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Mar 6, 2021
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ngi. Sitting across from him, hands resting firmly on the table, gazing straight, with a steady, calm breath.

Taehyung the next morning, and early.Β Or rather, Taehyung had come to pick him up, long before Jimin's usual time to arrive at the agency.
bad mood, he deigned to get into the car, greeting Taehyung with a groan.Β  Of course, it wasn't Taehyung's fault but Jimin was just upset.
led as he replaced the inside rearview mirror, so that Jimin could be seen sitting behind, and said nothing at first.
xpression was familiar to him, and Taehyung was one of the only ones to adopt a adapted behavior, or rather let Jimin ruminate before finding an opening.
why Jimin was silent.Β  We didn't ask him anything, and it was better that way now. Unlike the silence in the car, Jimin's mind was seething.
s elbow on the inside of the door and his chin in the palm of his hand.Β  He looked out through the tinted window.Β  And his jaw tightened. "Why the fucking arrogant financier.", he hissed through his teeth. And that was the opening for Taehyung.
you want us to drop in for a coffee or something before we get to the agency ?". Jimin leaned back in his seat, letting out a sigh, peering in the rearview mirror, and meeting Taehyung's questioning gaze. Hit or miss.
will growl in annoyance and ask Taehyung to keep riding, as that is what he was just supposed to do for him.Β  Either, he will accept the proposal understanding the gesture of his assistant.
reed. If he could even show up late at the agency and keep that arrogant boy waiting, then that was perfect.
he CafΓ© de Paris." Jimin said towards his assistant, and scrutinizing his reaction. Taehyung let go of the steering wheel with one hand, before moving his hand behind his neck, reluctant to speak. "Jiminie-ssi, it's a bit far .. we're going to be really late ..".
ucking goal.
where I want to go, haven't I ?", the blonde boy said coldly. Jimin had nothing to add for his request to be carried out and Taehyung nothing to answer. The car branched off.
the first offense against his new manager.
through the door, held by Taehyung. He puts his coffee down, carefully warm in his cardboard cup, giving only a brief glance to his new manager sitting opposite.
alls over his shoulder, held back by the sole weight of his bag resting on the reverse shoulder. Unveiling part of her collarbone.
has not taken his eyes off him since entering the meeting room, his dark eyes remain impassive. Jimin is late, as he wished. But problem. His manager does not seem bothered. And he greets him : "Hello, Jimin-ssi." And that annoys Jimin.
y put his sunglasses back on his nose and sat down opposite, dropping his bag on the floor. Addressing neither a word nor a glance to his interlocutor.
barrassed by the situation, hastens to approach Yoongi, handing him a file and briefly explaining the schedule established by Jimin's former babysitter. This was how Jimin saw them, after all.
his gaze away from Jimin and flips through the pages, with a sigh hanging between his lips. Jimin turns his head away so that he is looking out. And although his glasses hide his gaze, it is undeniable that his face shows signs of annoyance.
nues to scrutinize the file, without a word. And it is under the protection of his glasses that Jimin glances at his manager.
k gaze is still fixed on the leaves, his eyebrows are slightly furrowed, showing his intention to understand the smallest details. Her skin is fair and her black hair is groomed, as is her costume.
want to admit it to himself, but he was without a doubt the most appetizing manager he had ever seen. But even with this pleasant vision, Jimin waits, because this guy decided to read a file. And Jimin doesn't like to wait.
esn't like this guy. Finally, he opens his mouth.
to watch you read?" Yoongi looks up, his gaze cold. Jimin watches him grab a pen, and write something down. β€œCome on time,” Yoongi said, inflexible. Jimin exquisitely smirked, maybe he managed to annoy him in the end.
usual, tries to justify Jimin's delay. And Jimin lets him do it. But Yoongi doesn't take his eyes off the blonde guy in front of him, his gaze accuses him and Jimin feels it.
usual, tries to justify Jimin's delay. And Jimin lets him do it. But Yoongi doesn't take his eyes off the blonde in front of him, his gaze accuses him and Jimin feels it.
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