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a 🔞#yoonkook drabble sequel where, after losing his virginity to jungkook, yoongi can't help but want to try bottoming instead.

[1] After losing his virginity, Yoongi realized several things very rapidly. The first was that sex was exhausting. It was like a workout he didn’t realize he was doing until it was done and he was sore all over. Maybe he should hit the gym.
[2] The second was that there was /so much/ that he didn’t know. He knew that, in theory, which was why he’d let Jungkook lead him, but the more they slept together, the more he realized just how much he’d underestimated his lack of knowledge.
[3] He chalked that up to the fact that he’d pretty much avoided looking into sex in any great detail because it just made him sad that he couldn’t get over himself enough to actually fuck someone. Not a concern now, obviously, so he was learning rapidly.
[4] The third, and potentially most pressing thing, was that he was now pretty sure his (maybe) boyfriend wasn’t a bottom or even someone who bottomed often, despite what he’d said when they’d first talked about it.
[5] Jungkook hadn’t said anything and he always seemed to enjoy himself but Yoongi also wasn’t stupid. Every single time they had sex, which was often, Jungkook would ramble about what he wanted to do to Yoongi. He seemed to like to hear himself say those things.
[6] Yoongi wasn’t opposed, he even liked it actually, but he couldn’t help but notice all the things Jungkook suggested involved Yoongi being fucked, not the other way around. Not once had he mentioned something where he was on the bottom. Not. Once.
[7] So now Yoongi was admittedly a little worried. He knew he hadn’t forced Jungkook into anything but he was also aware preferences existed and he didn’t want to make Jungkook take a position he didn’t usually want or like.
[8] Which is how Yoongi found himself biting on his lip, his eyes flicking up to Jungkook from where he was cuddling into his side, supposedly watching the movie they’d put on an hour before. Yoongi could not even remember the title.
[9] “Uh, Jungkook?” Yoongi finally asked, pulling away from Jungook’s hold. Jungkook’s eyes flicked to him then back to the TV. “Yea?” “Are you a top?” Now Jungkook’s eyes stayed on Yoongi, though they were confused. “Like sexually?” “Yes.”
[10] “Yea, usually,” Jungkook answered easily, his attention already returning to the TV. Yoongi stared at him, shocked but not surprised. He’d figured as much but Jungkook just confirming it so casually had thrown him off. “But with me…”
[11] Jungkook gathered Yoongi back to his side and hugged him tightly. “Positions don’t mean anything, hyung. I like being with you, period.” “Okay,” Yoongi murmured even as his mind raced forward. He needed a plan.
[12] His plan, as it turned out, was quite simple. Research all the hygiene practices that were needed and seduce Jungkook. Seemed simple enough. In theory. In practice, it was embarrassing and awkward and he had very little idea what he was doing.
[13] Thank god for the internet. Eventually, he managed to figure everything out and, when Jungkook came over, Yoongi felt ready. In fact, he was kinda excited. More so than usual.
[14] Even during their first time, Yoongi had wanted to know what it felt like to be fingered properly, to be fucked. Jungkook had spoken so earnestly and with such fire in his eyes about what he wanted to do to Yoongi that it was impossible not to fantasize a bit.
[15] The issue, of course, was that he didn’t have any experience so he couldn’t really fantasize with any detail about what it felt like. But unlike before, he didn’t have to wait or worry. He just needed to ask Jungkook.
[16] “Hyung? Where are you?” Jungkook called, his voice coming closer as he walked toward the bedroom, assuming Yoongi would be there. “In here,” Yoongi answered anyway, smiling when Jungkook came into view.
[17] “Bed early tonight?” Jungkook asked, eyes flicking over Yoongi’s pajamas quickly. Yoongi licked his lips and shook his head, trying to remind himself that there was no need to be awkward this time around. “No. I, uh, wanted to ask you something.”
[18] Jungkook raised a brow and moved closer, his arms slipping around Yoongi easily. “This feels familiar. What’s got you so awkward again? Will I meet grandpa Yoongi again?” “No,” Yoongi denied, laughing even as he fiddled with the buttons on Jungkook’s shirt.
[19] “No?” Jungkook repeated. “Then what’s up?” “I want you to fuck me,” Yoongi said firmly, lifting his head so he could look at Jungkook’s face. He saw surprise first, then desire and want that were quickly covered up with concern. “Why?”
[20] “I want to try it.” Jungkook frowned, scanning Yoongi’s face. “This isn’t about me usually topping, is it?” Yoongi frowned too, slightly irritated that Jungkook always knew what he was thinking or worrying about. “It’s not /not/ that.” “Hyung…”
[21] Yoongi rushed out, “Listen first, okay? I want to try it! You talk about what you want to do to me and I… want to feel that. The fact you usually top is just the reason why I’m confident enough to bring it up at all, okay?”
[22] “You know I don’t mind,” Jungkook murmured. “I know,” Yoongi confirmed, smiling softly. “That’s why I lo— I like you. That’s why you’re the only person I want to try stuff like this with.”
[23] Jungkook’s heartbeat skyrocketed, catching Yoongi’s slip of the tongue. He hadn’t asked him to make anything official, mostly because he knew his feelings were more concrete and long-held than Yoongi’s were, but hearing that was like an endorphin rush.
[24] “Then, I’d once again be honoured, hyung,” Jungkook agreed. “There are a few things you’ll have to do before we can—” “I did them already,” Yoongi interrupted, his cheeks turning bright red. “I, uh, cleaned up and stuff.”
[25] “You…” Yoongi nodded. “I did some research. I wanted to do it properly.” “God, hyung,” Jungkook gasped out, darting down to kiss Yoongi hard. He had to bend over since he was still holding his hips, but it was worth it when Yoongi gasped against him.
[26] More than familiar with how Jungkook did things now, Yoongi threaded his fingers through Jungkook’s hair and started walking backward toward the bed. He expected, when he reached the edge and sat down, for Jungkook to follow him, but he didn’t.
[27] Instead, Jungkook pulled back after placing a few scattered kisses on Yoongi’s face and sank to his knees. “Do you remember how I had you prep me the first time?” Yoongi nodded slowly. “I do.” “I’m going to do that for you this time to make sure it feels good, okay?”
[28] “Okay. I trust you, Jungkook.” Jungkook breathed out heavily, his eyes closing for a moment before he refocused on the task at hand. Slowly, he pulled off Yoongi’s pajama pants and boxers, murmuring a quiet thank you when Yoongi took off his own shirt for him.
[29] When he was naked, Jungkook took a moment to just look up at Yoongi. He wasn’t even hard but he was flushed, his eyes wide and intent, and Jungkook loved that look just as much, if not more, than anything else.
[30] Like their first time, Jungkook wanted to make sure Yoongi enjoyed himself so he started slow, trailing kisses up Yoongi’s calf to his thigh. He heard Yoongi’s breath catch as he neared his dick but Jungkook ignored it so he could retrace the same path on his other leg.
[31] By the time he reached his pelvis again, Yoongi was half hard, his fingers clenching and unclenching in the sheets beside him. “Jungkook…” “You can touch me,” Jungkook told him, shifting so he could kiss Yoongi’s hip bone before biting down gently. “I like it.”
[32] Yoongi let out a long breath before threading his fingers into Jungkook’s hair. He didn’t pull or direct, just held his head. It was very Yoongi, and it made Jungkook smile. “How’re you doing, hyung?” “Good. It feels good,” Yoongi assured him.
[33] “I’m glad,” Jungkook replied before finally closing his lips around the head of Yoongi’s cock. His hand flexed in his hair at the same time he let out a small, surprised moan, but Jungkook didn’t mind.
[34] This wasn’t the first time Jungkook had sucked Yoongi’s dick, so he was well versed in what he liked. He knew to swallow him down and stay there, keeping his tongue along the underside of his cock like he was cockwarming him.
[35] He knew, when he felt him harden completely and could taste the tang of precum, to pull back and suck on the head. He was adept at making Yoongi feel good, he felt like he studied him in their short time together, but they were doing something different this time too.
[36] So, Jungkook kept his attention on Yoongi’s cock, humming in satisfaction when Yoongi fell back into the bed and arched his back, his hips fixed firmly against the bed so he wouldn’t choke Jungkook. Only then did he reach for the drawer and dig for the lube and condoms.
[37] He could find them blindfolded so, within a few seconds, he was closing the drawer and cracking open the bottle. Yoongi didn’t react to the sound, too lost in the feeling, but Jungkook pulled off his dick anyway. “Hyung?”
[38] “Yea?” Yoongi replied blurrily, pushing himself up onto his elbows so he could see Jungkook’s face. “If you still want to try this, I’m going to finger you now.” Yoongi’s eyes widened but he nodded. “Okay. Go ahead.”
[39] Pausing to make sure Yoongi was really okay, Jungkook smiled. “I’ll make you feel so good. I promise.” Yoongi returned his smile. “I know you will. You always do.” “Then lay back. I got you.”
[40] Doing as he was told, Yoongi returned to his previous position, his attention fixed on Jungkook between his legs. He sighed out when Jungkook’s mouth closed around his cock again, pleasure spreading through his limbs as Jungkook sucked lightly.
[41] It wasn’t until he felt Jungkook’s lube-coated finger rub against his hole that he tensed again. He forced himself to relax a moment later, focusing on Jungkook’s mouth instead. He’d touched himself before, as he’d told Jungkook, so he wasn’t unfamiliar.
[42] He just wasn’t sure it would feel good. He wanted it to feel good. He wanted to feel what Jungkook did. He really did. But, as he’d suspected, when Jungkook pushed a finger in, it didn’t feel like much of anything. Just odd. Like it shouldn’t be there.
[43] He remembered Jungkook sighing as if he’d liked the feeling but he didn’t feel that. It didn’t hurt, which he supposed was good, but that was all he could say. Mildly disappointed, Yoongi decided to just enjoy the blow job instead.
[44] Jungkook wasn’t stupid, so he knew Yoongi wasn’t really enjoying it yet. It bruised his ego a bit but he focused on stretching Yoongi out slowly until he could add more fingers without causing pain.
[45] It wasn’t until he had three fingers moving easily that Jungkook shifted his focus to Yoongi’s prostate. He’d found it earlier, seen the way Yoongi’s cock jumped, but had left it alone until now. Now it was his target.
[46] Pressing two fingers against the bundle of nerves, Jungkook pulled off Yoongi’s cock and rubbed, his eyes fixed on Yoongi’s face. He didn’t need to watch him though. The sound he let out would have been enough.
[47] It was so close to a whine that Jungkook was momentarily struck dumb but then his brain turned back on and he pressed harder. “How’s that, hyung?” Yoongi’s eyelashes fluttered as he tried to open his eyes. “Jungkook, I— that— good.”
[48] “Yea?” Jungkook murmured, adding a thrusting motion now that dragged along his walls before hitting his prostate again. “Feels good?” “Yes,” Yoongi cried out, his legs widening even as he subconsciously pressed his hips down.
[49] Regardless of the amount of sex they’d had since the first time, there were still things Yoongi did just because they felt good without even really thinking about it. He tended to swivel his hips when he bottomed out inside Jungkook, for one.
[50] And now he was trying to grind down into Jungkook’s hand as he continued to thrust in and out. Jungkook hoped he never stopped doing things like that. “How about it, hyung? You think you’re ready?”
[51] Yoongi opened his mouth to agree but he honestly wasn’t sure. So he said that. “I don’t know but I want you, Jungkook. Please.” “God, don’t beg,” Jungkook groaned out, shaking his head. “You never have to beg me for anything.”
[52] Before Yoongi could reply, Jungkook was standing up and removing his fingers. Yoongi clenched down automatically, not liking the odd empty feeling that remained. He was going to ask Jungkook what next when he saw him remove his shirt and kick off his pants.
[53] Without thought, Yoongi reached out and glided his hand over Jungkook’s chest and up to his shoulders. Looping his hand around his neck, Yoongi stood up and pulled Jungkook down at the same time, slotting their lips together.
[54] Jungkook sighed softly, his hands once again finding his hips and waist as they almost always did. Yoongi was so hard and he could feel that Jungkook was the same, but he didn’t press closer. Instead, he just kissed Jungkook, tasting himself on his tongue.
[55] “I’m really glad I decided to ask you to help,” Yoongi murmured against his lips. Jungkook sighed and leaned down further, kissing the juncture between Yoongi’s neck and shoulder. “So am I.” “But I still don’t know what to do next,” Yoongi admitted teasingly.
[56] Huffing out something close to a laugh at the reminder of their first time, Jungkook nodded against Yoongi’s skin before he straightened. “Get comfortable on the bed.” “Okay,” Yoongi agreed, already turning away to crawl onto the bed.
[57] Perhaps this time he moved slower, wigging a bit more because he knew how much Jungkook liked his ass, but he’d deny it if asked. When he was reclining on the pillows, he looked at Jungkook in question.
[58] Without a word, Jungkook kicked off his boxers and grabbed the lube and condom before getting onto the bed. He placed them beside him before situating himself between Yoongi’s legs and running his hands up the outside of his thighs.
[59] “I’m going to put a pillow under your hips, okay?” Jungkook said even as he grabbed one of the many pillows to do as he’d said. “Why?” Yoongi asked, lifting his hips without having to be asked.
[60] “It makes the angle better,” Jungkook explained. “For the first time, it’s best to do this. Or for any time actually. It’s easier.” Yoongi hummed, feeling a bit off to have his ass elevated even just a bit. He trusted Jungkook though. “Okay.”
[61] “You good?” Jungkook asked, checking in. Smiling, Yoongi reached up and cupped Jungkook’s cheek, guiding him down for a kiss. “I’m good, Jungkook.”
[62] Jungkook smiled against his lips, deciding to continue kissing him while he got himself ready. It was with a somewhat embarrassing amount of ease he blindly slid on the condom and spread the lube before pressing his cock against Yoongi’s hole. “Ready?”
[63] “Yes,” Yoongi agreed, holding his breath. “No, breathe out,” Jungkook instructed gently as he pushed in. He moved slowly, much slower than he ever had before, his eyes taking in every flicker of emotion on Yoongi’s face.
[64] Whenever he saw a hint of discomfort, he’d pause and wait, moving forward as Yoongi relaxed. Eventually, he bottomed out and held himself there, his own eyebrows knitting together as he tried to calm himself down.
[65] It wasn’t that he didn’t like bottoming, he did, but every fantasy he’d had of Yoongi was exactly this and he was suddenly experiencing them in real life and it was a lot. Plus Yoongi felt fucking /good/ wrapped around him and he was embarrassing close to just losing it.
[66] He rubbed up and down his sides in small soothing motions, murmuring small compliments in between kisses. “You feel so good, hyung. So good. Perfect for me.” “Yea?” Yoongi breathed out, his body finally relaxing. “You’ll make me feel good too?”
[67] Jungkook nodded against his lips. “I will. I promise I will. Are you okay?” “I think?” Yoongi agreed. “Then I’ll move. Let me know if it hurts and I’ll stop.” “Okay,” Yoongi said, looking up at Jungkook with wide eyes.
[68] There was something about Yoongi looking at him with complete trust and affection that made Jungkook want to cry and bundle Yoongi up in equal measure. It wasn’t even sexual. He just cared about him a lot.
[69] Shifting his hold to Yoongi’s hips, Jungkook slowly pulled out before thrusting back in. He kept his movements slow, giving Yoongi time to get used to the feeling. He was quiet at first, much more so than he usually was, but Jungkook was undaunted.
[70] Like when he’d fingered him open, Jungkook took his time shifting his angle until he was grazing Yoongi’s prostate and, then eventually, thrusting right into it. That’s when he got the reaction he wanted from Yoongi.
[71] He watched him bow up, his hands reaching behind him to grasp onto the pillow as his hips started to move in time with Jungkook’s thrusts, just as he’d done before. Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from moaning and bending forward, his forehead pressing into Yoongi’s chest.
[72] “Fuck, hyung,” Jungkook groaned out, his thrust picking up speed as Yoongi started to clench around him. He wasn’t even sure Yoongi was aware he was doing it but he felt like he was trying to pull him back inside and Jungkook was lost. “Amazing. You’re amazing.”
[73] Yoongi sucked in a breath, eyes squeezed shut. He didn’t know how to describe what he was feeling. It’d felt weird at first, like being fingered, but now it was something else entirely. He felt so full and hot and every movement made his body spark so hard it almost hurt.
[74] This was the feeling he’d wanted, the one he’d wondered about while watching Jungkook. He didn’t know how anyone wouldn’t want to feel like he did at that moment all the time. It was amazing and intense and… Yoongi didn’t even know.
[75] All he could do was grab onto Jungkook’s head and wrap his legs around his hips. Jungkook looked up at him, his eyes wide and hazy, and Yoongi was mostly sure he felt his heart tumble and fall even as his whole body tensed. “Jungkook.”
[76] “Hyung,” Jungkook returned breathlessly, surging upward to slam their lips together. He didn’t think before he wrapped his hand around Yoongi’s cock and started to stroke, feeling the telltale spasm of his hole telling him Yoongi was going to cum.
[77] He wanted to see him fall apart under him, wanted to feel it, so he kept moving his lips, dragging them along his cheek and catching the tears that spilled out of Yoongi’s eyes. “Please cum, hyung. I want to feel it. Cum for me. Show me it feels good.”
[78] “G-good,” Yoongi managed, turning his head to kiss Jungkook again. Or try to. He didn’t make it. He only managed to touch their lips together again before that tension snapped and he came, a broken cry tearing itself from his throat as Jungkook stroked him through it.
[79] Yoongi vaguely heard Jungkook curse a few times and felt his thrusts pick up speed and turn uncoordinated. He didn’t care to do much other than hug Jungkook close and tighten his legs where they were still wrapped around his waist.
[80] Jungkook buried himself against Yoongi, gathering him up to hug him just as tight, and opened his mouth on a moan as he finally came, his vision whiting out as he heard Yoongi offer small quiet praise just as he’d done their first time together.
[81] What he didn’t hear, however, was the small desperate confession that slipped from his own lips in the midst of it all. Yoongi heard it though, so he held him close, his eyes squeezed shut as happiness and excitement battled with post-orgasm bliss.
[82] He wasn’t ready to say something like that yet, he’d only just started to accept he might have real feelings for Jungkook after all, but knowing that Jungkook felt that way, that he loved him, made the idea of falling so much less scary. Yoongi could wait for that though.
[83] When it came to Jungkook, there wasn’t anything that Yoongi wouldn’t wait for.
a 🔞#yoonkook drabble where yoongi just really doesn't want to turn thirty still a virgin and jungkook has... feelings about that.
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