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ℹ️ Not The Torygraph 💙 #SaveOurNHS #ScrapNHSBill


Nov 20, 2020

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Nick Cohen


Nov 18 20View on Twitter

To put it mildy, it's best to do some research before screaming "smear'

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To put it mildly - I DID DO the research NOT A SMEAR YOU SAY? Exhibit A @Helen Lewis used right wing antisemitism to embellish a story about Labour. Does that help Jewish people or did it scare them to make them believe this was a Labour's issue?…

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ℹ️ Not The Torygraph 💙 #SaveOurNHS #ScrapNHSBill


⚕️Against the Outsourcing and Asset Stripping of Public Services ⚕️#FBNHS 😊 THREADS LINKED HERE ▶…

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