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el🎧 uni hiatus

el🎧 uni hiatus

Aug 13, 2022
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#taekookau all the times Taehyung drunks texts his ex,Jungkook and tells him he’s home because it’s a habit and one time he doesn’t! This sends Jungkook alert and he starts looking for a drunk Taehyung in the streets of Seoul.

before we start notes: - socmed and written - angst but it ends soon dw! - fluff,crack - getting back tg - short-ish? - happy ending! - grammatical errors! -don’t like,don’t read! -interaction feed the author or the author d!es :(
1. the other times Taehyung drunk texted Jungkook
the next morning…
18. Mins
Jungkook leaves his house with nothing but his keys and his phone. He doesn’t change into new clothes, he just keeps the ones he had at home all day and gets in his car and starts it. He had checked Ji-ho’s instagram account and the man hadn't posted anything that night so
the media wasn’t really a help for him. He had called a colleague from work, Namjoon and sent him the man's name and photo and asked him to track his phone. It was late so his friend was a bit annoyed about bothering him, but helped Jungkook nonetheless.
He had informed Jungkook that the last time the man's phone had been turned on was at an address that seemed to be of a restaurant. It wasn’t too surprising since they did go on a date but Jungkook still sped his car to the place as soon as he could.
When he arrived there,he got out furiously and ran towards the main entrance of the place. Before it there was a parking lot which was very not classy and a lot of people were around. He stopped in his tracks before entering the near area of the entrance because he
saw someone on the other side of the road. It was a man and he was sitting by the lamp post in the ground. ”Taehyung! Tae!” shouted Jungkook, walking over to Taehyung who was sitting in the street with his back against the old lamppost.
He was holding a wine bottle in his left hand and his right one was lying motionless beside his leg. “What are you doing here?? Its like 3 am in the fucking night,Taehyung, and here u are sitting in the street?! What is wrong with you?” Jungkook said in distress from all
the adrenaline that was rushing through his body. “Aren’t you gonna ask me how my date went?” asked Taehyung,his eyes expressionless but somehow you could make out that he was pretty drunk. He had always been a chill person when he was drunk except…of course,occasions.
“Huh?” “Date? A guy? I was supposed to be with him right now.” “Oh…” “Yeah…” sighed Taehyung. “Where is he?” “I don’t know. I don’t care but probably the ER. Hopefully.” said Taehyung with a shrug. “What?? What happened?” he rushed to ask, worried.
“I didn’t like him. He was rude,” said Taehyung and raised his bottle,taking a sip from it. “And mean. He was mean to the waitress…and he was mean to me when I didn't want to kiss him…Fucking asshole! ”he said wiping his lips. “I’m going to murder him,” spat Jungkook,balling
his fists. “No need. I think I broke his nose,” said Taehyung,leaving the bottle in the ground and getting up on wobbly legs. “What?” “Hmm… i turned like this…”said Taehyung,grabbing Jungkook and engulfing himself to improvise better,” and he was like that, and…crack!
I bumped him in the nose with my elbow. Cool right?” “Yeah,” whispered Jungkook. “You know how I know that?” Taehyung asked and Jungkook knew but he shook his head as no anyway. “My…Jungkook, he taught me. When we were together…back then when he was…my Jungkook,”
Taehyung's voice died down slowly. “Leave me alone! Get your hands on me!” he shoved Jungkooks away even though he was the one who had tangled in the younger's arms to show him the move he did. “I know many, many tricks,sir. I will hurt you too,”he said,trying to sound
threatening but his words would come out slurred as a babys because of the alcohol in his system and he didn’t sound threatening at all. “Actually, you remind me of Jungkook. He was like that too…tall,slim…with muscles. He had tattoos and everyone was scared of him,”
Taehyung said,huffing out a sad laugh. “But they were wrong. He was the most harmless person ever. He was sensitive and sweet and…” he stopped for a second and then his anger started building up again because the next words he was spatting were
“and an absolute asshole who deserves to get beaten up!” “Honestly man,fuck Jungkook,” shouted a girl in the same area that seemed to have heard Taehyung. “Yeah,fuck him,” said Taehyung out loud, gathering courage. “Fuck him,man. Exactly,” the girl said again and walked
away,laughing. ”Yeah! Fuck Jungkook!” he shouts again and a few of the passers by turn their heads towards the drunk man. Taehyung falls again to the lampside laughing. “Hey,man are you okay?” one of the passed stops at their feet.
“Heyyyy. Hi, stranger,” says Taehyung,waving his hand and hitting Jungkook in the face accidentally with no instinct of orientation in his drunken state. “Hi,is this man bothering you?” the woman asks and Jungkook feels offended but still glad that even if he wasn’t here,there
were people who were gonna check on Taehyung. Taehyung looks at Jungkook. “No,he’s…yeah,what are u doing here?” Taehyung asks,dumbfounded. “I'm here to send you home,” “Your home?” he asks again but his words come out slurred and Jungkook smiles.
“No,yours.” “How do you know where my home is?” “Im… you can show me the way,”says Jungkook. “Hmm… I wanna sleep here though,” says Taehyung,letting go of Jungkook's arm and moving to lay down in the cold cement again. “Come on,Tae. This is concrete,you can’t sleep here.
Get up,” says Jungkook,trying to pull him from the ground. “Noooo,”protests Taehyung. ”So you know him?” the woman asks Jungkook,seeing that Taehyung is in no position to talk to. “Yeah,im…Jungkook,” he says and waits for the woman's reaction.
“Oops…tough luck there,buddy,” she says. “I’m leaving you two,then.” “Yeah,tough,” whispers Jungkook but it goes unheard. He lets go of Taehyung for a second and braces himself and then grabs the man's arms and tries to get him to stand up.
As Taehyung gets up,he can’t stay up for long properly so Jungkook hooks and arms around his waist and with the other hand he takes Taehyung's own arm and throws it around his neck. “Hey!,” says Taehyung in protest,”where are you taking me?”
“Home,” answers Jungkook and continues to guide them to the car. He doesn’t comment on how nice it felt to mention the word home in Taehyung's presence or how good it felt to head towards the same home together again.
They get there with a bit of difficulty and it’s a bit of a task too to get a drunk Taehyung in the car but Jungkook manages to do so after a bit of holding the man and holding the door. He places Taehyung in the passenger seat and puts the seat belt on.
He closes the door and walks to the other side,getting in himself. He looks over to Taehyung again before starting the car and sees that the man is almost fast asleep. He puts in the key,turns it and drives off to Taehyung's apartment.
With each turn they take,Jungkook's heart throbs a bit in pain,maybe it’s nostalgia. Or maybe it’s the feelings still being there. And maybe it’s him acknowledging the fact that these feelings were always there that hurts the most. They arrive and Jungkook stops the car.
He looks over to the older man again who is asleep now. He looks so angelic,so pure. As much as he wants to just stop the time and caress the other man's beautiful black hair, he doesn’t want Taehyung to get neck pain from the unfavorable position.
He gets outside and opens the door and takes Taehyung in his arms. He carries the man to the door and then sits Taehyung in the armchair in the balcony as he fishes for the keys to open it. He finds them under the plant, in the right. Not the green one, but the red vaso one
just like before. He opens the door and is faced with the interior of the familiar space again,just like before. He pushes it all open and takes Taehyung in his arms again,careful to not hurt his head in the door while entering and then he carries him to his bedroom.
He has no problem getting there because he remembers everything. Every step,every picture on the wall,every staircase,every flower. Everything. He remembers Taehyung's bedroom is at the end of the hall,just a turn right and he remembers Taehyung doesn’t like his bed
by the window because even though it’s nice other times,the light of the early morning bothers him so much. He lets Taehyung slowly in the bed and moves down with him as he adjusts his body in the bed. Taehyung smells of alcohol but still,his own natural scent is there.
Jungkook misses it. He caresses his hair for a while as he lays there with the older man,just staring and playing with his hair and then gets up and takes Taehyung's shoes off. He lets everything else on because he knows that Taehyung was never the one to be bothered by
clothes,strange enough considering how he is sensitive about other things. It’s either the reason or the fact that taking his clothes off would be such an intimate gesture. Jungkook had lost that right. So he puts a blanket over Taehyung's body,checks if the windows are
closed and walks out of the door. He returns once and kisses the man on the forehead and then walks out again. For good. Like he always does. He walks through the house quickly,skipping stairs and closes the door. He can’t stand being there anymore,between all the memories,
between everything screaming at him about the thing he lost. About the love he lost. About the person he lost. He takes the wine bottle that he had tossed in the car but sees that it’s empty and puts it in the backseat of the car again.
He would fill it with his tears and drink it all,until there was one of the two happening. He would either drink the whole misery away…or would drown in it. Either way,Jeon Jungkook didn’t feel a thing anymore.
… hi,its me again. Its 4:18 i gotta sleep bro… interact with the story or let me know if u want more… jk im still gonna give u more but when im a bit more… awake! bye
also clarification: tae was so shit drunk he didn’t even recognize? Jk…basically idiots in love but make it drunk idiots in love but broken up…
Taehyung woke up before the morning came. Normally,he would be hungover and wake up in the afternoon,take a shower and then take a pill since he always tends to have bad headaches when he gets drunk. Then he would sleep again for the rest of the day. But not tonight.
Tonight he woke up around the morning and rushed over to the bathroom. He kneeled before the sink and threw up,his upset stomach emptying itself with force and throwing Taehyung over the sink,his fingers turning white from gripping the cold,hard surface.
A few minutes passed by and he slowly got up and washed his mouth,the bitter taste still present in his tongue making him want to cry. He sits in the cold piles of the dimly lit bathroom,pushing his back against the plain white wall.
Jungkook never liked plain white,he used to say it was “too plain”. Taehyung wants to laugh at how stupid it sounds. He wants to cry. Wants to cry with the way Jungkook intervenes with his most random thoughts,how he gets in his head and paints a perfect image of the past,
hurting Taehyung even more. He wants to wail at the way Jungkook is gone from his life but not from his mind or heart. How he is always there as if haunting Taehyung was his life goal. He wants to crumple down and cry until he can no longer make out even a single thought,
until he is unable to form not even one more tear. Until he forgets. He wants to forget who he is,where he is. He wants to forget the fact he misses a warm body against him. He wants to forget that the body he craves is Jungkooks.
Wants to forget that Jungkook was the one who brought him home,that just hours ago he was in Jungkook's arm -albeit not in an affectionate way- and wasn’t able to touch him. To feel him properly. It’s been 7 months since they broke up or 214 days precisely.
Taehyung has hated him for maybe a week and missed him for hundreds of days. Jungkook had asked him to break up for no good reason. He had even been mean about it,saying how he didn’t love Taehyung anymore. Some bullshit about how the feeling wasn’t there anymore.
To hell with it,since when did their relationship hang on a sparkle of a stupid feeling? What about Taehyung's feelings? After they had broken up,Taehyung mourned for his broken heart while Jungkook went on trips multiple times. Sometimes he couldn’t help thinking if
Jungkook hated him,hence the way he had broken up with him had been cruel. Before the storm has hit them,Jungkook has started becoming distant. Taehyung blames himself, he should have seen the signs and prepared himself.
Maybe then it would have hurted less because escaping the pain was no option. Not when Taehyung loved Jungkook with his every nerve, every cell and every breath. Not when Jungkook was his very own breath and not when since he had left Taehyung had started breathing manually.
The way he had become so aware of everything around him and now everything was too loud,too bothersome. But Taehyung never thought of Jungkook as a distraction,no! He was his cause and his reason. And now Taehyung felt empty.
As empty as the bathroom he was in,as dead as the black night,as cold as the tears falling down his pale cheeks. Taehyung puts his head in his knees and starts crying,hugging himself in an attempt of comfort. He cries and cries until his body aches and his limbs shake
from the cold,until he feels like all that’s left from him is flesh and blood with no soul guarding them. He gets up slowly,supporting himself in the objects around him and at some point he reaches his bedroom. He lays in the bed and buries his head in the soft pillows.
He doesn’t make an attempt to change his clothes and just throws the bed sheet over his body. After a few minutes,he gets up and changes the sheets. He puts the blue ones in the bed after many tries and just plumps face down in them.
He falls asleep slowly and the plain white sheets are now dirty and forgotten on the ground.
el🎧 uni hiatus
waiting for seokjin | written by bangtan | elinthebox in ao3
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