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Apr 13, 2022
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THREAD: Why Diogo Jota is the most scary attacker in the PL right now and the next Thierry Henry in terms of installing fear and goal scoring ability. *Not comparing their overall play, just pure goalscoring and finishing ability.* Liverpool's and Edwards hidden gem 💎.

In the 04/05 season, Arsenal legend and footballing king, Thierry Henry managed to score 25 goals in 32 league games. Amazing return, But let's take a deeper look and compare him to Liverpool's newly found gem, Diogo Jota.
I could write for days but i made this part short and easy to read and to compare. Henry 04/05 vs Jota 21/22. Their attacking stats are so so similar.
Jota has has a much higher Goals per Shot on Target, which would suggest that when Jota has a shot on target, there is a 52% probability of him scoring compared to Henry's 32%. "So why doesn't Jota have more goals" you might ask?
It's because Jota takes less shots, Basic probability. If you shoot more you will score eventually. It's also the fact Jota is sharing the ball with Salah and Mane who are also high volume shooters like Henry. Henry was the focal point of Arsenal's attack, Jota isn't, YET.
Now as to why i think he'll be the next Henry is due to his inevitable genes. Henry was respected because he could score in any magnitude, small games, mid table games, big games, And so can Jota. In fact he's scored against every big 6 club this season except Chelsea.
Clinical Inevitable Big game player He puts fear into teams when he's on that pitch. He is going to be a special player, one of the best Edwards signings.
Sadiq 🇰🇵

Sadiq 🇰🇵

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