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#taekookau a/b/o where Jungkook returns to Korea after a decade, when he gets news of his brother's death. He isn't mourning , they weren't close. But he knows his duties. The plan is to stay for two days and head back . Until he catches a glimpse of his dead brother's husband.

Taehyung is nothing like the omegas he's ever met before : he is angry , vicious, and unreasonable. And judging from the sweet scent, he's also pregnant. Jungkook is suddenly roped into an ancient tradition, one where because of Taehyung's pregnancy, he has to marry him.
I'm in the mood for angsty arranged marriage with proper screaming matches and flying fists and pregnancy hormones and tears.
"Fuck you." Jungkook blinked, completely taken aback. "Excuse me?" "Fuck you, you stupid little bitch." The omega hissed, eyes flashing gold in the fading sun and Jungkook felt his own alpha growl at the disrespect. "What the actual fuck-" he began, ready to put
the insolent guy in place when Jimin grabbed his arm "Jungkook ah, he's mourning. He's filled with grief, right now. You can't be mean to him." Jungkook stared in disbelief at the omega who was still glaring at him with a plateful of cupcakes in his hand. "Not enough to stop
eating like a fucking whale, apparently." he retorted and the omega's eyes went wide in affront. "Im pregnant you stupid bastard!" he shrieked and Jungkook ignored him, already turning back to his own plate. God , he couldn't believe he'd gotten into such a fucking mess.
His phone buzzed. It was probably Jieun. Calling to make sure he'd landed. safely. Oh he'd landed alright. Right on a steaming pile of shit. Fuck Junghyun, fuck his stupidly beautiful mate and fuck pack laws. Most of all fuck his shitty luck.
"This is insane." Jungkook said sharply, staring down at his food eith wide, slightly crazed eyes. "Hyung, you can't expect me to just marry this omega out of nowhere... He fucking hates me.." "He hates everyone, you're not special." Jimin grinned. "cut him some slack, your
brother wasn't a good man you know. Taehyung suffered a lot because of him." Jungkook had no interest in the omega's sufferings. His own misfortunes were enough to make his head spin. "I have a girlfriend hyung. I love her. We've been together for four fucking years!"
Jimin looked sympathetic but didn't say anything. A loud voice made both of them look up. "It should have been you, filthy omega.The day you set foot in my home, you've brought nothing but bad luck and suffering. And now, now you killed my son!" Jungkook watched his
mother scream at Taehyung, her eyes flashing alpha red. Taehyung cowered, but the defiance in his gaze was palpable. Even though he didn't say anything, there was no mistaking the hatred dripping in his stare. Jungkook flinched as his mother moved as if to strike the omega.
But someone grabbed her wrist, stopping her. Taehyung didn't move, mouth set in a firm line as he glared at her. Jungkook, stared at the entire debacle aware of how everyone had their eyes fixed on Taehyung even after his mother left. The omega looked up, his eyes meeting
Jungkook's. Taehyung's eyes were red and wet and angry, his pain so evident that Jungkook felt his breath catch, mouth going dry. He looked away quickly, unable to hold the connection. Taehyung looked so damaged, it terrified him. He glanced helplessly at Jimin who looked sad.
"He doesn't have any family of his own, Jungkook ah. If he did, the first option would be to send him back there. And we can't keep him here without someone to take responsibility of the child. If you weren't here, I would have married him." Jimin said firmly. "Why don't you?"
Jungkook muttered desperately, "please hyung, help me out." Jimin chuckled, shaking his head. "Thats not how it works, Jungkook. Pack laws exist for a reason, you know. They keep us in harmony. With each other and with the moon. " Jungkook rolled his eyes at that.
These archaic ideas had never appealed to him. It was one of the reason he had left the pack in the first place. And now, here they were trying to trap him into it all over again. He glanced again at Taehyung. The omega was sitting in a corner, alone, eating his cupcakes.
No one talked to him or gave him any sort of attention , except to throw disdainful looks. Jungkook felt uncomfortable. "Why did he marry hyung, if he hates everyone?" he asked quietly. "Because of the baby." Jimin whispered. Jungkook froze. "What?" Jimin nodded, sadly.
"Junghyun got him pregnant , I'm assuming during one of his drunken escapades. Taehyung is from Daegu and lost his job after his boss found out he was pregnant. With no other way out, the omega came here looking for your brother. And then they got married."
Jungkook stared at the curve of Taehyung's bump. "How far along is he?" "Six months. He came here two months ago. And its been two months of hell . For everyone but mostly for Taehyung. Mother thinks Taehyung trapped your brother that night. Im pretty sure that's not true."
Jungkook felt something clench inside his gut at that. Taehyung had probably come here just for money and support. Instead he'd gotten trapped in a marriage. And now it was happening to the omega all over again. He suddenly felt guilty. The world was injust, he knew.
tw : implied abuse "I think he hit him." Jimin said suddenly and Jungkook felt his blood run cold. "What?" "Im not sure. Your mother wouldn't let any of us help, Jungkook so we never really knew for sure. But I am pretty sure your brother used to hurt him."
Before Jungkook could say anything else, his phone rang. He glanced at it and flinched. Jieun. "Hey, baby." he said softly, rubbing his tired eyes." How are you, I miss you." "I miss you too, Jungkook, what happened?" Jieun sounded genuinely worried. "Why didn't you pick up?"
"Did you read the message I sent you?" He asked quietly. "Yes, and I refuse to believe that isn't some kind of prank you're pulling on me." Jungkook groaned. "Baby, I wish it was. Ive told you about my pack. They take this stuff seriously." Jieun didn't respond for a second.
"So what, you're going to marry a stranger? Just like that? You should be more upset about this Jungkook. Why do I feel like I'm the only one bothered?" she demanded. Jungkook felt his hackles rise. "You really think you're affected more than me Jieun? They can keep me here,
indefinitely. My entire life is over there. I'm losing everything!" he said sharply. Jieun sighed. "Lets not fight, baby. I'm going to catch the next flight and I'm coming there..." Jungkook felt a flash of relief at that. He loved her so much and he could always count on her.
"We'll find a way to get you out of this mess, I promise." Jieun said softly. Jungkook nodded. "I love you, " Jieun said soft and warm "Love you more." he whispered back. Once she hung up he turned back to Jimin who was watching him. "You really think its a good idea,
inviting your girlfriend to your mating ceremony?" he chuckled. Jungkook rolled his eyes. "Jieun is a lawyer. She'll find a legal loophole for me me to get out of this. And then you can marry that omega. And I'll be back where I belong." Jungkook glanced at Taehyung, again.
The omega was gripping the edge of the table with one hand, the finished plate with the other, struggling to get on his feet. No one helped him. He felt his throat clog up, swearing under his breath and pushing his chair back. He quickly began striding across the room,
reaching Taehyung just as the omega wobbled, gripping his elbows and taking the plate from him. He had to wrap an arm around him. just to hold him up, and he didn't miss how slim Tae was. Taehyung looked a little pale, his skin tinged grey. "I don't feel so good." he muttered.
"Probably because you ate a dozen blueberry cupcakes at once." Jungkook grunted, helping the omega straighten himself. "Do you not have any self control?" Taehyung scoffed, fingers curling into the fabric of Jungkooks shirt, right over his chest. The touch was firm but gentle.
"A Jeon alpha talking about self control, " Taehyung shook his head, "That's rich." "Not all of us are like that.," Jungkook snapped. "Just because you picked the wrong one, doesn't make me a bad person." Taehyung didn't say anything, but he did push away from him.
"You're right. I should have picked someone else to knock me up ." Taehyung sneered, eyes flashing gold again. "Let me go, I can stand now." Jungkook stepped away and the omega wrapped his hands around himself, shivering just a bit. "I don't want to marry you." Jungkook said.
Taehyung didn't say anything, merely turned away with a shrug. "Ypu can't possibly want to marry me either!" he exclaimed in desperation, moving around to stand in front of the omega. Taehyung gave him a bitter smile. "Ive stopped wanting things, a long time ago. "
"If you have the balls to dk it, go tell your tyrannical mother that you dont want to marry me. Don't bark at me, alpha. I have no power on my own life, let alone yours." Taehyung took a deep shuddering breath, before exhaling. Jungkook watched carefully as the omega flinched,
hands moving to cup the curve of his belly. Taehyung rubbed circles on the underside, his touch gentle even as he whispered something , low and musical to the alpha's ears. It took him a second to understand he was talking to the baby. "Stop kicking, my berry bub."
Jungkook watched as Taehyung flinched again, like he was jolted, his entire body shuddering for a second. A low 'fuck, that hurt' came from the omega and he fought the instinctive urge to reach out and touch , comfort on some way. "Are you alright?" he asked instead, worried.
Taehyung ignored him completely, starting to walk away and Jungkook frowned, before reaching out and grabbing him by the elbow. Taehyung let out a whimper and Jungkook pulled back alarmed. He hadn't meant to grab the omega. It had been impulsive and now Taehyung was glaring
him again. "Don't fucking touch me!" The omega growled and Jungkook grimaced. "Okay, I got that." he held his hands up." But we need to talk, Taehyung... we can't just ignore each other." "Why the fuck not?" Taehyung snapped. "What does it matter, if youre married to me or
not. Not like you'd give a shit about me anyway. I just heard you talk on the phone. Your girlfriend was it? You asked her to come here didn't you? You can do whatever you want with her.. Not like I'm going to stop you!Not like I can even if I wanted to!
Marriage doesn't mean a thing for people like me, Jungkook. So don't act like you're being shackled to me in someway when we both know the only one truly trapped is me." Jungkook stared , completely taken aback by the outburst. Taehyung was teary eyed, his cheeks flushed.
"Taehyung, " he began but the omega shook his head. "No. I don't want to hear about all the ways your perfect life is inconvenienced because of me and my baby. You can do whatever you want, with whomever you want. I told you, didn't I ? What more do you want from me?"
"Taehyung," Jimin's voice came from behind them, and the omega stiffened. "I'm leaving." he said sharply, before throwing Jungkook one last glare and turning on his heel. Jungkook watched him walk away, having no idea what had just happened. Jimin touched his shoulder lightly.
"Taehyung has a friend in Daegu. His name is Min Yoongi. He's an alpha as well. They aren't related by pack bond or blood but I know Taehyung writes to him almost every week." "Writes? He doesn't have a phone?' "Your family wouldn't let him have one." Jimin said quietly.
Jungkook grimaced. Yes that was something they would do . "I've sent word for him and there's a chance that he maybe able to help you out." "Help me out, how?" "The law only requires you to get married . You can do that and you can leave, Jungkook. And a year or two from now,
you can break the bond. If Yoongi agrees to take Taehyung back to Daegu, you'll be off the hook." Jungkook frowned , not convinced. "Who is this guy? Is he an alpha?" "From what I know, they grew up in the same orphanage. Yoongi is a lawyer. So he may help you too."
Jungkook didn't say anything. He was still caught up with all that Taehyung had told him. He'd never met someone like Taehyung before. Someone so strong and just... unbending. He wasn't sure what had made the omega so wary and bitter and he couldn't help but want to know more. 🏵️
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Jungkook’s mother was ruthless, heartless and cruel. The alpha had known this all his life, and it had been a driving factor behind his decision to leave home, and yet, he found her casual cruelty astounding, especially when he witnessed it first hand. “Mother…”
“That is Luna to you, Jungkook.” She growled. “ I am the leader of this pack. All the prosperity you see her is due to me and me alone. I’m the reason this pack still stands strong, obeying the laws of old, keeping the traditions that defined us.”
Jungkook sighed, his head throbbing from the effort to not scream. “Luna, you can’t just turn him out of his home, just like that.” “Home?” She laughed. “ He has no home here, Jungkook. His home became pack property the minute my son died. Either you take him in, or he goes
to the streets.” She tossed a glare at Taehyung, who sat on the floor, eyes red and swollen, a pair of dusty old suitcases by his feet.
Jungkook had been staying in the pack guesthouse, talking to Jieun about pack laws and how they could circumvent them when Jimin had arrived , telling him that his mother had decided to toss Taehyung out of his home Without any warning.
The omega had a scarily blank look on his face, like he’d just stopped feeling. Jungkook glared at the woman who had birthed him, before picking his way over to Taehyung’s side. There truly was no justice in the world , he thought angrily.
“Get him a fucking chair, you idiots. He’s six months pregnant and sitting on the damned floor!” He growled angrily. “They will do no such thing.” His mother growled. “ He will not receive a single ounce of hospitality from my roof ever again.”
Jungkook ignored her, kneeling down in front of Taehyung and gently touching his knee. “ I’ll take you with me.” He said quietly. “ Just get up.” Taehyung didn’t respond, merely staring straight ahead with the same blank look on his face.
Jungkook sighed, wishing for the hundredth time that he had just stayed behind at home when he’d received word of his brother’s passing. “Tae.” He tried again, “ Come on, we don’t want to hurt the baby.” That seemed to do the trick.
Taehyung sniffled, blinking a bit and hugging himself tight. He turned his face, looking at Jungkook with pain laden eyes.
“After all that bastard did to me, don’t I at least deserve a roof over my head till I give birth to his son?” He demanded voice shaky, “ I hate you. I hate all of you!”
Jungkook didn’t respond, leaning over and gently slipping his arms, around and under the omega, lifting him up off the floor and cradling him against his chest. Taehyung was crying, fingers curling into his chest and when he looked at his mother, she had a smug smile on his face.
“Good, take him. He’s your problem from now.” She said sharply. Jungkook glared at her, but didn’t protest as Jimin came over to stand next to him. The beta grabbed Taehyung’s luggage, nodding at Jungkook.
“Let’s get him to your room for now.” He said quietly and Jungkook nodded, his body warm where Taehyung’s slender frame stayed pressed against him. He looked down, eyes falling on the wet lashes and the slope of his perfect nose, the glossy sheen on his full lips.
It was a rather improper thought to have, considering the situation, but Jungkook couldn’t help but feel like Taehyung looked like an actual angel. Too beautiful to be true. Something right out of one of the fairy tales he’d heard as a child.
“Jungkook!” Jimin snapped and Jungkook flinched. “What?” he asked, surprised. “You’ve been staring at him for two minutes, I’ve been asking you for the key to your room.” Jungkook flushed, before turning to show his back pocket. “It’s in here.” ~~~~~~
Taehyung had somehow dozed off in his arms by the time they reached the large brick buildings with the spare rooms for guests. Since Jungkook didn't smell like pack, he hadn't been allowed to stay in the pack house. The rooms were comfortable enough so the alpha didn't mind.
But they only had one bed. And when Jungkook laid Taehyung down on said bed, Jimin gave him a look. "You have a girlfriend." He said quietly and Jungkook felt heat rise up his neck. He turned to carefully roll Taehyung over to his side, propping his back with a pillow.
He slid another one under his bump. Back home,he had a neighbour who had been pregnant and had often complained how she couldn't wait to lie on her back once the baby was born. Didn't that imply people didn't sleep on their backs when pregnant? Taehyung sniffled in his sleep.
"He's exhausted." Jungkook said softly, barely resisting the urge to reach out and brush the hair off the omega's brow . " What about his medical records? Is he healthy otherwise?" Jimin didn't say anything. Jungkook frowned. "He has been to a doctor right?!"
Jimin sighed, shaking his head. "Jungkook , you're forgetting how packs run. We don't do business with outsiders and we only rely on traditional medicine to_" Jungkook groaned in disbelief, running his fingers through his hair. "You can't be serious. He's six months along!"
"Let him rest for now. We'll see about taking him to a doctor, if he agrees to it." "Why wouldn't he agree to it?!" Jungkook rolled his eyes. "This is insane." Jimin sighed, shaking his head. "He hasn't had it easy, yes."He agreed, "so don't be hasty in abandoning him."
Abandoning him? Jungkook felt something thick and viscous twisting through his insides. Would it be abandonment if he left Taehyung alone and found a way back home without him? He didn't even know him till a day ago, for heaven's sake. Why was he suddenly responsible for him?
He felt a headache come on. Jungkook had his own ideas and values and most of it wouldn't be okay with leaving Taehyung unless and until he was perfectly assured that the Omega was going to be safe and taken care of. It was an inconvenient instinct of his, but still .
"Go get us some food hyung. "He said tiredly. "Its almost dinner time. He's going to be hungry when he wakes up." Jungkook moved to sit on the small chair next to the bed. Jimin left after asking him what he'd like. Jungkook stared at the omega, his mind and heart uneasy.
He wasn't sure what it would mean, if he were to just break pack laws. He knew that packs had their own judicial system and he was sure the worse punishment he would receive would be to cut ties with his pack for good. And that wasn't something he wanted to do . Rogue wolves were
always seen with distrust . He couldn't afford that in his career as a freelance artist. So Jimin's idea was the one he would have to rely on. If this Min Yoongi agreed to take care of Taehyung, maybe he could go back without being worried. "No...please... don't..."Taehyung
mumbled, brows furrowed and Jungkook sat up, worried. The omega was shaking his head again, eyebrows creased, eyes shut. "Don't... I'm sorry, please don't!" His voice rose , both in pitch and panic and Jungkook was on him in an instant, wrapping him in his arms as he began
thrashing around. "Tae!" he called out hastily, gently shaking his shoulders, even as the omega fought against his grip, flailing a bit. Jungkook took care not to accidentally hit his belly, barely managing to keep both of them on the bed. Taehyung woke up with a whimper, eyes
wide and terrified. He blinked twice before turning and meeting his gaze. Somehow his scent soured even more, the omega kicking at him rather viciously. "get off me!!" he screamed, pushing at his chest with all his might, and Jungkook stumbled back, holding his hands up.
"Hey.. its okay... Youre okay..." He tried nervously but Taehyung merely glared, grabbing a pillow and hugging it tight. "Why am I here?" he demanded and then flinched, hands flying to the curve of his belly. Jungkook startled. "What's wrong?!" he demanded. Taehyung glared.
"None of yur fucking business. I have to get out of here." The omega moved to get up but flinched again, this time a pained whimper escaping him, against his will. Jungkook growled in disbelief. "What's wrong, Tae?" he demanded, reaching out and grabbing the omega.
Taehyung groaned, eyes shut. "Imy just having contractions..." he muttered and Jungkook felt his heart drop straight to his feet. "You're what?!" "False!" Taehyung said quickly, "They're false contractions.. I'm not like in labor or anything... it just happens sometimes..."
Jungkook blinked, confused and still a little scared. He stared awkwardly at the omega's stomach, not sure what to say. "Do you... Do you need anything? Can I help? " he swallowed, "in some way?" Taehyung stared at him with a frown on his face. "Just leave me alone."
Jungkook frowned, eyes narrowing into slits. He was , frankly, quite sick of Taehyung's attitude with him. No matter what his pack was like, Jungkook had nothing to do with them. He hadn't even seen them in decades! And all he had done so far was to try and help the ungrateful
omega. "Stop huffing at me, omega." he said sharply. " I'm only asking because I don't want to be held responsible if something happens to you under my care." Taehyung glared at him. "Im not under your care, alpha." he sneered, eyes livid. "You literally kidnapped me-
"Are you fucking serious right now?!" Jungkook snarled in disbelief. "They were throwing you out and I gave you a place to stay!" "I didn't want you to!" Taehyung shouted, getting on his feet and and holding his bump . Some of Jungkook's ire melted at the site, his inner alpha
refusing to fight someone carrying a tiny pup inside them and he groaned, shaking his head and burying his face in his hands. His head was throbbing well and good now and he couldn't help but press a palm to his forehead. Migraines were the worst and he could feel nausea rise.
Taehyung was still screaming and he tried to focus but his vision began to swim. He could only hear disjointed phrases, "- your brother-" "- hate you-" "-no right to touch me-" He stumbled to his feet and his stomach churned, trying to open his eyes and see where the bathroom
was, but the bright light of the lamp made him flinch, and he faltered in his steps , shoulders hitting the edge of the wall. Pain shot up his arm and he groaned, swearing. The room went abruptly quiet. "What are you doing?!" Taehyung demanded , and Jungkook couldn't even look
at him, the pain now spreading to all over his skull, down the back of his neck , his fingers and toes going a bit numb at the intensity of it. "Jungkook!" Taehyung's voice came from behind him. All he remembered was the soft embrace of a pair or arms and an alarmed voice
calling for his name as his eyes rolled back in their sockets, his mind plunging into darkness as he collapsed. 🏵️🏵️🏵️🏵️🏵️
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Taehyung stared down at the alpha, lying face down on the ground and felt his heart beat right out of his chest in panic. What had just happened? He hadn’t done anything to him! Was he pretending?
Confused and disoriented, Taehyung stumbled to his feet, looking around frantically for his suitcase. He was still very much a novice, when it came to healing but he could help him come around to his senses at least. He wasn’t sure why the alpha had fainted , however.
He found his suitcase tucked away in a closet and grunted, yanking it out of the space, hindered by the baby bump that was always in the way. He couldn’t lift things, couldn’t pick thing up without kneeling and crawling on the floor.
Frustrated, he dropped the handle, gripping the edge of the door for leverage and squatting , just to pull the case half way out. He quickly worked the zip open, grabbing the large wooden case that held all of his oils , tinctures and salves.
He grabbed a few vials, and a few strips of muslin cloth before moving to Jungkook’s side. He felt n odd sort of guilt in the pit of his stomach, a fear that he had somehow caused or at the least exacerbated whatever had just happened.
But he tamped it down. Nothing good came out of pitying or understanding alphas. They would use his soft heart to take advantage. He was doing this simply because he didn’t want to be blamed for it. He didn’t want to owe Jungkook anything, not even his guilt.
Sitting down next to the alpha, he gently tugged his head into his lap, hoping this would work. ~~~~~~~~~~~
When Jungkook came back to himself, the room was dark. He was on the bed, shirtless. He groaned, head still aching but a lot more dulled. It took him a second to realize he wasn’t alone. And he wasn’t lying on a pillow.
Taehyung was asleep, seated with his back to the headboard, Jungkook’s head cradled in his lap, long slender fingers still caught in the damp strands of his hair. Jungkook went completely still, because like this with his guard down, Taehyung’s scent was completely different.
Strawberries and cream, with a hint of creamy cocoa butter. Jungkook’s mouth watered against his will. Horrified by his own reaction to the omega, he gently rolled away from his lap, suddenly realizing that there was something tied to his head.
It felt like one of the poultice they made at the healer’s cabin in his pack. He touched it gingerly, sniffing suspiciously. It smelled faintly like Eucalyptus and bergamot, and also a hint of willowbark. They were remedies from childhood. Had Taehyung made the poultice for him?
Surprised, he carefully reached back for the string at the nape of his neck, untying it and taking the poultice off. There was a definite hint of strawberry there. Taehyung had done this. He sat up carefully, taking care not to wake the omega up.
His neck still ached and he had to take a few deep breaths, before levering himself up to a kneeling position on the bed. He hesitated, before carefully leaning over the omega, wrapping one arm around his neck and shoulders, and slipping his other hand under the omega’s thighs.
HE gently began moving Taehyung’s body lifting it a bit so he could get him to slide down to a lying position, his nose bumping against the omega’s neck in the process. Jungkook froze when Taehyung’s scent hit him like a truck on a highway, strong and potent.
It clouded his judgement, just for a second, and he felt his mouth parting, lips closing over the scent gland there, teeth grazing he fragile skin- “What the fuck are you doing?” Jimin’s voice made him jump about a foot into the air, nearly toppling on to the still asleep omega.
Taehyung must’ve been really exhausted, because he didn’t wake up. “Fuck, hyung..” He hissed, glaring. “ Keep quiet. He’s sleeping.” “I didn’t ask you what he was doing ? I’m asking you what you’re doing! Why are you groping him when he’s asleep?” Jungkook growled, annoyed.
“I’m not groping him, I’m trying to get him to lie down. He fell asleep leaning against the head board….” “And that involves scenting him? You looked like you were a second away from biting him!” “I was not!” Jungkook lied angrily, hating himself and Jimin.
He turned back, and slowly shifted Taehyung around till he was on his back. Against he propped him up with pillows, making sure he was on his side. “When is Jieun arriving?” Jimin said softly and Jungkook bristled.
“You bring her up too often. You think I’m going to cheat on her or something?” “you certainly act like you’re thinking of it…” Jimin shrugged. Jungkook couldn’t believe it. “Excuse me for being a decent human being!” Jimin rolled his eyes.
“Fine, don’t get so upset over it. As long as you draw boundaries, in your head and your heart and don’t cross them. Things will be fine.” Jungkook nodded, already moving away from the sleeping omega. He had no intention of crossing any boundaries with Kim Taehyung.
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