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In this universe, people have to leave the comfort of their families, their home once they are presented regardless of their rank.
Jeongguk and Taehyung were both 20 years old when they broke up. They were in their second year of university when the latter one got accepted into a university in Paris.
They have been together since freshman year and everything happened so fast as both of them decided to break it off since Taehyung has decided to leave for France and grab the opportunity.
Their friends found it weird that they ended their relationship just like that knowing they are both really in love with each other but who are they to judge?
What’s worse is they decided not to contact each other anymore and to live their own lives as if they don’t know each other. It means no checking on their social media and asking from their friends.
Although, they had one request for each other the day before Taehyung flew to France- to spend the whole day together and Jeongguk had to drop him off at the airport as their final goodbye before they cut all their connections.
If they’re for each other, their wolves will howl for them to be together again. #vkook #kookv #taekook au
1. Back. #vkook #kookv #taekook au
2. Awkward. #vkook #kookv #taekook au
Eight years. It’s been eight years since they last saw each other, since they broke up. Jeongguk finds it weird that the man suddenly contacts him. They’re practically strangers again given by the amount of time they haven’t met or talked. It’s going to be awkward.
He knows it but he will still go. However, he can’t pinpoint what he is feeling as he drives to Taehyung’s place. They have broken up for years, not updated with each other's lives so what could be this important thing that he wants to tell him?
He rings the doorbell to indicate that he’s already there and a few minutes later, the door finally opens. It’s not that he forgot what the man looks like but they were pretty young back then. He looks so mature now, his hair is a bit on the longer side.
His jaw is defined but his face is still angelic as ever. He never thought that he would see the omega again but here he is. “Hey, please come in.” Taehyung invites as he makes a space to let Jeongguk in. — #vkook #kookv #taekook au
“Did you stay in Paris all those years?” The alpha asks because even though Taehyung was the one who invited him, he can sense that he’s having a hard time initiating whatever topic they have to discuss.
“Uh, yes. Paris became my second home, I guess. I also found work there. An arts and design company but the owner is Korean.” He shares. “That’s great to hear. It has been your dream.” “How about you?” “Oh, I’m handling my little company and I’m also a curator at the same time.”
Taehyung smiles at that. Jeongguk has always been very careful with his works and making sure that it’s in perfect condition or displayed properly. He’s sentimental as well so he likes to keep things, especially his artworks.
“So what should we talk about?” Taehyung breathed heavily when the other man asked. He doesn’t know how Jeongguk will react once he knows about it. He has been thinking this through for years already but now that he is in the situation, it gets even harder.
“Taehyung? It’s getting late and I’m a bit tired from work.” Jeongguk said since he really wants to go home and rest. They haven’t seen each other for years but he thinks they don’t need to catch up on each other's lives.
“Jeongguk, I have to tell you something very important and this might surprise you.” “Taehyung. You..texting me is already a surprise. So what is it? Tell me.” Taehyung nervously puts out something from his wallet. He has never removed this piece of paper ever since he got it.
Jeongguk reached out for it and confusion was written all over his face. “What is this?”
“Jeongguk.. it’s a sonogram.” “Yeah, I know. But why are you showing this? It’s been a long time since we’re done so I don’t think I have any business with your life.” Jeongguk tries to stay calm but Taehyung feels scared already. “Read the date, please.”
Jeongguk sighs and takes the paper again to look at the date clearly. When he finally saw the date, he felt like a bucket of ice cold water was poured on his head. “Are you kidding me?” “Jeongguk–” “Are you fucking kidding me?” Jeongguk screamed as he stood up from his chair.
The table almost flipped at the alpha’s action. “Tell me this is a joke, that it’s a prank because Taehyung, it’s been 8 years and you have all the time to tell me.” “We.. We have a kid, Jeongguk. I’m not lying to you. I swear.” “Then why the fuck are you telling me just now–”
Jeongguk stopped talking when he heard a door creak and the scent which is oddly familiar to him started to linger on his senses. “Yujin-ah.” The omega father softly calls.
The pup was rubbing his eyes as he just woke up but when he saw the man inside their place, he couldn’t help but smile big. “Daddy?” Yujin ran towards Jeongguk and hugged him on the waist. “Daddy. It’s really you.” Jeongguk froze on his spot. He knows the kid is his.
In this universe, the connection of a parent and a pup is inexplicable especially for alpha. They can smell and sense right away if the kid is theirs even during pregnancy. And Yujin looks a lot like him.
Even though there is no special bond, anyone who is close with them knows that this pup is Jeongguk’s son.
He wasn’t there for his son for seven years because Taehyung kept the truth from him. Everything is so sudden for Jeongguk and obviously, it is still not sinking in but he can’t manage to push the pup away from him.
He awkwardly placed his hand at his back and Yunjin hugged him tighter. “Daddy, I finally met you.” The kid utters. Jeongguk looked back at Taehyung who’s trying to hold back his tears. “He knows me?” Jeongguk whispers. “He does. He knows everything.” He knows everything.
He knows everything but he, himself, had no idea that this kid exists. That he is already a father. “Daddy, can you pick me up?” “Oh. Okay, sure.” Jeongguk carefully carries the kid and Yujin then wraps his arms around his alpha father’s neck.
“I’m so happy, Daddy. I waited for a long time and have been a good boy. Thank you, Daddy.”
He doesn’t know why but he is smiling upon hearing those words. It feels like a reunion even though this is the first time they met. Eventually, the kid fell asleep again in his arms so Taehyung picked him up from Jeongguk to put him to bed. They still need to talk afterall.
Few minutes later, he came out of the room and Jeongguk was looking at him with an angry expression.
“You have a lot of explaining to do. Keeping this vital thing from me for 8 years, really? What the hell is wrong with you?” Jeongguk wants to be furious but he needs to be careful because of their son.
“I’m really sorry, Jeongguk.” “Fuck your sorry. Fuck your lies. I’m going home now.” Jeongguk stood up and Taehyung was quick to stop him. “Jeongguk, how about Yujin? Do you not want to see him anymore?”
Taehyung trusts Jeongguk so much even after all these years so he knows he is not that kind of person but he might be wrong. Again, they are strangers after all. “Yujin is my son. Is my answer enough?”
The alpha finally left the home and Taehyung was able to breathe properly again. Jeongguk still has an effect on him because he has never left his life, his heart but of course, it’s not the same with the alpha. #vkook #kookv #taekook au —
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