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Mar 22, 2020
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#kaisoo Au An au where Jongin is jealous of his own dogs because they get soo’s full attention and he regrets his idea of bringing his dogs to their apartment while kyungsoo is on his leave from the duty but what he doesn’t know is that soo is doing this on purpose so he could -

could see his husband get all jealous and pouty ‘who could get jealous of his own dogs!! dummy...but my dummy’ kyungsoo thinks to himself.
Jongin could sense that kyungsoo is sliding into their bed to sleep,he must have come now since they all gone to sleep..fck. Though the lights are turned-off and room is pitch dark,kyungsoo could literally tell that jongin is still pouting giving his back to him...a big baby.
Kyungsoo slowly hugs jongin and jongin removes soo’s hand from his waist,and again soo hug him but this time he made the grip stronger and jongin could feel the strongness in his grip...soo must have been doing work outs on military,jongin wants to asks this but he don’t want to
speak to his husband now.
“Baby,what happened!?” kyungsoo whispers near jongin’s necks. Jongin gulps. “Why are you moody now!?” soo asks again since he gets no reply. “You don’t know,what you did wrong!!?” jongin huffs. Kyungsoo knows...knows the reason yet he plays “No,jagi!” kyungsoo exclaimed.
“You played with them,you bathed them and y-you even watched pororo while having them lying on your lap” jongin continues “You forget me,you didn’t even cared whether i had my dinner or not and you didn’t even cared about mu under-cut” these thing made kyungsoo a bit worried.
“Jongin,baby,look...i am so sorry,i didn’t know that you will get be this much hurted” kyungsoo tries to soothes him. Jongin keeps mum.
“If you are still feels that i am wrong,i hope d-daddy gets me punished for what i did” kyungsoo whispers. That’s it,that’s the word “w-what you said right now,soo?” jongin turns to face kyungsoo. “Daddy” soo whispers and that moments jongin caged kyungsoo and that moment
he knows his husband is not mad anymore yet he still have to receives the punishment tho he does not regret it and knows that they gonna have a long night ahead.
The End
i am so sorry the end sucks.🙈 Love u all!♥️
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