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#taekookau a/b/o where alpha jk , the CEO of a popular entertainment agency, has a drunken one night stand with an idol from a rival agency. Tae is usually treated badly by the media, portrayed as immoral and greedy and JK finds it easier to believe rumors than look for truth.

Very angsty, mpreg, medium length I guess, a little nsfw? Lot of hurt, asshole jk at first. 🥲
( I kind of sort of combined a bunch of prompts anyway lemme know what you think and I will start it 🥲)
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🌺🌺 Waking up naked in a stranger's bed is nothing new to Jungkook. Neither is the pounding headache in his skull, the reminder of a night spent drinking and celebrating . As the youngest CEO in the country, credited with debuting one of the most successful bands,
Jungkook knew that he was successful, rich and here to stay. He had made a name for himself, had established himself as a pioneer in the entertainment industry and to top it all off, he didn't have to bend to the whims of society or media, free to indulge in a luxury lifestyle.
And that included extravagant parties with booze and beautiful men and women, all of them willing to throw themselves at the handsome alpha with very little restraint. And Jungkook usually took full advantage of it. So while one night stands weren't rare, it was rare
For him to sleep with someone who wasn't in the same income bracket as him. And judging from the rickety bed and the cheap cotton sheets against his skin, he was definitely not in bed with someone who was as well off as he was. He blinked awake.
It was late morning already, judging from the sun, high in the sky. He frowned deeply before sitting up, flinching when his head throbbed in protest. He glanced around the apartment, grimacing when he took in how... Small it was. Tidy yes but ludicrously small.
He glanced at the bedside table finding a post-it in bright green and a small pack of hangover meds. He grabbed the post it. ' sorry i have to leave, Jungkook. I loved spending time with you. If you still want to get that dinner you talked about, my number is xxxx'.
What the fuck. He groaned. Drunk Jungkook had definitely screwed things up for sober Jungkook. Who on earth was this guy? It was definitely a guy. An omega at that. He could still smell him on the sheets. What was his name? Fuck. He couldn't remember shit.
He looked around for his clothes and paused, eyes landing on the chair next to the bed. It had his wallet, his belt, socks and all of his clothes neatly folded. He grabbed his wallet, checking for money and feeling awful afterwards. God, what was wrong with him.
After getting dressed, Jungkook finally began looking around the little studio apartment. He didn't have to look far, opening one of the draws in the small bedside table revealed a passport. He flipped it open and felt his heart drop. Kim Taehyung. Oh no. oh hell no.
Groaning he dived straight for his phone calling his assistant. "Shit, hyung I'm in trouble. " He breathed as soon as Seokjin picked up. " So much trouble." "Yes. But lucky for you, I'm one step ahead of you. I got rid of the CCTV footage and took your name off the guest list."
Relief flooded his system. "I can't believe I slept with him of all people. Shit.. This is so fucking bad hyung... " He groaned, " What was I thinking.. " "You weren't. You were thinking with your dick. But don't worry. I don't think anyone saw you leave together. "
Jungkook grunted before making sure he hadn't left any of his stuff behind. He checked, and double checked all of it before grabbing the post it and a pen. 'Last night was a mistake. If you tell anyone about what happened, you'll be hearing from my lawyers.' 💫☀💫☀💫
Taehyung sat huddled in his favorite booth, hands wrapped around a warm mug of hot chocolate, watching as Jimin went about the diner taking orders and bringing people their food. He was running low on cash and Jimin always used his employee discount to get him food.
He watched his omega best friend flit about the place, happy and bright, his scent cheerful and friendly. He stopped every five minutes or so to exchange words or quick loving glances with Yoongi hyung, his boyfriend who worked the cash counter. Jimin and Yoongi owned the place.
Taehyung took a sip of his drink looking around the diner at all the couples wrapped around each other, feeling distinctly morose. In his pocket, the post it Jungkook had left behind on his bed, seemed to burn into his skin. It was humiliating just to think of.
He remembered how giddy he had been when he had written that note for the alpha, excited and nervous and for some absolutely stupid reason, he had been so.... Hopeful. After the number of times he'd been treated like trash, one would think he had learned his lesson but...
Sighing, he took another sip of his drink. It was whatever he told himself. He hadn't actually known who Jungkook was the previous night. He had just thought he was someone sweet and kind, someone who saw beyond what the media portrayed him as.. But turns out he was just drunk.
But a quick research, ( after about half an hour of hurt tears) had told him that the alpha he had slept with was the CEO of JK Ent. Which was not only a rival company, but also one of the most successful companies in the country. Now the threat of lawyers was even more scary.
Well, Jungkook could rest at ease. Taehyung had no intention of telling anyone what had happened, not even his best friend. He had made a mistake, letting someone into his life and his bed, and although it was for less than 24 hrs, Jungkook had reminded him exactly why he was
Better off alone. He wouldn't make the same mistake again.That was for sure. He would stay down, live life with humility and without greed,accepting that after everything that happened, he was lucky to still have a contract, a paying job which although wasn't much, was still his.
Although after the scandal, He couldn't sing or go on stage.. Couldn't be the performer he had always dreamed of being, at least he had a roof over his head and friends who loved him. And his parents back home who still rooted for him. He had plenty of things to be grateful for.
As Jimin stopped by the booth, looking worried, he immediately smiled, cheerful. "Everything okay, baby? " Jimin asked worriedly and he nodded quickly. "Of course. This is delicious. " He grinned holding up his mug of chocolate. Jimin smiled ruffling his hair.
"Hyung is going to spend the night at his studio. You want to come over for a sleep over? " jimin asked quietly and Taehyung hesitated before nodding. Maybe after enough alcohol he would be able to tell Jimin about Jungkook. ☀💫☀💫☀
Jungkook spent the next three months busy with a number of new campaign ads, commercial deals and new music collabs and Kim Taehyung and the night spent in his apartment stayed out of his mind. Well most of the time. Because sometimes, he found himself thinking of the omega.
Mostly because off late, rumors and gossip columns had started mentioning the omega more often. He saw his name on internet articles, always with a barrage of hateful comments. And mocking remarks. He felt sick whenever he read them. Mostly because as time passed, parts
Of that night kept coming back to him. He wasn't sure if he was imagining it, but the Taehyung he had met that night had been funny and sweet and witty. He remembered laughing a lot, feeling warm and giddy and just... Comfortable in a way he hadnt felt with anyone.
The more he thought of it, the more he felt like an absolute asshole for how he had handled things back then. It had been an impulsive, cruel thing to do. And if he hadnt been so hungover and terrified of what he had done, he wouldn't have done it. But it was too late now.
He asked Seokjin to ask around about him, to find out what the scandal was all about, the truth of it, and Seokjin had the same thing to say. The idol had been involved with someone who was married. When media found out they called him a homewrecker and his career had ended.
As Jungkook sat one night, browsing through pages of articles about Tae, he couldn't help but realize that the man he had met that that night, the real Taehyung was most certainly nothing like the man portrayed here in the media. And then his eyes fell on the latest article.
' disgraced idol T seen leaving maternity clinic, shortly before announcing permanent retirement. " Jungkook felt his heart pound right out of his ribcage. The picture was grainy but there was no mistaking the tiny bump there. Fuck. 💫☀💫☀💫
Taehyung dragged the bagful of groceries up the two flights of stairs to his apartment, all the while hearing Jimin's voice yelling at him to not carry heavy things. Well, what else was he supposed to do? Starve to death? He dropped the bag near the door, panting.
"Taehyung ssi.. " The voice from the shadows startled him so badly he stumbled, hitting the wall with enough force to make him wince, hand coming up to cover his tummy on instinct. He stared , frightened as a figure stepped out of the shadows. His heart dropped. "Jungkook.. "
He wrapped his arms around himself, feeling very cold and scared, retreating back when the alpha stepped closer, holding a hand up in warning. "Please don't come near me. " He whispered shakily, fingers trembling and sweat breaking out over his brows. " I.. I need you to leave."
The alpha looked stricken, holding both of his hands up in a placating gesture, but taking a step back nonetheless, watching him cautiously. "I'm sorry. " Jungkook was saying, staring at him like he was seeing him for the first time. " Please, Taehyung, I just want to talk."
Something inside the omega snapped, and his eyes narrowed into slits, brows furrowed and lips set into a straight line. "I know why you're here. " He said sharply. " And I'm going to make it easy for you. The baby is not yours. Their mine. Mine and no one else's. " He growled.
Before Jungkook could respond, Tae turned to the door, slotting the key in and opening it. He reached for the large bag by the door and when Jungkook moved to help him he snarled at him. "I told you to stay away from me!" Jungkook flinched as the door slammed shut in his face.
Taehyung stood with his back to the door, heart pounding and breathing erratic as he held a hand to his chest, his thoughts racing. What was Jungkook doing here? Wasn't he the one who had threatened him with a lawsuit if he told anyone? How dare he turn up here, now?
Wait. Was he here to threaten him with the baby? He felt his skin go cold at the thought. Could he do something like that? Was he going to threaten to take the baby from him somehow? Were there laws like that? He had no idea. But could people be that cruel?
The doorbell rang, startling him. "Taehyung... Please hear me out. If that's my baby, you can't just ignore me. " Tae felt his mouth go dry at that. "It's not your baby. Haven't you read about me on the internet? I sleep with a different alpha each week! " He choked out.
Jungkook didn't respond for a few seconds. "In that case you'll have no problem, getting a paternity test done with me? " Taehyung stayed quiet. "Taehyung.... Either you can open the door now or I can come back with a court order tomorrow. " The alpha said sharply.
Taehyung closed his eyes, teeth tugging on his lower lip as he tried to think. "I just need to talk to you Taehyung. I know I didn't handle things right the last time, but a baby is a whole different situation compared to a one night stand. We have to talk about it. "
Jungkooks words sounded calm and rational to his ears. Sensible and coherent in a way Taehyung hadn't been for years. Jungkook sounded articulate, in full command of his senses, and Taehyung... well Taehyung was already crumbling around the edges. This wasn't a fair fight.
The omega didn't want to open the door, because he felt ill equipped to deal with the man on the other side. He didn't trust his own instincts anymore. Especially when it came to Jungkook. That night had taught him that the alpha could seem so deceptively harmless. But he wasnt.
But what else could he do? Cornered like this against a Cliff's edge, like a gazelle staring down the barrel of a Hunter's gun? He couldn't afford a lawyer. If Jungkook tried to take the baby away, he had no chance against him. Breathing deeply, he slowly opened the door.
The alpha had an unreadable look on his face. Taehyung hesitated before stepping back and to the side, refusing to meet his eyes as he motioned him to enter. Jungkook moved in, pausing in front of him and making him flinch. The alpha leaned in and Taehyung stilled, heart racing.
Taehyung froze as Jungkooks mouth came dangerously close to his neck, and he exhaled, just as the alpha took a deep breath, humming thoughtfully. "I don't need a paternity test at all, " He said casually, " You smell like you're mine. " Taehyung felt his anger flare hot.
"Well, I'm not. Neither of us is yours. " He snapped, crossing his arms over his chest, glaring. Jungkook merely smiled, before turning around and taking a long look around the apartment. "Where will you set up the nursery? " He asked casually. Taehyung frowned. "What? "
"There's only one bedroom here and the living space is too small and cluttered and close to the kitchen. As it is your bedroom barely has any space so where will the crib and then baby's things go? " Taehyung swallowed. "I... I'll work something out. " He said shakily.
Jungkook moved to the door of the bedroom and peered in. "It's even worse than the last time I was here. " He said casually, " Taehyung you cannot raise a baby here. " "I need you to just say what you want to say and leave me alone. It's my baby and -" "Not just yours."
"Well, I'm the only one who wants it. " He said angrily. " You didn't even want to get dinner with me, you expect me to believe you want to raise a child with me?!! " Jungkook didn't look fazed. "It doesn't matter what either of us wants. What matters is the baby. " He said.
"I can take care of the baby. " Taehyung said shakily. " I.. I'll just get a bigger place and..." "How will you pay for it? " Jungkook asked curtly, " I spoke to the CEO of your agency. The rumors aren't false. Your contract is ending." "There are other jobs. " He looked away.
The alpha didn't respond. He watched him carefully for a few seconds and Taehyung squirmed at the scrutiny. "You really do smell like me you know.. " The alpha said after a second. " People are going to know. You can't get a job that easily when you're carrying a pup. "
He couldn't think of a way to respond , all he knew was that Jungkook had no right to judge him. "And it has to be somewhere safe. " The alpha said. "What does it matter to you, where I work? " He demanded. "It does if you're putting my child in harm's way. "
The implication that he was harming the pup in some way made Taehyung incredibly upset, and he clenched hia fists to stop himself from punching the man. "I would never hurt my baby. " He whispered furiously, tearing up in anger. "Maybe not intentionally. But what if you did?"
"What is that supposed to mean? " "I came here to see if you're capable of raising the baby by yourself Taehyung. " Jungkook said quietly. " But looking at this apartment, I don't think you are . Not even a little bit. I was going to just offer child support but... "
The alpha looked around the place once more and shook his head. "I feel like we need to have a bigger conversation. "He shook his head. " Just so you know, I'm not trying to control you. I just want to make sure the baby is cared for. We can discuss custody arrangements later."
Taehyung felt exhausted. "What do I have to say, that will get you out of my house within the next two minutes, Mr. Jeon. Because I'm sick of your face, your voice and the reminder that I let you come anywhere near me in the first place. " Jungkook chuckled a bit at that.
"That reminder isn't going anywhere for a long time, Taehyung ssi " He pointed at his belly. " And neither am I. If you give me the number to your lawyer-" "I don't have a lawyer! I don't have money either! You don't want this baby, so why are you even here? .. Just go away! "
Jungkook shrugged. "Those are baseless assumptions. " He said casually. " I came here because I wanted to. And while I may not have wanted to have dinner with you, I definitely don't want you to raise my child without my supervision either. "
The door bell rang before he could respond and Jungkook frowned. "Who is that? " He asked coldly and Taehyung glared at him. "I can't see through doors. " He snapped, pushing past him to open the door. "Tae? " Yoongi hyung stood on the doorstep, frowning. " Who is this? "
Taehyung all but sagged in relief at the sight of the other alpha, glad to have a familiar face. He stepped closer to Yoongis side, before turning to point at Jungkook. "This is Jungkook. " He said quietly. "Haneul's father." Jungkook gave him a sharp look. "You named them?"
Taehyung ignored him, gripping Yoongis hand and squeezing gently. The alpha patted his arm before leveling his stare at Jungkook. "Why are you here, Mr. Jeon? " He asked calmly, eyes narrowed. Jungkook sighed before clearing his throat. "I was just telling Taehyung here
That if we're going to make this work, we'll have to have a proper discussion. I want to be fully involved in raising the baby and I want to make sure the child is well cared, both during the pregnancy and after. " Taehyung felt his hackles rise but Yoongi gave him a small nod.
"That's fine. When would you like to have this discussion? " He said casually. Jungkook blinked, clearly not expecting Yoongi to agree. " Well the sooner the better. " He said firmly. " Will tomorrow be good? " "That's too soon. " Taehyung snapped, not wanting to see him
Again so soon. Yoongi gave him a small smile, probably sensing his feelings. "If it's a formal discussion about custody and support, please give us a day so we can also get a lawyer. " The alpha smiled calmly. Jungkook hesitated before nodding. "In that case I'll call you
In a week. " He said firmly. " But before that, I would like it if Taehyung agrees to come house hunting with me. " Yoongi blinked. "House... Hunting? " " This place isn't safe for the baby. " Jungkook said firmly. " I want him to stay in a place closer to a hospital, just
In the case of emergencies. There's literally no sunlight in this apartment, which is also not good for him. And I'm not very keen on the moldy looking stains on the ceiling. I don't know what that is and don't want to risk it being harmful." Yoongi looked stunned.
"See? " Taehyung said quietly, " He's the most insufferable bastard in the whole of Seoul. I can't believe I tied myself to him for life. " Yoongi grimaced but turned to Jungkook. "Mr. Jeon, what you need is a lesson in sensitivity and etiquette. Taehyung is pregnant
With your child. I assure you, you scaring him with lawyers and threats is probably harming him way more than the water stains on the ceiling. So before our meeting, I hope you change your attitude, if you want to see your pup ever again. If not, I'll do everything in my
Power to make sure you don't get to come anywhere near him. " Jungkook scowled but didn't respond. Instead he reached for his card and handed it over to Taehyung. Resisting the urge to tear it and fling it back in the alphas face, Taehyung looked away from him.
Jungkook cleared his throat. "Have you been to the doctors. " He asked quietly. Taehyung sighed. "No. I don't like hospital. I won't be going to one till I'm due. " Jungkook stared at him in disbelief. "You can't be seriou-" "Mr. Jeon. " Yoongi said swiftly,
"What Taehyung means is that, many Omegas choose to consult a midwife up to the time of birth. Midwives are trained with caring for pregnant people so it's alright. " Jungkook looked like he wanted to argue but one look at Taehyungs livid face seemed to make him retreat.
He nodded before turning to Yoongi and bowing politely. "In that case, please call me once you're ready to hold a meeting. " He gave Taehyung one last searching look before moving to the door and closing it behind him. Taehyung sighed in obvious relief. "Oh, wow. "
Yoongi shook his head in clear disbelief. " You sure know how to pick them don't you? " Taehyung groaned and the alpha laughed. "Don't worry Taehyung. He's not a bad guy apparently, just a bit of an asshole at first glance. Namjoon has actually worked with him you know.
He told me Jungkook comes off cold and unreasonable at first but once you get to know him, apparently he's only like that because of how young he is in the business. Namjoon told me once the mask comes off the kid is just shy, sweet and friendly. " Taehyung felt a pang at that.
Because that was definitely the version of Jungkook he had gotten that night. Funny and sweet and shy. He had genuinely fallen so hard and so fast for him in the span of those few hours. If that was the real Jungkook, why had he gone back to treating him so badly come morning?
And why did he have to behave so unreasonably now? There was only one explanation. Jungkook had learnt all about the rumours that spread about him and like every one else in the country he had judged him without bothering to get to know the truth. He stared at his feet.
"I can't afford a lawyer. " He said bleakly and Yoongi hummed. "It's okay. I'll talk to Namjoon and have him talk to Jungkook okay? It'll be okay. And if it comes to it, Jimin and I will pay for a lawyer.." "Hyung you can't.." "You can pay me back by making me the godfather."
"So how did it go? " Seokjin asked sharply as soon as he stepped into the office. Jungkook sagged against the door before glaring viciously at the older man. "Terribly. He looked so upset. You're a terrible advisor . I shouldn't have listened to a single word you said!! "
Seokjin stuck his nose in the air frowning deeply. "Well excuse me for looking out for you. You know what a reputation he has... I just wanted to make sure he didn't try to take advantage of you. " " He wasn't.. " Jungkook groaned. "Whatever. I fucked it up anyway. "
"But you did what I said right? You told him you'll have a lawyer with you and it will all be legal and binding?" Jungkook sighed,shaking his head. "Hyung my head hurts and my heart hearts and I'm confused because for the first time in my life my mind and my heart are at odds."
"So what I'm going to do is go lie down for a bit and you can cancel all of my meetings for the rest of the week. " He moved to the couch and plopped down on the leather surface. "Week?!! Jungkook we can't. " The alpha glared at him viciously and Jin held his hands up. "Fine."
Seokjin cleared his throat. "For the record, I won't ever apologize for trying to keep you safe Jungkook. Your father asked me to take care of you, and you trust people way too easily sometimes." "He told you that when I was eighteen hyung. I'm a decade older than that. "
"But you still believe the best in people and then end up getting your heart broken. Remember what happened with Yugyeom? And then Eun Woo? And then Jihyun? I think you can excuse me for not trusting your taste in men. You have an attraction for gold diggers and cheaters. "
"Can you just leave me alone. " Jungkook said softly, face buried into the leather. " You made your point and I told him everything you asked me to. You should go break open a champagne and celebrate now. " Seokjin groaned. "We didn't do anything wrong, Jungkook! "
" It's not uncommon to have legal counsel present when we're discussing custody and stuff like that. " He said firmly. Jungkook looked up. "About that. I'm not getting any. " "What? " "I won't be taking a lawyer to the meeting. " "Are you out of your mind? "
"Well from what I saw, he has far more to lose than me. So it would make sense for him to have a lawyer. I'm just going to agree to what ever he says. " "Are you punishing me Jungkook? Is this your way of getting back at me?! " Jungkook scoffed. "It's not about you at all. "
"That is a ridiculous thing to say and do Jungkook. If he gets a lawyer they'll probably advice him all about your net worth and how much you could pay in child support and how -" "So what? " Jungkook said sharply. Jin stared at him.. "Jungkook.. " "So what if he wants my
Money? What is the big deal hyung? Not like that money isn't multiplying like everyday. I have enough of it and it's not going anywhere. If he wants it he can have it, what does it matter? He's literally carrying my pup. How are you going to put a price on that?! "
"Jungkook... I know exactly how much money you have. I know that. And I'm not saying this because I worry for your money. It's because I worry for you. When people see your money, sometimes they just fail to see your heart. I just don't want you to get hurt again, kiddo. "
Jungkook stayed quiet for a few seconds. "I'm not changing my mind about the lawyer thing. " The alpha said finally and Seokjin sighed deeply. "Very well. Can I at least come with you? " Seokjin asked cautiously. Jungkook hesitated for a second before nodding.
( Authors Note: I'm not very keen on making this a long au 🥲 I don't know why. Anyway I'll be back with a longer update tomorrow. With a lot of drama, fluff and forgiveness )
Spoiler : namjin are exes lmao.
"Are you sure it's going to be okay?" Taehyung asked nervously, fingers tapping a rhythm out on the polished oak table in front of him. They were seated in a private conference room at a posh hotel, under instructions from Jungkook.Taehyung assumed it was for the sake of privacy.
Jungkook was popular and powerful. He probably didn't want to be seen with him in general, much less having a child. He wondered how that would work after the baby was born. Jungkook seemed firm about wanting to be in the child's life. How could he do that and keep Taehyungs
Involvement a secret? No matter how he thought of it, there seemed only one explanation: Jungkook wanted to eventually cut him out of both the baby's life and his own. It was the only way it would work. He felt cold and nauseous at the thought of it. "Tae, don't worry. "
Yoongi gently squeezed his fidgety fingers. " It's going to be perfectly fine, alright. Namjoon told me he spoke to Jungkook last night and apparently, the guys agreed to meet without lawyers or anything like that. See? I told you? He's probably one of those weird rich
People who have horrible trust issues. Namjoon told me that he sounded incredibly reasonable and accommodating yesterday. So maybe he had some kind of an epiphany. " Taehyung grimaced at that. "That is very far fetched. He.. You saw how terribly he treated me the other day."
"Where is Namjoon hyung anyway?" Taehyung asked, looking around the room again. It was just the two of them now and the meeting wasn't for another ten minutes. "He'll be here. Don't worry. He's on the way. " The door opened and Taehyung recoiled a little when Jungkook came in.
The alpha himself seemed to freeze for a second as their eyes met. He stood still for a second before clearing his throat and stepping aside, revealing another omega in a nice suit.
Taehyung blinked , momentarily distracted by how gorgeous the omega was, with perfect ivory skin and plush red lips. He had styled blonde hair that looked incredibly soft. What a stunner.
“Holy shit.” Yoongi whispered and Taehyung glanced at him, eyes widening when he saw how red Yoongi had turned. He frowned , elbowing him in the ribs. “Stop drooling or I’ll tell Jimin.” He threatened and the alpha looked just a little contrite.
“Go right ahead, he spent the whole of last week yelling at me because I didn’t take a picture of Jungkook for him.” Yoongi whispered back.
“Well, good morning, Mr. Min . Mr. Kim. I’m Kim Seokjin, and Jungkook’s personal assistant. It’s a pleasure to meet both of you.” Seokjin smiled wide.
“ And right off the bat let me say that although there are no lawyers present here, we will be requiring you to agree to recording this meeting so –“ “Hyung….” Jungkook’s voice was low and threatening. “ I said no.”
Taehyung blinked, confused. He glanced back and forth between the two of them , the tension in the air making him just a little restless. Seokjin was watching Jungkook with a small frown but then he sighed deeply, stepping back and holding a hand up .
“Well, don’t blame me for not trying…” He said before taking a seat. Jungkook however walked closer to where Taehyung sat , making the omega a tad bit nervous. He watched as the alpha stood up a bit straighter, clearing his throat.
“Taehyung ssi.” Jungkook said quietly, but with a firm tone, “ I just want to apologize for the way I behaved the last time we met. I have been …reflecting on how I handled things and I feel like I came off too abrasive.” He cleared his throat.
“ I think it’s important for two people to , at the least be respectful of each other before they decide to raise a child together so, I am asking that you give me a chance to start over. Because I genuinely want to make this work.” He said earnestly. " I'm sorry, Taehyung."
Of all the things that Taehyung expected, this was so far down the list, infact it wasn’t even on the list. And so the omega couldn’t even react, merely staring at the man in front of him with a slightly shell shocked look on his face. He had no idea what to say or even think.
All he knew was that he couldn’t afford to trust rich and powerful people. He had done that once and paid a huge price. So he stayed quiet, looking down at his knees. “Let’s just talk about the baby.” He said finally, glancing up the alpha.
He was surprised to see Jungkook’s face fall a little at his words. But the alpha cleared his throat and nodded, pulling out the chair right across from him and taking a seat. “Okay.” He nodded. “ First off…”
The door opened and Taehyung watched as Namjoon stepped in, flushed and looking a little windswept. “Sorry!! I was in a rush and nearly missed the time… I’m so sorry , I…” He stopped short, face draining of color in just a second. “ Jin hyung.”
Taehyung looked at the omega next to Jungkook in surprise. The assistant was staring up at Namjoon like he had seen a ghost. “What… What is he doing here?” Seokjin’s voice was low and furious as he rounded on Taehyung and Yoongi.
“You..guys know each other?” Yoongi blinked, frowning. “ Namjoon’s a dear friend of mine and he’s a music producer…” “I know who he is..” Seokjin scoffed. “ Wow. Okay, Jungkook…” He turned to the alpha with a small smile.
“ I uh.. changed my mind. You seem to know what you want and like you asked, I’m going to just trust you to make the right choices. I’m leaving.” Jungkook’s eyes went wide, and he grabbed his arm. “What… hyung, no! What are you talking about?!”
Taehyung felt something in his gut twist when he saw the taller omega’s eyes fill with tears swiftly, spilling over his cheeks in less than a second. He had never seen someone look so sad and upset, in his entire life.
"Jungkook ah... i know you pay me to do this...but for the sake of the years you've known me... will you let me go now?" Seokjin whispered, " because if I stay here I feel like I'll actually die."
The words were so raw and honest, that Taehyung felt his breath catch a little. Jungkook seemed just as shocked as him, hand dropping off from Seokjin’s arm. “Thank you.” Seokjin bowed awkwardly
before grabbing his briefcase and rushing to the door , completely ignoring Namjoon who called out for him. When the door slammed shut behind him, there was a ringing silence that was left behind.
Jungkook looked stunned , confused but all Taehyung could think of was the look of misery on Seokjin’s face. “Jungkook ssi…” He said softly, reaching for him . “ I think you should go see if your assistant is alright.” He said firmly. “Oh… I.. yeah.. I’m sorry..”
“Don’t apologize. He looks like he needs a friend. We’ll be here till you guys get back. Or we can reschedule. You can call us and let us know.” Taehyung said firmly.
The alpha nodded again before standing up and moving to the door. Once the door closed behind him , Taehyung turned to Namjoon , furious. “What did you do to him?!!” He demanded.
Jungkook found Seokjin after ten minutes, in the stairwell leading to the emergency stairs sitting on the dirty cement floor , with his legs drawn up and his arms wrapped around his knees. He had clearly cried for a while, eyes swollen and red.
Jungkook hesitated, completely out of his depth. In the years that Seokjin had been with him, the omega had consoled him and comforted him countless times. But Jungkook had never seen him lose his composure. “Hyung..?” He asked softly. “ Hyung are you okay?”
Seokjin sniffled before turning to him with a weak smile. “I’m so sorry, Jungkookie… “ He began but Jungkook quickly shook his head, moving to crouch down in front of him, taking both his hands in his own.
“No. Don’t apologize.. I… I didn’t know there was something wrong between you and Namjoon hyung … I mean… we worked together before…” He said hesitantly and Seokjin smiled, nodding.
“It’s nothing Jungkook. I’m sorry I worried you… It was wrong of me to storm off like that. We came here for a reason and we should get that done, I know…Let’s go…” He made to stand up but Jungkook quickly stopped him.
“We’re not going anywhere till you tell me what happened. And then depending on what you tell me, we’ll either go back to hold the meeting or I’ll go to jail for killing Kim Namjoon.” he said firmly. Seokjin laughed a little at that. "Really, you'd do that for me?"
"Hyung come on.. I've never seen you cry like this before. I've never seen you cry at all. And while I know that you probably take care to keep that part of you away from me, because of our relationship, I still want to be there for you because you've always been there for me."
Seokjin smiled wide, hugging him for a second before exhaling out . "I met him four years ago at a party. We uh.. Sort of slept together but he told me he wanted to keep seeing me and we started dating. " He shrugged. " We dated for almost nine months. " "Oh, wow. "
"Yes.. He was very talented and well he was looking for a break. And I guess, I just wanted to do something nice for him. You know.. Because I'd never been with anyone before and he seemed to actually care a lot for me. Well, so I offered to help him by you know, introducing him
to you. So remember when you met him?" Seokjin said softly. " He came in to show you his demo one Friday. " "Yes." "He wasn't the producer you were actually supposed to meet. " "What?! "
"Don't worry. I didn't sabotage the other guy or something. I did have him meet you the next week. But, yeah... I put Namjoons name in your schedule so you would give him a chance. " He sighed. "Well, I guess I was right because you loved his work and you hired him. "
"Well I wanted to celebrate and so I sort of bought us dinner and went to surprise him at his studio and well, I overheard him tell one of the guys there that it finally paid off you know, " Seokjin smiled a little, " Dating me. " "What?! " Jungkook felt his heart drop.
Seokjin flinched. "Yeah." He sighed. " Didn't feel good to hear that after nine months of dating and being in love. " He chuckled. " But, uh.. Yeah. I broke up with him that night and well, it was a struggle avoiding him when he worked for you but, I managed I guess. "
“Hyung, I’m so sorry… He.. doesn’t seem like the kind to..” “I know. And well he did send me a long email about how while it did start with him wanting to use my connections but that it changed after he got to know me.” Seokjin sighed.
“ But the truth is, Jungkook ah… I didn’t want any part of it because or years, working for your father, I felt like nothing more than a cog in the machine you know. Someone people approached so they could meet the CEO.
Just a little obstacle you had to cross before you get to the important thing. And well, dating Namjoon just made me feel for the longest time, that for once, I was the one he wanted.
You know? the real me. i just believed he was with me Not because of what I did but because of who I am. And then I found out I was wrong. Namjoon was just like everyone else. If I hadn't told him that I worked for you, he probably wouldn't have asked me out at all."
"And let me tell you, finding out, that just being you is not enough to make anyone love you... " he swallowed. " Thats a shitty feeling. And I don't know.. I guess that's why I try so hard to keep people like that away from you. Because I don't want you to hurt like i did."
“Uh.. hyung, I know what you’re saying but Taehyung..” “I know.” Seokjin said firmly. “ I know I may have judged him irrationally because of my own hang ups. He seems like a nice guy, going by appearance only."
"He was the one who told me to come find you. And i think I heard him yelling at Namjoon hyung." Seokjin laughed at that. "Well that does put him in my good books. But, yeah. i may be too protective of you.
But I also know I can’t stop you from forming meaningful relationships just because of what happened to me. I just want you to be careful. At the least just make sure you be honest with Taehyung about things, you know. and Don't rush into anything. You fall hard and fast."
"It's too bad he left the company. I really want to fire him. " Jungkook said with a pout and Seokjin laughed. "It's okay, Jungkook. Just.. You seem really excited and happy about the baby thing. I mean, I know you've always loved children so I'm not surprised. "
"Hyung... I like Taehyung too. " Jungkook said honestly. " I was the one who approached him that night and while I don't remember much, I do know he made me smile a lot. And yeah when I first realized who he actually was, it scared me but, I think I need to actually get to know
Him myself. And well, even if we never hit it off, I want us to be friends. At least. " "You've really grown up haven't you. " Seokjin ruffled his hair. " Okay, kiddo. I'm going to let you take the lead with this. Do whatever feel is right. Follow your heart. "
"Do you want to come back up there? " Jungkook asked gently. "You don't have to. " "No, it's alright. There's no point running from him. Not like he can hurt me more than he already has. " Seokjin chuckled. " And I don't want you to be alone in there." "You sure? " "Yeah."
"So, in conclusion, we agree that Taehyung moves into one of Jungkooks apartments for the duration of his pregnancy . After which you will share custody. " Seokjin gave Taehyung a small smile, " Which we will work out later. Is that alright? " Taehyung nodded.
"Very well, as for. Expenses, Jungkook will of course cover everything until the time when you're able to look for a job and apartment. " "Which is completely up to you. " Jungkook said quickly, " You can decide when. " "When the baby turns three months old. " Tae said firmly.
"Three? " Jungkook frowned.. " Isn't that a bit.. " He paused, " Okay. Three it is. " Taehyung rolled his eyes. "And for the check ups. Jungkook will arrange for a doctor to visit you at home, because you don't like hospitals. " Seokjin grimaced. Taehyung shrugged.
"And that's it.. Anything else you want to add? " Taehyung hesitated. "Is this going to be one of those secret lives kind of thing for him. Is he just going to not acknowledge the baby publicly? " "I'm right here, Taehyung. " Jungkook said grimly.
The omega ignored him. "Well about that, I would recommend that you wait at least until after the baby is born. Because the paparazzi can be vicious vultures and it would only add to your stress. " Seokjin said firmly. "You can decide. " Jungkook shrugged.
"The media is probably going to be very unkind to you if I do make an announcement.And I'm not a public figure so it wouldn't affect me much. But I don't want you to think I'm trying to hide the baby. When he or she grows up I'll be taking them out and about. Like any other dad"
Taehyung leaned forward. "But you would rather not say who the other parent is. " "Like I said, you can decide that. " Jungkook hesitated, " But, given the choice... No. Only because I know they'll hound you to the ends of the earth if I did. "
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