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Dec 31, 2021
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✨ mini nomin au jaemin meets a mysterious guy at a party who seems to be the perfect fit for his ideal type: tall, insanely hot, emotionally unavailable, and as it turns out, his best friend’s older brother too.

this au is my gift for emi @pIayboynana, my secret santa friend in the @nomin secret santa. exchange ❤️ em, I hope you like this… I tried something a bit different than my usual, and I included your specific request too (if you still remember it). this one goes out to u 😉❤️
useful info: • jaem and karina are 23 • jeno is 29 • please don’t take this au too seriously • any and all interactions are ❤️ to me
how it all starts
first impressions
big brother is back
we’ll meet again
looking for prince charming
found him
asshat who plays guitar and will break your heart
the guy with the flowers
on his best behaviour
the next day…
my shirt
low standards
home alone
take back what’s mine
a bit of healthy drooling
the next day…
let’s play a game
if you want it come get it
oh no
a few days later…
hate you
let’s play ball
plan b
stuck together
ways to keep warm
not such a bad guy after all
happy new year
a date
acting mean
ready to marry
the sister’s approval
aye aye, thanks for reading and happy new year!! ✨✨✨ I hope you have a lovely one ❤️❤️ you can talk to me on cc
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