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#yoonmin au- Jimin, an omega forced to sell his body,was tired of being touched by different hand every other week. Everything changes when Yoongi, an alpha+the room service who was assigned to serve Jimin's hotel room see's the omega in the most vulnerable way he has ever seen

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It's not like Jimin is sleeping around with different alphas in every other week by his own will but he's forced. His step father made this arrangement for him 2years ago and now Jimin is just 20.
And it's also not like Jimin didn't disagree.... He protested with all his power but what could he do when he had a small lil' brother whom he needed to feed.
And no one would hire an omega who just graduated high school and the part time job he worked at didn't all him to pay his bills and his brothers school fee's+ his step father used to take all the money he earned.
So sleeping around with alpha's made him enough money to support his brothers's education but his step father, Hwang Jaebo took the majority of the money.
Jimin was an exemplary dancer in his class and no one denied it. He had a cute little family, his loveable mom, a dad, him and his brother Jungkook. But one day his world came colliding down when his dad got into an accident and lost his life, leaving the three of them behind
His mother was really lovable but being an omega it's not easy to raise two sons, one being omega and the other alpha, so she was introduced to Hwang Jaebo by her parents and got married to him.
Hwang Jaebo really showed his good side to Jimin's family and they were really happy with him but yes, Jimin missed his appa
But just after 3 months of marriage he started showing his true colours. He was a drunkard and a typical alpha who thought omega's were just there to please them and produce pups.
Jimin lost his mother after 1year of her remarriage and he was left with Hwang Jaebo with his lil'brother. Soon Jimin knew Hwang Jaebo married his mom just for the wealth she had, yes, Jimin came from a pretty decent family
Soon Hwang Jaebo lost all the wealth and jewel Jimin's mother had in the casino's. And one day when he didn't had anything left with him, he arranged his alpha friends to sleep with Jimin for a pretty decent amount of money.
Jimin protested to it with his full might but what could he do when Hwang Jaebo threatened to give his brother to orphanage and stop his education right....?
So yes, Jimin gave upon his dream of becoming a dancer and dropped out from his school to support his brothers's education and feed their stomach.... cause'life's hard.... And everyone has to taste it's cruelty.
And now Jimin stands infront of the hotel "THE MIN's IMPERIAL", wearing a skin tight pant, a crop top shrouded with a huge brown overcoat accompanied by his Chelsea boots, with a tint of Lip gloss on his plump lips
a lil' hint of eye make up giving his eyes a lil' smokey looks and hair parted on the sides. He looks amazing, anyone with eyes would agree to it.
He looks above and reads 'The Min Imperial 's' and sighs and takes a deep breath and releases it putting his hands inside the pockets of his coats and walks towards the main door as the two guarda opens the gigantic door and bows to him.
|| AN- Had to add a lil' background on Jimin's life to know his story better|| ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“ŒPLEASE TELL ME HOW DO YOU ALL LIKE THE STORY ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“Œ
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Min Yoongi, the heir to the Min business, the greatest in Korea. Yet he didn't want to take over his dad's business, he wanted to earn his own name and build his reputation on his own.
The MIN's really were the greatest names in Korea. From the leading chains of hotel, airlines, waterways, clothing, fooding, to entertain company, there was nothing the MIN's didn't have their business on.
And yet Min Yoongi was here, holding a trolley loaded with foods and wines doing a job of a room service in his own hotel. He was a hardworking and humble person, so he's here , and it's not that he works everyday, it's just once or twice in a month.
He works as a room service to experience what is it to have a life like a common man having a job of 9-6 and not some silver spoon CEO.
Yes, the hotel THE MIN'S IMPERIAL was the only hotel that Yoongi took over from his dad for now and he has made the hotels one of the top hotels' in country and one of the top 10 in the world. He was hardworking.
But don't mistake him for just being hardworking and humble, he is smart as well and sassy when needed and knows how to handle his opponent and clients well who tries to play dirty or out smart him.
He is merciless when bringing down his enemies, so you better be on his good sides. But his room service side is soft/warm/humble. And not many people knows about him working in his own hotel except for his parents and his best friend cum secretary Kim Taehyung.
Yoongi has handful of people whom he trusts his life with, one his best friend Kim Taehyung and the other the Kim's - Kim Namjoon, managing director of the MIN's textile and apparel and his husband Kim Seokjin. Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin both went to same school+
Highschool + college + University with Min Yoongi and became best of friends. Kim Taehyung was from Daegu, Yoongi's home town and his childhood friend.
After the last thrust Jimin cums allover his stomach panting clutching the bed sheets into a tight fist. The alpha pulls out his length from Jimin's hole abruptly after he finishes himself. Jimin feels a sudden numbness and emptiness after the alpha pulls out himself.
He lays down on the bed and takes his time to catch on his breathing. He was tired but how much ever he may be he never allowed his partners to clean him, that felt too intimate to him and not the whole arrangement. And only some of his arrangement's were generous enough to+
ask him if they can help him clean, most of them were disgusted by seeing Jimin in such mess... How irony...!!!
That night too his partner asked him if he could help him clean but he denied. And the last thing Jimin saw was the alpha wearing his clothes before he fell asleep or was trying to sleep.... He was really tired not because it was a good s/ex because he had been doing it +
Continuously for 5days and the alpha's were not soft with him, they liked to play it rough.
Just when the sleep was really catching him, the door bell pinged with a loud "ROOM SERVICE" from the other side.
It was one his condition (s) with his arrangement's, his partner needed to arrange him foods and liquids before they leave the hotel room, it's kinda understandable, because Jimin will not be in his mind to think about foods and stuffs right....??
Jimin groaned in pain as he tried to pull up his body, his body was really in bad condition. He was still naked and grabbed a silk bed sheet to cover his he tried to move from his bed he started feeling dizzy and stumbled on one of the bean bag chair.
Holding the bed sheet covering his body on his chest ,he somehow managed to reach the door knob and turned it to open.
#yoonmin #yoonminau So here's a thing, from now on should I write in Yoongi's POV or Jimin's POV... ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“ŒIk there has been a lot of grammatical errors, I was actually teaching the kids and updating it so please be kind and let it slide, I'll be more careful from now onwards ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“Œ
From here onwards it's YOONGI'S POV
Wearing a sharp ironed white shirt, a black necktie hanging on it's collar, a black waistcoat embracing his torso with a logo of Min Imperial's + MY printed on the name tag hanging on the left side of his chest +
Yoongi grabbed the trolley and walked towards the room no. 903 to deliver the food and other essential items.
Once he reached the infront of the door he clicked the doorbell and shouted "ROOM SERVICE" and waits for the door to open. It took a quite few time for the door to get opened.
He let's out a 4th sigh in the last 5minutes when no one opens it. Just when he was about to ring the bell once again the door knob turned open , his jaw drops. The man behind the door is the most beautiful human he has ever seen class in silk bedsheet+
Though his eyes were droopy, tiredness visible in his face.....but still he looked beautiful and on top of that the bedsheet were not doing it's best job of covering the man's body. He has to be the most beautiful omega he has ever seen Yoongi thinks to himself.
The said omega moves a little bit to give Yoongi space to enter the room. When Yoongi enters the room, he instantly smells the omega's slick all over the room.
"should I set the table?" -Yoongi asks the omega "No, thank you, you can leave it there" -Jimin replies in a small voice.
The omega leaves for the bedroom and Yoongi wonders where his alpha is and curses him internally for leaving his omega in this state. Just when Yoongi is about to leave the room a loud thud comes from the bedroom.
"Excuse me sir, is everything okay there?" Yoongi asks after knocking the bedroom door but of no avail, no response. "Sir, I'm opening the door" saying that he opens the door with the master card he always carries around.
Upon opening the door he sees the omega on the floor unconscious,the bedsheet he was clutching on his chest loosened and revealing the dark blueish-purple marks below his collar bones covering his whole body, some fresh red marks on his neck, an evident finger marks on his hips+
He saw how delicate the omega's body looked and immediately dialled a no. on his phone. "Hello, Taehyung-ah come to room no.903 and bring Dr.Cha too" After keeping his phone on his pocket when he tried to pick the omega from the floor the omega hissed in pain unconsciously
Yoongi as a human felt pity st the sight of the omega's face frowning at the pain and his inner alpha felt restless and wanted to soothe the pain the omega was feeling. He gently tucked the omega in the bed and covered his body with a comforter and waited till his secretary came
01- Yoongi's support system
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When Taehyung came to the room with a doctor Yoongi directed the doctor to the bedroom where the omega was laying unconscious. "Jimin?" Taehyung said as soon as his eyes landed on the omega The doctor and the alpha both turned their head towards Taehyung.
"You know him?" Yoongi asked Taehyung who was already in the bed and caressing the omega's head with his hands. "Yes sir, he was one of my good friends' in high school" the secretary replied with a concern evident in his voice.
The doctor started to examine the omega carefully and however gently he can as the omega was still hissing in pain and frowning his face. The both alphas waits for the doctor to finish outside the bedroom.
"He was your school friend." Yoongi states "Yes sir, but then he suddenly dropped out of the school /silence/ he was an excellent dancer" Yoongi hums at the information. He looked at Taehyung and how he was hesitant to speak next word.
"What is it?" Yoongi asked in low voice. "Uh...he... just after he dropped out of the school a rumour spread the school campus , that he has been sleeping around with al-alphas for money" Yoongi raised his right eye brow at the sudden realisation.
"and what about his parents?" "His father died in an accident and his mother remarried and Jimin has a brother too" Just when Yoongi was about to say something the door creaks open revealing the doctor.
"Dr. Cha what happened to Jimin ?" it was Taehyung who asked first. "He health isn't in the best condition, he needs proper rest and he - he has been very very much sexually active and seems like he was forcing himself, from what I examined externally his private parts +
has been damaged very badly, and we need to run a proper test in the hospital to know more about his health " Dr. Cha said in one full sentence.
"He can get better right?" Taehyung asked in his pleading voice. "We cannot say much now, as I said we first need to run a thorough check up on him with proper medical equipments and he needs proper medical assistance" doctor replied writing something on a piece of paper.
"and Mr.Min I need to talk to you in private for a moment" the doctor said eyeing Taehyung. "It's okay, he's my best friend and secretary so he can know everything"-Yoongi replied "No sir it's okay, I'll go and check up on Jimin" saying Taehyung disappeared behind the door. โœจ
"Jimin-ah, everything will be alright okay....I'm here and Yoongi hyung is here , we'll help you" -Taehyung whispered with his eyes full of tears to Jimin who layed unconscious. Yoongi comes inside bedroom. "Hyung..... Please... please... please help him" Taehyung pleaded
"shhhh....., We will help him okay, don't cry" Yoongi tried to soothe the younger alpha. "First we need to take him to hospital" "Okay hyung"
"he was very kind and humble and bright in school and I really aspired to become like him...." "Don't worry Tae we'll help him, but first we need to run a proper background check on him, if it's okay with you and find the whereabouts of his brother too, see if he's okay"
"Call an ambulance and ask Mr. Song to manage all the medical equipments at mine" - "Yours' ?" - Taehyung was confused. "Yes, we'll take him to mine and you can stay with him to take care of him and I don't want the media's nagging " Yoongi said looking at the
Peaceful face of the omega, he definitely was the prettiest. "and take him from the back door, don't let the media get a single trace of this incident, and I'll go and educate the management" saying Yoongi left the room
Jimin opens his eyes. He was not fully awake. The light hitting his eyes and making them squint, he tries to see his surroundings. Everything seems unfamiliar.
He opens his eyes wide open and looks around. He is unfamiliar with the place. He remembers his hotel room didn't have a ceiling to floor huge window where he can see the whole city. He tries to smell the air, there's no trace of any alpha or his brother.
A sudden realisation hits him that he isn't in his hotel room anymore. He abruptly gets up from the bed peeks inside the comforter to see any traces of clothes,he sighs in relief that it's still there, but those are not his. They are way to big for him.
He sits up on the bed and tries to find his phone in stress unknowingly releasing his rotten peach scent but of no avail and the last thing he wants to do is go outside and check where he is...../'did I get kidnapped?, Where am I?, What do they want from me?, I'm not even-/
"You're up?" the omega's thoughts are disturbed by a deep voiced man who was holding the door knob with his right hand and a coffee mug with the other, wearing an oversized t-shirt SG imprinted on it and a baggy sweatpants complimented by his blonde hair.
and Jimin is sure that the man infront of him is an alpha his whole aura screams /dominance/. "Who are you? Jimin asks with a small voice. "I'm Yoo-" "wait aren't you the room service?" Jimin interrupts the blonde.
"Yes, I work there" "Wait what am I doing here?" Jimin again starts releasing his rotten peach scent to his disliking but the alpha starts releasing his own musky woody pine scent to soothe the anxious omega.
"Wait wait I can explain....." Yoongi pleaded to the omega who was still on the bed. "When I came to your room , you fell unconscious and you were in pain so me and Taehyung had to bring you here" Yoongi let's out a deep breathe.
"What....?, I was unconscious?" "Yes, you've been sleeping for 5days straight" Yoongi says "Five days......? As in five" Jimin opens his eyes wide to the realisation that he had been sleeping in someone else's house for f/ucking 5 days 'what about Jungkook?, Where is he?'
and as if Yoongi could read his mind "Don't worry your brother is safe and has gone to his college, he'll be here after sometime, he has been with you since the time we brought you here" "O" Jimin just whispers to himself. But again 'Does this mean, Jungkook knows what he has+
been doing, does he knows that his elder brother whom he looks up to so much has been sleeping around with alpha's for money? Oh...what about his step father, he must be very angry with him that he didn't return home for 5days'
With all these thoughts on his mind he turns towards Yoongi "Umm.. does... Jungkook... knows..." - "Don't worry he doesn't know anything" Yoongi understood what the omega is trying to say
Jimin mutters a small thank you. "I'm Min Yoongi by the way" Yoongi introduces himself out of nowhere and moves his hands forward in a gesture to shake hands with the omega The omega takes his hands and shakes it "I'm Park Jimin" Jimin looks how big the alpha's hands are
and how pale and veiny are those , it's really big with long slender fingers compared to his tiny chubby ones and they fit well with each other.
Jimin's though are disturbed when Taehyung enters the room "Jiminie...!" Jimin let go Yoongi's hand and the alpha somehow feels upset about the loss of contact. "Kim Taehyung...?" Jimin squints his eyes a little as if to see if he's seeing Taehyung by blood and flesh
And yes he is Kim Taehyung, one of his very good friends in his school days, one of the person who was very kind to him and a person who had this very addictive boxy smile which never fails to melt anyone's heart and that boxy smile he's seeing it right now
Taehyung crashes on the bed and engulfs the omega in his bone crushing hug "Thank god Jiminie you're awake, I was so much worried about you" "Ah....I'm.....ok+okay...Tae-hyung" Jimin's muffled voice came back Yoongi felt a lil' tug in his chest..."Taehyung-ah, let him breathe,
You're hurting him" //was the alpha jealous??// At those words Taehyung pulled back and looked at Jimin with those emotions in his eyes that screamed/I'm glad that you're okay/thank you for being alright/don't worry, everything will be alright/ and Jimin knows
because the alpha might have already heard about the rumours about him during his school days. ๐Ÿ—๏ธ
"Jimin , come and have lunch with us" Taehyung barges inside the omega's room Jimin is curled up in the bed pulling his comforter making him look small "Tae, I missed you so much" "Jimin , I too missed you, when I heard you left the school I tried contacting you
And I even went to your home but no one was there, I couldn't reach you, and I know what happened to your mom and dad sorry for not being there" Taehyung says with a sob "It's okay tae, you didn't know about it" the omega comforts him.
"Do you know about it?" Jimin asks without any reference. "Yes, I know, I heard the rumours but I didn't believed it , but I had to believe it when Yoongi found you there" Taehyung says in a low voice
"Jimin I know this is not the right time to talk about it but don't you want to come out of that shit hole and give yourself and Jungkook a beautiful life....?" Taehyung suggests sounding hopeful
SILENCE "Taehyung-come down, the food is gonna get cold" Yoongi shouts from outside breaking the silence
Nobody talked during the breakfast, just the 'click clack' sound of spoon, fork and chopsticks hitting the plate could be heard. Jimin finished first and got up from his chair "Thank you for the food" and grabbed his plate and cutlery to wash it in the sink
After washing his utensils he came infront of the dinning table. "Uh...thank you for keeping me here and helping me, now I'll go" he bows 90ยฐ. Yoongi drops his chopsticks "where are you going?" "My home" the omega replies "Home...?" - Yoongi chuckled
"Jimin you can stay here, no need to go anywhere else" Yoongi adds "Huh?" Jimin is confused as to why some stranger alpha is trying to give him a shelter, or does he wants his body too because no one is selfless in this fucking selfish world, everyone needs something in return
"No..thank you, I've already been a burden and freeloader , now I need to go" with that Jimin disappeared inside the room "Ji-......-min, you can stay" Taehyung couldn't complete his words .
"Yoongi-ssi thank you so much for helping me and Taehyung let's be in contact yeah?" Jimin hugged Taehyung and have a small smile to Yoongi. Taehyung took Jimin's phone and started typing something. "Here, I've added mine and Yoongi hyung's phone no and it's on
Speed dial, if anything happens back at home you're calling us .../okay/ ?" stressing on the last word Taehyung gives Jimin back his phone. Jimin nods and leaves the place.
Just when he was going through the paperwork in his office his phone rings from an unknown number. He looks at it and turns it upside down think it might be a spam or some credit card company or some bak advertisement. But somehow he feels anxious and receives it
"Hel-" he's cut in between by the voice coming from the other side. "Yoo-ngi-ssi, pl-please he-help me" it was Jimin's voice and he sounded scared/vulnerable/fearful/in danger/frightened He stands up from his chair "Jimin....where ar-- beep beep beep" the line cuts.
Jimin went back home. He was sure his step-father must be fuming with anger, he knows it and he knows what follows the next.
He creaks open the door slowly to avoid any kind of noise it made but when he peeks through the slightly opened door. There was Hwang Jaebo sitting on the sofa looking frustrated , hands fisted and anger/madness visible in his eyes.
Jimin gulps, beads of sweat slowly forming in his forehead, his heart beating so fast that he's sure it would pound out of his heart anytime soon.
Jimin slowly walks inside the house but as soon as he takes a deep breathe his breathe gets stuck in his throat. The pungent smell of rotten onion the alpha was releasing made it impossible for Jimin to breathe.
He turns around to open the door knob to get out of the room not sure if his step-father smelled his presence "Where do you think you are going?" - Hwang Jaebo speaks with a gritted teeth walking towards Jimin.
Holding the door knob Jimin stands still, shivers running down his spine at the alpha's word. If earlier his heart didn't jump out of his chest he is sure it would come out now. He literally shivers at his step-father's dominant voice.
He slowly turns around and sees the alpha's eye all red filled with anger.
He immediately drops down on his knees . "Ple-ease forgive me sir, I'm-I'm sorry for not com-coming home" Jimin cries joining his hands pleading the alpha on his knees because he knows what comes the next.
"You stupid son of a b!tch....., You get lost for 5-fucking-days and come home smelling shit like another alpha......" - Hwang Jaebo holds Jimin's chin with his hand and forces him to look at him "Now tell me for whom did you spread your fucking legs, you slut" +
the alpha speaks so close to the omega's face that there are traces of spits on Jimin's face. "No-no it's not like that ...../hiccup/hiccup/ I didn't sleep with anyone/hiccup/ I was sick sir" Jimin speaks crying in Jaebo's hands incoherently spilling his words.
The tears rolling down the periphery of his eyes leaving marks of the stream "Feel yourself lucky that you have a customer today I don't want to beat the shit out of you, now get ready and go to this fucking address " Hwang Jaebo shoves a piece of paper into Jimin's pocket +
and forcefully shoved Jimin's chin giving a last death glare to Jimin. It's one of those time Jimin is relieved that he has an arrangement with some stranger alpha today otherwise it was inevitable that he would've gotten a beating from his step-dad. It has always been like that
๐Ÿ—๏ธ Wearing his skin tight pant and a crop top , applying his make up Jimin reaches the address writing on the paper. He looks above from across the streets 'The Min Imperial's ' he sighs .
The memory of the last time he was here resurfaced in his mind. A small smile tugs on the corner of his lips making his heart flutter thinking about the certain room service alpha he met that day. He shakes his head to comes to the real world.
As soon as he enters the hotel room he smells cleaned fabric, floral detergent, new bedsheet spread over the bed, fresh pillow cover shrouding the soft pillow, everything seems fresh but for Jimin the smell somewhere doesn't sit right in his nose.
He somehow feels the smell overwhelming and he feels dizzy. But soon someone knocks the door and diverts his mind towards the sound. He opens the door to find it's his arrangement for tonight. The said man smiles wickedly after checking out Jimin from head to toe.
"Hey beautiful" the man comes inside the room and places his hands on Jimin's tiny waist . As soon as the smell of the alpha reaches Jimin's nose he feels even nauseous that he peels himself from the other man and immediately run towards bathroom +
and gags in the siphon of the toilet. But those were just his feelings he didn't actually vomit. After washing his face he comes out of the bathroom but somewhere he still feels dizzy but he has to work.
As soon as he reaches the bed the alpha pulls him into the bed and starts to trace the outline of the omega's body with his hands. "You're so beautiful.....", his hands trails over the curve of the omega's waist slowly moving down to squeeze the omega's ฤss .
Jimin tries to open the buttons of the alpha's shirt to explore his body not because he is turned on or aroused or enjoys it but it comes with his work, after years of experience he knows how to fake certain things /orgasm/
But as soon as his fingers touches the alpha's chest he doesn't like it and the disgusting smell of the alpha was already irritating Jimin but here the things hike up.... He again starts to feels nauseous.
Maybe his inner omega didn't like the smell but it has never happened before. Soon the smell becomes unbearable and he tries to pull his body from the alpha's grip but the alpha didn't let him go "Where do you think you are going?" the alpha tightens his grip around Jimin's waist
"Please..... please.... , Let me go... I can't do it" Jimin sounded desperate but his pleas didn't reach the other man's ear. "You fucking slut.... I paid for you to enjoy myself..... not to see you throw tantrums" he starts moving his hands inside Jimin's pants +
forcefully grabbing his body "I'll come next time....but not today, please leave me today.......I'll spend any nights with you but not today" Jimin pushes the alpha from his body but the other man was too strong to oppose and he was already feeling weak.
Tears starts to swell up on the corners of Jimin's eye, he needs to move out from there. He sees a small porecelein vase on the night stand, the last thing he wants to do is hurt other people but today he has no option, he isn't in his right mind to think rationally +
he is not in his best health to start any physical activity and his inner omega does not accept the smell of the man infront of him which keeps him making restless and unsettled and he has to find a way to get out of there.
He slowly moves his hands towards the night stand and grabs the porecelein vase and without thinking for a second about the aftermath he hits the alpha in his head and Jimin is sure he hit him so hard that the alpha could see stars right now but +
he doesn't have time to wait for all that, he hurriedly pulls himself from the man and jumps out of the bed , grabs his phone and runs towards the door. The man on the bed groans with pain holding his hand on the place where he got the hit.
But the alpha still had some consciousness left and runs after Jimin and pushes him against the wall. Jimin hit his back in the wall so hards that he is sure he needs to go to hospital incase he dislocated his ribs.
But will think about it later, he gets up from the floor and again hits the alpha with everything his hands could land on the vase/paintings/show pieces.
The alpha was wreathing in pain but still didn't leave Jimin . Jimin was tired but all he could think about was getting out of there so the last thing he could grab is the table lamp made of iron and glass.
He picks up the lamp with his both hands, closes his eyes shut forcefully and hits the alpha on his head with his whole strength left with him. Everything went silent. Jimin slowly opens his eyes and peeks from the middle of his hands which was still holding the lamp.
His eyes widens and horror fills his body, the tight hold on the lamp loosens and drops on the ground shattering the lamp's glass head into pieces.
The alpha looked fine but slowly blood starts to stream down from his head. Widening his eyes the alpha drops on the ground and his body lays still. The blood soon pooling on the floor near his head.
Panic starts to surround Jimin . He drops on the floor away from the alpha. He fears he might have killed the alpha. Tears running down his cheeks. He soon recollects his thoughts, finds his phone on the ground and hastily runs towards the bathroom stumbling on the bed.
He turns on the faucet, hands shaking and washes his face. He pulls the towel and dabs his face to soak the water and looks at the reflection of himself in the mirror infront of him.
But he needs to find a way to get out of there. He can't leave the room just like that cause everything is on the hotels security cam, though it may not be on the hotels reception register. But he has no one to call. He doesn't have anyone whom he can trust.
'Taehyung?' he thinks to himself 'but he might be busy at work' he shakes his head he can't disturb him 'Yoongi-ssi?, yeah right he works here' He turns on his phone, hands still shaking and searches the alpha's no. droplets of water from his hair dripping on his phone screen+
the call goes through, nobody picks it up, Jimin gives up but after the last ring the call connects "Hel---" Jimin doesn't let the man on the other side speak.
"Yoo-ngi-ssi pl-please he-help me" he was desperate to get help that he didn't realise he ended the call when the other man just started to speak "Jimin where ---" the call disconnects.
Jimin comes back to the living room and sees the alpha still lying on the floor, he is still terrified, the alpha shows no sign of movement. He moves closer towards the man and watches him carefully. He is breathing. He breathes a relieved sigh and sits down on one of the corner.
5 minutes passes. 10 minutes passes. 15 minutes passes. Still there is no sign of Yoongi and Jimin is in doubts if he will come or not. He takes his phone and again dials for Yoongi's no. But can't help to think that maybe he was annoying him.
The call goes through and he gets up from the floor, the door swings flying open revealing 6-7 men, everyone in a black suit, guns in their hands, bluetooth earpiece each on their left ear, they barged in and scanned the room.
Jimin didn't even get the chance to react to what was happening. He was absolutely terror sticken. His feets turned wobbly again. The composure he had crumbled down. "Who, Jimin asked in such a shaky and small voice that it was inaudible.
"Jimin......" a voice calls his name and yes Jimin knows whose voice is that , yes it's the person whom he wanted to see. Jimin turned his head up "Yoongi-ssi.....", Jimin calls him, and Yoongi's face was enough to make him crumple his composure again.
Yoongi immediately ran towards Jimin and holds his arms in a firm grip, "are you okay, Jimin?", the alpha asks the younger as he eyes the man lying on the ground covered with blood all over his head from his peripheral vision
Yoongi checks Jimin from head to toe to see any sign of hurt, he's relieved there isn't any. Jimin starts to cry. "Why....didn'" Jimin cries his heart out because he was really very much scared.
Jimin had just known Yoongi for more or less 6days, and yet he's here demanding answers from him. "Ji-Jimin... I'm sorry" - Yoongi engulfs the omega in his embrace and rubs his back to calm him and releases his soothing pine scent to soothe the omega+
who was unknowingly choking everyone present there with his sour rotten peach scent and Jimin somehow finds the alpha's scent soothing .
and Yoongi had already that feeling in him from the day he first met Jimin ,the urge to protect him, comfort him and make him happy "'s I'm here..shh", Yoongi shushes down Jimin drawing circles with his large hands on Jimin's back and
+after half and hour Jimin finally feels calm, his sweet peachy scent coming back. He feels quite sleepy on the alpha's embrace and maybe he just so tired that he feels the need to rest now and in just a minute he yawns and sleeps on Yoongi's shoulder.
Yoongi realises that the omega has already fallen asleep. He calls one of the man "clear everything here and find out who is this man and find out Hwang Jaebo too" he talks softly as he didn't want Jimin to wake up. "Yes sir" the man nods.
"and don't let anyone trace a single thing that happened here" "Yes sir" "Take him to hospital and make sure you keep an eye on him 24 hours" "Yes sir, and about him" the man asks eyeing Jimin. "Don't worry about him, I'll take him with me" Yoongi says in a small voice but +
definitely sounding authorative. "Rest assured" the man nods Yoongi slowly picks up Jimin in bridal style and slowly walks towards the door "and I want these people's whereabouts by today itself" saying his last words Yoongi walks out of the room with omega sleeping in his arms
๐Ÿ—๏ธ Jimin opens his eyes wide awake. He looks around and observes his surroundings. There is a large floor to ceiling window, the colour of the room cool grey, the furniture minimal but still giving a very morden texture, +
sunset yellow curtains or maybe it looks like that because the sun is already setting, small paintings frame hung on the wall here and there and he is definitely somewhere else but he still remembers Yoongi was the one who brought him here but the room doesn't feel familiar +
a large vase on the entrance of the room 'oh vase' he recalls what happened ..... He gets up from the bed anxiously, his sour rotten peach scent hightening. "Jimin-ah, I know you're awake , I can smell you, come and have dinner" someone shouts from outside+
and Jimin knows the owner of the voice it's Yoongi's. He feels relieved that he's with Yoongi, a slight pink blush makes it way to his cheeks after hearing how dearly Yoongi called his him Jimin-ah' he feels endeared and hides his face in embarrassment. "Jimin-ah come down"
Jimin comes out of the room and looks in awe, eyes wide open. It was not just a house but a fucking mansion. Every corner of room screamed wealth But wait 'Isn't he a room service, how do he have this house' with all those thoughts he walks down the stairs and reaches the kitchen
"Here, sit down" Yoongi pulls the chair for Jimin at one end of the dining table. Not used to the courtesy Jimin slightly feels confused. He bows down and obeys the alpha and sits , and Yoongi sits straight opposite to the omega.
"I made tonkatsu, I didn't know what you like, but I'll just order something if it's not to your liking", Yoongi speaks so fast that Jimin is sure if he wasn't paying attention he would've missed something
+ those words made Jimin's heart warm, some stranger alpha is taking care of his likes and dislikes. "'s okay Yoo-ngi-ssi" Jimin stutters, he must be nervous. " and Taehyung-ah are of same age, so call me hyung" Yoongi corrects. "But....." Jimin opposes
"I insist....." Yoongi says firmly and who is Jimin to deny such authorative voice. "Yes, Yoongi-s.... Yoongi hyung..." Jimin nods feeling nervous and his cheeks heating up.
"Good...." "Please help yourself" Yoongi points his hands towards the food
"Thank you hyung...... these are my favourite" Jimin takes a big bite of the cutlet and beams in joy, his eyes disappearing as his eyelids makes a crescent form, his peachy scent spiking to the highest scenting the whole kitchen.
Seeing the omega enjoy the food, Yoongi takes pride in himself and his alpha huffs his chest, they both are proud for making /his omega/ happy. Happiness looks good on Jimin his eyes turning cresent, lips turning into a curve, his cheek bones shining. He is beautiful.
Jimin eats the food and he is definitely enjoying it but something doesn't settle right, 'if he works on the hotel, why do he live here or maybe he works here too but why did he use someone else's kitchen and why would he bring him here...?' Jimin opens his mouth +
to speak but fears he might get shut down. "If there something bothering you just ask me...." Yoongi says looking at the omega. "'s okay... Yoo-ngi-ssi" Jimin looks down at his plate "Yoongi-ssi?...huh?" Yoongi raises his eyebrows playfully "I mean Yoongi hyung"
"That's better, and just ask what you want to..... I'm not gonna eat you up" Yoongi says "Uh.... service...." Jimin rambles. "Huh...." Yoongi looks at Jimin , though his words might not make any sense but Yoongi knows what Jimin is asking
"Jimin....take a deep breathe and say again... okay" Jimin takes a deep lungful of air and releases it. "You work as a room service right?" Yoongi nods. "Then how come you live here, it's not like I'm judging but do I say it....?" Jimin doesn't get the right word
Yoongi just smiles at that. Jimin looks confused. "Have you heard about the MIN"s?" Yoongi asks him chewing his food. "Yeah..... Like who doesn't know them in South Korea, like they are one of the major backbone of our country's economy "
//Warning// Use of the word prostฤซtute. Change in Yoonmin's relationship dynamics. A/N- Please leave like/rt/qrt if you're enjoying the story, it really really motivates me to write more with great enthusiasm ๐Ÿฅบโค๏ธ
Yoongi just smiles at that. Jimin looks confused. "Have you heard about the MIN"s?" Yoongi asks him chewing his food. "Yeah..... Like who doesn't know them in South Korea, like they are one of the major backbone of our country's economy "
"Hmm.... they pay well and treats everyone well too", Yoongi replies having a fond look on his face. "Uh.... but .......", Jimin nods wandering his eyes around the house asking his unspoken question
"I know what you're thinking Jimin" Yoongi speaks clearing his voice "and as you said you know who are MIN's", Yoongi stands up from his chair dragging it to his sides "Hi, I'm MIN Yoongi", he bows down 90ยฐ.
Jimin looks at Yoongi opening his eyes wide, stopping his mouth to whatever he was munching, chop sticks still on his hands, he gulps his food forcefully "What.....?", he shrieks loudly , his voice echoing through the house. Yoongi smirks at that.
Jimin has heard about Min Yoongi, the only heir to the MIN's business empire, but he didn't find the need to go through internet to search about him, why would he right...?
Why would a lowly omega search about a high class alpha and to what use, he was never interested in business to start with. He has heard anything Min Yoongi but he has never seen him , he didn't felt the need and now he's is infront of the alpha +
and to make it more worse he used his hotel as a place to meet his arrangement..... Like really..... Jimin thinks life must be playing with him... But the looks on Yoongi's face says otherwise.
A sudden realisation hits Jimin 'all those guards this house.... everything makes sense now, but why does he work....?' as if on a queue "I work at the hotel just sometimes, I do want to know how does it feel to work just as a normal 9/6 person" Yoongi answers Jimin's thought.
"Oh...." Jimin just nods to that mouth still open in awe and the admiration he has for this certain alpha increases even more and he too stands up from his seat "I'm Park Jimin, nice to meet you sir", he too bows 90ยฐ, still not knowing what honorifics to use.
"I guess I've already made it clear, hyung works just fine, unless you want me to call you Jimin-ssi", Yoongi says a smirk creeping on his lips. "Yeah... Jimin is fine....Si- hyu-hyung" a faint shade of pink makes it's on his cheeks at Yoongi's word.
The adoration Yg has for Jm just increases, everything Jimin does just endears him and it's not that they've known each other for long it's just their third meet but Jimin already feels a sense of safety with Yoongi and his omega likes the scent of the alpha, that calms him.
Just in, Yoongi's phone vibrates in his pocket. "Hello..... ah send him here....ummm...oh...okay...", Yg disconnects the call and keeps the phone back inside its place. "Jungkook is coming here....." Yoongi informs Jimin to which the omega frowns.
"Umm... okay...,...uhhh...." Jimin strolls his words longer to say something but didn't. "Don't worry he doesn't know anything Jimin, ......../silence/ ...but I think it's high time you tell him the truth", Yoongi speaks.
"Umm.... I don't want him to give up upon his education just like me....", Jimin replies playing with his chopsticks. The beautiful warm atmosphere before now turns into a serious and silent conversation. "I can help you with that...." Yoongi insists.
"No...I can't take the help, I don't want to give up the little ounce of self respect I've within myself" Jimin replies "But you need to get out of that shit hole Jimin, have you ever thought how beautiful is life outside the four walls of those hotel rooms?", Yoongi blurts out
Jimin flinches at those words and his eyes swell up with tears, his scent turning sour, he stands up from his seat, "Do you think that I do those things because I enjoy it, do you think that I don't want to enjoy life, do you know that I've always dreamt of becoming a dancer, +
I've always wanted to be free.. But life isn't as easy as you think when you're threatened everyday, when you've stomachs to feed , when you've bills to pay, when you want to give a good life to your brother..", saying this in one breathe first droptears rolls down Jimin's eyes +
making a continuous stream down his red cheeks "Life isn't easy for someone lowly as us, not everyone is born with silver spoon on their mouth hyu-hyung and who would want to work with an omega who is a high school drop out and on top of that when he is a /prostitute/?",
voice breaks down at the last word. Jimin never felt the need to explain his insecurities to anyone but with Yoongi he feels he can break down the wall, he can explain his fears, he can show his true self to Yoongi, because somewhere he knows Yoongi will help him
Seeing the omega cry, Yoongi curses himself internally for being harsh, he moves towards the crying omega and pulls him in a hug, "I'm sorry, Min-ah...... Shhh..... I'm really sorry......" Yoongi calms the omega by rubbing his back whispering sweet nothing into his ears.
Jimin snakes his hands around the alpha's waist and hugs him tightly, resting his face on the crook of Yoongi's neck, inhaling the alpha's scent to calm himself.
Jimin inhales the alpha's scent very deeply, his lungs full with the air mixed with the scent and calms his mind, once he is fine, he pulls his head from the alpha's neck /but his omega misses the alpha's closeness/ and faces the alpha , his eyes shining because of the tears,+
cheeks pink, nose red and skin glistening because of the light, a rosy puckered lips, every part of his face looks pretty, Yoongi looks at him concerned, "You okay...", Yoongi asks "Mmm... I'm sorry hyung...., I know you are just worried for my well being....-"
Yoongi interrupts "'s okay /baby/ , I'm sorry for being impulsive and being harsh with my words",
Still on the alpha embrace, at the word /baby/ Jimin's head perks up to look at the alpha, pink cheeks becoming more prominent, ears turning red, he's sure his body is turning into flames right now, he hides his cheeks with his short stubby chubby fingers,
"You cannot say that casually to just anyone.....hyung...." "Hu....what....", Yoongi asks playfully. "That....." "What that.....?" "Aishhhh..... /Baby/โ€ ,Jimin whispers as if anyone would hear them, blush creeping his cheeks and heating them again, he's cutely embarrassed
Yoongi just laughs out loud, he's truly endeared by Jimin's cuteness and his alpha takes the pride. "But.... Jimin ..... You should think about it okay.... I'll help you, Taehyung-ah will help you, we're here", Yoongi reminds him again.
"Okay..but hyung..why do you want to help me....I've met a lot of people especially alpha and nobody even cared to ask me if I'm okay or not..... Is it because you pity me and I'm Tae's friend......?", Jimin asks the question that's been itching him since the day he met Yoongi.
"It's just........//my inner alpha has been feeling restless since the day I met you, I cannot live in peace thinking that you're being devoured by some fรผcking disgusting alpha, I cannot help not thinking about you, my alpha takes pride when I make you smile, +
I like when you smile, your eyes disappear and you look absolutely beautiful, somehow you've become an important part of my life// ....... nevermind...." , Yoongi thinks but doesn't say anything.
Looking at the alpha so closely where he could count his eye lashes, Jimin heart flutters, he definitely feels safe with Yoongi, he have thought about it before too, wanting to get out of that shit hole, it seemed impossible but now +
with Yoongi somehow he feels it's difficult but not impossible, he can give it a try
"Ahem........did we disturb something...?" , a voice startles them. They both turns their head in unison towards the voice it was Taehyung and Jungkook, they both hurriedly pulls away from each other as if someone caught them making out or having sฤ“x.
"Jungkook...", Jimin beams in happiness and runs towards his brother and hugs him tightly, though with his black sweatpants, black sweatshirt and black stompers, his whole right hand clad with tattoo, a muscle man, he's tall and we'll built, +
Jungkook may look intimidating but one look into his eyes, you'll feel like the need to protect the baby, the need to put him in your pocket and keep him safe. He has a total baby face adorned with big doe eyes, and when he srcunches his nose he looks a total bunny with two front
teeth on full display. He's adorable.
" are you?" Jungkook an alpha, with a glassy eyes, hugs Jimin and inhales his brother's scent and feels relieved. "I'm fine koo, don't worry, I was just tired", Jimin assured him.
Jimin pulls himself from his brother and turns towards Taehyung, a concerned looked laced on his face, he looks at his brother, he has the same expression as Taehyung and finally he turns towards Yoongi, he looked at him so fondly that something inside him urges him that +
he need to try to live life first to enjoy it, he needs to get out of that, he needs to tell everything to Jungkook because he knows, these three people will be there for him even if the world turns their back on him. He takes a deep breath.
"Koo, I've something to tell you", Jimin says looking at Yoongi. Yoongi just knows what this is about and he just nods in agreement giving him an assured look, that he's here with him, he isn't alone. "About what, hyung? We can talk later at home hyung", Jungkook looks confused
"No....we are not going home from today onwards, that's not the home we need and I need to talk to you right now", saying those words Jimin pulls Jungkook with himself in one room and closes the door behind them.
TBD That's it for today, I had to write this scene again and again because it wasn't satisfying me, and this was the only one that was a little okay... So here it is. I hope you'll like it.
I'm sorry (๏ฝกโ€ขฬ๏ธฟโ€ขฬ€๏ฝก)
But a brief summary on what happened after that:
Jk actually couldn't believe what his hyung was going through just to afford his education. Jimin came out of that arrangement and Hwang Jaebo got what he deserved. He was arrested and Yoongi made sure he would never see the sky after that.
Jimin started working on his health more. He gave time to himself and Yoongi was there with him everytime and eventually they fell in love and confessed to each other.
Yoongi's parents were pressuring him about the marriage and he said that he has a boyfriend and will introduce him to them at annual company dinner. Jimin was thrilled by the idea of getting introduced as The Min Yoongi's boyfriend.
But when the day arrived Jimin didn't show up at anywhere near the company building. Yoongi felt betrayed but also somewhere in his heart he knew Jimin wouldn't ditch him, he tried calling him but couldn't reach so he called jk and the younger informed him that Jm was in hospital
Yoongi reached the hospital but Jimin didn't looked towards him. Yoongi got informed that Jimin is pregnant but Yoongi is sure that it's not his child because they haven't been intimate enough to get pregnant, so the kid is someone's from his arrangement before.
Jimin tells him that he didn't know about the kid till morning, he started feeling sick and way too nauseous to attend the function and he felt dizzy and the next he knew was that he was in the hospital with nurse informing that he's pregnant+
but his body is not strong enough to bear a child. But to be actually honest when the nurse broke the news to Jimin he didn't feel like keeping the child as it would bring back his past reminding his life before he met Yoongi.
Jimin made sure he took his contraceptives regularly but still here he is, he cries to his heart content on Yoongi's chest telling him how he doesn't want the child and the doctor also suggested that he better not keep the baby.
But even after all these news, Yoongi doesn't loose his calm, as if he knew his boyfriend was pregnant?? Yes, Yoongi knew about this only after their first meet when Dr. Cha wanted to talk to him privately, he didn't tell Jimin about it because to him this news was something+
that Jimin should know on his own and not but some random hotel service.
๐Ÿ—๏ธ After 6years they get married to each other and have two beautiful twin pup they adopt a dog holly and a cat, sugar. Jimin now works as a dance choreographer and makes his husband beautiful bento boxes for lunch to his office. THE END ๐Ÿ˜ช(SORRY FOR DISAPPOINTING Y'ALL)
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