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Jul 13

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I just downloaded my copy of "The Last Adventure" by @Vincent Baker ❧ Defund & Abolish @Meguey-shaped bundle of bits which has some of the strongest world-building text I have seen to date. Here is what "human nature" is described as:

"Human beings love to have full bellies, warm rugs, sweet sad music, and their loved ones nearby. They hate violence, hunger, fear, cold, injustice, and their friends who have wronged them."

"They work stone, clay, wood, metal, cloth, fur, glass, horn, sinew, bark, leaves, leather, and reeds. They cook their food, brew their drink, bury their pickles, eat fruit in season, eat fish when it runs upriver to spawn, and eat salt when they have it..."

"Human beings create polities no bigger than city-states, usually, and usually no longer-lived than dynasties. The greatest and the least usually eat grain from the same fields and hunt ducks on the same rivers. "

In four short paragraphs, we have established the core desires of humanities, their problems, and an emphasis on the problems of being wronged. The technology level, forms of agriculture, environment, and social structure are clearly described. Brilliant stuff.

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