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Apr 4, 2021
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• yoonmin au • Yoongi is a genie. No, he isn’t blue nor bald but he does grant 3 wishes to whoever needs him. Jimin is not convinced at all but on the verge of giving up on college, he decides to dial the number, just to try. Nothing prepared them to meet each other

- sort of noragami inspired but not really. - attempt at humor, fluff, maybe just maybe angst - strangers to ‘my god you are annoying but i still laugh at your stupid jokes’ to friends to lovers. quote please!
introductions pt 1
introductions pt2
genies duties and chaos
his what
main characters parallels
troubled jimin
a favor
a good friend
the favor
jungkook is trying, so is yoongi
not going well
he’ll think about it!
just looking
!! ...
don’t over do it
rain & oh’s (ps i stole the matilda reference from a meme in spanish lol)
Yoongi wasn't intending on doing anything really, and when he told Jungkook that he needed time before deciding on helping a human, he meant it. But things change, for example when said person is right in front of you sobbing their eyes out, trying to not get wet under the rain.
Yes, Yoongi was a bit... surprised when he found Jimin to be so pretty, and yes it was a bit embarrassing on social media but he wasn't seriously thinking about approaching him. Now though, he understands Jungkook's words. It's... a sight.
They are both under the roof of the hallway that connects the library and the philosophy building, Jimin hasn't seen him. Yoongi sighs. He guesses he -does- have two umbrellas and they are heading the same place anyways... Ah, here he goes. He clears his throat and Jimin jumps.
"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," Jimin only looks at him with big eyes, they are still teary. "Uh, are you okay?" Its a dumb question but Jimin nods, he looks a little embarrassed, trying to clean his face and hide it. "Yes" Yoongi tries not to think about how pretty he is.
"Um, hey I have two umbrellas and you look like you might need it," he shakes the two things to show the other. "I can lend you one" Jimin's eyes go wide, "Oh no, that's not necessary-" he moves his hands fast, flustered. Yoongi is not taking that.
"You must have your laptop there, right?" He doesn't wait for an answer because Jimin still looks a bit dumbfounded so Yoongi only opens one of the umbrellas and gets near the other, where he was standing on the edge, about to sprint under the rain. He offers Jimin the handle.
Yoongi thinks the other is blushing but it might be the cold, god knows how much time Jimin has been out here. After a moment Jimin finally takes the umbrella, and Yoongi lets go of it fast before they brush their hands. It was a lame reaction but he hopes Jimin didn't notice.
"Thank you" he mutters. Yoongi smiles. "I'm Yoongi," he says, as he unfolds the other umbrella. Jimin hasn't taken a step so it's like he's waiting for him. Once Yoongi has his umbrella out they both move slowly out of the hallway, walking towards the exit of the parking lot.
He notices Jimin typing fast on his phone and he realizes that they're going the same way but Jimin doesn't know. He doesn't know that Yoongi knows his name too. Oh he only hopes he doesn't end up looking like a creep "So, you're staying at the south building? you seem familiar"
Yoongi thinks that's a safe way of leading things. Jimin looks up from his phone and the blush becomes deeper. "O-oh yes! I am. I'm Jimin, by the way," He nods. "You live there too, Yoongi-ssi?" "No, but I have friends there," Its a way to put it.
"I'm picking up one of the guys that live with me so we're heading the same way" Jimin nods but he's quiet after that. The rain is not as strong as before but it's still pretty heavy for the month. Yoongi doesn't know why he has the urge of keeping the conversation going.
"Uh, thank you for not asking anything back there, I know you saw me crying. It's embarrassing" he's taken aback by his words but it's a little endearing so Yoongi smiles. "You looked like you were having a moment" he shrugs, Jimin chuckles. "But if you want to tell me, u can"
Jimin raises an eyebrow and Yoongi hurries to correct "I know I'm a stranger! but sometimes it's easier to tell someone you don't know... If you want to, I'm just saying" he cringes at his words but when Jimin laughs loudly, bright and cheerful, Yoongi guesses it's fine.
They are getting near the building, and soon Jimin will realize they are going to the same apartment. Yoongi thinks the moment Jungkook sees them arriving together he won't drop the subject of the favor, teasing and pleading, but Yoongi is not so worried anymore.
Looking at Jimin now, laughing under the rain, blushed and bright eyes he thinks it not be the worst thing to help him feel better, to keep that smile there for a bit longer.
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