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Dec 24, 2021
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every single step had me waiting for the next | ye0nb1n au based on english love affair by 5s0s cw // semi-public sex, car sex guitarist ynjvn is on tour with his band, playing the second night in some club when he spots someone in the crowd he can‘t look away from

this is the second night in a row ynjvn sees him, the man sticks out from the crowd, partially due to his height but also bcs he‘s stunning. ynjvn can‘t look away while he‘s on stage and call him delusional but he‘s sure the man is looking back at him, a slight smirk on his lips.
which is why when ynjvn‘s band finished their set, he only briefly stops backstage for a sip of water before he makes his way towards the crowd which is already hyping up the next act performing, looking around in hopes to find him. he pushes himself through the people but it
seems like he isn‘t the only searching. ynjvn comes to a halt right in front of the man and upon seeing ynjvn, he curls lips into smile and ynjvn is stunned for a moment bcs that man has the most beautiful dimples. “hey.” the voices matches his face and ynjvn simply smiles back.
they introduce themselves, even though sbn already knows ynjvn’s name bcs obviously he bought tickets to the show. so they talk as well as they can considering the loud music and ynjvn is so lost in the other’s eyes that he isn’t even listening to what sbn is saying but
apparently that doesn’t matter bcs all of a sudden sbn is leaning in, he must’ve noticed how ynjvn was staring and then sbn’s lips are on his and they’re so soft, ynjvn melts against them. he finds himself wrapping his hands around sbn’s neck while sbn’s hands are on his waist.
and you know what? fuck it. ynjvn has been starving for physical touch, being so far away from home and basically constantly on the road for weeks, he deserves a hot guy making out with him. so he parts his lips and lets sbn’s tongue in, moaning as they move along each other.
and then sbn’s hands are on his ass, squeezing the cheeks between his huge hands and damn, ynjvn really wants to know how they’d feel in other places and the mere thought makes him press his crotch against sbn’s, causing the other to chuckle into the kiss.
ynjvn slides his hands up into sbn’s hair, tugging lightly on it while they’ve basically started grinding on each other, right in between all those people.neither of them seemed to care at first but when they break apart for air, sbn presses kisses against ynjvn’s neck, biting it
and suddenly ynjvn wants nothing more than to get out of here, wants to get his hands all over sbn and preferably, sbn’s hands all over him too. apparently sbn shared his thoughts bcs after pulling ynjvn’s earlibe between his teeth to bite it gently, he asks if he wants to leave.
obviously, ynjvn doesn’t hesitate and says yes but once they’re outside they’re facing another problem. ynjvn doesn’t live anywhere near here and apparently sbn doesn’t either. “i have my car.” and ynjvn laughs bcs it’s funny but he’s horny and not willing to let sbn go just yet.
that’s how they end up in the backseat of sbn’s car and ynjvn thanks heavens that the car is big enough for both of them. he doesn’t really waste time to straddle sbn’s legs, grinding down on him, only stopping to take off his shirt and waiting until sbn also takes off his
and then sbn’s mouth is on ynjvn’s exposed chest, kissing and biting the smooth skin and ynjvn feels his breath getting faster and he’d be embarrassed but he’s too turned on to care. especially not when sbn has taken his nipple into his mouth and ynjvn has always been sensitive
there, so he can’t hold back his moan and then sbn’s hands are on the zipper of ynjvn’s jeans and then sbn’s hands are inside his underwear, one hand on his hardening cock and the other on his ass. ynjvn doesn’t even try to hide his moans and he rocks his hips into sbn’s grip,
desperate for more friction. and when sbn leans back, ynjvn wastes no time to go for his lips, catching them in an open-mouth kiss while his hands find their way down sbn’s torso, feeling the hard muscles that he honestly hadn’t expected under these clothes. he presses the heel
of his hand against sbn’s clothed bulge and ynjvn whines into the kiss. he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get that dick inside him tonight. sbn chuckles into the kiss, but the way he presses himself against ynjvn’s hand gave away that he was just as eager.
when sbn’s fingers find their way down his crack towards his hole, ynjvn breaks away, panting. “do you have something here?” sbn nodded and motioned for ynjvn to get off, leaning forward to pull out lube and a condom from the glove compartment. ynjvn can’t help but laugh.
“is that always in there?” sbn shrugs and sends him a bright grin. “gotta be prepared.” and honestly ynjvn can’t argue with that, especially not when it works in his favor. so instead of answering, he chucks off his pants and underwear before climbing back into sbn’s lap.
“let me do it, it’ll be quicker.” ynjvn grabs the lube from sbn’s hands and pours some of the liquid onto his fingers, quickly working on stretching himself open. he steadies himself with one hand on sbn’s shoulder, holding eye contact the whole time. sbn’s eyes look glossed over
and his lips are slightly parted as he watches ynjvn’s expression. sbn had pulled out his dick in the meantime, stroking it to full hardness and ynjvn can’t help but moan at the sight. his eyes drop down and he unconsciously begins to push his ass back to meet fingers.
sbn reaches for the condom and puts it on, waiting for ynjvn to finish preparing himself. ynjvn is definitely rushing but he doesn’t care. he pulls out his fingers and lifts his hips up until he’s hovering over sbn’s dick, sinking down slowly. both moan at the same time and ynjvn
wants to hear sbn moan all the time. he carefully lowers himself, hissing at the stretch, that’s certainly the biggest he’s ever taken and the thought of possibly feeling it for a couple of days makes him move his hips without letting himself adjust first. he places his hands
behind him on sbn’s thighs and picks up the pace as best as he can. “ah, look at you. taking my cock so well.” ynjvn moans at the praise, his eyes closing. “knew from the moment i saw you on the stage. your face, begging to be fucked, weren’t you? and now look at you.”
ynjvn whined. “was only looking at you. wanted you to fuck me.” sbn moaned appreciatively and reached out to wrap his big hand around ynjvn’s dick. he jerked into the touch and his rhythm faltered a little. “that’s what i thought, you even went searching for me, couldn’t even
wait to get your hole stuffed, right?” ynjvn nodded and sbn rewarded him by stroking him faster, letting his thumb run over the tip everytime he reached it. ynjvn’s moans become desperate but he couldn’t quite come yet. “please …” he isn’t sure what he’s asking for but he needs
something. sbn apparently gets him immediately and he leans forward to wrap his free hand around ynjvn‘s waist, pulling him forward so he‘s leaning against his chest, his chin tucked against sbn‘s neck. sbn plants his feet against the front seat and uses the leverage to move his
hips up, ramming into ynjvn into a new angle. this position leaves ynjvn no choice but leave all control to sbn, the limited space barely enabling him to move. he whines into sbn‘s neck and mouths at the skin there, biting down by accident at a particular harsh thrust.
sbn groans and removes his hand from ynjvn‘s leaking dick to move it to his hips. the actions earns him a protesting whine from ynjvn but sbn doesn‘t stop his movement. “i need you to touch yourself for me, baby.“ so ynjvn moves a shaky hand down to his dick and begins stroking
himself in time with sbn‘s thrusts. the next thrust hits something deep inside ynjvn and for a moment, he can‘t breathe. “yes, yes, yes ...“ his voice sounds whiny and desperate but ynjvn doesn‘t care. it seems to spur sbn on and he hits the same spot dead on with every following
thrust. ynjvn is glad that sbn has taken complete control bcs he doesn‘t think he‘s capable of moving properly anymore. his touch on his own dick has become frantic and he‘s chasing his orgasm. “c‘mon, baby, don‘t hold back.“ thankfully, sbn sounds just as wrecked as ynjvn feels.
by now the windows of the car are fogged and ynjvn is almost certain that the car is moving in a way that clearly tells everyone what‘s going on here. but he doesn‘t care, he lets sbn bounce him on his dick, both chasing their releases. “‘m close.“ sbn nods.
“same. don‘t hold back.“ sbn‘s pace never falters and ynjvn cries out when the next thrust hits his prostate and he spills all over his hand and sbn‘s abdomen. he clenches around sbn‘s dick and when sbn pushes deep into him, ynjvn can feel his dick pulse inside him as he comes.
sbn groans against his ear and ynjvn shudders, panting harshly into sbn‘s neck. it takes both of them a minute but then they finally part and ynjvn flinches a little when he moves off sbn‘s dick. the other offers him and apologetic smile but ynjvn shakes his head.
they clean up as best as they can and when ynjvn climbs out of the car, sbn holds him back to pull him in for another kiss. then sbn puts a small piece of paper into his hand. “that‘s my number, maybe when you're back here, you can call me.“ and ynjvn smiles, he definitely will.


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