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Kdj harem au where all of them are actors, kdj isn't that well known because he only takes on minor roles while yjh,sjw,sp and jaehwan are all internationally famous.

There'd be fancams and edits of each guy smiling genuinely and it would reach like 1.8 or 4.2 mil, some fans tried to look for the original source of each edit and it would be from guest shows and behind the scenes
but all of them have something similar each time, it was that kdj was also there. So it wouldn't take the fans too long to connect the dots and after that they started searching for who kdj was, and his socmeds
So they find his twitter account and it is full of the most random yet hilarious tweets you will ever find, he has some regular like usual tweets here n there but man this man has a sense of humor.
Kdj wakes up to hear his notifications blowing up and his phone is on the brink of exploding, literally, so he checks it out. At first he starts to worry and freaks out because what if he got cancelled? What if somebody posted accusations of him??
What was his last tweet again?!? Oh shit what did he do!??!? Then to his (pleasant) surprise he somehow got a massive influx of followers out of nowhere and he just stared at his phone because his brain was currently malfunctioning at this
So what did he do next? He tweeted of course🤷 mans tweeted "what the wuckity fuckity fuck happened 😃" and that shi got like 100k likes SOMEHOW (??) Then his best friend (hsy) called him up and said "bitch are you seeing this rn?!?" And he goes "what am I seeing??"
And she sends him a link to a YouTube video with 10 million views that captions: " Men simping for kim dokja for 10 minutes gay." What the fuck.
I nue rayt 😔🤘
I want to drop out ( of a building) of school...
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