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Aug 24, 2022
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#taekookau ‘’I won’t go anywhere, Tae.’’ That’s when the cataclysm eclodes. It’s flooding. Taehyung’s crying. ‘’But you should go, you should leave,’’ The omega hiccups, ‘’Jungkook, I’m so sorry for putting you in this situation. I don’t want you to waste your time on me.’’

— omega jungkook x omega taehyung, fluff, taehyung's going through a lot, foot fracture, established boyfriends, hurt-comfort.
When the doctor, as gently as she can, turns to Taehyung and tells him he has not one, but three foot fractures, the omega sees his Pangea-shaped inner world cracking like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, ‘’Does it mean I can’t walk?’’
‘’If you want to give your bones the proper time they need to heal, you shouldn’t walk on fractured food at least for two weeks.’’ The woman replies and suddenly everything’s a blur apart from Jungkook’s tender gaze at him.
Taehyung isn’t the type to deal with anger or fury or any strong emotion that could cripple the serene lake his heart gives home to. Stone skimming is allowed when done properly and with caution, though.
Like when Jungkook kisses his nape and fights gravity, unleashing a ballet of ups and downs on his water’s surface.
The brunette likes to feel that kind of ticklish turmoil that creates tiny waves of delight and ecstasy inside of him; it makes him feel alive.
However, if the stone is wrongly thrown and the reactive force of his lake isn’t ready to push it up, it falls and vandalizes the thin artwork carved out of self-knowledge he exhausted himself to sew.
Taehyung’s unperturbed waters turn into a rough and quite scary pond inhabited by folklore, lake-dwelling creatures. And there’s something quite important, given the circumstances 60% of his body is made of water, the older omega never told Jungkook.
He doesn’t know how to swim. Never knew. Not when alone, at least.
Breathing underwater with his lover beside him it’s different. Especially because, in the face of danger and lack of oxygen, the two of them can combine their remaining molecules and breathe out of them.
But, all by himself? Taehyung’s more likely to be enchanted by Narcissus and drown in his own river. In his own egoistic reflection.
That’s what pride does to people. It cloisters their vocal cords and the Broca’s area of their brain until the words turn meaningless and can’t airplane out of their lips because the highways of the sky of their mouths are blocked by severe downpours puffed with egotism.
There’s one word, though, whose flights are canceled and the consequences suffered due to the prideful, bad weather are a little harsher: help. And there’s another thing Taehyung never (but should’ve) told Jungkook. He doesn’t know how to ask for help.
‘’Can I at least place my foot on the ground?’’ The foxy-eyed asks, voice clearly giving signs of annoyance, anger, and shock sprinkled with terracotta-colored melancholy. Taehyung absolutely loathes the terracotta color with every single atom of his being.
The villain behind his current merciless state was tinted in shades of terracotta and, since there’s no one else to blame except for himself or an inanimate object, he chooses to gush his hostility into the roof tile he kicked a few hours ago.
No, it’s not like Taehyung’s the kind to go around kicking things at the first delicate zephyr of animosity. It’s just that.
The roof tile happened to be on his way and boom. Like the collision and conflagration between a meteor and a planet, it occurred and Taehyung began to live with a Big-Bang expanding inside his foot. A swollen, aching, and purplish Big-Bang.
Jungkook found his boyfriend sitting on the company’s couch, frowning and with an ice-bang on top of his foot. The staff told him about the accident and about the older omega’s petulant and opposing behavior to see a doctor.
All the blonde had to do, then, was follow the sour smell of expired honey to find a fuming Taehyung.
A long make-out session, eyebrows massage, the promise to repeat the dose of the synchronized heats they spent together, and prolonged minutes of scenting to milk the other’s bitterness dry were all Jungkook had to do to convince Taehyung to visit the orthopedist.
That’s how they ended up where they’re now. ‘’The plaster takes about one to two days to harden completely, so unless you want to pay me a visit tomorrow, you shouldn’t put your injured foot on the ground.’’ The fair-haired woman answers and
Taehyung doesn’t know if the gates of his inner dam burst open and this is the reason why his eyes are filled with tears or if his lacrimal glands got damaged in the process too or if he just— needs to cry.
It isn’t the pain of the injuries or the weight of the plaster cast that are triggering hydro-hazards and evoking floods in the brunette’s reservoir, but the realization he’s going to need a floater to get out of there in order to avoid being
devoured by the extension of Poseidon's arms. A Jungkook-shaped floater to be more precise.
‘’By the way, what led to your injury, Mr. Kim?’’ The blonde doctor looks up from her computer, a cue of curiosity under the cover of her slightly crooked brow.
When the hints of sweetness dissipate in the air into a very faint perfume, the blonde quickly translates the sudden switch in Taehyung’s scent and prevails over the situation, ‘’Our heats were in sync, so we tried the ‘spider position’ and he ended up falling. Nothing major.’’
The seriousness oozing from the younger’s tone causes a chortle to fly from Taehyung’s mouth, but he's swift to fake a coughing fit. He's sure the doctor noticed his faulty acting skills, anyway.
Jungkook bites his lips not to cackle and the lady in front of them seems to be satisfied with the couple’s (way too much) sincere confession. That was the first genuine drop of joy suffusing Taehyung’s chest since the accident; Jungkook’s his life fountain.
Things only get worse after their bubble pops. It's time for raw reality to engulf them instead.
Taehyung hadn't completely realized he was human until that very moment. With his foot resting on a cushion, unable to move, and with his bedroom ceiling staring back at him like a detective trying to make him spill his most shameful truths, the foxy-eyed felt human.
And, humans are incredibly weak.
Taehyung realized the nature of his species and wished he would have inherited the independence, the courage, and, more importantly, the strength of the wolf blood that runs in his veins.
If he was as strong as a wolf, the brown-haired wouldn't have to call for Jungkook whenever he needed to do the banal things he was used to doing, like going to the bathroom or simply walking.
Taehyung wants to throw himself on the floor and wail like a whiny toddler who slipped while crawling. A child who just wants to win the battle against the downward pull and walk without somebody else holding their hand.
That's another proof of how human beings, despite their wonderful intelligence, are fragile. The only animal who doesn't leave the womb ready to face the fiends and the evildoers of the outside world.
Humans are bound to fail, succeed, repeat, and eventually learn. The battlefield is left with humongous and permanent wounds, be they birthmarks or traumas. Maybe, that's the price paid for bidding farewell to ignorance.
Nonetheless, worse than learning is unlearning and admitting the incomprehension to, paradoxically, learn everything again.
Taehyung was too prideful to reveal he didn't know anything at that point and accept the fact he necessitated Jungkook’s assistance. He didn’t want to bother.
He wondered if Socrates was really a human or a demigod of wisdom (ironically). That’d be the only possible explanation for his renowned ‘’I know that I know nothing.’’ Taehyung found that hard to admit.
He desired to know how it’d feel to be the universe, be the macrocosmos itself, and witness the microscotic secrets disclosing before his eyes. But, he had to face realism. And, without a doubt, he’s only human.
A human who can’t go against its essence and pretend he’s unbreakable. He’s going to eventually fall and fail and tear (either up or apart). It’s fate.
The older omega wished he could vomit the pain, the pride, the fear of being an inconvenience, the inability to utter such simple five letters, and the groundwater tables saturating his pupils. Like that, the possibility of drowning would disappear.
One week after, Taehyung’s sitting on the edge of his bed, looking at the cast plaster and being doused by sinking thoughts when his boyfriend’s lavender scent coats his frenzied, flooded mind. He spots a buoy.
‘’Hyung, are you ready to shower?’’ As Jungkook relies his cheek on the door’s jamb, his timbre comes out velvety and floral as if, instead of sounds, his lips give life to petals.
Showering became something Taehyung would rather run away from. It’s the daily personification of how hopeless and dependable he currently is, which is frustrating and maddening, to say the least.
Jungkook helps him to undress and sit on a chair he placed inside the shower stall, proceeding to carefully allow the mellow water to gloss his lover’s back in tiny crystals, ‘’Is the temperature alright, Tae?’’
‘’Yes. It’s fine,’’ For some reason, Taehyung can’t seem to look the younger male in the eye, ‘’You can go now, I’m alright.’’ As the drops cleanse the traces of disaster left by his internal tsunami, things turn crystalline. He’s embarrassed.
Embarrassed because he can’t even shower alone. Embarrassed because he’s wasting Jungkook’s time. Embarrassed because it’s been seven days and he’s still struggling to do the easiest tasks.
Embarrassed because he’s angry at himself for being stupid enough to let his anger to devour him like a Cronus child. Embarrassed because he failed. Embarrassed because he feels like the soap that slipped out of his hand. Breakable. Vulnerable. Unstable.
‘’Baby, hey, what’s going on? Breathe with me,’’ The light-haired notices how the other omega’s breathing is erratic and how his chest is rising up and down as if tidal-waves decided to live under his rib cages, ‘’I’m here and I won’t go anywhere, Tae.’’
That’s when the cataclysm eclodes. It’s flooding. Taehyung’s crying.
‘’But you should go, you should leave,’’ He hiccups as the sea of his eyes meet the river of the shower; it’s bittersweet, ‘’Jungkook, I’m so, so sorry for putting you in this situation. I don’t want you to waste your time on me. I can do this alone, I swear I—’’
Jungkook places a finger above his lips.
‘’You can’t, Taehyung. Not right now. And it’s fine! You aren’t a rock and even the hardest rock might crack, which is also alright. It’s not a problem to stop and to ask for help if it’s necessary. This doesn’t make you less of a strong person. This makes you even stronger,’’
He tucks Taehyung’s curls behind his ear, ‘’Because a strong and helpful person isn’t that one who carries the world on their back, but the one who won’t find it humiliating to ask for a little hand when their own is bruised.’’
‘’Tell me, how are you supposed to give a hand to someone else if your own is maimed? If you want to see other people healing, remember that you,’’ He softly touches the brunette’s forehead, ‘’Are also a person who needs and must heal.’’
‘’You yourself told me my inner beast got scarier because I wasn’t paying attention to myself, so I’d have to stop and face it, since that was the only solution to get rid of it, didn’t you?’’ Taehyung nods and Jungkook cups his face,
‘’Now, it’s your time to face the evil mermaid who’s here pulling you to a watery grave.’’
Later on, after eating the foxy-eyed’s favorite food— apples with peanut butter, Taehyung scents Jungkook, while the sun-haired kisses each one of his boyfriend’s moles as though he’s marking a map on the other’s face.
A map that’d guide the latter, through the Leviathan’s dangerous waters, to a treasure. A treasure that’s more valuable than any gold bar.
A treasure, whose X is buried right there, deep down Taehyung’s heart. A treasure who’s called ‘flawsomeness’.
After all, humans are perfectly flawed and disgustingly weak creatures, but this is what makes them precious.
— the end. 💚
*curls into a ball and sobs*
omegas taehyung and jungkook from this universe >…


#taekookau When Jungkook arrived at the rehearsal room and his scent was barely perceptible, almost as if he wasn't there, Taehyung’s heart clenched a little. But, it's the moment Jungkook rests his head on his arm and closes his eyes that makes him realize something's wrong.


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