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Ashlyn George


Jul 13

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We made it back! What an unbelievable 10-day trip up to the Athabasca Sand Dunes! I can FINALLY check it off my bucket list! 60km hiked across the dunes, 30km paddled along the southern shore of Lake Athabasca to the William River Delta & 9 nights in the backcountry [1/3]

We were so fortunate to have some of the most unbelievable weather while out there. The lake and dunes are notorious for their wicked winds but we managed to have numerous nights where it was nothing but glass-like water and still sands. [2/3]

I have so much content to share it’s overwhelming. So I thought I’d put out to all of you: what are you most interested in knowing and learning about when it comes to the dunes and Lake Athabasca?! [3/3]

Out at the big dunes it felt like the Sahara desert! Was sooo wild!

Ashlyn George


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