Jungkook look at him. His boss is oozing with power & confidence. And the way he uttered Taehyung’s name is just full of dominance that makes him feel something inside him. “Will you stop blabbering & actually
talk to me like an adult because istg, I won’t tolerate this kind of behavior you’ve been showing me since I first set my feet in this building even when you’re Mrs. Jeon’s favorite.” Jk spits hoping to set things right between them. But when he saw the scowl on the older’s face
he knows that it won’t be easy for them to start again. At first, Taehyung was planning to be humble & apologize to his new CEO since he knows that he did some inappropriate things to him. But watching him barks at him like that, he cursed his boss mentally for being arrogant!
“Wow look who’s talking here, why dont you start from learning how to knock, or maybe how to respect personal space!” Taehyung mocks the other when he noticed that Jungkook is still standing too close in front of him. “Right, I don’t think we’ll be able to finish this!”
Jk didn’t wait for the other to speak again before he bolted out of Taehyung’s office. The designer is so furious that he almost throw his phone on the wall when he heard someone knocking on the door. He tried to calm himself before letting the person come inside his office.
Taehyung doesn’t know what to say or do when he saw his boss cautiously enters his office. His jaw dropped when Jk even smiled at him as if they weren’t just trying to rip each other’s throats a while ago. “Hello Taehyungshi, I just want to congratulate you for the job well
done during the turn over ceremony. I hope we could get along well in he future. I’m looking forward go work with the best designer in Asia.” Jk didn’t even let him breathe when he extends his hand for a shake hand. Tae just accepted it & force a smile. “T-thank you, s-sir.”
The two of them froze when they finally touch each other's hands. They're both frozen and silently staring at each other when they both heard someone clearing their throat. "I'm glad my only son works well with my best designer. I can leave JJ with peace in my heart now."
Jungkook & Tae immediately let go of each other's hands when they saw Mrs. Jeon smiling at them. "Will you stop talking as if you wont be here nagging us every two days mom." Jk wraps his arm around his mom's shoulder. "Don't worry, now that you two seems to finally made up
I'm sure Taehyung is more than enough to deal with you. He's not just a designer here Mr. Jeon. If the people thinks I'm the brain and soul of House of Jeon, I can say that Taehyungie, my Vshi here is the heart of the company." the older woman proudly tells her son.
Tae almost teared up upon hearing that for the first time. He always knew that his boss loves him and his work but he never thought she thinks highly of him. And he almost cooed at the mother & son's way of addressing each other. "Jia, thank you, I don't think I deserve that
compliment. You're a great mentor that's why I'm on the place where I am right now." he replied shyly. This time, Mrs. Jeon takes a step closer to her designer. She took his hands and squeezes them. "You deserve more Taehyungie, and I'm happy that you & my son will be working
together. At least now I don't have to worry because my baby is in good hands." she said knowingly. Both of the male cant help but to take a glance at each other. They both know she's talking about the company but the way she said it gives them both an unexplainable shivers.
Taehyung is even surprise when it's Jungkook who replied to the woman first. "Don't worry mom, I will take good care of your baby." he said while staring at the beautiful designer. And when Tae felt a shiver a while ago, this time he wants to scold himself for blushing!
Mrs. Jeon squeezes Taehyung's hand one more time before letting him go. "I know it's still early and you are not used to leaving work before 5 o'clock but why don't you go and take Yanna from school so you can both join us for dinner at home. I'm sure Yanna misses her mamita."
Taehyung's eyes widens upon hearing the invitation. Of course the old woman misses his daughter too. She even managed to brainwashed Yanna for calling herself "mamita" and he doesn't mind joining her for dinner because they always do that. But he looks at Jungkook first, he's not
sure if it's okay for the man to suddenly crash their time at home. Jungkook on the other hand guessed Taehyung's worries so he smiled at the other. "I don't mind." he uttered. Tae then looks at the older woman. "I'll let Yeonjun check everything then I'll go & fetch Yanna.
Will be there at..." he paused not sure if it's okay to give the time because it's Jia's dinner. "Anytime Taehyungie, the earlier, the better. I could spend more time with my little angel." the old woman replied when she saw the unsure look on his face. Tae agrees to her before
the Jeons finally left his office. The designer releases his breathe he wasn't aware he's holding when he's finally alone in the room. He takes a glance at his monitor and quickly deleted his resignation draft when he realized that he's not gonna get fired soon.
*** JEON's mansion Mrs. Jeon excitedly put inside a huge paper bag the stuff she bought in Italy for Yanna. She's even humming while doing it and for Jungkook, seeing his mom like this is everything. He knows how the woman struggled in her early years in life especially when
they lose his father. Jia Jeon focused on JJ's House of Fashion since then because she as afraid not to provide for her only son. So now that Jk is staring at her in her casual clothes inside their living room, he can't help but thank the heaven and Kim Taehyung for being with
his mom when he was abroad studying and working as an architect. "You said you were in Italy for work but look at you having a lot of time buying all those stuff." he joins her on their Victorian couch. Jia smiled at her son. "I always make sure to have time to shop for that
angel." "Seems like you really like her a lot." he stated the obvious hoping that his mom will tell him more information about the Kims because he feels like there's something missing. He knows Taehyung & Yanna because his mom won't shut up about them but she never actually
told him about their background. He doesn't even know where Yanna's mom is or if Tae remarried or something. It's as if Mrs. Jeon hears his thoughts when he speaks again. "Why would I not love them? I was there since the very first day Taehyung got Yanna." she recalls fondly.
"When he got Yanna?" Jk cant help his curiosity now. Jia nods. "Right, i didn't tell you Yanna isn't biological daughter of Taehyung! She was an angel dropped right at his feet literally & figuratively." she said while recalling that fateful day! "That baby witch isn't his?!"
Mrs. Jeon turns to glare jokingly at her son. "You call our angel witch?! Now I get why Taehyungie punched you." she said laughing when she remembers what Beomgyu told her. "How did you even know that?!" Jk's eyes widened. "Oh come one, you didn't really believe that I wont
know that my peace loving designer just went berserk because my heir just kidnapped his daugher inside my own company, right?!" Jia teases her son. Jk laughs at that. Of course, he knows that his mom isn't the typical socialite who knows nothing but to grow her company.
Mrs. Jeon might be strict & smart when it comes to her business, but she remains kind who loves to mingle with her staff from the cleaners up to her business partners and Jungkook will never be not proud of that. "So if Taehyung isn't that wi-- i mean if he's not the real dad,
then who's child is Yanna?" he asks, feeling bad that he's prying about other people's life. Jia weighs in her mind whether to tell her son about it or let Tae do it later. But since the writer wants the readers to know the back story too, she decided to inform Jk about it now.
"Yanna's mom was being chased of policemen in the street. Tae & I are about to leave for a conference when Yuna, dropped the basket where Yanna was right at Taehyung's feet." Jia paused when she noticed Jungkook's furrowed brows. "Yuna is Taehyung's cousin who had post partum
depression when Yanna's father died because of an accident. She became unstable until that day when she took her child & planned to throw the poor baby in the Han river. Luckily, the police on patrol saw her and tried to stop her. She ran away from them & found herself right
outside our branch in Daegu. I was there with Tae for a conference and maybe, it's the heaven's way of putting Yanna on Taehyung's life." Jia explains to the new CEO who still cant believe of the story. "Then, mom how did Yanna end with Taehyung?!" Jk asks coz the story feels
incomplete. "Yuna dropped the basket in front of Taehyung before running away again. She was obviously not with her normal self back then because when the police almost got her, she ran to the street & got hit with a truck. Dead on the spot!" Jia closed her eyes after saying it.
Jungkook doesn't know why but he suddenly feels like someone is clenching his heart upon hearing that. They both fell into silence as if praying for the soul of Yanna's mother. "Taehyung was beyong shocked that time. I even thought I might lose him because he was unsure of
what to do. He took the baby to the social workers but Yanna wont stop crying. She was even admitted to the hospital because she's malnourished & have a weak lungs. So when the social workers informed Tae about the baby's status, he immediately took her & adopted her."
"Oh, now that makes sense. But why did you say you almost lose him?" Jk asks again. Mrs. Jeon's smile is bitter this time, its as if she doesn't wanna talk about the next information but she continues. "Taehyung's boyfriend left him because he took Yanna in." she stated and Jk
clenched his fist this time. "Bogum didn't like the idea of Taehyung adopting Yanna because according to him, the baby might be crazy like her mother too. He made Taehyung choose between them & as much as Tae loved him, he already decided to take care of Yanna so he chose her."
Jungkook froze for a minute because of the information he just heard. 1. Taehyung is an angel 2. Taehyung's ex is an a**hole 3. Taehyung! So the designer isn't straight. Right, Taehyung doesn't like woman. He is gay or bi or whatever that isn't straight.
"He doesn't deserve him." Jk found himself saying after his realization. Jia turns to look at her son. "That's right. Taehyung deserves someone who will love not only him but also his Yanna." she even picks up the unicorn stuffed toy while imagining the little girl's smile.
"Now I get it." Jk nods at himself when he remembers how Tae reacted that day. With all the things that happened in his past, he wouldn't blame the designer for punching him. "He really loves his daughter." He concluded with a smile. "That's right,whoever likes him should win
The Jeons are still talking about the father & daughter when they heard the door bell rings. Mrs. Jeon immediately stands up from the sofa & head towards the door. Jk shakes his head when he saw the excitment of his mom. "Mamita!!" Yanna immediately squealed upon seeing her.
Jia didn't even greet Taehyung anymore as she crouch down to hug the little angel who seems as excited as her. "Hello my little angel! I missed you." she beams as she peppers Yanna with tiny kisses. "I misshyu too mamita. Wook, I got stars today!" she proudly shows the stickers
at the back of his palms. "Wooow! excellent job baby! Good thing mamita prepares a present for you." she said while guiding the little girl towards the living room. Taehyung follows them since he's very used to this scene already. What he's not used to see is the handsome man
sitting comfortably in the sofa. "Good evening Mr. Jeon." Tae greets his boss but he's immediately interrupted by his own daughter. Jungkook wasn't even able to greet him back. Yanna obviously didn't expect to see Jungkook again, but she looks excited when she saw him!
"Uncle JJ! You're here too?" the little girl let go of Jia's hand & run towards the younger male. You see, Mrs. Jeon knows how her son isn't too fond of kids because for him, they're just messy. So imagine her surprise when she saw Jungkook extensing his arms to welcome Yanna.
"Hello there Y-yanna." Jungkook greets the child awkwardly. He doesn't even know why he's suddenly stammering because the child seems so comfortable with him even despite of their history together. "Wook uncle JJ, I got stawrs." she beams again while climbing the other's lap.
"Oh, that's brilliant baby." Jk replied again because he doesn't know what to say next. Taehyung on the other hand wants to laugh at his boss who looks like he got terrorized by his daughter. Mrs. Jeon on the other hand grabs Taehyung's hand. "Jungkook, will you look after her
so Taehyung & I will go and check if the dinner is ready." she said while dragging Tae already without waiting for her son's reply. The designer got worried at first because he knows Yanna wont be comfortable around strangers but when he saw his child talking animatedly
while Jk is listening to her, he let Jia drags him to the kitchen. "Did you see that?!" Jia immediately asks Taehyung the moment she thinks Jk or Yanna wont hear them anymore. Tae furrows his brows, confused. "S-see what? Am I supposed to see something?" He asks while looking
back at the direction of the living room. Mrs. Jeon sighs when she realized that Taehyung is ovlivious. "Yanna and Jungkook." she whispers again. "Ahmm, what about them?" Taehyung asks again. "Oh my dear! I mean, did you see how my little sunshine ran towars him? Tae, your
baby might be the smartest kid in her age but she doesn't talk to anyone. But did you see how she even climbed on Jungkook's lap? I think it's a good idea if you let them spend more time and---" "Mrs. Jeon" he cuts her off because she's obviously blabbering & plotting
something in her colorful mind that involves his child. "Oh, I'm sorry Taehyungie, Im blabbering again." she apologized. Taehyung took her hands this time. "Yanna & I are so lucky to have you despite the fact that we're not even related by blood. I know you only mean well, but
I dont think Yanna is up for another temporary emotional attachment." Tae explains it to her. He doesn't want to make the same mistakes he has done before. Bogum and Jihan are enough for him to realized that he wont let anyone get closer to her only to leave her again.
Jia smiles and squeezes back the younger's hands. "Yanna is indeed so lucky to have you. Don't worry Taehyungie,i won't force you to do something you dont like again. I will just be the sweetest & prettiest mamita for Yanna from now on. I will never leave both of you." she said.
Tae thanked the woman who means a lot to him. They ended their little drama with a tight hug before they busied themselves in preparing the table for dinner. Jia smiled to herself while watching the young designer moves around her kitchen comfortably as if it's his house too.
She really is very fond to him not just because Taehyung is the heart of his business but also because he's an absolute sweetheart who quenched his longing for his son in the last years. She treated him like her own son because Jk was in LA before. "Right, table is ready!"
Taehyung removed the chopsticks on Yanna's spot because he knows that she'll play with them again like a drum sticks if he wouldnt. "Jungkookie, son take Yanna with you. Dinner is ready!" Jia chimes from the kitchen while Tae is taking the chicken out of the oven.
The two are too busy with the food so imagine their surprise when Jungkook enters the kitchen while carrying Yanna on his back. Taehyung's eyes widens when he saw the too especially the awkward look at Jungkook's face. "Oh watermelon! Yanna, why are you..omg! I'm sorry Mr. Jeon
my daughter loves piggy back ride. You can put her down now." Tae even went behind his boss and take his own daughter when Jk didn't move immediately. "Ahh, it's okay Taehyungshi. Uhmm, i dont mind at all." he replied when Tae successfully detached Yanna from him.
The four of them finally settled in the dining room. Jungkook sat in the middle while Mrs. Jeon is in his left while Yanna is on his right beside Taehyung. Mrs. Jeon can't help but to day dream because it's the first time for them to eat with her son. Tae & Jia had a contest
serving food to their little angel while Jungkook is just silently eating and minding his own business because the truth is, he doesn't know what to do. But then Yanna has her own plan. The little girl put down her spoon & fork and turns to Jungkook with a smile.
"Uncle JJ, can you pwesae fweed Yanna?" she even pouts while asking her papa's boss. Tae's eyes widens when he heard his daughter's request. He immediately apologized to Jk but the CEO just smiled at him. "Don't worry Taehyung, I got this." he replied with an awkward smile.
Jia can't help but scream mentally when she saw how careful Jk is afterwards. It's very obvious that her son has no idea of what he's doing because the next thing they see, he's shoving a spoonful of rice with a whole peeled prawn on the little girl's mouth! "Uhm, Jungkook,"
are you planning to choke my daughter?" Tae wasn't able to stop his mouth from saying it because he's honestly worried about his baby. Jk's eyes widens when he heard the other male but it's too late for him to retrieve the spoon because Yanna already opens her mouth & took it.
It's only when Yanna's face starting to turn red when Jungkook finally understands what Taehyung is saying. The little girl started to cough too. "Oh my gosh, baby spit it. Just take it out of your mouth." Taehyung panics when he saw his daughter choking but since Yanna is as
stubborn as him, instead of spitting the food she just tried to reach for the water and Jungkook gave it to her. With Jk's help, Yanna managed to drink water and swallowed the food in her mouth. "Yah, Jungkook what do you think are you doing?!" Tae can't help but yelled at him.
But Jk wasn't even able to speak a word because Yanna is already defending him. "Papa, why are you yelling at Uncle JJ?" she asks innocently. Tae turns to check on her but now that she already swallowed the food, she looks okay again. "Baby you almost choke and--"
"But uncle JJ hewp me not to choke too." she supplied and Jk can't help but mentally applaud for the kid, but his smile immediately vanish when he noticed how Taehyung is glaring at him. "I'm sorry, didn't know I should give her smaller amount of food." he reasoned out.
"It's otei uncle JJ. Yanna love pwans and wice." she said while pointing at Jungkook's plate again. JK tried to ignore Taehyung and focus on the litle girl who's now picking the sweet corn in his plate. "Yanna loves sweet cown too!" she said while popping them in her mouth.
Jk immediately scoop more corn and pour it in his plate before peeling another prawn for the little kid. The truth is he's hungry himself too but seeing Yanna eat deliciously makes him somewhat content watching her. This time, Taehyung watches his boss, observing how he'll feed
Yanna again. He almost sigh and thank the heaven when he saw him cutting the prawns this time. He also lessen the rice in his spoon before shoving it to his baby's tiny mouth. "Yuummy" Yanna hums giving Jk two thumbs up. Jia & Jk laughs at the child's gesture so Tae can't help
but smile too. He didn't even notice how Jk is staring at him already because he's now finally focus on his own plate too. Jia & Yanna dominates the conversation in the dining table while Jk busied himself feeding the little girl beside him. Tae just quietly enjoyed the dinner.
Thankfully, there were no more accidents after Jk's first try of feeding the little girl. Taehyung volunteers to tidy up the kitchen because he knows that Jia's maids are not around since she informed him a while ago that Jennie & Rose took the day off. Jia wanted to argue but
she knows that Tae will insist so she let the other do that while she took Yanna back in the living room telling her about her presents. Jungkook doesn't know what to say and do because he's not used to see his own mom like this around other people. Besides, who will ask a
famous designer to wash the dishes after inviting them for dinner?! Only Jia can relate. So instead of standing there being awkward af, he decided to help Taehyung gather the plates & utensils from the dining table. "What are you doing?" Tae asks when he notice Jk helping him.
"Huh? Cleaning up?" Jk replied feeling stupid because why is he asking. Tae raised his brows. He knows Jk is the only son of Jia and if she could spoil him & his daughter, he's very certain that this Jungkook knows nothing about household chores. "Just leave them, I'll do it."
JK raises his brows this time too, meeting Taehyung's eyes. "As far as I know, this is my mom's house and we invited you for dinner. So let me at least help." Jk wanted to hit hismelf for using his business tone again when he saw Taehyung's deflated expression. "O-ok sir."
Jk closed his eyes and counted 1-10 mentally before following Taehyung in the kitchen again. He just wants to be friends with the man who stayed with his mom while he wasn't around but why is it so hard?! "Taehyung." he tried again, this time the pretty man is already scrubbing
the plates in the sink. Tae didn't even turn to look at him, but his hands halted. "What is it sir? Do you need something?" he asks before continuing what he's doing. Jk wants to pull his hair off because he really hates it when Taehyung calls him SIR! It's as if it's the
designer's way of drawing a line between them. And Jk hates it more because usually he wouldn't care. He doesn't give a f*ck to other people and it's driving him crazy because it's only a few days since he met the man but he's already so drawn to him. He sighs again.
"Can you not call me sir anymore? I mean, you're even older than me. Why are you calling me sir when we aren't even at work?" he didn't mean to sound whiny but the moment Taehyung turns to look at him, he knows he failed. "But you are my boss & you are not my friend so--"
"But my mom is your friend and she was also your boss but you call her on her first name." JK didn't even think when he blurted that out. Tae looks surprised too, but the designer already mastered the art of hiding his true feelings so he managed to conceal his smile quickly.
"With all due respect Mr. Jeon, but your mom and I worked for almost a decade now, of course our relationship has developed over the years already." he reasoned out while observing the CEO. Jk gulps, he knows Tae got a point. "So are you telling me that I have to wait for 10
years before I hear you calling me by my name?" he asks. Taehyung's eyes widens this time. He knows how Jungkook is strict & cold according to Jia herself, but the man in front of him is just so different. "No. But, what do you really want Mr. Jeon?" he finally asks.
"Call me by my name." Jk didn't even blink when he said that and Taehyung almost drop the plate he's holding when he heard it. The two of them stares at each other as if measuring each other's strengths. It is Taehyung who breaks the staring contest first. "O-okay Jungkook."
JK is speechless after that. He can't believe it's that easy to let the other call him by his name. He's still smiling to himself when he steps closer & help him wipe the plates he's washing. Tae turns to look at him again when he notice how close they are. "What now?"
"I'll dry up the ones you've finished washing." Jk replied not looking at Taehyung. The designer can't believe to see this side of Jungkook. He is even surprise to see the younger diligently wipes the plates and utensils. He can say that contrary to his belief, Jk actually
is expert doing household chores. The two of them silently finished the task without talking. Tae thinks it's weird to stand there washing dishes with his boss while Jk can't help but smile thinking that he at least managed to take one step closer to Taehyung.
Taehyung & Jungkook didn't even noticed the time when they're almost finished. Since Jia cooked a lot and used a lot of pots and pans, it took them almost more than half an hour to finish tidying up everything. They're already washing their hands when Jia joins them.
"Look at my two favorite people in the world helping each other tidying up my kitchen." she smiled at them. JK even pulled extra wash cloth for Taehyung when they're done washing their hands. "Where's the little one?" Jk asks immediately when he noticed Yanna is out of sight.
Taehyung didn't have to ask. He knows his daughter is probably curled in her favorite spot already. So when Jia informed them that Yanna indeed has fallen asleep already, Jk is the only one who's surprised. "Already? but she hasn't eaten the dessert yet." Tae & Jia laughed.
"After you feed her like there's no tomorrow? I don't think she'll be able to eat more without vomiting. Besides, I'm sure she's tired because her teacher told me she didn't sleep during their nap time at school a while ago." Tae said while taking the used wash cloth from Jk.
Jk tilts his head to the side when he realized that kids have lesser food capacity. He even almost hit himself again when he realized how stupid he is asking the wrong questions everytime! "Well, good for her then that she's now sleeping. She'll grow up faster." he uttered.
"Careful my son, someone might not admit it out loud but Yanna's papa doesn't want her to grow up fast." Jia teases Tae. "Oh, really? That's interesting. Why is that?" Jk turns to Taehyung this time as if they're suddenly close friends. "Not that I don't want her to grow up,
but between work and my parenthood I think it's safe for me to say that I want to take all my time as her papa to watch her grow. I mean, I don't wanna wake up one day that she's all grown up and I was just too busy with work. Does it make sense?" Tae replied. JK nods at him.
"It totally makes sense. I saw and heard that a lot from my mom." Jk even take a glance at Jia who decided to just listen to them. "She was too afraid not to give me a better future so she worked really hard for me. At the same time, she kept telling me not to grow up so fast."
Tae softens upon hearing that. Of course he knows how Jia loves her only son. He has witnessed the woman tried her best to be the CEO of her company and to be a good mother at the same time in the past years they're together. "Why are we even being a sap now?!" Jia interrupts.
She is beyond happy to see the two get along well but she isn't ready to be vulnerable in front of them. So she diverts their attention and asked them for a tea or coffee. JK agrees to have coffee while Tae requests for a tea. They all went back to the living room after that.
The three of them almost immediately check on Yanna who's peacefully sleeping on the giant bean bag Mrs. Jeon purposely put in her living room for her. JK didn't know what came to him when he even push back the hair of the little girl that's covering her face.
They all started to talk about random things until eventually, they are all talking about House of Jeon's. Jia can't help but be proud of the two when they start throwing ideas. Jk is very insightful about growing their business while Tae is excited for new collections.
That night, Taehyung & Jungkook didn't just learn to start calling each other with their first names but they also finally accepted each other's strength when it comes to business. Tae even found himself giggling and laughing while listening at the younger's stories.
They are only forced to stop when Taehyung noticed the time. He knows that Jia would love to keep them there since she doesn't have to work anymore but since she also knows that Yanna has to go to school the next day, she didn't stop them. "Why don't you just go with Jungkook
since you're living in the same building. I will just ask my driver to bring your car tomorrow." Jia suggests that makes Tae confused. "Living in the same building" he repeats, thinking that he just misheard her but Jia just repeats it. "Yeah, he also lives in his flat in your
building. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you Tae but remember that last time I told you my son is coming back home, well apparently he needs PRIVACY so he bought his own place." Jia even rolled her eyes to her son. Tae turns to Jk to verify it and his boss just nods at him.
"You live at the Forest Trimage?" Tae asks just to make sure again. Jungkook remembers the incident at the park again. "Y-yes, I just moved in the other day. " he replied. Taehyung doesn't know what to say next so he just nods his head as he gathers Yanna from the bean bag.
"Jia thanks for the offer but I think I can manage. Besides, we don't want to bother Jungkook here." Tae uttered when he's already carrying his daughter. "You're not bothering me thought. We're going on the same building so why don't you just come with me. I'll drive."
Taehyung is usually stubborn. He already conditioned his head not to ask any help from anyone when it comes to his daughter so Jia didn't expect him to agree with Jungkook. "Okay, you drive and we'll stay at the back." Tae said before trying to reach Yanna's small bag but Jk
is quicker to grab it for him. "I'll carry them." Jk uttered while gathering Yanna's bag and Jia's presents for her. Jia hugs Tae first before planting a light kiss on the sleeping child's forehead. "Goodnight angel. Take care Taetae."she whispers before hugging her son too.
Jungkook opens the car door for the designer before getting inside his car too. And since Yanna is already sleeping, both of them chose not to talk until they arrive in their own building. And just like how Tae got in the car, JK opened the door for him again before taking their
things with him. They're still silent in until they enter the elevator. This time, Jk didn't press the number to his flat yet, instead he asks the other which floor they are. "Tae what time do you usually bring Yanna to school?" he asks after he pressed the number on the wall.
Tae lifts his gaze towards his boss. "And why is that? I have never been late going to work if that's what you're worried about." he replied not liking Jungkook's judgement towards him. But his boss just laughs at him. "No, I didn't even ask about your time at work Taehyung.
You don't have your car so I'm offering to drop Yanna tomorrow and we could go to work together after." he said smiling but then Taehyung immediately refused the idea. "Thank you Jungkook, but look. I only agreed to let you drive us home tonight because it's really late already
but I'm sure I can manage to call a cab tomorrow. Thank you." he said before stepping out of the elevator. Jk might not want to show his disappointment but his silence gave him away. He just follows them in front of their door. And since Tae is so used of being alone already
he doesn't have any difficulty opening his door even while carrying Yanna. He thank his boss once again before finally getting in without inviting the other. Jk just gave him the bag & the presents before he left without talking too. That night, Tae fell asleep beside Yanna.
Jungkook on the other hand took a quick shower first before he finally dives in his bed. He's a clean freak so he dont just lay on his bed without taking a shower first. Next thing he knew, he's busy punching in some keywords on his phone only to quickly delete them too!
The next morning Jungkook managed to wake up early. He might not say it out loud yet but the thought of seeing the adorable father & daughter duo is kinda making him excited to go to work. He knows that Taehyung already declined his offer to drop Yanna in her school but he's
still hoping to see the little girl before she goes to school. So imagine his big smile the moment he saw the two outside their building. Taehyung looks ethereal of course while the little girl looks like a model straight out of the magazine. He walks towards the two.
"Good morning Tae, good morning princess." he greets them without realizing how he called the little girl. Yanna's eyes widens the moment she saw the CEO. "Uncle JJ! good mowning!" she greets him back before running to him to give him a power hug. Taehyung just smile at him.
Jk was about to offer them a ride when a taxi stop right in front of them. "Yanna, baby say bye bye to uncle JJ now, we have to go." Tae tells her as he put her bag inside the cab. "Byebye uncle JJ, see you later!" she beams before getting in the car while waving at the CEO.
"Bye princess! Have a nice day!" Jk replied while waving back at the little girl. Tae didn't say anything until they finally left. JK on the other hand is stilhl smiling until he reaches his own car. He drives alone to his office while still thinking of the things he learned
the previous night. He even shakes his head off when he realized how he feel so stupid doing it, but then again he is excited to apply them in real life. He never had a serious relationship and he has never been so attracted to someone just like how he's drawn to Taehyung.
He may never admit it but let's just say that he didn't fell in love the first time he saw him but it's been years since he first became interested of the man who stayed beside his mom for years. He first saw Taehyung during the opening of their shop in LA, they were never
introduced formally because the other was so busy back then and when Tae finally had the time to meet the onle heir of Jia, it was Jk who wasn't available anymore. But let's just say, Jk had enough time staring at the designer while Tae was entertaining their guests back then.
JK started to like Tae back then, but he tried his best not to act upon it when he learned about Yanna. His mistake was, he never asked his mom about Yanna's mom because if he did, he should've known earlier that the girl isn't actually his. "Idiot!" Jk mumbles to himself!
The CEO arrives at his office earlier Taehyung that morning since the designer has to drop at Yanna's school first. The staff in the building greeted him cheerfully. He greets them back and went straight to his office. Thankfully, Hyuka his new assistant is already on his desk.
"Good morning Mr. Jeon, my name is Hyuka your new assistant. Please take care of me." the young male bows to him. Jk smiled back. "G"morning Hyuka, it's nice to meet you. Follow me in my office and let's discuss some thins to make sure we'll both be fine working together."
Hyuka took his ipad and follow his boss inside his office. Jk let him sit before he started talking, telling him about his personal set of rules. "You see Hyuka, I know you already work with Mrs. Jeon and you probably know more than me when it comes to fashion so I am expecting
you to help me adjust in that aspect. But since Taehyung, I mean Mr. Kim is in charge with that then I think we'll focus more on the management and admin part of the company. I want you to put your own insight on things too. But aside from that what I expect from you the most is,
make sure that your personal & private life is separated from work. I don't care about the things I've heard before I met you because I want us to start with clean slate. Is that clear?" Jk declared. Hyuka swallowed when he heard the latter part of Jungkook's statement.
He has a reputation of getting absent and getting into work with a severe hang over! SO yeah, this chance his new boss has given him will not put into waste. "Yes sir! Thank you so much Mr. Jeon. I will do my best not to disappoint you." he replied immediately.
"Very good. That's all you have to know." Jk replied before turning to his computer but Hyuka didn't leave immediately. "Anything else you want to say?" Jk asks. "Uhmmm, your coffee sir? I mean how do you prefer your coffee?" Hyuka asks and Jk smiled upon hearing that.
"Americano" Hyuka scrunches his nose upon hearing that. Of course, workaholic CEOs official drink, AMERICANO! He still doensn't understand why there are people who loves to drink that bitter disgusting thing. But of course he didn't say that out loud. He thank his boss again
before he went back to his desk smiling. Hyuka is still smiling when Tae passes by. The designer is glad he managed to convince their HR to keep the younger man int heir company. He was about to get fired but Tae knows how excellent Hyuka in his job minus his "hangover days."
"G'morning Taehyungie hyung!" the assistant greets him. "Morning Kai. What's up? Got yourself a new boyfriend?" he asks when he saw him smiling wide. "Hmmmn, no not yet hyungie. But I guess I will have soon." he replied while staring at Jk's door. Taehyung followed his gaze.
He furrows his brows when he realized that Hyuka is pertaining to their CEO. He might not want to admit it and he might not want to think deeper about it but his word says otherwise. "If you want to keep your job, focus on your work Hyuka." he uttered before going to his office.
Hyuka's left confused. He never saw Taehyung act like that, besides, the designer has always been on his side before. He also know that Tae's behind why he's able to keep his job. But since he's too excited for his new boss, he just didn't think much about it.
Taehyung on the other hand called Beomgyu on his desk when arrived at his office. "Bom, can you call the HR and ask for the files of applicant this month." he said not looking at his assistant. "Huh? Why do you need them Vshi? Aren't we done with the hiring already?" he asks
cause it's very unlikely of his boss to meddle with the hiring process. Tae glares at the younger and to be honest, he feels a bit ashamed when he realized what he's about to do. Good thing that Beomgyu reminded him that. "You know what, never mind." he uttered after a while.
Taehyung tried his best not to think about Hyuka's statement and a certain CEO with a handsome face for the whole day. He busied himself with his new designs and ideas for their new collections. It is only when Beomgyu asks him if he wants to have lunch together when he finally
take off his eyes from his computer. "Go ahead Bombom, Hoseok hyung will actually come to pick me up for lunch. I already said yes to him now." he said while looking at himself at the mirror right in front of his desk. Beomgyu raised his brows, he knows that his boss has been
dodging Jung Hoseok for months now. The multimillionaire has been sending the designer flowers and presents so at first, he thought the two are dating. It is only recent when he discovers that his boss actually doesn't like him like that. So to see that Taehyung is actually
going out for a lunch with him now makes the assistant snicker. "Woah, didn't know you finally agreed to date him." he teases his boss but Tae just glares at him. "It's not a date Beomgyu, we're just going out for lunch. Besides, since when are you allowed to talk about it?!"
The assistant immediately excused himself when he saw the way Tae glared at him. The designer took his purse with him and finally went outside because he also just received a message from Hoseok informing him that he's already at the lobby. He's not excited to see the man but
he doesn't want him to wait too long that's why he tried to walk a little bit faster. Jk on the other hand is also waiting for the elevator already. It's the first time they saw each other in the office today and they immediately feel so awkward around each other.
"Hello Taehyung" JK greets the older first that made Tae raised his brows. "Taehyung? Aren't I hyung to you if you've decided to call me by my name?" he asks before they both enter the elevator. "That's right, you're older than me...hyung." JK replied while he's staring at him.
Tae just nods at him not wanting to start the conversation with the other especially not now that he knows Hoseok is waiting for him. But JK seems not to get it so he talks again. "Hyung, are you going out for lunch? Do you want to go--" "Mr. Jeon, isn't it enough that you're
calling me the way you want inside the office? You see, I don't have any problem eating lunch with my colleagues that I work with but we barely know each other and please, don't think that just because you're Jia's son and my boss means I should say yes to you everytime."
Jk is taken a back of the older's sudden outburst, but then again, he has been warned by his own mom about Taehyung so he's not surprised anymore. He squinted his eyes as he stare at the designer's face. "Tsk tsk..I didn't even say anything wonder you'res till single."
Jungkook doesn't know what came over him to say that, but the way Tae blushed makes him not regret what he just said. Tae on the other hand is so furious when he heard him. "Yah! And what do you mean by that? Excuse me but my date is actually waiting for me now!"
Jk was about to say something when they;re interrupted by another man who's obviously rich af too based on his appearance. "Taehyungie, I'm glad to see you again. I miss you pretty boy." Hoseok greets his long time crush before taking a quick glance at Jungkook.
Tae wanna push Hoseok away because he actually doesn't like how he wrap his arm around his waist but since Jungkook is watching them, he pretends to be enjoying the other male's presence too. "I'm glad to see you to hyungie. By the way this is Jungkook, our new--"
"The only heir of Jeons." Hobi supplies. "It's nice to see you again Hoseokshi." Jk greets the older male while his eyes are focus on his hands on Tae's waist. Tae doesn't know why but he feels a little nit uncomfortable with the way JK stare at the so he pulled away from him.
"Do you know each other?" Tae asks when he notice how the two are looking at each other as if they're rivals. "Yeah, he's the architect in charge with one of the new building I acquired in Busan last year. Of course I know Jungkook." Hobi informs him. Tae is surprise to know
that information because as far he knows, Jungkook was in LA until recently. "I was only in charged with the designs but I wasn't actually present during the construction." JK added when he notice the confusion on Taehyung's face. "Anyway, I'm glad to see you again Hoseokshi,
enjoy your date." Jk said before walking away because he isn't sure if he could hold back much longer. Hobi & Tae just nod at him before they finally went out of the building to go to the nearest restaurant for their lunch. "I'm glad you agreed to meet me today."
Tae gave the older a timid smile. The truth is he only agreed to meet him today to finally to talk to him again, hoping that he would stop wooing him because he isn't interested. "Hyung, I'm glad to see you too. But I guess--" "Yah, Taehyungie can we at least order first?"
Hoseok forced a smile towards the younger. He knows Taehyung so well and he can feel it that today, the designer has already decided to reject him for real. The truth is, he's been wooing him for 2 years now ever since he has met him when he attended one event with SEokjin.
He was mesmerized by Taehyung's beauty but he fell in love with his beautiful heart and strong mind. He admires how Tae carries himself, he likes how he manages to stand by himself since early age but what he loves the most about him is the way Taehyung loves his daughter, Yanna.
And ever since he saw how Tae manage to juggle his career and his life as a single parent, he wants nothing but to take care of him and his daughter, that's why he started to woo him. He knows Tae doesn't like him as a man but they became good friends while he's courting him.
And now that Taehyung might reject him again for the nth time, Hoseok has finally decided to give up on the young designer too. He would stop courting him, but that doesn't mean he will stop being a friend to him. Besides, he's grown attach with Yanna already.
The two ordered their food and ate quietly. Taehyung didn't say anything yet when Hoseok finally breaks their silence. "Taehyungie, you know I love you and Yanna right?" he starts with a smile that doesn't reach his eyes. "H-yung you--" "Ssssh, just hear me out, okay?"
Tae nods & focus on the man who was nothing but kind and gentle to him and his daughter. "I was thinking for the past days about me annoying the sh*t out of you every time I show up to your workplace or in your house and--" "Hyung, you're not annoying me for goodness sake."
Hoseok laughs at his reaction. "Okay, let's make this easier for both of us. I'm not gonna bother you anymore, no more flowers, no more presents for you, no more surprises but you'll let me continue being an uncle to my angel Yanna. You don't have to reject me again Tae."
Taehyung is dumbfounded when he heard the older's words. The truth is, he didn't expect that at all. He knows how Hoseok feels about him and heaven knows how he tried his best to reciprocate it but he just cant force himself to love him the way he wanted him to love him.
So surprised is understatement to describe how he feels now that the older man is finally giving up on him. "H-hyung" he stuttered but Hoseok stops him again. "All I want is to see you happy Tae and I'm not gonna stand in the way anymore. Just promise me you'll still let me
see Yanna." he said just above a whisper because the truth is, behind his smiles his heart is breaking. Hoseok truly loves Tae & he's willing to wait until forever but he knows that Tae is being so considerate to him. He doesn't want that. That's why today, he's letting him go.
Taehyung can't help but feel bad while listening to Hobi, but since he doesn't want to hurt him more, he smiled brightly at him. "Of course hyung, you can visit her anytime." he promised. "That's good enough for me now." Hobi replied.
The two finished their lunch together and as much as Taehyung doesn't want to feel bad about the other man, he can't help it when Hobi finally drops him in front of their building. "Thank you for the lunch hyung." he tries to cheer up but Hobi knows he's not really feeling it.
"Aish! Yah, Kim Taehyung don't feel bad about me. You didn't reject me right?" he smiled before shooing the designer back to his office. Tae is still waving at him while walking backwards so he wasn't able to see the man standing right in front of the building entrance.
Tae bumps into the man and he's about to apologize when the said man speaks. "You only have lunch with your suitor and you suddenly walk straight?!" Jk mocks him. The designer bites the inside of his cheeks just to stop himself from cursing the CEO. So instead of apologizing
he just glared at Jk and stomp away from him. Tae enters the elevator thinking how Jk always appears at the wrong place. He's still sulking when the CEO joins him in the elevator again. "I guess you didn't like your lunch with your date though." he cheekily comments again.
At first, Taehyung thought he just misheard it because why would Jungkook talk to him that way if they're not even that close. Besides, the architect who's now CEO of their company has a reputation of being cold to his employees, but ever since he met him, he is nothing like what
he has heard about him. "You should have had your lunch with me, the restaurant I visited has the best steak, I'll bet you'll love it there." Jk added when Taehyung didn't reply to him. Tae squinted his eyes and look at the CEO through the mirror at the elevator.
"Are you talking to me?" he points at himself. Jk smirks at him as he meets the eyes of the older man. "Do I look like a crazy man who's talking to myself ? Of course I'm talking to you. Besides, you're the only one with sour face here. You didn't like your lunch, am I right?"
Taehyung can't believe of the audacity of his boss, but since Jungkook has been talking to him without honorifics he decided to talk back to him casually too. "I believe my lunch & my sour face is none of your business Mr. Jeon." he bites back hoping he'll shut up.
But Jk is having so much fun watching the different emotions plastered on the designer's face, besides this conversation just gave him an idea. "Hmm, this company wants all its employee to be happy all the time, so you know what, starting tomorrow your team & my team will have
lunch together. That way, it will also help us develop our camaraderie with one another. Please inform your assistant and I'll inform Kai too." Jk replied while staring at Taehyung's pretty face. "Wait, what?! First of all no one calls Hyuka, Kai in the company, and the lunch
you are suggesting is not included in our company's policy. You cannot just force the staff to eat with you just because you want them to be." he is now on the verge of screaming at his boss when the elevator stops right in their office floor. And since everyone just finished
their lunches, they're all in the corridors. Jungkook smirks at Taehyung first before turning to their employees. "It's good to see that you're all here everyone. Mr. Kim has an announcement to make." he said putting the designer on the spotlight. Taehyung is already glaring
at his boss, he feels like he wanna strangle him in non-sexual way! "Yah,what do u think are you doing?We still need to discuss this before u announce it to them."he whisper yelled it to him but Jk just pulls him closer & makes him face the staff. "Go ahead Mr. Kim, tell them."
Their staff are looking at them so Taehyung knows he can't do anything that will embarrass his boss and himself. With a heavy sigh and rolling eyes he forced himself to smile and look at their staff. "Starting tomorrow, our executive department and the design team will eat
lunch together. Other details will be announced later, so you now go back to your work." Tae announced. The staff & Jk himself cheered to that announcement. "Thank you Mr. Kim." he uttered with a smile before entering his own office. Tae cannot believe what just happened.
So instead of going back to his own office, he just decided to burst in to Jungkook's office. "Mr.J--- oh, I'm sorry Mr. Jeon, I'll come back later." Taehyung wanted to shoot himself of the embarassment because Jungkook is not alone in his office. "Oh, no Mr. Kim it's okay.
This is Jihyo, one of the designers based in LA." Jk introduces the pretty lady who's also smiling at him. "Oh dear, look who's here! It's nice to finally meet you Mr. Kim Taehyung. I'm your fan!" Jihyo extended her hand & Tae hesitantly accepted it. "Hi, nice to meet you too."
Tae doesn't know what to say or do anymore after that short introduction, good thing that Jihyo saves the three of them from the awkwardness. "I'm sorry for bothering you both during your working hours, I came here earlier to see if Gukkie is free for lunch but he's already out
so I have just decided to wait for him. I didn't know you two will have a meeting or something." the woman explained. Taehyung's mind already made a conclusion about the two so he hurriedly excuses himself to give them privacy. "Ah, no Jihyoshi we don't have a meeting.
I will just come back later. Again, it's nice to meet you. Excuse me." he said without looking at Jungkook anymore. Jihyo immediately turns to Jk when Taehyung is gone! "OMG! you're right Gukkie he's beautiful! WHy isn't he the model of this company?!" she squeals excitely.
Jk shakes his head off upon hearing Jihyo calling him his childhood nickname again. "Yah, I told you not to call me that! And yeah, he's really beautiful and could be the face of our brand but I don't think he'll like that especially when his priority is his daughter."
Jihyo nods at that as if she already knows everything. Well, technically she knows everything Jk knows because the CEO won't shut up about the father & daughter he met just few days ago. Jungkook & Jihyo are like siblings when they're in LA. They met in the university since
Jk is taking up architecture while Jihyo is in fashion design. They had few classes together back then and since they're both Koreans, they became close friends. Their friendship got stronger when Jihyo started to date KAng Daniel, JK's partner in his architectural firm in LA.
So when Jungkook informed Jihyo about his tiny interest about the senior designer of their company, the lady can't help but get super excited since Jungkook has never shown interest to anyone. And now that she saw Taehyung herself, she can't help but be excited for his friend.
"So, how are you planning to court him?" Jihyo blurted out. Jk almost choke on his water when he heard her talk about courting. "Yah! Who said I'm courting him? I just said he's beautiful! Besides, I'm not here to date, I came to work. Also, Tae doesn't have time for that."
Jihyo squinted her eyes. "Sounds like an excuse of a coward man to me." "Look, when I told you I feel like I want to make him smile I didn't mean to court him. I just wanna be friend with him." Jk reasoned out but Jihyo's mocking face didn't change at all. "Tsk. Tsk."
"First of all, you never called anyone beautiful. Second of all, did you just heard what you have just said? Jungkook I thought we're just talking about crush here but here you are telling me you want the designer you just met be happy? Boy, you're whipped already!" she grins!
Jk tried his best not to smile but the way Jihyo just bounce in the couch because of her excitement makes him laugh. "Yah! Park Jihyo, I thought you have a wedding to plan? Why don't you go and bother your fiance instead of teasing me around here." he said while walking towards
his desk. "Okay, now that I confirmed that you're whipped for your crush. Then how about you start asking him for lunch or dinner maybe?" she suggests as if she didn't hear the man. "I just did." Jk proudly answered. "Woah! Really? You did?! So where are you planning to bring
him? ISTG Guk this is your chance to change his first impression towards you. MAke sure you'll sweep him off his feet." Jihyo snickers. "Well, uhmm I will let them decide." JK replied sheepishly. "Wait what?! Them? What do you mean them when you said you ask Tae?" she asks.
Jk knows the woman will freak out again but he has no choice so he replied honestly. "I told him that his staff and mine should have lunch together everyday." "Craaaaaash!!!!" one of the cushion flew from Jihyo's hand to Jk's head! Good thing he's fast he was able to dodge it.
"OMG! Jeon Jungkook I can't believe you! I'm glad my fiance isn't with you now because you're just dumb! How is that asking your crush on a date? That's company lunch out!" she yells while throwing the magazines at his best friend! "Yah! you can't do that to me here!"
"I'm gonna flip this effing office of yours if you won't man up and ask Taehyung for a proper date." she threatens him. Jungkook sighs. "He won't agree to it. I told you he doesn't have time for it. He got Yanna and I'm sure the moment he's done here in the office he'll go
straight home." he slumps into his swivel chair. Jihyo pauses for a while thinking of another idea how she'll help JK. "Right, go with him with your lunch first. I'll just call you tonight." the woman suddenly blurted out grabbing her bag and heads towards the door.
Jk straightens into his seat when he see that Jihyo is leaving already. "Yah, where are you going? I thought you came to--" "I said I was curious about your crush and now that I saw him, I can now fully understand why you're losing your precious sleep just because of him.
He's beautiful, and if aunt Jia is right about him having a pure heart too, then I guess you hit the jackpot Jeon. You better man up and ask him for a date before anyone else will. For now, let me research about his Yanna. I'll call you later." Jihyo always know what to say.
Jk wanna deny his interest about Taehyung too but his best friend is right. He already saw the designer going out for lunch a while ago so he knows that Taehyung has a lot of admirers already. "Thanks Jojo! Really appreciate it." he said while opening his door for Jihyo.
Both Jihyo & Jungkook are surprised to see Tae standing in front of Hyuka's desk while Tae pretends not to see them yet as he gives Hyuka the memo about the lunch of the staff. Hyuka is even surprise to see Taehyung giving it to him by himself because it's usually Beomgyu who
delivers it to him. "Thank you so much Vshi." he uttered. Jihyo left already so Jungkook takes his chance to ask Taehyung about the lunch again. "Taehyung, can we talk about the lunch and--" "I'm actually here for that Mr. Jeon." he cuts him off. "Okay, to my office please."
Jk holds the door for Taehyung only to regret it the moment he notices the state of his office. He's too focus on Tae that he forgot about Jihyo's early out burst a while ago. His office is a mess. There's a cushion on his table while there are droplets of water on the floor.
The CEO knows his office looks inappropriate at the moment but when he turns to look at Taehyung's face, he knows that he's screwed! "Uhmmm, Vshi I mean Mr.K-kim... ahh Taehyung im sorry about the mess but it's not what you think about." Jk tries to explain while picking up the
scattered magazines on the floor. There's aso used tissues that Jihyo used to wipe her bag a while ago when she accidentally spilled her water while throwing a magazine on him. But no matter what Jk tries his best to explain, Taehyung's wide eyes are already judging him.
Jk quickly tidy up his office while Taehyung remains frozen by the door. "Tae ISTG we didn't do anything. She was---" Jungkook wasn't able to finish his sentence when Taehyung suddenly raised his tow hands signaling him to stop so he stops immediately. "Listen here Mr. Jeon.
I don't care about your personal affairs. I don't care whatever you do inside your office. I don't care about your business but please, make sure your office upholds the core values of this company before inviting me or anyone in. Forget about the staff lunch tomorrow. It's not
on the policy anyway. And please make sure to clean your own MESS because the janitors here are quite fan of telltales & I don't want to put the name of House of Jeons in tabloids just because someone can't keep their dicks inside their pants during work hours." Tae blurted out.
Taehyung was about to walk out of the office when he heard Jungkook's booming and desperate voice. "For goodness sake Tae will you listen to me! We didn't have sex!" he blurted out because how else would he explain himself?! Taehyung looks so pissed and that's the last thing
he wants to do with the designer. Tae looks back at him with a stern face. "Just like what I've said Mr. Jeon, I DONT CARE about your affairs. And please address me properly when we're in the office. We are not...friends." he uttered before closing the door behind him. "Fvck!"
JK slams the magazine on his table. All he wants is the designer's attention but why does he keep screwing things between them. The CEO sighs. He knows it would be difficult to break the wall Taehyung built around himself through the years, but JK is an architect, he doesn't need
to break the wall to get through Tae, he just needs a ladder to climb it. The CEO smiles to himself after thinking. It might be a hard challenge to find the perfect ladder to use but he already knows someone who can help him. All he needs to do is to be close with that someone.
Meanwhile, in Taehyung's office the designer has built a mountain of crumpled paper. He doesn't know if he's pissed that he cant perfect the designs he wants or he's annoyed because of someone we should hide in the name of Mr. J! It's been hours since the incident in the
CEO's office but the pretty designer cant help but rewind everything in his head. As of now, he knows that Jihyo is engaged to someone named Kang Daniel who is a co owner of J&K' architecture firm based in LA. Yes, sue him but Tae csnt help but do a little research about the
cute woman who visited his boss. "They could be friends, but the mess in the office.. the water droplets and the cushion on his desk! Omg! Kim Taehyung stop being nosy!" Tae hits his head when he realized what is he thinking again. It's been like that since he left Jk's office
and Taehyung doesn't like it at all. He hates the idea that Jungkook has been tunning in his head for hours now. Tae almost jumps out of his seat when he heard his assistant's voice. "V hyung, aren't you going to pick up Yanna? Its almsot 4.30" Beomgyu reminds his boss who
seems very busy the whole afternoon. Taehyung's eyes widens when he realized that he even almost forgot to fetch his daughter because of JEON JUNGKOOK. He hurriedly pack his things & went to fetch Yanna after signing out from the office. "Istg this will never happen again."
***Thankfully, the drive to Yanna's school was uneventful. Taehyung fetch his daughter who's unusually quiet that evening. "Baby how's school?" Tae asks when they finally arrived home but the little girl just climbs into their couch as she hugs her favorite unicorn toy.
Taehyung furrows his brows. He knows immediately that something is bothering his daughter though Ms. Lee didn't mention anything a while ago. "Angel, is there something wrong?" he asks again while sitting on the floor in front of his baby who's now pouting. Yanna remains quiet.
Tae gives her 5 more minutes before he took his phone out of his pocket. "Alright, that is more than 5 minutes of you not talking after school and Papa is getting worried. I'm going to call Ms. Lee and ask her about it." he announced just to get his daughter's attention.
Yanns'a round eyes suddenly widens at the mention of her teacher so she runs towards her school bag and took out a piece of paper. Taehyung just silently watch his daughter not wanting to upset her more. "Papa, what is this?" she asks showing him the paper with a lizard?
"Oh baby is that a giant lizard? You did a great j---" he wasn't able to finish his sentence when his daughter started to cry out loud. "Ewyone says the same thwing. Even papa calls my dwagon wishard." she cries before running towards her room. Taehyung wants to hit his head!
He picks up the paper on the floor and tried his best to see the drawing as a dragon but what can you do, his Yanna is just 4 years old, she has her own imagination and creativity. Tae follows his daughter on her room to apologize but Yanna wont just speak to him.
"Angel, papa is sorry. I think I have to learn how to draw dragon with Yanna too. Come on baby, let's cook dinner together." he tries again but Yanna just remain quiet under her blanket. "Yanna, I'm sorry angel I promise I---" Ding dong! Ding dong! Taehyung sighs.
For the first time he wishes Jimin is here because he always knows how to pacify Yanna's tantrums. "Baby lemme just check who's outside okay?" he uttered before lazily walks towards the door. He didn't even check the monitor before opening the door only to slam it again.
"What the hell is he doing here?!" he blurted out only to bite his tongue again when he saw his daughter peeking from her room. "Papa, you said bad words!" she accuses him before running towards the couch to embrace her unicorn stuff toy again as if she's waiting for her father
to open the door again. Thankfully, the person outside didn't ring the bell again. Maybe he got scared and got the message that we dont want him here. Tae thought to himself only to close his eyes again when he heard a knock this time. Knock! Knock! Knock! Tae remains still.
"Papa" "Hmmmn?" "The door, someone's knocking on the door." Yanna pouts while watching her papa's actions. Taehyung sighs, he feels like the universe is against him today so he slowly opens the door hoping the man already left.
Unfortunately, Jungkook is a thick-faced kind of a man because there he is with two familiar paper bags on his hands. It's obviously take out from Yanna's favorite restaurant. How did the CEO knows about it? He doesn't have any idea. "Jungkookshi, fancy seeing you here."
Jungkook knows how fake the greeting is but he still smile at Taehyung. "Hi Tae, do you mind if I give this to Yanna? Mom said she likes cheese pops and fried chicken." he waves the bag in front of the male who's still blocking him by the door. Heaven knows Taehyung doesn't
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