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Jul 13

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Random domestic YiZhan thoughts .. 1 ) zhanzhan waking up yb in the mrng biting his soft bread cheeks .

2) xz waking up in the mrng to yb staring at him xz : wt --- u scared me!wt r u doing? Yb : am looking at my whole world.. Xz : too early for all this🥱gd mrng to u too Bo-ge.

3)Yb : Zhan-ge let's watch a horror movie !!! Xz : huh ? YOU ? Horror movie ? Yb : YES ! After 2 mins into the movie Yb climbs into Xz's lap Xz : Bo-ge you could have just said you wanted to cuddle !

4)Yb : I just can't forget it no matter how much I try !!!! Xz : why do u always make a big deal of everything ! Yb : wow ! You are the one who starts the fight every effin time ! Xz : me ??? Really wang yibo ? me ? +

Yb : yes you !!! How many times do I have to tell u dat infront of everyone am not a puppy !!! Am a panther !!!! Am black panther ! Xz : ahh yes Panther laoshi ! Forgive this lowly human being. you are canine inside the house and feline outside the house..I get it now. am sry +

Yb : nooo...I can't forgive yo--- wait -- who tf r dey now ???!!!

5)Xz : yb ~~ Bo-ge ~~ come and translate this for me please~ Yb busy playing on the phone Yb : Zhan- ge can read subtitles Xz : yeah but I want you to explain. Yb : you can just ask me to watch that fucking drama with you directly ge..

Xz : when u already knw it wang yibo then wt the fuck are you doing there ? Come and sit beside me rn...

bxg⁷ (semi ia)


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