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Dec 14, 2021
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so kiss me and tell me that i‘ll see you again || ye0nb1n au inspired by kiss me kiss me by 5s0s in which sb works the night shift at a 7/11 in crowded hongdae, bored out of his mind & counting the hours until he‘s done and he doesn‘t have to ring up drunk people‘s stuff anymore

that‘s until yj enters the store and sb can‘t help but look at him, he wonders why the boy is alone when he‘s literally skipping through the aisles, a dreamy smile on his lips and when he‘s approaching the register sb can see the sparkle in yj‘s eyes
and he almost forgets to ring up yj‘s items bcs yj smiles at him so brightly that his eyes crinkle and sb just smiles back a little dumbly bcs yj is so pretty // so yj asks him about his work and sb tells him he wants to leave but he has another hour to go
"that‘s too bad" yj says as he takes his stuff and then he leaves, wishing sb a good night and sb wants to run after him but he doesn‘t so he spends the rest of his shift thinking about yj‘s sparkly eyes
when sb‘s shift is finally over, he leaves the store, ready to go home but yj is waiting for him, telling sb he couldn‘t let the other go home just like that & he takes sb‘s hand & just pulls him & even if sb is tired he wants to go with yj
sb doesn‘t even know yj‘s name but it doesn‘t matter bcs when he wins a stuffed toy at the game arcade the boy cheers for him so loud that sb just gives it to him & the smile sb gets in return makes his heart flutter & it‘s weird bcs sb doesn‘t know this boy but at the same time
he doesn‘t want to be here with anyone else, so they play games against each other & yj wins almost every single one & if that‘s bcs sb lets him then that‘ll be his secret bcs no one has to know that he wants to make yj smile
& then they leave the arcade & sb lets yj pull him through the crowds & somehow they end up in a taxi, making the driver drive them across the whole city bcs yj wants to go see the stars, so they end up at hangang, where the city lights are the brightest
& suddenly yj starts running, telling sb to catch him & it‘s weird bcs they‘re not children anymore but sb runs after yj anyways & when he catches him, yj lets himself fall into grass, pulling sb with him & as sb looks at the other, he‘s fascinated by the sparkle in yj eyes
then yj leans up, kissing sb suddenly & sb kisses back bcs he decides it doesn‘t matter that he doesn‘t know yj or that it hasn‘t been more than 3 hours since he met him bcs yj lips are soft & sb can‘t remember the last time he felt so carefree
so they stay at hangang until the sun rises, their night is over & sb can‘t help but feel sad but when they walk to the subway, he asks yj if he‘ll see him again & yj says he will before he kisses him again & runs to catch his train but he never told sb his name or number


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