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#taekookau ๐Ÿ”ž where Wood Nymph Taehyung falls in love with the alpha Wolf who hunts in his forest. Taehyung is supposed to be keeping the small woodland creatures safe from the big predator, but he can't help fall for Jungkook's big eyes and sharp features. So he courts him.

Taehyung was a wood nymph, a half fae by birth with the prettiest hazel eyes and hair that looked like sun gold. He lived in a beautiful cottage, right on the edge of a cliff and close to the woods that he guarded. Taehyung loved the sea almost as much as he loved the woods.
As a wood nymph, Taehyung wasn't very high up in rank among the fae folk. He was quite simply put, a worker fae destined to work hard all his life. The other fae found him unusual and weird, because Taehyung shirked from hurting things or using his magic to get things done.
The Head fairy herself made her disdain for the nymph very clear. She refused to let him into Fae court, refused to let him join the festivities, and whenever Taehyung needed assistance,none of his so called friends were there to help him. Save for one. The lake fairy, Jimin.
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Jimin lived by a beautiful lake, deep in the heart of the forest. Like him, Jimin was also mostly alone , because the fairy was terribly scared of being bullied for his slightly deformed wings. Jimin's parents had been terrible people, who had hurt the fairy when he was young.
And so his wings didn't look like everyone else's. They were mismatched in size, and one of them was shaped a little off. But Taehyung found it adorable and made sure to let Jimin know a dozen times a day, that he was perfect just the way he was.
Jimin and Tae enjoyed their little bubble, both of them taking turns visiting each other in their cottages , sleeping over every other day and romping in the woods and the lake whenever they were off from fairykeeping duties. Taehyung in particular, loved exploring the forest.
He often spent hours flying around the enchanted trees, playing with the little wood critters and other woodland creatures, sprinkling some of his fairy dust over them just to make them laugh. He also made sure the trees were healthy, checking for rot or blight.
Taehyung got rid of any poisonous fungi that the animals may accidentally eat, removing their venom with his magic. And sometimes, when he has feeling. little daring, he even made flowers bloom ahead of their time.
While Taehyung loved taking Jimin along, the lake fairy was bound to water and couldn't stray too far from one of the lakes or brookes without feeling antsy. But Taehyung was bound to the woods, so he could go anywhere he wanted.
And it was during one of his solo adventures, that Taehyung met the dreaded alpha wolf from the Mountains.
It was a few weeks before the spring solstice, and Taehyung was flitting about the trees, checking the barks and making sire everything was fine, when he heard the howl. It was low and loud, resonating through the thick, dark woods and making the birds take flight in terror.
Taehyung froze at the ominous sound, his body shivering instinctively in fear. He knew exactly what that sound was. A Were. The Weres lived high up in the tugged mountains, weathering the cold and hard conditions. They were all wild and ruthless, blood thirsty and cruel.
Taehyung knew that he had to rush to the fairy counsel and tell them what had happened. The Weres had no business being in the enchanted forest, the fairy laws were clear on that front. The Head fairy Queen would lose her mind at this blatant challenge to her authority.
Taehyung hid behind a tree, scared because he didn't want to fall into the hands of the monster lurking in the shadows, wings trembling as he looked around frantically. He would have to fly as fast as he could , but without alerting the wolf. Because werewolves ran faster.
Before he could make up his mind, the bushes in front of him shook , the leaves rustling hard and this time, a soft whine filled the clearing, followed by and exhausted groan. Taehyung lost his grip on the tree, staring at the gap between the thick vegetation.
He jumped when the wolf stumbled into the clearing,dragging his hind leg, his thick obsidian fur shining wet with blood.His jaw was closed around the neck of a red deer,the long horns stained with blood at the tips. The deer had clearly caught the wolf off guard, and gored him.
Taehyung stared at the bright brown eyes of the deer, knowing in his heart that he ought to be helping the poor thing. The deer belonged to the woods, and Taehyung's job was to protect the woods. But he couldn't help but stare at the wolf, drawn to his golden gaze.
The wolf seemed to be close to unconscious, but his gaze found Taehyung through the dark. Taehyung hesitated , considering his options when , without warning the wolf growled again, this time the sound forming clear words. " Help me, little fae."
Taehyung gasped in surprise, because wolves weren't verbal in their animal form . If he could , he must be the alpha of his pack. Only Pack Alphas had such powers and on the heels of that thought came a sharp fear. If the wolf was an alpha he could kill with one swipe.
The wolf huffed then shaking his head as though disappointed. " My pretty little fae, I may look like a big dumb dog, but I'm not foolish enough to kill my only hope of survival". he chuckled. Taehyung stilled, face turning red. So the alpha could read minds.
" You shouldn't be here,.Alpha." he called out , not moving from behind the tree. " The woods aren't your hunting grounds. Fae laws state that-" " Oh for the love of the Moon goddess, could you at least save your lecture for when I'm not bleeding to death?" The wolf growled.
Taehyung flushed. He felt jittery amd nervous, because his fear was going down for some reason . And it really shouldn't. The wolf was a predator. Taehyung had no business talking to him, let alone consider helping him. But before he could turn and leave ,the wolf spoke again.
" Please little fae. Do this for me and Ill bring you a blood moon rose, fresh from the snow capped mountains." Taehyung felt his eyes widen in surprise. Blood moon roses were rare, magical blooms only growing deep in the glaciers on the mountain.They carried magic+
+ drawn from the moon, something the fae folk couldn't use because the moon helped predators and not the prey.
Taehyung took a deep breath, his curious nature getting the better of good sense as usual. So he quickly flew down to the Wolf's side.
He stared at the wound, wincing at how deep it was. Jimin's magic was so much stronger than his own, when it came to healing. But he had a lot of salves and ointments in his cottage. What should he do then?
Taehyung took a deep breath, deciding not to call Jimin. He could sometimes send him telepathic messages but those always drained him of his vigor. And he needed all of his magic if he was going to try and heal the alpha wolf. He quickly waved his hand, muttering a quick spell.
He let the magic flow from his center, through his veins and out into the woods. The trees recognised his magic and welcomed it, and he watched as the vines and stems rose up, and moved, curling around each other as they formed a makeshift carriage wagon complete with a canopy.
The alpha watched with awestruck eyes as Taehyung went quickly to work on the carriage itself, making it as comfortable for him as possible, gathering dried foliage and thick mossy leaves to make a pallet, roping wines together around the edges to keep it all in place.
It was breathtaking, how the forest seemed to sway and move under the faes gentle hands and gestures. Taehyung finished up with two sturdy roots, tied up front. He would use to them to move the carriage. " Fae, you can't possibly drag my weight across the forest" The wolf said,
looking incredibly sceptical and Taehyung rolled his eyes. " Don't speak of things you don't know, Alpha. I may look fragile, but I'm a wood nymph. I can uproot whole trees with my bare hands , if I were to wish it.".
This at least was true. Taehyung could lift several times his own weight with ease. So without any trouble, he sank to his knees next to the Were, slipping his arms under his flank, lifting him up into his arms. "If you carry me over the threshold of your cottage, are we wed?"
The wolf smirked at him and Taehyung glared at him. He didn't appreciate being trifled with, knowing that the wolf meant none of the flirtatious remarks he passed. Wolves were monogamous. The alpha would have one mate . And only one. His whole entire life. He pouted, annoyed.
" Ill thank you not to be familiar with me, Alpha. " He said loftily, helping him settle on to the thick pallet on the floor of the wagon. Taehyung hesitated before gently placing his hand over the wound, using a cleaning spell to get rid of the blood and grit sticking to the +
Wolf's lustrous fur. He could try healing but he wasn't sure if he would be able to take the wolf home afterwards, if he drained himself of energy trying to heal him. No, he would have to take him to his cottage. " Settle in, Alpha. Its a long ride home." ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
Taehyung's cottage was just a few feet past the edge of the forest. It was an hour's walk from the edge of the cliff, and only ten minutes away from Jimin's lake house. Taehyung had built the house with his magic and it was small but cozy, pretty but sturdy, much like the fae.
Taehyung helped Jungkook up to his bed, settling the wolf on to the soft mattress. Wincing when his rose embossed pink sheets crumpled under the weight of the huge beast. He should have taken the sheets off before placing the wolf on his bed.
" What is your name, little fae?" The wolf asked, watching him move to the side of the room where he kept all his potions and salves. Taehyung's cottage had an abundance of plants and flowers because Taehyung's magic got restless when he got too far away from fauna. "Taehyung."
Jimin's voice made the nymph scream in surprise, clutching his hand to his heart when his friend poked his head in through the window, right over the counter. " Taehyung?That's a lovely name."The wolf's voice came from behind the curtained bed chamber and Jimin's eyes went wide.
" Who on earth is that?" The lake fairy hissed, eyes as wide as waterlily pods. Taehyung flushed, shaking his head quickly. " Dont be mad, Jimin. Its an alpha wolf." he whispered softly, eyes begging for Jimin to understand. " He was hurt. I couldn't leave him." Jimin stared.
Tae are you out of your mind?"Jimin hissed, looking around frantically," What if the Fae Queen finds out. She'll banish you for good." Taehyung flushed because it was true. The woman hated him.She needed just one more reason to get rid of him for good. "I dont care." he lied.
He moved to mix herbs in a small wooden pestle adding water from the healing fountain up north. He had gotten a canister of the magical liquid when he'd visited Seokjin last winter. He took a large tray with dried herbs scooping put thyme, rosemary and some roots .
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Jimin flew right in through the large windows , settling down next to him, hiding himself from view of the wolf. Je grabbed Taehyung's arm. " Your kindness will get you killed one of these days, my sweet." Jimin whispered, worry in every syllable. Taehyung bit his lips.
Jimin was right. This was why the other fairies steered clear from him. Taehyung's moral compass was built around his emotions and not on the fairy law. He would always do what felt right to his heart, no matter what the queen had to say about it.
He grabbed a pewter bowl, scooping the paste onto it before grabbing his wrist. " Come and heal him." he said softly and Jimin flinched. " What?! No!" Taehyung clung to his friend staring at him imploringly. " Please. If he heals quickly, he'll leave quickly."
Jimin sighed, shaking his head in despair. But he knew that Taehyung was right. It was dangerous, harbouring an alpha wolf in the middle of fae land. The wolf was in just as much danger here . They would have to send him away. Quickly. Jimin's magic drew its power from water, and
because the physical body had so much water in it, his magic worked really well healing things. He could definitely help heal the wound fast. " Where is your wolf ?" he asked. " Right here." a voice said behind them and they turned in shock. The wolf had shifted. " Hi."
Side ship:
" That is a naked man."Jimin said blankly and Taehyung felt like someone had poured hot water straight into his veins.Entire body heating up, he dove for one of the many fur throws all over his window seat,tossing it at the alpha. " Have some shame!"he hissed. The wolf laughed.
" Shame? Over what, little fae? Do I look that bad?"the wolf teased and Taehyung tried to think over the voice screaming inside his head,one phrase over and over. He's so handsome.He's so handsome. He's so handsome. " I'm Jungkook, little fae."he smirked. Taehyung was doomed.
Should Jungkook start calling him Taehyung?
Jimin stared between the two of them sensing tension that he really did not want to have any part of. But his naive best friend could not be trusted to keep himself safe. So he cleared his throat. " Alpha Jungkook, please lie down. I will heal you and you can then leave."
" The sea calls out to you, does it not fairy? Your loyalty lies with the water. And yet you don't venture to the ocean. You settle for a tiny lake.Why is that, I wonder?"Jungkook said softly, holding Jimin's gaze. The lake fairys face drained of color and his eyes narrowed.
" That is not your business, Wolf." he growled and Taehyung startled. He had never heard Jimin sound angry. " Jimin?" he whispered, worried and his friend reached out to lightly squeeze his hand.
" Its okay, Tae. Lets fix this quickly so the beast can leave. It doesn't belong here." The rude words seemed to hit home. Jungkook's eyes narrowed into slits, flashing red against his ebony hair. " Beast? Big words from a race that has cruelty in its veins." he snarled.
" Jimin.." Taehyung whispered, now looking worried and Jimin exhaled, sharply. " Lie down. " He said sharply and Jungkook seemed to consider it for a second before moving to the bed. Taehyung watched as he climbed into the gossamer sheets and felt his heart lurch.
The image of the man, sitting on his bed would be burned into his mind forever. "Jimin, be careful." he said when the fairy moved to his side and Jimin nodded, probably thinking he meant it as a warning for him. But what Taehyung meant was " be careful with him. ".
As he hung back and watched, Jimin worked his magic on the Wolf's side, and they watched as the magic did its job, skin and sinew and bone healing quick. The tissue knitting together and in less than a minute the alpha was groaning in relief. Jimin stepped away from the bed.
" Leave." He said sharply and Taehyung frowned. He knew thta fae and wolf didn't get along. But this was his home and Jungkook was a guest. " Jimin give us a moment." he said quietly and Jimin looked annoyed. " Taehyung, you shouldn't.." " Please." he implored. Jimin sighed.
" Ill be back in ten minutes. He better be gone by then." he snapped before letting his wings fall open, flying out of the cottage. Taehyung waited till he could sense his absence before turning to Jungkook. " Its not safe here. The fae folk are very sensitive to your kind."
Jungkook didn't respond staring at him. " Where shall we meet again?" he asked calmly and Taehyung's pulse kicked up. " Meet? Again?" he shook his head. Jungkook smiled. " I promised you the Blood Moon rose, Taehyung. I don't go back on my promises." he said.
Taehyung nodded , glancing down at his feet. He would love to see a blood moon rose. But Jimin was right. If Jungkook got caught, he would be killed amd Taehyung would be banished. " You can't come here. " he shook his head. " So? Ill take you there." Jungkook said casually.
Taehyung's eyes flew open in shock and disbelief. And also excitement. Eagerness and curiousity. Jungkook laughed at how transparent the nymph was , shaking his head. " That settles it then. We will see each other again. Soon." he said firmly . Taehyung swallowed heart racing
" Okay, Alpha." He said without thinking. It was foolish to expect anything to come of it. Jungkook was probably joking anyway. There was no reason for him to remember Taehyung once he left. Let alone keep a promise. But Jungkook was staring at him with a serious look.
" You have an alphas gratitude, Taehyung. You risked your life to help me keep mine. It is not something a lot of people would do. If you're ever in danger, call out to the moon and just think of me. Ill come to you. That is an oath." he swore, eyes narrowed. Taehyung nodded.
" Yes , alpha. Now leave." he whispered. Jungkook seemed to hesitate for just a second before he was moving up to him, close and then closer still. His scent hit Taehyung then, the clean scent of male skin and perspiration, of the mountain air and fertile earth.
" You are beautiful." Jungkook said suddenly. " I have thought it every second in the hour thats Ive been with you and i cannot leave without letting you know." Taehyung blushed as red as the orchid on his window, the Tomatoes in his garden. " I.. Thank you." he said abashed.
And before he could so much as blink, he felt a pair of soft lips right against his own. Gone before he could even register what had just happened. He stared at the werewolf, aghast, but Jungkook had already shifted. The black wolf almost as tall as him, gave him a smirk.
And then the wolf was moving, out of the cottage and into the woods, before disappearing into the night. Taehyung stood frozen, trembling like a leaf as he pressed shaky fingers to his lips. He had just had his first kiss.
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๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Taehyung spent that night in Jimin's cottage.His bed was too messy to lie in and his head was too messed up to do chores. So the fairy had taken him home for the night. Taehyung sat,wrapped in a warm fleece blanket , sipping flower tea, while Jimin ran him a bath.
Questions rang out in his head, his gaze straying every so often to his best friend ,the one person he had never hidden anything from.But he wondered if that was mutual.Something about the way Jimin had reacted to the wolf, told him that he may not know a few things about Jimin.
The lake fairy stayed quiet as they sat through a simple meal of bread and roasted meat, both of them lost in their own thoughts. Taehyung felt jittery and nervous, the events of the evening finally catching up to him. Something had changed, inside him, after meeting the wolf.
It wasn't like Taehyung wasn't aware that he was beautiful. People courted him, lusted after him, admired him. But he had never once felt anything in return. Jungkook didn't just say he was beautiful, he made him feel it, in the way he spoke , the way he looked at him.
It confused him, this sudden ache to know more about the wolf and where he came from. Taehyung was bound to the woods for life, his magic keeping him chained to the earth and all it grew. But Jungkook was tied to the moon, to the mountain air and the changing lunar cycles.
They were as different from each other as they could be. And yet, in those few hours, Taehyung had felt a kinship with the wolf. He had sensed some of the things he carried inside himself. Playful curiosity, a thirst for adventure, a sort of reckless bravery.
" Stop thinking about him ." Jimin said sharply and Taehyung flushed, chastised. " Why do you hate him so? He cannot help bring who he is " Taehyung muttered under his breath and jImin sighed deeply. " I do not hate him, Tae. I hate the thought of him hurting you. He had no+
business being here on fae land , this close to the Autumn Equinox. The moon's pull is getting stronger by the day and in three weeks the Fairy Court will convene to renew laws and codes. If you were caught, they would banish you. He knows this and yet he risked it."
Taehyung shivered at the thought of being banished from his home. He had lived here all his life.He couldn't survive without his trees and his woodland friends. "He was bleeding to death and I was the only one there. Of course he was going to ask me for help!!!" Tae cried out.
Jimin stirred his tea looking thoughtful. " You told me he was hunting? And a red deer gored him?" Taehyung nodded . " The wound was on the back of his thigh, just over his knee." Jimin said carefully. " That means he was caught off guard by the deer."
Taehyung went still at that, the words registering in his mind with a sick sort of clarity. " He could have just misjudged..." He mumbled and Jimin scoffed. " An alpha wolf on the hunt, misjudging where the prey is? He has night vision and his scent. " Jimin pointed out.
" What are you trying to imply, Jimin?" Taehyung asked, tired. Jimin placed the cup down, before reaching for his hand. " I think that you need to rest for now. I don't want go jump to conclusions but, something tells me there's trouble brewing out there. Three weeks ago,
I saw a selkie in the cove by the ocean. And Namjoon told me he spotted a pod of merfolk near the island off the coast. Something is shifting here ,and magical creatures are getting drawn in to this place.Your magic is going to start sensing it too, soon. Please Tae, be careful."
Gooseflesh erupted all over his skin, and chill tan through his body at the words. Taehyung felt cold and scared, shivering under the warm fleece. " Jimin can I stay here for a few days?" he whispered and Jimin's gaze softened.
" Of course, my sweet. You don't have to ask. And Tae, don't worry. I won't ever let anything happen to you. No one can hurt you when I'm here. " Jimin said fiercely, moving to his side and pulling him into a hug. Taehyung clung to the fairy , gripping his clothes.
He tried to think of the previous night, how Jungkook had looked at him. How he had promised to get him the blood moon rose. To take him to the mountains. Taehyung hadn't thought much of it , beyond the fact that he was hurt and needed his help. But now he did.
What was Jungkook doing in Fae land in the middle of the night? ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
Jungkook grabbed the large wooden pail from the aide of the well, before reaching for the ropes that wound through the pulley overhead. Behind him,a line of young wolves stood , waiting to start drawing water. He caught the hushed giggles and whispers, but didn't pay much mind.
All of his mind and thoughts centered around a certain fairy, a beautiful creatures with hair like gold and eyes like the glaciers he so loved. Taehyung had captured his mind so completely, that he found no interest in flirting with young wolves anymore.
He had gone down to the fae forest to look for clues, to try and find out what the Fae folk were up to, but he hadn't expected to stumble onto such a beauty. A kind and trusting one at that. Jungkook felt the need to protect the little fae, from evil in any form.
Taehyung was too trusting for his own good. But he knew that was not his job. Taehyung had magic on his side. Magic he could harness and wield at any second with ease. Fae didn't need protection from anything. The wolves were the ones in genuine danger.
Taehyung and his friend had no idea what the fairy court was capable of, the cruelty they liked doling out in the name of keeping the law. As pack aloha, Jungkook had laws too. But he never took joy in hurting his fellow creatures. Anyone who found pleasure in another's pain,
was absolute scum in his opinion. Jungkook and his pack steered clear of the fae folk for this very reason but off late, he had began to notice a spike in mischievous little pranks near the pack boundaries. Someone got sick eating poisoned mushrooms that looked safe.
Someone else lost their way in the woods when their sense of scent got tampered with. Jungkook's sister had been gathering apples from the orchard, when every fruit in the tree had crashed on her at the same time. Junhee had sported bruises for a while.
Jungkook knew exactly who was to blame for these. While wolves weren't allowed on fae land, fae folk had free reign of the mountains , as long as they stayed out of pack boundaries. But the wolves had to hunt and gather outside. And it was when they were out, that the fae
messed with his pack. Jungkook was wary because things were escalating. The fae folk were getting braver and and more reckless and he was scared that someone was going to end up seriously hurt. He wanted to call the counsel of elders for a meeting, so they could ask audience
with the Fairy Queen. Jungkook hated the old hag with a passion. But she was powerful and he couldn't risk antagonising her. Sighing, he fixed the pail and waved the wolves over. " Fetch water and go straight home." he warned the younglings, before making his way back .
Outside his hut, he found Namjoon and Yoongi with their heads bowed over a few scrolls of parchment, going over them carefully. He made his way over, curious. " Whats wrong, hyung?" he asked , settling on the porch wall. Namjoon looked up at him with a smile.
" Nothing's wrong Jungkook. We're just making sure we have everything down, before we meet the Fairy Queen." Jungkook nodded and gave Namjoon a calculative look. " You're still in touch with that lake fairy?" He asked quietly and next to them, Yoongi went as stiff as a board.
The Oread gave him a smile. Unlike the other fae folk, Namjoon was a solitary fae, who answered to no one. He was as old as the mountains and could take different forms. He was known as the keeper of wisdom , capable of hiding and revealing himself at will.
Jungkook didn't trust him very much, because Namjoon's loyalty was malleable. He was loyal only to the mountains and the magic that weaved through the peaks and valleys of it. But Namjoon was a dear friend of Yoongis , and the alpha trusted his hyung to make the right friends.
"I speak to whoever I eish Jungkook. You know this." Namjoon said softly. " How did you know? Did you meet him?" Yoongi asked desperately and Jungkook felt a pang of sympathy for the older wolf. " He hates our kind , hyung. And a lot of it is probably because of how you +
treated him." he said softly and Yoongi stiffened. " I did it for his own good." he grunted and Namjoon laughed, low and amused. " Why do men think they can make choices for other people." he said thoughtfully.
" When did you meet him?" Yoongi demanded, ignoring Namjoon's snide remark. Jungkook told him about what had happened the previous night and Yoongis frown grew deeper. "Jungkook, that was incredibly reckless of you. You could have been captured." Yoongi snapped.
" There's an open clearing , about three miles from where the fae hold court. I saw a lot of large rock formations, with runes inscribes on them. They seemed to glow just a little whenever the light from the moon hit them. " He took a deep breath, before holding out a stone.
Namjoon took the stone from him, frowning deeply. " Where did you find this?" he asked. " They formed a perimeter around the clearing. there were thousands like this just lining the edge of the clearing. What are they?" Jungkook demanded. Namjoon ran his fingers over it .
" They're called odin stones or hag stones. They carry a lot of magic both dark and light. Jungkook, this could be dangerous. I must look into it. Where did you say the clearing was?" Jungkook groaned at that, shaking his head. " I was going to mark it on my map. When a deer +
charged right at me.J dont know if I can find it again. " " I think the stone has masking magic inscribed into it. To hide whatever is in that clearing. I can barely sense anything off this. " Namjoon shook his head. His eyes looked very troubled. "What are these idiots upto?"
~~~~~~~~ Jimin watched the waves lap the shore of the lake, lost in thought as he played with the small bracelet around his wrist. He remembered picking out the smooth pebbles himself, from the bottom of a deep pool, next to cove many hundred miles from here.
It was three springs ago, while a tawny furred wolf from a visiting pack , swam along the surface in worry. Yoongi had been terrified when Jimin said he would dive all the way down to the bottom, and Jimin had laughed because he was safer in the water than on land.
Yoongiโ€™s pack was staying in the cliffs close to the ocean where Jimin grew up and for seven beautiful months, they had spent almost every moment together. Jimin had gathered the pebbles with so much care, a token of all the love and admiration he held for the older wolf.
Afterwards, the fairy had worked on the stones himself , threading gold wire through to make the bracelets. A pair of them. One lay on his wrist. The other at the bottom of the ocean where Jimin had tossed it, after Yoongi had broken his heart.
Because Yoongi hadnโ€™t stuck around, spouting nonsense about them being too different and he had left. It felt like a whole lifetime ago. Jimin had also left the place he had grown up in , soon after, because the memories killed him .
He packed all his belongings and moved from place to place, his magic restless wherever he went. It was only when he reached this lake that he had found a modicum of peace. He liked going to the cliffโ€™s edge where the sea called to him.
It took a very few weeks for him to realize why his magic had settled : it was because Yoongiโ€™s pack lived in the mountains close by. He had wanted to run away again, at once. But he couldnโ€™t bring himself to leave because of a number of things.
He had met Taehyung and made a home for himself in the forest lake. Taehyung who had been lonely without him, had bloomed under his companionship. He would never hurt the nymph by leaving him. So what if Yoongi lived nearby? It wasnโ€™t like they would meet.
But still, he couldnโ€™t keep the wolf out of his thoughts. His magic had claimed Yoongi as his own and he sensed things about the wolf that made him restless. Jimin sitting in his cabin, hundreds of miles away, knew when Yoongi was hurting or worried or anxious or sad.
It was like a window that opened into the wolfโ€™s emotions and Jimin couldnโ€™t close it even if he wanted to. He had fallen too hard and too fast. And now his magic had bound him to the wolf in a way that couldnโ€™t be broken. He hated himself for it.
Meeting Yoongiโ€™s pack alpha had brought all the memories back. โ€œJimin?โ€ Taehyungโ€™s voice broke him out of his thoughts. โ€œTae?โ€ Whatโ€™s wrong?โ€ Jimin asked , worried when he saw his best friend standing there with his fingers clutching a piece of parchment.
โ€œI.. Iโ€ฆโ€ Taehyung was stammering, eyes wet and lips trembling. โ€œWhatโ€™s wrong?โ€ Jimin said harshly, moving to grab the paper. He read through the missive twice and his heart dropped straight to his knees. โ€œTaeโ€ฆโ€ โ€œIโ€™ve been summoned to the Fairy Court.โ€ Tae whispered.
โ€œ I think someone saw me helping Jungkook.โ€
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ " We're not going to the fucking fairy court." Jimin swore under his breath, a knapsack open on the floor. Taehyung watched as the fairy tossed things inside without care. " Won't they get mad? I dont want to make them angry Jiminie." Tae whispered frantically.
Every few minutes he glanced outside at the window . He was half certain they were going to come drag him away in chains. " Taehyung ah.. think about it. The Queen has never been fair to you. We need to go find Jungkook .. He's going to come with us to the court and
he's going to tell them the truth. That it was his fault and not yours." Jimin growled. Taehyung flinched at how angry Jimin sounded. " You want to run from the court? That can't be right." Taehyung shook his head. He knew they didn't like him much , but he was still a fae.
He had rules to keep and a duty to fulfill. Taehyung didn't like the idea of running away like a coward. He had helped the wolf heal yes, but surely they wouldn't be that angry about it. Jungkook hadn't stayed for a second longer than necessary .
When he mentioned this to the lake fairy, Jimin gave him an unimpressed look. " Thats not how it works Tae. They're ruthless out there in the court. If we go there now, we'll lose everything. They'll banish you and we'll have nowhere to go." Jimin saod sharply. " We?"
Jimin rolled his eyes. " Well yes. You don't think Ill let you go anywhere alone, do you? Im only here for you, Tae." And there was so much comfort in the quiet confidence of it all. Like Jimin had never even considered the alternative.
Taehyung nodded swiftly because Jimin was right. There was a risk of losing everything if they left to meet the Fae without any witnesses of their own. Jungkook was the pack alpha amd whether she liked it or not , the Queen would have to acknowledge his word. If he spoke for him,
Taehyung could possibly come out of this with nothing more than a reprimand perhaps. And Jungkook owed him right? Tae had saved his life after all. So yes. They would go find him and ask him to repay the favor he owed him. It was as simple as that. No need to overthink.
Especially about how Jungkook had kissed him,lips so gentle and careful against his own. No. No thinking of the kiss at all. This was going to be a strictly business visit. His mind offered him a helpful reminder of how he'd looked naked on his bed.
He swallowed , throat suddenly dry. " Okay, lets go find the alpha."
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Character Profiles : Jeon Jungkook :
Jungkook is the pack Alpha, a smart and kind wolf with a playful streak a mile long. Jungkook isn't fond of violence unless you threaten a certain fae he's very fond of. He lives with his pack in the mountains and guards them with his life.
Kim Taehyung :
Taehyung is a wood nymph or Dryad. Hes only half fae. He has. a very kind, easily trusting personality. Taehyung doesn't notice when people mean him harm. He's very powerful in wielding his magic because the trees and plants can sense his pure soul.
Park Jimin :
Jimin is a water fae or a sprite. He draws his magic from the water and more powerful the waterbody the stronger he gets. Jimin is fiercely protective of Taehyung and would do anything to protect him.
Kim Namjoon :
Namjoon is an Oread, a solitary fae of the Mountains. His magic relies on stability and peace and he doesn't take sides during conflict. He's also the keeper of wisdom and will use his magic when the balance of nature is threatened.
The trek up the mountain was a four day journey, three if they used their wings every now and then. But Jimin's wings didn't support him flying long distances, and Taehyung insisted they walk most of the way. So they packed enough food and water to last them at least a week.
Taehyung used his magic to cast a spell on their knapsacks, so it could hold all of their things without being too heavy. Jimin gathered his maps and a compass, while Taehyung took the pressed flowers he used to channel his magic. There would be no fauna up in the mountains.
He felt very anxious,leaving the forest that fed his magic, but Jimin insisted that it would be alright, they would stop anytime he felt overwhelmed, and take it easy and slow. But Taehyung packed his healing case anyway, just in case they needed it.
Jimin gave him an amused smile. " If we're in danger, do you think whatever beast we face , will wait for you to use your mortar and pestle to make a healing paste for yourself?" he laughed, grabbing his tool bag with his trusted switch blades and daggers. Bow and arrows.
Taehyung didn't respond, merely smiling at his best friend. Jimin didn't trust as easily as he did. He would stab first and ask questions later. Bit Taehyung was alright with that. Sometimes he trusted the wrong people. Jimin would keep him grounded. And so they set off. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
They reached the Fae Bridge by the afternoon, after seven hours of walking through the forest, right to the other side.Taehyung had only been here once and it was just as beautiful as ever. "When we cross this bridge, we'll be out of Fae land. The trees will sense you're gone"
Jimin's voice was low and worried and Taehyung nodded. His connection to the land will make the separation difficult but something inside him called out for him to hurry. To get to the alpha soon. He gripped Jimin's hand in his own. " Let's go , Jimin. I'm ready."
They trekked their way through the forest, reaching the stream that would take them on to the mountain trail. Jimin held him through the climb as it began, and as they climbed higher and higher, Tae felt his magic sense the loss. He glanced back down into the valley. His home.
Jimin quickly held his hands and squeezed. " We'll be back very soon, Tae" he said soothingly. And so they set off sgain. Slowly the mountain air grew colder. Harder to take in and breathe out. The trees turned golden as they walked and then gave way to snow clad peaks.
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๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Night fell over the Mountain like a mantle of icy cold and inky blck darkness. Taehyung, who could charm will o the wisps in the forest to light his way, found the intense dark terrifying, but Jimin's Lantern lit their path, the lake fairy leading the way.
Taehyung used his own magic to charm a few lightning bugs he carried in a jar, the bright little bugs twinkling around him and offering him comfort in familiarity. He could see the moon,cresting over the peaks and he felt a shiver run through his spine. It looked sinister.
Somewhere a wolf howled and Jimin went still. He held a hand up stopping Taehyung in his tracks. " Tae, wait. Something's wrong." he said softly. Taehyung nodded,staying perfectly still listening for any noise. The air shifted around them and his magic, weak as it was, spiked.
They weren't alone. There was something, something lurking in the shadows. He could feel the malice in its gaze, his pulse jumping up when the leaves in the underbrush rustled again. Whatever it was, it was watching and waiting. Taehyung felt Jomin reach for his dagger, but
before his fingers could close around the silver hilt of it, a large black mass launched itself, from the depths of the forest straight at the lake fairys chest. Jimin's waif like form was no match for the hulking beast, and the fairy went down, but not before unsheathing his
dagger and stabbing the creature right through its side. Jimin's dagger had on e belonged to Namjoon, a gift from the Oread when he first moved here. The dagger was imbibed with magic from the mountains and the creature howled in agony as neon purple wines began to spread,
Emerging from the ground and wrapping around its masdive frame. Jimin was breathing hard, digging the dagger in deeper and Taehyung's magic spiked at the sight of the vines. He held his hands up, rage filling him at the sight of his hurt friend and he pushed through his fear,
making the vines wrap thick around the creatures neck and limbs , cutting off air and dragging it off the fairy. Taehyung stared straight into the creatures eyes and the bright green orbs narrowed into slits .
The creature opened its mouth in a nasty grin, teeth rotting and yellow . It spoke with a nasally tone and Taehyung's bones chilled at the words. " The Fae Queen wants your blood, pretty nymph. She doesn't forgive or forget." Before he could respond, the vines tightened.
The creature howled and went still, its body crumbling to dust and ash in front fo his eyes. Taehyung watched the vines reteeat into the earth and rushed to Jimin's side, pushing away the words he'd just heard. He froze when his eyes fell on the ground, now stained red.
The creature had slashed through the fairys sides, four two inch deep cuts that curved around his ribs and Jimin's face was pale as death. Taehyung whimpered in terror. " Jimin, no.!!" He dropped to his knees and grabbed the fairys hand. It was icy cold , his grip weak.
" Oh God, Jimin.." He moved instinctively , channeling all of his magic into the wound oushing to heal the skin and it worked, the skin closing over . Healing in front of him. But Taehyung's magic got as weak, the grounding energy of the forest too far to replenish it.
His vision swam, and before he could retract, he was falling, dropping right next to his friend. He gasped when he felt his magic begin to drain his life, trying to replenish itself from his life force. This was the danger. Magic was sentient but heartless.
It would kill to keep itself alive, even if it had to kill the wielder himself.
As Taehyung's eyes began to drop shut, he blinked up at the moon, and another howl echoed through the forest. Jungkook's words rang in his head, " If you're ever in danger, call for me." Taehyung exhaled shakily, beforehand breathing out a weak,"Jungkook." The dark took over.
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Yoongi had always loved baby's breath. The soft delicate white flowers reminded him of snowflakes in winter. Yoongi loved the cold seasons and the chill bite of the wind. As the Autumn Equinox loomed closer, the moon's pull was stronger. Restless, he went out for a run.
He'd barely run a few dozen minutes, when he felt the air shift. As a wolf, Yoongi had no magic. He was merely governed by the moon's magic. The moon gave him speed and heightened senses and superhuman strength. But he couldn't wield his power putside of his own body.
But it was his sense of danger that alerted him to something ominous nearby, something with malice and ill intent. He could smell it and the scent made him nauseous. It was faint though and that meant it was many miles away. He called to Jungkook through the bond between them,
just to be safe , moving in the direction the scent came from. And then he heard it, a loud scream ringing through the empty trails. " Jimin, No!!!" The name, one he whispered so often in his heart, was all it took for him to snarl in anger, charging straight into the trees.
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Jungkook heard Yoongis call for help, just as his own instincts soared. Danger. Danger to one of his own. Terrified that Yoongi was hurt, he shifted into his wolf at once, charging out of his cabin and into the woods. His bond with Yoongi was strong. He would find him.
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Namjoon felt the creature's presence in the mountains, his magic warning him of its intent to kill. He closed his book, feeling his heart stir with disquiet. He couldn't intervene unless his magic compelled him to, but his heart raced. He wondered of he should go see.
Just to be sure that everything was fine. It was pitch black out there and he didn't like the idea of a helpless creature fighting something so malicious. Against his own principles, Namjoon grabbed his cloak, and wrapped it around himself, dissolving into the air in golden dust.
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Namjoon reached the clearing with the two fae, a minute before Yoongi did. Yoongi shifted as he ran, dropping down to his knees in front of the fairy covered in blood, and Namjoon's heart ached. Jimin was hurt, but ot wasn't magical. The creature was dead, and with it,
its magic. The would was physical and would heal. It was the wood nymph who was in real danger. Namjoon stared at him, wrapping his hand around the wrist to sense what was happening, eyes going wide when be realised how weak the pulse was. " He's dying!" he whispered, stunned.
Yoongi looked up from where he was tugging Jimin's coat off, tearing of strips of cloth to press against his bleeding sides. " What?" But Namjoon was already moving, reaching for the dagger by his side. Yoongi watched as the Oread ran the blade right across his own wrist.
And then he was leaning over the wood nymph, letting his blood drip straight into his mouth. " What the fuck are you doing?" the wolf whispered horrified and Namjoon sighed. " His magic is almost drained. Its trying to replenish itself from his lifeforce. Im merely offering it
an alternative source. My blood carries my magic and the mountain's, his magic will latch on to it instead and he won't die."he muttered, squeezing his forearm so more of the red essense dripped in. Yoongi felt nauseous at the strong scent,looking away. That was a lot of blood.
But it seemed to be working, slowly Taehyung's color returned and he started breathing, shallow but steady. Yoongi turned his gaze back to the fairy in his arms, his heart pounding inside his ribcage. Jimin looked pale and weak and he didn't know what to do. The gash was deep.
" Yoongi hyung!!!" Jungkook' s shout made them both look up and a second later , Jungkook was sliding to a halt next to th, gaze frantic. And then his eyes caught soght of Taehyung, skin going pale as the first snow. " Taehyung!!" The wolf roared, rushing to his side.
Yoongi frowned. Jungkook hadn't even bothered to check if he was alright. There really was no loyalty when it came to pretty faes it seemed.
Namjoon held a hand up, stopping Jungkook from coming closer. " Hes very weak. We need to get them to the pack village. They need to rest." He said firmly. " Are there any extra huts where you can put them for a few days?" " He can stay with me." " He can stay with me."
Both Yoongi and Jungkook spoke at the same time and Namjoon smiled, amused. " In that case,Taehyung can stay with Yoongi and Jimin can stay with Jungkook."he said casually. " No! Ill take Taehyung!" " No! Ill take Jimin!" Yoongi and Jungkook stared at each other, blushing.
Namjoon found the whole thing amusing. He had been around for centuries, as old as the mountain peaks. And yet a fool in love was always the same through the passage of time. Ridiculously predictable.
The cabins have
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๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Taehyung woke up to warmth. There was heat all around him, soft fur against his bare skin. He was covered in a shawl and a throw, lying on clean white sheets and the only light came from a fire that burned in the hearth. The gentle crackle of the logs was soothing.
" Taehyung." The soft voice ,.as familiar as his most secret dreams made him startle , and he blinked up at the man sitting on the bed right next to him. Jungkook looked even more handsome in the firelight and if he didn't feel so weak , he would reach out and touch.
" You found me?" Taehyung whispered, voice breaking a bit and Jungkook shushed him gently. " Don't speak, little fae. You got yourself in quite a bit of trouble today. Looks like Im going to have to keep you right by my side , to make sure you dont get yourself hurt."
Taehyung blushed pink at the words, face heating up. He swallowed , mouth dry and throat parched. "Jimin.." he whispered and Jungkook brushed damp locks off his forehead, before reaching for a wooden bowl on the side table holding a damp white cloth soaked in water.
" He's fine. He has a fever, just like you. But his wound is healing. The apothecary has given him some willow bark tea and ginger. You spat it all out, so I had to stay up all night, using this cloth to wipe your body down." Jungkook sighed deeply. Taehyung stared in horror.
Jungkook laughed at the look on his face, pressing the cloth to his forehead and gently letting it sooth his skin. The cool dampness seemed to suck a lot of his weariness off and Taehyung relaxed as Jungkook took care of him. " You need to rest now,Taehyung." Jungkook whispered.
Taehyung's eyes fluttered shut and the alpha began stroking his hair gently, one hand holding onto his own , stroking his fingers gently. Taehyung let himself drift off to sleep, the alpha Wolf's presence somehow offering him security even in a strange new place.
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Taehyung woke up feeling a million times better, his magic somehow thrumming inside him. It was stronger than ever before, vibrating under his finger tips and he was completely confused. This far from his forest, it ought to be weak and dwindling.
But it simmered, ready under his skin and when he took a deep inhale of the cool and refreshing mountain air, his emtire body trembled with good health. He held a hand out, willing his magic to come, gasping when tiny flowers and vines grew out from the center of his palm.
He hadn't done that since the night of the spring solstice, when his powers were at their peak. Intrigued,Taehyung sat up , throwing his legs over the bed and finally taking a look around the alpha Wolf's hut. There was a hearth to make food, and the cabin was simple but big.
He realized that Jungkook had dressed him in one of his own white linen shirts, the large garment falling down to his knees. He was bare underneath it, and he tried not to think of Jungkook seeing him like that. Instead he moved to edge of the cabin where a smaller door stood.
It seemed to be a pantry and storage space with cured meats and herbs and fruits and gourds. Taehyung stepped in , intrigued , running his fingers over ginger , thyme and garlic pods. He was just opening a jar of white ceramic when a noise from behind startled him.
" So, you're the daring nymph trying to seduce our alpha." The voice was high and annoyed, and Taehyung flinched, gripping the hem of the shirt Instinctively, he took a step back, staring at the man at the door. He was slight and pale, with strawberry blonde hair and grey eyes.
"Im sorry.. " Taehyung said Instinctively, placing the jafr back and awfully conscious of his state of undress. The wolf at the door narrowed his eyes at him. " Is that Jungkookies shirt?" his nostrils flared. " Why are you wearing it?" he demanded, lips parting in a snarl.
" Because I asked him to, Mingyu. Just as I asked you to not step into my hut, without a chaperone. I don't want amy rumours." Jungkook's loud booming voice made the smaller wolf recoil. Taehyung watched as the wolf made eyes at the alpha, lips jutting out in a pout.
" Alpha, I only came by because I missed you at the festivities last night. You promised me a dance." The wolf, Mingyu whined. Jungkook seemed to relax a bit, smiling and lightly stroking the Wolf's silky hair. " Im sorry little one. I got caught up with some things."
Mingyu scoffed at that, staring with disdain at Taehyung. " Well, once you're done with ' things' , perhaps you can come find me at the orchard, there's three trees that need to be harvested. You can help me. Maybe I'll even let you get a taste of the sweetest fruit there."
The innuendo was so blatant that Taehyung felt like a voyeur. Jungkook himself turned red before shooing the wolf out. Mingyu left with a smug smile , throwing a heated glare at Taehyung before leaving. Taehyung felt queasy, his bright mood dampening considerably.
โ€œMingyu is one of the younger omega pups. He presented just last year and heโ€™s a bit shameless. As pack alpha , I canโ€™t really upset him. Heโ€™s still young and quite sensitive, so I just try to have a compromise , you know with boundaries.
Heโ€™s not allowed to come here. I donโ€™t know why he turned up. Heโ€™s notโ€ฆ Weโ€™re not..โ€ Jungkook stopped when Taehyung cleared his throat. โ€œI really didnโ€™t ask. I donโ€™t care who he is to you.โ€ The fae said quietly, mind still hung on the phrase Jungkook had used on the wolf.
โ€˜ Little Oneโ€™ he had said. Taehyung was supposed to be โ€˜ Little faeโ€™ . Did Jungkook just go around giving nicknames to people? He glared angrily at the nearest sprig of rosemary, hanging right next to his head.
As they both watched, the lush green stem withered and turned black before crumbling into dust. Jungkook stared at the little pile of black dust at their feet.
โ€œI can see that you donโ€™t.โ€ He smirked. Taehyung glared at him, before moving to rush past him, but before he could get past him, the alpha caught him by the waist, pulling him close till he was flush against his chest.
Taehyung gasped, shocked as Jungkook tightened his hold on his waist, yanking him even closer, till their noses touched. Taehyung squirmed, going still when he felt the hard press of his thigh, between Taeโ€™s slender limbs.
He wasnโ€™t wearing anything underneath that shirt, and it stuck him, that if Jungkook moved his knee just a bit higher, he could grind his cock against the alphaโ€™s thigh. Taehyung turned red as the beets hanging behind him, mouth dry and cock swelling between his thighs.
Jungkook chuckled, moving his nose to the crook between his neck and throat, breathing deeply. โ€œAre you getting all possessive on me, little fae?โ€ The wolf growled and Taehyung gasped when one of his hand moved to the back of Taeโ€™s thigh, fingers brushing gently over the skin,
before creeping up under his shirt. โ€œ My shirt .โ€ Jungkook growled. โ€œ I donโ€™t like sharing my things, little fae.โ€ โ€œYou.. โ€œ Taehyung gasped, when his hand slipped further, reaching the curve of his bare ass. His eyes squeezed shut when Jungkook gripped him, squeezing hard.
โ€œ You leant it to meโ€ฆโ€ He protested and Jungkook chuckled against his neck, before licking the just of his collarbone. โ€œI did didnโ€™t I? Well, now I want it back.โ€ He whispered.
Taehyung felt his pulse spike through the roof, breath catching in his lungs. Oh sweet, Goddess of spring. He was so hard he was going to cry now.
Jungkook groaned against his skin. โ€œYou look like heaven and smell like sin, Taehyung.โ€ He muttered. โ€œ Thatโ€™s not fair to me now, is it?โ€ He nipped the skin, just below his near, before moving one hand around, lightly brushing the tip of Taehyungโ€™s cock, through the fabric.
โ€œ Namjoon hyung told me he fed you his magic. He was scared that it was too much. He thinks I should get some of it outโ€ฆโ€ He kissed his earlobe before biting it lightly and then soothing the sting with a lick. โ€œJungkookโ€ฆโ€ Taehyung whimpered, โ€œ please touch me.โ€
Heโ€™d never wanted to be touched so badly before, his magic brimming over and looking to get out. โ€œI will.โ€ Jungkook whispered, kissing his cheeks and then the corner of his lips. โ€œ But not here, angel. Let me get you on that bed.โ€
( A/ N : This isn't exactly dub con, but you can still be careful. The idea is that Taehyung's magic is a bit too much for his body right now and the quickest way to get rid of it is an orgasm preferably with a partner. Did I make up this rule just to write a sex scene? Maybe.)
Jungkook was very careful to keep his weight off the fae as he pressed soft kisses over his cheeks. Taehyungโ€™s eyes were glowing purple, his lips turning a little blue. Namjoon ad told him the magic may have been too much for the wood nymph, because Namjoon was a powerful deity
and Taehyung was only half fae. He knew the innocent fairy would probably regret this in the aftermath, but there was nothing else to do. He hadnโ€™t even considered it, until he saw Taehyung burn down that rosemary sprig with just a little glance.
The fae was in danger, with the magic controlling him and not the other way round. โ€œTae, look at me.โ€ He said softly and the fae blinked, languid and a little lazy. โ€œYes.โ€ โ€œYou trust me right?โ€ Jungkook brushed the hair off his head, wincing at how damp the locks were.
โ€œNot really.โ€ Taehyung mumbled and the wolf laughed. โ€œFair enough.โ€ He gently grabbed the faeโ€™s hand , bringing it down between his own thighs. โ€œ Tae how do you feel?โ€ he asked quietly, still keeping the slightly flirty, playful tone so as to not spook the fairy too much.
โ€œFeel?โ€ Tae frowned, looking lost.โ€ I feel fine. Touch me.โ€ Jungkook nodded, gaze moving to the way the veins in his neck were tuning just a bit darker. He swallowed, worry beginning to creep into his own heart now.
He moved his hand over Taehyungs, pushing the fabric of his linen shirt away, and making him grip his own hard length. โ€œ Does that feel good, baby?โ€ Taehyung groaned, throwing his head, back, beginning to stroke his own length, in quick hard strokes.
Jungkook kept his gaze on the faeโ€™s pretty features, trying not to think of his hand covering the fairyโ€™s. Taehyung seemed to glow from the inside out, and Jungkook stared, awed as wisps of purple neon light began escaping his skin, as he gave in to the pleasure.
He remembered what Namjoon had told him and swallowed. โ€œTell me when youโ€™re close , Taehyung.โ€ He whispered and Taehyung gasped, starting to tremble and go stiff,
Jungkook pressed his hand in harder, moving to brush his teeth right over the Faeโ€™s neck, letting his fang drop, curved and ready. Just as Taehyung shuddered into his releaser, Jungkook bit into his skin, drawing blood out and with it a spike of magic so strong
it nearly threw him right across the room. Swearing, Jungkook licked at the bite mark, shaking a little as Tae began to cry, trembling under him. โ€œWhat just happened?โ€ The fae asked, voice shaking like a leaf caught in a tempest.
Jungkook sighed, pulling his hand away and cradling him in a hug. โ€œItโ€™s okay, Taehyung. Youโ€™re okay.โ€ He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to his neck, watching the blood flow a bit more, before slowing to a small trickle.
He grabbed the nearest coverlet, wadding it up a bit and pressing it against his neck. Taehyung had his face buried in his neck, and wouldnโ€™t let go. โ€œI canโ€™t believe you did that.โ€ The fae muttered into his shoulder and Jungkook chuckled.
โ€œI had fun. And so did you.โ€ He pointed out and Taehyung groaned. โ€œI am mortified. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ll ever be able to look you in the face again.โ€
Jungkook chuckled and drew the cover up over both of them, settling down in the bed with the fairy. โ€œI donโ€™t mind you not looking at me, as long as I get to look at you.โ€ He teased , and the fairy only groaned even more.
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Hello โฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธ The journey to the Blood Moon Rose takes three days. Jungkook should
Meanwhile Yoonmin are
While Taehyung woke up to warmth, Jimin woke up from the icy cold , licking at his skin through his sweat damp clothes and thin sheets. He blinked weary eyes, flinching when he felt the drag of stitched skin near his midriff. Memories of the previous night flashed and worry rose,
like a tidal wave. " Taehyung!!!!" he shouted, voice hoarse and terrified and A hand pressed against his shoulder, an arm coming around his waist, helping him lay back down. Jimin hadn't even realized he'd gotten up. He blinked up at the man next to him, and this time a very
different but equally potent emotion filled him. " You!!!!" he growled, trying to scramble away but the Wolf's grip had always been strong. Yoongis lean muscled frame was deceptive. He was stronger than anyone Jimin knew. " Taehyung is fine. He's with Jungkook. He's resting.
And so should you. The wound is deep and I had to stitch you up. You can't move this fast." Yoongis voice. Jimin hated it. It was low and soothing and deep. Raspy in the morning. And he spoke with infinite patience. Like he was explaining it to a child. Jimin was no child.
" Don't act like you wouldn't rather see me dead, Min Yoongi. " he hissed, head beginning to pound as he closed his eyes and laid back, because the room was beginning to spin now. " Jimin..." Yoongi looked stricken at the words. " Please just... " " Dont " Jimin snapped.
" Don't say anything to me. I don't want to hear you offer excuses for what you did. I gave you my heart and you tore it to shreds." Jimin winced, when the agitated words made his head pound some more. He was so tired. " We'll talk about this. Later. Please rest, Jimin."
Jimin glared at him again. " Dont tell me what to do. " He muttered, closing his eyes anyway because the throbbing ache in his jead got too much. He exhaled shakily. " When I wake up , take me to Taehyung. " he whispered before lying bck against the pillows and letting his body
go lax. Once he found Taehyung, they would explain what happened to the alpha and clear things up with the fae court.
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Taehyung was avoiding him. Jungkook found it both frustrating and amusing. He'd forgotten that fae folk weren't very open about sex and nudity, the way wolves were. Mating was sacred yes, but the moon's sway was strong. It always called them to drop their
inhibitions, to enjoy what was both natural and pleasurable and most wolves indulged in it to their hearts content. Jungkook, as the pack alpha, didn't do it as much as the other wolves, of course. There were always pack members trying to catch his eyes, most of them hoping
to be his mate , but Jungkook had never been drawn to anyone that much. Sure he slept with a few of them, every once in a while . But it was never anything beyond just physical pleasure. A release.
Even that thing with Taehyung hadn't been very sexual, in intent at least. It was sexy, of course watching the fae fall apart in his arms. Taehyung's face when he came was etched in Jungkook's mind and would probably haunt him for months, but he had only done it to help.
Taehyung on the other hand seemed to have taken it very seriously. He had refused to so much as look him in the eye and then when his sister Junghee had come to check on them, the nymph had latched on to the older woman and asked her to take him to Jimin.
Now they two fairies were in Yoongis hut, with no one allowed anywhere near. Taehyung said Jimin needed help to get better, dragging his medical case and taking out vials of potions and salves and mesh cloth before dressing the wound with magic . Jungkook watched, fascinated ,
through the small window in the hut but Taehyung didn't acknowledge him or look at him.
He hovered near the hut, not sure what to do, when Namjoon appeared out of thin air, startling him. " Mother Moon!! Dont fucking do that, fuck." Jungkook swore , heart pounding in his throat , and the Oread laughed, giving his chin a little flick. "I see you helped drain some
of his magic." he asked lightly. Jungkook looked at his face for any signs of teasing, but Namjoon sounded genuinely relieved. " Yes. I did. But he hates me now." he muttered under his breath. It was all Namjoon's fault really.
If the Oread had been more careful, Jungkook wouldnโ€™t have gotten roped into that. โ€œYouโ€™re right. I should have done it myself.โ€ Namjoon sighed deeply and Jungkook went stiff at the insinuation. The idea of Namjoon touching Taehyung was honestly quite sickening.
He opened his mouth to tell him as much, when a gaggle of playful wolf pups came giggling around the corner, loud and boisterous with a harried looking Yoongi between them. He had a large canister of clear water in his arm and Jungkook raised a brow in question.
The wolf struggled to fend off the inquisitive pups, giving Jungkook a desperate look and Jungkook relented, growling low. โ€œLet Yoongi oppa, go. Now.โ€ He said sternly and the pups retreated, chastised and pouting.
โ€œLittle devils.โ€ Yoongi muttered under his breath, walking straight over to his own hut. The one he had been locked out of. Truly there was no justice in this cruel world. The door opened, revealing a very serious looking Taehyung who exchanged a few quick phrases with Yoongi
before taking the canister. Yoongi tried to peer around the fae, into the hut but Taehyung slammed the door shut in his face. Jungkook snorted. Taehyungโ€™s sweet and gentle demeanor was misleading. The fae had a stubborn streak a mile long.
โ€œWhat was that?โ€ Jungkook asked curiously and Yoongi shrugged. โ€œTaehyung wanted fresh water to help Jiminโ€™s magic heal him, so I went to the glacier and got some.โ€ Jungkookโ€™s jaw went slack. โ€œThe glacier??!โ€ He gaped. โ€œ Hyung thatโ€™s like a dayโ€™s walk on foot!โ€ Yoongi flushed.
โ€œIts only three hours when Iโ€™m shiftedโ€ฆโ€ He muttered under his breath and Namjoon chuckled. โ€œLove numbs the pain, yes, hyung?โ€ He teased and Yoongi glared at him. โ€œWhat worries me is the reason Jimin is hurt. What was that thing and why was it here?โ€ He said angrily.
Namjoon shook his head, โ€œ I donโ€™t really know. It was dead by the time I got there . I only felt the mountainโ€™s magic in the air when I reached there.โ€ โ€œHyung?โ€ Jungkook asked worried.
โ€œI didnโ€™t see it either. All I heard was Taehyung screaming Jiminโ€™s name and by the time I got there, it was already gone.โ€ โ€œSomethingโ€™s going on.โ€ Jungkook insisted. โ€œ The runes and stones in the clearing in the forest, the hag stones and the pranksโ€ฆ
and now a creature that tried to kill two innocent fairies. I donโ€™t like this hyung, I donโ€™t like it at all.โ€ Namjoon hummed in agreement. โ€œI think, the fae folk are up to something.โ€ He said quietly. โ€œ And it doesnโ€™t look to be something insignificant.โ€
By nightfall, under Taehyungโ€™s tender care, Jimin had made a full recovery. Jungkook arranged a feast, to welcome the two fae to the pack and the pack members were all excited, especially the male wolves who had caught a few glimpses of Taehyung.
The fae was just so breathtaking and glowed like a firefly on a summer night. Jungkook had already caught a few of them talking about Taehyung in less than respectful ways and he had to remind himself that as pack alpha,
he couldnโ€™t just punch his pack member in the face for talking. But, he was still glad to see both Jimin and Taehyung out of the hut that evening, just as the sun began to set.
Junhee and a few other wolves had helped them with hot water and new robes for the evening and Jungkook felt his mouth go dry as he caught a glimpse of Taehyung in a beautiful pink and blue dress.
Pack gatherings were always an excuse for everyone to dress up, and the village seamstress always went overboard with the silk and lace and wispy gowns . And this time she seemed to have outdone herself, although Jungkooks eye twitched at how much of the faes golden skin was out.
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Taehyung was staring around at everyone, with wide curious eyes and Jimin, next to him looked like he would stab anyone who got close to the pair of them. Jiminโ€™s death glare seemed to work a bit, because the wolves stayed in their spots whispering, until Namjoon stood up from
where he was sitting on a log, making his way over to the two fairies. โ€œJimin and Taehyung. On behalf of the pack alpha.โ€ Namjoon glared pointedly at Jungkook who startled. โ€œ I would like to welcome you to the Jeon pack,
and we would be glad to host for as long as you wish to stay here.โ€ Jungkook cleared his throat. โ€œUhโ€ฆ yes.โ€ He laughed nervously. โ€œ everyone, This is Jimin and Taehyung, from the valley. Theyโ€™re fae, as you can sense and as is our tradition
we will treat all our guests with respect and dignity. You have our hospitality for as long as you stay here.โ€ He bowed politely, before turning to the pack members, all of them scattered around the large bonfire, watching him avidly.
โ€œ And now , we can all indulge in good food, gossip and music.โ€ He waved at the five wolves who always played their instruments, a collection of fifteen songs played on loop but enjoyed with the same gaiety every time. When he turned back to the two fae, Jimin was already
dragging Taehyung to the side, where a few logs had been arranged for the wolves to sit around. As soon as Taehyung settled in, a number of male wolves gathered all around him and Jungkook frowned, scowl deepening when the fae gave them all a blinding smile. After ignoring him.
โ€œ Just go talk to him.โ€ Yoongiโ€™s voice came from next to him, eyes rolling in his head and Jungkook scoffed. โ€œyouโ€™re one to talk. Why donโ€™t you go talk to your ex boyfriend, who looks like he swallowed a thundercloud.โ€ He retorted and Yoongi groaned.
โ€œYou think I havenโ€™t tried?โ€ He demanded. โ€œ anytime I go near him, he pulls his dagger out.โ€ Jungkook laughed despite himself, shaking his head and letting his gaze get drawn back to the wood nymph.
He was laughing now, gently making little blossoms bloom in his palm, plucking them off and sticking them into the little pupsโ€™ hair. The male wolves stood by respectfully all of them watching and admiring him and Jungkook walked over, slowly .
โ€œYou look enchanting little fae.โ€ He whispered quietly and Taehyung blushed a pretty, pretty pink. The male wolves whistled, all of them guffawing at the unusual sweet talk coming from the pack alpha and the pups stopped tugging on Taeโ€™s skirt, watching him.
โ€œThank you.โ€ Taehyung said primly and Jungkook sighed, holding a hand out. โ€œWalk with me?โ€ He asked softly and Taehyung seemed to hesitate before turning to the pups, and ruffling their fur.
โ€œIโ€™ll be right back, pups.โ€ He whispered, before standing up and taking Jungkookโ€™s hand. Jungkook placed Taeโ€™s palm on his forearm, leading him off to a small pathway that wound around the clearing. They would be in sight of the pack and still get a modicum of privacy.
Jungkook waited till they were out of hearing distance, before lightly running a finger on the back of Taehyungโ€™s hand. Taehyung shivered pulling away from him and Jungkook felt his heart ache at the sight. He didnโ€™t like the idea of the fae avoiding him at all.
โ€œTae, talk to me. Whatโ€™s wrong?โ€ He asked quietly and Taehyung bit his lips. โ€œYouโ€™re trifling with me.โ€ He said softly, trembling just a little. Jungkook stopped in his tracks, surprised. โ€œWhat?โ€
โ€œYou call everyone sweet names, you treat everyone with kindness, you look at everyone with affection. Iโ€™m not special.But when you look at me ,my heart races and my mind plays tricks on me."Taehyung, looked at him with wet lashes, and Jungkook felt an iron fist around his heart,
and Taehyung sniffled before continuing, "It makes me think you want me but I know that you donโ€™t. you wonโ€™t. Youโ€™re a wolf. An alpha. You wonโ€™t want someone like me.โ€ He whispered, looking away as tears dripped down his face.
Jungkook felt his eyes widen, unable to say anything. He hadn't actually imagined the fae would be interested in anything more than a harmless flirtation. Yet, Taehyung's tears told a different story, and Jungkook felt like an absolute villain. The fae was clearly delicate,
in more ways than one. The last thing Jungkook wanted to do was hurt him. So he chose his words carefully.
Im just curious
Jungkook held both of Taes soft hands in his own, turning the fae around to face him. " Taehyung, I'm sorry if I confused you. There's nothing false about my attraction for you but my pack, they depend on me for survival I can't leave them. We belong to the moon
and the mountains. You're a wood nymph. You need the sun and fields and flowers and trees to thrive. How could i possibly ask you to give that up?" he sighed. " I wish for us to be friends Tae... anything more, I am not sure. But not because I don't want it, but because I know
I can't possibly have it." he sighed , looking at his feet. Taehyung bit his lips. He looked stricken as he squeezed Jungkooks hand. " It was the Fairy Queen. She was the one who sent the creature to kill me." he whispered.
Jungkook looked up sharply, eyes narrowed in shock and anger. " What?" he cried out, " What do you mean?" Taehyung nodded. " The creature told me. That the Fae Queen wants my blood. I don't know what it means." Jungkook realized the fairy had started shaking and pulled him in
against his broad warm chest. Taehyung buried his face into the warmth between his neck and shoulder sniffling some more. Jungkook stroked his back, arms tight around the slender waist. Taehyung smelled like flowers and sunshine and in the cold Autumn air, his scent was like
a taste of spring. Jungkook breathed him in with greed, burying his nose against the faes neck. He felt rage fill his heart , at the thought of the queen wanting Taehyung dead. Why on earth would she want to harm the innocent fae. He couldn't fathom it. But he knew that,
as long as he was alive, no one would harm a hair on Taehyung's head. " Its why I couldn't talk to you. I was scared to tell you that I can't go back. I haven't told Jimin either. He wants to take me to the Fairy Court. But Im afraid they'll hurt me if I go." Tae whimpered.
" Tae, of course you have to tell Jimin. He would never let you be in danger. " he said softly. " And no. You're not going anywhere. You're going to stay here, right here by my side. Till you get sick of me." Jungkook said firmly and Taehyung gasped a bit at the words.
Jungkook gave him a determined look. " Thats right. If the forest is dangerous, you can't go back, Tae." " But... I can't stay here forever." Tae whispered, looking away. " Do you want to?" Jungkook whispered and Taehyung looked at him. " What?" he whispered.
" Forget about the flowers and the trees ... if your magic let you, would you stay here with me? by my side?" As pack alpha , Jungkook had long learned that it was best to be honest and upfront. Taehyung blushed as red as a cherry tomato. " I... would you want me to?"
And that was all the answer he needed, pulling the fae close, Jungkook slotted his lips over the fairys sweet and gentle but firm and passionate as well. Taehyung startled, mouth parting in surprise, hands flying up to his shoulders , but he didn't push the wolf away.
Instead he pushed himself against him, seeling more of the sweet kiss, parting plush lips and letting Jungkook in, letting him taste his sweetness on his tongue. Jungkook slipped a hand up into the faes hair, gripping gently and angling his head for better access, licking
into his mouth with hunger . A hunger that had been simmering inside him from the moment he had first laid eyes on the fairy. Taehyung was so precious and beautiful and magical and Jungkook was but a lowly, wild and reckless wolf . How could he possibly resist?
When they pulled away, they were both panting. Taehyung looked debauched and Jungkooks eyes glowed red , fang almost dropping . " Tae..." he whispered gently and the Fairy blinked , big green eyes shining. " Yes?" he asked shyly, ears and cheeks red. " Can I court you?"
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ I need to go punch a wall this is too much for me.. But ill see you guys in a day โฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
okay so Mingyu is going to be a problem... but you guys can choose how big a problem ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคญ
As the night grew darker, the festivities began to die down. The wolves began drifting towards their mates, curling up on Elk skin rugs scattered all around the large bonfire. Taehyung saw Jimin , sitting with his back against Namjoon's chest, while Yoongi threw longing glances.
Jungkook sat behind Taehyung, both arms wrapped around him, nuzzling into his neck and playing with the fairys fingers. "What do you think , the fairy court is upto? " Taehyung asked quietly, tilting his head to the side so the wolf could press more kisses up his neck.
Jungkook paused, pulling back to sigh deeply. " I wish I had an answer Tae. We, wolves have always been scared of magic wielders and the fae folk have always hated us. There's been a lot of attacks these few months. Fae have been crossing into pack land more often."
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