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Nov 8, 2020
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⓵ Agree to the proposal

04:12 When Taehyung wakes up the next day, his mood immediately sours as he remembers what just happened last night. Yoongi didn’t accept his proposal. He wanted to think about it more. What more is there to think about? If he loves Taehyung, then he would surely agree.
Taehyung loves Yoongi so he just wants to be with him forever. Did Taehyung read all of this wrong? Does Yoongi not want him after all?
He grits his teeth and shoves the blanket away from him so he can do something to cool his head off before doing something that he might regret, but he suddenly freezes as he feels an arm caging his middle.
Now that he thinks about it, he doesn’t remember using the blanket last night either. Because even if he was very upset, he would never allow Yoongi to get cold. “Good morning,” Yoongi’s low voice interrupts him from his thoughts, and he feels the man’s arm tighten around him.
Well, this is new. Taehyung is usually the one who doesn’t want to let go. “Good morning,” he answers, tone low and lacks energy. He couldn’t find it in himself to pretend to be happy right now because he’s very conflicted and upset.
“Are you still mad at me?” Taehyung didn’t answer. He just stares at the box on the nightstand, glaring holes at it out of frustration. “Taehyung-ah, I’m sorry. I was just very surprised last night because things are going way too fast. But I- I thought about it a lot.
If you- if you still want to hear my answer then please look at me. It feels so bad to see you upset. I love you so much, Taehyung. I would never want to cause you unhappiness. I’m sorry, Tae.” Taehyung bites his lower lip, making up his mind. Maybe he can listen.
And so he shifts his position wordlessly, turning around to meet Yoongi’s eyes. He looks so tired. He must have thought about it a lot. “I missed your face,” Yoongi says with a smile, hand reaching forward to cup Taehyung’s face just like the night before.
It reminds Taehyung of bad things so he stiffens, just waiting for Yoongi’s answer. “I love you, Taehyung. You know that, don’t you?” Taehyung nods gently, a little hesitant. He doesn’t know anymore.
He’s not sure if Yoongi loves him and it’s making him feel horrible. “I love you,” Yoongi reminds him. Taehyung forces a smile on his face. “I love you too,” he answers briefly, but his emotions are laced so tightly on those words.
He really does love Yoongi a lot – probably more than what should be allowed. “Taehyung-ah,” Yoongi calls, fingers playing with the curly strands of Taehyung’s hair. “I thought about it and I realized that we’ll get there at some point anyway.
Because we love each other and we’d get married someday. And it’s just an engagement, right? We don’t have a specific date set yet, so I thought it should be fine, and I would really love to be with you forever as well-”
“You’ll say yes?” Taehyung asks eagerly, melancholic feelings disappearing altogether as he stares at Yoongi with wide, excited eyes. “You’ll marry me?” Yoongi chuckles, finding Taehyung’s expressions adorable. “Yeah, we can get married in the future.”
Taehyung’s mouth hangs open slightly, not knowing what to say. Yoongi said yes. Yoongi will marry him. He will finally have Yoongi by his side forever and no one can ever take him away.
Taehyung lunges forward to embrace Yoongi, arms wrapped tightly around him and crushing his body underneath. “I love you,” Taehyung cries, peppering Yoongi’s face with kisses. “F/uck, Yoongi. I love you so much.”
Yoongi giggles at the ticklish feeling and at the sight of just how happy Taehyung is. This is the Taehyung he loves the most. The Taehyung with a huge smile on his face and filled with so much love and happiness.
“I love you too,” Yoongi answers sincerely, closing his eyes as Taehyung presses their foreheads together to just let the moment pass by peacefully.
They stayed like that for a while, whispering ‘I love you’s and drowning in love, before Taehyung reaches for the box on the nightstand and offers the ring to Yoongi again. Yoongi accepts it this time.
Taehyung eagerly slides the ring on Yoongi’s finger, grin widening fraction by fraction as he sees just how beautiful it looks like on Yoongi. He then holds Yoongi’s hand gently and presses his lips on the ring.
Yoongi swears the he could see Taehyung surrounded by so much love and happiness, and all of the uneasiness strays away from his chest.
There’s nothing to worry about. He loves Taehyung and Taehyung loves him too. That’s why it’s just right for them to stay together for a long, long time. Yoongi wouldn’t mind being with Taehyung forever.
04:28 Yoongi honestly thought his parents would be against it. When they were kids, he heard his parents discuss late at night about how it might not be good for Yoongi to spend so much time with Taehyung.
Yoongi got mad at them back then because he couldn’t understand why they would want to take him away from his best friend. That’s why he grew even closer to Taehyung, in fear of really losing him.
But things still went well for them because Taehyung didn’t have the intention of letting Yoongi go. When he can’t go to Taehyung’s house because his parents were feeling reluctant,
the servants from the Kim’s would knock on their door with the kindest smiles on their faces to tell them that Taehyung is waiting for Yoongi in the mansion already. So Yoongi will happily go with them and play with Taehyung all day.
And now as he sits in the very familiar dining room of the Kim’s, with Taehyung beside him and their parents sitting on their own respective seats, Yoongi is a little afraid. He doesn’t know how his parents will react to the news and he doesn’t want Taehyung to get mad again.
Namjoon also came home with them, taking Seokjin back with him to celebrate their mother’s birthday with a simple dinner. She doesn’t like extravagant things. She doesn’t even like throwing parties even if she can afford it just perfectly fine.
All she wants for her birthday is to have her children back to have dinner with her, and of course, Namjoon and Taehyung did take the time to buy her gifts even if she insisted on not receiving anything.
Yoongi loves her a lot. She has been like a second mother to her all these years and she never treated Yoongi differently as well even if Taehyung could’ve had better and richer friends. She loves Yoongi like he’s her own son, so Yoongi always feels at home when he’s here.
“Taehyung, didn’t you want to say something to Yoongi’s parents?” his mother asks, giving her son an encouraging smile. They were previously engaged in a conversation about college life so far and about how well Taehyung is doing in his studies,
so Yoongi just throws reassurances here and there that Taehyung is doing well. He wasn’t ready for this new topic though. He glances at his parents nervously, who are just looking lost and confused.
Taehyung gently takes his hand above the table, caressing the ring with his thumb. Everyone’s eyes dart towards their joined hands, and Yoongi immediately looks down on his lap, cheeks flushing red with nervousness and embarrassment.
He hasn’t even told them that he’s dating Taehyung. “Yoongi and I decided that we would get married after college. I know it’s too soon, but we really love each other a lot. I can’t imagine a life without Yoongi next to me anymore.
I promise I will take care of him and make him the happiest he could ever be by my side. I hope you will give us your approval,” Taehyung says, giving Yoongi’s parents a charming smile.
“I love him the most in this world and I know that I can make him happy. We hope you can support us with this decision.” They look taken aback. They probably didn’t expect this revelation after being invited for one dinner with the Kim’s.
And Yoongi could understand them. He was reluctant about it at first as well, and they’re still too young to be thinking about marriage. But Yoongi can’t deny Taehyung anything. Taehyung loves him too much.
Taehyung always gives and gives without even thinking about it because he cares about Yoongi. And Yoongi can’t imagine a life without Taehyung either.
“Of course we will support you,” Yoongi’s father suddenly says, and Yoongi’s head snaps up to face his father, completely surprised. He really didn’t expect them to agree.
“We will always support whatever makes Yoongi happy. And if he agreed to this, then it will surely make him happy. I always knew that it would be difficult for the two of you to go on separate ways when you grow up,
so it’s a relief that you found a way to be happy without losing each other.” It’s his mother this time, giving him a reassuring smile and warm eyes. She looks genuinely happy for Yoongi.
“Take care of our son, Taehyung. We will entrust him to you because we know that you love him and you can make him happy.” “Of course,” Taehyung answers immediately. “I will only give Yoongi the best of everything. I'll take care of him. You don’t have to worry about anything.”
Taehyung’s voice is so cheerful, and he looks so, so happy that Yoongi couldn’t help but smile as well. Taehyung’s happiness is his happiness. “Thank you for trusting me. I will love Yoongi forever, I promise.”
Their conversation easily switches to business, and Yoongi feels so much better now that he knows that his parents think that it’s a good thing too. That his decision isn’t wrong.
He’s holding Taehyung’s hand tightly above the table for everyone to see, not having to hide anymore because he can love Taehyung proudly. He smiles, eyes meeting Taehyung’s. He made the right choice. He’ll have Taehyung by his side forever and they would be happy.
04:39 Yoongi doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore. He used to be so good at his classes. He’s the professors’ favorite, he aces his exams, he actively participates in all of his classes,
and he easily finishes his projects and activities without even worrying over it like the others usually do. He doesn’t know what’s happening to him. His exams are less than satisfactory.
His professors keep on asking him what’s wrong with him and it makes him feel so bad because is he really bad enough that they are starting to notice it? And he can’t even finish this stupid project.
His groupmates are starting to lose their trust in him because he keeps on doing everything wrong. He’ll fail. His whole group will fail and it’s all because of him.
They entrusted him with the project because he was brave enough to claim that he would do it well but he keeps on failing and it feels so f/ucking horrible. What the hell is wrong with him? He’s been too distracted.
He’s been worrying about so many things these past few months, losing focus on what used to be the most important thing to him. He wanted to graduate with an amazing academic standing so he could get a nice job and give back to his parents for working so hard for him.
But now he has a huge possibility of failing and he doesn’t know what to do. His parents would be so disappointed in him. They would hate him because they did their best to support his dreams but he’s losing that too. Why can’t he do anything right anymore?
It’s all his fault. He’d fail and everyone would be so disappointed in him and it’s all his fault. “Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” It’s Taehyung.
Taehyung approaches him on his seat, occupying the one beside him and immediately pulling him into an embrace. Yoongi didn’t even know that he was crying.
But as he buries his face on Taehyung’s shoulder and feels the fabric of his shirt getting wetter and wetter, he finally gives in and starts to cry loudly. He clutches Taehyung’s shirt tightly inside his fists, holding onto him in hope that it will make him feel grounded.
“I- I’ll fail and- and-” He continues to cry, cursing at himself for being so weak. It’s not even a big deal. Students fail sometimes and they have chances to pick themselves back up. Maybe retake his failed subjects on the next semester and everything would be perfectly fine.
But Yoongi feels like he’s been too sensitive lately. And this is really important to him. He wants to show his best but he can’t. He’s a failure now. He can’t even make anyone proud anymore. He can’t make himself proud anymore.
“Hey, it’s okay. Is it your classes? Is anyone giving you trouble?” Taehyung soothingly asks, rubbing his back gently to provide as much comfort as he possibly can. Yoongi shakes his head. He’s not blaming anyone. It’s all his fault anyway.
“I f-failed my exams and n-now I can’t even do my project right. My groupmates said that- that we would fail because of me and I’m so stupid, Tae. W-why am I so stupid now? I can’t do any of this right anymore and Mom and Dad would be so- so disappointed in me.
I’m so tired. I- I did my best but I can’t do anything anymore-” “Hey,” Taehyung cuts him off, pulling away from the hug to cradle Yoongi’s face between his hands, forcing their gazes to meet.
“You will never be a disappointment to anyone. You’re so amazing and I won’t allow you to talk badly about yourself, okay?” Yoongi sniffles, more tears falling from his eyes. He looks so tired and guilty. Taehyung wants to hurt everyone who made him feel like this.
“You don’t have to do this if it’s hurting you.” “W-what do you mean?” Yoongi asks, voice weak. “You can stop going to college. I hate seeing you hurt, Yoongi I hate seeing you suffer like this. It would be fine.
We can both drop out and continue with our plans to go to another country and stay there. We can do so much better than this place. And you’ll be happier there. You wouldn’t have to worry about these things anymore.”
It sounds so convincing. Why are Taehyung’s words so convincing? “But Taehyung,” Yoongi calls, hand reaching up to hold Taehyung’s. “Wouldn’t that be bad? We have to finish college. Y-your mom would be mad and my parents-”
“No one can do anything to stop us,” Taehyung answers, giving him a reassuring smile. He leans forward to press a kiss on Yoongi’s nose. “We can go to Canada and stay there. We have a business there and we can manage it together.
"Mom agreed on giving that to you and me so we can settle down without worrying. We don’t have to graduate at all, Yoongi. We can go there anytime you agree to and everything would be fine.
"You don’t have to suffer like this anymore and nothing will ever hurt you because I would be there. It would just be the two of us and we’ll be happy together. That sounds amazing, right? No more worries. Just the two of us together.”
Yoongi closes his eyes and just nods. It’s probably wrong. He shouldn’t be weak. He could try again and pass his subjects by the next semester. But a huge part of him just wants to rest. He’s so tired. So many things happened in just over a month and he just wants to rest now.
Being with Taehyung is comforting. If he goes with Taehyung, then he would have nothing to worry about. Taehyung was right. This is the best option for the two of them.
“Okay,” he whispers, and he didn’t have to say anything else. Taehyung presses his lips against Yoongi’s, smiling into the kiss. He doesn’t have to say anything more. That’s all Taehyung needed to hear.
04:44 “I don’t care what you plan on doing. Hurt them or whatever. Make them regret ever trying to make Yoongi feel bad,” Taehyung says through the phone. “Clean everything up after. I don’t want any issues to arise just when I finally got him to say yes to my plans.”
The man on the other line agrees with everything he’s saying, just as expected. Taehyung smirks. “Oh and don’t forget to thank them too. They helped me out a little on finally getting what I want.” With a small laugh, he finally ends the call. That’s another job done.
He steps out of the room already emptied after their classes ended, opening the door to lead himself out. He freezes as he feels another presence. He looks at the side only to see Hoseok staring at him with fear and disbelief in his eyes.
“What did you do?” Hoseok asks, voice shaky despite trying to act brave. “I- I knew it. I was right all along. You were doing something horrible just to get Yoongi. How dare you do this to him, Taehyung?” He sounds genuinely upset, eyes showing so much betrayal.
Taehyung sighs. “Didn’t Jimin and the others talk to you?” he asks, stepping closer to Hoseok. “You’re my friend. You’re an important person to me so I don’t want to hurt you.
And Namjoon-hyung would get mad at me if I do something to you,” he grumbles, scratching the back of his head and not knowing what to do. “Namjoon-hyung knows about this? Jimin too? W-what the hell is wrong with you-”
“I really don’t want to hurt you,” Taehyung whispers, stepping even closer to Hoseok until there’s barely an inch between their feet. “Let’s make a deal, okay?” He smiles, but Hoseok just stares back at him with fear. “I’ll let you live.” Hoseok gulps.
“But you wouldn’t do anything to ruin anything between me and Yoongi. We’ll both go and forget that any of this happened. You won’t go to the police and you won’t tell anyone else.
"If you do, I will go after your family next and take Yoongi away with me even if he doesn’t agree anymore. Everything will go my way. My family is a lot more powerful than yours and you know perfectly well that you wouldn’t win this war against me, Hoseok. I’m being nice to you.
"I wouldn’t even offer anyone things like this without hurting them first. I’m being considerate because you’re my friend and I really care about you too.” The fear in Hoseok’s eyes keep on growing and growing. He looks conflicted.
He probably hates himself right now for not being able to help Yoongi. “Yoongi loves me. He will be happy with me and it would be horrible of you to ruin that happiness for him, right? Be nice and I would even allow you to visit us sometimes.”
Taehyung smiles before stepping back and patting Hoseok on the shoulder. Hoseok flinches. “That’s about it. I hope you understood what I was trying to say. We’ll see you at the airport, Hoseok. Yoongi would be expecting you there.”
04:49 🔞 Cries and moans spill out of Yoongi’s lips as Taehyung continues to f/uck him relentlessly against the mattress. His walls are clenching so tightly around Taehyung’s cock, almost as if he doesn’t want to let go.
And if only Taehyung could, then he would choose to stay inside of Yoongi as long as he possibly can because this is what he loves the most. He loves being one with Yoongi.
“T-Taehyung,” Yoongi cries out, fingernails digging onto his back to try to stabilize himself as his body keeps on sliding back and forth across the mattress through Taehyung’s thrusts.
“You’re mine, Yoongi,” Taehyung growls into his ears, hips snapping at a brutal pace and making Yoongi cry out even more. “You’re all mine now. I love you so f/ucking much.” Yoongi doesn’t look like he’s able to comprehend anything.
He looks completely f/ucked out, face filled with blissful expressions, mouth open and releasing soft moans that sounds so beautiful on Taehyung’s ears.
“Tell me you love me too,” Taehyung mutters, pounding into Yoongi and feeling satisfaction as he sees Yoongi come untouched, spurts of cum splattering all over his stomach. But Taehyung continues to f/uck him, making him cry out at the overstimulation.
“I love you,” Yoongi chokes out, hands desperately gripping Taehyung’s shoulder. “I-I love you, Taehyung.” And that’s all Taehyung needs. He buries himself up to the hilt inside of Yoongi, painting his walls with his cum and not pulling out as he waits for himself to finish.
It feels good to stay like this. It feels like Yoongi is fully his. His to hold. His to keep. His to love. His to cherish. All of Yoongi is his. He crashes their lips together, hearing a whimper from Yoongi as his cock shifts inside of the smaller man, pushing even deeper.
But he returns the kiss almost hungrily, saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth but he couldn’t find it in himself to care because all that matters is Taehyung’s lips against his. Taehyung f/ucks Yoongi again that night. And again. And again until they’re both satisfied.
He leaves marks all over Yoongi’s body, most especially at the visible parts. He wants everyone to know that Yoongi is his with just one glance. Their half-packed bags are scattered on the floor, completely forgotten as they immerse themselves in pleasure.
They can prepare those tomorrow. All Taehyung wants is to take Yoongi now. So he will. He can do anything he wants because he owns all of Yoongi now. He finally has all of Yoongi.
04:58 The scene at the airport could rival every other drama. Jimin is practically crying as he throws himself against Yoongi and Taehyung, mumbling about how much he’s going to miss the both of them,
and that they better be active on social media to talk to Jimin every hour of the day because he would be lonely without them near. Jungkook had to forcefully pull him back so the others could say their goodbyes because he wouldn’t let go.
“You can always visit us, Jiminie,” Yoongi says with a reassuring smile as he squeezes Jimin’s stretched hand which is still clutching onto him despite Jungkook pulling him back. They might be quite a sight right now.
“And we will visit when we have time too. Don’t cry, okay? It’s not like this is the last time we’ll see each other.” He giggles, but Jimin just cries even more. He must be so upset. They’ve been friends for a very long time after all.
Seokjin and Namjoon just calmly gave the two of them quick hugs, muttering about how they would surely visit Yoongi and Taehyung when they go to Canada for business. They’re not too worried.
Taehyung would still be working at an establishment owned by the Kim’s so it’s not like Yoongi would disappear. They would definitely see them soon.
Jungkook gives Yoongi a tight hug, making Yoongi smile because he doesn’t remember Jungkook ever being this touchy and affectionate before. He returns the hug just as tight, burying his face on Jungkook’s shoulder and taking in his scent. He’ll miss his friends a lot.
“Take care of yourself, okay? You can always talk to us. Anytime you need someone to talk to, we will be here. I’ll miss you.” “Yeah,” Yoongi answers with a nod and a smile. “Thanks, Kookie. I’ll miss you a lot too.”
Jungkook pulls away and gives him a gentle smile before moving on to say goodbye to Taehyung. When Jungkook leaves, Hoseok’s presence greets Yoongi. Hoseok looks like he’s on the verge of crying.
He looks so tired and so worried, and Yoongi feels his heart ache at the sight. He hates seeing Hoseok hurt. Is it because of them leaving? But they’ll see each other again. Why does Hoseok look so miserable?
Why does he look like he’s afraid he’ll lose Yoongi right here and now? “Yoongi,” Hoseok calls softly before throwing his arms around Yoongi for a tight hug. Yoongi returns his embrace, holding onto Hoseok tightly in hope that it would give the man even just a little comfort.
“Yoongi, don’t leave,” he whispers, sounding so desperate that it’s almost making Yoongi feel nervous. “Hoseok-ah,” Yoongi calls, and Hoseok starts crying just at that sound. Yoongi rubs his back gently.
“Hoseok, please don’t cry. It hurts me to see you cry. We can still talk a lot and call each other anytime, okay? And you can visit us there, too! Or we can come here sometimes for vacation and we can hang out together. Don’t cry.
Taehyungie and I are just taking a step forward together and it’s really important for us. Jimin and the others would still be here. You won’t be alone, Seokie. Please don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry too.”
He chuckles softly, feeling fondness fill his chest as Hoseok tightens his hold around him even more. “Everything will be fine. We’ll see each other again.” Hoseok grits his teeth and looks up to meet Taehyung’s gaze while still not letting go of Yoongi.
Taehyung gives him a smile and Hoseok just cries even more in anger, holding onto Yoongi tighter and tighter. Taehyung soon walks closer to Yoongi and Hoseok was forced to pull away.
“We have to go now,” he says, smiling at his friends as he takes Yoongi’s hand, locking their fingers together. “We’ll visit sometimes. You can come and visit us too if you have the time to. I’ll miss you guys a lot.”
“Good luck with everything, you guys,” Yoongi says with a huge smile. He looks so, so happy and Hoseok’s heart hurts. He doesn’t even know anything. He’s leaving with Taehyung without knowing anything. “Let’s see each other again someday.”
The others bid their farewell one last time before watching the couple turn around and walk away. Taehyung is holding onto Yoongi so tightly as if he has no intention of ever letting go. And in a sense, it’s probably not far from the truth.
Taehyung has no intention of losing Yoongi. Not now. Not ever. They walk away hand in hand, surrounded by so much love and contentment. Taehyung presses a kiss on top of Yoongi’s head and Yoongi giggles as he presses himself even closer to Taehyung.
That’s the last thing they all saw before watching Taehyung and Yoongi disappear among the crowd. Everything will be fine, they try to convince themselves. Yoongi is happy with Taehyung now, and everything will be fine.
♡ end of first ending
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kay 🍊 yoonjin au

kay 🍊 yoonjin au

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kay 🍊 yoonjin au

kay 🍊 yoonjin au

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