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JV⁷🌹🔞BTS Fics & AUs

Jun 18, 2022
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⚔️Dance For Me💃 yoonmin au where Alpha King Min Yoongi’s attention gets captured by a little enchanting omega dancer from a neighbouring kingdom. Too bad he belongs to someone else. King Yoongi X Gisaeng Jimin #yoonmin #yoonminau #sujim #yoonminoneshot #yoonminnsfw

Tags: a/b/o, mirror sex, dirty talk, hair pulling, blow jobs, manhandling, teasing, ownership kinda, spanking, etc. Hope you like it <3 will be cross posted to AO3 soon!
Yoongi didn’t usually care much for festivals or celebrations. They were way too loud and cheerful for his tastes. But Namjoon had insisted relentlessly and guilt tripped him by saying that he hadn’t visited him in years, and Yoongi couldn’t deny his childhood friend after that.
Ilsan was popularly known for his lunar festivities anyways. So it certainly hadn't been a bad decision to come because Yoongi was surprisingly enjoying himself quite a bit. The moon shone brightly in the mid summer night sky +
and the chatter of the cicadas sounded like a song of their own as Ilsan came to life with festivities. The city celebrated by eating local delicacies, meeting with loved ones and worshipping the moon goddess.
Well renowned performers and artisans gathered in the palace to show off their talent and entertain the royals throughout the long night of celebrations. Yoongi leaned back against his seat as servers came around to offer them yakgwa and rice wine,
Namjoon even had a pretty little concubine curled up on his lap, kissing up his neck. The alpha had offered Yoongi a companion for the night as well but he had refused. No-one had caught his eye yet.
Besides, the night was still young and the melodies of the gayageum was enough to put Yoongi in a pleasant mood. The musician bowed deeply to them after the piece ended and vacated the stage. A hush fell upon the palace courtyard in anticipation for the next performer.
Large instruments were rolled into the courtyard, leaving the center stage empty. Yoongi quirked an eyebrow at the scale of the show, wondering what it could be. Music started to play and HE finally entered the stage. The most beautiful omega Yoongi has ever laid his eyes upon.
With his short silvery hair that matched the moon, and sleek seductive eyes, the omega had Yoongi floored. His lips were thick and full, curved into a coy smile as he waved his fan around. He was dressed in a beautiful yet light hanbok to help him move easily.
His steps were light and he danced like the wind. It had Yoongi tracking every move that the omega made with his fan, body lithe and agile. He saw Jimin’s eyes land on his, curious and respectful and the very sight of it made Yoongi’s cock stir.
Namjoon smirked at him, noticing his obvious interest in the dancer, “Looks like someone has finally caught your eye, Min. I was starting to think there was a fault in my harem with how disinterested you were in them.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow, “He’s a part of your harem?”
“He belongs to me but not exactly. He’s a gisaeng who I’ve taken under my wing. He’s my personal entertainer & dancer. I usually never let anyone touch him but for you I will make an exception.” Good because yoongi was going to devour jimin whether namjoon allowed him to or not.
“What’s his name?” Yoongi breathed out. “Park Jimin.” A pretty name for a pretty face. Jimin increased the speed of his movements, swinging his fan faster and quicker till the music reached a crescendo and he suddenly came to a stop in a dramatic pose. It was mesmerizing.
Yoongi watched as the omega bowed deeply to them and scurried off the stage, smiling and giggling with the other dancers as they disappeared from the room. Suddenly all the interest that Yoongi had in the celebrations fizzled out as well.
“I’m sorry but I would like to get some fresh air. Don’t mind me and carry on with the entertainment.” Yoongi muttered, feeling hot. He needed to find that omega. Namjoon just nodded with a knowing smile before turning back to the performance.
Yoongi slipped away from the courtyard, feet hitting rapidly against the stone floor in search of that vixen. The one that had stolen his breath. After a while of searching, he finally spotted a group of gisaengs walking towards a wing of chambers and quickly followed them.
They stopped near the chambers and upon further inspection, Yoongi realized it to be the changing quarters for the gisaengs. If the stars were in his favor, then the omega that he wanted was hopefully within those walls. The gisaengs that were waiting outside the door murmured
+ amongst each other nervously, scared and wary of the king’s presence in such a low class premise. A glare was all it took for the lingering courtesans to scurry away from the place, stumbling over each other in their attempt to get away from the intimidating king.
Yoongi grinned. Such fragile little things they were. With the gruesome scar that ran down his eye and his stoic countenance, he couldn't blame them for their behavior. He knocked on the wooden door of the room curiously.
A sweet angelic voice called out a second later, “Taehyungie? Come in!” Yoongi did not know who that was but he opened the door, the smirk on his face immediately vanishing at the sight in front of him, mouth going dry.
The changing room he had entered was fairly small. Lining the walls on both sides were wooden cots with heaps of clothing on them, scattered messily against the cushions. The lanterns on the walls were dim, giving the room a light golden glow.
And at the end of the room in the middle, was a huge mirror with a pretty man seated in front of it. His hair that was unusually short for a courtesan was mussed up like he’d ran a hand through it. His robes were untied and loosely covering his body, +
leaving a sliver of his pale chest open to the world. A small pink nipple was perked up in response to the chilly night air. Yoongi met the gisaeng’s gaze through the mirror, enjoying the look of utter shock on the beautiful man’s face before it turned into something dangerous.
Jimin bit his lip, “My lord, you shouldn’t b-” “Shhh.” Yoongi crooned, making his way into the room until he was standing right behind the man’s chair. Jimin’s breath hitched in apprehension but he stayed still, holding Yoongi’ gaze through the mirror.
Yoongi could feel Jimin’s heartbeat from where he was standing and he could smell the omega’s arousal in the air as well. Looks like someone was just as eager as he was to get acquainted. Jimin sat completely still and obedient as Yoongi ran his long bony fingers +
through Jimin’s silvery locks, “You’ll be a good omega for me, won’t you? Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” Jimin nodded. Yoongi’s eyes were trained on Jimin in the mirror, tightening his grip on the omega’s hair just to see him wince, tears burning his eyes. What a beautiful sight.
Yoongi lowered his other hand down the omega’s milky pale neck that was soon to become crimson with his love bites. His fingers grazed the juncture of where the omega’s mating bite would be, eliciting a low whine from Jimin, “Where did Namjoon even find someone like you?”
He chuckled, moving lower to slowly pull aside the collars of Jimin’s robe to fully expose his chest. The chilly night air hit his bare skin and Jimin shivered as the king’s fingers grazed over him with a feather light touch.
“So sensitive, aren’t you?” the alpha teased, admiring the way Jimin had his eyes shut and eyebrows furrowed in pleasure, plump pink lip trapped between his teeth in his attempt to muffle his moans. If he could, Yoongi would burn this image on his body, it was too beautiful.
Yoongi trailed his hand to one of the omega’s rosy pink buds and pinched it, making the omega flinch and whimper. He grinned, doing it again to see Jimin’s eyes roll back a little. “What a responsive little slut.” Yoongi muttered before switching to the other nipple, +
+ pulling and twisting it with his fingers as he watched the omega writhe from pleasure. The smell of Jimin’s peach scented slick engulfed the room and Yoongi smirked. He removed his hand away from Jimin’s body, making the omega open his eyes in confusion.
But before he could do anything, the grip Yoongi had on the omega’s hair tightened and he pulled the omega up to his feet. Jimin winced, tears burning his eyes at the harsh grip but he obediently let Yoongi manhandle him until he was on his knees in front of him.
Yoongi gave the omega an expectant look and Jimin gulped before slowly untying the front of the king’s robes. The alpha’s cock was big and angry looking, red hot and erect. Jimin hesitantly took it in his hands, finding that he could hardly cover the girth even with both hands.
He slowly pumped the length in his hands before Yoongi let out a low impatient grumble, urging Jimin to go faster. The omega placed little kisses down the underside of the length before finally putting it in his mouth. He swallowed until the cock hit the back of his throat and
he choked earning an appreciative hum from the alpha above him, "Shit your lips look so good stretched around my cock." Jimin started to bob his head up and down, going deeper and deeper until he was deepthroating the alpha, nose hitting the king’s pubic hair with each thrust.
He felt Yoongi’s hands come to grip his hair, moving Jimin’s head up and down his cock as he pleased. Jimin closed his eyes to keep the tears at bay, breathing heavily through his nose as he let the alpha use him. The alpha's cock was big and he was starting to get dizzy.
Yoongi groaned above him, eyes shut close in pleasure as he wantonly thrust into the omega’s mouth. But he stopped shortly, not wanting to finish just yet. He slipped his cock out of the omega’s mouth and grabbed him up by the arm. Wrapping an arm around Jimin’s waist, +
the king easily threw the omega’s little body onto the cot next to them. Yoongi moved over the omega’s body, hurriedly tearing away any remaining clothing until the omega was completely bare to his hungry eyes.
He leaned back to admire the beauty in front of him and Jimin turned his face away in shyness. Yoongi tutted in disapproval before grabbing the omega’s chin in his finger and turning his head to face him, “Keep your eyes only on me.”
Jimin was beautiful. His golden skin gleamed under the lights with sweat, skin hot from their actions. His legs were long and spread lightly, hips wide and perfect for bearing pups. The omega’s lips were red and swollen from sucking cock, eyes glazed over and cheeks flushed.
Suddenly Yoongi felt the uncontrollable urge to swallow the omega whole. “So fucking pretty.” Yoongi breathed out before slamming their lips together, hands hungrily going to grope any inch of skin that he could get his hold on.
Jimin squeaked when he felt the king’s tongue enter his mouth insistently, hands tightening grip on his shoulders. He felt embarrassed to be fully naked while the king was still dressed. Yoongi broke their kiss to mouth along Jimin’s neck, leaving bright red marks in his wake.
He kissed his way down, sucking and teasing Jimin’s nipples with his tongue until the omega writhed and begged for more. He kissed down his navel and tiny cock that was standing pink and erect and moved down till he finally reached his hole. Yoongi's hands roamed over his ass,
squeezing the thick fat globes in his big hands, "Fuck can't wait to fuck this ass." Yoongi groaned, spanking it lightly just to see the flesh jiggle. Jimin whimpered when the alpha landed another slap, soothing the skin with his palm before swatting it again, repeating it.
Yoongi might just be a little obsessed with the omega's sinful ass. With a final spank, Yoongi pulled away, taking his cock and aligning it with the omega’s leaking hole. Yoongi pushed in and groaned at the tight wet heat, sheathing himself fully in.
"Fuck you're so tight baby." Yoongi growled, turning them around so that Jimin was on all fours, his back to Yoongi's chest. Yoongi admired their reflection in the mirror before pulling out and thrusting back in, Jimin letting out a loud whine below him.
Yoongi started fucking the omega a steady pace, speed increasing gradually until Jimin was moaning himself hoarse. The alpha covered Jimin's neck with his big hand, tightening his grip and holding his head up to the mirror, "Look. I want you to see how well you take my cock.
Like a seasoned whore. See how your greedy little hole sucks in me in, fuck." Yoongi whispered. Jimin cried out at the alpha's words, staring at himself in the mirror. He looked absolutely wrecked, hair messed up, tears flowing and body flushed.
Yoongi grinned, hands squeezing the omega’s waist tightly, “Your body is perfect to bear me children. Would you like that? Want me to put pups in you hm?” Jimin cried, nodding as he gripped tightly onto the alpha to keep from falling off the cot with the force of their fucking.
“S-so g-ggood a-alpha.” the omega slurred deliriously, seeing stars when the king hit his prostrate. He was ready to do anything for this cock. His eyes rolled to the back and Jimin screamed as he finally came, body shaking and spasming uncontrollably.
Yoongi chuckled at the sight of the fucked out omega, increasing his pace even more as his own climax approached, "I'm never letting you go back to Namjoon." Jimin was pliant and still below him except for his occasional whines of oversensitivity as Yoongi fucked into him.
The king finally let out a loud growl and buried his face in the omega’s neck, cumming in him with a drawn out sigh. He breathed deeply against Jimin’s neck, the omega’s small hand rubbing up and down his back soothingly. And he knew. He /needed/ to have this omega.
He pulled away to stare into Jimin’s eyes, noses touching & breath mingling, “Come back with me. I’ll deal with Namjoon, just be mine & I’ll treat you like a king.” Jimin was silent for a few seconds, gazing silently at him before nodding, a tired smile gracing his lips, “Okay.”
The End! Hope you guys liked that steamy filth :) See you on the next one!
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