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Sep 16

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haven't let beetlejuice out in awhile, but this earned it

Joel Wertheimer


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Ron DeSantis clearly just doesn't understand Blue America. Build enough housing to actually let millions of immigrants and asylum seekers affordably live in your city? lol no. Be allowed to performatively accept 50 migrants into your community? Absolutely!

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smug and self-satisfied obama boys are one of obama's far less appealing legacies

if you worked for obama and you're a policy consultant and civil rights attorney, you absolutely do not get to throw stones at affluent liberals, my man, you literally *are* the affluent liberal in question and you'll probably own a house on martha's vineyard eventually

you definitely, without a doubt make more than the median worker on martha's vineyard who just spent the last couple of days trying to feed and house confused people unsure of what to do…

The median individual income on Martha's Vineyard is $43K, median household is $77K. They have a 7.5% poverty rate. Working class people are, statistically, more generous and charitable with their money than affluent people.

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if you like me, i am shamelessly going to promote @tragicloverspdx. if not, well, you can always yell at me here.

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