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Jul 13

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Cancer, Libra, Aries, & Capricorn. 🐚✨ This Full Moon is highlighting the power of choosing differently, many of you are starting to prioritize your healing and self recovery, after putting people first for some time. This new cycle is all about you and what you need.

You may have dealt with people who were hostile, not receptive or simply people whose actions were disrespectful and putting you in a place where you couldn’t feel your softest self. Many of you have already walked away from these situations but are now starting to

put the pieces together again in a new way. Some of you are also working to unlearn the ways you may have allowed certain behaviours. It’s okay to also acknowledge what you know now, you may not have then. That is also a part of forgiving yourself as well. You cannot

hold the past against yourself. This new cycle is bringing a lot of personal strength in the way you carry yourself - a new energy around your confidence and rebuilding. Your money may also start to thrive again, new opportunities that bring prosperity, and success coming.

Some of your healing is very much connected to your money, you may have noticed keeping certain people and cycles around you was keeping your money stagnant! To book a reading: ✨

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