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yoonmin Royal ABO au Jimin and Yoongi grew up as royal children but because of the competition for the throne they have never formed a close bond. Their adoptive parents can't choose a sole heir, so they decide to solve the problem by an arranged marriage

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*** A graceful middle aged omega is staring at the garden of her royal castle, eyebrows furrowed. It's a beautiful spring day but it doesn't bring her any joy, she's peeking through the curtains with worry. 'Are they having a quarrel again?' Asks her alpha, his voice tired.
She hums, heaving a deep sigh. 'I had thought that they'd grow out of it ... little did I know, it would get even worse..' she sighs. 'My husband, my king.. is it really a good idea..?'
'They have never treated each other like brothers, so they might as well get married.' The king mutters, eyeglasses low on his nose as he's reading his newspaper. 'Since our marriage is fruitless, our houses would certainly bless yet another merger.'
The queen saddens at the remembrance of her deceased cousin, Yoongi's mother. It was a miracle that her only son hadn't contracted the deadIy vırus and survived. 'But if they oppose, what will we do..?' The queen asks worriedly.
She lets go of the curtain, settling on the armchair next to her husband. 'They both crave power too much to refuse.' The king says, covering his wife's hand in a calming gesture. The queen is inconsolable though, playing with her courting ring worriedly.
The news is announced to their adoptive sons the next day, both Yoongi and Jimin are called into the crown hall. 'I-it's impossible..' comes the first answer. Yoongi's lips are parted from utter shock. Jimin is completely speechless, he can't say a single word for a moment.
'But we- are brothers!' Jimin opposes once he regains his composure.  'Never had I expected I'd hear those words coming from one of you..' The king mutters, playing with his lips.
'After the horrible pIague the crown needs heiritors, and the council members are putting more and more pressure on strengthtening the power of the royal family by producing descendants.' The hand of the king speaks out and the king nods in agreement.
'Heavy is the head that wears the Crown.. True king does what is good for his subjects, and one who cannot abandon their personal likes and dislikes will never handle the crown's weight.' The queen says slowly, supporting her husband.
'You can naturally disagree, we are not putting any pressure on you, but disapproval will mean you relinquish your rights to the throne.'  Prince Yoongi and prince Jimin are staring at her, completely stunned.
They never expected the king and the queen would come up with such an eerie solution. 'What if we disagree?' Yoongi croaks, clearing his tight throat. 'Then the person who came up with it first will never wear the crown.' The king says, staring at the oldest son.
And since Yoongi offered this solution first, he'll be the one to lose his position as the crown prince.. He can't give up the throne though. 'I accept.' Yoongi says loud and clear, Jimin's head snaps to him incredulously.
'T-this is uncalled for!' Jimin exclaims, clenching his hand on his beautiful sword. The king and the queen remain silent, the Hand of the King clears his throat. 'Your royal highness is free to disagree.' The man says with emotionless expression.
'We have received countless hand in marriage offers for the both of you, so if you shall not choose this path, there is another possibility.' At the thought of Min Yoongi and a nameless omega at his side ruling Jimin's country, air gets stuck in Omega Prince's throat.
'Over my dead body!' The omega exclaims, red from the anger. Jimin hasn't been competing with Second Prince for so long to give up on the crown so easily. But to think he'd have to wed him and ... bear his children ...
'Do you accept, then?' The king asks, peering at his son. The crown hall is full of tension, air cool and heavy with rain, Jimin cannot back down. 'I-.. accept.' ***
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*** Jimin doesn't remember when his relationship with his foster brother started to go downhill. It seems like they've been on bad terms ever since they met. It's not that it's important; Jimin doesn't want to have anything to do with the elder,
but for the sake of the throne he's ready for sacrifices. 'Courting gift from his highness, the Second Prince.' A maid announces, bringing a bouquet of plain flowers into the room. Being treated like an omega maiden, Jimin snarls, rolling his eyes in annoyance.
He's sure Prince Min told his servants to prepare the ugliest bouquet possible. The flowers are plain but pretty though, and Jimin approaches the vase to take a look. 'A mindless fool..' Jimin mutters to himself, tempted to throw the bouquet out the window.
If he's lucky, maybe it will hit the Second Prince's head. The setting sun falls on the bouquet and suddenly Jimin sees light reflected in it, and he notices a gold ring attached to one flower. There's no note, nor a massage, so it's highly possible Min didn't even choose it..
Jimin sighs heavily, cursing his fate. And then there's a knock to the door. He allows, and the queen peeks in, getting into the room quietly. As always, in front of the queen Jimin's anger dissipates, he mutedly comes in for a hug, fitting in the woman's warm arms.
'Here, here, my son.. pitiful child, you will be alright…' she smiles. 'Contrary to what you think, your foster brother is the best alpha to entrust you to.' Jimin would oppose but he had already agreed on the marriage, and he doesn't want to act immature.
He already feels like the elder was more mature than him. 'What brings you here, dear mother?' Jimin mumbles, allowing himself to rest in the safety of her arms some more. 'It's not often that you call me so informally.' She smiles. 'Are you prepared for tomorrow?'
Jimin doesn't want to lie, but he nods anyway.  'We're setting off at sunrise.' Jimin sighs, finally leaving the safety of the woman's arms. They sit down at the balcony, among all the garden flowers which Jimin has in his chambers.
'You'll be travelling for a few days so remember to keep your servants around you and not stay with your betrothed alone.' The queen reminds with a fond strictness, and Jimin frowns at the word. 'As if I wanted to stay with this halfwit all alone..' Jimin mutters to himself.
'Tsk.' The queen isn't happy. 'You should put aside your aversion and work out the way to communicate with your future husband. Fighting him will only bring you unnecessary pain.' She says. 'In no time you two will be mated.' Jimin looks like he's just had something sour.
'Mother.., please be honest, who came up with this ridiculous idea..?' Jimin sighs, throwing his mother a tired side glance. 'Your father did.' The queen says, leaning comfortable on the bench and admiring the bird's singing.
'I was a little concerned at first, but I fully agree with my king now.' Jimin makes a face as if he wanted to say something, he sits closer. 'Dear mother..' Jimin starts with his sweet honey voice. 'I know that father is the head of the country,
but as much as he's the head, you are the neck that moves it. Please try to talk him out of it..' Jimin begs with pleading eyes. The queen squints her eyes from the sun when she looks at him, her freckles move slightly when she smiles.
'Those puppy eyes don't work on me, son..' She smiles, caressing Jimin's pouting cheek. 'You can always give up the fight for the throne, the position of a country's neck.' She adds with humour. Jimin's eyes sparkle at that.
'I am not going to be the neck, I will be the head!' He exclaims, his dark eyes are determined.  The queen smiles fondly again and pets Jimin's knee twice, in comfort, as if she knew better.  'The way omegas are treated have changed greatly throughout centuries,
but we have never had an omega ruler so far..' She ponders. 'You would be the first to achieve that, and I truly wish you that, child.'  Jimin's eyes light up in encouragement, he smiles blindly. 'Does it mean your highness my mother will take my side?' He asks enthusiastically.
The woman sends him a fond but exasperated smile. 'You know I love you both as much as I love my king. I cannot take any side.' She explains gently.  'I just want you two to be contented and do what's best for the country and its subjects.
Jimin bows his head, agreeing with her highness. 'I shall leave you alone, you should rest before the trip.' The queen says, standing up. Jimin stands up too, and reaches his hand out for his mother's hand to place a respectful kiss on her hand as he bows to the queen. ***
'Could your highness distance yourself from me?' Jimin mutters, annoyedly glancing at his foster brother. Yoongi doesn't react and keeps staring out the carriage window. Jimin heaves a sigh and tries to move away but the carriage has its limits.
The distance between them isnt really that small, the problem lays in alpha prince's pheromones, which feel quite stifling to the omega prince. And it's not a bad scent at all! Jimin would never admit that he finds it quite pleasant, but it is domineering and resonates strength.
Jimin hates being forced to smell it, and he frowns, dissatisfied. The real and only problem about it is the way the scent works on Jimin, his body tense and anticipating an interaction with the unmated alpha.
This is what has always kept Jimin away from his foster brother; the way he makes him feel - putting him in an inferior omega position without even doing anything. And this scent-difference, evident lack of blood ties between them,
is the very reason Jimin has never treated prince Min as his brother.  'Your highness may prepare for your entrée!' The carriage driver shouts from the outside, and Jimin straightens his pose. The first place to visit is the castle of alpha Huan Kyuso -
responsible for Huan, which is the closest county to the capital.' 'Welcome, your royal highness!' The elderly alpha exclaims as soon as the horses stop, Jimin sighs again before he fakes a smile. Lord Kyuso is one of those alphas whom Jimin would like to avoid if only he could
- an old spoiled man who treats people worse than trash, unless they're highborn. There have been many rumours but the royal gendarmerie has never managed to find a witness who would confirm the accusations.
But every ball Jimin has attended he could see how badly Kyuso treats his servants, and he automatically started to despise the man. He also often caught the old alpha staring at him, which always makes Jimin clutch the handle of his gold sword.
'It is an incredible honour, your highness..' A young omega drops to a curtsy, holding the folds of her yellow dress gently. The two princes nod in return, Jimin's face remains cold. As much as he hates lord Kyuso, he hates his only daughter.
Beautiful like a spring flower but cold and vicious - she's known from humiliating people for pure satisfaction.  Jimin wishes blood ties didn't determine successors of such important positions in the country.. They are invited into the castle, the royal guards go in first,
the rest of the procession spreads around the castle and nearby forests. 'We have received quite a short notice, but there was a fruitful hunting yesterday.' Lord Kyuso says proudly, a roast is brought into the dining hall.
The young lady Huan is staying quiet, pretending to be well behaved, but sends prince Min shy glances and smiles, Jimin holds back a retch. 'Our deepest apologies.. We have also been notified just recently.' Yoongi says calmly, bowing his head slightly.
'We have an honour to invite the House of Huan to the royal wedding, taking place in two weeks time from now on.'   The Lord almost chokes on his drink, shocked to the core. Jimin is satisfied to see sheer disappointment in the young lady's eyes,
she looks at Prince Yoongi like he was a cookie that has just been stolen from her. 'My apologies, but I'm afraid I don't understand fully..' The man chuckles heavily. 'Your highness means that you are to marry your brother?'
Jimin remains silent, he doesn't touch any food even if his stomach is growling. 'Correct.' Yoongi replies bitterly, the lord knows well about their true origin. The Lord bursts in laughter again. 'And here I thought the Second Prince came here to ask the hand of my daughter..
What a surprise..!'  Yoongi doesn't comment on that but frowns a smile. He starts to eat. Jimin wants to get out of there as soon as possible so he starts eating too. 'What luck to have the First Prince as betrothed..' Lord Kyuso hums dreamily, staring at Jimin.
'His highness' beauty is truly magnificent, perfect curves and clear scent tell that he'll bear strong heirs.. your highness is truly blessed.' Jimin feels a shiver of disgust at the mention of his body being discussed like that.
He'd definitely pull his sword if only they didn't care so much about being in good terms with all lords.. But then, from his right, Jimin feels a powerful surge in alpha pheromones, prince Min's hands clenching on the fork and the knife he's holding.
Yoongi's staring right at the Lord sitting in front of him. The distance must be too huge because the man remains oblivious and keeps observing the omega prince like a cow on a market.
In the meantime Jimin can't really feel disgusted because he tries not to react to prince Min's showcase of dominance, Jimin grits his teeth as his head bends involuntarily.  The scent finally reaches Lord Kyuso because he snaps from his daze and averts eyes from Jimin
to look at the alpha prince. 'What is wrong, your highness?' The man asks in confusion, not smiling anymore. Yoongi is staring at the Lord relentlessly. 'Beware, Lord Huan.' He says dangerously low. 'You are now talking about my betrothed.'
The air instantly shifts in the room completely, the guards shift from one leg to another, uncomfortable under the domineering scent of the alpha prince. And Jimin suddenly feels a wave of warmth flooding his body, from head to toes. His dignity being immediately restored.
And Lord Kyuso tries to laugh it off, somewhat nervous. 'I have only had good deeds, your grace~! It is difficult not to praise beauty when you see it~' He tries to flatter. 'On Lord's place I'd rather choose to go touch grass, than keep walking on thin ice' Prince Yoongi says,
standing up while wiping his hands and throwing the handkerchief on the table. Jimin tries to stop the flush from showing on his cheeks but he can't help it, he stands up too, even if he's not done eating.
'My sincere apologies, your highness!' Dumbfounded lord Kyuso says, following the princes outside. The young lady seems annoyed, knowing she won't get what she wants, but she also stands up and follows outside. Yoongi opens the door to the carriage and Jimin gets in first,
the royal guards start preparing their horses. The Second Prince gets into Lord Kyuso's space and places a hand on his shoulder. 'One more time I smell arousal when Lord looks at his highness,' Yoongi mutters in his ear. '.. and I'll make sure Lord has no eyes to stare with.'
Jimin sees prince Min lean in to whisper something into the man's ear and he's horribly curious what it is to leave the alpha Lord so pale and docile out of the sudden. But then Yoongi gets in the carriage and the whole procession drives off.
There's thick silence for a moment, Jimin feels like he should thank the elder but words of gratefulness will never get out of his throat.  'We are supposed to straighten relations with the Lords.' Jimin says instead, clearing his throat as he squints his eyes at the sunset.
'If a lord doesn't respect his future king, such a lord is as good as nothing.' Yoongi mutters, staring through the other window, arms folded. Jimin doesn't reply but thinks, at least that's what they agree on.
'Next time, your highness should be more cautious though.' Jimin says bitterly after a moment of thinking. 'Ruining all relations and having no loyal lords will not help in the rule.' The beautiful alpha prince moves his feline eyes to him, observing Jimin examingly.
Since prince Min can't give his word, he doesn't answer, staring through the window again. The rest of the journey to the next county is spent in silence, but this time Yoongi's strong scent doesn't annoy prince Jimin that much anymore. ***
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*** The carriage stops in front of Kim mansion when the sun sets, Jimin is woken up by the voice of his childhood friend. He opens his eyes to see Kim Taehyung through the carriage window, Prince Min has already left the carriage.
'Your highness, it's been literal ages..!' Taehyung complains with a pout, opening the door to the carriage on Jimin's side. Jimin notices Yoongi walk into the castle with Duke Namjoon and Duke Seokjin, who having noticed that he's woken up, bow to him, smiling.
Jimin nods at the greeting, getting engulfed in his friend's arms as soon as they're alone. 'What the living hell happened that you came here with the Second Prince??' Taehyung whispers in Jimin's ear while hugging him.
In private they always ignore royal titles and address each other with their first names. Jimin doesn't want to leave his friend's arms, who he has missed so terribly, but he leans away to show a courting ring on his finger.
Taehyung remains speechless for a moment, eyes wide, and then he looks at Jimin again. 'Let's get inside, I'm cold..' Jimin says, caressing his friend's back comfortingly. After the whole house of Kim is invited to the royal wedding,
the alphas go to the sitting room to discuss current affairs, while the omegas leave to their chambers, obviously ending up in one of the chambers to talk. 'This is not happening, is it?' Taehyung laughs, now amused by the news.
'How the royal couple could have done such a thing to you?' Jimin is lying on Taehyung's bed, staring at the ceiling and reconsidering life choices. 'They claim our country will benefit from that marriage..' Jimin sighs, rolling to the side.
'I've been refusing to believe what it all entails though. It's easier like this.' Taehyung chuckles dryly, sitting on one of the green satin armchairs in his chambers. 'Bloody hell, I'm not taking part in the bedding ceremony.' Taehyung says then,
still in disbelief. 'You won't find a witness in me, count me out.'  And that's what makes Jimin stiff in the bed, he hasn't thought of the bedding ceremony before. He sits up, eyes wide. Taehyung looks at him and sees how terrified Jimin looks, he stops smiling.
'You're to inherit the crown, you surely won't get away with it.' Taehyung says with pity. 'Especially if the king and the queen insist on producing heirs, they'll surely send a committee who'll confirm your union.' And maybe that is what makes Jimin doubt it all,
he feels like crying even if he's always so tough. Taehyung stands up and sits on the bed next to Jimin, engulfing him in an embrace. 'Is the crown really worth it..?' Taehyung sighs, caressing Jimin's back comfortingly.
'You could just give up and spare yourself all the unpleasantness that is awaiting you' Jimin's eyes are filled with tears, he's stressed and doubts his decisions. 'I need to inherit the crown and prove myself; it's what I promised to myself after mama and papa had passed away.
But even if I decided against it, it's too late now.' Jimin whispers, staring at the bed over Taehyung's shoulder unseeingly. 'We've started to invite the Lords, and invitations have been sent to the rulers of neighbouring countries..'
Taehyung sighs, patting Jimin's back. 'I can always pretend to be madly in love with you and propose to you.' Taehyung offers, leaning away. 'Tragic lovers story - it could save your face.'
Jimin smiles at the younger fondly and pets his head. 'Thank you Taehyung-ah, but we are not children anymore. We must take responsibility for our decisions.' Taehyung sighs and nods. 'What will you do about the bedding ceremony?' He asks.
Jimin sighs too, lost in thought. 'First I will ask mother if they are planning on keeping this fooIish tradition. If yes, I will try to talk them out of it.' Taehyung sends him a lingering stare before he speaks.
'Shouldn't the Second Prince be concerned about it too? If he doesn't care if a group of strangers see your bare arses then he at least should support you!!' Jimin looks at him with a faint smile before it falls from concern.
'In the end it will be me who loses face - getting bred like a broodmare in front of all those people..' Jimin frowns in disgust and shakes to rid of that thought. They stay in silence for a while before Taehyung starts smiling at Jimin.
'At least your future husband is a fine alpha.' He says with a humorous tone. 'I will surely not be as lucky as you in my arranged marriage.' Jimin parts his lips in shock.  'Has Duke Kim already decided?' He asks.
Taehyung nods and shakes his head at the same time. 'I mean, it's decided that I should get married soon, but it is not yet decided who will be that lucky man.' He says humorously. Jimin simply hugs his friend again. 'Whoever it is, we will be fine Taehyung-ah, we're strong.'
*** The morning starts pretty early for Jimin, he realizes that Taehyung is sleeping next to him, they must have dropped off in the middle of the night. The castle is quiet and dark, it's not even sunrise yet and the maids start to leave their chambers to start working.
Hungry, Jimin heads towards the kitchen, nodding to every greeting bow of the servants who pass by. The kitchen is already enlightened by countless candles, someone must have started the day even earlier. And once the alpha scent reaches Jimin's nose, he knows who is inside.
He contemplates not entering in, but the door is already opened and the dark figure turns to face him. Jimin is no chicken so he gets inside and walks to the table where he finds leftovers after yesterdays dinner. Now he regrets he hadnt awoken a servant to make him breakfast..
'Your highness has duke Kim's scent on you.' Yoongi mutters dryly, continuing to do what he's doing. It's too early for Jimin to deal with the Second Prince, and he decides to ignore that remark. It's not that he's spent the night with an alpha.
The Second Prince turns away from the coffee he's been making, and folds his arms when he looks at the younger. The sight of the alpha's arm muscles flexing under his clothes involuntarily catches Jimin's eyes, but he immediately looks away.
And Jimin hates when the alpha's scent starts to become ad strong as now, when the alpha is so uncomfortable with something that his scent becomes stifling.  As long as the alpha scent works on Jimin this way, the Second Prince will have an upper hand in everything,
and that's why Jimin must come up with something that will have a similar effect on prince Yoongi. 'Would your highness move away?' Jimin scoffs, the knife in his hand weights a little more when he's speaking. But his foster brother doesn't budge, staring at him intently.
'Duke Kim is my childhood friend and in the past I always shared bed with him.' Jimin says sharply, not looking at the elder. 'We are not living in the past anymore.' The alpha replies coldly. 'Your highness is now my betrothed and should not display any indecent behaviour.
I dont know if your highness is aware, but your behaviour also reflects how respected I'll be as the king.' That what sets Jimin's shining eyes on fire, he sends the elder a murderous glare. 'I will be the ruling king.' Jimin says very slowly,
not averting his gaze from the elder's dark eyes. And no matter how much he hates the elder, the air is filled with indescribable intimate tension. The alpha stares at him in a way that makes Jimin flush all over. He doesn't avert his gaze though.
'Since I am alpha-born, it is only natural I will be the one to rule.' Yoongi replies with his raspy voice, without averting his eyes from the omega. And weirdly, he stops emitting those stifling alpha pheromones. Able to breathe easily, Jimin is both relieved and confused.
The tense atmosphere is broken by a maid coming in, she hastily bows to the royal highness. 'I deeply apologize, I will get my bucket and leave immediately!' She chirps, slightly nervous to disturb the crown princes.
'No, I am leaving anyway.' Jimin says, averting his determined eyes from the alpha. The woman stops on her way out, not knowing what to do. But the young omega prince smiles at her, and taking a tray of food he leaves the kitchen. ***
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Bedding ceremony?
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*** A full week passes before the two princes return home. Apart from that time in the kitchen of Kim's Castle they haven't exchanged a single word. The queen is standing in the door of the palace, awaiting them.
Jimin smiles and waves at her, but the woman's lips don't form a smile like usual. Concerned, Jimin drops his hand and hurries to get out of the carriage and to ask what is wrong. Getting out, Jimin notices that his betrothed looks similarly worried, eyebrows furrowed.
'Both of you, follow me.' The queen says, looking at them sternly before she turns around and walks to the council room. The king is not there to greet them, which is quite unusual, they sit down at the table.
'Remind me what I had told you before you set off on that trip?' The queen asks, she looks so agitated she doesn't sit down. Jimin has never been more confused, were they on better terms, he would turn to the Second Prince to exchange confused stares with him.
'Not two days have passed since you were gone and the whole kingdom started to chatter about two crown princes having secret meetings at the crack of dawn! Is this how I brought you?' The queen bursts out, all red from the suppressed anger she tries to conceal.
Jimin's jaw goes slack at that, never in his life he would expect that the maid would spread the word on the whole country. 'We do not meet secretly, that one time was absolutely accidental.' Prince Yoongi explains annoyedly, arms folded.
'Besides, we have lived in the same castle for years, there is nothing to create rumours about..' Very lightly, but chidedly, the queen hits him with her fan, Yoongi sulks and looks away. 'Back then you had not been promised to each other! Where's your manners, son!?'
'I sincerely apologise..' Yoongi says, straightening up to bow to the queen. The woman calms down slightly and lets out an exasperated sigh, Jimin realizes he also should apologise and he also bows.
'Alright.. you must be tired, children, go have some rest, lunch will be served in an hour.' The queen says, unable not to caress her sons' hair or cheeks. 'Your highness, I have an issue to discuss with you.' Jimin starts but then he realizes something and stops talking.
He looks at the prince sitting in front of him and their eyes are locked for a moment. Jimin immediately averts his gaze. 'What is it?' The queen asks. 'I apologize, it is nothing.' Jimin replies, smiling at the woman, who finally reciprocates the smile.
'You two, take it to heart and stay within everyone's sight. In a week you will be able to enjoy your company in private to your hearts' content.' Jimin feels his stomach twist unpleasantly but he bows again and the woman leaves. Prince Min stands up too, but Jimin stops him.
'We need to talk.' Jimin says determinedly. The second prince looks at him fixedly. 'Haven't your highness heard what her highness, our mother, has said?' The alpha asks.  Jimin is annoyed at the very thought of staying with the elder alone, he comes up with a solution.
'Follow me to the royal garden then.' The alpha clears his throat and follows, Jimin doesn't look at him. 'Your highness had a whole week to talk to me.' Prince Min mutters, staring at the people working in the fields ahead of them.
Jimin doesn't answer, making sure there is no one near to eavesdrop. 'There is an urgent need for cooperation.' Jimin starts conspiratorially, distancing himself from the alpha and folding his arms. Yoongi also has his arms folded, he stares at the younger intently.
'What kind of cooperation do your highness mean?' Yoongi asks gravelly. For some reason Jimin has it difficult to hold the elder's dark gaze for longer than two seconds. 'To convince the royal couple not to send any committee for the wedding night.' Jimin says decisively,
his whole posture and expression hostile enough to hide how shaken he is. The words make the elder go quiet, Jimin fidgets in his place. 'A-nd don't think you'll touch me on that night.' Jimin mutters, good his hands are folded because they're trembling from embarrassment.
'We must make sure there's no committee, and you'll come with me to ask the king to exclude us from this royal custom.'   Yoongi remains quiet for a longer moment, his eyes squinted from the sun when he's fixedly looking at the younger.
'For how long do your highness think is it possible to drag this out?' Prince Yoongi asks, voice clear and decisive. 'The country needs heirs, if one is not ready then they should give up and let others do their duties. This alpha needs an omega who wants to bear this weight.'
Having it worded like that Jimin is speechless. He partially understands what the elder means but his hands are clenching at the thought of the bedding. 'I am no mare to be deflowered in front of an audience.' He says decisively,
stopping himself from punching the second prince right in the face. But the second prince immediately nods. 'When it comes to bedding ceremony, I also disagree with it. Is your highness sure that the royal couple is planning to follow that custom?'
Somehow relieved, Jimin lets his stiff shoulders relax, and nods. At least his alpha supports him in this aspect.. Wait.  'his'..?
'We'll talk to his highness, our father, once he returns.' Jimin nods, silently going through the fact he referred to the elder as "his". 'Is that all?' Yoongi mutters reluctantly.  Jimin nods and bowing shallowly he mutedly returns to the castle. ***
Jimin has always dreamed of his wedding day as the best day of his life, where he would get to marry a beautiful prince or princes and rule the country together. And maybe he looks truly beautiful - he doesn't feel happy.
What he'd never expected was that he would end up marrying his foster brother, who he couldn't stand for years.. The celebration starts a few days earlier, the whole kingdom is feasting and praying for the fruitful marriage of the new royal couple.
The whole ceremony is in Jimin's view too long and unnecessary, but his heart warms up at the sight of all subjects who came to witness the historical ceremony. The ceremony itself takes place in an enclosed space,
the grooms kneel in front of each other in a middle of royal plaza, surrounded by the most important people in the country, all servants and the committees from the neighbouring countries. Jimin feels comfortable hidden under his vail, he sees everything like through a red fog.
It changes when it comes to the final part of the wedding ceremony - claiming.  Everyone gathered cheers, the newlyweds sit close in front of each other to exchange biting marks. Jimin is first to lean in.
He knows that after that step there is no going back. Heart pounding, making sure he doesn't touch the alpha in any other way, Jimin hides in the crook of the alpha's neck to bite into the pale smooth skin.
The traditional music changes into sounds full of tension, which isn't be the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the way the alpha's scent changes once Jimin sinks his teeth in his flesh. It makes Jimin feel dizzy, overwhelmed by the intensity of that scent.
Jimin has wanted to bite as hard as possible, just to take pleasure from hearing the alpha's groan of pain, but the only reaction from the elder gives is that his body goes rigid and he's even more still. Once Jimin stops, he licks the wound
and takes a handkerchief he's handed, to wipe his lips clean. Jimin still has a taste of the elder's blood in his mouth, when the alpha leans in to leave his own claiming mark. And as much as Jimin had wanted to make it painful, it seems the elder had the same plans
because it hurts like hell, Jimin does all his might not to squirm, and remain composed. He wishes he could punch the elder, at least once.. In this lingering moment Jimin realizes also that this is the first time he and the second prince touched.
He doesn't remember them having any form of skin contact ever since prince Min was adopted and they met for the first time. The crowd starts a final applause, and Jimin knows the ceremony is considered successful.
The alpha's teeth loosen and exit the wound, Jimin winces but quickly composes himself again, sitting straight when the alpha licks the wound clean. And the way the elder presses his mouth to the wound, laps at it, it makes Jimin's body suddenly heavy with arousal.
He pulls away first, wishing the vail was still covering his flushed face. The alpha doesn't look at him but raises both hands forward for the final bow,
and Jimin follows, thanking goodness that his wedding robes consist of many layers of clothing. Sitting up from that bow the two princes are officially married. ***
The wedding night starts when suddenly one distant relative of the queen announces the bedding and a group of highborn leads the newlyweds to their wedding chambers. That's how, after the incredibly long day, the two find themselves alone in a completely silent space.
Yoongi turns his back to the omega and mutedly starts unbuttoning his uniform, taking the silver crown off and proceeding to the heaviest articles of clothing. Jimin heaves a shaky sigh and starts to fiddle with the buttons of his wedding uniform too, undressing slowly.
He doesn't stay completely naked though, minding the claiming bite, he carefully puts on the loose satin nightgown prepared for him. Jimin doesn't think of it further, he just wants to get it over with.
He gets on the bed and lays down flat on his back with his legs joined, staring at the ceiling. When the elder turns around and fixes his eyes on him his alpha scent gets significantly stronger. Smelling it, Jimin feels something burning pleasantly at the pit of his stomach.
Maybe he's not fond of the elder but he can't deny that his body is awfully attracted to the alpha. There's no denying it with how relaxed it becomes at the heavy scent of the Second Prince.
The attraction was there before even if Jimin would never admit it, and he strongly believes that the relaxation factor comes from claiming, from the fact his mate is close. Jimin's body goes taut only when the alpha gets on the bed too,
still wearing a white undershirt and underpants. Jimin doesn't spare him a glance, laying there stiff as a board, never averting his eyes from the ceiling. The alpha sighs heavily and kneels next to the younger, placing his large hand on Jimin's knee to spread his legs apart.
No matter how cold Jimin is trying to remain, the touch feels like electricity went through his body, he feels that if he spreads his legs, the embarrassing scent of his arousal will fill the room.
Jimin is about to finally let his legs loose, but the elder stops him, ceasing to pursue him for some reason. 'Are you going to stay unmoving like that?' Prince Min asks, glaring at Jimin. 'And what to bloody hell do your highness expect from me?' Jimin grits out,
staring at the elder coldly. And it's interesting to watch the elder frown at that. He seems discontented. 'I shall not do it this way.' The Second Prince mutters, getting off the bed. Jimin sits up in confusion and anger, he doesn't even know how to comment on that.
'And what do your highness want me to do, huh?? To close you in a loving embrace?' Jimin laughs sarcastically. 'That will never happen!' The alpha is already at the table with treats, having a whole cup of wine at one go.
Yoongi doesn't comment on that, but leans against the table, lost in thought.  Then he leaves the chambers. For some reason Jimin's heart feels a painful pang at that, he doesn't know the reason why he feels like that.
He gets up from the bed and adjusts the shirt on his body to look more decent, and with shaking hands he pours himself a cup of wine too.  The alpha comes back after a good hour, quietly, as if he thought Jimin was asleep.
Jimin can't sleep though, he's trying to figure out why he's attracted to the elder's physique so much, when he absolutely loathes him. The elder approaches the desk with beverages again, pouring himself some more wine.
It's quiet and Jimin has time to observe the alpha, his broad back, veiny hands, pretty thin legs.. If it was the second prince to be bred, Jimin wouldn't hesitate, nor leave the chambers.
The alpha Prince's scent reaches him again, strong and heavy. The alpha turns around unexpectedly and catches Jimin staring, who turns to his back and lays with his back facing the elder. 'There is no need to do it today.' Yoongi's raspy voice does something to the omega's body.
'Whatever.' Jimin mutters, covering himself with the duvet. His body is still slightly aroused but not as much as an hour ago. He hears the alpha approach the table again, then a clang of a knife which makes Jimin turn around.
Yoongi approaches him with a small knife for fruit, and gets on the bed. Jimin jumps up on alert and moves back. The alpha throws him an exasperated stare and rolls his eyes at Jimin's overexaggerated reaction.
Then Jimin watches the alpha reach his hand out to him. 'They'll surely check the bedsheets in the morning.' The alpha mutters, looking into Jimin's eyes. And only now Jimin realizes what the elder is doing.
He doesn't give Yoongi his hand but takes the knife and makes a small cut on his arm to leave a few blood drops in the middle of the bed. That's how they will know he's been been deflowered. Impressed by the elder's thoughtfulness, Jimin considers standing up to
put the knife down but the elder reaches his hand out and Jimin automatically gives it to him. Yoongi gets off the bed but Jimin can't stop staring, wondering why the alpha didn't do what he should and decided to give him time. Maybe, after all, the Second Prince isnt that bad?
*** A/N Maybe finally Yoongi's pov?👀
*** Jimin wakes up to the startling sight of people around the bed, with eyes half open he flinches and sits up. 'Your highness needn't get up, we are leaving!' One of the women chirps, eyeing the bed and the royal couple's position.
The sight of the blood, its smell belonging to the omega prince, makes it clear that the attempts to produce an heir have started. The highborn are visibly pleased; they smile at Jimin and bow before leaving the chambers.
The alpha seems asleep, but as soon as the door closes he sighs and turns his back to Jimin to sleep some more. And the omega prince isn't going to stay in the same bed longer than necessary. He gets dressed and leaves the chambers.
Although Jimin feels bad for lying to his foster parents, he's glad with the outcome of the wedding night. He doesn't want to feel grateful to the one who used to be his foster brother, but he involuntarily does.
Even if his body is more than ready for mating, it's different when it comes to his mentality. Jimin orders himself a bath and enjoys it greatly, with the beautiful view of the royal gardens early morning.
It makes him forget about all his problems and he stands up with more vigor to face his parents. The royal couple and the guests are having their breakfast when Jimin joins them, he sees his "husband" has already arrived too.
Jimin is tempted to sit somewhere else than the seat prepared for him, but it would be highly immature of him. 'Your highness, how was your sleep?' Some alpha delegate asks him. 'I've had excellent rest, thank you.' Jimin answers politely, bowing to the man as he sits down.
Thankfully, no-one makes any unnecessary comments about last night, the morning committee must have already spread the message around. 'Your highness should come and visit my castle,
I'll dare to say my gardens are even more breathtaking than those here.' The prince says, trying to having a polite conversation with the crown prince. 'I could show your highness plenty of interesting places!'
Jimin's surprised at the alpha's directness and bravery to invite a mated omega to his home.  Going anywhere without your mate is quite disrespectful in the kingdom, but the customs vary in each country.
Prince Min has long frozen and stopped eating. Jimin notices his alpha's reaction, eyeing the elder's hands still holding the cutlery. Yoongi doesn't say anything but the young prince stops talking abruptly, Jimin follows the gaze to see the ice cold stare of his alpha.
The young prince daren't say a word more, looking at his plate. 'His highness will soon be expectant,' Prince Min says bitterly. 'I highly doubt he would be able to visit your highness in your castle anytime soon.'
'Right, naturally..' the young man replies awkwardly, drinking some wine to avoid the alpha's stare. Jimin is sitting there in silence, hitting the table with his fingers, lost in thoughts. The thought of getting pregnant still seems completely eerie to him,
but he would lie if he said he doesn't want an offspring. 'Good morning children, how was your sleep?' The king asks, approaching the table. The queen also smiles at them contentedly, sitting next to her husband.
'It was good. Thank you, your highness.' Jimin says, not looking into her eyes. He's never been good at lying to his adoptive mother and he's scared that the truth would show in his eyes. 'Has everything gone well?' The queen asks in a quieter voice, looking at Jimin.
And Jimin can't say anything but nod. Is there even anything that could go wrong?  'Royal medic will be checking on you more often now,' the king says, looking at his food. 'In no time we should greet a new heir to the throne!'
Yoongi adjusts uncomfortably, Jimin starts playing with his food, his appetite gone. 'Your highness, my love, let's not put unnecessary pressure on the kids.' The queen says, putting her hand on the King's arm.
'The medic should be called once the crown prince starts showing signs.' The king mulls it over before he admits the queen right. And Jimin starts to wonder how long he'll be able to avoid his fate.. ***
Unsurprisingly, there are no signs of new descendants to come. The king and the queen are very subtly asking Yoongi and Jimin about it, but all they do is shrug their shoulders, eyes all over the chambers.
It's a celebration of the King's sixty birthday when the two mates are finally called for a talk. Jimin hasn't seen his "husband" for nearly a month, staying in his chambers all the time and now he sees him, sitting at the table, resonating his strong alpha demeanour.
'A few weeks have passed and there are no signs of childing.' The king starts strictly. 'We do not wish to interfere in your private matters, but we have found that the Second Prince does not visit the First Prince in his chambers.' Jimin gets tense, he remains silent.
'You have begged us to let you have privacy on your first night together, and your wish was respected.' The queen says, her voice shaken and scandalised. 'But we are afraid your marriage has not even been consummated yet!'
Jimin is unable to lie to them so he keeps his eyes trained on the table. 'Our marriage was indeed consummated.' Yoongi lies quite convincingly. 'I was simply giving his highness my husband space, as he had asked me to.'
Jimin's head shots to the elder incredulously. Now all the blame falls on him. 'Naturally, we do understand.' The queen says, slightly appeased, grabbing her husband's hand. 'But we do insist on you to keep trying. The country is in great need of successors.'
'If the following attempts are fruitless, we'll have a coupling advisor assist you in your chambers. It might be due to the inexperience..' he mutters.  Jimin pretends oblivon, only if his foster father knew about the collection of indecent books he's borrowed from Taehyung..
'There is no need, we will renew our attempts.' Yoongi reassures, not looking at Jimin. The royal couple sigh in relief, before they worriedly dismiss their children. The birthday feast is in full swing when they return to the ball, Jimin walks without looking behind.
He decides not to think about the future at all tonight - drinking his worries in honey wine. He catches a glimpse of Taehyung and waves at him in the crowd, but then he trips and almost falls over. He doesn't because there's a firm hand holding his waist,
an unknown alpha scent surrounding him. 'Be careful, your highness.' A deep friendly voice says, helping him upright. Jimin looks at the taller to see a handsome face of the stranger and a bright sunshine smile. 'We have not met before, have we?' The man asks lightly, bowing.
His pleasant scent reaches Jimin's nose and he gets lost in it. 'The prince of Jeoso, Jung Hoseok.' Mesmerised by the man's beauty, Jimin quickly snaps out of it and bows back, introducing himself too.
'If your highness will be so kind, could I ask for one dance?' The prince asks politely, reaching his hand out to Jimin. And Jimin has no reason to reject the offer. He takes the hand and allows the man to guide them towards swirling couples.
And it's nice, everything is perfect. The alpha is nice to talk to, and handsome, and Jimin thinks he is quite attracted to the man. Everything is perfect, but the scent does not really feel like it should, the man is handsome, but not Jimin's type, the eyes not feline enough..
'Your highness looks very handsome tonight..' the prince mutters in Jimin's ear, swirling them in a close dance. Jimin is no fooI not to pick up the flirty tone in the alpha's voice, he raises his guard. 'And marriage looks good on you.' Prince Jung adds with a smile.
Jimin half smiles and bows his head politely, eyes wander all over the room when he thinks of his future. 'Excuse my boldness, your highness, but my chambers are the last door in the left wing of the castle, the highest floor.' Prince Jung rasps in Jimin's ear,
his scent makes Jimin feel heavy. He's been receiving such offers quite often but he didn't expect to hear them even now, after he got married. He doesn't have an opportunity to answer for he feels a hand on his lower back.
The second Prince's strong scent reaches Jimin even before his raspy voice does, so he doesn't turn around. 'May I dance with my husband' Yoongi mutters coldly, eyes on prince Jung. The prince of Jeoso bows with am unbothered smile and hands Jimin's hand over to the elder.
'Naturally.' Prince Hoseok says, sending Jimin a knowing smile before he retreats. Min's presence makes Jimin's heart beat differently, there's a mysterious glint in his eyes. But Jimin's smile falls as soon as he faces his alpha,
Yoongi raises their hands and rests one of them on Jimin's waist to start a classic couple dance. 'Your highness should ask me for permission to dance with other alphas.' Yoongi remarks annoyedly, scanning the ballroom as they dance.
'I shall remind you that I am no property of yours, your highness.' Jimin spits out, his nails digging into the elder's hand. 'I explained to your highness the reason behind my behaviour.' Yoongi bites back. 'Should I also show interest in other omegas?'
At the thought itself there's something unpleasant in Jimin's stomach, he understands the elder now. He doesn't apologize though. 'I am going to visit your chambers tonight.' The alpha continues, not even frowning when Jimin's hand clenches on his hand even tighter.
'There's no more way to avoid it.' Jimin nods, emotionlessly silent. Going to prince Jung's chambers and giving his first time to the alpha would bring serious disgrace to prince Min, but even if Jimin despises him, he can't do such a scandalous thing only to spite him..
'If-' prince Min rasps, hesitant.  'If there's something that would make it easier for your highness, feel free to tell me.' Having heard it, Jimin's eyes open wide in shock, he stops dancing at once.
The elder halts too, dropping their hands and creating distance again. It seems like those words cost him a lot. After a moment of awkward silence the Second Price turns around and leaves.
And Jimin looks prince Min up and down as he walks away, his eyes set on the alpha's bottom. Smirking, Jimin has a brief idea what he's going to demand for letting the alpha into his embrace. ***
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*** The only thing Yoongi has felt to his foster brother has always been physical attraction.  At least that's what he keeps telling himself.  He was ashamed of it at first, the boy had been introduced to him as his brother and Yoongi was grown enough to know
that his feelings weren't completely pure. That's why he felt grateful whenever Jimin argued with him, making their relations weaker, instead of getting stronger. Until their engagement.  Hell knows how thrilled Yoongi felt when he heard the news.
There was shock and disbelief, he felt wronged, but deep down his inner alpha was delighted. And here he is now, getting closer and closer to his mate's chambers.  Yoongi's heart is pounding when he stops in front of the door, his inner alpha rejoices sensing Jimin's scent.
'Come in.' Jimin's raspy voice comes from the inside once Yoongi knocks. The alpha slowly opens the door and gets inside. Beside the pleasant omega scent, there's nothing extraordinary about the younger's chambers, no petals on the bed nor special bedding for newlyweds.
But for some reason the air is heavy and full of unresolved tension.  Yoongi can feel how his tense body reacts to the intensity of Jimin's beautiful smell. 'Lock the door.' Jimin mutters, not turning around.
He's wearing his nightgown, long and white, turned away from the door and lighting another candle. Yoongi's eyes linger on his foster brother's slim figure, there's something confident about the way the omega holds himself that makes Yoongi consider if he should start undressing
or wait and see. Having put the candle down, Jimin finally turns around and leans on his antique chest of drawers, his face doesn't express any particular emotion. 'Your highness came here to stand around the door?' Jimin mocks, a sarcastic glint in his eyes.
Yoongi finally stops analyzing the younger's strange behaviour and starts to undo his laced collar, half-lidded feline eyes fixed on the omega. Jimin's eyes are on him too, like a tiger looking at his prey, and Yoongi thinks he reads the expression wrong, getting closer to bed.
Jimin gets in the middle of the bed, leaning his back against the headboard, his legs spread and open, he seems bored now, although Yoongi can see a hint of nervousness in Jimin's eyes. 'Fear not,' Yoongi rumbles awkwardly, getting on the bed.
'I will do all my might to get done with this as soon as possible.' He's setting in between the younger's legs, the exact position when he backed away last time. But this time there's something different about the younger. He doesn't seem resigned anymore but … eager?
Smut warning 🔞🔞🔞
'Are you planning to touch me today?' Jimin asks annoyedly, his eyes make it seem like he's confident but his cheeks have gotten pink. Yoongi can't help, but finds it endearing. He finally places his pale hands on the younger's bare thighs,
there's a shiver going down his spine at the mere touch. The younger visibly shudders too, but he's determined to contain his emotions. Having no idea how far he can go, Yoongi doesn't know if he can kiss the younger, if he can touch him everywhere or wait for permission.
His body is yearning for the omega but his reason tells him to keep his hands off the First Prince. 'For god's sake..' the younger mutters, pushing the alpha into the bed to straddle him.
Yoongi can't react before the omega's plump lips latch to his, there's hardly any fabrics between Jimin's plump butt and Yoongi's sensitive crotch. The way Jimin kisses him is aggressive and dominating, hungry even, he bites the elder as he starts to roll his hips slowly.
And there's some idea in Yoongi's mind that makes him see red. Had the First Prince done this before..?? How else would he know how to act? And there would be nothing wrong with the younger having experience, but there's some ugly feeling in the elder's chest
at the thought that someone else could have held that tempting body before Yoongi. Yoongi himself has remained mostly inexperienced all his life, the only knowledge coming from colleagues or shameless folk songs. Jimin's moves become more daring,
he starts to undo Yoongi's pants to pull them down, the front of his crotch already wet from precome. Before Jimin tugs the shorts down, Yoongi's hands rest on the younger's well defined waist to stop him. '??' Jimin gasps, running out of breath from the intense kissing.
'Has the Second Prince chickened out again..?' He smirks mockingly. And at those words there's finally a known challenge awaking in the alpha's eyes, he knows now that there's no need to be that gentle with the younger.
He wraps a hand around the younger's wrist, the other hand tightens on Jimin's waist as he rolls them over. The younger lets out a surprised yelp when his lips are covered by the elder, Yoongi's whole body crushing him as he presses his manhood against Jimin's crotch.
The arousal is there and their responsibility can finally be done, but for some reason they do not stop their kissing battle, fighting for dominance. None of them lets the other enter their cavern. Finally Yoongi's inner alpha grunts and a fit of his pheromones is released,
making the rebellious omega underneath him still. Yoongi's about to release the younger's wrists that he's holding in one hand above Jimin's head, when he feels something on his cheek.
The First Prince's chest is heaving from the lack of breath, body hot from arousal, and his eyes are mad like fire when he's murderousIy staring at the elder. Yoongi raises a hand to gather spit from his cheek, his other hand still holds the younger's wrists.
'What was that for..?' Yoongi breathes out, moving his dark eyes to the younger.  'What do your highness expect, huh??' Jimin spits out with a flaming gaze. ' obedient omega waiting to be ploughed??'
Yoongi's staring at the spit on his fingers and moving his feline eyes to the younger struggling under him. There's some amusement in his eyes. 'Your highness wanted to be on top..?' Yoongi asks with that mocking amusement that has Jimin see red.
The omega starts struggling to get on top again but alphas are genetically stronger, Yoongi's pressing Jimin's bruised wrists to the bed with no hint of gentleness. He then raises slightly to pull Jimin's night robe up, and slides his fingers up the younger's sensitive chest.
When Yoongi's wet fingers touch Jimin's nipple, the omega buckles his hips, sensitive. At the sight of pure eagerness, a raging flame bursts in the alpha's body, and he presses down again, bruising Jimin's plump lips as he's toying with him.
This time Jimin decides to give up, the point of their coupling is breeding him afterall, but he does not plan to give up on having the elder later. Yoongi has him on his belly now, a hand still abusing the younger's sensitive nipples as he traces kisses up Jimin's spine.
The scent of their arousal fills the chambers with unresolved tension. The air is hot, smelling of coupling and possessiveness. 'Tell me if it hurts' the alpha grunts in the younger's ear, sharply tagging up Jimin's night dress completely.
The younger prince remains silent, letting the elder do what he's doing. And the sight of Jımin's tempting body sprawled for him like that has Yoongi drool. He then regains as much composure as possible, clenching his hand on the younger's plump bottom.
Jimin grunts in annoyment, his cheeks are pink from excitement and expectations for the unknown. The elder doesn't stop his instincts any longer, the tip of his hardon pressed against the wet entrance before he presses in with one sharp move.
Jimin stifles a moan in the pillow, the first intrusion hurts for a moment but it passes as soon as the elder starts to press deeper. The hard manhood pulses where they're connected, hush breathing as they're still for a moment.
And Yoongi considers asking the younger prince if he's alright to go on, but then he feels the omega's butt lift up to meet him, he's trying to generate friction. That sight has the elder smirk in the darkness.
He has never expected he would see the proud Park Jımin like this - needy and pliant under him, owned by him and completely at his mercy. 'Are you going to move today or should I find another alpha?' Jimin grunts annoyedly, his hips movement becomes even more erratic.
And the mention of other alpha works on Yoongi like a red rag to a bull. He thrusts in so sharply it makes Jimin see white, then Yoongi's not stopping himself anymore. The chambers are filled with lewd sounds of mating, squelching sounds of thorough penetration,
slaps of skin against skin, moans and cursing. Prince Yoongi is being overtaken by pleasure and there's complete blindness when a strong climax finally reaches him. He finishes off deep inside the omega, who whines at the feeling of hot come coating his inner walls plentifully.
Out of instinct the elder Prince's teeth are clenched on the claiming mark as he comes, he lets go only when he regains his conscious. Yoongi realizes how deep he is inside the younger when his hand goes down to the omega's manhood
and he feels a small bulge on prince Jımin's usually flat stomach. 'What a sight..' Yoongi rasps heavily in Jımin's ear, his hand massages the tip of his own c*ck through the younger's stomach, which has the First Prince shudder and desperately tighten around him.
'I am now in your highness womb' Yoongi mutters sensually, making the omega leak slick at the shameless words. 'I'll make sure to breed your highness successfully.' The elder's knot starts spreading so he pushes even deeper until it locks,
blocking come from coming out of the abused hole. And it has the omega finally come, the feeling of fullness makes Jımin see stars for a lingering moment. For a moment he wishes it took countless attempts to breed him successfully..
Yoongi's sweaty chest is still against the younger's back, heaving as he tries to calm down, but his orgasm still lasts, and he still releases into the younger. 'Get the helI off me..' the strained omega mutters in the pillow.
And Yoongi's has no option to get off now, the omega should know how knotting works, doesn't he? Just then the alpha realizes that his whole weight lays on the younger, making it hard for Jimin to breathe.
He quickly moves to the side, turning them into a well fitting position. Heart calming down, Yoongi's instinct tells him to wrap his arms around the younger to keep him safe, but that would definitely be met with rejection.
He opts for resting a hand on Jimin's waist, under the pretence of securing their knotting position. Before the knot releases the younger drops off, exhausted.  Yoongi considers his options but since they're meant to produce heirs he decides not to leave yet.
He dares to finally wrap his bare arms against the sleeping man and pull him close to his chest, heart pounding. With another hand, Yoongi pulls a quilt to cover their nudity and he starts to drop off too.
*** A/N It's been a while since I wrote smut and it feels refreshing ☺ I hope you enjoyed it ♡
》dubious consent (only foreplay) 》shameless smut🔞 》switch yoonmin
*** Jimin wakes up to the bright sun hitting his face and he instantly groans, turning to the side. Only when he tries to do so does he realize that he can't – there is a set of strong arms around his body.
The scent filling the air around Jimin can't be mistaken with anything, and he suddenly recalls the last night's events.  The alpha sleeps soundly, his bare face on the pillow right next to Jimin's head.
Jimin has never had an opportunity to look at the Second Prince from up close, and he takes the chance to examine it. Yoongi's feline eyes are closed but they're shaped nicely; the soft slope of his nose and delicate lips would make one think he's an omega.
In Jimin's view, the alpha's aloofness and stern expression when he's awake make around three fours of Yoongi's alpha demeanour.  If someone saw prince Yoongi asleep, they'd undoubtedly guess that Yoongi's an omega.  The smell of coupling still lingers in the room
and works on the First Prince, who smirks and finally sees his chance. Yoongi's eyebrows twitch in his sleep when Jimin's hand clenches on his husband's soft bottom, the other hand closes on the elder's waist.
Jimin moves to lay on the Second Prince, lips pressed in the crook of Yoongi's neck, and before he knows it there's heavy arousal between the elder's legs. Satisfied, Jimin smirks to himself, and continues his doing.
When Yoongi awakes, he's hot and aroused; there's someone trailing hot kisses all over his body. Realising that it's none other than the First Prince, Yoongi calms down, at the same time panicking inside. Is the omega really alright with another attempt this soon?
But then the younger's lips lift against his skin and he spreads his butt cheeks to slide a finger in.  Yoongi stiffens. 'Your royal highness woke up, I see?' Jimin mutters, soothing the elder's body to stop him from struggling.
'What are you doing?!' Yoongi grits out embarrassedly, his ears pink from arousal. Jimin lifts up to smile down at him; he looks like a pretty little deviI.  'Your highness shouldn't address me without any honorific, that's uncalled for.' The younger smiles,
easing another finger into the alpha's tight heat. And such an embarrassing position to the alpha, being dominated by an omega is what it makes their bodies extremelh excited.  'What your highness is doing right now is uncalled for!!' Yoongi spits out, eyes fire.
But he doesn't struggle. Jimin sees that the elder's words contradict his body reaction, and his nose picks up the obvious smell in the air. As an alpha, Yoongi could easily free himself after all; one wave of his alpha pheromones and he'd have the First Prince submit.
But since he doesn't do it, Jimin knows the elder has nothing against such turn of events. 'Maybe it really is uncalled for, but if your highness wants me to give him an offspring, he'll open his legs for me everytime I open my legs for him..' Jimin mutters in the elder's ear.
And the words have the elder struggle in embarrassment, cheeks flushed.  He looks away coldly, but doesn't oppose. After the preparation is done, the omega wastes no time and rolls the elder on his stomach, quickly entering him from behind.
Their mixed fluids from between Jimin's legs make an amazing lubricant. The Second Prince groans at the intrusion, still sleepy, he wonders if it is still a dream. But feeling how good it actually feels to be on the bottom, the alpha quickly stops overthinking,
clenching his fists in the bedsheets.  'I wonder what people would say if they saw the Second Prince being taken by his omega..' Jimin mutters in the elder's ear, awaking a pleasurable shiver in Yoongi's stomach. 'Your highness should watch your mouth..' Yoongi rasps,
tensing at a particularly harsh move. 'Next it's your highness' turn to open your legs for m-' A well aimed thrust makes the elder see stars and he ends his sentence with a groan. And Jimin wants to laugh aloud at the sight of the alpha submitting himself to him.
The Second Prince who always says he has the inborn right to rule as an alpha, being defiled by him this easily... "The second prince is truly beautiful like that..", Jimin thinks, his mind blinded by pleasure. His eyes linger on the pink skin, dark hair all over the pillow,
soft lips parted in shallow gasps.. Before Jimin knows it, he kisses the elder hard, hips pressing deep into the alpha to merge their lips together. And the angle has Yoongi come, the alpha shivers in lingering climax,
Jimin's heart skips a beat at the sight, and with a few deep thrusts he comes too. Regaining their breaths takes a while, there are sounds of servants on the corridor outside. Jimin is about to tease the alpha but the Second Prince slides out of him
and gets out of the bed hastily - looking embarrassed and grumpy. That's why Jimin only laughs, watching the remains of their lovemaking slide out of the elder slowly. 'Your highness should prepare himself for the night and wait with legs wide open.' Yoongi spits out
and having dressed himself, he leaves. Jimin is so amused by the elder that he can't stop smiling. Who would have thought that the alpha is so eager and willing to be manhandled? Is it possible the Second Prince has fantasised about being taken like that before?
》 end of the smut ✅ Jimin's amused mood lasts till breakfast, he tries not to smile smugly when he glances at the grumpy face of his foster brother. 'Since your scents have intensified, we're much calmer now..' the queen smiles at the two, drinking her tea.
'Should you need any advice, fear not to ask.' Jimin is about to ask what if he'll breed the elder instead, but Yoongi must know what he's thinking about because he sends him a cold gaze that shuts Jimin up.
'You have been invited to lord Huan for his daughter's engagement. The groom is the third prince of the Ose Kingdom, so your presence is required.' The king says. Not really fond of lord Huan, Jimin nods reluctantly
while Yoongi's face is serious as he treats it like a responsibility of a future king. 'We won't refuse unless the First Prince conceives.' The queen smiles at Jimin. 'It's dangerous to travel in a blessed state.'
The younger prince doesn't comment on it, focusing on food to quench his hunger. The royal couple doesn't speak anymore, fondly observing the two princes eat. 'What?' Yoongi rasps confusedly, having noticed that they're being observed with knowing smiles.
'We're just glad you two get along.' The king says, glancing at his queen. 'I told you, love, it was a good thing to arrange our sons' marriage.' Jimin can't say he's on good terms with his foster brother, but he has to admit they do get along well in the bedsheets...
'Your royal highness!' A soldier runs in, his eyes are wide. Everyone at the table looks up, surprised to be disrupted during breakfast.  'I-it has just been reported that eastern, western and southern borders have been attacked.'
The royals freeze in shock; it's impossible that all their neighbours have betrayed them at once after hundreds of years of peace. 'Their location?' The king raises up, serious. Despite his age, the alpha's voice sounds dominant and strong.
'They have reportedly crossed Yongsan, our troops have already been sent to evacuate all bordering villages.' The soldier reports shakily. 'Good.' The king says, trying to gather thoughts. 'Immediately notify all lords and tell them to rise their forces.
Send a message to the king of Joseo and notify him about the situation, and ask for hospitality for the queen and my sons.' 'Father-!!' Both Yoongi and Jimin oppose, the queen is trying to stop them worriedly.
'You are the only heirs to the throne, you're going to hide until our allies learn about what happened.' The king says, using his pack alpha voice. Yoongi and Jimin bow their heads at the same time, sweat on their foreheads from the attempts to fight the alpha's order.
'Love, what are you going-' the queen asks, also affected by the alpha's power. 'My sun, you have to follow our sons and make sure you're safe.' The king says, grabbing his wife's hands. 'The king of Joseo is the most trustworthy and powerful,
he'll surely provide reinforcements too.' Things go quickly after that; the family is separated as the king goes to the war, and his sons and wife are sent out of the palace to flee the country.
Because the news was completely unexpected, it takes a long time of the journey before the queen starts crying, and Jimin sits closer in order to provide support. 'I respect father's words, but I need to go back and fight by his side.' Yoongi says, staring at the floor.
'Once we reach Han river, I am going to part ways with you.' Jimin's eyes widen and he immediately says. 'I am going too. There's no way you're gaining our father's favour alone.' Yoongi's feline eyes run cold at that, and he stares into Jimin's with strict gaze.
'Jimin, it is not a game anymore. We are in real danger.' He says, unknowingly speaking in his full alpha tone. 'You might be carrying our blood and bones right now, and you must make sure our mother the queen is safe.'
Jimin wants to argue, but something about the elder's voice makes him realize what is happening. It's a moment of silence as they stare at each other, the queen's sobs the only sound cutting the silence. 'I can fight.' Jimin says eventually, finally realising his true feelings.
In truth, he doesn't want prince Yoongi to leave him. 'I know you can, that's why I'm leaving you with queen mother.' Yoongi says, the ice in his eyes melting into fondness. Jimin irks to touch the alpha; hold his hand and make sure Yoongi stays with him.
But reason doesn't allow him to do that. 'Do we have any chances of victory..?' The queen rasps, wiping her puffy red eyes. Yoongi looks away from Jimin, and fixes his eyes at the woman. 'Never before have our neighbours joined forces to attack us,
but we have many alliances with the countries surrounding our enemies. As long as they cooperate, we will win.' The words calm the queen down but Jimin doesn't look at ease; he knows there are low chances that the countries cooperate with an attacked country.
From the carriage's window, Han river is already visible, and Jimin's chest tightens at the sight. Yoongi must notice that because the same moment his eyes are on him. 'Come over, your highness, we will not see each other for a long time thus you must be thoroughly scented.'
Jimin averts his eyes but he does come closer and lets his mate bury his face in the crook of his neck. The closeness and Yoongi's scent arise pleasurable shivers down Jimin's spine, but the situation is too tense to focus on that.
Yoongi takes a long time scenting the prince, and when he leans back, Yoongi points at his neck too. Despite all the shamelessness they've done in their chambers, Jimin blushes, but he also leans in to leave his scent on the alpha.
It is an apparent sign that Yoongi treats him as an equal, and even if he'll never admit it, Jimin truly appreciates that. The carriage stops after the river is crossed, and Yoongi takes one of the horses to go to the central border.
'Don't get yourself kiIIed.' Jimin says emotionlessly from the carriage, hiding all the concern on his face. Serious, the alpha nods, and having the last look at his mother and mate, he disappears in the forest. ***
A/N god this fic is a definition of a slowburn xd
A/N Because last update didn't generate much interest, I've decided to end this fic here and tell you briefly how the fic would go
♡ The End ♡
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