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Sep 8, 2020
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some notes before i write this: 👉🏼 photos are not mine!! got most of them from twt 👉🏼 this will mostly be social media but if i need to write some parts then i will!! 👉🏼 side #yoonmin cos they’re cute too hehe 👉🏼 don’t reply!! i appreciate quote rts + likes to be motivated ❤️

👉🏼 a bit cliché, fluff, and some angst maybe? 👉🏼 pls ignore time stamps, hair colors, and typos!! this is my first text au pls be nice 🥺 👉🏼 i LOVE comments and reactions pls i hope you guys enjoy this just as much as i will
main characters // taekook ✨ tae ✨ - pretty popular in university, tries acting from time to time but is mostly into film photography ✨ jk ✨ - has a huge crush on tae but the latter doesn’t know him so he doesn’t do anything about his crush, makes his own music
side ship // yoonmin ✨ jimin ✨ - tae’s bff, is also v popular, he has a secret crush on min yoongi and loves his music ✨ yoongi ✨ - one of jungkook’s friends, prefers to stay lowkey but is well-known in their university as agust d because he’s the top student in music prod
jungkook’s favorite hyungs ✨ jin ✨ - is on his last year, annoys jk a lot but is the best big bro figure jk has ✨ namjoon ✨ - makes music alongside yoongi but prefers to stay lowkey ✨ hoseok ✨ - is in the dance club with jimin but rarely talks to him
ok i’m starting this! short update for today i just wanted to get started ❤️ 1. taehyung needs help
2. kim yoonmin
3. jungkook is whipped
4. baby jk is trying to be an adult
5. taehyung is happy!!
6. jungkook is not
7. jungkook is REALLY not happy
8. somebody rlly has to help him he is going to explode
9. some hyung comfort ???
10. the last straw
11. jungkook tells his hyungs
12. meanwhile tae wants attention
13. again, jeon jungkook: WHIPPED
14. jinkook goes to get coffee: perhaps a bad decision?
15. an intervention
16. crisis number 1
17. crisis number 1 part 2
18. crisis number 1 part 3
19. someone check on jungkook
20. crisis number 2 but this time it’s taehyung
21. crisis number 2 where taehyung is afraid of a very angry jungkook
22. an angry jungkook
23. save taehyung 2020
24. save taehyung 2020 part 2
25. ok maybe this one is tae’s fault
26. perhaps they have made an agreement?
27. jungkook and his power
28. park jimin, a supportive friend
29. taehyung messages jungkook
30. the hyungs are always reliable!
31. jeon jungkook: not so smooth?
32. maybe taehyung uwu-ed a little
33. a brief commercial: hi hot boy jeon jungkook
34. hot boy jeon jungkook is a babie
35. maybe jungkook is in denial about his crush
36. kookie has an idea
37. they r excited!!!
38. perhaps jungkook should listen to seokjin
39. hot boy jeon jungkook is back?
40. jungkook lets tae hear his song
41. what taehyung sees vs what jin sees
42. they had a productive day
43. jin being a good hyung only lasts for a maximum of 2 seconds
44. someone go on breakfast dates with jimin
45. day 2 has started!
46. soulmate things
47. jungkook is the sweetest wbk
48. tae is a bit enthusiastic
49. jungkook soft hours
50. jungkook soft hours part 2 but this time he’s a little scared
51. another day, another taekook session
52. jin knows when to be a good bro
53. sad 🐰 = sad 🐯
54. tae tries to cheer up kookie
55. tae is a bit clueless
56. actually, tae is dense
57. but note: tae is trying
58. tae misses jungkook ? ft. jimin making a joke and regretting it immediately
59. tae has a plan
60. tae tries to convince jungkook
61. jungkook didn’t need convincing in the first place
62. taehyung is a little clingy? (also i meant video clips not films)
63. jeon jungkook once said, “???????????????”
64. a pouty taehyung
65. :(
66. goodbye brown taehyung
67. the hyungs missed kookie part 1
68. the hyungs missed kookie part 2
69. and here we have a changed kim taehyung
70. what taehyung sees vs what jin sees part 2
71. and so they start shooting again!
72. later that night, and even later that night (yes the timestamps are relevant in this one)
73. [choke]
74. jungkook contemplates
75. taehyung sad hours: open alexa play decalcomania by jungkook
76. jungkook has joined in on the sad hours
77. aand they’re back
78. a brief commercial: tae was lying about jimin being asleep, he just really wanted to talk to jungkook this is what tae’s inbox really looked like that night
79. taekook are now: happy
80. tae figures it out. or does he
81. maybe taekook are cute + fanboy jimin
82. basically taekook have been spending A LOT of time together
83. proud jinmin
84. everyone say it with jimin
85. meanwhile: jungkook
86. jimin is DONE with tae’s bullshit
87. taehyung is lost
88. but jungkook makes the first move anyway
89. jungkook’s finals week - tae misses him
90. jk misses him too
91. tae makes a thread!
92. jungkook misses him even more 🥺
93. jungkook’s grade is out and so is he
94. PANIC!!!!!!
95. they still celebrate anyway
96. jin’s hyung mode: unlocked
97. meanwhile jungkook
98. tae talks to jimin
99. this advertisement is brought to you by kim seokjin
100. tae makes a decision
The day after their night out, Jungkook wakes up in Taehyung's bed. When he opens his eyes, he groans because the light is too bright - not to mention, his head is killing him. He looks around and realizes he's not home. He's in Taehyung's room.
"Tae?" he calls out, rubbing his eyes. Taehyung doesn't respond, but Jungkook knows he's outside because he can hear someone cooking. Slowly, Jungkook gets out of bed and stretches from side to side. "Taehyung?" he calls again, but this time, louder.
"I'm here," he hears from the kitchen. Taehyung's voice is soft, but he doesn't sound tired. Jungkook scratches his head as he walks out of the room. "How long have you been up?" he asks. "A few hours." Taehyung shrugs, looking at the food.
"You should go back to bed. Your head probably hurts. Just wait for me, I'm almost done with this. I'll bring you the food, okay?" the older boy tells him. Jungkook looks at Taehyung.
Jungkook thinks Taehyung is pretty - even when his hair is a mess and his eyes are puffy from sleep. Jungkook thinks Taehyung is beautiful even when Taehyung is only in an oversized t-shirt and boxer shorts. Taehyung is amazing, Jungkook thinks.
"Jungkook, go back to the room," Taehyung reminds him gently. "Right, okay," Jungkook nods. He walks back to the room and lies down, slowly falling back asleep.
A few hours later, Jungkook wakes up to feel someone's head on his chest. He looks down to see Taehyung's hair. The older boy is watching TV, but the audio is muted. Taehyung looks up when he feels Jungkook move. "Hi," Jungkook says softly.
Taehyung smiles, a little embarrassed. "Did I wake you up? Sorry, I turned the volume down so you wouldn't hear," he says. "It's okay. I want to stay like this." Jungkook tells him, wrapping his arms around Taehyung. Taehyung moves closer to Jungkook happily.
"Jungkook, we need to talk." Taehyung says, still holding onto Jungkook. His head is still on Jungkook's chest, and he's not looking at Jungkook. Jungkook's heart sinks. He remembers the tweet, and he knows he shouldn't have said those three words, but he meant it.
"Tae, I'm sorry about the tweet. I-" before he could continue, Taehyung interrupts him. "No, no. I'm sorry. I'm sorry because I've been confusing you. I'm sorry for being inconsistent. I'm sorry for getting your hopes up only to let you down again."
Jungkook runs his hands through Taehyung's hair. He doesn't know how to respond. "You deserve to know the truth, Jungkook. About everything. Do you remember what you said to me last night?" Jungkook gulps. Memories from last night start to come back to him.
"I can't believe you gave Jin hyung a fake number when he asked on my behalf! Do I really not have a chance with you, Tae? I wish I did. I thought I did." was one of the things Jungkook said when he was drunk. "You said we were just friends too. Did you mean that?" is another.
"You don't have to worry about what I said when I was drunk, Tae." he says, sighing. "No, but I want to talk about this." Taehyung is looking up at him now with his chin on Jungkook's chest. "Okay," Jungkook nods slowly. "Let's talk, then."
"I know I've been giving you mixed signals. I've just been confused." Taehyung sighs. Jungkook watches him, urging him to continue. "The whole fake number situation, well, I was giving out fake numbers to people because I was scared of dating again."
"I know it's dumb, but if I said no to people, they'd just keep persisting. If I gave a number, they'd leave me alone. It worked for me, and I'm sorry you were dragged into the mess." "Can I ask why you were scared of dating?" Jungkook tries, a hand still in Taehyung's hair.
Taehyung bites his lip. Jungkook can tell he's hesitating, so he reassures him, "it's okay, Tae. I'm listening." Taehyung finally nods. "My last ex was really manipulative, I guess. I always thought he was cheating on me, and whenever it was brought up, he called me crazy."
"He kept saying maybe I was projecting? And then he started telling his friends I was probably cheating on him and I was afraid of looking like the bad guy hence me saying he was the cheater. It really broke me, because a lot of people knew. They called me crazy."
Jungkook winces at the thought of it, because he couldn't stand the thought of someone doing that to Taehyung. He opens his mouth to say something, but he doesn't. So Taehyung continues. "I broke up with him when I couldn't take it anymore." he says, avoiding eye contact.
"Two days after we broke up, I saw him in a bar making out with the girl I was worried about. I was right, Jungkook. He was cheating on me. But people still believed him anyway." Jungkook is in disbelief. "They believed him?"
"Yeah. They said I shouldn't get mad at him for the way he copes with the damage I did to him. I was still the bad guy, Kook. Even when it was clear he cheated." Jungkook can tell this is the first time in a long time Taehyung has talked about this.
Taehyung is refusing to look at him. Jungkook taps Taehyung's back lightly. "Tae, look at me," he whispers. The older boy obeys, and he sees Jungkook smiling softly at him. "You deserve the world, Taehyung. I can give you that, but only if you let me."
Tears start to fill Taehyung's eyes, and he smiles back to Jungkook. "I'm sorry I kept running away. I kept getting scared because I knew I was falling for you, but I didn't want to admit it because I thought I wasn't ready." "It's okay if you're not ready. I'll wait."
"No, Jungkook. I want this. You and me. I've said it once before. You and me, we work. I might be wrong, and maybe we'll just get hurt, but you make me want to try. You make me want to stay." "Okay." Jungkook nods. He knows he doesn't need to say anything more.
He holds Taehyung closer to his chest, playing with his hair. Taehyung is still deep in thought. "Hey, what else is on your mind?" Jungkook whispers. "I love you too." Taehyung whispers back to him.
"What?" Jungkook almost chokes at this. "Tae-" "Your tweet. You said you loved me. You meant that, yeah?" Taehyung says, looking at Jungkook with round eyes. "I did. I do. I love you, Kim Taehyung." Jungkook grins.
Taehyung nods and smiles in satisfaction. "Okay then, Jeon Jungkook," he goes back to putting his head on Jungkook's chest, facing away from Jungkook. Jungkook can feel Taehyung smiling. "My actor," Jungkook thinks to himself, stroking Taehyung's hair.
Jungkook still wants to talk to Taehyung. He wants to keep telling him how much he adores him and how special he is, but he realizes the latter has fallen asleep on his chest. It's okay, Jungkook thinks. He has a lifetime to show Taehyung what real love is like.
taekook in love. wbk
✨ the end ✨ soft ending only bc taehyung wants to take it slow, and jungkook is patient 🥺 i hope you guys had fun reading this as much as i had fun writing it!! sorry if it was a mess it’s my first ship au idk how to ROMANCE
also i really do appreciate your quote rts and likes it really encouraged me to keep writing this!! thank you 🥰
yoonmin au here ❤️
m ♡ | ia

m ♡ | ia

#yoonmin au where jimin has been secretly listening to yoongi play outside the music room. he’s too afraid to make a move, but fate seems to keep making it for him
m ♡ | ia

m ♡ | ia

#TAEHYUNG: you can’t live without me.
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