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Dec 8, 2020
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#taekookau “Let me get this're from the future where we hate each other, and you're trying to stop that from happening because you're in love with me?" “Yes” Jungkook says simply with a nod, as if this isn’t the craziest thing Taehyung has ever heard.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” “Maybe because you’re being ridiculous” “What? You asked me” “I asked you to tell me the truth, not whatever bullshit this is” Jungkook rolls his eyes. “This isn’t bullshit, it’s the truth!”
Taehyung chuckles in disbelief. Jungkook has always like to play jokes on people for laughs, but if he thinks he’s falling for this one, he’s out of his mind. He’s known Jungkook for a long time, longer than people would think.
He remembers the day they met in primary school so clearly. He saw Jungkook crying on the playground because someone made fun of his bunny socks, and despite never meeting Jungkook before that day, he quickly learned that he didn’t like to see him cry.
So he punched the bully right in the face. He got in a lot of trouble with both his teachers and his parents, but he gained a new best friend, so he didn’t mind it.
They went to a rich private school with uniforms and bratty children who got everything handed to them with a silver spoon. And Taehyung wasn’t any better. His parents were popular lawyers in South Korea and earned a lot of money that made them more than just comfortable.
What Taehyung wanted, he most likely got. If he wanted a swing set in the backyard, he was swinging on it the next day. If he wanted the newest PlayStation, he got the newest PlayStation. If he wanted a dog for Christmas, it was under the tree barking at him.
His parents never said no. The only thing he didn’t get but wanted the most, was his parent’s time. Being the best lawyers in the country meant a lot of money was coming in, but it also meant more and more time away from their son.
He barely saw them around the house, and birthdays and holidays were always a letdown when they didn’t go through with their promises. He was mostly raised by his nanny, and when he turned eleven years old, he went to live with his grandmother for a few years in Daegu.
He thinks living with her and working on the farm most of the time knocked him down a few pegs, and when he got back home, he wasn’t the spoilt brat he uses to be. But staying with his grandma meant leaving Jungkook.
Jungkook also had rich parents, CEOs of a big gaming company, that didn’t give him the time of day, and all they really had was each other. They used to hang out at each other’s houses and play video games...
Or just talk about how both of their parents are more focused on their work than their own flesh and blood. Jungkook was his everything, and Taehyug was his. So when he left to live with his grandma for a few years, neither of them was excited about leaving the other.
It felt like he was leaving a part of him in Seoul when he got on that plane, but he tried his best to keep in contact. His grandma even helped him mail letters and they called each other every weekend, but then they would forget to call or mail their letter once...
And soon they kept forgetting until there were no phone calls or letters to look forward to. It was upsetting of course, but Taehyung had no doubt that when he got back home, they would go back to how they used to be. He was wrong.
When he moved back to Seoul and empty houses in the first year of high school, Jungkook was different. Not only did he get taller and more built as if he spent his mornings in the gym, but the natural dynamic they had that made conversation flow right out with ease...
Or the comfortable air that always surrounded them was suddenly gone. Yes, he was gone for a few years, but he didn’t think they would change so drastically. Before he left, Jungkook was shy and like to play video games with him in the comfort of their bedrooms...
And now he’s popular with red hair and the caption of the football team. Taehyung almost had whiplash from how different he is. Their friendship changed the most though. They didn’t hang out like they used to, and just stopped the awkward conversations they tried to keep going.
Sometimes though, when he sees him hanging out with the football team at lunch, he can’t stop the smile from forming when he recognizes the little things that haven’t changed. He’s still goofy and can make anyone laugh.
He still scrunches up his nose when he shows off his bunny-like smile. He still likes to sing and his voice is still just as beautiful as the last thing he heard it.
He still has those naturally pink lips, and those big doe eyes, and the little scar on his left cheek he got from climbing the tree in his backyard. He finds comfort in knowing that deep down, he’s still his shy best friend.
Even though they weren’t as close as they used to be, he still treasured those exchanges they had when they passed each other in the halls, or that time when Jungkook texted him when he was sick and stayed home. He just started to get used to how things were now.
But then this weekend came and things took a turn. There was a sudden snowstorm and him, along with his whole grade, got trapped in the school library for the weekend. He wasn’t happy about it.
His parents were going to be on another business trip and he was planning to take full advantage of having the house to himself, but he’s /here/ instead. Being stuck in the library with his whole grade got boring pretty fast...
And Taehyung was praying that the storm would end soon so they could all just go home, but then to his surprise, Jungkook came over to him. Jungkook usually sits with the football team — with Jimin, Hoseok, Seokjin, Namjoon, and Yoongi.
So he instantly crocked a brow up when he walked right up to his little corner that he planned to stay in for the whole weekend. Taehyung could instantly tell something was different with him. He was acting weird, really weird, and he couldn’t put his finger on why.
The awkward atmosphere that always seemed to hover over them whenever they talked was gone. He kept finishing his sentences for him, somehow knowing exactly what he was going to say.
He was also more affectionate, looking at him with this glint in his eye that he’s never seen before, but secretly hoped would never go away. He didn’t know what was happening, but they spend the whole weekend together and Taehyung loved every second of it.
Despite being stuck in the library for three days, it didn’t feel like it with Jungkook. He made it fun and exciting and he doesn’t think he’s laughed so much. It felt like they were friends again and he couldn’t be happier about it.
And maybe his heart started hammering against the inside of his chest whenever they touched, and maybe something went warm in the base of his stomach whenever he smiled at him, and maybe a blush crept up his neck whenever he got too close.
But he tried his best to ignore all that and just pray that this isn’t a one-time thing. Then he asked him what was up with the sudden change, and his answer is why his lips are pressed in a hard line. “How can you possibly expect me to believe that?”
“I know how it sounds” Jungkook starts, his eyes pleading for him to believe his words. “But it’s true. I can’t really explain how because honestly I don’t even know, but I woke up and I was eight years into the past”
Taehyung just listens, but with a single brow raised up and his arms crossed, unconvinced. “But I think I’ve been put here for a reason” “Oh yeah?” Taehyung lets out a mild chuckle. “And what’s that?” “To make you fall in love with me”
Taehyung makes an odd little noise that’s half a laugh and half a scoff, hiding the fact that his heart just did a thousand leaps in his stomach. “Is this a joke or something? Did you and your little football friends come up with this?”
“No, this isn’t a joke” He deadpans. The tone in his voice sounds so serious, he almost believes it. “This is what was supposed to happen: this whole weekend we would’ve ignored each other, but then you would’ve come up to me to talk and I would’ve totally brushed you off...”
“Even embarrassed you with something you told me when we were younger. Then we would’ve started fighting in front of everyone, saying terrible things that we don’t mean, and then we’ll hate each other. We would graduate, go to college, build a family of our own...”
“But we would have never made up” Jungkook scoots closer, the closeness causing a giddy feeling to rush through Taehyung in waves. “We wouldn’t be in each other's lives because we would’ve been too busy trying to hide that we like each other...”
“But I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen” “I-I don’t know what to say. I still don’t think I believe you” Taehyung eventually replies. “Okay, I’ll prove it” Jungkook suddenly reaches for his left arm in one quick movement...
And before Taehyung’s brain could even process what’s going on, the younger has his sleeves pushed up to reveal his tattoos that’s been hiding under the fabric. “Die with memories, not dreams” He says, reading the quote tattooed on his forearm.
“You like to race and go to underground street races, but you hide it from your parents because you know they wouldn’t approve of you becoming a race car driver. You got this tattoo to remind yourself to keep fighting to make your dream a reality” “How did you-”
“You also have a tattoo with another quote on your right arm that represents your life at home, you have a small birth flower on your wrist, and a spiral intertwining on your lower back. You told me in the future when we saw each other in the bar”
Taehyung stares at him with wide eyes and red cheeks. He has never told anyone about his tattoos, let alone what they mean. How could Jungkook possibly know that? Unless he’s right. Unless he’s really from the future. Taehyung eyes grow even bigger.
“Believe me now?” “Um…I-I don’t know” “I know it’s a lot” Taehyung uses the silence between them to think. Does he really believe him? How else would he have known about the tattoos and the racing?
Taehyung has always loved cars and the way they work, he’s never been able to explain why, but he’s just fascinated with them. Then he found out about street racing and he went behind his parent's back (not that they would notice) and signed up.
He won his first race, then the second, and then third, not the fourth, but he did the fifth, and he slowly realized what he was meant to do in this world. Racing became his passion. Racing became his life.
But he made sure not to tell anyone about it, especially his parents. They wouldn’t understand, and he knows his parents want him to take over the firm one day, so if they ever heard about it they’ll make him give it up.
And racing is the only thing in this world that stops him from throwing himself off a cliff. “I’m sorry” Jungkook’s voice pulls him out of his thoughts. “Huh?” “The fight that technically hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sorry for it anyway...”
“I was angry that you left me alone when you went to your grandma, and I know it wasn’t your fault, but it still sucked. You were my only friend, the only person who understood me, and I didn’t want you to go. But you left, and I felt like I was being thrown to the wolves”
“Jungkook I-” “Please...let me finish. I’ve been wanting to say this to you for years” Taehyung wants to protest, to ask his questions anyway, but the look in Jungkook’s eyes makes him realize how bad he needs to say this. So he lets him finish.
“I was mad at you for leaving. I joined the football team and I got all these new friends, but no one felt like you, and I realized that I liked more than a friend” Taehyung thinks he stopped breathing.
“I think I’ve always known, but I was just scared to admit it. Then you came back and I distance myself from you to get those feelings to go away, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you and I swear you got even more beautiful than the last time I saw you”
Taehyung’s heart is in his ass at this point and he can feel his face growing hot. Is this really happening? Is he really saying everything he’s always wanted to hear? He looks down to escape his intense stare.
“That night, or today, I picked that fight with you because I got defensive and I said things I didn’t really mean. I lost the one person who’s ever made me feel like I mattered and was important, and I’ve been craving that ever since I was a kid”
“I hated myself for messing it up, so when I woke up this morning, in the past and with a second chance, I knew I was going to use it because I- can you look at me while I confess, after that you can look anywhere you like” A smile sneaks up on Taehyung’s face...
And he slowly looks up to see Jungkook looking at him with so much earnestness and affection, it fills Taehyung’s stomach with warmness. Jungkook reaches forward to take his hand in his, his smile causing mini somersaults in his stomach.
“I love you Kim Taehyung, always have and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop” Taehyung can’t believe this is happening. The love he’s had for the younger, but always hid deep down, starts rising to the surface and swirling inside him.
All the memories start rushing back, of him being there when he needed him the most, of all those weekends they would spend hanging out and playing video games, and when his parents forgot his birthday but Jungkook was right there to celebrate with him.
He can’t believe he’s only figuring this out now, but it’s Jungkook. It’s always been Jungkook. “I...I love you too you idiot” Jungkook laughs, no he giggles, and it pulls at Taehyung’s heartstrings. He can’t help but laugh too.
Taehyung continues, needing to get this off his chest. “You’re the only person I’ve ever wanted to spend the rest of my life with” The smile that takes over Jungkook’s face is so wide, it creates little wrinkles under his eyes, and Taehyung laughs again at how cute he is.
They sit there for a while, just staring at each other with their hands linked, forgetting about everyone around them looking and whispering. It feels like it’s just them in the room, in their own little world, and after a while he can’t take it anymore.
He needs to kiss him. He wants to kiss him. He wants to know if those pink inviting lips he’s been guilty of staring at longingly on multiple occasions will feel as soft as they look. Taehyung leans forward slowly, his eyes flickering from his lips to his eyes...
And Jungkook gets the hint and leans in as well. They stop when they're only inches away from each other. They’re so close he can feel the younger's breath brush against his lips. It’ll only take one movement to finally connect their lips together, but he hesitates.
Insecurities and doubts invade his brain causing nervous energy to fill him instantly. He almost reels back, second-guessing everything, but then Jungkook speaks up. “Tae?” He swallows. “Y-Yeah” “Don’t hesitate...just kiss me”
Taehyung blushes and he watches Jungkook flash him that familiar smile. It must work wonders, because soon his nerves are gone and he’s leaning forward to place his lips on Jungkook’s tender ones, his eyes fluttering close.
Their lips meet with hesitance on his part and impatience on Jungkook’s, and it makes him smile slightly against his lips. He’s thought about this moment more often than he’d like to admit, but nothing can compare to the real thing.
To the electricity that flows inside him or how the world seems to fall away around them as their lips move in unison. The kiss was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be, and Taehyung couldn’t help but tilt his head to kiss him deeper...
Unable to stop the small moan from escaping him. Soon Jungkook's hands are weaving through his silver dyed hair, tugging lightly which only makes the kiss start to heat up.
Soon Jungkook is kissing him with so much passion and desire, as if he’s trying to make up for lost time, and /god/ he wants this to never end. Taehyung presses harder, his mind fogged with Jungkook and wanting to just feel him everywhere...
But the sound of someone clearing their throat startles them both into breaking apart. “You do know the whole grade can see you right?” “Shut up Yoongi” “I’m just saying, some of us are single and don’t appreciate it” The football player says with a frown.
Jungkook rolls his eyes but lets out a chuckle. “Fuck off Yoongi and let me make out with my boyfriend” “Boyfriend?” Both Yoongi and Taehyung ask with wide eyes. Jungkook just nods, looking back at him. “Yup, boyfriend. If you want of course?”
Taehyung’s mouth pops open, eyes widening as he looks at Jungkook, and there’s not one sign that he’s joking or anything. In fact, this is the most serious he thinks he’s ever seen him. He smiles, no doubt in his mind that this will be the best decision he’ll ever make.
He can feel it deep in his gut, sees it in the way Jungkook stares back at him. "Yes, boyfriend” “Okay, I’m out” Yoongi scoffed, Taehyung jumping a little at his voice, forgetting he was there.
Once he’s walked away and back to where the rest of the football players are, Jungkook leans in. “Guess what?” Taehyung grins. “What?” “Yoongi and Jimin get married in the future”
Taehyung furrows his eyebrows and looks over just in time to see Jimin hit Yoongi in the arm from something he said. “But they hate each other” Jungkook just raises his eyebrows in response and he laughs quietly before looking back at the guys.
“What about Namjoon and Seokjin? They’ve been dating forever” “Oh yeah, they adopt a kid by the time Yoongi and Jimin get married” “And Hoseok?” They both look at the boy who’s throwing his head back with a laugh, his heart-shaped smile almost lighting up the room.
“He finds a nice girl, but they’re not married yet because he goes on tour” “Tour?” “Yeah he because a dancer, like a really famous one” Taehyung hums. That’s fitting. He’s only seen him dance once, but that one time was enough to know he has pure talent.
He shakes his head, not believing that he’s really talking to Jungkook from the future. “What do I look like in the future?” He asks and Jungkook just smiles, leaning forward to peek his lips before tucking a piece of hair behind his ear.
“You’re still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen” Taehyung changes his mind. Racing and Jeon Jungkook are the only two things in this world that could stop him from throwing himself off a cliff. — END.
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