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Jun 23, 2021
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a yoonmin au where— Trusting his entire career to his agency was Jimin’s biggest mistake and now he has to swallow all the bullshit that the company wants him to do— including fake dating an idol to cover up his sexuality. Until a certain producer came back in his life.

tags : - heavy angst with a happy ending - tw // homophobia and mention of abortion, hate speech - min yoongi is a producer - jimin is in a fucked up company - whipped boyfriends - timestamps and hair color DO NOT MATTER.
disclaimer ; this au would consists of triggering topics such as homophobia, abortion and hate speech that could trigger anyone. Please read at your own risk and always remember that this is JUST A FICTION. I DON'T glorify nor romanticize those topics mention above.
- this is a commissioned fic. i don't own the idea / prompt. the commissioner wants me to write my own twists. - i'll add more tags if necessary 💌 for @imagineyoonmin
profiles :
jimin's friends : Seokjin - Idol / CEO of his own company, Abyss Ent. Taehyung - singer/model in abyss ent. Jungkook - gamer, tae's bf
yoongi's producer friends:
tw // homophobia let's start.
forgot to add that there would be mention of other idols.
sweet night 🥰
taegi x seo joon moments
here goes nothing
tw// homophobia selfishness
they're being a bitch again
meeting the producer 💌typo on tae's tweet. "if they're not nice"
he's the ex guys
hands of midas
on the other gc:
hmm yoongi sus
hoba is a mood in this au
reality check
no awkwardness
the difference
morning !!
because of him.
to the genius lab? 😳
screw it
[incoherent whale noises]
Jimin is fidgeting. He can’t actually put it in words how nervous he is knowing Yoongi is picking him up to go to the genius lab. “Calm down..” He scolds himself. It’s been years and he doubts if the older feels the same nervousness as he’s feeling right now.
He stopped his breath when an expensive Maserati stopped in front of him. He immediately went inside, afraid that sasaengs would spot them. He was welcomed with Yoongi’s manly perfume. It must be years apart but nothing changed, Yoongi still smells good.
“Hi…” Yoongi said in a low voice. Even his voice became manlier. “Hey..” The ride to his studio was dead silent. No one even said anything, Jimin busied himself looking outside. As much as he wants to look at Yoongi while driving, he can’t.
He’s too shy to be caught staring at his hands on the steering wheel. They stopped at a penthouse, “I’m sorry, the genius lab is in my home so..” Yoongi trails and Jimin nods. They quickly went inside and the awkwardness didn’t stop in the car.
They only had a few glances and short conversations throughout the elevator ride. “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that there would be a guest so I haven’t cleaned the studio yet.” Yoongi apologizes and Jimin can’t help but to smile shyly.
Yoongi owned the top floor of the whole building. “It’s okay. I don’t mind.” He softly said. If there’s one word to describe Yoongi’s house, it would be expensive. Yoongi’s furniture probably costs more than a fortune. It’s also neat and organized, a trait that Jimin knows well.
The older guides him in one hallway, directing them to the genius lab. Jimin chuckles lightly when he sees Yoongi’s cat mat. “This is so cute.” He mumbles. “Yeah, Holly actually loves that when she’s here.”
Oh. Of course. A man as handsome and successful as Yoongi wouldn’t stay single forever. Jimin’s heart sank at what he heard. He didn’t expect that his smile would fade so he immediately plastered a smile, a fake one.
“Oh, who wouldn’t love this.” He trails. The Genius Lab is beautiful and Jimin can clearly see how expensive Yoongi’s equipment is. So this is where the masterpieces came from.
“You can sit there on the couch.” Yoongi said and he went directly to his chair. No matter how pretty Yoongi’s studio is, the only thought on Jimin’s mind is how Holly is allowed to be inside the genius lab while his major collaborations project like
Taehyung didn’t even have a glimpse of how the studio looks like. “I’ll play a snippet of the melody and tell me what you think, okay?” Jimin nods and the older plays a catchy melody.
Jimin can’t help but to be mesmerized, it’s just an audio of instrumentals but it definitely catches his vibe. “Wow, I have no words. This is so beautiful.” He claps his hands and Yoongi chuckles. “It’s just a sound for now.” Yoongi hums. “Do you have lyrics?”
Jimin was hesitant to nod, “I d—don’t think the company would like that.” Yoongi furrows his brows, “They’re not allowing you to write your lyrics?” Jimin sighs and bites his lips, “It’s just that they have better plans for me so…”
Yoongi looks at him intently and then he drags his chair towards him. “Can I look at your lyrics?” Yoongi softly mumbles that sent shivers down his spine. He clutches his bag and immediately looks for his notes. His hands were shaking when he handed it to Yoongi.
His heart is thumping so loud the whole time Yoongi is scanning his lyrics. He feels like a trainee again, trying so hard to please the producers to pick him. “These are actually good lyrics. Your company is wasting such talent.”
Yoongi praises and Jimin could feel his cheeks burning up. Oh to be praised by the unrivaled producer. “T-thank you, hyung…” He whispers. He felt the older stiffens beside him.
Yoongi clears his throat, “I’ll keep these drafts for now and I’ll look for tunes that would fit the concept.” Yoongi said. “Okay…”
friendly reminder that all of the fan accs i used here were my moots. don't curse their characters here !! use tone tags too.
who's holly?
the cypher bois:
tw // homophobia time skip to few days after ;
“Hey..” Jimin calls as soon as he sees Yoongi. The older’s face is covered with a mask and a beanie but Jimin could still see his smile. “So where are we going?” Yoongi said after a minute of silence.
“Anywhere? Just want to escape for a little while.” Jimin chuckles. It’s been weeks since they met in the genius lab and seeing the older’s face gives a little comfort inside him that he doesn’t know exists.
“And you called me because?” Yoongi playfully hums. “I just feel like I could escape anything if it’s with you…” Jimin confesses. “Besides, I miss the times when we’re still trainees.” Yoongi chuckles and nods and drives to nowhere.
“Why did we go here?” Jimin said in surprise after he saw where the older pulled over. “You said you miss those times when we’re still trainees so I brought you here in Myeongdong.” Yoongi explains.
Jimin laughs because he remembers that after a long day of training, Yoongi would drag him to eat here. Someone might see us.” Jimin said as he put his mask on. “Then let them talk.” Yoongi shrugs as he holds his hands and guides him outside.
Myeongdong hasn't changed a bit. It was still a busy street filled with delicious Korean street foods that they both love. It's been years since Jimin last went here. Yoongi ordered a lot of food and Yoongi suggested eating it at their usual place,
at Namsan Tower where they could see the city lights. “When was the last time we went here?” Jimin asked. Yoongi chews his tteokbokki before he answers him, “before we got separated.” Jimin sadly smiles, “yeah. Been so long.”
“How are you, Jiminie?” Jimin’s heart leaped when he heard the older’s old nickname for him. “I don’t know if I was doing good.” Jimin said as he played with his spoon. “There were times where I regretted being an idol in this agency.”
Yoongi looks at him intently, “Are they not treating you well?” Jimin could recognize the way Yoongi’s voice darkens at his question. “Would you believe me if I said yes?” Yoongi didn't answer, he just stared at him. “Why did your company set you up in that hotel room?”
“I told you, the media are speculating that we’re something because you let me inside the genius lab.” Yoongi suddenly feels guilty, he just wants to spend some time with Jimin yet it leads to a mess.
“My agency, being homophobic that they want to cover this up by making it look like we’re doing something serious.” Yoongi clenches his fist, “what the fuck. First, they won’t let you write your lyrics and then this? They’re forcing you to be someone you’re not.”
Jimin sighs, “It’s okay. I only have 5 years in that hell. I’ll be free after that.” “Your optimism never fails to amaze me.” Yoongi smiles, showing his wide gummy smile. He remembers how positive Jimin is.
Whenever the younger finished a long day of practice, he would just smile at Yoongi and comfort himself saying that he would be a big star soon. “That’s one thing that hasn’t changed in me.” The two continue to share the things that happened between them in those years
that they were separated. They passed the awkward phase between them and just comfortable laughter. Jimin hasn’t felt this much comfortable in his life ever since he became an idol. Sure, he dated some guys but nothing felt like how Yoongi made him feel.
“Jimin..” Yoongi calls. “Hmm?” “If you want, I can be with you, until you’re free from that hell.” Yoongi mumbles, so soft that Jimin had a hard time hearing it. “And when I’m free?” Jimin hums, “what would happen then?”
Jimin could feel the burning gaze of the older but he didn’t look away, he gave the same intensity of Yoongi’s stare. “And then stay with me for the following years, maybe?” Jimin was about to say something but he remembered one thing, “What about Holly?”
“What about her?” Yoongi looks at him curiously. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Jimin pouts and looks away. He heard the loud laugh of Yoongi, “Oh my God you’re so cute.” “W—what?”
“Holly is my dog. My daughter!” Jimin hides himself in his hoodie, God this is so embarrassing. “You got jealous?” Yoongi teases him and he just rolls his eyes. “Shut up!”
boyfriends? no.
until then!
sleep tight from holly
the morning after ;
someone's ignoring him
they're happy !!
the only cutie
sg's comeback !!
help her
my cropping sucks anyways this is yoongi :>
i had a mistake, sorry
coming over pt.2
“Should I add more adlibs?” Jimin asked as soon as he finished singing the last part. Yoongi is outside the recording booth to monitor him, “If you want but I think, this is already better.” Jimin nods and comes out of the booth, he immediately sits on Yoongi’s lap.
The older chokes and Jimin can’t help but laugh. “Why are you so bold?” Yoongi pouts. Jimin laughs, “the couch isn’t comfortable enough for me.” Yoongi hums and nods, “should I redecorate the genius lab?”
“I don’t think so. It’s pretty enough.” Jimin trails and leans closer, “but I think you should buy a more comfortable and sturdy chair.”
Jimin laughs when he hears the older’s groans, “I thought we’re taking this slow!” Yoongi whines “Yes we will!” “But you’re already teasing me.” “God, you’re so cute!” Jimin giggles and leaves a soft kiss on Yoongi’s forehead. “There, I’m sorry.”
“I need to pass these songs on to your manager.” Yoongi said after a minute of silence. “Can’t we delay it for a few more months?” Jimin pouts because once Yoongi is done producing his album, Jimin will be busy and who knows if they will still be talking after that?
“You know we can’t. We have a deadline.” Yoongi reasons. Jimin rests his face in the crook of Yoongi’s neck. “What are you thinking?” “If we would still be talking after this.” Jimin confesses. Yoongi plays with his hair.
“Of course we will.” Yoongi assures. “Unless you want this to stop?” Jimin abruptly lifts his head and squints his eyes towards Yoongi, “I’ve been longing for you since we parted ways. I don’t think I want this to stop.”
Yoongi interlocked their fingers together, it amazes Jimin how perfectly fits their hands together. He didn’t expect that Yoongi’s touch would be so gentle, contradicting what his hands looked like.
“You don’t know how I long for you too. When you stopped replying to my messages.” There's an ache in Jimin’s heart so he hugs Yoongi tighter. When he debuted, they prohibited him from dating.
“I’m sorry..” Jimin whispers. “Don’t be. I like how we end up in each other’s arms despite what happened.” Yoongi kisses Jimin’s temple. Jimin didn’t know how Yoongi ended up producing his album but he’s thankful that it happened.
Suddenly, the void in Jimin’s life got fulfilled by Yoongi’s warm hugs and reassuring smile.
shit . . .
a plan
priv accs
little dates
choreographer 🥰
jihope 💖
face time !!
good night from them
do it for love
Jimin was panting, he’s been practicing for 4 hours straight but he can’t even sit for a mere second. “Jimin-ssi, you have to practice more! You still don't get the other parts of the song! You have to be in sync with the dancers!”
His manager yelled and Jimin immediately stood up. His knees are trembling due to fatigue but he has no other choice. “You okay?” Hoseok asked him, worry is visible in his eyes. Jimin nods while wiping the beads of sweat on his forehead.
Hoseok seems restless and somehow nervous, Jimin thinks he’s just afraid of his manager so he smiled to assure him he’s fine. They went for another hour of nonstop practice and Jimin almost thanked the heavens when his manager’s phone rang and he needed to go to their company.
“Continue your practice, Jung Hoseok-ssi. I don’t want Jimin to slack off.” He strictly reminds while glaring at him. He wants to say sorry to the dancers because they are dancing with their masks on and Jimin knows how difficult it was.
Although, his managers allowed them to rest for a bit unlike him who’s literally dancing for hours. He was about to turn around and thanked them when his knees gave up but before he got slumped on the floor, an arm supported his body.
He looks at the masked dancer and his heart thumps like crazy when he recognizes his eyes. “Yoongi hyung?” His eyes widen when Yoongi removes his mask and smiles at him fondly. “Lean on me. Take a rest.” He softly said.
“All of you, go home. Our practice is done for today.” Hoseok said in a monotonous voice. The dancers quickly pick up their bags and leave without a word. “Hyung..” He weakly utters. As much as he’s happy to see his hyung, he really doesn’t have the energy anymore.
“Go take a rest, I’ll take you home.” He felt a soft kiss planted on his forehead so he rested his head on Yoongi’s chest and he let the older take him inside his car. “Keep the video.” That’s the last thing he heard before he dozed off.
Jimin woke up in an unfamiliar room. He immediately stands up when he doesn’t recognize the room and then he remembers what happened earlier. He stretched his body only to feel the soreness of his limbs and his thighs.
His choreography isn’t that easy so dancing it nonstop really gave him a sore body. He blushes when he realizes that he’s wearing Yoongi’s white shirt. They’re almost at the same height yet Yoongi’s body is broader so the shirt is somehow big for him.
He carefully went downstairs and he saw Yoongi preparing for dinner while he’s talking to someone on his phone. The older saw him and immediately went beside him to support him, ignoring the phone call.
“I’ll call you again, hoba. He’s awake.” He said as he hung up the call. “How are you feeling?” Jimin softly smiles, “feeling better now that I see you.”
Yoongi snorts, “Don’t take this lightly, Jimin. Your manager really wants you to dance until you pass out!” Jimin reaches for some steak on his plate and puts it in his mouth, “but you’re there to catch me.” He giggles. As much as possible, he doesn’t want this to be a big deal
“Why are you there, anyway?” He changes the topic. Yoongi sighs, “I miss you and your manager doesn’t want you near me so we thought of a plan so we could meet.” It melts Jimin’s heart, knowing that Yoongi went to this extent just for him.
“That’s so sweet, hyung! But does that mean you’re dancing Filter with me the whole time?” “Yes! I was there the whole time. I witnessed how that motherfucker makes you dance without rest!” Jimin bites his lips and sits on Yoongi’s lap.
Yoongi’s hands settles on his ass. It’s uncomfortable since they’re in the dining room’s chair but Jimin didn't mind. He cupped the older’s cheeks, “Hey, don't be mad. I’m alright now.”
Yoongi pouts, “Are they always like that to you?” Jimin didn’t answer and he just stared at him. “Jimin, I swear to fucking God. I’m gonna burn that whole company down.” Jimin chuckles lightly, “don’t worry, I’m fine.”
Yoongi buried his face on Jimin’s neck and mumbles, “5 years is too long. I’m taking you out of there soon.” Jimin can feel Yoongi’s breath on his neck and it tickles him. “Is that why Hoseok hyung looks so scared earlier?”
Yoongi chuckles, “yeah. He’s been preventing me from beating up your manager.” Jimin showers his face with soft kisses, “there, there. don’t be mad.” Yoongi rolled his eyes and held Jimin tighter. They stayed the night just giggling and cuddling,
making the most out of their little time together because they don’t know when will be the next time that they would hold each other like this. Jimin doesn’t mind dancing all day without rest as long as he’ll come home to Yoongi’s warmth.
guess who
fix it together
changed plans
favorite voice
time skip ; filter release
filter out now
brave mf
filter perf
still not over his filter live 😔
if there's fluff, there's angst
stan twt a mess
live !!
tw // abortion censor their names
tis is just an au. i dont romanticize nor tolerate this.
tw // panic attacks
the bestfriends are here
Yoongi is clenching his fist. He’s really trying his best not to burn the whole agency down. “I got the video of his manager refusing Jimin to rest at the dance practice.” Hoseok said.
That day, aside from sneaking Yoongi as one of the dancers, they planned to record the whole practice just in case his manager became an asshole so they can use it for evidence. Just as Yoongi thought, it came in handy.
“Their biggest mistake is that they checked in the hotel where my family had the biggest share so we managed to retrieve the CCTV footage of Jimin leaving with Yoongi.” Seokjin explains, handing them a flash drive.
Namjoon played it on the laptop and it’s really helpful to prove that Seulgi and Jimin didn’t last long together and Jimin left with an unidentified man. “I was with Jimin when he got hospitalized due to fatigue. We could still use this against them, right?”
Taehyung said in hesitation. He’s not entirely sure if it was solid evidence to prove that they are mistreating Jimin. Jimin’s agency could easily get away with that one. “Everything will be used against them.” Yoongi said in a firm tone.
Tension filled Yoongi’s office inside his house. Aside from the genius lab, he has a mini office whenever he has visitors or collaboration projects. "We will sue everyone, right?” Jungkook said after being silent the whole time. “Including Seulgi?”
Everyone looked at Yoongi, he clenched his jaw. As much as possible, he doesn’t want to be extremely cruel but whenever he remembers how Jimin looks terrified and shaking in fear, his desire to make those assholes suffer overpower his rational thoughts.
“Yes. Everyone. I don’t care who they are.” Jimin is in his room, peacefully sleeping. The younger spent the entire night crying and thankfully, Yoongi was there to console him. He didn’t leave the younger alone.
“Then everything is settled. I already contacted my lawyer friend. We’ll meet him later.” Namjoon said. They decided to meet up in the morning before Jimin wakes up because Yoongi knew how good a person Jimin is.
“H—hyung…” A soft voice called him upstairs. He looked up only to see Jimin, he had puffy eyes and looked so fragile as he ran into Yoongi’s arms. “Hey, angel.” Yoongi’s voice softens. “Do you want to eat anything?” He mumbles, forgetting the visitors they have.
Jimin shakes his head and looks at his hyungs, “You have an early meeting?” He softly chuckles. Taehyung sat beside his friend, “Hey chim, how are you feeling?” “Far from great..” Jimin confesses.
“Don’t worry, bub. We’ll make them pay.” Taehyung assures him. “What would be your decision, chim?” Hoseok asked. “No matter what your decision would be, it will cause a backlash against you.”
Jimin sighs and nods, “I know hyung. And honestly, I don’t care anymore. Throw rocks at me? I’ll accept it. I just don’t want to lie anymore.”
Later that day, Lee Daehwi, Namjoon’s friend and would be Jimin’s lawyer, arrived. They already handed out their evidence to him and he requested to talk to Jimin privately but Jimin doesn’t want to unless Yoongi is there so the rest of their friends left the office for a while.
“Jimin, I want to be honest with you. MJ Management isn’t that easy since they have a name and influence. I want you to be more than a hundred percent sure.” Lee Daehwi said. Jimin looks at Yoongi. The older only returns it with a soft smile.
Jimin sighs, “I’m sure of it, Atty.” Yoongi held Jimin’s trembling hands tighter. “Do you have screenshots of your conversation with your manager and Kang Seulgi?” The lawyer asked and Jimin immediately pulled out his phone.
“This is nice. I suggest printing out a copy in case they did something dirty and don’t entertain them for a while.” Jimin nods. “They will file a case against Jimin, aren’t they?” Yoongi said.
The lawyer clicks his tongue, “I assumed yes. Contract breaching but since your counter attacks can be solidified by this evidence, you can win this case.” The lawyer gave a few reminders before he left.
Their friends also bid their goodbyes and told them they will be back once the hearing in court has a date for moral support. Awkward silence filled Yoongi’s house. Jimin is just humming a song while Yoongi is playing with his fingers.
“Are you feeling better?” Yoongi was the first one to break the silence. Jimin looks at him with a reassuring smile, “I have you and my friends with me, of course, I would be fine.”
“Tell me if everything becomes toxic and too much for you, okay? I’ll take over and win this for you.” Yoongi engulfs Jimin in a tight hug. Comforting the younger that he will never be alone in this battle.
“Thank you so much, I’m no longer scared because of you.” Jimin said. “And I won’t let you be scared again. As long as I’m here, you’ll be safe.” “I love you.” “I love you" Yoongi kisses his forehead. “Since we're trainees and until now, my love hasn’t changed. It only grows."
sue them bitches
his letter
apologize to him now
everyone is happy
rough night
Jimin is holding his breath when the judge is doing the final verdict for his former agency. He sighs in relief when the court favors their side rather than them. His friends including Yoongi hug him tight while saying their congratulatory message.
“I can’t accept this!” The CEO, Lee Soo Min, goes berserk as he looks at them with hatred in their eyes. “You’ll regret this, Park Jimin.” He threatens.
Yoongi moves him behind him, “Watch your mouth, old hag.” Jimin’s gaze went to Seulgi who refused to meet his gaze. The CEO and his manager are already being dragged outside by the police officers to transfer them to jail. They were about to go out when Jimin heard his name.
Guilt can be seen on Seulgi’s face as she looks at them with teary eyes, “Can I have a moment?” Jimin looks at Yoongi who’s protesting not to agree but Jimin just nods. “It’s okay.” He mumbles. They left them at the hall, Jimin sat beside Seulgi.
“I’m sorry…” Seulgi cries after minutes of being silent. “I’m really sorry, Jimin-ssi. My uncle had me at my neck, I can’t do anything.” “You know Seulgi-ssi, if you only seek for help, I wouldn’t hesitate to help you get out of their grasp.” Jimin sighs.
He really thinks of Seulgi as his friend. “I was scared and I know this is not an excuse. I ruined your reputation.” Seulgi sniffs and Jimin can’t help but to tap her shoulder lightly.
“Your case is not that big so you still have a chance to change. I just hope you’ll choose the right choice next time, no matter how hard it is.” Jimin stood up, getting ready to leave when Seulgi offered a handshake. “You are so kind, Jimin and I don’t deserve this kindness.”
Jimin softly smiles, “I’m not kind, Seulgi. I was just treating you how I like to be treated.” He left the room and ran into Yoongi’s arms as soon as he saw him waiting at the door.
“Let’s go?” He said. Yoongi’s hands found their way in Jimin’s waist, squeezing it a bit. “Let’s celebrate this win.”
celebration !!
im so dumb .. i didn't notice that jm's un here didn't change so please pretend that it's a different un 🤧
happy 1 month to this
hands of midas
maybe this is the reason why they won't do a vlive together
in love noises
— chapter closed.
thank you for joining me in their journey ! i don't think i put too much angst between them but commissioner-nim wants yg's character to be jm's comfort so who am i to break them apart, right? see you on my other stories ! hope u had fun ! love, ali.
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