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Dec 13, 2020
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yoonkook au yoongi will never admit that the best sex of his life was with a hookup 7 years younger than him. &he never thought he'd bump into jungkook again –much less on his first day as a substitute teacher but there he was, in the front row, with a devilish smile on his lips

❥ this is my first ynkk!!😭🤚🏽 pls be nice :( ❥ professor myg, student jjk ❥ thread fic; no social media ❥ age gap (8 years) ❥ nsfw 🍆💦 minors dni ❥ pls interact by qrting the tweets ;-; it keeps me going lol ❥ thats all uwu pls enjoy!
The guy next to him stirs as Yoongi tries to leave the bed. He freezes, waiting for another reaction out of him, but nothing comes; he’s asleep, his naked body covered by a thin sheet, skin glowing under the moonlight. He’s fucking gorgeous.
Yoongi never thought he’d get lucky that night, but there he is, about to leave a stranger’s room at three in the morning. He doesn’t want to, honestly. Jungkook is really fucking hot, hard muscles everywhere, arms and chest covered in intricate tattoos.
And his face - most handsome guy he’s met in months. Wild hair falling over his features, pouty lips moving slightly as he dreams about god knows what. Yoongi kinda wishes he wasn’t that young... eight years. He feels a little dirty when he thinks about it.
Taking a deep breath, Yoongi leaves the bed and starts searching for his clothes. He finds his underwear and jeans in the bedroom, but his jacket and shirt are probably in the living room, where they started the whole thing. Like fucking teenagers. Yoongi must be crazy.
For a second, Yoongi considers leaving his phone number; it might be fun to meet again, although his shame doesn’t let him write down the numbers. He just scribbles “i had fun” and his initials on a napkin, and leaves it in the nightstand. That should be enough.
Hoseok would laugh at him; he definitely will when he tells him that he let a 20 year old fuck his brains out for hours, gave him three orgasms and cuddled him afterwards. Just the sound of it is embarrassing, making Yoongi blush as he retrieves his wallet and keys.
He forces himself to stop thinking about it - the way Jungkook took him apart with his fingers and his mouth, the way he fucked him slow and steady, only to break him in half when Yoongi begged him to. Oh, yeah - he begged. Unabashedly. On his hands and knees.
Yoongi shakes his head and laughs; he must’ve been crazy for letting Jungkook do all those things to him. He might regret it later, but now, satisfied, throughly fucked and stress free, he sighs and makes his way to the front door. Someone else opens it from the outside.
The newcomer stops dead when he meets Yoongi, hand still wrapped around the doorknob. He’s young and small, with fluffy pink hair and pretty lips. He’s cute, although not exactly Yoongi’s type. Must be the roommate Jungkook told him about.
Yoongi didn’t want anyone to see him as he did his walk of shame; this is what happens when you defy the Universe laws, apparently. “Good evening”, the guy says in a cheeky whisper. “Leaving already?” Yoongi clears his throat. “Um, yeah”. “Does Kookie know?”
It takes Yoongi a few seconds to realize he’s talking about Jungkook. The nickname is cute, just like him. It suits him. “No, he doesn’t”, Yoongi replies as quietly as possible. “He’s asleep”. The guy shakes his head with a devilish smile on his lips. “Oh, you’re mean, dude”.
Yoongi knows, okay? He knows it’s a shitty move, but he can’t spend the night here - an apartment shared by college students that’d probably make fun of Yoongi as soon as he left. He has some dignity, okay? Last night he didn’t, but now he does. End of the discussion.
“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would see me”, he replies. “I left a note?” “Why are you asking me that?” the guy laughs. “It’s okay, dude. I mean, it will be in your conscience and whatever - but it’s okay”. Ah, yes. This will haunt Yoongi for years, maybe.
“Probably, yeah”, he concedes. “But I really can’t stay”. The guy shrugs, taking his shoes off as he steps into the apartment. He leaves the door open. “It’s cool - I can see why Kookie brought you, by the way. You’re totally his type”. “And what’s that?”
The roommate pretends to zip his lips. “Won’t tell you, since you’re leaving my poor Kookie all cold and alone...” Yoongi huffs. “Well, don’t tell me then. Do whatever you want”. The other giggles. “Cute and feisty, just the way he likes his boys... anyways. Have a good night”.
“Um, you too, I guess”, Yoongi says as he puts his shoes on. “You are gonna tell him, aren’t you?” “Yeah, sorry. Bro code”. ‘Bro code’. Jesus. A college student fucked him. He wants to die. “I figured. Tell him I’m sorry”. “But are you really?”
Yoongi is sorry about leaving like that; he wasn’t apologetic about the things Jungkook did to him. His dignity might be tarnished, but his ass had the time of its life. “I am... really”, he admits. “He said he wanted to cook me breakfast in the morning”.
He doesn’t know why he reveals this information; He’s tired and sore and he craves for a shower and his bed. “Oh, that’s- wow, dude. He promised you breakfast? You must’ve sucked his dick pretty damn well”. Yoongi blushes. “Um, I don’t know about that”, but he’s lying.
He let Jungkook use his mouth; he made him choke and gag on his cock until he was a drooling mess. He painted his face white and pushed the cum past his lips - he did ungodly things to Yoongi, strong and possessive, downright sinful. He shudders as he remembers them.
“Your loss, then”, the guy shrugs. “Off you go. I hope you keep on limping for a whole week”. Yoongi hopes that as well. “Thank you for the good wishes”, he deadpans. “I hope Jungkook never cooks you breakfast”. “You’re mean, mean, wow”.
Yoongi smirks at him. “See you”. “Bye”, the guy says. “Drive safely”. Yoongi waits until he’s outside to take a deep, calming breath. It’s so fucking late - getting a cab is going to be a pain in the ass. He spots Jungkook’s bike parked out front.
When Jungkook told him they’d be riding that thing, Yoongi whined and refused for a while. But then Jungkook cupped his face and kissed him so sweetly, in the middle of the street, and assured him that “everything is gonna be okay, hyung. I’ll keep you safe, don’t worry”.
Yoongi’s heart flutters at the memory. He did feel safe, pressed against Jungkook’s back, with his arms around his tiny yet firm waist. He even gave Yoongi a helmet and placed it over his head, smiling like a damn cartoon bunny. God, what’s wrong with Yoongi?
He’s 28 years old, he shouldn’t be thinking about this, about a guy that rearranged his guts for almost two hours. He needs to pull his shit together, leave and move on. It’s not like he’s ever gonna see him again, right? Right?
When Yoongi finally hops into a cab, he avoids small talk with the driver. “Rough night? You look tired, sir”, he says nonchalantly, making Yoongi groan in embarrassment. He had the best night of his life with a college student. A frat boy with a weird obsession with black.
A guy with long hair pulled up into a bun, with tatted arms and knuckles, with a pierced nose, pierced ears, eyeliner and glossy lips. Yoongi wonders how the hell he managed to catch Jungkook’s attention. What lured him in?
What made Jungkook approach him, when there were hundreds of people dancing obscenely in that club? Yoongi was just having a drink at the bar, not even thinking about getting dicked down by some random stranger.
After showering and changing into his pjs, Yoongi flops in bed and stares at the ceiling. His muscles are starting to complain; Jungkook did push his limits, spreading him open, pressing him against the mattress, keeping his head down as he fucked him from behind.
His dick twitches against Yoongi’s will, but he decides he’s not gonna pay any attention to it. He came three times. Three. God, he’s crazy. His asshole is still gaping and there he is, getting hard again. He feels like he’s a teenager all over again.


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