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May 14, 2022
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just a #yoonminau where they're roommates for over a year but still haven't built a friendly relationship with each other. at breakfast, yoongi told him he's not gonna be home for a week. as jimin comes home later that day, he's met by a cat he's never seen before.

or an au where jimin doesn't know yoongi shifts into a cat every full moon.
"you're home alone?" taehyung asks, looking around once he gets inside jimin's apartment. as usual, it's very much tidy than his own space. "where's your roomie?" "dunno." jimin shrugs, "it's either he left early or he's still in his room."
a chuckle escapes from taehyung's mouth. he puts down his stuff on the couch and turns to jimin, "you two are really—" "stop. i already know what you're going to say. just save your energy." then jimin sits on the carpeted floor.
he usually ignores the fact that they have a fully functional couch which can accomodate up to four people only because he thinks that's his roommate space. not that his roommate told him he can't use the couch. he just doesn't want to.
"anyway, i've brought some of my notes though i know you have more. i just thought that maybe you missed some details and i was able to write them down." taehyung explains. he takes out a notebook which looks new, a pile of papers, and an envelope.
jimin blinks, eyes focused on the things taehyung had brought out. "that? that's your notes?" the taller man nods, "mhm! it's quite messy but yeah."
with a sigh, "keep them. i don't think we'll need them." "yah, that's quite offensive." "then do your notes properly next—"
the two of them turn their heads when they hear a door opening and after a few seconds, "yeah, you weren't alone earlier." taehyung says, "hi, yoongi hyung!" "hi," the elder says before lowering his head and goes straight to the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee.
"awkward." taehyung whispers. "you two are awkward." "shut up. just read my notes first then we'll ask each other questions." then jimin hands him a binder with all his notes on. "okay, fine." the other replies, rolling his eyes.
just while the two of them are quietly studying for an exam, yoongi stands a few feet away and clears his throat. "what?" jimin asks when yoongi successfully got his attention.
"uhm, i'll be home pretty late." yoongi rubs the back of his head, avoiding eye contact with jimin. "yeah?" "i won't be home by dinner." "oh," "uh, do you want me to cook now or you'll just order in?" yoongi finally asks, jimin blinks, contemplating but "i'll order in."
yoongi just offers a tight nod, "okay then." "okay." "okay, bye." the elder turns around, not even waiting for jimin to respond. "bye?" jimin utters once the main door shuts close.
he stares at the door for a whole minute, not knowing the exact reason why. "awkward. you two are just so awkward that i almost threw up. i can't stand this!" taehyung says dramatically, covering his mouth in exaggeration. "dude, just shut up."
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