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Nov 11, 2020
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⓶ Deny the proposal

04:17 When Taehyung wakes up the next day, chest still feeling heavy because of the events the previous night, he feels even worse when he sees that Yoongi isn’t asleep beside him. There’s his horrible crawling feeling in his chest.
He wants to do something to get rid of the anger. It feels so wrong. Why does it feel like he’s slowly losing Yoongi? That can’t happen. He won’t allow that to happen. He pushes himself up to his feet and walks towards the kitchen.
He can hear footsteps there so Yoongi might be making breakfast for the two of them. And they need to talk. Right now. He silently takes a seat, facing Yoongi who’s still busy preparing their plates.
He gives Taehyung a small awkward smile when he meets his gaze before settling down on the seat next to Taehyung, pretending that nothing was wrong. Taehyung doesn’t understand how Yoongi could pretend. Everything is wrong.
Nothing is going according to Taehyung’s plan and it’s so f/ucking wrong. “Have you thought about it?” he asks, staring at Yoongi who’s trying to preoccupy himself with eating breakfast.
Yoongi freezes at the question, guilty eyes refusing to meet Taehyung’s. And Taehyung knew right there and then that he wouldn’t like the outcome of this. “I thought about it,” Yoongi answers, sounding incredibly nervous. Taehyung grits his teeth.
“I really think it’s still too early for that, Taehyung. I love you and you know that. But we both have dreams and I want to graduate so I could get a nice job to give back to my parents. We can’t just throw away our dreams to get married early. We’d lose so many opportunities.”
“You don’t have to do any of that to support your parents,” Taehyung replies, voice cold and low. Yoongi shivers. He doesn’t remember ever hearing Taehyung this serious before.
“I can take care of everything. Even if you don’t get a job, I can give your parents everything. I can give you everything, Yoongi. You don’t have any reason to worry about small things like that because I will take care of you.”
Yoongi feels insulted by those words. “I’m not gonna rely on you for things like that, Taehyung. I’m not dating you for your money. I’m capable of supporting my parents if I graduate and-” “I insist.”
“I can’t understand you right now, Taehyung. You’re being irrational and childish-” “I said I’ll take care of everything, Yoongi. Just marry me.” He sounds so forceful, voice rising to a level that Yoongi had never heard from him before. What the hell is wrong with him?
Can’t he take no for an answer? “I think we should think separately for now. Clear your head and I will come back when you’re ready to have a proper conversation with me,” Yoongi says with a glare.
He couldn’t believe that Taehyung thinks of him as something useless who isn’t capable of doing anything on his own. He’s being so unreasonable.
“I’ll go out for now. I’ll give you time to think about what you’re suggesting and why it’s unfair for me,” he adds before standing up to go to the bedroom so he could grab his phone and wallet and maybe hang out with the others for a while until Taehyung cools his head.
But a tight grip on his wrist stops him from going even farther. The grip is so tight that he couldn’t help but hiss and harshly pull at his hand to release himself from the grip. But it was no use. Taehyung seems to be so much stronger.
“Let me go. I said you should think about it on your own for now,” he argues, eyes moving up to meet Taehyung’s. And then he freezes. Taehyung is looking at him with wide and emotionless eyes. And he looks so scary. When did Taehyung start being this scary?
He doesn’t look like the Taehyung Yoongi used to know. “Where the f/uck do you think you’re going?” he asks, voice sounding even deeper than usual. The corner of his lips are pulled down into a scowl, eyebrows furrowing out of anger.
“You’re leaving me? Is that it? You think I will f/ucking let you, Yoongi?” Yoongi pulls at his hand again but Taehyung’s grip just tightens even more. “I’m not leaving you. I said I’ll just give you time to think because I don’t want to fight-”
“Are you cheating on me?” Taehyung asks, standing up from his seat and stepping closer to Yoongi. It was only then did Yoongi realize how much bigger Taehyung is compared to him. And he looks even scarier up close. He looks like he had just lost his last link to sanity.
What the hell is happening? “What? Why would I cheat on you? I can’t believe you’re accusing-” “You love someone else more than me. Is that it? Is that why you don’t want to marry me?”
“Taehyung, you’re not making any sense right now. Let me go. You’re hurting me.” “I knew I should’ve f/ucking locked you up the first time you tried to choose someone else over me,” Taehyung says, betrayal shown on his face. And Yoongi doesn’t understand.
Why does he look so betrayed when Yoongi should be the one who’s mad right now? “I f/ucking love you, Yoongi. Don’t take my feelings for granted.” “What the f/uck are you talking about? Taehyung-”
“Who is it?” Taehyung asks, stepping forward and making Yoongi step back out of fear. His heart is thumping loudly inside his chest right now. He’s so scared. He’s so f/ucking scared. What the hell is wrong with Taehyung? “Taehyung, stop this. You’re scaring-”
“Who the f/uck is it? Who are you cheating on me with?” he continues to ask, voice getting scarier and scarier through every word. Yoongi wants to cry. He’s so scared and confused. “I-I’m not cheating on you. Why are you accusing me of that? I didn’t do anything-”
“Yes, you are. If you really loved me then you would’ve said yes. You would’ve wanted to be with me too. I should’ve taken you far away from here a long time ago. I should’ve locked you up so no one would ever take you away from me.
I should’ve f/ucking done something so you would never think of rejecting me like this. I f/ucking love you, Yoongi. I did everything to finally have you and keep you happy. You’re being so f/ucking unfair to me.”
“Taehyung, I don’t understand what’s happening. What is wrong with you? I told you that I’m not cheating on you. Why won’t you listen to me?” “Then marry me,” Taehyung forcefully says, eyes burning with both determination and anger.
“Marry me and come with me. Let’s leave this place so it will only ever be the two of us and no one else. That way, I will never fear losing you again.” “No,” Yoongi answers, sticking to his decision.
“We can get married in the future or something. Not now. I said I don’t want to marry you right now-” “So that’s how it is.” Taehyung’s voice is suddenly calm. He looks so conflicted even as he releases his grip on Yoongi’s wrist which is pulsing with pain right now.
Taehyung runs his hand through his hair as he steps back away from Yoongi. “I need to cool my head. I don’t want to hurt you.” Yoongi nods. That might be the best option. “Yeah, I’ll go out for now-”
“No,” Taehyung immediately argues, giving Yoongi a pointed glare which makes him flinch with fear. “You’re staying here. You’re not f/ucking leaving.”
Yoongi didn’t have the time to react to that as Taehyung walks away from him and towards the door, pulling it open and closing it behind him soon after without even giving Yoongi another glance.
Yoongi runs after him, tugging harshly on the door only to freeze as he notices that the door wouldn’t budge. “What the hell?” he mutters to himself, using more force but it still wouldn’t open no matter how much he tries.
Panic starts to build up inside his chest. He remembers now. He never opens the door whenever they leave together or come back home. It’s always Taehyung. Taehyung always opens the door for him. He never knew how the lock works.
“Taehyung!” he yells, panic obvious in his voice. He hits the door with his fist while still trying to open it desperately with his other hand. “Taehyung! Open this door! Let me out!” Tears start to roll down his cheeks as realization dawns upon him. He’s trapped in here.
Taehyung is sick. There’s something wrong with him. What normal person would do this to the person they claim to love? “Taehyung! Please! Let me go!” He presses his forehead against the door as no answer came.
Right. That must be why Taehyung’s apartment is always a lot quieter compared to Yoongi’s previous one. No sound comes in and out of here. Taehyung did this on purpose. Taehyung played so f/ucking safely and he did it perfectly. Why didn’t Yoongi notice anything?
Why did he fool himself into thinking that it’s okay to rely on Taehyung for everything? And now he’s here. This is the consequence for everything he did. It hurts so much. He really does love Taehyung.
He would choose Taehyung over anyone else because that’s how much he loves him. But why is Taehyung doing this? Why is he doing this now that Yoongi loves him too much already?
Yoongi sniffles as he tries to stand straight back up on his feet, rushing towards the windows only to cry even more as he notices that they’re all locked as well.
He pushes himself back to the bedroom, planning to just sleep and hopefully wake up from this nightmare, but all of his tiredness disappeared as he sees his phone on the nightstand. He can call someone for help. He has a chance. He can get out of here.
04:23 tw // mentions of suicide
04:32 Yoongi didn’t do as what Taehyung wanted. He didn’t sleep when his phone suddenly died out of nowhere. He couldn’t. How the hell does Taehyung even expect him to sleep right now when he’s so f/ucking scared of what will happen the moment he wakes up?
Instead, he just curls up on the couch, facing the door and anxiously waiting for Taehyung to come back. He said that he’s coming home soon, and while Yoongi is still scared of what will happen once Taehyung is finally here,
it’s still much better so he wouldn’t end up hurting innocent people outside again. As if on cue, the door creaks open, and when Yoongi looks up, he immediately meets Taehyung’s gaze.
Taehyung gives him a gentle smile which would usually make his heart leap, but he couldn’t feel anything else but fear right now. His wrist is still burning, and there’s an ugly bruise forming on the spot Taehyung’s touched earlier. He’s so f/ucking scared.
Just what more is Taehyung capable of? Yoongi’s eyes dart towards the visible hallway behind Taehyung, and he didn’t even think about it before darting up on his feet and running towards the open door. He can escape. He doesn’t have any more chances. He has to take this.
But of course, nothing ever goes his way because Taehyung immediately shuts the door close as soon as he notices what Yoongi plans on doing. Yoongi reaches the door with a cry, desperately trying to pull it open but failing miserably.
Taehyung wraps his arm around Yoongi’s middle and pulls him away from the door and into the bedroom. “T-Taehyung,” Yoongi cries, punching Taehyung’s arm around him in an attempt to make him let go. “Please just let me go. I-I’m so scared. Why are you doing this?”
Taehyung sighs as he places Yoongi gently down on the bed, cornering him against the headboard to make sure that he wouldn’t escape. Taehyung isn’t smiling now. Yoongi shivers.
“I told you to not do anything to piss me off again, Yoongi,” he says, hand reaching forward to cup Yoongi’s cheek. He leans in to press his lips against Yoongi’s in a brief kiss. Yoongi’s lips tremble. He’s so scared.
He notices a few dark stains on Taehyung’s black shirt and he doesn’t even have to ask to know what that is. And he doesn’t want to hear that confirmation.
Taehyung readjusts their position so they’re lying down on the bed with him facing Yoongi. He opens his arms to invite Yoongi in, offering him a sweet smile. It’s almost like nothing was wrong. Here he is, asking Yoongi to cuddle as if they’re a normal couple.
Nothing’s normal about them. Not anymore. But Yoongi just wipes his tears and obeys to what Taehyung wants. He lies down next to Taehyung, wrapped up tightly in his arms. Taehyung hums as he pulls Yoongi against him as close as possible.
Yoongi could smell an iron-like scent from Taehyung. It makes him want to cry. He’s so scared. “Why are you shaking, baby? I would never hurt you,” Taehyung soothingly says, pressing a kiss on top of Yoongi’s head.
Yoongi is finding it hard to believe those words. “Have you thought about it?” “A-about what?” Yoongi asks, voice small. Taehyung’s warmth against him isn’t comforting anymore. He wants to crawl out of his skin. He feels so horrible. “About my proposal.”
Yoongi knows what Taehyung wants to hear. Yoongi knows what he should say. But he can’t say it. He can’t bring himself to say it. With one answer, he would be chaining himself to Taehyung forever.
And while he loves Taehyung so much (so damn much, he loves Taehyung so f/ucking much and it hurts him to feel so torn with wanting Taehyung to be happy and wanting to be free), he can’t let go of the only thing making him feel like he’s free.
One answer and he’s trapped. Yoongi couldn’t bring himself to say it. Taehyung could probably feel his hesitation and it seems like he didn’t particularly like it. His hold around Yoongi tightens, and Yoongi squirms at the discomfort.
“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Taehyung asks, sounding hurt. Yoongi doesn’t understand. Why is Taehyung the one acting hurt right now? “I love you so much and you can’t even give me this. All I want is to be with you forever and you don’t want that.
Why are you hurting me so much, Yoongi? Can’t you see just how much I love you?” Yoongi hates himself for being so weak. He should be mad at Taehyung right now. He shouldn’t even have allowed Taehyung to touch him, but it hurts him so much to know that Taehyung is hurting.
Even after all of this, he still loves Taehyung. He can’t just turn a switch off and suddenly stop loving him. He wants to but he can’t. He still loves Taehyung so much. “I know that you love me, Taehyung.” He knows.
He knows perfectly well by now just how much Taehyung loves him. “A-and I love you too. It just- it scares me that you’re hurting so many people.” “I did all of that for you. I had to do it so no one would ever take you away from me ever again.”
Yoongi shuts his eyes close. There’s a ringing in his ears. He feels light-headed. Taehyung really did hurt a lot of people for him. It was just a hunch. He thought about it a lot while Taehyung was gone,
and he remembers how so many people close to him suddenly disappeared in the past and Taehyung was always there to comfort him, saying that Yoongi didn’t need them anyway because he only needs Taehyung.
Yoongi realizes that that must have meant something. And he got the confirmation now. Taehyung did hurt a lot of people because of Yoongi. And Yoongi feels so f/ucking guilty. All of those people. All of those lives.
They all disappeared because of him. They all suffered because of him. Yoongi sobs against Taehyung’s chest. What more is Taehyung capable of doing? Will he hurt their friends too? Yoongi wouldn’t be able to live with that guilt. He could imagine it and it makes him feel sick.
His best friends crying and hurting and blaming him for getting hurt. Yoongi feels sick. He wouldn’t be able to live with the knowledge that it was all his fault. Taehyung did all of this because of him. “Don’t cry,” Taehyung whispers.
“I know what you’re thinking. You’re afraid that I would hurt the others too, right? Hoseok? You’re afraid that I will hurt Hoseok?” Yoongi’s eyes snap open at the mention. Hoseok was being particularly pushy about the subject earlier. Did he piss Taehyung off?
Is Taehyung mad at Hoseok? “N-no,” Yoongi chokes out, fingers clenching Taehyung’s shirt. He looks up to meet Taehyung’s gaze, desperate eyes pleading for Taehyung to not do anything.
“N-not Hoseok. Not them. Please, T-Taehyung, don’t hurt any of them,” he begs and begs, crying and sobbing and tripping over his words. His head hurts. His eyes are swollen. His throat is burning. His wrist is aching. He’s completely rigid under Taehyung’s touch.
He’s so scared. He’s so f/ucking scared. Taehyung smiles, fingers gently pushing the loose strands of Yoongi’s hair away from his face which is drenched with tears. “I won’t,” he answers as he wipes away Yoongi’s tears with his thumb.
It’s useless though, because Yoongi still wouldn’t stop crying. “I won’t hurt them. Just say yes, Yoongi. Marry me. Come with me.” Yoongi sobs, eyes closed as he nods. He looks so miserable. He looks like he has given up on everything. He looks so scared.
But Taehyung is so happy. He’s elated. Because finally, he finally has all of Yoongi. He grins and grabs the box from the nightstand, rushing to open it, and pulling the ring out of its place before taking Yoongi’s shaking hand in his.
The smile didn’t disappear as he slides the ring on Yoongi’s ring finger, sighing in relief and satisfaction once it’s finally settled there. It looks so beautiful on Yoongi. “I love you so much, Yoongi. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. We would be so happy.”
Taehyung’s voice is filled with so much happiness. Yoongi’s hand feels so heavy with the ring leaving a strange feeling around his finger. He takes in a shaky breath and shifts closer to Taehyung’s embrace, closing his eyes and slowly letting it all sink in.
“I love you too, Taehyung,” he replies. And he hates himself because it still wasn’t a lie. He still loves Taehyung.
04:59 The new house is very beautiful – it’s something even Yoongi can’t deny. It’s big, with a spacious living room, a fully stocked kitchen, a small dining room just for the two of them, and one bedroom paired with one bathroom.
Everything comes in pairs, the toothbrushes on the sink, the plates, the glasses, the cups – everything. It was like Taehyung had this made just for the two of them. The whole house was planned for the two of them and no one else. Just how long was Taehyung planning this?
It would’ve made Yoongi feel special and happy if he didn’t know that Taehyung had this made with the plan of isolating him. He got used to it fairly well. It’s not that different from before, when he used to stay with Taehyung inside his apartment.
He wakes up in the morning to prepare breakfast for them because Taehyung usually leaves early to take care of things that Yoongi has no idea about- he never bothered to ask. It would be better to remain ignorant.
"Almost done?” Taehyung would whisper as he hugs Yoongi from behind while he’s making breakfast. He would press his body close to Yoongi’s back and provide him warmth and affection.
Yoongi couldn’t deny that he still loves having Taehyung close despite knowing about everything he has done. Yoongi doesn’t like being alone so he craves for Taehyung’s warmth every day. It’s the only warmth he could get forever.
“Yeah,” he’d answer before tilting his head to the side and accepting Taehyung’s kiss. He’d smile and hum to himself as Taehyung continues to hold onto him as he finishes making their breakfast.
They’d eat together every day, and sometimes, Taehyung would even insist having Yoongi sit on his lap while they eat, with his chin hooked over Yoongi’s shoulder in desperation to feel him closer.
Taehyung grows clingier and clingier each day, and while Yoongi should probably fear it, it just reassures him because at least he knows that Taehyung loves him. At least he knows that Taehyung would never leave. At least he knows that he would never be alone.
He doesn’t want to be alone. He hates being alone. Taehyung likes to kiss the ring on his finger and he never fails to do so every night, just as they’re about to fall asleep.
Taehyung would take his hand and press his lips on the ring, and Yoongi would feel how it grows heavier and heavier on his finger. “I can’t wait for us to get married. You’ll be completely mine, Yoongi. No one will ever take you away from me by then.”
The words seem awfully familiar, and Yoongi honestly had suspicions lately but he never had the guts to ask Taehyung. His words sound exactly like those of the man who used to stalk Yoongi and message him creepy things. And it all matches up.
The man’s desire to isolate him and have him by his side forever matches up to Taehyung’s words. The access to his apartment room despite the building having high security – Taehyung’s family owns the apartment complex so he can have access to any room if he wants to.
The eerily calm nature Taehyung had back when they were still dealing with the stalker. The Taehyung Yoongi knew used to get mad at everyone who would inconvenience Yoongi in any way. He wouldn’t hesitate to start fights with anyone who would even leave a frown on Yoongi’s face.
But back then, as he holds Yoongi close while Yoongi is crying and begging for the stalker to leave him alone, when his apartment was destroyed, when his friends’ lives were threatened, Taehyung was awfully calm. Why didn’t Yoongi notice it back then?
But Yoongi can’t ask. Taehyung would surely get mad. And he doesn’t want that confirmation. He doesn’t want to hate himself more for still loving Taehyung after everything he had done.
“We’re getting married soon?” Yoongi asks softly, warm eyes meeting Taehyung’s. Taehyung smiles and leans in to press his lips on Yoongi’s forehead. “Yeah, that’s what I was working on while I was gone every day.
I wanted to give you the most beautiful wedding because you deserve everything, Yoongi. You deserve all of the beautiful things in the world. I’ll take care of everything, okay? All you have to do is be happy here with me.”
Yoongi nods. Taehyung always says all the sweetest words, and at times like this, Yoongi could almost forget the horrible things he has done. “Will the others come? I want to see our parents and friends on our wedding.”
“Of course, baby. I’ll prepare for their flights too if you want. But we’ll have a private wedding with just them and us, okay? We don’t have anyone else to invite anyway. And I don’t want other people to see how beautiful you are. That’s reserved only for me.”
“Okay,” Yoongi replies, offering Taehyung a genuine smile. He can settle with that. At least he can see his friends. “We’ll have your last name changed to mine too right after the wedding. You just have to sign a few things and you’ll be a Kim. That would be amazing, right?”
Yoongi feels a lump lodged inside of his throat. His heart feels heavy. Taehyung wants to take his last name away too? Yoongi would truly lose himself. He wouldn’t be Min Yoongi anymore. He would just be Taehyung’s. “Yeah,” he answers, burying his face on Taehyung’s chest.
“That would be great.” Taehyung’s hold around him tightens, and Yoongi feels like he’s caged inside Taehyung’s arms. His heart feels heavy. His hand feels heavy. “I love you, Yoongi.”
And it hurts so badly because he still can’t hate Taehyung. After all this time, no matter how much he tries to wake himself up and lose everything he feels for Taehyung, he couldn’t. Taehyung is the only one he has left. He can’t even leave the house without Taehyung.
He can’t call anyone for help because his phone can’t reach anyone but his friends, and he knows that they can’t do anything to help him either, in fear of getting hurt.
He can’t speak the language in this country so he can’t do anything even if he manages to escape this house by some miracle. And even if he runs away, Taehyung will find him. Taehyung will get him. He has no one else but Taehyung. He doesn’t want to be alone.
“I love you too, Taehyung,” he answers, and Taehyung hums in satisfaction, pressing another kiss on top of his head. It’s fine like this, Yoongi tells himself.
Taehyung loves him. Taehyung is the only one he has left. He’ll be fine as long as Taehyung is here. He’s fine. He has Taehyung. Forever. And that has to be enough.
※ end of second ending
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kay 🍊 yoonjin au

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kay 🍊 yoonjin au

kay 🍊 yoonjin au

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