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#taekookau // nsfw mdni πŸ”ž Imagine Jaguar hybrid Koo being able to purr as a human, and his boyfriend human Tae is very, /very/ interested in that

Especially as Tae wonders how Koo's mouth and throat would feel around him as Koo goes down him, and perhaps one day they try that, Koo shy and a tad scared at first because he has never done that while purring, but Tae reassures him, tells him to do it as usual
At first the endeavor is tamed, tentative just like the tongue lapping at the head of Tae's cock and soon Koo's mouth closes around it, the little succions enough to spurt more precum and more importantly, enough for Tae to feel the faint waves of vibration
Tae curses at this, one of his hands flying to the back of Koo's head, coaxing his boyfriend to take more of his cock as he pushes his length further down with languid rolls of his hips
Koo is boneless in Tae's grasp, even more when Tae's hand curls around the strands of hair and tugs to dictate the pace, Tae's cock soon nestled down Koo's throat where the vibrations are the strongest
And Tae absolutely /loses/ it, hunched over Koo's form who's sat between his legs in front of the couch, moan after grunt after groan spilling out of his mouth at the blissful warmth and tremors running along his cock, pinned in that place of unadulterated pleasure
And it all gets worse when Koo starts tugging at his own cock, having always loved sucking off his boyfriend, his purring gaining in intensity the more he jerks himself off, his mouth and throat working around the girth parting his lips, saliva dribbling down his chin
"Fuck, swallow around me." Koo immediately complies to Tae's demand, the spasming walls surrounding Tae's cock constricting in a tight glove of quivers. "Feels so damn good, should've done that before. Gonna fuck your mouth now, yeah?"
Koo only nods in reply, closing his eyes, letting Tae use him however he desires, and Tae sets a slow pace, pulling out enough for Jungkook to mouth and gently nibble at his glans, the loud vibrations of Koo's purr now reaching his lips
Tae doesn't last long, the vision of Koo fisting his own length along with the vibrations of Koo's mouth pulsing through his cock enough to send him over the edge
Tae spills inside his boyfriend, allowing himself a few seconds to bask in that overstimulation granted by the constant onslaught of tremors the purr causes before he eventually draws back, Koo gasping as he comes on the carpet
Tae slumps against the couch, Koo resting his head on his thigh and Tae says "Fucking hell... We're doing that again." "Give me a minute," Koo pants. "I didn't mean know but if you want to..."
"You're insatiable Tae." "When it comes to you, yes. God, I'll never be able to think about your purr normally now." Koo laughs. "Yeah, me either, but", he pauses to climb on Tae's lap, "good thing my purr is only for your to hear and feel." "All mine, Love." β€” the end β€”
PS: this is NOT n o t (not) representative of my actual writing but thank you for listening to my brainrot, I can promise you that one day I WILL w i l l (will) write a drabble or a scene in a fic on that newfound loved concept of Blowjob Of Purr
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