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114.01/ Week one-hundred and fourteen, September 17-23, 2022, thread begins here. Week 113 below.

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113.01/ Week one-hundred and thirteen, September 10-16, 2022, thread begins here. Week 112 (for fun typo reasons mislabeled) below.

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114.02/ 12:50am #Slichot are great for my path of repentance because there's nothing like staying up super late on Motzei Shabbas at my age for filling me with regret. That's part of teshuva, right?

114.03/ And so it begins. See you in the 24th of #Tishrei for normal davening. Please God we'll all make it there together. #Slichot

114.04/ I know we divide up our community too much and we need to all come together but... I have no idea why people want to hear chazanus. For the love of all that's holy please just let us daven at a steady, brisk pace.

114.05/ I guess the chazanus has (indirectly) worked on me because in addition to above mentioned regret, I'm now davening harder for this to speed up. [Note: I've led slichot myself in the past. I've walked the walk.]

114.06/ Truth (thread).…

Chronically ill people don't "fake" being sick. Most of the time, we fake being well, and then people get mad at us when we stop masking how awful we feel. This faking discourse is something.

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114.07/ Chevra, make sure you get a #pruzbul signed in front of a beit din soon. I did mine this morning. We all do this because freely given loans are necessary for a thriving society and we all understand the loophole's need and legality. (This is a subtweet about sheitels).

114.08/ Choose your metaphor:…

114.09/ I've seen people call the acts of generosity & hospitality, instant & thorough, by the MV locals as "virtue signaling." Uh, no. It's actual "virtue," full stop. Calling it "signal" is moral rot. (And, I hope @Jessica Price's prediction comes true)…

I wonder if DeSantis ever considered the potential implications of sending the migrants to a community with a considerably higher-than-average population of elite lawyers.

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114.10/ Big #ravenfreude sports day today. I need the Yankees to beat the Brewers and they are sputtering in the 9th. Earler, the Phillies botched it and I still have to root for the Cowboys over the Bengals this afternoon.…

There's something I call "Ravenfraude" - where I need to root for a team I dislike to win in order to help the Steelers, but since that team is often bad, I have a miserable experience

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114.11/ Pre #RoshHashanah PSA: the lesson of the #Akeida is not, repeat not, that you should sacrifice your children. This is made very clear. You may ask "who'd be confused?" & the answer is "way, way too many people." This shows why it needed to happen, b/c it's still popular!

114.12/ Yes, please.…

won't someone please invent a nightstand the size of a dining room table for all my waters and lotions and books

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114.13/ Almost said a she-hechiyanu this morning because the #Autumn weather finally arrived and I was able to wear my scarf & overcoat for the first time.…

64.11/ Have to admit, I'm an autumn fan. Because of #RoshHashanah, I associate the season with new beginnings. And the weather allows me to emulate my style icons: Will Eisner's Spirit + Bogart in Casablanca (Suit, hat, scarf, gloves, longcoat. All black).…

This page is for the comic series. For Frank Miller's 2008 film adaptation, see The Spirit. When confronting escaped criminal Dr. Cobra, criminologist and ……

The Spirit (Comic Book) - TV Tropes

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114.14/ It's almost #RoshHashanah so I can finally transition from pretending like I know the laws of the active #Shemitta year into pretending like I know what to do with produce after the Shemitta year. Looking at you, etrogim.

114.15/ The gemara makes it clear: how we judge others affects how HKBH judges us. And if you think you'll be unscathed under scrutiny of strict judgement, the Chumash makes it clear that you're wrong. So be compassionate l'shma, but also your own sake.…

114.16/ Self-diagnosis is a necessary part of giving a medical history. Any scientifically cognizant clinician knows MH is the cornerstone of diagnosis; it's the context that gives coherence to text (something that eludes #Literalist thinkers, by definition).

114.17/ I applaud seeing the increase in self-diagnosis of "atypical" conditions because it's such a hard, nebulous, and tricky, task: it's a process of realizing that your culture taught you your mind had fixed constants in an equation when they were actually, always, variables.

114.18/ Before RH, please God if I have strength and time, I'll write a Dvar Torah Thread about my 3 pillars of moral thinking - Dignity, Compassion, Justice. Until then, here's my 48 post thread from 2020 about "the five books" I think are foundational.…

1/ Last year I read Moment magazine's Five Books Project (…) - which asks prominent Tribespeople which 5 books are essential to be an educated Jew. To put it mildly, this topic is right in my wheelhouse (book maven, rabbi, PhD in Jewish Studies)

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114.19/ "Look out! That bull is angry! Oh no! It's a clown! He saved me?! The clowns are good here? That's so weird. Why is there so much hay? What's that smell?! It's everywhere!" [Me, at my first rodeo]

114.20/ The #ChochmatNashim for #Nitzavim 5782 thread in as raw a form as can be because I'm in a terrible time crush.…

1/ #ChochmatNashim for #Nitzavim 5782 (I apologize, it's been a brutal week and I can't format this list the way I'd like to before Shabbat. I will put out links only and BE"H try to make it a better list before #RoshHashanah)

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114.21/ Please forgive me for my unfinished writing, it's been a rough week. Stay safe everyone & #ShabbatShalom @Thread Reader App please unroll.

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