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mila is out of prison

mila is out of prison

Mar 30, 2022
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lets talk a canon #taekookau taekook are each other’s person, through and through. Suddenly the dating ban is lifted for idols and all hell breaks loose. they realize all at once that the love they have for one another is a different kind of love. and they’re totally fucked.

tags consisting of : denial of feelings, mutual pining, sneaking around, love triangles galore, falling outs and falling back together, angst with a happy ending, hurt/comfort, taekook both suck at feelings leaving this here for now
||| are we writing this? or onto the next idea? 🥴
||| before we start!! this will be a canon divergence, it’ll be mostly canon but somethings may be out of order chronologically. and ofc, some parts will be made up. like all of my fics, we will have a poll to begin!! 🤪 who takes advantage of the new rule first? 👀
the news drops when they’re in the middle of the european leg of their tour. only a handful of shows left before they go home. and as much as they all love performing its so clear that everyone is beginning to feel homesick.
when loading into the vehicles to take them back to their hotel rooms, everyone’s phone starts blowing up at once. Jungkook trying to reach his phone without disturbing Taehyung who has fallen asleep on his shoulder. “no fucking way” he whispers under his breath
2. tannies GC
Taehyung scoots closer against his shoulder so Jungkook sighs and puts his phone back away. but hes feeling a little offended, are the hyungs hiding something from him? he can keep a secret if thats what they’re worried about.
he hears the driver of his and taehyung’s SUV curse loudly before he sees bright lights ahead of them. on instinct he brings his hand to Taehyung’s head to hold him in place against his neck when the vehicle slams on the brakes.
never understood how Taehyung can sleep through anything. he’s lost in dreamland and doesnt even know that all hell is about to break loose in the life of being idols. when they wake up tomorrow Jungkook is going to ask Taehyung about the hyung’s secret.
Jungkook and Taehyung dont bed share as much as they used to. mostly because back home they all have their own apartments now, so its really only an opportunity when they’re away on schedule.
with only one free day left before they travel to the next city of the tour, they’ll have the luxury of sleeping in. thus leading to Jungkook sneaking out of his hotel room at 4 in the morning to make his way all the way to Taehyung’s instead.
uses the keycard that Taehyung gave him when they checked in because, well, old habits die hard and they’ve always exchanged keycards on trips. although, to his dismay, Taehyung’s already snoring when he gets inside.
no hair combing will put him to sleep tonight. but he does climb in bed right behind Taehyung. all of this dating stuff is intimidating and Jungkook doesnt know how he’s going to feel when their lives start changing. but at least one things forsure, he’ll always have Tae. —
Sao Paulo turns out to be one of those shows that makes Jungkook feel alive. the energy is immaculate from the moment they step on stage. he was worried going into this because the night before ended rather horribly.
because he and Taehyung thought it would be smart to blindly taste test different containers of instant ramyun. which turned very quickly into them gasping for air when they got to the extra extra extra hot flavor.
Taehyung nearly passing out and Jungkook kicking himself for forgetting to take that flavor out of Taehyung’s line up. rubbed a gentle hand along Taehyung’s spine as he chugged various bottles of water, but Jungkook’s giggles were relentless.
“i’m so sorry hyung” “fuck you! you did that on purpose!” Taehyung cried out with a bitter kind of laughter. nearly gagging on his own words and Jungkook was in hysterics. “i would never..”
so yeah, when they both woke up this morning with upset stomachs, he had a horrible feeling about tonights show. but the thing about being on stage is that it feels like an out of body experience.
Jungkook is here, he knows that. but often times he feels like hes an outside watching these wonderful moments playout. moments like when they run down the path to the extended stage jumping like maniacs to the tune of anpanman.
only comes back to his body when he catches eye contact with Taehyung and Jimin who are giggling against each other as they nearly trip. feels all of the adrenaline thats pumping through his body settle to a calm state of happiness.
and the concert goes on without a hitch. in one particular moment, he extends a truce offering to the hyung that swore last night that Jungkook was getting the silent treatment for a week.
because theres an ARMY with a giant brazil flag, except Yeontan’s face is smack dab in the middle of it. Jungkook /has to make sure Taehyung see’s this. gets his attention as soon as he finds him and points it out.
admiring the way Taehyung’s head falls back in laughter as he stares at the flag. Jungkook carries on feeling proud of himself for earning back some points with his bestfriend. and he only feels a tiny bit smug when Taehyung climbs into his SUV after the show. —
||| gonna take some rest and update tomorrow if yall still want this fic? 🫠 ill be shameless and admit that lack of interaction completely depletes my motivation to write when it comes to ongoing fics fkfk
||| jungkook takes advantage first? okie. choose carefully ~ 😈
cw: healthy talks about sexuality will take place in this update and some upcoming ones. these are not characters that are fully educated on all aspects of LGBTQ+ so be patient with them as they try to learn/explain things, hehe.
Jungkook has never felt so completely and utterly sucker punched in his life. All of their hyungs thought they were dating? Him and Taehyung? That doesn't even make any sense. They've never done /anything that a couple would do.
Does Taehyung think they're dating? Oh he fucking hopes not. God, no, he cannot fuck up with his bestfriend. Please tell him that he didn't miss some major development in the last eight years. Surely, surely, Taehyung doesn't think that way.
It's the middle of the night, they're exhausted from the concert. They have to wake up in three hours. He should not be waking Taehyung up right now. but he /has to. they have to clear this up immediately. so that they can continue as they were.
As they were, meaning where they lay right now. With Taehyung's head rested against Jungkook's chest with their legs intertwined. "Tae.." he calls softly. Trying to nudge him awake by puffing up his chest.
Giggling when Taehyung just readjusts himself. "Taehyungie-hyung, wake up, i have to talk to you" he drops his phone unceremoniously to the floor and pokes Taehyung's cheek with his finger. "please wake up"
"hmm. Kook. you're kinda driving me nuts lately." Taehyung groans. leaning up because he has no choice. he's kind of leaning /over Jungkook which under any other circumstance would not bother the younger. because it's just so normal. but he's hyperaware of everything right now.
So he sits up too. putting some space between them. "have i ever made you think that we were in a relationship?" "what?" Taehyung's brows furrow "are you sleep talking?" "no, what, of course not. the hyungs--"
"oh my god, they told you their stupid theory" Jungkook gasps "so you /did know?!" "know what? Jimin mentioned it like a year ago when you guys got drunk in Tokyo. he called me begging me to just tell him if we were dating or not."
Jungkook doesn't remember much of that night in Tokyo. he only remembers barely making it to their hotel room and them both fighting over the toilet because they had to vomit simultaneously.
"and what did you tell him?" Taehyung rolls his eyes hard, "that he's a fucking idiot. you're not even gay, kook." "right" Jungkook nods but...actually.. "i mean, i'm not /not gay. i just wouldn't know. i've never kissed literally anyone before so"
Taehyung yawns. pushes Jungkook back to lay down and takes his spot right back where they were, "can we go back to sleep now?"
"yeah" he takes a deep breath "i was worried that i did something wrong and somehow gave you the wrong impression and thats why everyone thought we were dating"
"you didn't, bun. promise. we're good. just wanna sleep" he huffs and lays there staring at the ceiling for a few minutes. replaying the conversation when suddenly he jolts up. Taehyung cursing under his breath at being practically thrown forward, "wait, so /you are gay."
"oh for fucks sake, Jungkook, I'm about to kick you to your own hotel room if you don't let me sleep" "Taehyungieee, this is insane. This is all news to me, I don't even know what's going on right now"
"i'm not really anything, kook. i don't know what category i fall under, bc it doesn't matter to me. i can be attracted to a girl or a guy if i like them enough, so. does that answer your question?" "i guess. so you're bi?"
"not really" Taehyung shrugs "the gender doesn't matter. i don't know i'm too fucking tired to explain this shit to you right now. i promise we can have a long in depth conversation about sexuality and all that jazz on our next free day. okay?"
"but I--" Jungkook groans. "what? any other burning questions that can't possibly wait two more hours?" "so you've like...done stuff with people?" "not, like, sex or anything no. but i've fooled around a little. not anything major, kind of always with you guys so."
"who" spits out before he can even think about it Taehyung is so clearly hesitant "Jungkook" "i'm just curious. you're completely changing the image i've had in my head for years, right now and expect me to not wonder."
Taehyung's eyes flutter open softly and he smiles, a lot of the irritation slipping away when he pats Jungkook's head,
"it doesn't change anything, Kooks. i'm still me. we're still bestfriends. i'm not gonna try to fuck you in your sleep or something, i promise. but if it makes you feel weird, you don't have to sleep here anymore. i don't care."
"what? Taehyungie no, i'm not. i'm not fucking worried about that. i just...i don't know, we've never talked about crushes and stuff. i didn't even know you had any." Taehyung realizes that he won't be getting, /any sleep if he doesn't appease Jungkook's wandering mind.
so he sits up against the headboard. tugging Jungkook by the shoulders to lay his head in his lap and starts massaging his hair. "what do you want to know?" "who was your first kiss?"
"Nari" "the girl from training?" Taehyung hums. "it was awful. like really awful. -1000 out of 10."
Jungkook giggles. adjusting in his lap so that Taehyung can scratch the back of his head better. he loves when Taehyung plays with his hair. "have you actually kissed a guy before, or just like, you know that you wouldn't mind it?"
"I've kissed a few." he tries to be short. but Jungkook is just so, so curious "who?" "well..." Taehyung sighs "I feel like you're going to get mad at me."
"why would I--" he watches the wheels turn in his adorable little maknae's head, Jungkook is up on his knees in an instant. "you kissed one of the hyungs didn't you? what the fuck? who?"
"Kook. be quiet, we're still in a public hotel, you don't know who's room is next to mine." Jungkook wants to throw a fucking fit. Actually, this is so rude. How and why doesn't he know?
"we were drunk, it was my 20th. evidently i was crying about not getting a birthday kiss and so Jiminie just held my cheeks and kissed me." Jungkook stares blankly at Taehyung. completely speechless. "we cuddled all night that night! why didn't you tell me?"
"maybe bc i didn't think it mattered i dunno, kook. we didn't tell anyone. legit noone knows." Taehyung chuckles. "it was pointless, we laughed about it" "was it just like.." "I'm not going to give you a play by play, bun."
Jungkook huffs "did you like it?" "it was way better than kissing Nari." taehyung's brows wiggle playfully, "but it wasn't as good as kissing Seojoon."
"you kissed Seojoon-hyung?" Jungkook flops backwards on the bed "I feel like crying" Taehyung is belly laughing. Curled over and it makes Jungkook smile "why do you feel like crying, hmm?"
"am I the only one who's genuinely not been like...screwing around? have all the hyungs been with people?"
"I don't know, like I said, we don't talk about that kind of stuff." Taehyung shakes his head and brushes Jungkook's bangs out of his eyes "are you sad because you've never kissed anyone?"
"not sad, just feel kind of stupid. i thought we were in this together." Jungkook isn't mad or anything. He just feels clueless. like everyone's lives have been going on without him meanwhile he's just stuck in the bangtan limbo.
he never even considered doing anything that could be considered scandalous. especially not after all of the heat he got for hugging his /married friend in public. that was the last time he ever touched anyone other than his hyungs.
he also doesn't understand why Taehyung wouldn't tell him. that's more shocking than anything. he and Taehyung have always been inseparable. and even in the months when schedules didn't allow for the twenty four seven hanging out, they still texted and played games constantly.
and Jimin was literally /with him/ for days in Tokyo and never once brought up that he and Taehyung had kissed?
especially when he thought that Jungkook and Taehyung were dating? So by Jimin's logic....a very drunk Jimin, unintentionally, kissed Jungkook's (not really) boyfriend and was going to keep it a secret?! this is so fucked up.
Taehyung flicks beneath his chin with a curious smile, "what's on your mind, or are you all out of questions?" "i don't know. i think i need to process and then return with more questions when i've thought it over."
Taehyung giggles at him before saying "can we sleep then? we only have an hour and a half left" Jungkook feels all kinds of things inside "yeah, let's sleep, i'm sorry"
"s'okay" Taehyung mumbles. getting right back to where they were when Jungkook says "i bet i'm a better kisser than Jimin-hyung"
"i bet you are, golden boy" Taehyung's laughter rumbles against Jungkook's chest "get some sleep" but Jungkook doesn't think he could sleep if he tried. |||
5. jungkook has more questions
much to his dismay, they dont get to talk about it again. because as much as Jungkook would have liked to strap Taehyung to a lie detector chair and quiz him for hours. he just cant.
they end up assigned on opposite sides of the flight to Paris. they don’t even get to use the same SUV which is seriously hindering his investigation. and it feels like the first 36 hours in this country fly by.
he doesn’t like when they’re assigned to share hotel rooms because that means he wont get to find Taehyung at night. its like the entire universe is aligning to leave Jungkook in the dark.
6. choose your character : Eunwoo ver.
Taehyung sits in the dressing chair right next to his when its time to get ready for the concert. his hair getting blow dried when he looks over with the brightest smile “hey Kookie, after DNA when we intro to Dope in the show can we switch jackets?”
Jungkook is so confused. his ears having turned up thinking he’d get new information but he doesn’t. which really, what did he expect? taehyung isnt going to talk about anything exciting with all of these staff around. “why do you want to switch jackets?” he snorts
barely able to hear Taehyung over the hair dryer “this one gets so hot, i die halfway through the set. please!” he could totally see where Taehyung’s thick jacket gets much toastier than his denim one.
“yeah thats fine” he shakes his head with a smile. scrolling mindlessly through instagram, trying to stop thinking about the fact that everyone’s been living a double life without him.
the thing with having thoughts raging in his mind is that Jungkook struggles to let go of them. he manages to drop them and focus on his performance for awhile. but its in the middle of his and Taehyung’s part of DNA when the thoughts come raging back again.
because Taehyung is flirtatious on stage, he always has been. and Jungkook’s always chalked it up to being the difference between his Taehyungie-hyung and “V”. but he cant stop himself from wondering if Taehyung slips into his ‘V’ persona so easily because thats who he /is.
he nearly misses his mark at the end of the song, but thankfully Namjoon’s hand on his waist guides him to the right spot in the line up. the lights dim momentarily and Taehyung is practically sprinting to his side.
brilliant smile on his face as he’s peeling off his jacket. for a moment Jungkook freezes, wondering why the hell this hyung is stripping on stage!! but then Taehyung is bouncing on the balls of his feet impatiently
which triggers Jungkook’s reminder that they’re switching jackets. so he slips his off and helps put it on Taehyung before getting comfy in the other one. its hot and a bit damp with sweat. Taehyung’s already wore it for four songs.
but truth be told Jungkook couldn’t care less. Taehyung looks so happy when he shakes off his arms and jumps around. Jungkook turns out to face the crowd and the camera thats zooming in his direction for the intro line of Dope.
their stage director thought it would be cool if they played around with the main stage camera man. appearing as if they’re holding the cameras themselves and giving ARMY in the further away seats a close up view of their faces on the big screen.
they’ve done this for the last several shows and they have a lot of fun messing around with it. hearing ARMY scream when they make the right expressions into their “eyes”. and Jungkook’s never thought much of the interactions they all share on stage.
but suddenly Taehyung is running up to him and throwing an arm around his shoulder like he always does at this part of the song. Jungkook finds it easy to lean into the touch as they hype up the crowd and feed off of army’s screams.
but when he chances a look to his left and makes eye contact with Taehyung so close their noses nearly touch, his hand falls from the camera by mistake. thankfully there is a camera man holding it and he moves quickly onto Jimin and Yoongi who are behind Taehyung
he runs around the extended stage until his pre-chorus belt and feels like his heart is about to beat out of his chest. Taehyung has these dark eyes when hes on stage and this habit of biting his lip or sticking his tongue out and just… being hot.
they all try to be hot and sexy, its a part of the gig, you know? but the thing is that Jungkook doesn’t normally feel effected by any of their hotness. but something kind of boils in his stomach when he thinks about the fact that Jimin and Seojoon and whoever else
probably saw /that Taehyung right before he kissed them. because thats how close they were just seconds ago. and Jungkook fails to stop thinking about it the entire night.
even when Jimin climbs on his back for a ride to their SUV, he keeps replaying it. Taehyung is annoying for living a double life. playing the role of innocent hyung for Jungkook when he’s actually out there being a real heart throb! good boy my ass.
“what?” Jimin cackles from his seat in the car “what are you talking about?” “have you ever paid attention to how much Taehyung-hyung flirts on stage? its kind of obnoxious.”
“hmm..” Jimin looks down at his phone “the fans think its sexy as fuck, who cares” “i dont care, he was just extra flirtatious today” “i think you’re just overthinking everything he does now. dont start acting all weird because you realized your hyung is a human.”
“i’m not acting weird!” “you /are, kook. you wont stop staring at him and you fucking rolled your eyes when he was talking to one of the dancers back stage” Jungkook didnt realize he did that. he doesnt care, honestly. hes just offended.
“feels like ive been kept in the dark. its annoying.” Jimin sighs when the van comes to a stop at their hotel “and i already told you, talk to Taehyung if youre feeling some type of way. just dont be weird.” |||
7. if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
“couldn’t handle the snoring?” Taehyung chuckles when hes opening the door to his room. “no, but we havent really talked since we left Brazil” Taehyung shrugs “thats show-biz” but he winks cheekily. Jungkook knows that Taehyung always low key misses him too.
“hyungie” Jungkook sits cross legged against Taehyung’s head board “can we talk?” “more burning questions, bunny?” Taehyung grabs them both some cola cans from his mini fridge and sits cross legged right across from him. looking at Jungkook’s wide eyes “i figured, whats up?”
“so are you dating people?” “no” Taehyung sips on his soda and makes an exaggerated ‘ahh’ sound “havent gone out with anyone in probably a year. ive been focusing on writing my songs you know? so don’t really care about anything else.”
Jungkook feels ridiculous. mostly because Jimin made him feel weird for being curious. but hes been by Taehyung’s side since he was fifteen. this is really serious news for him. “so do you and hyung just like makeout or something when you’re bored?”
and he didnt expect for Taehyung to snort in laughter, “what the fuck, Jungkook, no! why would you think that?” “i dunno, it makes sense. like you guys flirt a lot and if i think about it there are multiple times when you looked like youd kiss or something”
“after the kiss on my birthday, we made out one time, again, we were super fucking plastered.” “when was that??” “hmmm, i think..” Taehyung pauses for too long. Jungkook’s insides are a mess. is he remembering what it was like? is he going to go find jimin right now?
“i think it was the time when all three of us were on live and kept name dropping brands. jiminie and i went to a bar with some of his friends. it was that time.” “ugh” Jungkook lets his head hit the wall “this feels so weird.” “why? because were both guys?”
“no..” he looks at Taehyung who doesn’t seem bothered at all. he put his soda on the night stand and his hands are tucked between his crossed legs. “it just feels like you’ve been hiding stuff from me because you don’t trust me.”
“jungkook-ah..” Taehyung crawls up the mattress and sits right beside him, arm curling around his shoulder and he playfully nuzzles his forehead against Jungkook’s hair “you’re my best friend in this entire world. i promise i trust you. im telling you now arent i?”
“after i’ve interrogated you.” hes pouting and he knows that. but his feelings are a little hurt. “i wouldve told you if i had my first kiss or a second or a third and fourth!!” he glares when Taehyung giggles “especially if it were a hyung”
“bun, you said it yourself, you never even thought about these things before all this dating ban stuff. so why would i have brought it up out of the blue?” “does Jiminie know that you’ve kissed Seojoon-hyung?” “no, but hyungsik does, he was there.”
Jungkook is trying not to make a big deal. but its hard to especially when Taehyung says “it was over seven minutes in heaven at that afterparty for hyung’s marvel movie” “are you fucking serious right now?!” jungkook slams a pillow to the floor in disbelief. “i was there!”
“you were” Taehyung giggles “you got too drunk and fell asleep, remember?” he does remember. he had begged taehyung to go to the movie premier because there was a high chance of /the tony stark being there.
and Taehyung like the good best friend that he is of course allowed Jungkook to be his only plus one. and when Jungkook got to shake hands with tony stark himself?? he immediately chugged two bottles of soju at the after party.
he met his fucking ultimate idol!!! he shook hands with IRON MAN!! of course he got happy drunk? who wouldnt! he had know idea though, that while he was passed out in one of Seojoon’s thirty bedrooms (more like 5 but who’s counting anyway), taehyung was just kissing away!!
“seee?” Taehyung smiles at him “these things arent a big deal. why would i have brought something silly like a drinking game up when all you could think about for two weeks straight was Iron Man saying your name?” his arms are crossed and he’s looking the other way.
all of these things have happened right under his nose. he can barely make sense of it all. Taehyung leans across his lap and tugs at his arms. pulling them until they uncross and sliding between them, “c’mon dont be mad at your hyungie-hmm? i promise i wasnt hiding it”
“im not mad at you…just feels weird” “you keep saying that” Taehyung huffs, “why does it feel weird?” “its gonna sound stupid.” “no it wont. this is all new territory, i dont blame you for being curious. thats what bestfriends are for.”
“its just, ive always felt like i knew you best, hyung. like, i dont know i guess ive been proud of it to some degree? that like…you’re my person. bts’ V is /my bestfriend and noone knows him better than me.” he looks at Taehyung who is also pouting “doesnt feel that way now”
“why doesnt it feel that way anymore? theres literally noone who knows me better than you Jungkookie. you’ve even seen the mole on my buttcrack.” “hyung” he rolls his eyes with a giggle “its just different, theres this whole side of you that i didnt know existed.”
“im not sure what you mean. what side?” “this…okay” Jungkook sits up and begins moving his hands aggressively. mimicking some of Taehyung’s on stage movements “you’ve got this super flirtatious and sexy side of you that i just assumed only took play on stage”
“but you like…you flirt with people forreal. and they, you know, see /that side of you.” Taehyung’s brows raise with giggles, pinching Jungkook’s sides “do you want to see those sides of hyung, hmm? hmm?”
“its not—“ jungkook huffs, leaning away from the pinching fingers and trying to calm the rising heat in his cheeks “—just okay, so Eunwoo and I talked before about like first kisses and stuff and he jokingly said something about me and you”
“which i laughed at talking about how sweet and innocent you are. and like, im wrong?” he shrugs “are you suggesting that /you are /not sweet and innocent Jungkookie? my little ‘ive never kissed anybody’ golden boy?”
“dont tease me, Tae…i’m really upset over this” “i can tell” Taehyung sighs, leans up on his knees and holds both of Jungkook’s cheeks in his palms as he squeezes them and makes fake kissy noises “do you want hyung to be your first kiss?”
Jungkook’s stomach flips. about a dozen times. Taehyung is super close and he /knows that this hyung is just teasing him. and he doesnt even know why it bothers him so much that Jimin and Seojoon kissed Taehyung. he doesnt /like Taehyung in a romantic way.
he chalks it up to his stupid competitive pride needing to be the best at everything. and if being Taehyung’s best friend includes being on the list of people he’s kissed before, than that’s a sacrifice Jungkook will make.
and logically speaking, at least the awkwardness of a first kiss would be out of the way before he starts meeting people and has to act like he’s not a 22 year old who has never even held someone’s hand.
“maybe” he says quietly. definitely not expecting for Taehyung to peck his lips immediately. it was there and gone before he even had time to remove the pout from his lips. his eyes flash open when Taehyung has pulled away and is giggling “there, happy?”
Jungkook groans “that hardly counts, you /stole it” “oh my god” Taehyung is laughing even harder “Jungkookie, do you want to kiss?” Taehyung has a simple yet serious look on his face, that Jungkook returns with the raise of a brow “and what if i do?”
“well, then i will kiss you and hopefully you can move past this sulking because frankly, i want to go back to just chilling and playing games and stuff. tour is almost over and we wont be seeing each other all the time like this for awhile.”
Jungkook has a thousand neon lights flashing in his mind. every single one of them saying ‘no’ ‘stop’ ‘do not proceed’ ‘youre opening a can of worms that you dont really want’ but theres one little neon light. thats glowing purple and stretches all the way down to his heart
and its that purple light that forces him to take a deep breath with clenched shut eyes and say “Taehyung, i want to kiss…” clears his throat before he looks up at Taehyung’s eyes that only have warmth inside “i want to kiss with you”
he’s holding his breath when he watches Taehyung kick the blanket he was tangled up in to the foot of the bed. scooting closer to Jungkook until he’s knelt right in front of him, but resting on his heels when he sighs.
those delicate hands fit over Jungkook’s shoulders and squeeze a bit, clearly trying to ease the tension that he feels “you better not run around telling people i stole your first kiss” “i wont” he says hurriedly “it can just be uh, a tae and kook thing.”
“hmmm, you sure about that?” Taehyung’s brow has raised but Jungkook barely saw it. too focused on the way the tip of Taehyung’s tongue wets his lips. “yeah, promise, just something between us.”
the thing is that Jungkook has zero expectations. up until thirty seconds ago when Taehyung pecked his lips, he has never felt another humans lips on his own. cheeks and foreheads and noses and arms, all have been kissed. but Jungkook has no idea what a kiss should be like.
so his feelings when Taehyung does finally lean in and kiss his lips? cannot be described. its very soft. Taehyung has these lips that dont look too large until you’re up close and when they’re pressed against his own he feels like they could swallow him whole.
Taehyung doesn’t. doesn’t swallow him, that is. but he does let their lips combine together for several minutes (probably seconds) but could feel like hours. Jungkook doesn’t move at all. he just sits there and lets Taehyung work his heart throb magic.
except the thing is that Jungkook was not anticipating to genuinely enjoy it. and the whine he lets out when Taehyung pulls away is completely involuntary.
Jungkook’s stomach goes hollow when Taehyung chuckles against his cheek and a hand wraps around the back of his neck, “being a little greedy, aren’t you bun?” but Taehyung doesn’t really pull away. which makes Jungkook wonder if he wouldnt mind kissing him one more time?
after-all, he has to prove that he’s a better kisser than at least Jimin. “feels nice” he whispers, eyes fluttering open just long enough to watch Taehyung’s close and to see him dive back in.
Taehyung kisses him a little firmer this time, the hand on the back of his neck guiding him to tilt his head so that their lips slot together nicely. Jungkook wants to /lick him. but he doesnt, he doesnt because that would be weird.
that takes it from an innocent request, to down right /thirsting for his hyung. which isnt the case. but Jungkook’s never been touched like this before. and Taehyung isnt even /touching him. not anything out of the ordinary.
but hes so close and he breathes into Jungkook’s mouth, “yeah, kisses are nice” Jungkook thinks its okay to lean in and claim another kiss. Taehyung still hasn’t moved. he’ll move when he’s done, right?
and Jungkook really wants to do something with his hands, they’re sweating from how hard his fists are clenched in his lap. he opens one up and lets it fall to Taehyung’s hip.
they hold each other all of the time, its only weird if they make it weird and jungkook is not going to make this weird. he tugs on Taehyung’s shirt when he feels the other’s mouth part. it barely parts, just enough for their breathing to mingle.
he only meant to grab onto /something, he wasn’t trying to pull Taehyung into his lap. but it feels instantaneous the way Taehyung moves in time with Jungkook’s hand on his shirt.
slipping right into his lap and the arms that were lazily rested on his shoulders curl tighter. Jungkook can hardly think straight when Taehyung’s tongue glides over his own lips. its so warm and /wet.
suddenly images of Taehyung on stage start flashing through his mind. taehyung biting his lip. taehyung rolling his eyes back. taehyung grunting and hip thrusting. taehyung gliding a hand down his own chest and grabbing at a place he shouldnt be grabbing.
taehyung sticking his tongue out and teasing 50,000 people at once. but theres noone in this hotel room except for them two. and theres less than a handful of people that have ever been kissed by those lips before.
and holy shit Jungkook is one of them. he melts, lips parting and he didnt mean to, fuck he didnt mean to, but the groan that falls from his throat when their tongues touch has his face heating up with embarrassment.
Taehyung giggles. /fucking giggles. Jungkook brings his other hand to Taehyung’s waist and uses both hands to hold him in place. eagerly licking into his mouth until the man in his lap gasps into the kiss. the noise could even pass for a moan if Jungkook really thinks about it
but he doesnt. or at least he doesnt get to, because just as quickly as this fire in his body has bursted to a rage. Taehyung is pulling away and pressing chaste pecks to his lips. slipping out of his lap and Jungkook wants to fucking cry.
“but—“ “thats enough golden boy..” Taehyung drags a thumb over Jungkook’s bottom lip and his eyes are just oozing with /want. Jungkook knows Taehyung didnt want to stop kissing him. and somehow, that knowledge alone is satisfying enough.
they get off the bed to fix the blankets and pillows that have been discombobulated. once everything is in place they climb into it just as they always have.
when Taehyung’s head falls to Jungkook’s chest, the older sighs, “are you happy now, bun? may i live my life in peace again?” “i guess i’ll allow it.” Jungkook huffs, for some reason tonight he feels like cuddling tighter than normal
“who’s the better kisser?” Taehyung laughs softly “goodnight Jungkookie” “i need to know this!” Jungkook groans when he hears that Taehyung is already snoring. he’s going to get an answer before this tour is over, even if its the last thing he does.
8. if you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
their alarms go off way too early for Jungkook’s liking. because as soon as they board the plane its another week of back to back schedules. they only have one free day in between the four shows.
and the only way he’ll get to see Taehyung before that depends on their hotel assignments. Jungkook wishes he could go back to not knowing what a kiss felt like, because now he just wants more. |||
once again, they are separated on the flight. Jungkook really has a bone to pick with whoever is booking these flights at this point. but the plane does have wifi and Jungkook can see that Taehyung is tapping away on his phone.
9. cameras flashing everytime we go out
they have to do a japan fan cafe recording almost as soon as they land. the outfits are incredibly silly, as they all dress up in royal blue prince attire as if going to a royal ball. and for the most part they’re all just making fun of each other.
as the recording starts they each have to take turns sitting in this little stool and the other six try to get the ones attention the most. either with compliments or silly phrases anything really.
its fun and lighthearted and Jungkook can hardly stand from how hard he’s laughing after the first five have had their turn. but when its Taehyung’s turn to sit in the chair, Jimin says “we should all just kiss him, he’ll get so shy and cute. the fans will love it”
Namjoon groans, always the one least likely to initiate physical touch “why kiss him?” “because!” Jimin giggles “hes always all hot and bad boy on stage, it’ll be hilarious for fans to see how cute and bashful he really is”
“im in” “me too” “why not” “fine” and that is how they end up taking turns pampering Taehyung with kisses. Jungkook has a curse.
he is cursed with the need to just be the best at everything. especially when it comes to Taehyung. he needs to be the strongest and the funniest and the smartest and the coolest and as of the last week, the best kiss.
Jungkook himself doesnt fully understand why he has such inclinations. but alas, here he is. and after watching each young delicately place a kiss to some place on Taehyung’s hair, well. its just so clear what he has to do.
wraps an arm fully around Taehyung’s shoulder and presses a big fat kiss on his cheek. smacking so loud it can be heard across the room and everyone is laughing maniacally. he can even hear Yoongi and Hoseok saying something about them but he kind of blocks it out.
hes a bit too focused on watching Taehyung’s flustered reaction. and even though its Namjoon who Taehyung says was the most memorable. Jungkook feels like he won today.
Jungkook doesn’t quite know why he’s so disappointed when after hours of gaming, Taehyung actually falls asleep. maybe because he kind of hyped himself up and completely imagined a scenario where he and Taehyung spend the next week making out everyday
and honestly, if he thinks about it. Taehyung has a point. hes just buzzing on pure excitement right now, he doesnt /need to kiss his best friend anymore. and thats what he keeps telling himself
throughout all of their day one concert. even when Taehyung clings to him almost the entire time and they snuggle very closely on the car ride back to the hotel room. they go right to sleep after eating some food and hopping on live with their hobi-hyung.
and he tells himself again, that he doesnt need to kiss his bestfriend. when they barely push through day two because its miserably hot. so miserably hot that they all ditch the jackets for their mid show outfits.
meaning Taehyung’s running all over the stage with this white t-shirt thats loose and sheer and just, is too hot for his own good. Jungkook comes to the realization, that he is touch starved. which isnt fair to Taehyung for Jungkook to try to get it out on him.
during their free day in between the two blocks of shows. Taehyung and Seokjin and Jungkook all decide to go to the amusement park in Tokyo. they have a blast all day long and it feels so good to be normal again.
normal without all of these thoughts plaguing his mind. he wins Taehyung a giant stuffed bear before they head out and meet up with Seojoon and the rest of the hyungs for dinner.
the thing is that Jungkook was fine. the last three days hanging out with Taehyung as normal have been fantastic. but he never noticed before how clingy Taehyung is to Seojoon.
how he seeks out his hand or his arm and how he leans into his space completely as he talks. if Jungkook werent looking at this through very envious eyes, he’d see that this is no different than how Taehyung interacts with everyone hes close to.
but Jungkook cannot be told anything with reason right now. he finishes his meal bitterly and despite how badly he wants to ignore him, he does bid Seojoon goodbye politely.
rolling his eyes when Taehyung gives him such a big hug. its so unnecessary. but the they’re climbing into their cars and Taehyung’s head is on his shoulder and the world feels at peace again.
10. so let’s start right now
Taehyung has a shirt folded and set out on the edge of the bed for him when Jungkook finally makes it to the other’s hotel room. but its still super fucking hot and he’s kind of regretting even wearing his pajama pants instead of shorts.
he knows Taehyung won’t mind if he sleeps shirtless, so he climbs into bed anyway. feeling irrationally upset when Taehyung doesnt immediately turn over to cuddle. rude.
Jungkook’s hand shakes at Taehyung’s hip trying to get him to turn over. it takes a few wiggles before he finally does, head leaning right at the edge of Jungkook’s pillow.
their legs intertwine at the foot of the bed and Jungkook is relieved to be able to get a goodnights rest before their concert tomorrow. but when he opens his eyes and he lets himself stare at Taehyung’s face, he cannot help but stare at his lips.
they’re parted as he breathes softly, long slow breaths and Jungkook is just drinking him in. he cant even be upset with Taehyung for kissing people now that he understands how tempting it is.
is about to trace his index finger over Taehyung’s top lip when he feels long fingers curl around his wrist and a whispered deep voice, “stop staring at me, go to sleep”
“cant sleep” he pouts, scooting closer and honestly? hes completely fucking shameless when he lets his nose bump into Taehyung’s “think i need a goodnight kiss” Taehyung lets out a noise thats somewhere between a groan and a growl, eyes fluttering open slowly
“youve been so good for four days, bun, gonna throw it all to the wind now?” Jungkook huffs, loud. nudges at Taehyung’s nose one more time because he feels /desperate for it.
“just, i wont ask for another kiss after we get to Seoul. i promise. ill, i dunno, find someone to kiss back home. just…its your fault you know” hes rambling. muttering complete nonsense at this point.
Taehyung chuckles softly, Jungkook nearly losing his damn mind when Taehyung’s fingers curl around his chin, thumb pressing down on his bottom lip with a sigh, “will you actually keep your promise this time?”
“yes, yes, i promise” Jungkook doesnt like the sound of his own voice when he’s begging. watches Taehyung’s eyes glance all over his features before he sighs and lets his hand curl around Jungkook’s neck “no more, once we go home, am i clear?”
“crystal” he says definitively “please” it’s ridiculous. he doesnt even understand why he wants it so bad. but then Taehyung leans in and their lips combine and Jungkook remembers instantaneously why he wanted it so bad.
because Taehyung is so /sure. when he kisses. he guides Jungkook through every tentative brushing of their lips. coaxing him through the first initial swipe of their tongues and every swipe after that.
fingers gently carding through the locks of his hair and Jungkook realizes all at once, when he catches himself rolling over on top of Taehyung and kissing him harder — that he is, indeed, very fucking thirsty for Taehyung.
and he knows, somewhere deep in the back of his mind hidden behind so much crap, that theres certainly a reason /why hes this thirsty for him. but he reasons with himself that its because Taehyung was his first kiss.
of course he’d be desperate for the first lips to ever brush his own. it has nothing to do with the way his heart flutters in his chest with each little exasperated puff of air Taehyung lets out.
its certainly not because he fucking loves the way Taehyung smiles against his lips when he starts moving too fast, “calm down, bun, im not going anywhere” and Jungkook calms down, externally.
wills his hands to loosen their hold on Taehyung’s waist and resists the urge to grind down against him. lets Taehyung bring the boil of their kisses down to a low heat simmer. gentle and consistent. something that could continue for hours without spilling over.
but they dont continue for hours. Jungkook doesnt know how much longer they lay there making out lazily. but what he does know is that he falls asleep first. because he hears Taehyung so vividly murmuring in his ear “what am i gonna do with you, golden boy?” |||
Jungkook has decided that this is all Taehyung’s fault. It is one hundred percent, without a doubt, Taehyung’s fault. because if he werent so fucking hot, than Jungkook wouldn’t be rushing passed Namjoon to sneak into Taehyung’s SUV instead of his own.
“what are you doing here?” Taehyung questions, looking up from his phone when Jungkook presses the button to raise the partition. “is everything okay?” Taehyung’s voice is dripped with concern,
until Jungkook slides across the bench of the vehicle and curls a hand around his throat, “you said no more once we get home right?” and then he’s kissing him hard. is pretty certain that he’s completely knocked the air out of Taehyung’s lungs by the way they’re both panting.
it feels like some type of dream, where one second they’re frantically making out in the back of a company vehicle. and the next they’re walking slowly to Taehyung’s hotel room.
slipping past security and groups of locals who have no business seeing the slick sheen over their lips. once inside the room, Jungkook knows better. he knows that he’s testing his luck by pressing Taehyung to wall of the room, but Taehyung is more than capable of stopping him.
all it takes is one word and Jungkook would let go of the hips that his hands are glued to. but Taehyung doesnt say anything. just clings to Jungkook just as desperately as he’s clinging onto the other.
its several moments later when they’ve managed to stumble across the room to the mattress, he’s sitting at the edge and Taehyung standing between his legs, that Jungkook says, “i’m sorry..” whispered between shallow breaths “but you taste really fucking good”
“you have nothing to compare me to” Taehyung laughs into his lips “you’ll see. once you’ve kissed someone else, this will all feel less intense.” and Taehyung knows. because Taehyung has kissed others. so Jungkook trusts him blindly.
assures himself that this is nothing. it means nothing and it wont mean anything in a few days. it surely wont mean anything a month from now. so he just lets himself enjoy this feeling while he has it. |||
||| into the thick of it, we go 😵‍💫 next update will have their last little rendezvous before hell freezes over.
||| Taehyung’s POV will be coming soon. Until then, choose wisely 😎
8. crying in the club
Jungkook figures if it were possible to kill someone with a glare, Taehyung would be dead by now. its their LAST night before they go home and he’s going to spend it clubbing?? does he not even care??
taehyung hasn’t gone to a single club with jimin in the months if their tour and he chooses TONIGHT to finally go? Jungkook is angry, irrationally so. in fact, if anyone asked him why hes angry, he’d lie and say hes not.
because he knows that theres not any reason for him to be so bitter about Taehyung not wanting to just lay in bed and make out all night like they did last night. and he really shouldnt have expected much of anything anyway.
halfway through their set, and in the middle of seokjin’s solo stage, he thinks about it long and hard and decides he’s being selfish. its completely unfair for him to expect Taehyung to just want to let Jungkook kiss him for the next 24 hours.
ahh, but then it’s Taehyung’s solo stage and when Jungkook watches him perform from the backstage cameras his gut wrenches. twists and turns to the point that he has to stop watching. that silk red robe should be illegal and who the fuck gave taehyung a rose anyway?
its during their encore stage, when they’re all running around on stage and being playful that he feels arms wrap around himself. he’s twirled in a circle and Taehyung sings his next line into Jungkook’s microphone instead of his own.
he decides, in this moment, when Taehyung’s hands fall from being wrapped around his waist and Jungkook watches him run back to the other side of the stage, that theres no way in hell he isnt going to that club with them tonight.
Jungkook knows that from the outside looking in he is being ridiculously clingy. but he hopes that the literal /years of him being clingy to Taehyung are really paying off in hiding what hes been up to.
especially when they take their post concert picture and he sits in Taehyung’s lap. its Taehyung’s fault. he just sits there with his legs spread, thighs practically begging jungkook to sit there, what else is he to do?
so he leans back against Taehyung’s chest and holds onto his hands when the older playfully tries to push him off. and he only kind of throws a fit when he doesnt get to ride with Taehyung back to their hotels.
he hurries to get ready in his room, hoping that if he’s completely dressed before the live is over that Taehyung wont mind him hanging out while he gets ready too.
when he’s dressed with his best pair of ripped white fitted jeans and a a black checkered button down shirt, he double glances himself in the mirror. he feels good. he looks good. now he’s off to find his bestest friend in the world.
reaching Taehyung’s room, he’s surprised to find that hes in the shoeer. especially becsuse he got the live notification and figured they’d all be piled up in Namjoon’s room. “taehyungie-hyung?” he knocks quietly at the door
“why arent you on live Jungkookie?” “needed to shower” Taehyung is quiet but then Jungkook hears the water cut off. just a few seconds later Taehyung with a towel around his waist and wet fringe falling in his eyes emerges from the bathroom, smiling.
“same, and Jimin-ah’s planning on going straight to the club up town after the live.” Taehyung is digging around for clothes when he says “you gonna hangout with hyungs or chill here?”
Jungkook rolls his eyes so hard, scoffing and tossing the pants that he /knows Taehyung is looking for across the room. “im going with you guys” “huh? i thought you said you wanted to chill.”
“well, i changed my mind. we go home tomorrow, so..” he lets the sentence trail off like a hint. he doesnt know if Taehyung is picking up what he’s putting down, but honestly? he doesn’t think so. because this hyung only giggles and finishes getting dressed
“dont get too drunk, bun. not wanting to carry you back, im too tired” he sits at the edge of Taehyung’s bed with a huff, “if anything i’ll be carrying you back, hyung” Taehyung’s head falls back in laughter, “right, whatever you say”
and Jungkook might be paying too much attention…in fact, he /knows that he is. but the fact that Seojoon and a bunch of other older people are already at this club waiting for them, sets him off.
so Taehyung had plans to take up this night no matter what? there was never a version of tonight for Taehyung that lined up with the plans Jungkook made up in his head. this sucks.
but hes a good sport. he only wraps his arm around Taehyung’s shoulder maybe four times, despite never wanting to let it drop. unfortunately for him, Taehyung is the very definition of a social butterfly and Jungkook is left waiting behind him everytime he jolts up.
“why do you look like a kicked puppy?” Yoongi asks from across the table. these vip sections do a great job of hiding them from everyone except each other. “do i? im just tired.”
“no you’re not, dont lie to hyung. want a drink?” Yoongi flags down a waitress before Jungkook can say otherwise. he hears this hyung order him some drink with the word bomb in it that sounds disgusting. “talk to me”
he sighs, maybe it’d be good to get it off his chest, “do you think Taehyungie-hyung and i are growing apart?” Yoongi seems surprised. because his jaw slacks and his eyes blow wide. “no, but well, i guess i wouldnt know. why do you think that?”
“i feel like…he has a life all on his own. totally separate from me.” hes pouting unconsciously. Yoongi smiles at him in a way that makes him feel like a child. “of course he has a separate life, Jungkook-ah. we’re all grown adults with our own friends and families and lives.”
“but…when did these paths start?!” he doesnt even realize his voice is raised “i dont want to lose my best friend to all of these new people that suddenly want to know him. he was mine first.” Yoongi sighs when their drinks are delivered.
he doesnt realize that Jungkook’s eyes haven’t left Taehyung for a second. glued to where he’s mingling on the dance floor with Jimin and several others. “you have your own friends too you know. you never cared before, where is this coming from?”
and he has to cover his ass somehow. “normally we’d be playing video games right now but were here.” “you didnt have to come” “you’re missing the point!” Jungkook groans
“if i didnt come id be at the hotel texting Eunwoo or something while Taehyung’s living it up with his new friends” Yoongi cackles “so you came out clubbing, which you /despise, just because you have a fear of missing out?”
Jungkook settles back in his chair with a sigh. “we dont have official schedules for like a month and a half once we get home.” “that is true” “i wanted to spend time with my best friend is that so wrong?”
“of course not Kook..” Yoongi kind of gives him a funny look that makes Jungkook’s cheeks hot “but why are you sitting here then? when Taehyung is out there.” “because, i dont..i dont even know what im doing.”
he looks down at his feet when suddenly a mirage of voices are yelling and giggling and Taehyung slips right next to him, arm around his shoulder with a devilish smile, “c’mon jungkookie, let hyungie teach you how to dance”
and this is how he finds himself being guided by a very warm and delicate hand to the center of this rgb illuminated dance floor. the lights are vibrant but its still dark. dark enough for him to feel comfortable and a bit relieved for private places like this for celebrities
hes kind of swaying awkwardly when Taehyung’s hands fall to his hips softly, guiding him with his movements and Jungkook only /almost melts back into the warmth of Taehyung’s chest pressed to his back.
“why’ve you just been sitting over there with hyung?” Taehyung asks against his ear “you looked busy” “you couldve joined us” “dont know what to do” he shrugs. but he thinks hes pretty much figured it out by now.
as long as Taehyung is here to guide him through it, Jungkook thinks he’s not too bad at this whole night club thing. especially when the song slows down and Taehyung scoots a bit closer behind him. “you think you got it on your own now?”
taps at his waist like he’s about to let go when Jungkook, like the insanely wreckless man that he has recently found himself to be, curls an arm behind himself. hooking around Taehyung’s neck and practically burying the man’s face against his own skin, “no. stay with me”
the thing with having Taehyung pressed up against him like this is that Jungkook can smell the feint hints of fruity vodka on his tongue. and something about alcohol has always made Taehyung a little looser. a bit more free. a bit more sexy.
and before they used to joke as a group about Taehyung getting all horny and risqué when he’s drunk but it all hits different now. because when Jungkook settles his back completely against Taehyung’s front, one of those long arms snake around his waist easily.
holding him in place as Taehyung’s hips move along to the song and he knows this means nothing. hes watched Taehyung dance like this to jimin or hoseok or hell even namjoon playfully at practices
but it feels so much /different when its him. because at this point Jungkook is basically rolling his ass back into him and Taehyung doesnt push him away at all. quite the opposite. he rolls his body right along with him.
and when Jungkook circles his hips in a particularly salacious movement, he curses. nose pressed against Jungkook’s neck, a whispered “fuck” makes all the hairs on his neck stand up. Jungkook’s losing his damn mind.
repeats the motion and throws his head back to rest on Taehyung’s shoulder. theres no denying it, they’re full on grinding and Taehyung has gotten handsy. the one arm is still tight around Jungkook’s middle but his free hand travels
comes to a rest on Jungkook’s side dangerously close to his ass and he just cannot handle this. its all too much, its overwhelming and its so /hot in here when he twists around. not expecting to be knocked breathless by the dark haze in Taehyung’s eyes, “i uh—“
“you good?” he watches the darkness fizzle out almost instantly. Taehyung’s sharp eyes rounding out as his grip loosens and he tilts his head “feeling okay, bun?” “ready to go to the hotel i think, its getting crowded in here”
hes such a fucking liar. he knows that. but he also kind of knows that he has Taehyung right where he wants him. so when Jungkook brushes Taehyung’s hair back with his fingers and smiles brilliantly at him, “take me home?” he knows that Taehyung would never tell him no.
he wasnt really prepared for the way Taehyung comes down from his buzz. the sexy domineering aura slipping away to gentle adoration. when they’re leaned against each other in the vehicle that’s taking them back, Taehyung’s head found its way right back to Jungkook’s shoulder.
“did you have fun, jungkookie?” “so much” he says honestly, unconsciously tugging Taehyung a little closer “kinda sad to go home”
“no, dont be sad” Taehyung looks up at him with the sweetest smile “now you know what to expect. nothing to be scared of when your friends invite you out”
and its true. taehyung is right. it pisses him off how, unaffected Taehyung is by all of this. he was literally grinding his dick against Jungkook’s ass half an hour ago and now hes just being so cute.
so cute that Jungkook almost feels guilty for the fact that he’s absolutely going to devour him once they reach the room. but when Taehyung has made himself comfortable in bed, legs spread open over the entire fucking mattress, its like hes asking for it.
practically taunting Jungkook to just come on, ‘curl right up into this spot and kiss me silly.’ so he does, cautiously. shyly gnawing on his lip when Taehyung glances up from his phone at the realization that Jungkook is climbing /between him instead of beside him.
“jungkookie…” Taehyung warns, brow raised when Jungkook scoots closer. arms wrapping around Taehyung’s waist and burrowing his face against his tummy “what? i just wanna cuddle?”
Taehyung places his phone on the side table before he tilts Jungkook’s chin up with one finger. causing the younger to move even closer, both arms caging Taehyung in when their noses brush, “hyuuuung, we go /home tomorrow” “i know that, bun” “that means…you know”
Jungkook’s pouting is ridiculous, but Taehyung doesnt seem to mind. giggling lightly before he sighs, “you’re killing me, Jungkook.” “why” he frowns. nuzzles his nose against Taehyung’s “its a compliment, a testament to the deliciousness of your lips, if you will”
“im going to get in trouble for letting you kiss me so much.” “by who? noone knows, remember. a tae and kook thing?” “right” Taehyung’s fingers wrap around his neck and hold him in place “a tae and kook things that stops tonight”
“right” he nearly chokes on the words, voice barely above a whisper “stops tonight” and his eyes cannot focus. flickering up into taehyung’s eyes, down to his pursed lips.
up to the way his brows furrow and down to the tongue that dampens the plush skin. up and down and up and down until his fingers are near bruising on Taehyung’s hips and he just kisses him.
it feels so good. it feels like hes just fallen into a large pile of pillows after an exhausting day. because Taehyung kisses lazily.
none of the fire or curse words from at the club come out. he only breathes softly through his nose and tangles his fingers in Jungkook’s hair. and when they really manage to taste each other Jungkook swallows the only growl that almost erupts.
because Taehyung is /so good to him. so gentle and delicate and lovely and everything that Jungkook thinks people dream their first kisses to be like. Taehyung is a dream.
the lucky soul who will get to marry this man one day should know how blessed they are. and jungkook will boast proudly, years down the road when they dont have management to answer to…about how it was Taehyung who taught him how to kiss properly.
it was Taehyung who showed him how much he loved when a tongue presses against the roof of his mouth. Taehyung who caught his bottom lip with his teeth and kept it there. giggling softly before popping with a sound so sweet Jungkook nearly dies.
“you’re extra soft tonight, bun.” “yeah..” he smiles into the kiss “was a good show” /kiss “had fun out with you guys” /kiss “really really happy” rolls over to his back and drags Taehyung with him.
insanely happy that Taehyung straddles his stomach instead of pushing off like he did the other night. feels real actual butterflies for the first time in his life when his hands fall to the back of Taehyung’s thighs as he kisses him harder.
but he should’ve known Taehyung wouldn’t let him travel into too deep of waters. as if snapping out of it Taehyung flattens his body atop of Jungkook’s own. no more giving the younger a nice view of the curve of his ass— “we should sleep”
“ugh, you always say that right when its getting good” hes serious. Jungkook feels very upset by this sudden halt. “because its very late and im sleepy and i’ll end up kissing you all night if i dont stop you now”
“whats so wrong with that?” he kicks his feet as Taehyung gets comfy curled into his side. its so unfair. “its been a lovely tour, hasnt it Jungkookie?”
“now you’re changing the subject” Taehyung yawns against his chest, “gonna remember this one forever” and Jungkook? melts. might as well be a puddle on the rainy pavement outside with the way his chest has turned to mush.
he sighs, tugging Taehyung tighter to his chest, “one more kiss? so i have sweet dreams?” he asks in a hushed tone. smiling insanely wide when Taehyung laughs sleepily.
inching up his chest and pressing a long slow peck to his lips “sweet dreams, golden boy” when he tries to pull away Jungkook holds him in place, he just… /has to.
licks into Taehyung’s mouth with determination, feels fire in the pit of his stomach at the way he immediately opened up to let him in. “i think…” he pulls away with a nervous gulp “i think it wouldnt be so bad if we still kiss back home too”
he doesnt care that hes shameless and completely breaking the promise he /just made. Jungkook really, really, fucking enjoys kissing Taehyung. “no, bunny, we had a deal” Taehyung sighs “i wont change my mind”
“but hyung…” he whines against Taehyung’s lips. bites onto his top one and makes eye contact at the same time. feeling electrocuted when he watches Taehyung’s eyes roll back in pleasure. “…is it because im bad at it? you can be honest.”
“already told you thats not possible..” Taehyung sighs. shaking his head and pulling away “..your whole life revolves around me and our hyungs. you’ve got to branch out, go discover Jungkookie. learn new things about yourself. we have that luxury now.”
Taehyung kisses him one last time. gentle and chaste and it really feels like the last time. Jungkook kind of wants to cry, but he figures it’s probably for the best. hes read plenty of books where things like this end up horribly.
so reluctantly he settles back and lets out a heavy breath, “you’re right.” “i know i am” Taehyung giggles “hyungie is always right”
jungkook lays there alone with his thoughts until he feels lips against his cheek, “goodnight, forreal this time” and despite the sour feeling in his gut, Jungkook is really happy. “goodnight Taehyungie” |||
9. yoongi texts…who?
||| alright, come talk to me 👀
10. who? what? when?
11. meanwhile, jungkook cant sleep
he doesn’t know when he finally managed to fall asleep, and he genuinely doesn’t remember snoozing every alarm that went off. so when Taehyung is frantically shaking him to stir awake, Jungkook feels kind of lost. not really aware of his surroundings or the date or the year
“oh we fucked up, we’re gonna get in so much trouble” huh? what did they do? Jungkook lifts his blanket urgently, relieved to find that hes still fully clothed and he didnt have sex with Taehyung blackout drunk or something
“we missed our flight. we missed our fucking flight” Taehyung runs a hand through his hair as he curses. Jungkook’s still waking up and honestly, a bit distracted. “and now Sejin’s busted for not making us give him our spare room keys. fuck!”
“hyung…” Jungkook whispers softly “its okay, we can just apologize…we’ve never done anything like this before and it’s not like we’re missing schedules. its okay.” Jungkook fists a hand in the back of Taehyung’s shirt and tugs him backwards “lets sleep more”
“bunny, we have to wake up and go pay for a new flight.” “just…” Jungkook sighs, sitting up and loops both arms around Taehyung’s middle forcing him to lay back down “one more hour”
and Jungkook feels overwhelmingly content when fingers start carding through his hair, “you are something else”
12. airplane
showering together is a necessity, because they really have to hurry and get the hell out of here. they’ve showered together more times than Jungkook could even begin to count. but it takes a lot of his own self restraint to keep his eyes on the tile, the shampoo bottles
fixating them on absolutely anything in this shower except for Taehyung. he hears the shower curtain draw back and takes this opportunity to stand completely under the shower head. half tempted to turn the water to cold because he really needs it.
its fucking annoying at this point, hes never reacted this way to Taehyung before and is starting to realize that Taehyung is right. his brain really is making him overthink everything. he’s drawn out of his thoughts and yelps loudly when a large hand slaps his ass
it echoes in the shower and stings when that hand is out of sight “you’re taking too long, hurry up” Jungkook places his forehead to the cold shower tiles, Taehyung is killing him. |||
13. airplane, pt2
“so are we supposed to be in our own rooms?” Jungkook asks from around the wall, watching Taehyung shake some excess water off of his long hair like a puppy. its unfair how adorable he can be. “nah, Sejin knows we’re both in here”
a knock for room service comes a moment later and of course the cart is filled with enough food and beverages for two. Taehyung rolls his eyes and smiles at Jungkook, “see?”
they eat the food sent to them in a comfortable silence with some random television show playing in the background. but Taehyung’s distracted. Jungkook can tell.
because hes tapping away at his phone and giggling every few minutes. it doesnt matter, or at least it shouldn’t. until Taehyung makes a quiet noise, like a gasp. and when Jungkook looks up Taehyung’s cheeks are flushed.
a bright blush dusting his cheekbones and he kind if can’t stand not knowing the cause of it. “who are you texting?” “huh?” Taehyung looks up, “noone, dont worry”
but hes lying, Jungkook can tell by the way he gnaws on his lip to try to hide his smile. its with haste that he practically dives across the mattress. Taking Taehyung by surprise when he yanks the phone from his hand.
“c’mon hyungie, who’s making you giggle like that?” “jungkook, stop” Taehyung laughs, slips into his lap to try to reach the phone, but this was a fatal mistake.
because Jungkook drops the phone to the pillow and catches Taehyung’s wrists with his hands. in on swift motion he flips them over and has Taehyung’s arms pinned above his head, smiling down at him mischievously.
but the smile wipes clean off of his face when he glances at the phone on the pillow. “dont read my messages!” Taehyung giggles.
14. but jungkook doesnt find it funny
Jungkook lets go of Taehyung’s wrists but he doesnt move from where hes sitting on top of him. leans back to the point that his butt has settled right on Taehyung’s groin when he scoffs “since when do you talk to Mingyu, /my friend Mingyu?”
Taehyung looks appalled and confused by the question, “i dunno, since you introduced us all to them properly at your birthday last year? he asked for my number and we text sometimes” “that sounds like more than texting sometimes, you’re flirting!”
Taehyung’s eyes are wide, blinking cluelessly “am i not allowed to flirt with people either?” jungkook doesnt know why this bothers him so much. he cant make sense of the aching he’s feeling.
“i asked you if you were dating someone snd you said you werent! you’re keeping things from me still! its like im not even your best friend anymore!” he didnt mean to shout but he did and now he’s embarrassed.
Jungkook climbs off of the mattress. he just really doesn’t want to talk to Taehyung right now. “bun..” “just leave me alone” he says softly, before going into the bathroom and locking the door shut.
Jungkook hops up onto the bathroom counter and scoots real close to the mirror. wets the bar soap provided by the hotel and begins washing his face to kill time. it sucks.
how many things is he going to learn about Taehyung? he was really right in his assumption that this hyung is living a whole separate life and it’s one thing when its /completely separate but this life is intertwining with Jungkook’s own by bringing his friends into the mix
and hes honestly kind of pissed off at Mingyu too. they were all texting just yesterday about the party friday, and eunwoo kept texting jungkook asking about jimin and tae. so he was asking for mingyu? why wouldnt he tell jungkook that he wants to date his BEST friend?
Jungkook could’ve swore he locked that damn bathroom door. but then its opening gently and Taehyung is leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed, “alright, we need to talk.” “taehyungie, with all due respect, i dont want to talk to you”
“why?” Taehyung’s voice is raising slowly. he steps over to the counter and stands right behind where Jungkook is sitting wiping the soap off of his face. “how did you go from feeding me your strawberries to wanting nothing to do with me?”
“ugh” Jungkook gets the last bit of soap from his face and twists around. his legs come to rest on each side of Taehyung where they hang off the counter. “why wouldnt you mention anything?” “again, i didnt know i had to.” taehyung sighs “so why exactly are you upset?”
“huh?” Jungkook’s head tilts before he looks away. he’s feeling that anger in his stomach again. “are you mad because i was flirting with someone? because i didnt tell you i was flirting with someone? because it was mingyu? because hes your friend? because he asked me out?”
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