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Oct 17, 2021

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Dear @Jon Stewart, Please allow me to address your post today, and share the reasons we are against this "vaccine": ~At no time in history have we ever seen thousands of doctors/scientists silenced for disagreeing ~They changed the language of what a vaccine is just for this(1)

~We have watched their own panel of experts shot down and ignored regarding booster shots ~Even the CDC has stated the jab will not stop you from spreading it, getting sick, or even dying from it. The best that can be achieved appears to be a lessening of symptoms (maybe) (2)

~They refuse to acknowledge existing treatments that work, and a healthy lifestyle, and have even unleashed a full blown smear campaign against them ~Just bc millions have been dosed, it does not equate to a long term safety profile, which other vaccines require (3)

~There is a 99%+ survival rate, so to tell people they can't work, buy food, or leave the house is patently insane ~Trying to compare it to Smallpox, which has a 30% morbidity rate, and Covid, which has a less than 1% morbidity rate is again insane (4)

~The total refusal to acknowledge natural immunity is like nothing we've ever seen before. ~They are only "vaccinating" against the spike protein, and natural immunity protects against the whole virus, not just a piece (5)

~No one is liable if this hurts anyone, and if nothing else, that should not stand. ~Now their plan is trying to force it on children, and they purposefully just removed a report on cardiac issues in children - why? Children are not greatly impacted by this, so again, insane (6)

Finally, treating us all like we're selfish & don't care about others, and that we're ignorant is false. Many of us have had it, & are fully vaccinated for everything else. The more info they try to hide, & the more the goalposts keep changing, the less likely we are to comply.

I apologize for limiting who can interact with this post. I rarely do that, but it will bring out the crazies, and that's too much on a Sunday.

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