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Oct 7, 2020
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#taekook au where jungkook is shameless and taehyung just wants a new pillow. or alternatively, jungkook is tae's friend's baby brother and exercising self restraint gets harder and harder each day.

hello do u want it 😖
anyways im doing it regardless but vote so i know ✌🏼
[♡] — please do not reply to the thread! — mix of written parts and social media/texts — ignore time-stamps — 🔞 warning for: mature themes, possible smut, nsfw pics, jungkook's butt please interact through quote retweets !! 🥺
00 | profiles @/jungoo (jeongguk, 21) — 3rd year undergrad student, yoongi's younger brother, doesn't have an ounce of shame in his body @/taehyung (taehyung, 24) — graduated, currently doing internships and work, applying to law school next year, master of Self Control
00 | profiles @/yoongi (yoongi, 27) — koo's protective older bro, corporate lawyer, tae's friend and "mentor" of sorts @/knj (namjoon, 27) — works in marketing, moved to the UK 6 months ago, yoongi's childhood friend turned lover turned ex
008 later that night
009 (yoongi texts guk)
"Are you crying?" Taehyung sniffles, turning to his left to find Jeongguk looking at him with a faint smile on his lips as the roll credits play on his laptop screen.
It only took him twenty minutes of the movie to get hooked, becoming so invested in the story that he forgot about the silent quarrels circulating inside his head. Most of them have to do with the fact that he's in bed with /Jeongguk/, with a now-empty bowl of popcorn and a
laptop between them but the distance is barely there. It's closer than Taehyung had ever let himself be, but still not as close as their little moment last week at the party. Kissing Jeongguk isn't something he regrets, but it was something that he didn't intend to do,
something that he didn't /want/ to do so abruptly like this. Taehyung has never denied it, this attraction he feels for the boy. He's just always been good at controlling himself because the last thing he wants is for Yoongi to have any reason to hate him.
It's somewhat an unspoken thing that Jeongguk is off-limits. Taehyung has known that even before Yoongi said it himself in that passive-aggressive Yoongi kind of way. So no, he has never acted upon his crush no matter how much it's grown.
No matter how casually they flirt sometimes, and Taehyung has long since figured out that Jeongguk has a knack for pushing his buttons. He just couldn't resist the way Jeongguk held onto him that night at the party. It's been over a week but it's like the strawberry-flavored
chapstick he tasted on Jeongguk's lips hasn't washed away yet. They didn't talk about it. Not properly. Jeongguk said that he's been waiting for Taehyung to do this for so long and Taehyung didn't know what to say. So they brushed it off, and although things have been fine
since, it's hard to look at Jeongguk and not think about kissing him again. "It's sad." Taehyung wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. "When you said space movie I was expecting something like Star Wars."
"Do you wanna watch something light, then?" Jeongguk yawns. Taehyung reaches for his phone on the bedside table and checks the time, sees that it's half an hour past midnight already. "It's late. I should get going."
"Nooooo. I hate being alone here." Despite his earlier suggestion, Jeongguk closes his laptop and sets it on the bedside table. He puts the bowl down on the floor too. "What, you want me to wait until you fall asleep?"
"Stay the night," he says, with a slight shyness laced in his voice but the way he holds Taehyung's gaze is firm. Taehyung freezes, raises an eyebrow. "What are you scheming inside your head?" “Nothing.” Jeongguk’s smile turns coy. He scoots closer and Taehyung lets him.
“It’s never /nothing/ with you.” There’s no preventing the way Taehyung’s eyes drift down to the younger’s lips. Jeongguk is close enough that Taehyung gets a whiff of his cologne, something soft and sweet. Thinks about why the boy felt the need to spray some if this was just a
movie night. In bed. Friendly, but in bed. It’s the way his mind always turns into mush whenever he’s with Jeongguk. Taehyung never thinks, doesn’t really want to, because what’s there to think about when it’s Jeongguk’s mouth in the equation.
When Jeongguk kisses him so gently like he’s doing now, leaning forward that Taehyung tips back, and the next thing he knows is Jeongguk’s weight on top of him. Their legs tangled together. Tongue pushing into Taehyung's mouth.
“Are you trying to get into my pants?” Taehyung mumbles against Jeongguk’s lips. Innocent question despite the underlying suggestion there. Jeongguk is always brave with him and Taehyung likes that. Makes him feel brave, too,
even he knows there are just some lines he shouldn’t cross. “What kind of guy do you think I am?” Jeongguk chuckles and draws back, but his smile wavers. “Unless you want me to.” “Not—not like this.”
Taehyung has only ever been good at wanting. Jeongguk’s warmth and his comfy bed do nothing to satiate that. Kissing is one thing, but to venture into a territory that he’s deemed untouched for so long? Touch Jeongguk without all of these layers separating their skin?
“I like you,” he says, the confession weak that it’s almost meaningless. This isn’t how he imagined he’d tell Jeongguk how he feels and he’s thought about it a lot. “I know. I like you too.” “But we’re just kissing.”
Jeongguk doesn’t reply immediately, and his hesitancy alone should be enough indication for Taehyung to know that this isn’t a good idea. “Then /kiss/ me, idiot.”
Taehyung flips them over so abruptly that surprise flashes across Jeongguk’s eyes, but his expression quickly morphs into something mischievous, hands coming up to smooth over Taehyung’s shoulders, touch gentle but Taehyung feels it burn despite his covered skin.
Taehyung kisses him again, starting off sweet, just like the small pleasing sound Jeongguk lets out when Taehyung’s fingers sneak under his shirt, presses and holds him there. Wishes he could hold him all night. Maybe longer.
015. taehyung texts namjoon
It’s barely seven and Yoongi already looks like he’s dying. The cafe is packed in the midst of morning rush hour. Taehyung was lucky enough to have secured two round tables that he had pushed together for him, Yoongi, and Jeongguk.
Morning Thursday breakfasts are somewhat routine. He and Yoongi have been doing this ever since they got close after Yoongi assisted his Legal Studies course two and a half years ago.
Taehyung still doesn't fully understand how that happened considering their conflicting personalities. Yoongi’s quiet and reserved way of things should have clashed with Taehyung’s laid-back and oftentimes loud persona (his early college years were a /mess/).
But whatever common interest they had found then, Taehyung is glad it managed to glue them together until now. It started with Taehyung asking for a second opinion for one of his reports to spending long hours at the library just talking about everything and nothing.
Yoongi became someone he respected, someone who he trusted to ask for advice and guidance (and god knows he needed a lot of that at that time). He was both a friend and the older brother he never had, the latter making more sense when Taehyung found out 6 months after meeting
Yoongi for the first time that he actually /is/ an older brother. “Take my advice and don’t specialize in corporate law,” Yoongi grumbles. Most of his space is taken up with papers and documents. The coffee he bought half an hour ago has been sitting there neglected,
steam no longer coming off of the brim of the cup. For Yoongi, who Taehyung is convinced bleeds caffeine with the amount he’s consumed in his twenty-seven years of life, that’s saying something. “Then why did /you/ specialize in corporate law?”
“I don’t always make good decisions, Taehyung-ah.” Yoongi says with a heavy sigh, one that almost makes Taehyung pity the older man if he didn’t know how much Yoongi loves his job. Loves /working/.
“Yeah. That tie totally doesn’t work at all,” Jeongguk adds and Taehyung snickers. He’s more chipper than Taehyung and Yoongi combined, with a brightness in his eyes that Taehyung himself can’t get until at least noon.
Yoongi merely grunts in response, not even looking up from his paperwork, the kind of disinterested that is so typical of Yoongi but Taehyung knows some time later, Yoongi’s going to subtly ask anyone willing to listen if his tie matches his suit or not.
“Oh. Remember your mint hair in high school?” Jeongguk adds. His specialty is pushing everyone’s buttons, and his lovely older brother is not an exception to that. Jeongguk teases Yoongi a lot but Yoongi lets him get away with it.
“I did not buy you breakfast for you to bring up my dark teenage years.” “Mint? Seriously? Why haven’t I heard about this before?” “That’s because hyung keeps his high school days locked in some box buried deep inside the depths of his soul.”
“Shut it, Jeongguk,” Yoongi grunts. Under the table, Jeongguk’s foot bumps against Taehyung’s. Jeongguk’s already looking at him when Taehyung flicks his gaze towards the boy sitting across from him.
Quite frankly, he’s been avoiding having to look at Jeongguk altogether, because everytime he does he can’t stop thinking about kissing him again. Holding him. It makes Taehyung blush beet red, the thought of Jeongguk’s lips,
the soft whine he let out when Taehyung had kissed his neck for the first time. Taehyung can’t be looking like he’s seconds away from exploding within Yoongi’s vicinity. But it’s hard when Jeongguk’s got his bottom lip stuck between his teeth,
doe-eyes seeming like they're trying to tell Taehyung something when he subtly nods his head at the entrance. Taehyung’s eyes fall on Yoongi again, who still shows no signs of interest in anything but his papers, and clears his throat. “I should probably get going.”
“Me too. Don’t wanna be late for class,” Jeongguk butts in just as Taehyung rises from his seat. He’s smooth with it. Casual. Faring better than Taehyung is right now even if he’s the one who had been keeping a crush to himself for so long.
So really, Taehyung should be very well versed in the act of lying. He shouldn’t be /nervous/, like he’s suddenly standing in the room stripped bare all exposed. “I’ll pick you up at six. You coming too, Taehyung-ah?”
Why is he so worked up? Yoongi can’t see right through him. There’s no way he would know that the second Taehyung and Jeongguk step out of the building, Jeongguk would probably reach for his hand,
and that they’ll probably spend a good few minutes in Taehyung’s car doing other /things/ rather than getting on the road. “Hyung’s friend just opened a new restaurant. We’re getting a discount,” Jeongguk explains, and from his eyes alone Taehyung already knows that the younger
wants him to go. “Sure. I’ll come.” Taehyung can’t bring himself to make up an excuse. —
— “Is that a good idea? Dinner with you and Yoongi hyung?” Jeongguk has had Taehyung pinned against the car since he was close enough to push Taehyung towards it.
That was two minutes ago, Taehyung thinks, and Taehyung has only had the chance to speak once because his lips were occupied with something else. He's just glad the parking lot is empty right now.
“You eat with us all the time.” Jeongguk grabs Taehyung’s collar, his nose brushing the tip of Taehyung’s when he leans forward slightly. Something Taehyung has only noticed recently is how much softer the younger’s voice gets when speaking with him.
Makes Taehyung wonder if that’s how he sounds when talking to Jeongguk, too. Like he's melting. “But that was /before/. We’re supposed to be discreet.”
“See, a part of being discreet is acting like nothing’s changed.” Jeongguk presses against him again, nuzzling his nose in the crook of Taehyung’s neck. “You smell nice.” “It’s my Jeongguk magnet cologne.” “Figures. Makes me wanna lick you,” and he does,
in that completely trashy and messy kind of way, pushing his tongue into Taehyung’s mouth and making Taehyung involuntarily groan. This is the kind of kissing that doesn’t belong in a parking lot on this early in the morning but Jeongguk is as persistent as Taehyung is weak.
“Sometimes I feel like taping your mouth shut,” Taehyung says only once they’ve pulled apart, no truth in his words. Jeongguk’s mouth is all he thinks about these days. Not just for kissing, but also the way he talks.
And that subtle pout he always has on whenever he’s engrossed in an activity, the same one usually there whenever he’s trying to coax Taehyung into doing something he’s not supposed to do (Taehyung always caves).
“I might just like that,” Jeongguk teases. Playful. /Flirty/. Oddly, Taehyung doesn’t blush this time. Too overtaken by the flutter in his stomach just from being this close to Jeongguk, able to touch.
Moments like these ones are sweet no matter how hidden, but Taehyung is beginning to feel like he likes it a little more /because/ of that.
“Get in the damn car, brat.” Pushing Jeongguk away requires more strength than Taehyung expected, but he manages to usher the younger into the vehicle eventually.
He closes the door and walks over to the driver’s side, already missing the warmth of Jeongguk’s hands. His mouth especially.
“I got a perfect score on my test today,” Jeongguk tells him. Taehyung’s in the middle of reading through case studies, lying down on his bed with his laptop on his stomach while Jeongguk is busy on his phone.
He’s been coming over a lot lately. Staying over. But nothing ever happens apart from kissing, cuddling, and movies in bed. A lot of times Taehyung almost loses his grip but he always manages to stop things from getting too steamy.
Jeongguk says that whenever Yoongi asks why he wasn’t home the previous night Jeongguk just tells him he fell asleep at his friend’s apartment while working on a project. Yoongi always buys it. “Really? That’s great.”
“How was your day, hyung?” Taehyung puts his laptop aside when Jeongguk gets in between his legs and presses his cheek on Taehyung's chest. He starts threading his fingers through Jeongguk’s soft hair, loving the way the younger purrs at his touch.
“Well, I had to see my boss lose a case and the client got super upset. Upset client equals upset boss. Upset boss means he’s going to dump all of his errands and chores on me for the next week.”
It’s been a long week for Taehyung indeed, but having Jeongguk here makes him feel better. “Does he make you get his dry cleaning?” “He makes me call his ex-wife to say he can’t make it to his kid’s PTA.”
Jeongguk makes an air sucking sound between his teeth. “He sounds like a douche.” Taehyung sighs. He can be the biggest douche sometimes. Most lawyers are at some point, though. And he’s going to be one. One of his closest friends is /already/ one.
“It’s fine. The firm teaches me a lot of things. Useful things that are gonna help get into law school.” “You work so hard. Let me distract you.” And there it is again.
Jeongguk gets off his chest, cages one of Taehyung’s thighs between his legs, and leans down to kiss him slowly. Taehyung just smiles. His hands come up to hold Jeongguk’s waist, parting his mouth wider to let Jeongguk’s tongue in, the wetness and warmth all so sweet.
He sits up and presses his back against the headboard, a handful of Jeongguk now on his lap squeezing his forearms, smoothing his hands up until they rest on Taehyung’s nape. Jeongguk lets out a tiny groan when Taehyung bites on his bottom lip. He shifts slightly on top of
Taehyung, but that small movement makes him grind down on Taehyung’s thigh. Even when preoccupied with Jeongguk’s mouth, Taehyung knows what that’s going to do to him if Jeongguk doesn’t stop. But he likes the way Jeongguk suddenly gets so worked up so quickly. He’s whining,
keeps grinding on Taehyung’s thigh quite shamelessly and Taehyung can’t deny how much he wants this. Wants Jeongguk. Wants to do more than just kiss. “Fuck,” Taehyung breathes more than says. His fingers slip under Jeongguk’s shirt, feels the warmth of his skin there.
A slight push forward has Jeongguk tipping back and falling onto the mattress. Taehyung, now hovering over him, releases his lips only so that he can pepper kisses down his jaw. Jeongguk’s very sensitive on the neck. Taehyung has been using that to his advantage,
making sure to give it enough attention with his mouth whenever they’re making out. As Taehyung bares his teeth and lightly sucks on the curve of Jeongguk’s neck, Jeongguk keeps rutting against Taehyung’s thigh. Taehyung knows where this can go if he doesn’t stop before things
escalate further. It already has, sort of, if the heat in Taehyung’s gut is any indicator. Jeongguk feels nice under him. So restless and desperate already and Taehyung would be lying if he says he wasn’t feeling the same.
“Want you. Tae—please,” Jeongguk It takes all the strength in Taehyung to draw back. “We can’t.” Jeongguk looks more tired than annoyed. “Does the idea of sleeping with me put you off so bad? Do you not want me?”
“It’s not—I /do/ want you. You have no idea how much.” Taehyung isn't sure how he can explain it, just wants Jeongguk to know right now that he hasn’t felt this strongly for someone in so long.
“I’ve had hookups. So have you. I don’t want /you/ to be a hookup. I like you too much for you to be just that. Kissing is just… one thing.” Labels aren’t everything but Taehyung doesn’t want them to go into this without a foundation. If he fucks things up with
Jeongguk then he fucks things up with Yoongi too. He likes Jeongguk too much to complicate things and he values his friendship with Yoongi too much to risk fracturing it. “Does that make sense?” Taehyung searches Jeongguk’s eyes, understands Jeongguk might feel like Taehyung
is stringing him along. “Sorry. I probably seem like I’m just trying to fuck. I’ve been thirsting over you for two years. Don’t judge me.” “I’m not. I mean, so have I. And don’t apologize.”
Taehyung rolls to the side and lies down on his back. Next to him, Jeongguk turns to his side too and keeps himself up on his elbow, his cheek pressed against his palm. “Sometimes I hate how much you care about what my brother thinks. Sometimes I wish you two weren’t friends.”
“If Yoongi and I weren’t friends I would have never met you.” Jeongguk grunts, like he’s saying he gets Taehyung’s point but he doesn’t like it. Taehyung is well aware of the younger’s piercing eyes but he doesn’t move, stays staring up at the ceiling.
Even if the heat has died down, he doesn’t trust himself enough to go back to kissing Jeongguk again. Doesn’t know if he'd be able to control himself much longer.
Jeongguk sighs and gets up to reach for his phone, coming back to the bed only to snuggle closer to Taehyung and lays his head on Taehyung’s chest. Taehyung had never thought he'd be saying this, but sometimes he wishes he were more reckless.
It’s both infuriating and admirable how much Yoongi likes to work. He works /too/ much, and that’s something Taehyung caught on quickly early in their friendship. It’s like the man /indulges/ in having a busy schedule and any second he spends not doing something productive
physically and mentally wounds him. Unlike most people Taehyung knows, Yoongi somehow… makes it work. He’s married to his job but he still makes time for other things. Other people. How he has that time Taehyung isn’t sure, since there always seems to be paperwork to handle,
calls to make, and places to go to when leisure with friends and family comes to an end. He still treats his brother to lunch every other week. Still helps Taehyung whenever he can and makes sure to catch up once in a while. He also had a boyfriend all throughout college and
grad school and still managed to juggle academics well? Taehyung wishes he knew how Yoongi does it. That’s why he never complains whenever Yoongi comes over to hang out but also shows up with his laptop and briefcase.
It’s not like he completely ignores Taehyung. Even if the conversation isn’t always there Taehyung doesn’t mind. He appreciates the comfortable silence Yoongi brings. Sometimes just being in each other's presence is enough.
Right now, he and Yoongi are camped out on Taehyung’s small living room couch, the TV having been on for hours but neither of them have really been paying attention. The cigarette hangs limp on Yoongi’s lips, /barely/ hanging, and Taehyung has been waiting for Yoongi to forget
he even has it there in the first place and let it drop onto the document he’s been holding and staring at for five minutes. Taehyung has one of his own tucked between his middle and index finger. He takes a slow drag, angling his face towards the opened balcony door to let the
smoke out once he exhales. “I’m done for the day,” Yoongi announces like he’s admitting defeat, throwing the paper onto the coffee table. “Wow. Something I thought I would never hear coming out of your mouth.”
“You wanna go fishing, Taehyung-ah? Let’s go fishing.” Yoongi’s random suggestion doesn’t faze Taehyung at all. Yoongi /does/ like fishing a lot. Quite a peculiar hobby, Taehyung thinks. “Are you high? You don’t have time for fishing, hyung.”
“Everyone has time for fishing.” Yoongi sighs. He slumps in his seat, taking his cigarette between his fingers. “Last time I took Jeongguk fishing he tried to convince me to let him be the bait.” Taehyung smiles. Just hearing Jeongguk’s name makes him feel so warm inside.
“Did you?” Also makes Taehyung remember what he said to Jeongguk. His /promise/. If he’s waiting for the perfect time Taehyung doesn’t think there would be any. He would never be ready to tell Yoongi that he’s been crushing on his younger brother for almost as long as he’s
known the guy, let alone tell Yoongi that he’s been secretly fooling around with said brother behind his back. Really, all he needs to do is just blurt it out. The rest comes after. Even if Yoongi ends up punching him (or worse, starts throwing him the cold shoulder and
proceeds to pretend like Taehyung doesn’t exist), at least he wouldn’t be lying anymore. “I almost pushed him off the boat myself, but no.” Yoongi lifts his feet onto Taehyung’s coffee table. “You know who would make a good bait? Namjoon. For the sharks.”
/Oh no. Here we go/. “Hyung. That was mean.” Taehyung reaches for the ashtray and taps his cigarette on it. Yoongi isn’t the type who shares. When he and Namjoon had broken up and after Namjoon left the country, he was silent about it for the most part.
It had taken him about a month to spill, told Taehyung after a bottle of wine in how /enraged/ he was. Not sad. Just really, really pissed. “You know what, I’m glad Jeongguk’s not dating. I don’t want to be /that/ brother but at the same time I can’t help but be that brother.”
Taehyung stiffens. He was just about to start thinking of the right words to say to Yoongi to tell him about Jeongguk. Not that it matters what he says. Yoongi will still feel the same way even if Taehyung handpicks his diction carefully.
“What are you gonna do if he does date? Make him break up with the guy?” Yoong clicks his tongue. “He knows what it’s like to be left like that. His high school sweetheart broke up with him a day before his birthday and started dating a senior two weeks later.
Guk was head over heels for that guy for years. He was heartbroken.” Taehyung didn’t know that. He and Jeongguk don’t really talk about the people they’ve been with in the past. As far as Taehyung’s concerned, Jeongguk hasn’t started seeing anyone ever since they met.
Makes having a crush on him both easier and harder. “Just don’t want him to get hurt. Or dumped.” “Like you?” Yoongi shoots him a glare. Taehyung cringes internally. That was a bit harsh. “You seem to be doing fine. Joon hyung says you two still talk.”
“I am and we still do. I’ve accepted the fact that Namjoon left and he didn’t even think about what I would feel about it, but it doesn’t mean I like having to hate my… childhood best friend. Or whatever.”
Taehyung sees a brief flash of sadness in Yoongi's eyes before it quickly washes away. “But, god forbid, if Jeongguk does start seeing someone, I’m gonna make sure the poor guy goes through me first.” /Well, shit/. There goes his chances.
“What, so you’re gonna scare off his next boyfriend?” “If I have to. College guys are all assholes,” Yoongi scoffs. “You dated Namjoon in college.” “He counts.”
/Damn/, Taehyung thinks. He’s past the point where he’s intimidated by the man but when Yoongi means business, he means /business/.
Taehyung can’t fault him for being protective. He’s got a little brother and sister back home too so he understands. Even most of his cousins are younger than him. Maybe that’s exactly why he craves Yoongi’s validation so bad. Why he hates the thought of Yoongi hating him.
Growing up, Taehyung was always the one who had to look after everyone else and not the other way around. Having Yoongi now, even if they haven't known each other for so long, it feels nice knowing someone is out there who's willing to guide him through things.
“Keep an eye on him. I trust you,” Yoongi says. Taehyung puts the cigarette back on his mouth and inhales deeply just to avoid having to say something in response. When he puffs all of the smoke out, his chest still feels clogged.
“Your birthday is next week!” Jeongguk yells as Yoongi disappears into his room right after arriving home from work. “I’m aware,” is what Yoongi yells back. Minutes later he comes out changed out of his work clothes and into an oversized t-shirt and pajama pants.
He joins Jeongguk in the living after grabbing a can of beer from the kitchen. “What do you wanna do to celebrate?” Yoongi has never been big on birthdays but Jeongguk makes it a habit to ask him what he wants to do every single year no matter the response he gets.
It’s kind of his thing and he prides on it. Last year, he dragged Yoongi into a roller-skating rink just because he wanted to and made the staff bring out a birthday pizza instead of cake.
“There’s nothing worth celebrating about turning twenty-eight. Just more taxes. More bills to pay.” “Can I bake you a cake?" “Don’t you usually surprise the birthday-ee with the cake instead of asking for permission?”
“I’m not going to bake you a damn cake you won’t appreciate.” Jeongguk knows deep down Yoongi loves whatever he does every year. He’s just not willing to publicly admit it. The type to groan at every surprise party but smiles whenever anyone wishes him a happy birthday.
“You don’t bake,” Yoongi deadpans and Jeongguk pouts. “Fine. Just no parties.” Jeongguk smiles, content, but Yoongi is absolutely right when he says Jeongguk doesn’t bake. At all. The last time he baked was in highschool and he never ended up using his batch of cookies for the
fundraiser because they were too burnt to be remotely edible. Taehyung might be able to help. His cooking skills are questionable so Jeongguk can’t be too confident about his baking ones, but the two of them combined should be a better option than anything else.
“Are you texting Taehyung?” Jeongguk freezes. He had just opened his chat with Taehyung on his phone. “W-what makes you think that?”
“You two are awfully close these days.” Jeongguk says nothing to that. He might be good at hiding things but verbally lying isn’t something he excels at. “Are you seeing someone? I know you tell him things and not me sometimes.” “H-huh?”
“Well, you’ve been spending the night at your “friend’s” place a lot lately. Usually, that can only mean one thing.” Jeongguk bites his lip. In truth, the only thing stopping him from blurting it out right now is Taehyung still not being on board with it.
He doesn’t want to tell Yoongi if Taehyung still doesn’t want Yoongi to know. Jeongguk has lived all his life with Yoongi looking after him and being slightly protective but he respects Jeongguk’s boundaries. He never pries, never forces him to do anything. Jeongguk can’t hate
him because of that. “Hey, I trust you know how to take care of yourself so I don’t need to know where you’re at every second of the day. But just don’t hide things from me, okay? And that includes whether or not you're seeing someone.”
“That’s none of your business.” Jeongguk hates saying it but Yoongi has been paying a lot more attention to him ever since Namjoon left. He can’t even complain about it because no matter his protectiveness Yoongi still knows his boundaries.
“You live under my roof.” “I pay half of the rent.” “It’s still my name on the lease.” Jeongguk scowls. There’s no arguing with that. “I’m not seeing anyone.”
Yoongi stays silent for a few seconds. There’s no telling whether he believes Jeongguk or not. Even with how close they are as brothers Jeongguk still finds it hard to read him sometimes.
It’s something they share in common because Yoongi has expressed many times before how Jeongguk either wears his emotions up his sleeve or doesn’t wear them at all. “Okay.” Yoongi nods and finally pops open his can of beer.
“I’m asking Taehyung hyung to help me with the cake.” Jeongguk just felt the need to explain, just in case Yoongi still feels suspicious. “You two better not poison me on my birthday.”
Jeongguk snickers at that. Maybe he should just tell Yoongi through the cake, write something like ‘happy birthday! i’m boning your sort of protege’ (not boning /yet/, at least). Too bad he doesn’t have the balls for that.
Jeongguk spilling cake batter all over his shirt is the best thing to have ever happened in Taehyung’s twenty-four years of life. Because not only did Taehyung get a glimpse of Jeongguk’s abs as he changed, he also gets to see Jeongguk wearing one of his oversized tees.
It makes Taehyung dizzy, seeing his frame drowned in his clothes. Safe to say that he hasn’t been able to keep his hands off Jeongguk since they finished the cake. (Which they did a good job at, if Taehyung was being honest. It might not taste the most exquisite but he and
Jeongguk managed to get through everything without fucking up real bad.) “You’re clingy tonight,” Jeongguk says when Taehyung cozies up against him, wrapping his arms around the younger’s waist, places his chin on the boy’s shoulder.
Jeongguk smells so much like him. Of his laundry detergent, but still his homey scent nonetheless. It’s disorienting. Jeongguk closes the tap and dries his hands with a cloth. He turns around in Taehyung’s embrace, lets Taehyung press him against the sink.
“You’re wearing my shirt,” Taehyung says. He feels out of it tonight. Maybe it was all that baking, or all that baking /with/ Jeongguk and the domestic connotations of it. All the butterflies in Taehyung’s stomach over spending hours with the boy trying to not trash his kitchen.
They sort of did. There's a mess behind Taehyung right now but he doesn't care enough at the moment to clean it up. He can do that later. “You like it? Like seeing me in your shirt?” “Mhm.”
Taehyung nuzzles his nose against Jeongguk’s neck, nibbles against his skin there. Taehyung tries to keep it sweet and slow but there's no denying the way his body is already craving more. More skin. More Jeongguk.
Taehyung opens his mouth and sucks on the junction between Jeongguk's neck and shoulder. Jeongguk lets out a sweet sound, one that he doesn't even bother suppressing, always so weak and responsive for Taehyung.
The grip Jeongguk has on Taehyung's shirt, near his waist, tightens until he's completely crumpling the fabric in his fist. “Hyung,” Jeongguk whines when Taehyung bares his teeth just a little.
Taehyung knows what that tone is. It's the one Jeongguk always uses just before things get too heated. Before either of them has to establish a safe distance, take a breather and cool each other down.
Taehyung snakes his fingers under Jeongguk's shirt—/his/ shirt—when he finally kisses Jeongguk on the lips. Something about him tonight tastes sweeter. Taehyung feels a little more reckless too.
"Can't keep kissing my neck like that if you expect us to stay in this kitchen," Jeongguk mutters. "Why would you want to stay in the kitchen when my room is literally right there, hm?" Jeongguk's skin is warm where his fingers are.
Taehyung can't stop thinking about putting his hands everywhere else. Jeongguk is the one who pulls him out of the room and into Taehyung’s bedroom. It's almost practiced now, how they fall onto Taehyung's bed in a mess of tangled limbs but find each others' mouths
in an instant. Taehyung lands on top of Jeongguk, putting his arms on either side of the boy's head to avoid crushing him with his weight. Jeongguk cages Taehyung between his thighs, flushes their bodies together when he wraps his legs around Taehyung's waist.
Taehyung can't help it. He tugs at Jeongguk's shirt and pulls it over his head when Jeongguk gives him the permission to. "Thought you liked seeing me in it." Taehyung kisses that stupid smile off of his lips. Well, more licks it off than anything else,
but Jeongguk seems to be content with Taeyung shoving his tongue into his mouth. "So this is really happening?" "Do you want it to?" "You already know what I want. You're the dealbreaker here."
Taehyung spreads his palm on Jeongguk's chest, on the spot right above where his heart is, and feels its unexpectedly calm and steady beat under his fingertips.
Quite the contrast to how Taehyung is feeling himself, quite an unusual response for him to be this nervous in this circumstance. Jeongguk has always had a knack for making his stomach shake. Now he’s under him, skin on display and all ready for Taehyung to ruin.
Taehyung makes the decision inside his head and kisses Jeongguk again, slower, the hold he has on the younger’s waist tender but it all changes when he curls his fingers, Jeongguk groaning into Taehyung’s mouth when his nails scrape his skin.
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The clean up is lazy. Taehyung takes a good five minutes trying to get Jeongguk to move so he can change the sheets, has to remind him that he would not want to sleep in a pool of his own cum and pull him by the feet before he gets up begrudgingly.
He tosses the dirty bed sheet to the corner of the room and disposes of the condom in the bathroom. Neither he nor Jeongguk bother getting dressed properly and only put their boxers back on. “You can’t fall asleep,” Taehyung says when he sees Jeongguk dozing off on the bed.
“‘m tired,” Jeongguk grumbles and yawns, lying on his chest with his cheek pressed on the pillow. The pillow that Taehyung bought with him. Only the lower half of his body is covered by the blanket so his bare back is on display,
and Taehyung has the sudden urge to touch him there. Smooth his hands all over his skin. “I have to take you home.” Taehyung doesn’t want to. If it were up to him he’d want to spend every night with Jeongguk in his bed. “One hour. Nap. Please.”
“Fine. But I’m setting an alarm.” He joins Jeongguk after doing so. Jeongguk presses against him the second he gets under the covers, his big body taking up all the space but giving Taehyung all the heat he needs. Taehyung throws an arm over his waist and pulls him closer.
"You were great today," Jeongguk murmurs against his chest. "Uh thanks?" "I meant the cake. It was fun," Jeongguk chuckles. "I mean the sex was good too. I hope hyung likes the cake."
The mention of Yoongi pulls Taehyung back to reality, the sinking feeling in his stomach taking over. The /guilt/ for lying. "I'm telling him after his birthday." Taehyung’s got a little over twenty-four hours to figure out how he’s going to do that.
Jeongguk snorts. "Good luck." "How are you not worried?" "He's my brother. I don't care how much he scolds me. I've lived with it for twenty-one years. You, on the other hand, idolize him."
Taehyung grunts, even if he admits that's true. "He won't hate you." Jeongguk has been saying that a lot. Always tells him that Yoongi will get over it no matter what. Taehyung wishes he could be as certain as Jeongguk is.
"What makes you so sure of that?" Jeongguk doesn't reply immediately and for a split second Taehyung thinks he has fallen asleep. But when he speaks next, it's in a small voice and low enough that Taehyung would have missed it if he wasn't paying attention.
"Because /I/ like you." Taehyung's heart soars regardless of the fact he already knows that. He kisses Jeongguk's cheek before he lets sleep take over him.
043 (someone hug namjoon)
Taehyung has about half an hour to catch Yoongi before he heads to work and tell him everything before he chickens out. He made sure to text the elder earlier and ask if he was going to have his morning coffee at the cafe like usual and Yoongi said yes.
That's where Taehyung is heading to now, feeling nauseous and trying so hard to not turn on his heel and go directly to his office instead. He hasn't felt this nervous since his interview for his current job. It's cold this morning but Taehyung feels hot underneath his suit
jacket, feels his palms sweat the closer the distance between him and Yoongi gets. He can't delay this any longer. Not after what happened just two days ago. The longer he keeps this from Yoongi the more he starts to hate himself.
When Taehyung enters the cafe, he immediately spots the Jeon brother in question occupying a small table in the corner of the room. Instead of being alone, however, there's another figure standing close and it seems like Yoongi is talking to him.
Taehyung can't recognize him with his back facing his way but he approaches them anyway. Yoongi gives him a small wave once he spots Taehyung, the other guy also turning around, and that's when Taehyung recognizes him as one of Jeongguk's friends.
Jaebum, if Taehyung remembers correctly. They haven't properly met before but he's seen him in Jeongguk's Instagram stories. "Oh, hey. Taehyung-ssi right?" Jaebum greets him warmly. "Jeongguk talks about you a lot."
Taehyung raises his eyebrows, a bit worried now that Jaebum is talking about him and Jeongguk /together/. Normally he couldn't care less, but Yoongi is right there listening to the whole thing.
Chances are Jaebum probably knows everything and the only thing Taehyung can do is pray that he keeps his mouth shut. "Does he now?" Taehyung steals a glance at Yoongi's way to find that he has his lips pursed.
"Happy you two finally got together, by the way. He used to whine a lot about how nothing will ever happen between the two of you." Taehyung's mouth drops open. Feels like all the blood has been drained from his face, air sucked from his lungs, or any other dramatics he's got in
the back of his head that he can't get to now. /This can't be fucking it/. He quickly morphs his expression into an awkward laugh that he knows just sounds and looks more like a grimace.
He was so /ready/, had laid out every single sentence he was going to say prior to coming here. Had /practiced/. He can't hear any of them now, just his heartbeat loud in his ears. Jaebum is still smiling unbeknownst of Taehyung's turmoil.
"I have to get going. It's good seeing you, Yoongi hyung," Jaebum says and leaves. Yoongi’s smart enough to put two and two together. Even if Jaebum didn’t necessarily say he and Jeongguk are dating (which technically they aren't /yet/),
the implications of what they’re doing are already there. Taehyung finally looks at Yoongi, sees his arms crossed over his chest, expression stern and unimpressed. “You and Jeongguk.” It's not a question. “I was going to tell you—”
“When?!” Taehyung flinches. Yoongi barely raised his voice but he's never spoken to him with that amount of aggression, /anger/, in his tone before. “Like, just right now! Before that guy opened his fucking mouth!”
Yoongi clicks his tongue and rubs his face with his hand. “How long?” “Remember that party he dragged me to? Because his friends bailed and he didn’t want to go alone? I kissed him there, and we've sort of been... fooling around ever since.”
Taehyung mentally slaps himself. He probably shouldn't have put it that way. “So you’ve been lying to me for over a month.” “But I’ve liked him for—”
“I told you to keep an eye on him. Not /fuck/ him behind my back.” Yoongi begins to gather his things. He's pissed. He's pissed and he's leaving. Taehyung fucked up and he's panicking, but somehow he opens his mouth and decides to fuck it up even more.
“In my defense, the fucking didn't happen until two days ago because I already feel bad enough from keeping this from you." Yoongi stands, briefcase already in his hand, but the glare he gives Taehyung is venomous. Vile. It makes Taehyung want to step back.
"It's too early for me to have this conversation with you, but just know that out of all people, I would have never expected /you/ to be the one who would disappoint me." Yoongi bumps into Taehyung's shoulder on his way out, too aggressive to be accidental.
Yoongi is home early tonight. Jeongguk doesn’t bother hiding in his room to avoid the conversation he knows they’re going to have eventually. It’s not going to help, having to tell Yoongi that he and Taehyung just fought this morning. Through the fucking /phone/. Yoongi has
lived all his life having to handle Jeongguk’s mood swings that Jeongguk knows the second he sees him, he’ll be able to tell something’s off. Yoongi barges into the kitchen without bothering to change out of his work suit. Jeongguk’s seated at the small dining table,
legs crossed on the chair. He had heated up left-over chicken from this afternoon but lost his appetite a couple of bites in. Yoongi pulls out the empty chair in front of him, the loud scraping sound of wood against the floor making Jeongguk flinch, and takes a seat.
Jeongguk avoids his gaze. “How long were you going to keep it from me?” Jeongguk picks at the pieces of chicken on his plate with his chopsticks. “Taehyung didn’t want to tell you because he was afraid you’d disapprove so badly that you’d hate him.”
“Well I’m not /fond/ of him at all at the moment.” When he meets his brother’s eyes, anger is not exactly what he finds. Confusion, rather. And maybe a hint of disappointment. Probably from realizing that Jeongguk (and Taehyung) had kept this from him for over a month.
“You’re upset,” Yoongi points out. “We had a small argument.” Yoongi clicks his tongue. “Hasn't even been twenty-four hours but I already have to beat him up?” “/Hyung/.”
Jeongguk knows Yoongi is all talk. Taehyung is bigger and taller than him, for one, and he’s not the type to ever resort to violence. The only time Yoongi threw a punch was when he had to scare off a bunch of school bullies that had been picking on Jeongguk many years ago.
“What did you two fight about?” Yoongi asks, voice turning gentler. Jeongguk’s not in the mood to talk about Taehyung at all but he figures it’d be nice to let off some steam. Yoongi will find a way to weasel the information out of him at some point anyway.
“He told me how you found out. Kind of got mad at me for telling my friends about him because if I hadn’t, Jaebum wouldn’t have said anything. Which was true, but… I don’t know. It just sounded like he was blaming me and I got mad. I don’t /know/.”
“Well he shouldn’t have. Gotten mad at you.” “Exactly!” Jeongguk exclaims. He didn’t think it’d be this relieving to talk to someone who’s on his side. “He cares so much about what you think and I just hate that he does. You’re like a God in his eyes.”
Yoongi laughs at that. “I’m the /furthest/ thing from a God. Taehyung is just… you met him right after he cleaned his act up. You didn’t know him before. I’m not usually one to take credit for anything so casually, but I did help him graduate.
Maybe he just feels indebted to me.” “That’s exactly what he said! Like… he cares more about your validation than about us.” Jeongguk ditches his chopsticks and buries his face in the palm of his hands, not realizing how much he’s been riddled with frustration until now. “That
bothers me more than the fact that he got me mad about me telling me one of my friends.” “Maybe he didn’t grow up with that kind of validation,” Yoongi says softly, shrugging.
Taehyung never talked much about his childhood. Jeongguk just knows that he’s the oldest out of three and that he had an ‘okay’ relationship with his parents. Usually, that’s a way of saying there was /barely/ a relationship there.
Jeongguk looks at his brother, who’s got eight years on him but has always stuck by his side. He vaguley remembers his parents doting on him growing up to the point where he hated it. Did Yoongi ever feel like that? Did Yoongi ever wish he got the same amount of attention too?
Felt like it was his /job/ to look after Jeongguk? It's impossible to think of his brother as anything but steel. “Well, Taehyung knows that dating my younger brother would piss me off," Yoongi tells him.
“Are you really that against it? You can’t keep projecting onto me forever. He’s not Namjoon. And you can’t tell me who I can or cannot date.”
Yoongi leans back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. For a moment he just stares off into the distance, making Jeongguk think that he struck a sensitive chord by mentioning Namjoon.
“Taehyung’s not a fuckboy or a douche, and it’s not like he has a criminal record,” Jeongguk tries, though he knows whatever he says to butter Taehyung up Yoongi already knows. Yoongi has known Taehyung for a little longer than he has, after all.
The corners of Yoongi’s mouth twitch. “Older brother tendencies. Sometimes I don’t need a reason.” “Did you yell at him?” Yoongi must’ve taken it badly. Taehyung wouldn’t have freaked out like did this morning if that wasn’t the case.
“Yeah,” Yoongi admits, wincing. “I kind of snapped at him in public. Couldn’t help myself in the heat of the moment. Probably shouldn’t have.” “/Fuck/,” Jeongguk hisses, now not really sure why he and Taehyung are even fighting in the first place.
He can admit that he should’ve been clearer with his friends but the way Taehyung had talked to him, insinuating as if this is his fault, like he wishes he could take back Yoongi ever finding out, just kind of pushed
Jeongguk off the edge a bit after being so patient with him for so long. “Look.” Yoongi leans forward and folds his arms on the table. “I don’t like this, but I know whatever I say won’t make you two stop. You already went behind my back.”
In Yoongi language, that's his way of saying he's giving Jeongguk and Taehyung his blessing. “Sorry about that. He really didn’t want you to know.” Jeongguk doesn't know how he can ever make it up to him for lying that long. For lying right to his face. He didn’t rebel often
growing up, and even when he did Yoongi somehow always ended up knowing about it because Jeongguk couldn’t keep things from him for too long. "I really like him, hyung." Yoongi just looks at him for a while, before he caves and sighs.
“I’m still mad—at /both/ of you—but I’ll… live with it. I’ll need to talk to him first, though.” “Why aren’t you yelling at /me/?" “I’ve had to handle you for twenty-one years. I know yelling at you won’t make you change your mind.” Yoongi says with a hint of a smile.
"I can't believe it. All this time you said you were staying over at a friend's..." He shakes his head, unable to even finish the sentence as if it baffles him so much that he had missed it all this time.
Jeongguk hugs his knees to his chest as Yoongi leaves the kitchen, ruffling his hair on the way out. He looks at his phone face-down on the table, had put it on silent since morning,
knows that Taehyung has left him a handful of texts throughout the day that he still hasn't opened yet.
He hates that the thought of Taehyung both vexes and aches him at the same time, but he thinks it’s best for him—and Taehyung—to cool down a bit before they see each other again. Jeongguk just hopes that doesn’t take too long.
053 (please pretend namjoon's hair is black instead of purple in the second pic😅)
Yoongi hates surprises. Namjoon of all people should know that better than anyone, and he should know better than to show up on Yoongi’s doorstep unannounced on a Tuesday evening. For a moment Yoongi just blinks, wants so badly for this to be a hallucination because seeing
Namjoon again after so many months just doesn’t seem plausible. “What are you doing here?” Namjoon is all smiles and crescent eyes. “I told you I was coming home.”
That he did, but he didn’t offer any other detail besides that. He had texted Yoongi several days prior and asked if he wanted to meet up. Yoongi said yes (begrudgingly), only because he didn’t want Namjoon to think he just couldn’t stomach the idea of seeing him again.
“Joon hyung!” Jeongguk yells from behind Yoongi, running past him to envelop Namjoon in a tight hug. Yoongi opens the door wider to let him in. It feels odd having him here again but Yoongi tries to ignore it. As Jeongguk pesters Namjoon with questions on what life is like in
the UK, Yoongi fixes them two cups of hot tea, the way he remembers how Namjoon likes it. Jeongguk excuses himself to his room after shooting Yoongi a not-so-subtle look, leaving Yoongi and Namjoon alone in the kitchen.
It’s almost as if Yoongi can pretend Namjoon never left and they’re sitting opposite each other on the dining table after a long day of work like they used to. He made sure to put sugar in his tea but there’s a bitter taste in his mouth. Quite fitting with the situation now,
Yoongi thinks. Namjoon clears his throat. “How have you been?” Yoongi doesn’t have time for this. He doesn’t /want/ to have to deal with this, but Namjoon is being a civil adult so he should be one too, right? “Fine. Busy with work. You?”
“Same.” The air is so tense and awkward Yoongi feels like clawing his eyes out. Not even the warmth radiating from his cup can bring him some form of comfort.
“Why are you really here, Namjoon? To make amends? Because if that’s the case then I’m not interested.” He’s got enough things to worry about already. Whatever they decide on today won’t change the fact that Namjoon still left him, and he’ll be halfway across the world by the
time the new week rolls around. “If I told you I was leaving you would have been mad at me anyway.” “Why would I be mad?"
“Because I made the decision without you already.” Namjoon’s eyes are apologetic and frankly, Yoongi has been losing the strength to /stay/ mad these days. No use in doing so, since he’ll be wasting his time being mad at someone in a whole different timezone. “I’m sorry.”
And Yoongi knows that. Namjoon didn’t want to hurt him, didn’t want to leave him, but it was a job offer that Yoongi wouldn’t have turned down if he was in his place. “I know. It’s fine. It’s whatever,” Yoongi sighs,
but he means it. Might take a little more while for him to completely be at peace with how things ended between them, but for now he'll live with it. From the way Namjoon's features soften, leaning back against the chair, Yoongi thinks he knows it too.
“So. Jeongguk and Taehyung, huh?” Yoongi almost forgot about that, with all the unresolved tension going around, and then a thought suddenly occurs to him for the first time that makes him look at his ex again, and squint.
Aware of Yoongi's sudden change in expression, Namjoon quirks an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me /you/ knew all this time.” “I swear I didn’t!" Namjoon throws his hands up to emphasize his innocence. "I mean, I kind of suspected it, but Tae didn’t even tell me he liked Jeongguk like
that. Not until a month ago. He was probably scared that I’d tell you.” Yoongi hasn’t had the time to talk to Taehyung yet. It’s only been five days but Jeongguk was adamant about not wanting to think about the boy over the weekend so Yoongi was roped into all kinds of things.
He doesn’t understand why Jeongguk is putting it off for this long considering how upset he was over the small argument. He's clearly hating the silence, with the way he's been sulking when he thinks Yoongi doesn't notice.
“Hmph.” Yoongi doesn't bother hiding his scowl. Maybe he was a bit naive for thinking that absolutely nothing was going on between the two. He trusts Taehyung too much and Jeongguk usually tells him /everything/.
He snapped at Taehyung pretty badly that morning and he feels bad for it. He's been meaning to talk to him but work has been heavy. “Aren’t you glad that it's him of all people? You know Tae. No background check needed. You trust him."
Namjoon, always the voice of reason. Yoongi used to hate him for it because every point he makes just /has/ to be right. "If he hurts Jeongguk then it changes a lot of things."
The last thing Yoongi wants is for things to be complicated, to have to take sides and he knows the logical reason, his /instinct/ would be to be on his brother's, but he also respects Taehyung enough that he wouldn't want to give up on Taehyung that easily.
Jeongguk is his family. Taehyung is his friend, his /student/. He just doesn't want to be caught in the middle. Namjoon chuckles, the sound coming out light and airy. He shakes his head with that stupid smile Yoongi still loves so much that it pains him a little.
“You’re still such a pessimist." Yoongi ignores that, fights the urge to remind Namjoon that he's only been gone for less than a year. "You're not supposed to think about that.” "I already told Jeongguk I'll try to live with it. They got into an argument though."
"I heard. They'll be fine, though," Namjoon says it like he just /knows/. "But if he breaks Jeongguk's heart—" "Don't, Yoongi. Just... don't."
Yoongi clamps his mouth shut. Funny how Namjoon has the bigger brains between the two of them but he's always the one keeping Yoongi from thinking too much. Tells him that it's okay to not think at all sometimes.
Silence settles after but it's a different kind this time, lacking the previous tension they had been doused in earlier, and Yoongi's glad for that. "Are /we/ fine?" Namjoon’s tone is cautious but his eyes are hopeful.
Yoongi takes a sip of his tea to stall but he does it too quickly that he burns his tongue in the process and winces. "We're fine," is what he says, though a part of him still wishes that they can be more than that. For once, he'll just have to rest his case and settle.
♡ The last thing Taehyung expects this evening is to see Jeongguk standing in front of his apartment just after Taehyung opens the door. Taehyung freezes, having only tucked one arm inside his coat since he was a bit in a rush. He had only gone back to his apartment first
after work to drop his stuff and grab a quick bite, wanting to see Jeongguk as soon he could. Taehyung figured that it would have done him better to show up unannounced. He didn't text Jeongguk beforehand knowing that it was likely he was going to be ignored again.
Actually seeing him now, however, takes all the words out of Taehyung's mouth. Just reminds of how much the silence had been killing him even if it hasn't been long since they had last spoken.
Jeongguk is clad in an oversized hoodie that drowns his frame, hands tucked into his front pocket and looking completely warm. That’s exactly how Taehyung’s heart feels too seeing him here and knowing he went out of his way to come and see him first. Comforts him knowing Jeongguk
hasn’t completely given up on him. “I was just—I was about to leave to go to your apartment.” It’s been seven days. He had spent the weekend with Namjoon and has been working overtime since Monday. There just wasn’t the time to see him and it didn’t help that Jeongguk had
ignored all of his calls and even the drunk direct messages he had sent on Twitter. Taehyung got the hint that he probably needed some space for a while, so he stopped spamming him with messages every second of the day. “Can I come in?"
Taehyung opens the door wider to let him through. Jeongguk doesn’t immediately plop down on the living room couch like he usually does whenever he comes over. Instead, he’s taking slow, timid steps, and is looking around the room like this is his first time seeing the place.
Taehyung doesn’t like this sudden animosity. Doesn’t like seeing him be so cautious like he thinks the last thing Taehyung wants is for him to fall into Taehyung’s arms. When Jeongguk does sit down, it’s on the armrest, and from his body language alone Taehyung can tell
he’s still trying to establish a safe distance. His eyes are avoidant, looking at his hands clasped together on his lap.
Jeongguk clears his throat. “I’m sorry I was so mean at you that morning. I shouldn’t have, and I realized that you were probably really upset and worried over how my brother found out and reacted. You had all the reasons to be frustrated.”
Taehyung was. Yoongi’s outburst had scared him a bit. He had never seen Yoongi that mad before, and from that point onward Taehyung was just heated. Hurt. “Jaebum says sorry too, but really I’m the one who’s supposed to be apologizing for not being clearer with him and my
other friends. I—that was completely my fault.” “I snapped at you too. I was being a dick. You just wanted to tell your friends.”
“But you—but you apologized already! I just—when I talked to hyung I realized I was just mad about you still caring so much about what he thinks that you were willing to take out your anger on me.”
“And I’m sorry /for/ that. We were both upset and frustrated. I was going to come see you and make things right. I got caught up with work once the week started, this is the first day I didn’t have to stay after hours. And, well, you didn’t answer any of my texts, so….”
Jeongguk groans. He moves from the armrest to the cushion. “Fuck. /Fuck/, I just—I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I made us have our first fight through text. I’m sorry I ignored you.”
The chuckle Taehyung lets out his light and airy, trying to lighten up the mood. He takes a seat next to the younger. “Like I said, we were both frustrated.”
He’s not expecting anything from Jeongguk. It’s something Taehyung hadn’t realized then because his mind had been too clouded with too many worries but the last thing he wants is for Jeongguk to completely take all the blame.
Even if Jeongguk did get mad at him too, Taehyung taking out his anger on Jeongguk just because he was the only available outlet then wasn’t cool. “I talked to Yoongi hyung. He said he can live with it.”
The thought of Yoongi upsets Taehyung still. “I haven’t spoken to him since that morning.” Yoongi told him not to reach out so Taehyung didn’t. “Yeah, he’s—he’s been a bit busy too. He’ll probably text you soon. Namjoon hyung kind of came over and talked to him too.”
“Namjoon talked to him? He didn't say anything about that.” Taehyung had asked him before they went for drinks nights ago if Namjoon was going to do anything about that. All he had gotten in response was a shrug, typical of Namjoon who knows and says a lot but never too much
about himself. He and Yoongi kind of share that in common. “Well, they worked things out, I guess. I eavesdropped a bit," Jeongguk tells him, and then turns his head and meets Taehyung's eyes. Taehyung doesn't like the sorrow he sees in them, twists something inside his chest.
"I'm sorry." "I know. Me too," Taehyung says, voice gentle. He joins Jeongguk on the couch, resting his elbow on the headrest and pressing his chin on the cup of his palm.
"I just—I kept telling you that hyung will get over it at some point but you didn't listen. I don't know. It's just... disheartening, knowing you care about what he thinks more than you care about our relationship."
"That's not /true/. I guess I just... didn't want to disappoint him. Or break his trust. He's done so much for me in such a short time." Taehyung knows he says that a lot but it’s the truth. "Maybe if I had told him earlier we could have avoided this."
"I kept it from him too." "For /my/ sake. You've been so patient." Taehyung doesn't think about it when he reaches out for Jeongguk's hand. He’s relieved that Jeongguk doesn’t flinch at the touch,
fingers still cold from being outside but something inside Taehyung warms when he laces them together with no hesitation. “Are we okay?” Jeongguk asks, angling his body to face Taehyung and crossing his legs. Both of his hands now cover Taehyung's, hold tight but comforting.
“We are. I would’ve been on my knees begging for your forgiveness anyway if you hadn't come here first.” Taehyung catches a hint of a suggestive smile on his lips. “On your knees, huh?”
"Don't start." Taehyung rolls his eyes but he's glad that Jeongguk is joking around like this again. "Come here." He pulls Jeongguk onto his lap and Jeongguk lets him. Jeongguk places his hands on Taehyung’s nape and Taehyung loops his arms around the younger’s waist.
Taehyung’s been feeling so bitter and down these past few days but somehow holding Jeongguk easily washes all of that away. “Can you stay? Have you eaten? I can make you dinner.”
Taehyung knows a terrible cook. He cares about Jeongguk enough to not let his taste buds suffer, but if it means having the younger here for longer then he’ll just have to be a little selfish this time.
“I should go soon. Have assignments to finish,” Jeongguk says regretfully. He curls his fingers, playing with Taehyung’s hair just above his nape, and Taehyung’s eyes flick down to his lips in instinct. “But you can take me out on Saturday?”
Taehyung answers him with a kiss. A sweet, tender one that has Jeongguk sighing against his mouth. Taehyung feels his smile, feels his giggle reach somewhere inside his chest when he digs his fingers into Jeongguk’s sides knowing well enough that he’s ticklish there.
“No—enough. I really have to go.” Jeongguk puts a hand on Taehyung’s chest to push him away. The pout Taehyung gives him doesn’t work because he’s already climbing off of Taehyung’s lap.
Taehyung walks him to the door fighting the urge to ask him to stay. A little space is good, he thinks, and he still needs to sort things out with Yoongi too even if it’ll just be through the phone. Having Jeongguk here will just distract him.
“I’m glad we talked,” Jeongguk says once he’s standing on Taehyung’s doorstep. “I care about you. More than what your brother or what anyone else thinks.” Taehyung’s not as transparent about his feelings as Jeongguk is, figures that he owes the boy this much (and more).
Jeongguk turns bashful at Taehyung’s sudden confession, looking down at his feet trying to fight off a smile. He surprises Taehyung by suddenly cupping Taehyung’s face in his hands, /squishing/ his cheeks, and presses a featherlike kiss on his lips.
“I know,” is all he says before he turns on his heel and dashes towards the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Something about the act is so childish, so /Jeongguk/, that Taehyung can’t help but shake his head and smile to himself as he goes back into his apartment.
“Christ, Namjooon—stop stealing meat off my plate!” Yoongi complains loudly as if he wasn’t piling food onto Namjoon’s own plate a mere ten minutes ago. Namjoon pops the slice of meat into his mouth quite proudly.
“I wouldn’t need to if Jeongguk hadn’t finished everything,” he says, glaring at Jeongguk. Jeongguk makes a sound of disapproval. “You weren’t fast enough.” The first thing Jeongguk had done when they got to their table was to push his and Taehyung’s chairs closer together.
So the past two hours he’s been glued to Taehyung’s side, leaning against him when he’s not busy putting food on the grill, Taehyung's arm slung over his chair.
Jeongguk, now done with his food, rests his head on Taehyung’s shoulder. “This is nice, isn’t it? Feels like we’re on a double date.” Across from Taehyung, Namjoon chokes on his drink, the same time Yoongi starts clearing his throat loudly while looking away.
Taehyung can only smile at his two hyungs. They’ve been civil the whole day. More than civil, actually. The fact that Yoongi was the one who proposed this outing was surprising enough already. It’s too bad that Namjoon leaves in two days.
Taehyung knows Yoongi isn’t the type to try long distance, but seeing them get along now is nice. “What time is your flight on Sunday?” Yoongi asks Namjoon, probably to change the subject. “Early. Five A.M.”
Taehyung pouts. The week had gone by so fast. He doesn’t want Namjoon to go. “I can drive you to the airport,” Yoongi decides without looking at his ex. “What? Don’t be ridiculous. I can get a taxi.” “Taxi fares are high at that hour. I’ll drive.”
“You don’t have—” “I’m /driving/,” Yoongi interrupts, and that alone is enough indication that his decision is final. Namjoon knows better than to argue, so he leaves it at that and goes back to his food, but Taehyung doesn't miss the subtle smile evident on his lips.
Jeongguk giggles at their exchange. Yoongi likes his sleep, and for him to wake up in the break of dawn on a Sunday just to drive his ex to the airport is incredibly sweet of him.
“You wanna come to my place?” Taehyung whispers to Jeongguk. Namjoon and Yoongi have dived into another discussion on stock markets that neither Jeongguk nor Taehyung find interest in, but Taehyung keeps his voice low just in case.
“Depends. What are we gonna do?” Jeongguk lifts his head from Taehyung's shoulder, face close, Taehyung too weak of a man to not get distracted by his mouth.
He can still taste the gochujang sauce in his mouth and knows kissing Jeongguk now won’t be the most romantic thing but he’s already leaning in. Jeongguk is, too, but the second right before their lips could touch someone’s foot bumps against the table, causing both Taehyung and
Jeongguk to jump in their seats. "Get a room you two,” Yoongi narrows his eyes from across Jeongguk, the younger Jeon sibling merely grunting at his brother’s remark while Taehyung feels heat on his cheeks in an instant.
If Yoongi has to get used to seeing Taehyung and Jeongguk together like this then Taehyung has to get used to being able to kiss Jeongguk without hiding. Right in front of his brother.
Later, when Yoongi and Namjoon are taking care of the bill (after they both shoot Taehyung and Jeongguk down when they offer to pay their portions), Taehyung takes Jeongguk out to wait in the parking lot by his car.
“I can’t believe you’ll already be in school again when I graduate.” “Haven’t even applied yet. Applications aren’t in three months.” Truthfully, he doesn’t know if it’ll be easy going back to school after having worked since he finished his undergraduate studies.
He spent almost two years getting paid and now he’s going to go back to paying for a degree? Well, he needs to so it’s not like he has a /choice/, but he’ll complain now while he still can. “You’ll get in no doubt. My smart, hot, sexy boyfriend.”
Jeongguk snakes his arms around Taehyung’s waist, presses against him. He’s so touchy even in public. Especially in public. It’s like he doesn’t care that people are around, what people think, like he wants everyone to see that he’s the only one who can do this.
Makes Taehyung wonder how he coped not being able to touch Taehyung out in the open before Yoongi knew. “Boyfriend? Our first official date is still tomorrow.”
Taehyung has gotten it all planned out. Jeongguk said he doesn't want anything over the top but Taehyung doesn’t care. He told Taehyung to pick this time so of course Taehyung is going to spoil /the fuck/ out of him tomorrow night. He had made a reservation at a nice,
fancy but not overly pretentious, popular Italian restaurant in Gangnam. He's excited about that. Too excited. Makes him feel silly. “You taste like bulgogi,” Taehyung says after Jeongguk presses a quick kiss on his lips. “You taste like cigarettes.” “Fair enough.”
Yoongi and Namjoon come out of the restaurant not long after, engrossed in a conversation yet again. If Namjoon wasn’t going to be on a flight in forty-eight hours Taehyung would be rooting for them to get back together.
“Jeongguk-ah, are you coming?” Yoongi calls out to his brother. “Actually, I’m going with Tae.” For a second Taehyung thinks Yoongi's going to have something to say about that but he doesn’t. He gives Jeongguk a small wave before climbing into the vehicle,
Namjoon taking the passenger seat beside him. Jeongguk turns to Taehyung only when Yoongi has driven away, smiling to himself. “They are /so/ going to kiss.” “Yoongi’s not /that/ weak.”
But Namjoon is sometimes, and Yoongi is only weakest when Namjoon is weak. Taehyung doesn’t know how that’s going to turn out.
“You ever have sex in a car?” Jeongguk asks suddenly, so casually in an open public space like this like he’s talking about the weather. “Nevermind. Doesn’t matter. I’ll find out in a minute anyway.”
“What makes you think I have lube and condoms in there?” “Convenience stores are convenient for a /reason/.”
“Do you always get everything you want?” Taehyung asks but he lets Jeongguk drag him across the street, where coincidentally a twenty-four-hour minimart is located, knowing well enough that it’s /impossible/ to not give Jeongguk everything he wants.
The relaxed and sophisticated ambiance of the restaurant makes Taehyung feel like they’re playing adult. Something about the jazz music that’s playing from the speakers at a very soft volume, the dim lighting, and the velvety choice of interior.
Everything about this place is romantic without even trying. He and Jeongguk are dressed up quite nice tonight, exchanging their plain t-shirts and oversized sweaters for button-downs and slacks.
Well, Taehyung wears something like this almost every day to work, but seeing Jeongguk so polished tonight does something to his frail heart. Not that he’d prefer Jeongguk dressing in a certain way. Taehyung loves Jeongguk’s hoodies a lot, loves how small they make him look,
how much it drowns his muscled yet petite frame. “How did you even get a reservation here?” Jeongguk hasn’t shut up about how good the food is. Almost every bite he takes of his pasta is followed by a satisfied hum.
“I worked my magic.” And by that, Taehyung means he just got lucky. “Do you have any idea how much pressure this puts me in when it’s time for me to choose our next date night?”
“This is our /first/ date. You expect me to not go all out?” Taehyung takes a small sip of his wine and rests his elbows on the table, places his chin in the cup of his hands. Jeongguk has tomato sauce staining the corner of his lips when he pops another meatball into his mouth.
Taehyung smiles, completely fond. “You look beautiful tonight.” Jeongguk puts his fork down, picks up a napkin and dabs it over his mouth. “Shut up. When did you become this hopeless romantic?” “I’ve /always/ been a hopeless romantic.”
“Are you kidding me? I’ve been crushing on you for two years and I’ve always hesitated over making a move because you showed no interest in ever being in a relationship!” “In my defense, that’s only because I was trying to /not/ have a crush on you.”
Around that time was also when Yoongi had told him that he’d rather not see Taehyung date his younger brother, and Taehyung had picked up early upon meeting Jeongguk for the first time just how protective Yoongi was over him.
It seemed like a no bargain thing then so Taehyung didn’t bother even if Jeongguk’s advances got bolder and bolder each time. Before the party, Jeongguk had never explicitly told Taehyung he liked him despite his hints,
so Taehyung /tried/ not to give into his flirting too much, afraid that he would only lead the boy on. “When did you know that you did? That you liked me more than just a friend?” Taehyung tries to pinpoint one exact moment but there’s too many of them, too many feelings
washing over him all at once as the memories play in his head one by one. Texting Jeongguk until the break of dawn. Jeongguk showing up at his graduation ceremony with a big bouquet of flowers and an equally beautiful smile. Jeongguk calling him in the morning of his first day
of work knowing well enough that Taehyung would have slept in. “I can’t really tell. I just know that ever since you asked me to tutor you every time you’re around I don’t know how to act.”
Jeongguk smiles at that. “/Sap/. You sure did fine for the past two years.” “I just have better self-control than you.” “But my lack of self-control is what got us here.” Jeongguk cocks his head to the side, looks at Taehyung in a way that makes him melt in his seat.
A waiter comes over to refill their glasses with wine. It pulls Taehyung out of his daze and Jeongguk goes back to finish the last bits of his meal. Even if Taehyung had always been sure of his feelings it felt a lot like he and Jeongguk were merely fooling around before today.
/This/ here is serious, and it makes him feel shy, among other things. “Should we order dessert?” Jeongguk asks, already flipping through the menu. As much as he loves this classy restaurant, Taehyung thinks it’d be nice to end the night the way they usually would.
“Actually, I was thinking we could get ice cream from a convenience store and walk around Han River? A completely cliche way to end a date, I know, but do you want to?” “It’s like you read my mind.”
Taehyung calls for the bill not long after and as expected, Jeongguk puts up a fight about wanting to split his half. Taehyung insists and shuts him up by kissing him, knowing well enough that he’d blush since they were in front of the cashier.
They make a quick trip to a nearby convenience store to get their ice cream before heading to the riverside. There aren’t too many people this evening, so he and Jeongguk decide to go for a quick stroll too, their free hands clasped in each other’s while enjoying their treat.
The temperature has gotten a tad warmer but the wind is still cool enough that Taehyung feels chilly despite his blazer. Jeongguk does a great job at making him feel warm, though, even if he’s not directly touching Taehyung at all.
Every time Jeongguk grabs Taehyung’s arm or laughs lightly at something Taehyung says his heart blossoms like it’s Spring. Done with their ice creams, Taehyung tosses the sticks into a nearby bin. He and Jeongguk sit down on a bench that overlooks the river.
Jeongguk snuggles against him and Taehyung puts his arm over the younger’s shoulders, sighing in content. This first date isn’t much, but doing anything with Jeongguk is bound to put him in a good mood. He’ll love every second of it even if they’re just having a movie night in
bed or hauled up in Taehyung’s living room with take-out and beer. “I can’t believe you’ll be back in school when I /leave/ school.” “Won’t be until another year.” The application deadline is still months away.
Taehyung has been thinking about leaving his office sooner though just like Yoongi suggested, but he’ll have to find a back-up plan first so he won’t be jobless with no income for the whole year.
“I still remember your graduation two years ago. I bought you a huge bouquet of flowers and all you said was thank you.” “What else was I /supposed/ to say?”
“Oh, I don’t know. ‘Hey Jeongguk, I think you’re cute too. Wanna go out?’ I mean, do you get flowers from guys all the time?” Taehyung hums, pretends to think. “I /do/ have a long list of secret admirers.” Jeongguk playfully punches Taehyung on the chest,
but he’s quick to place his finger under Taehyung’s chin and tilts his head to the side to meet him for a kiss. Taehyung can still taste the remnants of the ice cream on Jeongguk’s lips, that sweet and milky flavor on his tongue.
“I had a good time tonight,” Jeongguk says after he pulls away. Taehyung only kisses his forehead in response and pulls him closer, if that’s even possible.
068 (next morning)
071 nsfw 🔞
072 🔞
“Oh /fuck/,” Jeongguk breathes, winded and spent, staring up at the ceiling somehow feeling fucked out already but still craving more. Craving /Taehyung/. Jeongguk looks at the wet patch on the pillow and cringes internally. Taehyung isn’t going to like that all.
With slippery fingers, he removes the cover and goes to the bathroom to toss in Taehyung's laundry basket. He makes a lazy attempt to clean himself up and wash his hands too before quickly returning to bed without bothering to put his pants on.
Jeongguk gets back under the blanket, sighing as he lies down again. He doesn't know how much time has passed since he last texted Taehyung but if his boyfriend is true to his words then it shouldn't be long until he comes home.
Just then, he hears a chime, and Jeongguk spends a good few seconds rustling around the covers in search of his phone. When the screen lights up he sees a couple of texts from Taehyung including the most recent one saying he's only ten minutes away.
Smiling to himself, Jeongguk decides to ignore the messages and clear the notifications. He scrolls through his social media apps instead, letting time pass, until not long later he hears the front door opening and the sound of footsteps filling the apartment.
Taehyung enters the room, saying nothing as he looks at Jeongguk but Jeongguk catches the way his eyes drift from Jeongguk’s face to the pillow under his head. “I threw the cover in the hamper.”
“You… you seriously came on my pillow,” Taehyung says, more to himself like he’s in disbelief. He stands at the foot of the bed.
“Don’t you wish you were here to see it?” Jeongguk locks his phone and tosses it on the bed before crawling towards his boyfriend, the blanket slipping off his waist in the process. “Congratulations on your acceptance.”
Now aware that Jeongguk is bare waist-down, Taehyung’s faint smile wavers. Jeongguk gets on his knees so he’s at eye-level with his boyfriend. “Thanks.” Taehyung grabs his waist when Jeongguk places his hands on Taehyung’s shoulders before leaning in for a quick kiss.
“I’m proud of you. Really,” Jeongguk tells him while slipping Taehyung’s blazer off and setting it down on the bed. “That’s sweet but you saying that while undressing me isn’t really having the intended effect, is it?”
“What, you wanna get in bed in your suit? You left so early this morning.” Jeongguk begins working on the buttons of Taehyung’s shirt. “What did they make you do anyway?”
“Just boring paperwork. Think my boss is making me suffer because I finally submitted my resignation letter.” Taehyung lets the shirt drop to the floor. He unbuckles his belt and takes off his slacks too leaving him in nothing but his boxers before climbing into with Jeongguk.
“You found another job?” They both get under the covers and snuggle close to each other. Jeongguk hums at Taehyung’s body heat when he presses his chest against his back.
The scent of Taehyung’s cologne is still fresh and strong, makes Jeongguk want to bury his face in his boyfriend’s neck. “Yoongi hyung actually asked if I wanted to work under him.”
“Oh man,” Jeongguk groans as he pulls Taehyung’s arm over his waist. “What?” “You and my brother spending more time together… what will I do when you two geek out over law stuff?”
Taehyung laughs, his breath tickling Jeongguk’s nape. “Haven’t we been doing that all the time?” “I can’t believe I have to compete with him for your time now.”
“You don’t have to compete for anything,” Taehyung assures but Jeongguk already knows that. “What did you think about earlier? When you were jerking off.”
Taehyung's lips are on his neck now. Jeongguk already knows where this is going. He sighs at the warmth of Taehyung’s mouth, on the spot right under his ear where he’s most sensitive. “You. Your hand instead of mine.”
073 🔞 i forgot to indicate in the tweet but from tweet 071 onwards there's a time skip of 8 months from the previous scene
074 🔞
“That was nice,” Jeongguk hums. He’s lying on his back after both he and Taehyung have cleaned up, shorts on this time. Taehyung leans against the headboard beside him. “You better wash my pillow cover.” “I will. It’s my turn to do laundry anyway.”
Jeongguk has been staying over almost every night that he practically lives here now. Taehyung’s closet has become his closet, too, with how many clothes he leaves every time. Jeongguk even has his own toothbrush in the bathroom.
“Is it too soon if I ask you to move in with me? We’ve only been together for a few months.” “I don’t know. I guess not? I don’t know.” Moving in together would be a big step to take. Not that Jeongguk doesn’t want to live with Taehyung,
but the stories of couples breaking up after living together scares him a little. He doesn't want to rush into things. “We’ll talk about it later, okay? I’m hungry.” Jeongguk reaches for Taehyung’s face, squishing his boyfriend’s cheeks with his hand.
“I bought pancakes, though I think it’s well over breakfast already.” “It’s never too late for breakfast.” Jeongguk smiles, sitting up to kiss Taehyung on the lips.
075 (time skip - 4 months)
082 tae's first day of law school
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#taekookau taehyung isn't supposed to be thinking of the word 'crush' and jeongguk in the same context. unfortunately, he can't choose how his heart decides to react every time jeongguk smiles at him. (pillow au bonus drabble)
drabble #2 !!


#taekookau jungkook's lips are too close it's distracting. too close that it's the only thing taehyung focuses on despite the loud music. "wanna dance?" jungkook says it in taehyung's ear, hot breath fanning his skin. feels like too much already. (pillow au bonus drabble)
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