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Sep 14, 2020
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• Let me save you • Yoonmin au #yoonmin #minsu Yoongi is in an abusive relationship. One day, he is forced out after an intense beating but in the midst of his panic and pain , the only address he could remember in that moment is Jimin’s, his ex.

TW // violence , abusive relationship , mental health issues , blood , swearing , “ slut “
“You stupid bitch!” Seojoon yelled at Yoongi, the tears that were staining his cheeks only pissing him off more so he punched Yoongi square in the face. Yoongi screamed in pain but that only seemed to annoy his boyfriend more since only seconds later, he received a smack on his
already bruised cheek, the impact causing his pale skin to rip, blood pooling from his cheekbone as he continued to sob. He didn’t fight back though, the fight in him died a long time ago, he found it was better to just accept what Seojoon was doing to him, he deserved it anyway.
He shouldn’t have met up with Namjoon, it was a stupid thing to do, he went against Seojoon’s orders and he was getting a punishment like he deserved. He should have just kept his mouth shut and not spoken back to Seojoon, he was only trying to do what was best for him, make him
a better person so he just laid there as his boyfriend continued to abuse him. His vision soon began to blur and he felt sick, probably from the amount of abuse that had been centered on his stomach. He felt everything begin to numb, yet each anger fueled hit landing on his body
hurt more than the last and Yoongi was fighting to stay conscious because last time, his fainting only made Seojoon madder and he didn’t want to risk that. He just wanted to die, he wanted to give up on the pain that Seojoon called love.
He had been blinded for so long but now he can’t remember the day that he last felt truly happy.
Seojoon finally gave up and Yoongi just collapsed on the floor, gagging on oxygen as his lungs burnt for each breath. Surely he must deserve this, right? Seojoon wouldn’t fuck him up like this for no reason, would he? Yoongi didn’t know and honestly right then, he could barely
think about it as he tried to keep a hold of his last bit of consciousness. “Get out. I don’t want a slut sleeping in my house” Sejoon said with one last slap being delivered to Yoongi’s bruised cheek. “You have five minutes and if you aren’t out then I will make this all worse,
Yoongi” he spat and turned on his heels, storming upstairs.
Yoongi sobbed as soon as he heard their bedroom door slam, the dam of tears finally breaking loose. He coughed and spluttered, blood diluted with his own saliva spewing from his lips each time. He couldn’t breathe but he still slowly pushed himself up onto his shaky legs, knowing
that Seojoon’s threat wasn’t empty. The problem was that Yoongi had no idea where to go. He stumbled out of their shared house and down the streets, the cold air of the wind enveloping his freezing body, each breeze shaking his wobbling body. He had no idea where he was going
but he kept walking.
Soon, he was standing outside of an all too familiar house yet he didn’t know who it belonged to. He stumbled and rested his weight on the painted door frame,using every last ounce of his strength to knock on the door, hoping that whoever was inside would still be awake.
He was relieved when the door opened, even if he didn’t recognise who the pretty man on the other side of the door was. “Yoongi?” A sweet voice sounded with a surprised gasp and Yoongi just smiled weakly, body swaying with the wind. “I..” Yoongi squeaked, consciousness
draining from him quicker now. “Didn’t know where else to go” He mumbled, words slurred as his body gave up, unable to hold on anymore and he fell forwards into the pretty man’s arms.
To say that Jimin was shocked would be an understatement. The last thing that he expected at 2am was for his ex boyfriend to show up on his doorstep, looking as though he had walked through hell and back. He was definitely shocked and worried. He had broken things off with
Yoongi almost three years ago and from mutual friends, he found out Yoongi was in a relationship. Jimin had loved Yoongi but sometimes things just don’t work out and sadly, their relationship was an example of that. He hadn’t heard from Yoongi in years so suddenly having him
show up here had definitely been a shock but nevertheless, he still carefully managed to pick Yoongi up from where he had slumped against his toned chest.
“Min Yoongi, what did I used to tell you about eating more?” Jimin pointlessly scolded the frail man in his arms, too skinny for him to be healthy. He carefully carried him to the sofa and laid him down, trying to be as gentle as he could so that he hurt him as little as he
possibly could. Jimin stood up once he had Yoongi situated, heading off to the bathroom where he kept his first aid kit and then to the bedroom to get Yoongi some fresh clothes since his were covered in blood and ripped from whatever abuse and torment he had been put through.
Jimin chose not to think about what happened as he focused on cutting Yoogni’s shirt off of his body with a pair of kitchen scissors, hoping that Yoongi wouldn’t be too mad about that. He just wanted to get to his wounds without moving him too much, restricting the risk of him
hurting him any further. Another gasp sounded from Jimin as he saw all of those horrible bruises and wounds littering Yoongi’s torso, almost every inch of his pale skin being covered in deep bruises, it pained Jimin to see but he tried to keep his mind focused on helping, the
questions could come when Yoongi was awake and feeling better in himself. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions so he wanted to wait and hear it from Yoongi himself. So he got right to work. He silently apologised each time he dapped some of the antiseptic into Yoongi’s wounds,
really glad for the first aid courses he took a few years back when he started earning money by babysitting.
He bandaged Yoongi up to the best of his abilities, gently applying cream onto each bruise and he gently brushed the hair from Yoongi’s forehead but his hand flinched away as he heard Yoongi whimpering in his sleeping state, well, if he could even call if a sleep. He kissed
Yoongi’s forehead as gently as he could before carefully changing him into a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants so that he would be comfortable as he rested. Draping a blanket over Yoongi, Jimin smiled weakly, deep down he had missed Yoongi.
He had missed the way he used to smile all gummy with a pink tint on his cheeks whenever Jimin used to compliment him. And the way that his shoulders used to jump when he would silently giggle along with Jimin and their friends, how his eyes would sparkle so beautifully whenever
he spoke about interior design. It had always been his dream and he used to ramble with the cutest little pout on his lips and kitten-like eyes sparkling with the utmost amount of happiness. He had missed cuddling him, kissing him, hearing him moan for him. He had missed
everything, big and small. Seeing him right then was bringing back all of those memories and seeing him so broken and fragile made Jimin want to protect him forever, to hold him close and reassure him that everything was going to be okay.
He shook those thoughts away, now wasn't the time for that. Jimin walked up to his bedroom but rather than getting into bed, he picked up a pillow and his blanket before going back downstairs. He wanted to stay close to Yoongi just in case something happened to him, he wanted to
be there for him in this time of weakness. Jimin laid down on the ground and covered himself up. “Goodnight, Yoongi” he whispered to the unconscious male and he closed his eyes, drifting into a light sleep, forcing himself to stay away from a deep sleep to ensure that he would
hear any changes as they came regarding Yoongi.
//just a little Drabble! Hope you enjoyed
//I haven’t written this ship in ages and I keep seeing Jimsu and Yoonmin? Idk but whatever lol since there is no NSFW in this Drabble. But just know, I will never write top Yoongi content ☺️. #yoonminau #jimsuau
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