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#taekookau where jungkook uses taehyung’s dms to spill out the tea.

a week later
the next day jungkook covered oreo so she wouldn’t get sick or anything and he made sure to cover himself too just in case. him and tae already knew where to meet so it was not a problem. jungkook placed oreo down on a small carrier and she fell asleep, so he began walking
he was nervous of course. one he arrived to the place he looked around for tae but couldn’t find him, but then he felt a hand on his shoulder “jungkook?” the guy asked “who’s asking?” jungkook turned around and the guy pulled him “hey!” jungkook tried pulling away but
the guy told him to be quiet and pulled him into a corner “what’s your problem man? i have someone i need to se-“ but before he could finish his sentence the guy pulled down his mask and took of his hat and it was taehyung “hi” tae smiled and jungkook’s eyes went wide
he almost screamed “before you freak out- remember we’ve talked before” tae chuckled “y-you’re here” jungkook spoke “yeah we planned this didn’t we?” “oh my gosh you’re real” jungkook didn’t even know what he was saying anymore. tae just chuckled and nodded “where is
oreo?” he asked “she’s here!” jungkook almost yelled but slowly took oreo out, she was so tiny and warm “she’s so adorable, can i hold her?” tae asked, eyes sparkling “y-yes! but be careful” jungkook giggled and handed her to tae “oh my gosh she’s so small and fluffy”
tae’s hands were big and oreo looked smaller in his hands “you have no idea how thankful i am, thanks to you i got her and i’m so happy you have no idea” jungkook confessed “i know jungkook, and i’m glad you’re happy, she’ll shower you with her love” tae smiled as he petted
oreo “and you too because she’s your pet too” jungkook smiled “mine? no no it’s just yours” “but i bought it with your money! it’s not fair” “fine fine” tae didn’t want to argue with jungkook “that’s more like it” “wanna go eat something?” tae looked at him
“i don’t wanna bother you tae-“ “nonsense, let’s go eat something” tae gave him back oreo and jungkook nodded “let’s cover up again” which they both did and headed to tae’s favorite restaurant. they both ended up hanging out more, carrying oreo and cleaning up her mess.
tae invited jungkook to his place and oreo and yeontan met. they were both small babies, tae had just adopted yeontan so he was little. at first they were scared but began getting along. so did tae and jungkook, by time they became closer, but they decided to keep it a
secret from social media. just their close friends. the company was fine with it, so there were no problems. and by time they both ended up falling for each other more they didn’t expect it but they weren’t complaning ;)
the end
permission to dance goals <3
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