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Mina Cikara


Jul 13

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If you’ve been generous enough to sit through a talk of mine over the last few years you know well that I have a bone to pick with categories as units of explanation in social psych. So what’s the alternative? Joel, Neil, and I put our heads together and came up with this. (1/n)

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'Moving beyond social categories by incorporating context in social psychological theory', a Perspective by @Mina Cikara, @jem & @Neil Lewis, Jr., PhD

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It has been such a gift to think and write with @jem @Neil Lewis, Jr., PhD. And every idea was made sharper by @Jenn Richler ’s guidance. I’m quite grateful to kick this conversation off in @Nature Reviews Psychology to boot! (2/n)

Of course, we’re hardly the first to make the central point and we owe a great debt to scholars in other social science and humanities disciplines. Joel’s thread gives a brief overview (3/n)…

SUPER proud of this piece🥰 Loved mixing our trains of thought into a creative and hopefully generative piece for the field💞 Soc psych often treats social categories as explanations for phenomena, we elaborate on alt frameworks that shift explanatory power to context instead

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That said, we think it’s high time to raise these issues again and think of concrete steps toward changing how we think, write, and talk about what forces are doing the psychological work we so often ascribe to categories. Eager for your feedback! (4/4)…

Mina Cikara


Assoc prof of Psychology @Harvard. Interested in how group living shapes our minds, brains, and behavior: (she/her)

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